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Draft Battery Recycling Program Proposal

Marion County has accepted batteries for recycling since the late 1990s. Recent developments related to abuse
of the free recycling offered to businesses has necessitated some changes to the program. Below are the
various elements of the battery recycling program that are being proposed:
Curbside collection
This would continue in the cities as it does currently, and would be recycled at no charge to the customer (or
Transfer station drop-off
This would continue at the two transfer stations as it does currently @ no charge to the customer.
Existing retail drop-off sites
Each existing retail drop-off location would be allowed a volume of 10 gallons per month, for an annual
allowance of 120 gallons per calendar year. Based upon an average weight of 15 pounds per gallon for
batteries, this equates to approximately 1,800 pounds per year for each location. This amount should cover all
of the existing drop-off sites with the exception of Batteries Plus.
Should a business entity have more than the above allowed quantity, and wish to use Marion Countys program
to recycle their batteries, the county would accept them for a fee. The proposed fee is $1 per pound ($15 per
gallon). This fee would cover all of the countys costs related to collection, sorting, shipping, staff time, and
promotion of the program. It is also proposed that the fee be set for certain sized containers. For example:
5-gallon bucket = $75 per bucket
30-gallon drum = $450 per drum
55-gallon drum = $825 per drum
Note: DEQ and EPA universal waste rules require that any person or business that collects batteries from others
must manage them correctly through recycling or disposal in a hazardous waste landfill.
Environmental Services (ES) would perform enhanced education and outreach with both existing retail battery
drop-off sites, as well as with other potential battery collectors (i.e. jewelers) that collect batteries to ensure
that they are aware of the law related to battery collection. ES would also continue with education of the public
on the best way to recycle their batteries once they are finished with them.
Wasteshed Consideration
There are a couple of cities that span county lines, where the curbside routes run through both Marion County
and the adjacent county (i.e. West Salem, Mill City). West Salem is typically considered part of our wasteshed,
and for the majority of the year, the waste produced there is delivered to the Waste-to-Energy Facility in
Brooks. Routes run in West Salem also normally include stops in Salem on the Marion County side. Batteries
collected in West Salem (and Mill City) already come into our recycling program, and it is proposed that this