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October 15, 2014

(Hupacasath Territory October, 2014) Today, the Hupacasath First Nation released a
letter to the Government of Canada and the Government of the Peoples Republic of
China stating that Hupacasath is a sovereign nation and does not recognize the Canada-
China Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement (FIPPA) within their

FIPPA was ratified without notice being served on Hupacasath First Nation and while the
Federal Court of Appeal was still considering Hupacasaths appeal, which was argued on
June 10, 2014. This prevented Hupacasath from filing an injunction to stop the
ratification, and we are now deprived of receiving any meaningful remedy from the

Chief Steven Tatoosh stated We want to make it clear to the Peoples Republic of China
that Hupacasath territory is not open to business under FIPPA and that our consent is
needed before there is any development of our lands and resources. This step must be
taken to protect our rights and title as the government of Canada is not doing so.

Tatoosh added Canada has the duty to consult with First Nations and obtain our consent
and without this and a decision from the Court, it is impossible for Hupacasath First
Nation to accept the ratification of FIPPA.

Brenda Sayers, Portfolio Holder for the Canada-China FIPPA added When no one else
stood up to challenge the terms of FIPPA, we felt it was our duty to step forward on
behalf of our Nation, First Nations across the country, and all Canadians.

Hupacasath has been supported by other First Nations, a wide spectrum of Canadian civil
society groups, and individual Canadians country wide who are appalled at Canada acting
in such a disrespectful manner towards First Nations and the Courts.

Letter can be seen at:

For further information contact:

Brenda Sayers, Representative Hupacasath First Nation: (250) 731-4147
Steven Tatoosh, Chief Councilor Hupacasath First Nation: (250) 724-4041

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