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Devi Samosir
Basic Design
Essay MTU Engine
Double Degree Marine Engineering12 FTK
MTU is one of the worlds leading manufacturers of large diesel engines and complete
propulsion systems.It covers diesel engines as well as complete propulsion systems for
ships, for heavy agricultural, rail and military vehicles, and for the oil and gas
MTU is a high speed Diesel for boat, yacht, etc.
!. "# $ fuel % &# $ propulsion losses, '# $ hull resistance
(. )# $ crew
*hy we need high speed diesel +
a. ,imited -./
b. ,imited propeller diameter
c. 0igh performance re1uirement
d. Combined propeller system
2ther re1urement
a. 3dvance maneuver
b. Twin screp . cpp
c. Compact propulsion system
d. 4T2 application
e. 3nnual ussage
4ropulsion system re1uirement
2perational, lifetime, height, space, operatrional cost, budget cost.
Main selection guide
3pplication +
4erform map+
Drives with wide-ranging performance and applications
3vailable in numerous cylinder configurations, engine series bearing the MTU brand
cover a wide performance spectrum ranging to !#,### 5* and are thus capable of
powering numerous vehicles and genset systems.
6or commercial applications such as ferries and wor5boats, yachts, rail and heavy
vehicles, the top7selling products include 8eries (### 9&## to !,:## 5*; and )### 9'##
to &,:## 5*; engines.
The units are powerful, economical, clean and rugged. 2ne of the ma<or technological
features behind the huge success of these 8eries is the electronically controlled
Common /ail in<ection system which was introduced on the 8eries )### ma5ing it the
first diesel engine in its class to be fitted with Common /ail in<ection as standard.
The in<ection system was developed <ointly with ,2range =mb0, one of the leading
manufacturers of in<ection systems for large diesel engines. The 8eries (### Common
/ail for high7speed yachts, ferries and patrol boats is li5ewise the most modern in its
To cover the power range which falls below the output provided by a 8eries (### MTU
offers the 8eries !### to !"##. This engine lineup is primarily designed for agriculture,
rail and construction and industry sector applications. 3t the very top of the power
range is the 8eries >### which has also set new standards in its class. Delivering ?,###
5*, the (#@ >### is the most modern and technically innovative engine in its
performance class.
In the defense sector, MTUs 8eries >># engines have secured its undisputed leadership
position for many years. The new 8eries >?# units 9)## to !,!## 5*;, which were first
introduced in (##&, were developed specifically for lightweight, armored vehicles
capable of being transported by air and these engines have further underpinned the
companys predominance. 6or the same performance, these units are <ust half the
siAe of other, comparable diesel engines.
Customer-oriented: Systems expertise for complete, custom-tailored solutions
3part from diesel engines, the companys product range includes complete systems
and plants which can be tailored to the customers individual re1uirements. 3s a
prime contractor, for eBample, MTU can supply complete marine propulsion systems
including all the peripherals and traction units for railcars and locomotives
Always one step ahead: Key technologies for powerful, economical and clean
The leading technological position en<oyed by our diesel drives is due in no small part
to three 5ey technologies turbocharging, fuel in<ection and electronics. These are
developed and produced in7house to ensure that all drive components are optimally
balanced. Consistent development in the fields of turbocharging and fuel in<ection
has enabled the company to continually optimiAe performance, emissions and
consumption. In addition, the companys electronics systems ma5e it possible to
control and monitor whole drive configurations right through to entire marine
propulsion plants.