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Vol. 70 No. 42 December 23 - 29, 2009 50 cents
sponsored by
Columbia 300,
hosted its annual
holiday tourna-
ment where 121
entries competed
for over $10,000
in prize money.
Adam Chase,
Seaford, NY won
his second scratch
LIGBT title and
earned $1,000
while Christopher
Hedges, Cranford,
NJ bowled in his
first 210 & under
handicap LIGBT
event and won the
$500 top prize.
The Garden City
event was spon-
sored by CLS Custom Upholsterers
who gave out bowling gifts to all
Scratch Champion, twenty-one
year old Adam Chase, bowled great
all day. He was the second high fin-
isher after the five games of qualify-
ing averaging 235. Adam had to
bowl all 3 rounds of the finals;
shooting 233 in round 1 (advancing
by only 3 pins) and 212 in round 2
which was the cut. But in the
Championship Shootout Adam took
immediate control with the first 8
out of 9 strikes to finish with a 258
Adam’s closest competitor was
senior champion, George Mottern
of Riverhead, who earned $600
with a 211 game. Rounding out the
final four was last event’s champi-
on, Brian Ziesig of Levittown earn-
ing $400 posting a 203 and Craig
Koppell of Huntington Station who
turned in a 176 and took home
$300. A total of 15 bowlers
advanced to the finals.
The 210 and under handicap
event was packed with 63 eager
bowlers all looking to take home
the champion’s trophy. After 3
games of qualify-
ing anyone who
shot a 663 series,
with handicap
and bonus pins,
advanced to the
finals and cashed
for a minimum of
$80. Tony Chin of
Whitestone was
the qualifying
leader with a 739
and automatically
seeded into the
final shootout.
C h a m p i o n ,
C h r i s t o p h e r
Hedges, finished
8th in qualifying
forcing him to
advance through
two rounds in the
finals to make it
to the champi-
onship shootout. In round 1 Chris
rolled a 241 and in round 2 bowled
an amazing 273 (both games
include handicap). In the champi-
onship round Chris won by 10 pins
over second place finisher Robert
Bader ($300) of Holtsville 241-
222. Other bowlers advancing to
the championship shootout were
third place finisher Ian Lynch of
Glen Head who tossed a 211 to earn
$250 and Tony Chin earning $200
for his fourth place finish with a
The next LIGBT event will be at
AMF Syosset Sunday, January 10th
at noon. The LIGBT will also be
hosting two other events in January;
at Cozy Lanes (Queens) on January
24th and at AMF East Meadow on
Sunday, January 31. All 3 events
offer guaranteed prizes of $1,000
for scratch and $500 for handicap.
One in 4 bowlers advances to the
finals in these 1 squad events. For
more information on the LIGBT,
and complete results of the Garden
City event, please visit our website
at or call the
tournament office at 877.900.6464.
Chuck Coslet 300-300-258-858
At Holiday Bowl
Jerel Rodriquez 814, Jalik Dixon 300
At Jersey Lanes
LINDEN, NJ – The Juniors at Jersey Lanes have
been putting up some very impressive numbers on
the leader board this year and leading them are Jerel
Rodriquez who posted the season’s high series to date
of 814 and did it when he opened with a duplicate
278 and then added a 258 game.
The only youth to roll perfect so far has been Jalik
Dixon and Michael Turner came close with a 297
game on his way to a 711 series for the day.
ALLEN PARK, Mich.– Jack
Jurek of Lackawanna, N.Y.,
ended a Professional Bowlers
Association record 14-year
void between titles when he
defeated Mike Fagan of
Patchogue, N.Y., in a one-ball,
sudden-death roll-off to win
the PBA Shark Championship
at Thunderbowl Lanes.
In the final PBA “animal pat-
tern” championships of the
inaugural PBA World Series of
Bowling which aired on
ESPN, Kelly Kulick of Union, N.J., defeated Carolyn
Dorin-Ballard of Keller, Texas (formerly N.J.), 198-182,
to win the women’s Shark Championship.
Jurek, at age 46, ended his 14-year, 175-day quest for
his second Lumber Liquidators PBA Tour title when he
struck in the roll-off after he and Fagan had tied at 218-
218, and then watched Fagan miss the headpin. It was a
heart-stopping finish after an equally tense final frame
that saw Jurek falter when victory was an eyelash away.
A pair of doubles early in the game gave Jurek an edge,
but he let Fagan back into the match when he left the “Big
Four” 4-6-7-10 split in the sixth frame. Jurek jumped
back into command with strikes in the eighth and ninth
frames, and on his first ball in the 10th. Needing only a
nine-count/spare to lock up the title, Jurek left the 3-6-10.
He got the spare, and held his breath.
Fagan, with a strike in the ninth, needed three more in
the 10th to win by a pin. He got the first two, but left a 10
pin on his last shot to send the match into overtime.
“I got the first strike and gave
myself a chance,” Jurek said,
“but then the chills that went up
my spine were indescribable.
That was almost 15 years of
waiting for the opportunity, and
it was a little too much for me
to handle at the moment. I
thought about taking a re-rack,
but I didn’t want to give myself
too much time to think about
what I was going to do.
“But it was overwhelming. I
took a deep breath and thought
I had myself under control. But three pins? I thought it was
another opportunity I let slip away,” he confessed. “I was
fortunate (Mike) left a pin on his third shot.”
Jurek had the right to bowl first in the roll-off, so he
took a calculated risk.
“The last four shots (Fagan) threw on the left lane, he
struck,” Jurek said. “The right lane was a little trickier. I
was just kind of banking on the fact that I could throw the
first strike and he’d leave something, and it worked out.”
It was not the result Jurek had grown to expect in his
career. In 10 previous television appearances, he had
averaged a respectable 223.8, but he had a 3-9 won-lost
record because his opponents were averaging nearly 250
against him. In the Shark Championship, it was Jurek’s
turn, racing to a 255-213 victory over reigning PBA
Player of the Year Wes Malott of Pflugerville, Texas, to
advance to the championship match.
See PBApage 5
OAKLAND, NJ –Chuck Coslet
earned top honors in the Pops
Coslet Memorial League at
Holiday Bowl blasting games of
300-300-258 for a high series of
Bryan Guelph shot 287-729,
Butch Matthews 266-714, Jessie
Gerace 203 (her first 200 ever),
and Jessie Hedden 232 (also her
first 200 ever).
In the Coors Light Singles
League Shawn Aiello, Robert
Mockenhaupt and Efrem
Goldman all shot a 300 game.
Adam Chase & Christopher Hedges
LIGBT Garden City Champs
Adam Chase
Christopher Hedges.
PBALLC photo
PBA Shark Winners, Jack Jurek and Kelly Kulick.
Jack Jurek, Kelly Kulick Win
As NJ/NY Dominate PBA
Schweizer 300
At Rockaway
Schweizer led the Friday Nite
Men’s at Rockaway Lanes firing
perfect with a 300 game the a 148
and 241 for a high series of 689.
Joe Karas hit 265-234-679, John
Rotella 290-227-678, and Bill
Ratliff 265.
2 SPORTS REPORTER December 23 - 29, 2009
Pins and puns.
Two people, one a struggling
professional bowler, won a mil-
lion dollars in a lottery. When
asked what they were going to
do with all the money, the first
happily described how he was
going to quit work at once,
spend a lot of time fishing and
playing golf, take life easy, and
live on the new found wealth.
The bowler scratched his head,
thought a bit, then answered,
"I guess just keep bowling on
the tour until the money is all
The reason many bowlers fail
is because they keep trying to
teach the other bowler when
they should be teaching them-
selves. And that's why bowling
instruction is cheap. The sup-
ply exceeds the demand. For
every bowler, there are two
Any tournament director will
quickly tell you that most
bowlers are honest. Then why
do they have so many strict
rules? Easy answer. To keep the
bowlers honest.
Nothing shortens a long bowl-
ing story as quickly as the
unexpected arrival of the
bowler who unknowingly was
the central figure of the former
long story.
You don't have to learn where
all the bad spots or bad areas
are on a bowling lane. Just
learn where the good ones are.
The nightmare that haunts all
top; bowlers is that their last
big game will be their last big
Eventually there will be a
bowler's head on some moun-
tain. Even if they are forced to
enlarge the mountain---or
shrink the head.
If you ever feel you know all
the answers to the wide world
of bowling, stop kidding your-
self. It would only be because
you haven't heard all the ques-
You often hear about an
untimely split popping up, I
don't ever recall anyone run-
ning into a timely split.
An older league bowler won
the admiration of all the other
bowlers in his league when he
went back to school to study
languages and through great
sacrifice in time and money,
obtained an advanced degree.
He felt those 10 years of night
school were well worth it when
he was the only team captain
able to put his team's lineup
down in Latin. And he contin-
ued to feel great about the
whole thing until that fateful
day when he walked into his
bowling center, and on one set
of lanes a doctor's league was
bowling, right next to the
priest's league.
A bowler had just given his
young son a long account of the
part the father had played in
his team winning the league
championship. The small boy
pondered the words for a
minute, then asked, "Dad, why
did the team need those other
four guys?"
If some bowlers were as smart
as they think they are, they
would realize they couldn't be.
Though bowling seems to be
essentially the same, there are
constant changes in equipment,
both personal and in the bowl-
ing center. In fact, if you stay
away from bowling 20 years or
so, the only thing you'd recog-
nize when you came back
would be the excuses.
It's said that all the bad scor-
ing days in bowling will even
out, that they will happily be
matched by an equal amount of
good days. All I can say is that
most bowlers I know have an
awful lot of good days coming.
"Often, the most extraordinary opportunities are hidden among the
seemingly insignificant events of life. If we do not pay attention to these
events, we can easily miss the opportunities."
-Jim Rohn
Mich.,– Brunswick
Bowling welcomes
John Petraglia, Jr. to
its capital equipment
sales team where he
will support propri-
etors in the East
Coast area including,
New York, northern
New Jersey and all of
the New England
“Petraglia has grown up in a fam-
ily that has been a large part of the
history and heritage of Brunswick
Bowling and Billiards, and we are
excited to have him represent
Brunswick,” said
Dan Borgie, director
of Eastern Regional
Sales, to whom
Petraglia reports.
Petraglia is a recent
graduate of
Youngstown State
University with a
bachelor’s degree in
applied science with
an emphasis on crim-
inal justice. He was a
member of the Morehead State
College bowling team prior to trans-
ferring to Youngstown State
University. He is also a member of
Brunswick’s Regional Pro Staff.
Support for the Bowlers to
Veterans Link (BVL) began in the
first week of December at all six
Maple Family Centers (Maple, Gil
Hodges, JIB, Rockville Centre,
Farmingdale and Coram Country
Lanes). A BVL Tournament is
underway in an effort to raise at
least $10,000 to support the sport
of bowling’s oldest charity.
The tournament will last nine
weeks until January 31, 2010 and
is open to all Maple Family Center
league bowlers. The fee is $5 per
entry using a 90% handicap with
the 2nd game of their league night
being the scoring game. Maple
Family Centers collects NO line-
age as $3.75 goes directly to BVL
with the remaining $1.25 being
used for a prize fund specific to
each center. At the end of the tour-
nament, the 20 highest scoring
bowlers per center will cash and
also be eligible for the 1st Annual
BVL Tournament of Champions.
In addition, four wildcard entries
will be chosen to compete in the
TOC. The free three game
Championship Tournament will
occur in late March or early April
at one of the Maple Family
Centers. One bowler from the
TOC will win a free trip to Las
Vegas (airfare and room) in June
to present the check to the BVL at
the International Bowl Expo 2010.
It was approximated that 300
entries yielding $1,125 in dona-
tions per week throughout the six
centers would be needed to fulfill
the $10,000 pledge. The results
already in for the first week and
Maple Family Centers league
bowlers greatly exceeded the tar-
get donations with close to 1,000
entries accumulating over $3,650
in donations. What a rousing start
to support this great charity that
aids troops serving our country
and others that have been serious-
ly injured in the line of duty.
For more information or to make
additional donations please visit
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Amy Polley is New Curator of
Museum and Hall of Fame
ARLINGTON, Texas -Amy Polley has been named curator of the
International Bowling Museum and Hall of Fame by IBM/HOF
Executive Director Bill Supper. Polley will be responsible for managing
the collection, programs and exhibits at the new museum located in the
International Bowling Campus in Arlington.
Polley brings significant leadership experience in sports museum
administration to the bowling industry. She comes to IBM/HOF from the
Texas Rangers baseball club where she was assistant vice president and
director of Legends of the Game Baseball Museum at Rangers Ballpark
in Arlington. During her nine-year tenure with the Rangers, Polley served
as lead curator as well as overseeing daily operations of the 24,000
square-foot interactive museum including administration, marketing and
financial management. "Landing Amy Polley as part of our team is great
news not only for the Hall of Fame, but the entire bowling industry,"
Supper said. "Amy brings the perfect skill set and experience we need
looking ahead to the grand opening on Jan. 25 and beyond."
Prior to her work with the Texas Rangers, Polley served as special proj-
ects coordinator for the Museum of Texas Tech University. Polley holds
a bachelors degree in political science from the University of Houston
and master's degree in museum science from Texas Tech University.
"I am honored to be a part of this exciting time for the Museum and
Hall of Fame and join the dedicated, professional staff of the IBC,"
Polley said. "The overwhelming support for the Hall from the bowling
industry is truly amazing and I know it will be a great addition to the
Arlington entertainment district."
The International Bowling Museum and Hall of Fame opens to the pub-
lic Jan. 25.
Maple Family Centers
Begins BVL Event
Ronald Scott 803
At Brunswick
Zone Carolier
BELLEVILLE, NJ – Ronald Scott
got to center stage when he blasted
games of 296, 286 and 221 en
route to the Hoffman La Roche
League’s high series of 803 at
Brunswick Zone Carolier Lanes.
John Petraglia, Jr. Joins Brunswick
December 23 - 29, 2009 SPORTS REPORTER 3
Ask for Donnie Walters ~
Half Leauges Forming Soon!
Junior Scratch League
Sat 10am = Begins Jan 23
Ted Guy Memorial League
Wed 7pm = Begins Jan 13
2 X 4 Competitive Mixed
Sun 7:30pm = Begins Jan 10
New Year’s Day 7 Game Marathon Tournament
January 1
= Check In: 12:00 Noon
$2,000 First Place (based on 75 entries)
Bowl your way to a free trip to Vegas ! ! !
And do some good for our service men & women while you do it!
New Year’s Day BMJ’S Frankie Billings Memorial
10 Game Marathon Tournament
January 1
= Check In: 12:30 pm
Congratulations to Junior Bowler
265 Game! (161 average)
Adam Krauss
790 Series!
Andrew D’Angelo
288 Game = 761 series
Thursday 7:00 pm High Rollers
Half Begins Soon
Teams of 5 „ Great Competition „ Great Prize Fund
Tuesdays 6:45 PM
New Session Begins January 12
= Respect the Sport =
Bowl on our more challenging condition
4 per team „80% Hdcp
New Teams & New Bowlers Welcome
Way to go
Broadway Doubles Bowlers!
Joe MaIh = Jeremy Stevens
Lou Seda = Jemal James Jr.
Each bowled 279 games!
Have a Ball Your Way League
Begins Jan 18
Ask us for more info
Damon Brown
299 Game! Thurs 3 Man
George Bova
287 Game! Fri Late Mixed
Charlie Turner
276 Game! Wed Early Men
Give the gift of bowling!
Bowling lessons make great holiday gifts!
Ofhce Parties donҋt have to be boring!
Have a Holiday Bowling Party!
visit for more info
Harry Parrott
300 Game = 740 Series!
Monday Duke DeMarco Invitational
January 31
Grand Masters
Super Senior Tour (Age 60+)
4 SPORTS REPORTER December 23 - 29, 2009
!! Remember you read it here FIRST !!
That is why it PAYS to Advertise in the
Sports Reporter
Scott Merwede Rolled 297-759
At Holiday Bowl
OAKLAND, NJ – Scott Merwede took game and set high scoring hon-
ors in the Mon. Nite Early Mix League at Holiday Bowl firing a high
game of 297 and a high series of 759.
John Alesandrelo hit 269-757, Todd Ascenzo 278-711, Stacey Bade
236-233-632, and Bonnie Mondelli 213-610.
Sean Riccardi Blasted 299-769
At Brunswick Zone Carolier
NO. BRUNSWICK, NJ - Sean Riccardi topped the scoring in the
Middlesex County Major League at Brunswick Zone Carolier Lanes
pitching a near perfect 299 game between games of 227 and 243 for the
high series of 769.
Russy Witsey shot a 299 and then added 225-233 for a 757, Jon
Crowder 276-223-246-745, Bill Daunno 238-279-225-742, Ernie
Lukacs 226-256-252-734, Keith Beeh 299-246-731, Tom Girdley 255-
278-728, and Bruce Camp 279-215-231-725.
Rich Funk 300 at Stelton Lanes
PISCATAWAY, NJ – Rich Funk earned top honors in the Thursday
Men’s League at Stelton Lanes blasting games of 278-202-300 for a
high series of 780.
Rob Giles rolled 246-265-213-625, Tim Sickoria 242-267-215-724, Ed
Bienvenue 234-258-232-724, Bob Sartin 231-255-234-720, Gelnn
Wilstono 226-247-237-710, and Bob Broderick 227-234-245-706.
Tim Fitzgerald 669 at Holiday Bowl
OAKLAND, NJ – Tim Fitzgerald rolled 669, Jaime Fester 641, Dan
Allen 277, Nino Gagliano 244, and Irene Greenhalgh 212-210 in the
Tuesday Early Men’s League at Holiday Bowl.
In the Saturday Junior-Major League Brian Balls hot 279-748, Bobby
Lodato 247-682, Rich Gutches 246-672, and Rob Andresen 638.
Mike Jochade 300
At So. Levittown
Jochade fired perfect with a 300
game in the Thursday Night
Foursome at South Levittown
Mike Kennedy hit 286, Ed
Barnett 770, Tom DiVicenzo and
Mike Cosenza 279, Cary Ilivan
279-277, Rob Bennett 278, and
Andrew Ghirardi 276-763.
Danny Rivera
300 at Olympic
BELELVILLE, NJ- Danny Rivera
fired games of 213 and 210 around
a perfect 300 game to tally a 723
series in the NJ 200 Club League
at Brunswick Belleville Olympic.
Mike Veneziano shot 235-278-
269-782, Felix Perez 289-266-
747, Pedro Lopez, Jr. 259-227-
245-731, Jose Lamberty 244-213-
268-725, Julio Rivera 207-262-
242-711, and Julio Merino 235-
Jack Simone 300
At So. Levittown
LEVITTOWN, NY – Jack Simone
fired a 300 game in the BK
Sweeneys League at South
Levittown Lanes.
Mike Gregorio shto 268-267-
748, Matthew Moss 257-702, Joe
Cordario 285, John Gannon 263,
and Mike Murphy 257.
Peter Rodriguez,
Don Perillo,
Brad Slepian 300
At No. Levittown
Rodriguez, Don Perillo, and Brad
Slepian each rolled perfect with a
300 game in the Thursday
Expressway Glass Trios League at
North Levittown Lanes.
Philip Lambert posted an impres-
sive 290 game followed by Ken
Grzelaczyk rolling 289, Charlie
Brown 296, Mike Pellerito 299,
Lisa Baron and Brian Ziesig 279,
Scott Natowski 289-783, and John
Laspisa, Gary Shultis, John
Donnarumma and Evan Myers
John Lennon led the Friday
Prime Time Mixed League firing a
high game of 280.
Patrick Masson shot 277, Frank
Vitale 268, Kenny Sanders 256,
Wingo Hom 258, and Ralph
Causarano 257.
Russ Van Housen Hit 300-824,
Randy Battistus Rolled 300
At North Arlington Bowl
NO. ARLINGTON, NJ – Russ Van Housen took center stage spotlight
posting a 300 game in a 824 series and Randy Battistus followed with
his 300 in a783 set while contesting in the Sunday Morning Trios
League at North Arlington Bowl-O-Drome.
Keith Beeh shot 289-791, Scott Hild 279-783, Tom Jordan 259-734,
Anil Gajadar 258-725, Glenn Griffiths 248-717, Pete Honan 259-717,
Mike Stella 258-714, Bobby Willis 247-712, Rob Mockenhaupt 270-
709, and Joe Kowalski 256-705.
Joe Lentine Rolls First 300 at Hanover
EAST HANOVER, NJ - On December 4th, while bowling in the
Caldwell Old Guard League at Hanover Lanes, Joe Lentine achieved
every bowlers dream when he rolled twelve strikes in a row to put his
first perfect game of 300 in the record books. He added games of 213
and 243 for the league's high series of 746.
Joe also hold the league high average category now with a 209. Bowling
more than 50 years, Joe, a member of the Essex County Bowling
Association's Hall of Fame, now holds bragging rights with his two sons
Neal and Anthony, both have already posted 300 games.
Mario Pietrobono 300-300-813,
John Cavalcante 300 at T-Bowl
WAYNE, NJ – Super Mario Pietrobono started the night throwing his
first 29 frames as strikes for back to back 300 games and high series of
813 in the Mike Deal/Coors Light Trio League. John Cavalcante also
blasted a 300 game.
Brian Sanders shot 257-704, Keri May 266-226-209-701, Mike Day
247-698, and Jeff Monteleone 269-696.
Bryan Kist, Brian Galbraith
Best at Montvale
By Vince Albrecht
Montvale, NJ – Pascack Hills coach Glenn Priddy would have been
beaming had he scouted Sunday’s Youth Travel matches at Montvale.
When the steam lifted at the culmination of play, the day’s best scores
were provided by two of his returning starters, senior Brian Galbraith
and sophomore Bryan Kist.
Bowling for Montvale II, Bryan, affectionately referred to as “Teddy
Bear”, slammed his way to the day’s high series of 687 with power
games of 229, 224,234; chipping in were teammates Matt Hauser, a
closing 195 and Brian O’Flaherty 200,236-613 as the team stormed past
Holiday II which never got untracked.
Meanwhile, sparking the other Montvale entry was anchor Brian
Galbraith who came away with the high single of 256 to finish with the
session’s second best set, a 628, in leading his foursome to a three-game
sweep of Fair Lawn II. Maggie Schultz was the lone bright spot for Fair
Lawn II, chalking up a 177, a whopping 55 pins over average.
Buoyed by 13-year-old Simon Lezaja’s 225 and 12-year-old Isiah
Tolbert’s 210-571, Fair Lawn I dispatched Holiday Bowl I to extend
their league lead. The victors also received games of 183,181 from
Deandre Lightly while Holiday Bowl I’s best were Kevin Macchia’s 510
set and Rob Andresen’s 191. Bowler City slipped down to third, manag-
ing just two points as 13-year-old Ryan Perez rolled 166, thirty-seven
pins better than average.
Will Blanco, Nick Gavron
Lead North Arlington Juniors
By Vince Albrecht
North Arlington, NJ – The North Arlington Adult-Junior league’s two
best youth were on their game leading their teams to victory. The
Cardinals’ Will Blanco scored 244-606, spearheading the Redbirds to a
three-game sweep of Café Tra-Ell and Nick Gavron whittled the tenpins
with 232-620 as S.A.S. took five of seven points from the Ghosts.
The A Team held precariously to their one-point league lead, squeez-
ing out two of three games from Juicy while the Mighty Chipmunks,
which had lost to Team Awesome last week, turned the tables by snaring
all three games from them as Sam Passaro got a huge lift from his mom
Patti’s dazzling 220 single.
This week’s top bantam achievers were Chris McBride +28, Margaret
Ziobro +23 and Sam Passaro +9. Contributing deuces for their young
partners were Patti Passaro 220, Art Arrigo 206, Tim Bray 201 and Vin
Albrecht 218,220.
December 23 - 29, 2009 SPORTS REPORTER 5
“It was nice to finally not have 250 shot
at me,” Jurek grinned. “The odds were in
my favor.”
Jurek knew it had been a long time
since his only previous title in the 1995
Tums Classic in Windsor Locks, Conn.,
but “I didn’t keep track. I knew it was a
long time. I knew I could go to my grave
with my name on a banner for winning
at least one title, but as the years went on,
it was important to me to feel like I
belonged out here and could win again.
“I may not have had the career I
dreamed of when I was a kid, but bowl-
ing on tour is everything I still want to do.
I’m sorry I’m getting older because real-
ize my time is getting shorter. Maybe I’m
like wine, getting better as I get older.”
Jurek’s record span between titles
broke the previous record of 14 years, 6
days held by Les Zikes.
Along with his victory, Jurek earned
$25,000, an exemption for the 2010-11
Lumber Liquidators PBATour season, a
berth in the 2010 PBATournament of
Champions and a spot in the end-of-
season PBA Experience Showdown
presented by BOWL.COM.
Fagan, who was trying for his first
PBA Tour singles title, defeated Jason
Couch of Clermont, Fla., 224-201, to
earn his spot in the championship match.
In the PBAWomen’s Series presented
by BOWL.COM title match, Kulick
was in a strike-or-bust mode. Three
strikes early in the game kept her in the
match until she opened in the sixth and
seventh frames. Dorin-Ballard, who was
seeking her third career PBAWomen’s
Series title, gave her advantage back with
splits and open frames in her eighth and
ninth frames.
A key ball change by Kulick in the
ninth frame led to another string of three
strikes and a come-from-behind victory.
“I thought I made the right ball choice
at the start, but as the game went along,
things just got worse,” Kulick said. “I
don’t know how I strung three strikes in
a row early, but in the ninth and 10th, I
made a ball change. I knew I had to do
something. It was a good guess. I had an
idea what I wanted to do, and what the
ball was supposed to do, and when the
first shot went flush, I knew that was the
right answer.”
The title was Kulick’s second during
the PBAWorld Series of Bowling. She
also won the inaugural PBAWomen’s
World Championship. Her Shark victory
was worth $10,000. Because Kulick had
previously qualified for the PBA
Women’s Series Showdown, Dorin-
Ballard earned a spot in the end-of-
season event which will be held in the
United States Bowling Congress’
International Training Center in
Arlington, Texas.
365 Route 46 - Rockaway - NJ - 07866
visit us at
2nd Half
Rockaway Trios
Tuesdays 9:00 pm - Starts: January 12, 2010
25 Point System - Match Play
18 week Season
Handicap 80% of 230
$35.00/week - $25.00 Entry Fee
Total Prize Fund
$4,500.00 1st Place
1st Half Payout - 12 Teams
1st - $4,500/$1,500 each
2nd - $,3000/$1,000 each
3rd - $1,500/$500.00 each
4th - $1,200/$400.00 each
5th - $1,050/$350.00 each
6th - $900.00/$300.00 each
7th - $750/$250 each
8th - $600/$200/each
9th - $390/$130/each
10th - $285/$95 each
11th - $150/$50 each
12th - $75/$25 each
(973) 627-5800


Continued from page 1
Margaret Taylor was inducted
into the Monmouth County USBC
Hall of Fame for her Superior
Performance in bowling. An
impressive bowling career that
began when Margaret’s parents,
Dorothy and the late, George, who
were bowlers, took Margaret to the
lanes with them on the nights they
bowled, starting when she was
only 4 months old. They had
Margaret bowling in her first
league at the age of 5. And from
that day on, Margaret has made her
mark on the bowling community.
She competed in high school,
then again in College for William
Paterson University, and now she
competes, not only in Monmouth
County, but in multiple states. She
is the co-founder of the Hurt Squad
Bowling Club, a member of the
Women’s All Star
Association(WASA), secretary of
the Saturday Night Mixed league
at Shore Lanes. She also started a
league in 2004, the George
“Frenchie” Taylor Classic, in
memory of her father, who passed
away in 2004 of cancer.
Margaret is “fierce” when it
comes to bowling, has beat the best
of the best in both women’s and
men’s tournaments, but at the same
time she is one of the most person-
able people you will meet in the
sport. Whether in league play or
competition, she has a smile and
laugh that makes her noticed on
and off the lanes, if you didn’t
notice those traits, I am sure you
noticed that “bop” she has when
delivering the ball. She is a very
smooth lefty with a personality to
match. As her friends all know, her
best non-athletic talent is “showing
up on time”.
Even though Margaret is only 35
years old, she has accomplished
more than most including but not
limited to: 5 Career 300 games, 1
career 299 and 2 career 298 games,
16 career games between 279 and
297, 28 career series between 750
and 799, 7 Queens Championships
in Monmouth and Ocean Counties.
Margaret has converted the 7 – 10
split on two separate occasions as
well as converting the “Big Four
This year alone, she has a career
high average of 223 and a career
high series of 795 and if all of that
isn’t enough, Margaret is the proud
Mother of two gorgeous boys, Jase
and Izayah, and has an extended
family that includes, Coop, Devin
and Destyni. Jase, a lefty like his
mother, Devin and Destyni are all
bowlers and each of them has won
a title. And you can always find
Margaret cheering them on during
their youth bowling league or in
their youth tournaments.
Margaret Taylor Inducted to MCBA USBC Hall of Fame
6 SPORTS REPORTER December 23 - 29, 2009
I was lucky, I got the number of Santa's cell phone and
called him at the North Pole.
He was busy but I told him I was going to write a column
for all the bowlers who were good human beings and not
just good bowlers and wanted to suggest Christmas presents
for them.
Santa gave me permission to print his list in case any
wives or husbands or grown sons/daughters of bowlers
wanted some suggestions for Christmas gifts for bowlers.
Santa's suggestions:
An entry into either the USBC Open Championships in
Reno next year (Feb. 20-July 5 at the National Bowling
Stadium) or an entry into the USBC Women's
Championships in the convention center in El Paso March
27-June 30).
I know what you may be thinking: deadline for entering
the USBC Open Championship passed on Dec. 11. But with
Santa's help, we got the USBC to extend the entry deadline
until Jan. 15.
Deadline for entering the USBC Women's Championships
is Jan. 22, so you could put a check covering the tourna-
ment's entry fee into a Christmas stocking.
There are slightly over 13,000 teams entered so far in the
USBC Open Championships so there are plenty of good
bowling dates still available. But Santa urges you not to
The USBC Women's Championships, which will be con-
tested on a handicap basis by divisions for the first time,
has attracted almost 5,500 teams laready. Santa advises
action be taken by bowlers and loving family members of
bowlers before Dec. 25 if you want to nail down a favorite
date and time.
A plane ticket to Dallas to attend the opening of the new
International Bowling Museum and Hall of Fame Jan. 25 at
the International Bowling Campus.
All bowlers should know more about the history of their
favorite sport and the new bowling museum should satisfy
that thirst for bowling knowledge.
Santa realizes that Bill Supper, a man who successfully
has worn many hats in the bowling industry for about four
decades, wasn't named executive director of the IBM/HF
installation only about two months ago. Santa told me that
he thought Bill will do a fabulous job even though he was
named executive director only a few months ago.
I will tell you a secret that few people know -- Santa is an
avid bowler. But, instead of using urethane bowling balls,
he uses giant snow balls and icicles replaces bowling pins
in his North Pole bowling center and to keep his reindeer in
shape for their Dec. 24-25 trek around the world, Santa uses
them to chase the flying icicles after he rolls a 'cool' strike.
Santa told me on the QT that he was going to make an
unscheduled stop at the Museum on his trip around the
world to check out all the new ideas Bill Supper has come
up to make the facility better than ever in the past few
A Brick. No not any ordinary brick, but a brick that will
bear the name of your loved one forever at the International
Bowling Campus.
The bricks come in different sizes and prices but they all
have one thing in common -- they will help the Bowling
Foundation grow in scope. And because the Foundation
supports bowling in so many ways, each brick will be a
stepping stone to a stronger sport.
Santa envisions that one day the bricks surrounding the
Bowling Museum will be as popular as the bricks that pay
homage to the great movie stars in Hollywood, Calif.
Buy a bowling ball, bag and shoes for a loved one and
then make sure they sign up to participate in a USBC sanc-
tioned league at a nearby center. Americans need more exer-
cise and Santa knows that bowling provides physical bene-
fits that lead to good health.
Santa said he had spent a few days last spring reading
Roger Dalkin's book -- "The Gutter Paradigm" and had tried
to get it put on Oprah's must read list.
Failing with Oprah because she was too busy working on
her retirement, Santa said he was going to recommend it to
my readers.
Santa's agreed with Dalkin's belief that "everything you
need to be successful you can learn in a Bowling Alley."
The book was printed by Luby Publishing and costs only
Santa thinks Roger Dalkin is almost as good a writer as he
was a strong executive director of ABC and USBC.
Call Jeanette Robinson at The Orleans in Las Vegas and
pay the $150 entry fee to compete in the 20th annual Storm
Golden Ladies Classic at the Orleans.
The tournament will be held March 8-11 and features
everything that is good about the sport of bowling:
A. Tough competition.
B. Friendly competition.
C. Fun on and off the lanes.
D. Side Tournaments
E. A Party
E. Return of 100 percent of the entry fee..
Another good thing about this Santa special is the fact the
Golden Ladies bowlers pay only $40 each night for their
rooms. The bad thing the bowlers have to admit they have
turned 50 years old.
For additional information or to sign up a loved one, call
Jeanette Robinson at 1-888-365-7111, Ext. 6442.
Finally, Santa said it warmed his heart at the cold North
Pole when I told him that Chuck Pezzano said he had
talked to Pearl Keller, one of bowling's greatest promoters
and writers, and she sounded almost like the old Pearl
Keller.that everyone loved and respected.
Those are the kind of intangible pieces of information that
warm everybody's heart.
And with that positive news, Santa said he had to get back
to work but he didn't hang up before wishing all the bowlers
around the world Merry Christmas and a HEALTHY and
happy New Year.
- Dick Evans (The Email address of Santa's red-
nose helper after a day in the hot Florida sun).
A Bowlers Special Christmas List
December 23 - 29, 2009 SPORTS REPORTER 7
John Finno 767
ROCKAWAY, NJ – John Finno
led all scorers in the Lake
Hiawatha Adult Child League
pitching 287-257-223 for a 767
high set.
Steve Jankovitz hit 246-244-226-
716, and David Valerius 245-207-
Jack Safkan 761
Jack Safkan topped the scoring in
the Foursome League firing games
of 269-249-243 for a high 761 set.
Geroge Dakak, Jr. rolled 279-
211-688, Brian Whitmore 267,
Shawn Casey and Ricky Exner
257, Kathi Dickerson 205-204,
and Dori Tingoli 210.
W. Fleming, Jr. 728
Wayne Fleming, Jr. led the
County Tuesday Night Mixed
League firing games of 264-228-
236 for a high series of 728.
Paul DiSturco hit 247-225-215-
687, Barry Labar 255, Walter
Worman 255, Sandy Turner 213-
211-201-625, and Dawn Andreano
Mike Potoski 697
Mike Potoski led the scoring in
the Tuesday Night Mixed League
firing games of 256-214-227 for a
high series of 697.
Ed Pico shot 248-235-665, Chris
Morris 244, and Debbie Pastore
Clynton Wallen 696
Clynton Wallen topped the
Mixed League rolling 252-220-
Glen Malmstone shot 256-226-
654, Tom Colucci 248, Keri May
270-222-239-731, Sharon Bush
254-226-628, and Melinda
Hannon 231.
Robert Soto 682
Robert Soto led the Spanish-
American Mixed League firing
251-212-219 for a high 682 series.
Matt Svoboda hit 230-212-635,
and Benny Nieves 240.
Matt Hoffman 684
Matt Hoffman took top series
honors in the Monday Morning
Women’s League firing 257-203-
224 for the high series of 684.
Kevin Bradley shot 258-224-670,
Ron Muscraa 247-217-655, Alex
Dalmedo 233-232-650, and Sheila
Sell 247.
Kevin Sikora 672
Kevin Sikora led the scoring in
the Monday Nite Mixed League
tossing 242-235-672.
Ricky Exner shot 258-202-652,
and David Exner 236.
Ken Yokobosky 650
Ken Yokobosky led the scoring in
the PBA Experience League firing
games of 247-213 for a high series
of 650.
Joseph Caloger shot 232-618,
and Mike Angle 204-204-604.
Crabby Brown 649
Crabby Brown topped all rollers
in the Thursday Nite Mixed
League firing games of 233-203-
213 for a high series of 649.
Dezso Benyo shot 249, John
SanRoman 248, Nidia Haneveld
224, Jessica Peterson 207, Lee
Ann Mackin 202, and Janet
Klimaski 201.
8 SPORTS REPORTER December 23 - 29, 2009
Ed Hayes, Jr. 781
HOPELAWN, NJ – Ed Hayes, Jr.
topped the scoring in the Raritan
Bay Men’s League firing games of
289-214-278 for a high series of
Gabe Ferrari hit 256-258-258-
772, Bob Kerwin 256-231-278-
765, Travis Tilley 235-279-233-
747, John Kertesz 258-214-258-
730, and Brian Lynch 290-224-
In the Merck League Jeff Roberts
rolled 209-246-639, and John
Halliday 224-226-631.
Mike Kelly 742
HOEPLAWN, NJ – Mike Kelly
led the Friday Nite Mixed rolling
253-242-247 for a high series of
Dixon Duran shot 264-218-213-
695, Richard Funk III 214-267-
204-685, Pete Badiak 235-237-
668, and Jose Vega 205-270-657.
In the Vacation League Richard
Maddock hit 200-247-645.
Michael Benevenuto rolled 243-
228-660 in the Friday Late Night
Mixed League.
Mike Schugel 734
HOPELAWN, NJ – Mike Schugel
led all bowlers in the His & Hers
League firing 243-223-268 for a
734 high set.
Shelly Jacques shot 207-246-
201-654, Walter Malecki 221-245-
653, Kyle Januzzi 202-212-234-
648, Don Anione 204-243-646,
and Kathy DeCrosta 236-213-627.
Elio Carrasco 701
Carrasco paced the scoring in the
Sunday Nite Mixed League firing
games of 213-248-240 for a high
series of 701.
Lauro Perez shot 212-256-651,
Cid Stentella 223-227-634, and
Mike Acevedo 205-211-715.
David Caceres 695
Caceres led the scoring in the
Avenel Youth League posting
games of 264-219-212 for a 695
top set.
DJ Petardi rolled 205-230-622,
Brandt Bannister 214, and Chanell
Newton and Mario Delpaz 211.
Lou Kyriacou 729
HOPELAWN, NJ – Lou Kyriacou
led the scoring in the Madison
Park Men’s League firing 257-
203-269 for a high series of 729.
John Kaminski shot 233-246-
239-718, Chris Reebe 257-232-
216-705, Willie Zammitto 268-
214-212-694, Eric Velazquez 248-
245-691, and Chris Ortiz 254-256-
Kevin Cristi 728
HOPELAWN, NJ – Kevin Cristi
led the scoring in the Friday Nite
Mixed League firing 247-244-237
for a high series of 728.
Gary Anderson shot 214-218-
265-697, Mike Kelly 243-243-
675, Tony Tamondong 212-215-
224-651, and Rocco Fortunato
John Syslo 649
HOPELAWN, NJ – John Syslo led
the scoring in the Thursday Mixed
Nuts League firing games of 238-
223 for a high series of 649.
Jeff Lada hit 227-200-600, Pat
Moreno 227, and Rose Lada 203.
“A Fun Approach” by Walt Steinsiek. Order the complete book of more great bowling cartoons only
$8.99 call Walt at (772) 664-5564 or e-mail"

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