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Historical Society Incorporated

January—February 2008
Newsletter No. 31

Prepared by Lisa Truttman, President and Editor

assisted by Neville Exler (who helped out with the liquor
requirements). A-1 Caterers put on a wonderful spread
both days, and the Pastry Chef Bakery in Great North
Road, Avondale prepared the two cakes (we had to have
a large one and medium one, chocolate sponges, because
there was so many of us there!). The cake-cutters were
Cliff Mitchell, Cameron Kay, Lorna Gagen and Dolly
Primary School Reunion
Thanks also to all who attended. The range of ages ran
This was extremely successful. Over 200 attended the from myself, right through to Mr. Cameron Kay, 100
Friday night part of the gathering on November 23, and years old, who attended the school 1913-1914. Special
we were close to the school hall’s capacity on the Sat- thanks to those who supplied us with copies of their old
urday. The main memory I have (the Editor was the photos.
youngest attendee there at a mere 44 years of age,
attended 1968-1974) was this tremendous wall of I mentioned at the event that a 150th anniversary reunion
sound — everyone was chatting, sharing memories, in 2010 could be in the offing. 1860, after all, was when
getting to know one another again. the first Whau School began, in the little Presbyterian
Church. Well, there were those who have said that
Thanks goes to Avondale Primary for hosting the first there’d never be another general reunion after the one in
general reunion for Avondale Primary School past- 1970. Thanks to all of you, we’ve proved them wrong.
pupils in 37 years; and the hard-working organising To celebrate the 150th anniversary — now that would be
committee: Doris Selwyn (our facilitator), Val Walton, quite a shin-dig! We’ve got just over two years to go, and
Val Humphries-Grey, Margaret Griffiths, Ron Oates, counting ...
Primary History A Voyage of Discovery
On the Manukau Harbour
Copies of Ron Oates’ booklet, notes taken from the
Avondale Primary School Committee minute books,
first compiled 1990 (before Challenge of the Whau) VOYAGE OF DISCOVERY - SATURDAY 5
and now updated down to 2007 is now available from APRIL
the Society. The price is $5, plus $1.50 p&p. Contact
Lisa at (09) 828-8494 for further info, or send your Come on a sightseeing trip on the Manukau Harbour.
payment to the AWHS address on the back of the Leaving from Bottletop Bay (near Papakura) we will
Journal. explore Drury Creek, Papakura Channel & Airport
area. Approx 2 hours. Full commentary. Only
$20 includes tea, coffee & biscuits.
Guest Speaker
Make cheque payable to Manukau Harbour Cruises
The guest speaker at our December meeting was (please mention it is the April trip) & send to:
Society member Chris Kiwi, talking to us about
Ponsonby in the 1950s and 1960s. He recalled the Phil Sai-Louie
former, and ill-deserved reputation Ponsonby had of 12 Lemonwood Pl
being somewhat run-down, with houses in need of Manurewa 2105
painting. There is some disagreement as to where
exactly Ponsonby begins and ends, but within the Any queries, phone Phil on 2671260
boundaries are buildings, apart from some excep-
tions, mainly built prior to 1965, and many going
back to the early years of the 20th century. “Living
in Ponsonby”, said Chris, “is like living in an art Other folks’ books

The streets are narrow by late 20th century stan- Marks of New Zealand Potters : A Comprehen-
dards, with “piano key” developments along the bus sive Directory 2007. New Zealand: NZ Potters Inc
and tram routes. Chris told us about the old pubs
Newly released. Invaluable guide for dealers, collec-
and taverns in Ponsonby, including the Gluepot, and
tors and historians, illustrating over 1500 of the
there was discussion amongst us all that day about
marks used by New Zealand Potters and Ceramic
the old name of Dedwood and some of the meaning
Artists from 1930s to 2007 and published in a con-
behind other Ponsonby street names.
venient handbook format. pp 145.
Thank you, Chris, for a very interesting talk.
Reasonably priced at $30 and available at Ariel
Books,157A Symonds St, City. Open Mon-Sat Tel.
There is no guest speaker for our February meeting
369 1414.
— those attending are invited to share any interest-
ing facts about growing up in Avondale-Waterview.
A Waikato Settler’s Legacy was published in 2007,
Trading and is the story of Waikato settler Captain John
Table Campbell Johnstone and his descendants (including
former Waterview resident Hallyburton Johnstone).
Packed with essays on the family members and pho-
Any saleable items for the trading table, run by tographs, it’s an interesting read for those who would
Dawn, would be appreciated. Dawn will be back on like to know more about Waikato settlement history.
deck and at the table at the next meeting.
Printed by Bankwood Publications, $55, available
from Diane Brooker, 07 8499176 or Nuki Snodgrass,
07 827 4782, or the Raglan Information Centre or Te
Uku Store.
Next meeting, 2 February 2008, 2.30 pm,
Lions Hall.

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