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1. Property Type: Condominium Unit

2. Developer: SM Development Corp. (SMDC)
3. Name of Seller: Sp. !ndrei M. "nri#ue$ and !rmi %atrina S. "nri#ue$
&. !ddre:
Unit 3'1' Prin(eton )eiden(e*
!urora +lvd. Cor. ,ilmore !venue*
+r-y. .alen(ia* /ue$on City
0andmar1: )i-2t 3eide ,ilmore Station 0)T Purple 0ine
4. Near3y "ta3li2ment
St. 0u1e /ue$on City
Cardinal Santo Medi(al Center
Carmel of St. T2eree of t2e C2ild 6eu
7ur 0ady of Mt. Carmel S2rine
8at food 9 Convenien(e Store
6olli3ee at !urora +lvd (or. ,ilmore
:;11 at ,round 8loor
Mini Stop and 8amily Mart at ,ilmore
Supermar1et* Mall 9 S2oppin- Center
,ilmore <T Center
Savemore Mar1et +road=ay Centrum
)o3inon Ma-nolia
!raneta Center (via 0)T)
,reen2ill S2oppin- Center
St. Paul Univerity /ue$on City
7t2er Ma>or Univeritie e.-. San +eda* U")M via t2e 0)T
'. Unit Type: Studiolu?e
:. 8loor !rea: 23.&: #m
@. Statu:
Currently mort-a-ed =it2 PS +an1
A. Pri(e and Term:
a. CASH: 2,100,000 (last price)
T2e S"00") to 2oulder:
Capital ,ain Ta?
+ro1erB Profeional 8ee
T2e +UC") to 2oulder t2e (ot of re-itration (etimated at 2D of t2e ellin- pri(e or $onal
value or fair mar1et value* =2i(2ever i 2i-2er):
Do(umentary Stamp Ta? (1.4D)
Tranfer Ta? (E.4D)
)e-itration 8ee (E.24D)
<n(idental and mi(ellaneou e?pene in(urred durin- t2e re-itration pro(e.
Ttal Esti!ate" I#$est!e#t: 2,1%2,000
8or (omparion* developerB lo=et pri(e for UN8U)N<S5"D unit i
0it Pri(e: 2*E@@*EEE
7t2er C2ar-e '.4D: 134*:2E
Condo Corp. For1in- Capital: PAEG#m ? 23.&:#m ? ' mont2 H 12*':3.@E
"timated Cot of !ir(on and )efri-erator H 3E*EEE
Total Contra(t Pri(e I For1in- Capital H 2*2''*3A3.@E
SA&IN'S: 12%,()(*+0
Move <n !fter Payment of 8ull !mount
Selli#. Price: 2,100,000
Re/0ire" 12#pa3!e#t: 400,000
5ala#ce: 1,600,0000
Rate: 107 p*a* 8i9e"
M#t:l3 i8 10 3ear ter!: 1),+22*41 (fa(tor rate E.E13214E:3:)
M#t:l3 i8 16 3ear ter!: 14,11)*0+ (fa(tor rate E.E1E:&'E412)
8or (omparion* (urrent +D7 2ome loan rate:
8i?in- Period <nteret )ate
6 to 10 years 10.00% p.a.
11 to 15 years 11.25% p.a.
Move in after (learin- of do=npayment in (a2 or mana-erB (2e(1 and
iuan(e of (omplete et of pot dated (2e(1
Condominium due* utilitie and real property ta?e to 3e 2ouldered 3y
t2e 3uyer
8ire inuran(e durin- t2e term to 3e 2ouldered 3y t2e eller
1E. <n(luion:
0, =indo= type air(on 1.45P
Fardro3e (loet
5alf partition for 3edroom area
0, )efri-erator
"le(trolu? t=o;3urner ele(tri( (oo1top
"le(trolu? ran-e2ood
Stainle teel in1 =it2 -ooe ne(1 type fau(et
7ver2ead and under;t2e;(ounter 1it(2en (a3inet
Fater (loet
Soap 2older
Tiue 2older
To=el 3ar
S2o=er -la en(loure
8a(ial mirror
0aundry (lot2eline
)ainfall type 2o=er and 2and2eld 2o=er
8ully tiled floor
Proviion for telep2one* 3road3and internet and (a3le
Toilet 3idet
0avatory layout 2a 3een modified from t2e ori-inal to 3e a3le to a((ommodate a
tandard top;loadin- automati( =a2in- ma(2ine
+rand ne= ele-ant roll up 3lind