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Historical Society Incorporated

July-August 2008
Newsletter No. 34

Prepared by Lisa Truttman, President and Editor admit feeling a considerable sense of discouragement over
this matter. But at the Society’s June meeting, it was agreed
St Ninians that the Society formally thank Catherine for her kind and
welcome action in putting forward her notice of motion.
The Society have received copies of the reports commis- Catherine has listened to my concerns regarding the project,
sioned last year by Auckland City Council on the condition and deserves our thanks for her support.
of St Ninians. Our sub-committee regarding this will be
meeting shortly, to report back to the Society in August. It is unfortunate that the Society was left out of this project at
the last minute, and left off the final signage as a contributing
organisation. The Society have promoted this project in the
Avondale Heritage Walks project media and to groups taking part in the heritage walks we
have held, including both plaques and signs. Had we been
included to the end, a celebration promoting the sign, and
This SLIPs project for two walks, a number of plaques and
therefore positively publicising the Council, Community
three heritage interpretive signs in Avondale and Rosebank,
Board, Avondale Business Association and our Society could
initially proposed by Lorraine Wilson and the Avondale
have been held. After all, a prominent part of the sign’s con-
Community Board early this decade, has apparently now
tent which has survived many successive changes since 2003
come finally to a conclusion, after meetings since 2003
made by the designers is reference to “Honest John” Bollard,
which also involved the Society, (providers of the historical
one of our district’s foremost early settlers. It has become,
information required). During the project’s course, the Soci-
sadly, a lost opportunity for all concerned.
ety and Lorraine both pushed for a heritage brochure to be
published in conjunction with the promised signage and
plaques. Thankfully, the brochure came to be, and has “Just a note in passing …”
proved popular.

However, by the time the bronze plaques were installed just Some interesting information comes out of the blue via my
before September last year, the Society appears to have been email address:
left off any lists used by Auckland City Council staff and
contractors (of which many changes of personnel have been I have permission from Margaret McQuillan nee Selby
made since the project started) with regard to being an inter- (Mother’s maiden name was Cordes & her mother’s before
ested party. We weren’t formally informed when the plaques marrage was Payne) to reprint the following email:
were installed, but I put this down at the time to a general My Grandparents had a Tomato growing business with glass-
rush to get something on the ground prior to the Auckland houses etc in Avondale off Rosebank Rd before the depres-
City Heritage Festival. I was incorrect. The Society, al- sion. During the depression they lost it & all their land.
though asked to check and clarify some points regarding the
text of the heritage signage late last year, have again not My Mother & her sister both went to Avondale Primary
been informed formally of the installation of the signs in School. Her sister is 92 & now lives independently in Mt
Avondale Town Centre and Memorial Park (at the time of Roskill. My mother came to Perth WAust. in 1987. I now live
writing, I have yet to see this latter sign actually installed). in Melbourne after my parents passing.
The sign in the Town Centre also makes no reference to the
Society as being one of the contributing organisations to- My mother & father were married in St Judes Church Avon-
ward the project. dale they lived in New Lynn (Rata St) then built on one of
three of the family blocks in Titirangi Rd New Lynn where I
My email to Auckland City Council’s Democracy Services grew up. The house still stands but old in repair & the property
department during May when I finally found out about the has been sub-divided & the land that was a Plant Nursery is
sign and the final design choices, requesting information as now built on. The family always lived in Avondale or New
to why we weren’t included or informed, remains unan- Lynn, I decided on Browns Bay after my marriage & then
swered or responded to. came to Australia where my Grand parents actually were born.
However, Avondale Community Board Member Catherine During the war years my mother worked in the Avondale Post
Farmer successfully put forward a notice of motion at the Office & talked about the Americans coming to get their al-
Board’s May meeting that the Board recommend to the lowances. Their accommodation was at the Avondale College
Council that the Society’s name be included on the sign. & Intermediate where I went to School. One of my class
Whether this actually happens or not is uncertain, and I must
rooms had an entrance in the floor to a tunnel as I recall. This change will be put to the Society at the AGM in
August, and this publication serves as notice of the
I actually have a paper of my father’s with his war wages motion.
paid to him during the 2 WW signed by my Mother &
issued from the Avondale Post Office. Dawn's Trading Table
Any saleable items you have to bring along, please do so.
My Grand mother re-married after my Grand father died At the moment, I’m growing white thornless tea roses
of TB & lived in the Avondale end of Blockhouse Bay which, if the cuttings take, should be available a little
Rd. The house beside hers is still standing & 2 weeks ago later in the year.
looked in good condition.

My recent visit was the first in 30 years to NZ & I saw Eric Waterfield's birthday
many changes. On 12 August Eric celebrated his 90th birthday. On be-
half of the Society, I’d like to wish Eric and Letty all the
Have any readers got memories of Margaret’s family very best.
they would like to share?
Avondale College competition
I’ve been asked to be one of the judges for a family
Other News history writing competition for students at Avondale
College this year. I accepted on behalf of the Society, and
look forward to further cooperation between the Society
Items granted to us by West Auckland His- and the College regarding local heritage. I’ll be giving a
torical Society returned speech there in October on the early land history of Rose-
In 2002, WAHS granted a number of items to our Society bank, and recently the College Library photocopied from
from Rose Hellaby House which was closing down. Ear- master copies of the Journal to obtain a complete set.
lier this year, I was asked by the President of WAHS if
they could have some of the items back — and our Soci- Local history, so I have been informed, is taught at the
ety agreed. It is good to see the continuing improvement College in the first year which is good news.
of our neighbours to the west.
Oakley Creek - Te Auaunga Community
St Ninians cemetery Tree Planting
I recently asked Auckland City Council why the St
Ninians cemetery, which is owned and maintained by the These take place on the first Sunday of the month
Council, isn’t included on their website’s page about (excluding June – Queen’s Birthday):
cemeteries they administer. So far, they advise there isn’t 6th July, 3rd August, 7th September– 10.00 am
a reason why it isn’t included — watch this space for
developments. Where: Oakley Creek, under Unitec Bridge and above
the Waterfall (east side of creek)
Peter Blaiklock’s bus trip
6 July, leaving from Iona Church carpark, Donovan What to bring: Spade, sturdy footwear, gloves, rainwear
Street, at 12 noon. Heading to Howick Historical Village and water. Refreshments provided.
and Selwyn Church, returning via Botany Downs. $9 bus
fare, $11 village entry. Bring own afternoon tea. Wendy John says: “We hope you can join us, and please
Contact Peter or Jean 817-6268 forward this on to others who might be interested. Check
Charitable tax status and rule change waterview/-oakley+creek+planting+site/ for directions to
Starting off on what may be an involved process with the the site.
Charities Commission, it has been proposed that the fol-
lowing section (8a) of our Society’s rules be changed With kind regards,
from: Wendy John
Friends of Oakley Creek - Te Auaunga
“The management of the Society and its property and 4/65 Woodward Rd, Mt Albert, Auckland 1025
assets shall be vested in a Committee consisting of the 09-815-3101 ,
officers of the Society and eight other members who shall
be elected at the Annual General Meeting and who shall
hold office until the appointment of their successors..”

To be changed to: Next meeting: AGM
Saturday 2 August 2008, 2.30 pm, Lions Hall, cnr.
“… a Committee consisting of the officers of the Society
and up to eight other members …” Blockhouse Bay Road and Great North Road.