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• Italian scholar speaks about the Holodomor – page 4.
• John Demjanjuk Jr. on the Germans’ house of cards – page 8.

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No.52 THE UKRAINIAN WEEKLY SUNDAY, DECEMBER 27, 2009 $1/$2 in Ukraine

Plast members in United States Physician fights real estate raiders

receive Bethlehem Peace Light seeking Kyiv hospital’s territory
by Zenon Zawada
Kyiv Press Bureau

KYIV – Dr. Vadym Berezovskyi

served as the flight surgeon for Ukrainian
astronaut Leonid Kadenyuk in 1997 for
the STS-87 space shuttle mission in
Houston. He earned the State Prize of
Ukraine in 2000 for developing Col.
Kadenyuk’s preparation regimen after the
data in Kyiv was lost to Moscow.
Local police officers couldn’t care less
about those distinctions, allowing black-
jacketed thugs, hired by real estate raid-
ers, to intimidate and repeatedly beat Dr.
George Kuzmowycz Berezovskyi for attempting to defend the
Members of the “Ti Scho Hrebli Rvut” sorority of Plast with Austrian Air represen- lands of the Bohomolets Institute and
tatives at Our Lady of the Skies Chapel at John F. Kennedy International Airport. neighboring Oleksandrivska Hospital
Zenon Zawada
from illegal construction.
by Marta Kuzmowycz local radio station ORF in Linz, Austria, “We don’t have politicians – we have Dr. Vadym Berezovskyi, flight surgeon
businessmen who sit in the Verkhovna for astronaut Leonid Kadenyuk, is
was part of the charitable relief mission
NEW YORK – Representatives of Rada and the Kyiv City Council,” Dr. fighting real estate raiders from build-
called Light into Darkness that benefited
Plast Ukrainian Scouting Organization ing on the territory of Kyiv’s historic
needy children in Austria and abroad. (Continued on page 9)
joined American and Latvian scouts at a Oleksandrivska Hospital.
Since then, each year a child from Linz is
c e r e m o n y a t J o h n F. K e n n e d y flown to Bethlehem to retrieve the Peace
International Airport to welcome the
arrival of the Bethlehem Peace Light in
the United States.
Light from the place of Jesus Christ’s
birth. The flame is then flown back to Bahriany Foundation donates
Vienna and distributed throughout
Flown here from Vienna on December
4 courtesy of Austrian Air, the Peace
This initiative has grown into a world-
$2,000 to archives project
Light was presented to U.S.-based scouts wide movement and is a scouting initia- PARSIPPANY, N.J. – The Bahriany issues of the children’s magazine
at the airport’s Our Lady of the Skies tive. This is the 23rd year that scouts and Foundation Inc., based in Arlington Veselka (1954-1995), both published by
Chapel. guides from various countries are partici- Heights, Ill., has donated $2,000 toward Svoboda Press.
Several scouting groups were in atten- pating in the distribution of the Peace the ongoing digital archives project of The Weekly’s website also includes
dance at this ceremony – among them, Light. The Ukrainian Weekly and Svoboda. the two-volume compilation of the most
Boy Scouts of America, Girls Scouts of Plast in Ukraine has been part of this The foundation’s treasurer, Alex significant stories published from 1933
America, Latvian scouts and members of movement for 12 years. In the past, Plast Konowal, noted in a letter addressed to through 2000 titled “The Ukrainian
Plast’s “Ti, Scho Hrebli Rvut” sorority. the Ukrainian National Association that Weekly 2000” and the collection of arti-
scouts would meet Polish scouts at the
After a brief but very moving ceremo- the Bahriany Foundation wanted to sup- cles chronicling Ukraine’s drive toward
border to receive the flame and then dis-
ny at the chapel, the Bethlehem Peace port the digitization of the UNA’s publi- independent statehood and the first 10
tribute it throughout Ukraine. More
Light is now being distributed throughout cations, Svoboda, The Ukrainian Weekly years of its independence titled “Ukraine
recently Plast members have taken to rid-
the United States by scouts. Plast mem- and the annual UNA Almanacs. Lives!”
ing their bikes in relays throughout
bers are actively engaged in this program At present, visitors to Svoboda’s web-
Ukraine to share the light with other Supporters of archives project
and making efforts to share the Bethlehem site (, can read
“plastuny” and anyone who stops them
Peace Light via their local chapters. all issues released since 1986, plus issues Previous donors to the Svoboda/The
along the way. People line the streets in
The Peace Light of Bethlehem pro- from 1893 and 1894. Most of the issues Ukrainian Weekly digitization project
gram dates back over 24 years, when (Continued on page 21) are in DjVu format. Issues for the years were: the Shevchenko Scientific Society,
2008 and 2009 in are in Flash format, U.S.A. ($15,000), Self Reliance New
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years 1954-1965 and 1994 are available may be made out to the Ukrainian
for reading online National Foundation (the Ukrainian
Eventually, all issues of Svoboda, National Association’s charitable arm),
Marta Kuzmowycz which began publication in 1893, will with the notation “Digital Archives
Members of the Newark Plast branch during a ceremony at St. John the Baptist be available online, along with UNA Project.” For information readers may
Ukrainian Catholic Church in Whippany, N.J., at which the Bethlehem Peace Almanacs (published since 1903) and call 973-292-9800, ext. 3049.
Light was shared with local pastors and other branches of Plast.

Yushchenko’s foreign policy agenda Christmas tree lit in Kyiv Challenges to a Wider Europe” in Kyiv on
by Taras Kuzio honestly with you, Mr. President. It often December 17. Mr. Yeliseyev said he is plan-
seems to us that commitments on reform KYIV – Ukraine’s main Christmas tree ning to publish a collection of arguments
Eurasia Daily Monitor
are only partly implemented and words was lit in Kyiv on Saturday, December 19. presented by EU representatives regarding
Viktor Yushchenko has trailed badly in are not always accompanied by action. Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko the obstacles to Ukraine’s EU membership.
opinion polls in the last year with ratings Reforms are the only way to establish sta- participated in the Christmas tree-lighting “I want to show the great imagination of
of less than 5 percent, but has benefitted bility, and build closer ties with the EU” ceremony. In his speech on the occasion, our European partners, aimed at fencing off
from the collapse of Arseniy Yatsenyuk’s (Ukrayinska Pravda, December 4). the president wished prosperity and success Ukraine and preventing it from restoring
election campaign (rankings of candidates During President Yushchenko’s five to the Ukrainian state. (Ukrinform) our European historical justice. We’ve
in 2008-2009: years in office there have been four gov- already been in our European home,” he
php?poll_id=91). Mr. Yushchenko is now Yushchenko, Europarliament leader meet
ernments, three of which have been said. Commenting on Ukraine’s relations
the main “Orange” competitor to Yulia “Orange.” Mr. Yushchenko has had good KYIV – European integration is a key with NATO, Mr. Yeliseyev said that it is
Tymoshenko in western Ukraine (Eurasia relations with only one of the four gov- strategy for Ukraine, the way to develop an already necessary to stop “any talk of
Daily Monitor, October 16, November 3, ernments and with only one of the three independent and democratic European state, whether Ukraine will join NATO or not.”
16, 20). Orange governments led by Yurii and a stimulus for domestic reforms, He said that the decision to grant NATO
I n f o r e i g n p o l i c y t e r m s , M r. Yekhanurov in 2005-2006. Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko membership to Ukraine in future had been
Yushchenko is a different candidate than 2. The successful implementation of said at a tête-à-tête meeting with European taken at the Bucharest summit and that the
he was five years ago, when he presented trans-Atlantic integration requires an Parliament President Jerzy Buzek in Kyiv door to NATO is open for Ukraine. “We
himself as a centrist (patriotic) politician understanding of the interconnection on December 21. Mr. Yushchenko high- have clear guarantees and we should meet
to broaden the appeal of national demo- between domestic and foreign policies, lighted the results of the Ukraine-European only our domestic commitments,” he under-
crats like himself beyond their western which Mr. Yushchenko has never under- Union summit in Kyiv on December 4 and scored. (Ukrinform)
Ukrainian heartland (Ukrayinska Pravda, stood. The consequences have been a the course of talks on an association agree-
November 24). This strategy won Mr. domination of rhetoric over substance, as ment between Ukraine and the EU. “We Ukraine is donor to U.N. food program
Yushchenko the crucial swing region of in the Kuchma era. have resolved 95 percent of the issues in the
central Ukraine and the presidency. KYIV – Ukraine has become a donor to
3. Mr. Yushchenko has taken one step political part of the agreement,” he said. Mr.
Mr. Yushchenko’s move away from the United Nations World Food Program,
backwards compared to Leonid Kuchma Yushchenko also praised the further simpli-
centrist patriotism to nationalism in the Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs
with regard to his misuse of the NSDC, fication of the visa regime by the EU for
2010 elections echoes the retreat of Our Kostiantyn Yeliseyev said at an internation-
whose four secretaries were chosen not Ukrainian citizens, the development of a
Ukraine from central Ukraine, which won al conference titled “The World Crisis: The
for their experience in trans-Atlantic inte- visa-free dialogue between Ukraine and the
the Lviv, Ternopil, Ivano-Frankivsk and Security Consequences and Challenges to a
gration, but for their value in battling EU, Ukraine’s integration with the
Zakarpattia oblasts in 2006 and only Wider Europe,” it was reported on
unfriendly governments. All four pale in European education space, and cooperation
Zakarpattia in 2007. Mr. Yushchenko’s December 18. “I see that Ukraine has a sig-
comparison with Mr. Kuchma’s NSDC in the energy sector, in particular, based on
nationalist platform is a threat to Ms. nificant role in assisting the mitigation of
secretaries, Volodymyr Horbulin and the Brussels declaration on modernizing
Tymoshenko only in the three Halychyna the negative effects of the food crisis,” he
Yevhen Marchuk. The NSDC under Ukraine’s gas transit system. He stressed
oblasts (Lviv, Ternopil, Ivano-Frankivsk), said. “I say this deliberately to show once
President Yushchenko has been used not the importance of Ukraine’s cooperation
and to a lesser degree in the four other again that, no matter how the EU rejects
to coordinate Ukrainian institutions on with the European Parliament (EP) and
w e s t e r n U k r a i n i a n o b l a s t s . M r. national security, but as an alternative Ukraine, it should understand sooner or
called on a mission of EP representatives to later that there cannot be a competitive
Yushchenko will compete with the rising government to Prime Ministers take an active part in monitoring the presi-
contender Serhii Tihipko, Viktor Tymoshenko and Viktor Yanukovych. European Union without Ukraine,” Mr.
dential election in Ukraine. “It’s very Yeliseyev added. In 2009 Ukraine became a
Yanukovych’s election manager in 2004, 4. In 2005-2006 the EU failed to rise to important that the mission of observers
for third and fourth place in the first Ukraine’s democratic breakthrough donor to the U.N. World Food Program for
from the European Parliament is active as the first time after transferring 1,000 tons of
round of the election. because of a lack of strategic vision, much as possible during the election,”
In the 2004 election Mr. Yushchenko’s enlargement fatigue and constitutional wheat to Ethiopia on July 22. (Ukrinform)
President Yushchenko said. (Ukrinform)
“Ten Steps to the People” election pro- chaos. The United States and NATO did President signs law on fighting flu
gram never mentioned NATO, Trans- rise to the occasion and a Membership Yeliseyev speaks on Ukraine and EU
Atlantic integration or even the European Action Plan (MAP) could have been KYIV – President Viktor Yushchenko
Union. (Our Ukraine also did not refer to KYIV – Ukraine is currently the only has signed a law allocating 608.2 million
offered to Ukraine in Riga in November
NATO in any of its election programs.) European state – and this has been clearly hrv to fight the flu epidemic in the coun-
2006. The U.S. and other NATO mem-
The only mention of foreign policy was a recognized in the European Union – that try, the presidential press service reported
bers sympathetic to Ukrainian member-
vague reference to Russia and Belarus has declared its Euro-integration ambitions on December 22. The law foresees the
ship pushed for an Orange coalition to be
(but nothing on the Commonwealth of but has not yet received real EU member- financing of measures to prevent and treat
established quickly after the March 2006
Independent States). This unwillingness ship prospects, said Ukraine’s Vice-Minister the H1N1 flu and acute respiratory infec-
elections, which would have been fol-
to highlight Mr. Yushchenko’s pro-West- for Foreign Affairs Kostiantyn Yeliseyev. tions, using an excess of the National
lowed by President George W. Bush’s
ern orientation was an outcome of his He was speaking at a conference titled “The
visit to Ukraine in June and a MAP in (Continued on page 16)
2004 centrist-patriotic platform that World Crisis: Security Consequences and
November. President Yushchenko’s hos-
sought to appeal beyond western Ukraine tility to the return of Ms. Tymoshenko as
( prime minister undermined this plan,

The Ukrainian Weekly

pdf). which was ultimately undone when an
Mr. Yushchenko’s 2010 election pro- anti-Orange and anti-crisis coalition was FOUNDED 1933
gram also makes no reference to NATO established in July.
but does, unlike in 2004, state: “Together Prime Minister Yanukovych told An English-language newspaper published by the Ukrainian National Association Inc.,
with European neighbors, we will NATO in Brussels two months later that a non-profit association, at 2200 Route 10, P.O. Box 280, Parsippany, NJ 07054.
strengthen the Euro-Atlantic system of Ukraine was not interested in receiving a Yearly subscription rate: $55; for UNA members — $45.
collective security” ( MAP. From 2007 onward Ukraine’s trans- Periodicals postage paid at Caldwell, NJ 07006 and additional mailing offices.
vp2010/WP0011). On the European Atlantic integration was hamstrung by a (ISSN — 0273-9348)
Union, Mr. Yushchenko’s 2010 election combination of Ukraine-fatigue and
program calls for a visa-free regime and The Weekly: UNA:
Yushchenko-fatigue, and Germany’s Tel: (973) 292-9800; Fax: (973) 644-9510 Tel: (973) 292-9800; Fax: (973) 292-0900
membership in the EU. The program increasingly independent line in the EU
overlooks the free-trade zone between and NATO and a Russia-first foreign pol-
Ukraine and the EU that will be signed Postmaster, send address changes to:
icy. The Ukrainian Weekly Editor-in-chief: Roma Hadzewycz
next year. Three Ukrainian factors led to skepti- 2200 Route 10 Editors: Matthew Dubas
Mr. Yushchenko has at least supported cism in Western Europe regarding Mr. P.O. Box 280 Zenon Zawada (Kyiv)
Ukraine’s integration into NATO and the Yushchenko’s rhetoric on trans-Atlantic Parsippany, NJ 07054
EU. Under the 1996 and 2006 constitu- integration. Frequent government turn-
tions, the president can appoint the for- overs negatively impacted upon the abili- The Ukrainian Weekly Archive:; e-mail:
eign affairs and defense ministers, ty of three “Orange” governments to
National Security and Defense Council launch information campaigns in support
(NSDC) secretary and Security Service The Ukrainian Weekly, December 27, 2009, No. 52, Vol. LXXVII
of NATO membership which has Copyright © 2009 The Ukrainian Weekly
chairman, providing him with institution- remained at 20 percent throughout the
al control over Ukraine’s security policy. Yushchenko presidency (polls conducted
F o u r p r o b l e m s b e d e v i l M r. between 2002-2009:
poll.php?poll_id=46). Moreover, political
1. The translation of Kuchma-era rhet- instability and elite infighting was repeat- Walter Honcharyk, administrator (973) 292-9800, ext. 3041
oric on trans-Atlantic integration into edly raised by Germany as a concern. e-mail:
action requires a president to work togeth- During the election campaign Mr. Maria Oscislawski, advertising manager (973) 292-9800, ext. 3040
er with a parliamentary coalition and gov- Yushchenko continues to hurl insults at fax: (973) 644-9510
ernment of like mind. Addressing Mr. Ms. Tymoshenko on a daily basis, calling e-mail:
Yushchenko at the recent EU-Ukraine her “homeless” and a “bum.” Finally, the Mariyka Pendzola, subscriptions (973) 292-9800, ext. 3042
summit, European Commission President e-mail:
Jose Manuel Barrosso said, “I will speak (Continued on page 26)


draft treaty on European security Viktor Fedorovych Yanukovych
by Vladimir Socor ciently accommodating of Russian inter- Compiled by Zenon Zawada
Eurasia Daily Monitor ests, particularly in Europe’s East and the
South Caucasus.

The multiple use of the This week, The Ukrainian Weekly begins
On November 30 Russian President word “substantial” seems intended to its series of profiles of Ukraine’s top presi-
Dmitry Medvedev submitted a “Draft draw NATO into negotiations with Russia dential candidates.
Treaty on European Security” for consid- about defining that term, not only in this
eration to the heads of state and govern- context, but in another one of consider- Name: Viktor Fedorovych Yanukovych
ment of “all states of the Euro-Atlantic ably greater practical significance. Born: July 9, 1950.
and Eurasian space from Vancouver to U n d e r t h e 1 9 9 7 N ATO - R u s s i a Birthplace: Yenakiyeve, Donetsk
Vladivostok,” as well as to selected inter- Founding Act, NATO declares that it does Oblast.
national organizations: NATO, the not intend to station “substantial” military Highest academic degree: Alleged
European Union, Organization for forces on the territories of new member- master’s degree in international law,
Security and Cooperation in Europe countries. Meanwhile, the Kremlin wants earned from the Ukrainian Academy of
(OSCE), the Commonwealth of Foreign Trade in Kyiv in April 2001. The
a joint NATO-Russia definition of that
Independent States (CIS), and the validity of this degree is widely questioned
term, so as to constrict any hypothetical
Russian-led Collective Security Treaty by Ukrainian journalists.
NATO deployments in Central European
Organization (CSTO). Career: Starting as an electrician and
countries and the Baltic States (all of
Under the draft treaty’s Article 10, all mechanic, Mr. Yanukovych rose through
which are practically denuded of a NATO
the addressee states and organizations are the ranks of the Donbas transport industry
presence now). Negotiating with Russia
eligible to sign the proposed security trea- before becoming chairman of the Donetsk
about the admissible level of a hypotheti-
ty (the full text appears on Russia’s presi- State Oblast Administration under former
cal NATO presence would turn those
dential website,, President Leonid Kuchma between 1996
countries into second-class members.
November 30). and 2002. He became prime minister of Viktor Yanukovych
NATO has avoided getting into such a
In an accompanying message, Mr. Ukraine in 2002, a post he held until the
situation thus far. If, however, negotia-
Medvedev in effect proposes the opening of Orange Revolution. He returned as prime Ukrayinska Pravda reported. Mr.
tions begin to define “substantial” for the
negotiations on the Russian draft. Russia’s minister in August 2006, holding the post Yanukovych claimed he sold apartments in
purposes of Article 2 in the Medvedev
Foreign Ministry wanted an immediate start for 17 months. Kyiv and Donetsk to buy the residence, for
draft, NATO would then hardly be able to
to discussions, using the December 4 ses- Government service: 13 years. which he acknowledges ownership in his
avoid the trap of discussing with Russia
sion of the NATO-Russia Council as a kick- Time spent in publicly elected office: 2008 declaration. Yet he never declared a
what the alliance may or may not do on
off (Interfax, December 1).

 Three years. Donetsk apartment, and he wouldn’t have
the territories of certain member-coun-
The Kremlin had intensified the draft- Party: Party of Regions of Ukraine. been able to afford Mezhyhiria by selling

ing of such a treaty in the wake of its A d v i s e r s : F o r m e r S t a t e Ta x his Kyiv apartment. Mr. Yanukovych owns
Under Article 3, “A treaty partici-
August 2008 invasion of Georgia. Administration chair Mykola Azarov, a seafront mansion in Yalta, whose formal
pant… may address other participants
Consistent with past Soviet logic, it Donbas industrial kingpin Rinat Akhmetov, owners also include Messrs. Pryhodskyi
with requests to provide information
argued that an invasion that it had itself Donbas mining executive Anton and Akhmetov. Mr. Yanukovych is a two-
about… any substantial steps of a legal,
undertaken necessitated corrections to the Pryhodskyi, and Andrii and Serhii Kliuyev, digit millionaire at minimum, observers
administrative or organizational nature
existing security arrangements in line Donbas metallurgy and machine-building said.
that, in the inquiring participant’s view,
with Moscow’s views. Russia presented a magnates. Governing approach: Mr. Yanukovych
affect its security interests.” This stipula-
general outline of its “security architec- Prime minister: November applied a neo-Soviet model of authoritari-
tion looks like a less-than-poor substitute
ture” concept in Mr. Medvedev’s June 5 2002-December 2004; August an-administrative control when he was
for the transparency and confidence-
speech, presaging the submission of an 2006-December 2007. prime minister, in which his inner circle of
building measures enshrined in the Treaty
actual draft treaty. The Kremlin timed the Officially declared assets: 4.9 million Donbas oligarchs and executives had the
on Conventional Forces in Europe (CFE).
draft’s submission to the OSCE’s year- hrv ($607,000) gross income in 2008; priority in policy-making, decision-making
Since 2008, Russia has largely suspended
end ministerial conference and the recon- 224,000 hrv ($28,000) salary as national and rewards. His policies are also geared
its compliance with the CFE Treaty (force
vened NATO-Russia Council at ministe- deputy; 6,674 square foot home (the towards satisfying the needs and wishes of
ceilings, inspections, pre-notification of
rial level. Mezhyhiria complex), 2,573-square-foot the industrial oligarchs that finance his
military movements) and wants a whole-
The draft treaty’s title, which speaks of apartment; two 215-square-foot garages. party.
sale re-negotiation of the document.
“European security,” stands in some dis- Confirmed undeclared assets: During Reforms as prime minister: Mr.
Article 3 of the Medvedev draft treaty
crepancy with the content and the roster his second term as prime minister, Mr. Yanukovych achieved no significant
awkwardly attempts to deflect concerns
of eligible participants, which correspond Yanukovych privatized for himself, at no
and attention away from that problem. reforms during his second term as prime
with the “Vancouver to Vladivostok” cost, the Mezhyhiria complex, a state-
Article 4 of the draft treaty would cre- owned retreat for Soviet officials, (Continued on page 9)
political slogan. The document uses the ate mechanisms to “examine differences
concept of “treaty participant” to cover and disputes that may arise over this trea-
states, as well as international organiza- ty’s interpretation and implementation.”
tions, that would accede to the would-be
treaty. The preamble announces Russia’s
The proposed mechanisms would operate
on three levels: first, consultations in
Rada hears preliminary report
goal to “create an interaction mechanism
for resolving issues and differences as
they arise.”
variable formats among treaty partici-
pants (states and international security
organizations such as NATO, the EU,
on 2004 Yushchenko poisoning
The document makes clear that the OSCE, CSTO); second, the full-fledged Ukrinform ments of crime.”
proposed mechanism is intended to disor- conference of treaty participants; and, The Verkhovna Rada refused to sup-
ganize, sideline and potentially override KYIV – The Verkhovna Rada has port National Deputy Yurii Karmazin’s
third, their extraordinary conference.
Under Article 1, “security mea- heard a report by its temporary investi- proposal to hear a report by the procu-
This multi-format concept is designed
sures undertaken by any participant, to counterbalance, supplant, and splinter gative commission investigating the rator general, and it rejected a proposal
whether individually or in the framework NATO’s own formats, including the North circumstances of Ukrainian President to end the commission’s work.
of an alliance or coalition, shall be imple- Atlantic Council (NAC) and Euro- Viktor Yushchenko’s poisoning, clarify- According to Verkhovna Rada regu-
mented with account taken of all the par- Atlantic Partnership Council (EAPC), ing its causes and identifying individu- lations, the investigative commission
ticipants’ security interests in conformity with regard to debate and decision-mak- als guilty of delaying the investigation must present a final report in Parliament
with this treaty.” Such limitations would ing on topical security issues in the NATO of a criminal case and the submission in a year.
give Russia the possibility to claim a droit area and its immediate Eastern neighbor- of documents to courts. According to official reports, then-
de regard over NATO decisions. hood. T h e c o m m i s s i o n ’s c h a i r m a n , p r e s i d e n t i a l c a n d i d a t e Vi k t o r
Article 2 stipulates, “Treaty partici- Any treaty participant could “initiate Volodymyr Sivkovych, said from the Yushchenko was poisoned with dioxin
pants shall not undertake actions or steps consultations with one or more partici- Parliament’s rostrum on December 16, on September 5, 2004, during a dinner
that substantially affect the security of pants, if the initiating participant deems “There’s currently no evidence that at the villa of Volodymyr Satsiuk, the
other treaty participants.” Participants that a violation or threat of violation of Yushchenko was poisoned.” He added, former first deputy chief of the Security
that are members of alliances and coali- this treaty’s provisions has occurred or is “The commission found during its work Service of Ukraine.
tions shall “strive to ensure that decisions imminent, or if it deems necessary to that a criminal case was opened on Procurator General Oleksander
by those alliances and coalitions would raise any issue related to this treaty’s con- September 21, 2004, in order to investi- Medvedko said on October 9 that the
not substantially affect the security of tents.” In that case, the initiating partici- gate the circumstances of Viktor Rada’s investigative commission on the
other treaty participants.” Furthermore, pant may “address any treaty Yushchenko’s poisoning with dioxin. Yushchenko poisoning had failed to
“no treaty participant shall allow the use participant(s), whom it deems interested However, the Procurator’s Office found provide his office with documents con-
of its own territory, and shall not itself in examining that issue, with proposals to no data indicating that Viktor firming allegations by the commission
use another participant’s territory… for hold consultations” (Article 5). Yushchenko was poisoned with dioxin that the poisoning was allegedly falsi-
any actions that substantially affect the Furthermore, any participant in consul- in September 2004. In this connection, fied. He added that, despite statements
security of other treaty participant.” tations may subsequently propose holding on October 22, 2004, the criminal case by the president that he knows the iden-
This proposal appears designed to a full-fledged conference [presumably, if was closed under Clause 1, Part 1, tity of the people who poisoned him,
encourage divisive debates within NATO the consultations turn out to be inconclu- Article 6 of the Criminal Code of that information has not been disclosed
over measures that Moscow and, poten- Ukraine due to the absence of any ele- and charges have not been brought.
tially, Russia-first circles deem insuffi- (Continued on page 12)

Italian historian Andrea Graziosi speaks on the Holodomor

by Thomas M. Prymak conclusions of the distinguished Cold against Ukrainians. “the Great Ukrainian Famine,” and a rep-
Wa r- e r a U k r a i n i a n d e m o g r a p h e r, Prof. Graziosi took pains to point out resentative of the Ukrainian Research and
TORONTO – The Great Famine of Volodymyr Kubiiovych.) In other words, that others also suffered greatly during Documentation Centre in Toronto stated
1932-1933 was an epoch-making event in this very important Famine was a result these years, especially in Kazakhstan, that it had acquired a death certificate
the history of Ukraine and had far-reach- of deliberate Soviet political and social which lost some one-third of its popula- from that time that clearly stated that the
ing consequences for modern European policy, namely, collectivization and the tion, proportionately greater than Ukraine, cause of death was that the deceased was
history as a whole. However, until the forced requisitioning of grain from the which lost 15 to 20 percent. But he main- a “Ukrainian” (Ukrainets), thus clinching
collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, peasantry. Basically, Communist Party tained that, while this too was a result of the peasant/national debate in favor of a
whenever the question was raised, fierce activists simply seized whatever food deliberate Soviet policy (settling nomads), national explanation.
politically motivated debates about this there was from the defenseless peasants. it was inadvertent, and Stalin had not The speaker replied that Lenin had
famine dominated both the academic and
Prof. Graziosi, therefore, felt that the rela- been out to destroy the Kazakhs as a peo- advised absolute ruthlessness as a politi-
public spheres. Those teaching Russian
tively new term “Holodomor,” which ple, whereas he did come to think that the cal tool to crush enemies and that Stalin
history in North American universities
connotes some intention regarding “death growing Ukrainian nation had to be was his “pupil,” but also that Lenin him-
generally did not want to talk about it,
by hunger,” is quite appropriate. somehow stopped. self had changed his policies when he
and the very occurrence of the
He went on to say that debate about the The difference here was in intention. saw that they were causing famine along
Holodomor, about which there existed
causes of the Famine and Soviet policy, But it was also in result, for after 1933 the Volga in the early 1920s. Thus, his
numerous eyewitness testimonies, was
which focuses on the division between Kazakh nationalism was encouraged and responsibility for the 1933 Ukrainian
still questioned by many.
economic, peasant-oriented explanations a new Kazakh republic was founded in Famine was equivocal.
As the prominent Italian historian,
(Stalin was anti-peasant) and political, central Asia, while the Ukrainian republic Prof. Graziosi thought Sorokin’s thesis
Andrea Graziosi of the University of
nationally oriented explanations (Stalin in Europe was purged of its national lead- to be brilliant, but also pointed out that the
Naples, pointed out in his lively and well-
was anti-Ukrainian) are off the mark. ership and taken over by ethnic Russians British had used hunger as a weapon to
attended November 17 lecture at the
Stalin, who was actually Lenin’s point- who proceeded to suppress Ukrainian starve Germany into submission by means
University of Toronto on “The Holodomor
man on the “national question,” thought nationalism as much as possible. This sit- of a blockade during the first world war.
and the Soviet Famines, 1931-1933,”
that in “non-imperialist countries” like uation lasted throughout the war of To Prof. Magocsi, the speaker replied that
such denials are no longer possible in
those in Eastern Europe, specifically 1941-1945 and continued until Stalin’s the Famine might have been considered as
respectable and educated company.
Ukraine, and also in the contemporary death, when secret police chief Lavrenti a “Famine in Ukraine” rather than a
With the publication over the last 20
Third World, the national question was Beria, in an attempt to outmaneuver his “Ukrainian Famine” by certain of its vic-
years of hundreds of thousands of new
practically synonymous with, and in fact, rivals for power in Moscow, re-installed tims, but that this was definitely not the
documents and tens of thousands of new
was, the peasant question. After all, in an ethnic Ukrainian leadership in the view of Stalin who at that time came to see
testimonies, the debate has now shifted to
these countries most “nationalists” were republic. the Ukrainians as the greatest threat to his
the reasons for the Famine, the intentions
actually of peasant origin or sympathies. Turning to the question of whether the
of Stalin and his ruling circle, the rela- regime. When asked whom the Ukrainians
Extrapolating on this, the speaker Famine constituted “genocide,” Prof.
tionship of the Famine to other events themselves viewed as the perpetrators of
pointed out that Prof. Terry Martin of Graziosi pointed out that the official defi-
then occurring in the USSR, and its con- the Famine, the speaker replied simply
Harvard was essentially right when he nition of genocide accepted by the United
sequences for later Ukrainian history. “the Communists.”
suggested that the Great Ukrainian Nations is enormously broad. It is gener-
To a packed audience in the University Prof. Graziosi pointed out, however,
Famine did not start out as a national ally considered to involve an attempt to
of Toronto’s Trinity College, Prof. that Russians in general cannot be held
question – a weapon to break the back of destroy in whole or in part, either physi-
Graziosi explained that there is now gen- responsible for the Famine since the
the Ukrainian nation, which was over- cally or culturally, any national, ethnic,
eral agreement among scholars that the USSR of the 1930s was not the same as
famine actually occurred and that the whelmingly peasant in nature and ambi- religious or certain other kind of group.
Only political groups were excluded from Russia today and that Stalin, of course,
Soviet government and Stalin himself ence – but rather became so only in 1932, was not a Russian and actually, in the
were primarily responsible for it. when Stalin received alarming and exag- the United Nations definition. This exclu-
sion was done at the insistence of the professor’s own words, “did not like
Similarly, there is agreement that several gerated secret police reports about nation- Russians” until 1941, when the USSR
million perished. (The speaker favored a alist “wreckers” and “Petliurists” infiltrat- USSR for obvious reasons. Thus, accord-
ing to the speaker, the Ukrainian Famine was suddenly attacked by Germany and
figure of 4 million victims, a figure ing the Ukrainian SSR and the Ukrainian
easily fits the category of “genocide.” Russian nationalism was substantially
which, coincidentally, agrees with the Communist Party.
But Prof. Graziosi was uneasy with the rehabilitated.
Thus, while other famines had occurred
entire concept of genocide which he As an aside, the speaker stated that he
elsewhere in the USSR from 1931
Thomas M. Prymak, Ph.D., is research thought too broad and too legalistic to be believed that even a decent Russian gov-
onward, and like in Ukraine before 1932
associate at the Munk Center for of use to historians seeking factual expla- ernment (never mind that of Vladimir
the causes were primarily economic and
International Studies, University of nations. After all, if the definition is so Putin, whom he did not like) would never
peasant-oriented, and the deaths in the
Toronto. He is the book review editor of broad, what meaning does it actually admit that the Famine was “genocide”
tens or hundreds of thousands, they were
the Journal of Ukrainian Studies and have? And does it not cheapen the enor- because of its legal-political, rather than
quantitatively and qualitatively different
author of three monographs and numer- mity of the suffering of the victims of the historical, implications. These legal-polit-
from those in Ukraine and the Kuban in
ous articles on Ukrainian and Ukrainian famine by setting it along-side much less- ical implications would most certainly
1932-1933, which numbered in the mil-
Canadian history. lions and came to be directed specifically er events? imply reparations to Ukraine for harm
Prof. Graziosi’s lecture was followed done by Russia as the legal heir of the
by a stimulating question period in which USSR, a status which Russian President
researcher Oleksander Melnyk asked Boris Yeltsin did not want in 1991 but
Helsinki Commission leaders hail about Lenin’s responsibility for what hap-
pened in Ukraine, Prof. Wsevolod Isajiw
which was foisted on him by the Western
allies who were worried about the future
validity of arms-control and other treaties
new legislation on human rights
asked about Petirim Sorokin’s thesis
about hunger as a weapon that had once signed by the USSR.
already been used by the Communists in Thus, the contemporary political con-
WASHINGTON – Sen. Benjamin L. rights laws. Under the bill, serious human the early 1920s and by the tsarist govern- cerns of these Western allies, which seem-
Cardin (D-Md.), chairman of the rights offenses include genocide, torture, ment before 1917. Prof. Paul Magocsi ingly gave no thought to the question of
Commission on Security and Cooperation war crimes or the use or recruitment of asked whether in view of the losses of reparations for Soviet crimes against
in Europe (U.S. Helsinki Commission) child soldiers. German and Greek colonists in 1933 humanity, are still affecting relations
and Rep. Alcee L. Hastings (D-Fla.), co- “By creating a human rights division at Ukraine, the relevant term should be “the between Russian and other historians and
chairman, on December 16 hailed House the Department of Justice, we put institu- Great Famine in Ukraine” rather than this debate is unlikely to end soon.
passage of bipartisan legislation designed tional force and action behind our words
to strengthen the federal government’s and say to the world that the protection of
role in investigating and prosecuting
human rights violators taking refuge in
basic freedoms is a real priority not just
rhetoric,” said Rep. Hastings. UccLA to canadian government:
the United States. Two entities in the Department of
The Senate approved the measure on
November 21. The bill was passed by the
Justice are currently responsible for
ensuring that perpetrators of human rights
KGB veteran must be deported
House of Representatives by a vote of violations are brought to justice. The OTTAWA – Canada’s Ukrainian com- U C C L A s a i d : “ W h y i g n o r e M r.
416-3. It now awaits the president’s sig- Office of Special Investigations (OSI) munity is calling on the federal minister Lennikov’s admitted membership in one
nature to become law. identifies suspected human rights viola- of the most notorious secret police forces
of citizenship and immigration, Jason
“The passage of this bill sends a mes- tors who have entered the United States the world has ever known? What mercy
Kenney, and the minister of public safety,
sage to the world about the U.S. commit- and seeks to prosecute, deport or extradite were the KGB’s victims ever shown? It’s
ment to upholding human rights and the them for prosecution abroad. The Peter Van Loan, to reject calls for “a
Christmas miracle” that would allow a remarkable how ignorant some NDP’ers
rule of law, and signals to human rights Domestic Security Section (DSS) investi- are of history.”
abusers that they will not find safe haven gates and prosecutes major human rights self-confessed veteran of the KGB,
Mikhail Lennikov, to stay in Canada. Both the Immigration and Refugee
in our country,” said Sen. Cardin, a mem- violators, particularly those implicated in Board, as well as a judge of the Federal
ber of the Senate Judiciary Committee genocide, torture and war crimes. The Ukrainian Canadian Civil Liberties
Association (UCCLA) responded to Court of Canada, confirmed that it is
and a co-sponsor of the Human Rights This bill provides the Attorney General against the law for former members of
Enforcement Act of 2009 (S. 1472). discretion with respect to merging the offic- Vancouver New Democrat MP Ujjal
the KGB to immigrate to Canada and
The bill would direct the U.S. attorney es into one subdivision with the resources, Dosanjh, who at a December 21 news
then ordered Mr. Lennikov’s removal.
general to establish a section within the expertise and jurisdiction to investigate, conference suggested Christmas is a time
He has since defied those decisions,
Criminal Division of the Department of prosecute, denaturalize or remove perpetra- for “giving and forgiveness, the season of
Justice with a mandate to enforce human tors of serious human rights crimes. generosity.” Dr. Lubomyr Luciuk of the (Continued on page 13)

HURI conference marks 300th anniversary of the Battle of Poltava

by Peter T. Woloschuk clearly stated the aims and goals of the of its puppet king who had been placed Russian buildings, thereby stressing that
undertaking. on the throne by Charles XII, the impact the culture of the Hetmanate capital dif-
CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – The Harvard “It is clear that the Battle of Poltava is on the geopolitics of Western Europe – fered from that of Russia and in fact
Ukrainian Research Institute (HURI) with one of the major turning points in Poland had a population of 10 million, looked more to the West than the East.
support from the Canadian Institute of European history,” Prof. Flier pointed Sweden had a population of only 1 mil- Prof. Andrii Bovgyria of the National
Ukrainian Studies at the University of out. “It eclipsed the power of Sweden in lion and Russian Empire now had a popu- Academy of Sciences of Ukraine looked
Alberta, the Ukrainian Studies Fund and the north, gave impetus to the rise of the lation of more than 15 million, for exam- at the punitive actions and exiling of
the Kennan Institute at the Woodrow Russian Empire as a major power of the ple; and the fact that the newly acquired Mazepa’s family and followers as well as
Wilson International Center for Scholars day, and also had a major impact on the Baltic ports gave Russia the ability to use the ongoing suppression of any manifes-
in Washington, sponsored a two-day, future history of Poland and Ukraine. It its fleets to strike at Turkey by sailing tation of Ukrainian separatism and he
international, multi-disciplinary scholarly also impacted the culture of the time and around the continent. emphasized the fact that most actions
conference “Poltava 2009: Revisiting a impacted its future course of develop- A number of presenters looked at the were taken as the result of denunciations
Turning Point in European History” on ment.” changes in military configurations, par- turned in by informants who stood to gain
the occasion of the 300th anniversary of “Because of all of the archival evi- ticularly the use of dragoons, that impact- a portion of anything confiscated as a
the historic battle, as well as the October dence that has recently been unearthed as ed Poltava and Prof. Brian Boeck of reward.
1709 death of Hetman Ivan Mazepa. a result of the geopolitical changes in DePaul University looked at the suppres- Finally Prof. Plokhii looked at the
The aim of the conference was to uti- Eastern Europe and the new light that it sion of the Don Cossacks in 1707 by a ambiguous attitudes toward Mazepa as
lize new historiographic approaches to shines on the battle, its significance, and second-string Russian army which Prof. portrayed in the seminal anonymous work
reassess the Battle of Poltava as a crucial its aftermath and ongoing impact, even to Boeck stressed is as a clear indication that “Istoria Rusov,” which made its first
military event in the geopolitical develop- our own day,” Prof. Flier continued, “it is the day of the Cossack formations had appearance at the end of the 18th and
ment of Europe. important to re-evaluate our traditional passed and that the Cossack model was beginning of the 19th centuries. The writ-
The conference, the only major schol- interpretations, to re-conceptualize their no match for the modern professional er, while maintaining the uniqueness of
arly event dealing with the anniversary in meaning and to examine the new perspec- armies that were developing in Europe in the Ukrainians, nevertheless made clear
North America, drew 34 scholars from tives that recent scholarship has the 18th century. He also pointed out that his loyalty to the tsar, dynasty and empire.
nine countries, including Austria, Canada, revealed.” the Cossacks had begun to lose their At the same time Mazepa was sympathet-
Germany, Italy, Russia, Scotland, The director of the Kennan Institute supremacy on the Black Sea as early as ically, even patriotically, portrayed as car-
Sweden, Ukraine and the United States, and chair of the Comparative Urban the 1660s. ing for his people and trying to protect
as well as more than 80 auditors from Studies Project at the Woodrow Wilson Tatiana Tairova-Iakovlevna, professor their rights and privileges.
Harvard, other major East Coast universi- International Center for Scholars in of history and director of the Center for
ties in Boston, Philadelphia, Washington Broadening Poltava’s context
Washington, Blair Ruble, said, “We had Ukrainian Studies at St. Petersburg
and even Izmir, Turkey. wanted to commemorate Poltava at the University, looked at the Russian admin- The second day’s sessions sought to
The November 10-11 conference coin- center in Washington but were unable to istrative reforms implemented before, further broaden the context of Poltava by
cided with the annual meeting of the do so and we are very grateful to HURI during and after the Great Northern War looking at the language, literature, art,
American Association for the for being able to pull a first-rate interna- and said that her research indicates that and architecture of the period. An over-
Advancement of Slavic Studies (AAASS) tional conference together.” Tsar Peter had begun his reforms of the view was then given of the history and
and the American Association for “One of HURI’s less known func- administration and territorial configura- memory of Poltava and the sessions were
Ukrainian Studies (AAUS), which tions,” Dr. Ruble added, “is that of cata- tion of the lands of the Hetmanate as concluded with the role that fact and fic-
increased its audience, visibility and lyst. By doing its own work in Ukrainian early as the beginning of 1707 and that tion played on the literary imagination.
impact. Many of the participants at studies and by doing it so well, it has Hetman Mazepa was required to respond The morning was devoted to looking at
HURI’s conference also delivered papers repeatedly forced Russian scholars the to them and deal with them and slowly the literary language used by the ruling
at the AAASS conference and participat- world over to stop and reassess their saw his autonomy and direct access to the circles of the Hetmanate and the impact
ed in a ceremony that honored the memo- accepted canons of belief and revisit them tsar being curtailed. The governor of Kyiv Poltava had on its development. All pre-
ry of long-time HURI colleague Prof. from new perspectives.” demanded a register of the Cossacks’ senters noted that there was change after
Anna Lisa Crone of the University of “The battle of Poltava itself, for exam- entire general staff, a list of their salaries, Poltava that impacted the whole range of
Chicago. ple,” Dr. Ruble said, “is only a small part and a justification for the money paid, for literary production from government doc-
The conference featured eight sessions of the whole picture. The impact that it example. uments to belles lettres and even to homi-
over a two-day period and the presenta- had on its times and the subsequent histo- Prof. Tairova-Iakovlevna said that letic works and sermons.
tion of 25 research papers. At each ses- ry of Europe is more significant and the Hrushevsky had insisted that the elimina- Prof. Flier began the session by ana-
sion three to four scholars presented new fact that distinguished scholars from nine tion of Cossack autonomy was a result of lyzing the language that Hetman Mazepa
research on a specific aspect of the countries had taken two days to look at an Poltava. She maintains that the docu- used in a series of private love letters to
Poltava battle in broad historical context event that occurred on a hot, muggy sum- ments show that Mazepa’s moves leading his significantly younger goddaughter
and its aftermath. These were followed by mer day three centuries ago and almost to Poltava were in fact dictated by the Motria Kochubei beginning in 1702, and
a specialist, acting as discussant, who half a world away in an obscure corner of Russian moves curtailing that autonomy. conclusively showed that although the
made comments on the papers, posed Europe, indicates the real impact of the She also emphasized the fact that the letters were written in Cyrillic, they con-
questions, and made suggestions for fur- battle.” extant records show that Peter did not tained very few Russicisms in their style
ther areas of exploration and research. At “The history of 19th and 20th century understand Hetmanate autonomy or the and grammatic formulation and even
the end of each session, general com- Europe is not intelligible without an unique position of Hetman Mazepa, but fewer direct borrowings from the contem-
ments and questions were taken from the understanding of Poltava, the ongoing viewed him simply as another line ser- porary Russian.
audience. development of relations between Russia vant of the czar and the state. “The bulk of all the letters are clearly
Topics for the sessions ranged from and Ukraine is not intelligible without an Perhaps the leading Mazepa scholar written in a north central Ukrainian dia-
placing Poltava in an international con- understanding of Poltava, and even the working today, during the course of her lect that was prevalent in the area around
text to the Ukrainian context of the lan- Orange Revolution, and contemporary research over the past few years Prof. the Hetmanate capital of Baturyn in left
guage, literature, art, architecture and Ukrainian approaches to their own history Tairova-Iakovlevna discovered a signifi- (Continued on page 20)
music of the period, and reviewing the and culture are not intelligible without an cant archive of material that belonged to
actual recorded history of the event, as understanding of Poltava,” Dr. Ruble Hetman Mazepa containing agreements,
well as the battle’s impact on long-term emphasized. correspondence, literature, and even cop-
memory and literary imagination.
HURI’s director, Oleksandr Potebnja
“The discussions, views and new
research presented at the conference were
ies of missing and unknown treaties that
were thought to have been destroyed dur- Addendum re
Professor of Ukrainian Philology Michael not only enlightening but led to lively ing the siege and destruction of Baturyn
S. Flier, opened the conference, wel-
comed all of the participants, thanked co-
discussion and even heated debate,” Dr.
Ruble said, “and they point the work to
but was in fact taken as part of the spoils
by Gen. Aleksandr Menshikov and
Northern NJ District
organizers Mykhailo S. Hrushevsky future areas of work and re-evaluation. included in his papers. As a result of her In the story about the fall organization
Professor of Ukrainian History Serhii Because of this, the conference will have discovery, Prof. Tairova-Iakovlevna has meeting of the Northern New Jersey
Plokhii and HURI Associate Director Dr. significant impact on future understand- called for a thorough reassessment of the District Committee of the Ukrainian
Lubomyr Hajda for their efforts, and then ing of the role of Poltava and its ongoing historical role and interpretation of National Association (December 13), it
impact.” Hetman Mazepa in both Ukrainian and should have been noted that our district
Russian history as well as the lingering sold close to $3.2 million in annuities in
Three different contexts the first nine months of 2009, definitely a
stereotypes from Russian Imperial and
The first day’s three sessions looked Soviet historiographies. record-setting year for us.

or “Cossack” respectively at the international, Russian

and Ukrainian contexts of the Battle of
Prof. Volodymyr Mezentsev of the
University of Alberta looked at the
On behalf of our District Committee, I
commend Oksana Stanko for her out-
Poltava, and concluded with an evening Hetmanate capital of Baturyn and the standing performance. Ms. Stanko sold
Although The Ukrainian Weekly 28 annuity policies and brought in close
session in Cambridge’s Swedenborg architecture of the hetman’s palace, and
consistently uses the term to $1.93 million to the UNA, making her
Chapel where Dr. Hajda, and Prof. Yakiv discussed the fact that the synthesis of
Kozak” based on the Ukrainian trans- this year’s top producer. Also deserving
Gubanov of the Berklee College of Music Western and Ukrainian elements in the
literation of the word, the scholarly of honorable mention is Steven Woch,
looked at the presentation of Mazepa in baroque architecture reflected a world
community – including Ukrainian who is in second place for selling 19 poli-
European musical culture, discussing and view and a culture that were clearly dis-
experts on the era and the Hrushevsky cies worth well over $670,000.
playing selections from a number of tinct and reflected powerful local tradi-
Translation Project – employ the
operas and other works, primarily of the tions. He even looked at the use of heral-
more widely used term “Cossack.” – Stephan Welhasch, chairman of the
19th and 20th centuries. dic elements that have been recently
Thus, in the article above, “Cossack” Northern New Jersey District Committee
Among the topics explored were the excavated and pointed out that such
is used throughout. of the UNA.
impact of Poltava on Poland, particularly things would never be incorporated in

The Ukrainian Weekly

Gareth Jones and the Holodomor
This year, while our communities worldwide were commemorating the 76th anni-
versary of the Holodomor, a young Welsh reporter of the 1930s was remembered with
an exhibit of his fascinating diaries at Trinity College, University of Cambridge. Gareth
Jones (1905-1935) has become well-known among Ukrainians as the courageous Could Yushchenko remain?
reporter who secretly traveled to Ukraine and reported on the Famine-Genocide of It was early September when I first be the case if the election results are
1932-1933 via which Stalin and his cohorts murdered millions of our kin. His achieve- heard the theory that Viktor Yushchenko called into question by enough powerful
ments are now being recognized more and more by the international community. institutions.
would remain as president following the
Last year at this time, readers may recall, Jones and another journalist, Malcolm The groundwork for not recognizing
2010 elections. Either the first- or sec-
Muggeridge, were posthumously honored by President Viktor Yushchenko of Ukraine the election results is already being laid
ond-round results won’t be established
with the country’s Order of Freedom. Both journalists reported the truth about the by all three players involved: the
because of the many technical and legal
Famine in Ukraine at a time when others – most notably Walter Duranty of The New Tymoshenko Bloc, the Party of Regions
maneuvers to cast doubt, said Kostiantyn
York Times – chose to conceal it. and the Presidential Secretariat and its
Matviyenko, a Kyiv political consultant.
This year, Jones was in the spotlight at the University of Cambridge, where he had allies, such as the Institute of Foreign
I laughed.
been a student, and the subject of stories in 180 newspapers worldwide that noted his Policy led by Oleksander Paliy and the
But as the elections draw closer, it
remarkable travels in Ukraine in the early 1930s and his achievements in journalism. Committee of Voters of Ukraine (CVU)
appears that the most likely outcome
Jones, you see, had traveled to Ukraine in 1930 and 1931, reporting on political devel- led by Oleksander Chernenko.
does indeed involve the unpopular Mr.
opments and the Stalin regime’s attempts to crush Ukrainian nationalism, and warning
Yushchenko remaining as president. A Mr. Paliy has been arguing for months
of extreme hardship and starvation due to Soviet policies. In 1932, based on informa-
stalemate is in the making. This scenario that the Party of Regions and the Yulia
tion from his sources, he wrote about the Famine that was already affecting Ukraine at
is based on three axioms to keep in mind Tymoshenko Bloc (YTB) are planning
a time when the regime was censoring the Moscow-based foreign press.
for these elections. mass falsifications for the election.
In 1933 Jones managed to enter Ukraine, sneaking across the border from
Axiom No. 1: Prime Minister Yulia Meanwhile, Mr. Chernenko has adopted
Russia, although the country was closed to visitors like him. He chronicled what he
Tymoshenko will not allow Viktor a curious position, stating that the cam-
saw in his diaries. “Everywhere I talked to peasants… they all had the same story:
Yanukovych to win the presidential elec- paigning is satisfactory but that the
There is no bread – we haven’t had bread for over two months – a lot are dying.”
tions. No way, no how. She controls the Verkhovna Rada’s ongoing refusal to
Leaving the USSR, Jones held a press conference in Berlin, where he exposed the
Supreme Court of Ukraine (chaired by revise the election rules threatens the
Famine. His news reports about the Famine appeared in British, American and
Vasyl Onopenko), the Security Service of vote’s legitimacy.
German newspapers. In fact, in an article published in the Heart newspapers, Jones
Ukraine (led by Valentyn Nalyvaichenko), He stated in late November that falsi-
apparently became the first to use the phrase “man-made famine” to describe what
the Internal Affairs Ministry (the fications have the potential of skewing
happened in Ukraine in 1932-1933.
400,000-strong national police force led the election results by as much as 5 per-
Nigel Colley, a grand-nephew of Jones, pointed out in a speech delivered at a
by Yurii Lutsenko), and is now waging cent, citing the small difference he
Holodomor commemoration at the United Nations (see text on page 8) that the jour-
war for the Higher Administrative Court. expects in the run-off between Ms.
nalist’s diaries are probably the only surviving contemporaneous and independent
From an “adminresurs” (administrative Tymoshenko and Mr. Yanukovych.
Western verification of the Holodomor. (There have been discussions about taking the
resources) point of view, she’s got the Presidential Secretariat Vice-Chair
exhibit to other venues around the world and having the diaries translated.) A
most control and won’t surrender it easi- Ihor Popov, plucked from the CVU chair-
Cambridge University news release about the exhibit called Jones “the man who knew
ly. manship in March, declared on December
too much” and said he “unmasked one of Stalin’s greatest atrocities,” while
Axiom No. 2: Mr. Yanukovych will 3 that the election results will be falsified
“sacrific[ing] his reputation and perhaps his life.” Concurrent with the exhibit, the uni-
not allow Ms. Tymoshenko to win the by as much as 15 to 20 percent if
versity hosted the British premiere of “The Living,” Serhiy Bukovsky’s feature-length
presidential elections. Defeat will spell Parliament fails to amend the election
documentary about Jones and the Holodomor.
the end of Mr. Yanukovych’s political rules law.
Rory Finnin, lecturer in Ukrainian studies at the University of Cambridge, quite
career, and most likely the end to the Such announcements are geared
rightly underscored in an interview with the Kyiv-based newspaper Den (The Day),
Party of Regions of Ukraine (PRU). toward psychologically preparing the
that “Gareth Jones was the only journalist who staked his name and reputation for the
Meanwhile, most election polls indicate Ukrainian electorate and the international
sake of telling the truth about the Famine.” Sadly, it was this young journalist’s quest
that Mr. Yanukovych would handily community for rejecting the legitimacy
for the truth that ultimately led to his death in mysterious circumstances, just short of
defeat Ms. Tymoshenko in the second- of the election results.
his 30th birthday, allegedly at the hands of Chinese bandits in Mongolia. As one
round. Meanwhile, the PRU is very concerned
Scottish publication put it, “The truth was everything to Gareth Jones.” And for that he
The International Foundation for about the YTB’s influence on two critical
shall always be remembered.
Electoral Systems, financed by the U.S. judicial institutions – the Higher
Agency for International Development, Administrative Court and the Supreme
released polling results on December 15 Court led by Mr. Onopenko, chair of the
indicating that Mr. Yanukovych would Social Democratic Party of Ukraine,
Dec. Turning the pages back... earn 42 percent in a run-off, compared which is one of three parties that form
the Tymoshenko Bloc.
with 28 percent for Ms. Tymoshenko.

28 The poll was conducted on November In early December Mr. Onopenko

21-31. launched a campaign to dismiss
Another poll, conducted in October by Oleksander Paseniuk, chair of the Higher
Four years ago, on December 28, 2005, chief immigration
2005 Judge Michael J. Creppy ordered that John Demjanjuk, who the
U.S. Justice Department claimed was a guard at Nazi concentra-
Kyiv’s Razumkov Center, reported 41
percent support for Mr. Yanukovych,
Administrative Court, who could play a
critical role in these elections by having
compared with 33 percent for Ms. the authority to overturn the Central
tion camps in Sobibor, Majdanek and Flossenberg, be deported Election Commission’s ruling.
from the United States to his native Ukraine, or Germany or Poland, if they would accept Tymoshenko. Given such data, PRU
leaders won’t allow “another election to The PRU accused the prime minister
him. of already starting to bribe judges by
Mr. Demjanjuk was stripped of his U.S. citizenship in 2002, at the age of 86, because he be stolen.”
Axiom No. 3: President Yushchenko recently earmarking 10 million hrv
allegedly lied on his application to enter the United Sates after the second world war. He ($1.25 million) for the construction and
admitted to giving false statements when entering the United States in order to escape repa- will not allow Ms. Tymoshenko to win
the presidential elections. The contempt renovation of administrative courts. “It’s
triation to the Soviet Union. Mr. Demjanjuk was a Red Army conscript captured by the entirely obvious that during the remain-
Nazis during the war. the president has for the prime minister
exceeds all rational bounds. He has ing days of the year it’s not only impossi-
The legal battle has continued for more than 30 years. In 1977 the Justice Department ble to draw up a list of sites, schedule the
accused Mr. Demjanjuk of being the notorious prison guard “Ivan the Terrible” at Treblinka. opposed Ms. Tymoshenko even at the
expense of his own popularity and career. work, and hold tenders, but it’s also
He was cleared of this accusation after another man, Ivan Marchenko, was found to be the physically impossible to start construc-
notorious “Ivan the Terrible.” Psychologists analyzing Mr. Yushchenko
believe it’s rooted in a patriarchal world- tion,” the December 11 statement said.
Mr. Demjanjuk had been a naturalized citizen, but was stripped of this status in 1981 by That same week, the PRU accused Mr.
the courts before he was extradited in 1986 to Israel to face trial on Nazi war crimes. His view that rejects women who lead and
fight. The president’s supporters say it Lutsenko of planning to falsify the elec-
conviction and death sentence were overturned in 1993 by Israel’s Supreme Court and Mr. tions on behalf of Ms. Tymoshenko,
Demjanjuk returned to his home in Seven Hills, Ohio. His citizenship was restored in 1998. has nothing to do with that – he’s protect-
ing Ukraine from corruption and a return alleging that he has a contract to do so.
Judge Paul R. Matia, a federal judge in the Northern District of Ohio, cited fraud on the And, Mr. Yanukovych told election
part of the U.S. government prosecutors and wrote that attorneys of the U.S. Justice to colonial status under Moscow.
observers from the Organization for
Department’s Office of Special Investigations (OSI) “acted with reckless disregard for their Given that Mr. Yushchenko has dem-
Security and Cooperation in Europe
duty to the court and their discovery obligations” in failing to disclose potentially exculpato- onstrated he will go to extreme lengths to
(OSCE) that Ms. Tymoshenko will falsify
ry evidence to the Demjanjuk defense. In 1999 the Justice Department filed suit to once prevent Ms. Tymoshenko from taking
again revoke Mr. Demjanjuk’s U.S. citizenship and in February 2002 Judge Matia said there power (demonstrated when he nominated
In response, Ms. Tymoshenko
was enough evidence that Mr. Demjanjuk was a guard at Nazi death and forced labor camps Mr. Yanukovych as his prime minister in
announced on December 14 that she
without eyewitness corroboration. The decision was upheld by the U.S. Court of Appeals for 2006 and attempted to derail Ms.
thinks vote fraud is possible in the
the 6th District. Tymoshenko’s election as prime minister
Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts, both
Mr. Demjanjuk, now 89, was deported from the United States to Germany on May 11, in 2007), we can expect the same this
strongholds of the Party of Regions.
2009. He is charged with being an accessory to the deaths of 27,900 Jews at Sobibor. time around.
She’s made similar statements throughout
While it’s nice to think that it’s the
the campaign regarding falsifications.
Source: “Immigration judge orders deportation of Demjanjuk,” The Ukrainian Weekly, people of Ukraine who will decide their
January 8, 2006. next president through voting, that won’t (Continued on page 26)

The things we do ...

by Orysia Paszczak Tracz
On second thought
by Alex Kuzma

Religious vs. folk koliadky A small parish with a lion’s heart

The following instructions are found in Some refrains of the schedrivky are On November 8, the Ukrainian Catholic sure of working with the Kyzyks’ sisters
a small (4 by 5.25 inch), 158 page book ancient, such as “Lado, Lado, Lado, vse parish of St. Michael the Archangel in Ksenia Salewycz and Marta Popovich at the
published in 1930: “Koliadnyk: Tserkovni na sviti rado! Shchedryi vechir na New Haven, Conn., celebrated its centen- Children of Chornobyl Relief and
Koliady z Dodatkom Narodnykh Koliadok zemly!” (Lado – ancient spring spirit – nial jubilee. Development Fund. As cargo coordinator
i S c h e d r i v o k , Ya k T a k o z h all is joyful in the world! The Generous It was 1909 when the first Ukrainian and office administrator, Ksenia helped
Naipopuliarnishykh Koliad Angliyskykh. Eve is on earth). The verses of this sche- Catholic emigres began holding their first CCRDF deliver millions of dollars worth of
(Koliady/Carols: Church Carols with the drivka sing about the Birth, Mary, the Eastern rite services in a city known as a medical technology to Ukrainian hospitals.
Addition of Folk Carols and New Year’s shepherds and the kings. stronghold of Roman Catholicism. New Like so many gifted youngsters who
Songs, as well as the most Popular English Haven harbors the national headquarters of grew up in New Haven, the Kyzyks learned
Another one, “Z Neba Anhely Letiat’”
Carols), published by the Ukrainian Book the Knights of Columbus, the fraternal orga- the importance of leveraging resources and
(the angels are flying from the sky), is all
Store, 656 Main St., Winnipeg, Manitoba, nization created in the 1880s to provide personal contacts to maximize the impact of
based on the collection by O.M. Kinash. about the Birth, and has the refrain:
“Slava v nebi, myr nam tut, bo Khrystos financial aid and defend Catholic immi- Ukrainian projects. Even in large Ukrainian
“Attention, Carolers!” grants against the bigotry of the Protestant American communities like Chicago and
“Apart from the church carols (koli- spasaye liud” (Glory in the heavens,
elite. Historian Arthur Schlesinger called Philadelphia, many complain about the lim-
ady), there are also the folk koliadky of peace to us here on earth, because Christ
anti-Catholic prejudice “the deepest held ited resources we have available to achieve
the people, which it is not proper to sing is saving the people). In this one, the only bias in the history of the American people.” our goals. The advantage of growing up in
in church. The Ukrainian people created possible “folk” element is the line If Irish and Italians felt the need to unite smaller parishes like St. Michael’s is the
for themselves an abundant number of “ukraintsi yak odyn zaspivaimo slavy against discrimination, we can imagine the gut-level understanding that everyone has to
their own, shall we say, domestic carols, hymn” (Ukrainians, as one, let us sing prejudices suffered by the first Ukrainian pitch in, that we cannot depend on anyone
with set-up and melody based on the the hymn of praise), but to call it “folk” Catholics who not only aroused the ire of but ourselves. With sound strategy, creativi-
church ones, and these survived and were is a stretch.  Protestant neighbors, but also Roman ty and chutzpah, even a handful of people
passed by word of mouth with various To set the record straight, the original Catholics who could not understand this can get the job done. As anthropologist
changes to the present. After the singing koliady were pre-Christian, from very strange breed with its married clergy, its Margaret Meade suggested: never underes-
of a respectable ecclesiastical carol, often long ago when our ancestors and their haunting icons and its liturgy sung in timate the power of a small group of deter-
the master of the house invited the merry ancestors celebrated the winter solstice. Church Slavonic. mined people to change the world.
company for refreshments, and the invit- Parishioners in our lifetime still remem-
The koliady had many themes: philo- Thanks to the leadership of parishioners
ed and honored carolers, of course, dur- ber the tiny church on Park Street, built in
sophical – creation, as they understood it; like Orest Dubno, Roman and Mary
ing such a reception, show off their merry the shadow of Yale University. By the time
and humorous carols. But even though celestial/mythological/nature; historical – Hezzey, Myron and Christina Melnyk,
the post-World War II generation settled in Gloria and Donald Horbaty, and dynamic
these carols are funny, they are not sinful, soldiers, battles, kings; the beginnings of
New Haven, the chapel was too small to priests like Msgrs. Steven Chomko and
and for this reason it will not hurt to Christianity; the period of dualism –
accommodate its swelling population and John Terlecky, the New Haven community
include them in this ‘Koliadnyk’  (carol blending pre-Christian and Christian the parish built its new home on George
songbook). themes; apocryphal; Biblical; and reli- has been remarkably effective in com-
Street near St. Raphael’s Hospital. In its pounding its clout by reaching out boldly to
“After finishing the koliada, the carol- gious/patriotic. heyday, the parish ran a Catholic day
ers sing good wishes to the whole house- The dualistic koliady seamlessly blend the local press, to public officials, to Yale
school, spawned a Ukrainian National and other local institutions. As a former
hold; and then there are the folk carols the sun, moon and stars and Christ and Home and a Ukrainian Cultural Center.
that are sung in honor of a particular per- State Commissioner of Revenue and
Mary building a church, ending with the Like many parishes, St. Michael’s has seen
son, for example, the priest, the husband, Democratic Party activist, Mr. Dubno has
refrain “Oy, Dazhbozhe!” (Dazhboh – the a decline in church attendance and other
the wife, the boy, the girl, a child. For on many occasions recruited Congressional
god who gives, the sun-god).  trends that have many worried about its
this reason each koliada ends with a par- representatives and mayors to participate in
The apocryphal are sort of religious, long-term survival.
ticular greeting, called a ‘pokoliad’ [after Ukrainian initiatives. The parish has also
but naïve in that they describe the Still, the November 8 celebration brought
the koliada] to that person. We include a been smart to welcome the talents of non-
Nativity and other stories as the people together hundreds of current and former
few as an example, and the leader [of the Ukrainian members like the Rev. Robert
imagined the events and the Holy Family parishioners, reminding us of the important
carolers] will know himself how to com- Forlano, Max Thibodeau and Andy
to be – just like everyone else in the vil- contributions this parish has made to the
pose a greeting as necessary.” Bamber.
Ukrainian cause, both on a local, national
Well, that explains it, doesn’t it? This lage. Every centennial has its share of poi-
and even on an international level.
introduction to the folk carols is conde- According to Stepan Kylymnyk, one gnant memories. When a frightened
Some of its illustrious alumni include
scending, and quite inaccurate but ada- historical koliada is from the times of Gen. Yaropolk Hladkyj, Prof. George 11-year-old Chornobyl victim named
mant. After reviewing the liturgical and Prince Sviatoslav the Conqueror, Grabowicz of the Harvard Ukrainian Marianka Romanych arrived in 1991 seek-
the folk koliady to find the supposedly c.942-972, because the refrain is “More- Research Institute, musicians Orysia and ing treatment for leukemia, Maria and
respectable and acceptable ones listed in Dunayu, Dunayu-more, Kniaziu nash Nestor Cybriwsky, and Tamara Gallo- Bohdan Antonyshyn embraced her like a
this koliadnyk, one finds little difference zore, Dunayu” (the sea-the Danube, the Olexy, the current president of the Ukrainian member of their own family. They mobi-
between them, for the most part. Danube-the sea, our kniaz’ is a star, the Congress Committee of America. There are lized a fund-raising campaign that made
A number of the “acceptable” religious Danube). Sviatoslav had planned to con- other, less prominent parishioners who have Marianka a cause celebre for non-Ukraini-
ones sing about Mary and Joseph swad- quer the lands beyond the Danube risen to important positions in government, ans and Yale-New Haven Hospital.
dling the Baby, bathing Him, and chang- academia and the business world, who have Tragically, Marianka died last year. At the
towards the Mediterranean. This is
ing His diapers, just as the folk ones do. quietly but effectively applied their profes- age of 28, she had grown into a stunning
reflected in the refrain. 
The first 96 pages include the church/ sional skills to advance the Ukrainian cause. beauty. She was engaged to be married, but
In no way were the early koliady did not survive a relapse in her illness.
liturgical koliady, such as “Boh “based on the church ones,” but very Among those who returned to New
Predvichnyi,” “Vo Vyfleyemi,” “Na Nebi Haven for the centennial was Jurij Nonetheless, the Antonyshyns helped pro-
clearly the other way around. This is nei- long her life. Working with the Ukrainian
Zirka” and “Boh Sia Razhdaye.”  Dobczansky, a long-time human rights
In the 36 pages of Part II, “Koliady I ther good nor bad, this is just the way it National Home and its visionary co-chairs
activist and archivist at the U.S. Library of
Shchedrivky Chysto Narodni” – the folk happened. You can’t fight chronology. Paul Paluha and Pavlo Czerepacha, they
Congress who served as a translator and
ones – there seems to be little difference The immense wealth of Ukrainian koli- helped organize some of the groundbreak- helped save countless other children through
between the church-categorized ones and ady from across all ethnographic regions ing U.S. Congressional hearings for CCRDF and the Ukrainian National
a folk koliada such as “Vo Vyfleyemi of Ukraine shows just how rich and pro- Ukrainian dissidents in the 1970s and ‘80s. Women’s League of America.
Radost Premnoha,” which also sings lific were the imaginations and beliefs of Jurij is now working on new projects to Never was the New Haven community’s
about Mary giving birth to God without our ancestors.  document the Ukrainian Famine and to organizing ability more evident than during
sin. The other koliady in this section are As I read this koliadnyk, I thought of expose the inherent contradictions in the last year’s commemoration of the Ukrainian
about the birth, Joseph and Mary, the an incident at one of my lectures on tra- Russian Federation’s attempts to cover up Famine at the Connecticut State Capitol.
shepherds, Herod, the Three Kings, ditions. During the conversation before this genocide. Committee chair Lida Choma and press
Christ sitting down to supper and the my talk, someone from the parish where Also attending were brothers Roman and coordinator Myron Melnyk made sure the
flight into Egypt. If the refrains make the I was speaking whispered that maybe I Orest Kyzyk, who have worked with major media were informed well in advance. Their
difference, one in this section is “Hey, should say something about our koliady, corporate clients and Wall Street firms. committee secured front-page coverage in
hey, hey,” which may make it a folk. Yet because the parish priest very clearly Their brother Andrew served as managing the Hartford News and extensive articles in
another refrain is “Hey dai Bozhe!” [Hey, director of the New York Stock Exchange other newspapers.
stated that only some koliady are to be
may God grant it].  for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and We cannot know what challenges the
sung in church, and the rest in the church
The schedrivky in this section are the as head of the NYSE’s London Office. The next 100 years will bring, but the St.
usual ones, about Schedryi Vechir hall in the basement. Maybe he had read Michael’s Parish has set an inspiring
brothers have applied their prodigious expe-
(Generous Eve, i.e., the new year), Mary the instructions from this 1930 book? rience to bolster fund-raising efforts for the example for even larger Ukrainian com-
bathing Jesus in the River Jordan, “par- Ukrainian Catholic University in Lviv and munities to make full use of their human
ubky” (young men) building a church, Orysia Tracz may be contacted at ory- the Ukrainian Catholic Educational potential and never doubt their power to
and angels glorifying the new Baby. Foundation. For many years, I had the plea- work miracles.

FOR THE RECORD: Nigel Colley’s speech about journalist Gareth Jones
Below is the text of the speech deliv- 1932, titled: “Will There be Soup?” where
ered by Nigel Colley, grandnephew of he painted a very bleak picture of the
journalist Gareth Jones, at the opening coming Soviet winter. However, he knew
on November 23 at the United Nations of that in order to expose this Famine in
an archival photo exhibit dedicated to the Ukraine he needed to see it first-hand.
76th anniversary of the Holodomor. Otherwise the Soviet sources would con-
tinue to deny its existence.
Last week, 180 newspapers across the He arrived in Moscow on March 5,
world, from The Washington Post to the 1933, and privately interviewed diplo-
Moscow Times, reported the remarkable mats and journalists. After five days
story of Gareth Jones and his graphic Gareth quietly left by train for Ukraine
eyewitness accounts of his off-limits trek with a rucksack full of loaves of white
into Ukraine during the height of bread, butter, cheese, meat and chocolate,
Moscow’s starvation of that country. which he had bought at the foreign-cur-
Today, we call it the “Holodomor.” rency stores.
Gareth’s accounts are preserved in his On his journey Gareth wrote of an epi-
journalist’s diaries, which probably now sode. “Boy on train asking for bread. I
represent the only surviving contempora- dropped a small piece of bread on floor
neous independent Western verification and put it in a spittoon. Peasant came and
of that genocide. These precious diaries picked it up and ate it.“ Later he noted,
are currently on display in the Wren “Man speaking German, same story. ‘Tell
Library at Cambridge University, where them in England, Starving, bellies extend-
Gareth had been a student. They sit side ed. Hunger.’ ”
by side with memorabilia of other illustri- Without official papers he had to leave
ous alumni, including Sir Isaac Newton’s the train at the Russian-Ukrainian border
personal annotated copy of ”The and sneak across. He stopped off in vil-
Principia,” in which he proposed his fun- lages along the way, talking to the inhab-
damental mathematical Laws of Motion. itants and sleeping on the bug-infested Russ Chelak
When I came to the U.N. in 2003 with floors of their homes.
Nigel Colley at the United Nations.
my mother [Dr. Siriol Colley] to attend In his diaries he wrote:
the first exhibition commemorating the “Everywhere I talked to peasants who the daughter showed me how to make agreement with Moscow to publish only
70th anniversary of the Holodomor, few walked past – they all had the same story: thread. The peasant showed me his shirt, the official Moscow party line.
had heard of the great man-made Famine ‘There is no bread – we haven’t had which was home-made, and some fine Duranty made his outrageous and
in Ukraine and even fewer knew of bread for over two months – a lot are sacking, which had been home-made. [He prompt rebuttal to Gareth’s press release
Gareth’s role in telling the world about it. dying.’ explained] ‘But the Bolsheviks are crush- stating: “Since I talked with Mr. Jones I
Gareth Jones was born in Barry, South “The first village had no more potatoes ing that. They won’t take it. They want have made exhaustive inquiries about this
Wales, in 1905, the son of a school head- left and the store of beetroot was running the factory to make everything.’ The alleged famine situation. ... There is seri-
master. After graduating from Cambridge out. They all said ‘The cattle are dying. peasant then ate some very thin soup with ous food shortage throughout the country
in 1929 with a first-class honors’ degree Nothing to feed them.’ a scrap of potato. No bread in house. with occasional cases of well-managed
in Russian, German and French, he was “Then I caught up with a bearded peas- The white bread [Gareth’s] they state or collective farms. The big cities
employed by David Lloyd George, the ant who was walking along. His feet were and the army are adequately supplied
thought was wonderful.”
British prime minister during World War covered with sacking. We started talking. with food. There is no actual starvation or
In Kharkiv, he noted in his diary:
I, as his foreign affairs advisor. He spoke in Ukrainian Russian. [sic] I death from starvation, but there is wide-
“Queues for bread. Erika [from the
In 1930 he went to the Soviet Union gave him [a] lump of bread and of cheese. spread mortality from diseases due to
German Consulate] and I walked along
on behalf of Lloyd George. Following an [He said:] ‘You could not buy that any- malnutrition...”
about a hundred ragged pale people.
unescorted pilgrimage to the Ukrainian where for 20 roubles. There just is no He went on to explain the Soviet deter-
food.’ Militiaman came out of shop whose win-
city of Donetsk, where his mother had mination for the five-year plan to succeed;
been a governess in the 1890s, he “We walked along and talked [he told dows had been battered in and were cov-
ered with wood and said: ‘There is no “But – to put it brutally – you can’t make
returned disillusioned at the brutality of me]: ‘Before the war this was all gold. an omelette without breaking eggs.”
the Stalinist regime against the Ukrainian We had horses and cows and pigs and bread’ and ‘There will be no bread today.’
Shouts from angry peasants also there. Gareth had embarrassed both the
people and was invited to write three arti- chickens. Now we are ruined. [We are] Americans and the Soviets who were
cles about the subject for the London (the living dead). Before the war we ‘But citizens, there is no bread.’ ‘How
long here?’ I asked a man. ‘Two days.’ engaged in delicate negotiations towards
Times. could have boots and meat and butter. We establishing diplomatic recognition
In London, in September of 1932, were the richest country in the world for They would not go away but remained.
[because] sometimes the cart came with between the two countries. His reward
Gareth learned through several informed grain. We fed the world. Now they have was to be banished from the international
sources of reports emanating from taken all away from us. Now people steal bread. Waiting with forlorn hope.”
On March 29, 1933, Gareth exposed journalistic scene for more than a year.
Moscow of a severe famine in the south- much more. Four days ago, they stole my On the opposite end, Duranty wrote
ern part of the Soviet Union. Prof. Jules horse. A horse is better than a tractor. A the Holodomor at a press conference in
Berlin. However, within 24 hours he was that Maxim Litvinov, the Soviet commis-
Menken (of the London School of tractor goes and stops, but a horse goes sar of foreign affairs, was going home to
Economics), an eminent economist of the all the time. A tractor cannot give manure, personally denigrated by the then world’s
Moscow with a “pretty fat turkey for
time, told Gareth that he “dreaded this but a horse can.’ highest paid correspondent at that time,
winter, when he thought millions would “He took me along to his cottage. His Pulitzer prize winner Walter Duranty in
On November 16, 1933, some eight
die of hunger” and finally stated that daughter and three little children [were an article in The New York Times head-
months after Gareth’s revelations,
“There was already famine in Ukraine.” there]. Two of the smaller children were lined “Russians hungry but not starving.”
Litvinov, whom Gareth had privately
Due to the censorship of the press in swollen. ‘If you had come before the We know that this was intentional and
interviewed in March 1933, managed to
Moscow the world was unaware of the Revolution we would have given you wilfully misleading of the American pub- secure American diplomatic recognition
ongoing plight of the Ukrainians. chicken and eggs and milk and fine bread. lic. The U.S. Embassy in Berlin reported of the USSR. He also banned Gareth from
In light of this information, Gareth Now we have no bread in the house. They to the U.S. State Department that in dis- returning to the Soviet Union.
wrote two prophetic articles published in are killing us. People are dying of hunger.’ cussions with Duranty he admitted that
the Cardiff Western Mail in October “There was in the hut a spindle, and The New York Times had entered into an (Continued on page 18)

NEWS AND VIEWS: The Germans’ house of cards

by John Demjanjuk Jr. can provide direct evidence regarding The fact is that Gerany today is still criminal proceeding held in Israel.
John Demjanjuk as no Sobibor survivor covering up for it own citizens in order to His defense attorney in Germany, Dr.
The Munich prosecution of my father, has ever recognized him as someone they prosecute a Ukrainian POW for the deeds Ulrich Busch, has urged that the case be
John Demjanjuk, is collaborating with remember. Nevertheless, the Munich of the Germans. closed in opening motions and, in making
and shielding known German citizens prosecutor brings them to court to sit on Some of the media appear blinded by multi-layered arguments for dismissing
from prosecution when evidence exists the same side with those German citizens the emotional subject matter of the the case also referred to evidence of POW
that they directly participated in murder. who should be prosecuted for murder. Munich proceedings. They have written “Trawnikis” being coerced into service
As part of their strategy, members of the Instead of looking in their Nazi back- that my father has admitted being in by fear of death, as were the Jewish death
prosecution team went to Holland and yard, consistent with their past failure to Sobibor or has neither confirmed nor camp workers. Some have condemned
advertised in Jewish circles to actively try German Nazi war criminals, they denied the allegations. In fact, throughout the comparison of a POW Trawniki to a
recruit Jewish survivors and victims’ fam- instead go 7,000 miles to bring to trial a the past 30 years of legal proceedings he Jewish death camp worker. They are
ilies to join them as “Nebenkläger,” or sick and dying Ukrainian POW on a weak has consistently denied, and continues to ignorant of the case files that support Dr.
co-plaintiffs, with the hope that filling the accessory charge that is going to col- deny through his attorney, any allegations Busch’s arguments and hold information
courtroom gallery with the emotion of the lapse. Germany has acquitted the regarding participation in the Holocaust. from investigations conducted over the
Holocaust will cause the judges to ignore Germans who ran Sobibor, they have It remains the prosecutor’s burden to once last 60 years. The comparison is not legal
their lack of evidence. excused their past as mistakes not to be again try and prove otherwise. As the
Of course, none of the Nebenkläger repeated now. world knows, he was acquitted in the first (Continued on page 21)

Physician fights... hospital by paramedics, yet didn’t stay

the night because he was compelled to
The city police office sent the com-
plaint for review to the Pechersk district
grandfather Oleksander Bohomolets, the
legendary medical researcher who found-
(Continued from page 1) return to defend the hospital lands. chief, of all people, who replied that he e d i n 1 9 3 1 K y i v ’s I n s t i t u t e o f
Berezovskyi said. “They know how to “I helped the partisans in the woods saw no police misconduct in the incident. Experimental Biology and Pathology and
count money, but they don’t like to earn it near Bila Tserkva, taking food to them Prosecutors overturned that decision in Institute of Clinical Physiology, located
with their hands or brains. And they’re when I was a boy growing up,” said Dr. February of this year yet the complaint next to the hospital.
systematically destroying all the city’s Berezovskyi, who was nine years old remains buried in Ukraine’s notorious Their cause is about defending the
historic monuments.” when the Nazis reached the Kyiv Oblast. bureaucracy. city’s inherited historical wealth from
Dr. Berezovskyi’s battle with real “I remember what you need to do and I “The powerful builders association in crass politicians and real estate develop-
estate raiders is among hundreds of con- don’t fear them.” Kyiv has a powerful influence on the ers, who have no appreciation the city’s
flicts that unfolded during the anarchic Undeterred, Dr. Berezovskyi gathered courts, but no less influence on the police rich history, they said.
Orange era in which Kyiv developers, more than 5,000 signatures against the as well,” said Dr. Berezovskyi, who has Former Mayor Omelchenko grew up in
eager to earn a big profit from downtown construction. He organized a 24-hour suffered two concussions and a broken a Kyiv Oblast village and based politics
construction, have brazenly ignored the patrol to ensure the developers wouldn’t arm, among five injuries sustained in his strictly on payments and bribes, Dr.
law and launched projects without any enter the site with their vehicles. The battles. Berezovskyi said. Meanwhile the current
permits. defenders re-installed a metal fence that He’s also taken the fight to the courts, mayor, Leonid Chernovetskyi, has
The most recent episode in Dr. the developers tore down earlier. They launching appeals in 2007. “But the extended that policy, enabling real estate
Berezovskyi’s five-year battle was on put their lives on the line. builders have more money than us,” he developers to ruin the city’s historical
December 15, while he attended a court “We didn’t allow the transport by lying said. “That’s why people are afraid to architecture.
under their wheels,” he said. “Many of pursue legal action, because our court The historic Oleksandrivska Hospital
trial in which he stands accused by a
our people suffered traumas.” organs are a horrible torment. You need survived the Bolshevik Revolution (when
28-year-old guard of injuring him in a
Dr. Berezovskyi eventually confirmed to spend a lot of money and worry about it was renamed the October Hospital) and
February 2008 assault. Dr. Berezovskyi
that two-thirds of the hospital’s 13 hect- being assaulted somewhere at night.” the Nazi invasion, but now faces its great-
was 75 years old at the time, himself
ares (32 acres) were illegally given to Detractors claim that Dr. Bohomolets est threat from the anarchy of Ukraine’s
beaten and hospitalized from that inci-
three real estate developers in exchange is protesting the construction because she Orange era.
for handsome bribes. The hospital’s land wants to build her own clinic at the site. “These are signs of degradation in
“Defending the right of your own land,
is owned by the Kyiv City Council, eas- She rents five rooms downtown for her society, when a sickness in the govern-
a political matter, is being treated as hoo-
ing the illegal transfers. dermatology clinic. She dismisses the ment ruins the psychology of its leaders
liganism, an absolutely criminal matter,”
The first two land plots, located at the accusations. to the extent they begin to pressure and
said Dr. Olha Bohomolets, the daughter “It’s impossible for some people to injure other people, their right to life, and
bottom of the slope upon that the hospital
of Dr. Berezovskyi (who took the sur- believe that I simply want to do it to pre- their private property rights,” Dr.
sits, were secretly given in 2002 to two
name of her great-grandfather, for whom serve the memory of my forefather,” Dr. Bohomolets said “This has already begun
developers, among them the notorious
the Bohomolets Institute of Physiology is Bohomolets said, referring to her great- in Ukraine today.”
Elita-Center crew which fled Ukraine
named). “That’s the next sign of what’s
after ripping off hundreds of millions of
taking place in the country.”
dollars from investors in a residential
The Oleksandrivska Hospital is among
the landmarks on the city’s register of
historic structures, built in 1875 after the
project gone bust.
The land plot at the top of the slope, Candidate profile... of Regions, such as Motor Sich Chairman
Viacheslav Bohuslayev, whose automo-
where the 228 trees were cut, was given (Continued from page 3) tive and aircraft parts business is highly
City Council asked all of Kyiv’s residents secretly in 2003 to Ivan Kurovskyi, a
minister, political observers said. His sec- integrated with Russia.
to donate for the construction of a central national deputy of the Yulia Tymoshenko
ond term was preoccupied with forming a Social policies: Mr. Yanukovych has no
hospital. Bloc.
constitutional majority in the Verkhovna evident policy on health care reform, and
Situated a few hundred meters south of Mr. Kurovskyi happens to be the
Rada of 300 votes, which would have virtually no ideas on reforming or restruc-
the Bessarabian Market, the hospital was “kum” (parent of a godchild) of the
given him enough power to override all turing the nation’s system of education and
named in honor of Russian Tsar Aleksandr Oleksandrivska Hospital’s former direc-
presidential vetoes and rendered President a c a d e m i a , o b s e r v e r s s a i d . M r.
II. Dr. Mykola Strazhesko made medical tor, Valerii Bidnyi, who accepted a post to
Viktor Yushchenko impotent. This attempt, Yanukovych’s most popular social policy
history there when diagnosing the first become the Kyiv City Council’s deputy
which involved buying deputies from the has been his repeated vow to make Russian
myocardial infarction without any electric chair of medical issues in 1996. an official state language in Ukraine,
equipment in 1938, Dr. Berezovskyi said. Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc, led to the demise
“He went to work for [former Kyiv which would require 300 votes in
The hospital is important to him on a of his prime ministership when President
Mayor Oleksander] Omelchenko to trade Parliament to amend the Ukrainian
personal level as well, “I conducted all Yushchenko dismissed Parliament, claim-
land, including the land of his own hospi- Constitution. Among his populist slogans
medical internship in this hospital and it’s ing defecting deputies were violating the
tal,” he said of Mr. Bidnyi, who took a is boosting Ukraine’s population to 50 mil-
where I learned to be a doctor.” He spent position as assistant health minister in Constitution of Ukraine.
lion from the current 46 million, without
more than a half century performing lung 2006. 2010 CAMPAIGN detailing how. Mr. Yanuokvych favors a
and liver research at the neighboring “Bidnyi was the intermediary who Putinist interpretation of history that libels
Bohomolets Institute. made all the documents. They’re written Official economic policy: Mr. and slanders the Ukrainian Insurgent Army
Dr. Berezovskyi said his struggle isn’t in such a way that experts confirmed Yanukovych’s 2010 presidential campaign (UPA) as Nazi collaborators rather than
only about history or nostalgia, but they’re legally worthless. Yet the Kyiv is based on simple, populist economic pol- freedom fighters. Stepan Bandera isn’t a
defending the law. The real estate devel- City Council allowed for [the illegal sale] icies, most notably the effort to increase Ukrainian hero and doesn’t deserve Hero
opers have no permits to build on the site based on these documents.” government wages and pensions. The of Ukraine status, in his view. Mr.
and have broken numerous laws in the Dr. Berezovskyi’s second beating was Party of Regions led Parliament in October Yanukovych supports a positive historical
construction they’ve already done. on February 21, 2008, yet in Ukraine’s in approving wage and pension increases interpretation of Ukraine’s Soviet experi-
Laws are in place to ensure a clean legal nihilism, Mr. Kurovskyi’s black- which were supposed to take effect ence and opposes removing Soviet-era
environment for the hospital’s 600-plus jacket thugs are prosecuting him for November 1, but Prime Minister Yulia monuments. The Holodomor of 1932-1933
patients, including a requirement of 25 assault. The court recently heard tenuous Tymoshenko has ignored the amendment was not genocide, in Mr. Yanukovych’s
square feet meters (269 square feet) of testimony from a construction worker passed to the 2009 budget. In response, view. Regarding education, he would make
green space per patient. who wasn’t even present. Mr. Yanukovych vowed that his first move standardized college entrance exams
Yet on December 1, 2007, Dr. By then, Mr. Kurovskyi had waged an if elected president would be to implement optional for university admissions, as well
Berezovskyi was shocked to find that 228 intimidation campaign against Dr. the wage and pension increases as outlined as introduce a Russian-language option for
poplar and acacia trees were torn from the Berezovskyi as his lawyers called him at in the approved legislation. Other populist the exams.
hospital’s green space. 3 a.m., waking him with questions. economic proposals include aligning pen- Foreign policy: Economic and military
The construction company cut and They informed him they were suing sions with an improved minimum living integration with the Russian Federation is
hauled the trees the prior evening, on a for 280,000 hrv ($56,000 at the time) in standard, canceling taxation for small busi- Mr. Yanukovych’s top foreign policy goal.
Friday when government and civil service losses resulting from the demonstrations ness during the next five years and guaran- Mr. Yanukovych led the Party of Regions
workers typically leave their offices early he organized, putting his car and apart- teeing jobs to all college graduates – prom- in July 2005 in signing a Memorandum on
for the weekend. ment under arrest. Three court hearings ises that are highly unlikely to be fulfilled, Cooperation and Interaction with the
“When they cut these trees, they creat- dismissed the claims. observers said. United Russia party founded by Russian
ed the possibility of shutting down the The most recent attack occurred on De facto economic policy: Mr. Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. Mr.
hospital because it no longer had the November 27, 2008, when the black-jack- Yanukovych’s primary economic goal is Yanukovych has spoken at United Russia
green space required for hospitals,” he eted guards pulled Dr. Berezovskyi from to enhance the power and wealth of the events in Russia numerous times in recent
said. “We learned they didn’t have the his car as he was manning the defenders’ Donbas industrial elite, led by Mr. years. He supports Ukraine joining Russia,
right to do it when we went to the city’s 6:30 a.m. shift. Video evidence revealed Akhmetov and the Kliuyev brothers, Belarus and Kazakhstan in forming the
forest administration. But they paid a Pechersk district police standing by, one observers said. Just as Mr. Akhmetov and Single Economic Space. Those three coun-
meager, formal fine and brought their officer even laughing, as the guards bri- his clan control most aspects of life in the tries expect to form their economic union
equipment to dig and build.” gades beat Dr. Berezovskyi and choked Donbas region, they would like to see by 2012. Mr. Yanukovych said he supports
Recognizing the severe threat posed, Dr. his colleague. that power projected on a national scale, Ukraine’s integration into the European
Berezovskyi began mobilizing protests “They broke my father’s hand in front said Ivan Lozowy, a Kyiv political Union, possibly for campaign rhetoric. Yet
involving staff members and local residents of my eyes and I heard how his bones observer. “Under President Yanukovych, the Party of Regions never expressed inter-
immediately after the trees were cut. He were crushed,” said Dr. Bohomolets, his we would see attempts to subsume other est in fulfilling the Copenhagen criteria
soon had his first brutal encounter with the daughter. “That’s exceptionally difficult.” financial industrial groupings under the required for EU integration and never
black-jacketed brigades of private enforcers The same day, Dr. Berezovskyi filed a Donetsk group, and reprivatization and joined with a party in the European
hired by the real estate developers. complaint with main police administra- privatization of enterprises into Parliament, said Dr. Taras Kuzio, professor
A guard gave him a shove to the chest tion against Pechersk District Chief Serhii Akhmetov’s hands,” he said. Mr. at Carleton University in Ottawa. Mr.
that sent him flying into a pile of rocks, Holubenko and Maj. Volodymyr Sotskyi, Yanukovych also has to satisfy other east- Yanukovych opposes Ukraine’s member-
upon which he bumped his head and suf- who did nothing to protect citizens and ern and southern Ukraine oligarchs who ship in the North Atlantic Treaty
fered a concussion. He was taken to a their constitutional rights. provide significant support for the Party Organization.

Organization for the Defense of Lemko Western Ukraine holds convention

PASSAIC, N.J. – The Ukrainian Center
here was decorated festively on November
7 in preparation for the 28th national con-
vention of the Organization for the Defense
of Lemko Western Ukraine Inc. (known by
its Ukrainian-based acronym OOL).
The stage was adorned with a coat-of-
arms bearing a trident and oak leaves, sym-
bolizing the might, strength and invincibili-
ty of the Lemkos. A portrait of the distin-
guished Ukrainian poet Bohdan-Ihor
Antonych was set on the presidium’s table,
given that the conclave was dedicated to the
100th anniversary of the birth of this great
son of Lemkivschyna.
The president of the OOL national board,
Zenon Halkowycz, commenced the con-
vention. He greeted the delegates and
guests, and suggested a moment of silence
to honor the memory of Julian Kotlar, a for-
mer president of the national board, as well
as other members of OOL who recently
passed away.
The honor of leading the convention then
Participants of 28th National Convention of the Organization for the Defense of Lemko Western Ukraine.
fell to the presidium, comprising Marie
Duplak, Zenon Wojtowych (vice-chair, semination of holiday cards, preparations them to become immigrants and to search Kapitula (chair) Pavlo Hyra and Bohdan
Bohdan Kikta (secretary) and Steven for Christmas caroling (this is the main in foreign worlds for a better future for Kikta. National Arbitration Committee
Howansky (member). Members were source of revenue for the organization’s themselves and their families. Within this members are: Petro Rusynko (chair), Stefan
selected for the convention’s verification, magazine they have been able to find infor- Maliniak and Ivan Wasiczko.
relief fund), attracting new Ukrainian immi-
resolution, and nominating committees. mation about current affairs, art, memoirs, The National Convention’s resolutions
grants to the organization, the Ukrainian
As president, Mr. Halkowycz, reported the bulletin of World Federation of covered a variety of issues and concerns.
on the state of affairs within each branch, Lemko museum in Stamford, Conn.,
increasing the participation of Lemkos in Ukrainian Lemko Organizations, organiza- “In the 62nd year after the deportation
about the achievements of the OOL during tional news and reviews. Thanks to the tire- operations and the completion of Akcja
the previous report period, and about the organizing Christmas Eve dinners, and pub-
lication of English-language materials less work of Ms. Duplak, the magazine is Wisla,” read the first resolution, “the
possibilities for developing the organization National Convention demands from the
regarding the history and culture of the popular around the world. The magazine is
in the future. Mr. Halkowycz’s report was government of Poland: The complete reha-
Lemko region. also read with pleasure in Ukrainian schools
supplemented by the reports of board mem- bilitation of the Ukrainian people of
The question of publishing the OOL’s in Ukraine and Poland.
bers and the presidents of the organization’s Lemkivschyna and all of the Zakerzonnia
magazine, Lemkivschyna, received particu- The delegates enthusiastically welcomed
branches. region who were the victims of the inhu-
lar attention. For 30 years the magazine has the creation of a website devoted to
During the discussion of reports, dele- mane policies of the authorities of
inhabited a unique place in the lives of Lemkivschyna and Lemkos. The develop-
gates made suggestions about financial and 1944-1947; the return of the Ukrainians’
ment of this website was possible thanks to
organizational issues, including: the dis- Ukrainian Lemkos, whose fate has forced churches and other communal properties
the efforts of a group of OOL members
under the direction of Mr. Howansky and (such as Ukrainian national homes) in
like-minded colleagues. The committee Lemkivschyna and other Ukrainian lands;
members included: Andriy Khomyk, Diana the teaching of Ukrainian languages in
and Lena Howansky, Mr. Halkowycz, and those Polish schools where there is an
Ms. Duplak. appropriate number of children of Ukrainian
The website includes information about descent.
the history and culture, towns and villages, The national convention also appealed to
and the famous as well as lesser-known the President and Verkhovna Rada of
people who have made Lemkivschyna Ukraine to defend the rights of the
known around the world. This archive of Ukrainian minority in Poland and to define
national memory is located at http://www. the status of those deported from the Ukrainian lands of Poland in 1944-1947.
The delegates also spoke about the need Noted among the ongoing priorities of
to conduct research among their native peo- the OOL were: assistance to Ukrainian
ple, so that Lemkos can share the yellow- churches, civic organizations, schools, and
ing, historical pictures from their grand- individuals who require it; the re-establish-
mothers’ keepsake boxes, so that a chroni- ment and strengthening of declining branch-
cle of their lives remains available to their es of OOL; and support for the develop-
grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and ment of the Ukrainian Lemko Museum in
future generations for years to come. Stamford.
The so-called question of “self-identifi- Present at the national convention were
cation” was also specifically raised for dis- representatives of numerous diaspora orga-
cussion. The deputies confirmed their stand nizations and dignitaries, among them
against the efforts of certain pro-Russian Ukraine’s Consul General Serhiy
separatists to designate the Lemkos as a Pohoreltsev of New York; Stefan Hladyk,
separate nation of Rusyns in order to attack president of the Union of Lemkos; Tamara
the unity of Ukraine, and maintained that Gallo-Olexy, president of the Ukrainian
the name “Rusyn” is tied to Lemkos in the Congress Committee of America (UCCA);
same way that it is to every other Ukrainian. Kvitka Semanyshyn, vice-president of the
“We are, first and foremost, Ukrainians, and Providence Association of Ukrainian
then Lemkos,” the delegates stated in soli- Catholics; Michael Koziupa, president of
the Organization for the Defense of Four
darity concerning their readiness to rebuff
Freedoms for Ukraine; and Metropolitan-
the separatist movement in the Zakarpattia
Archbishop Stefan Soroka of the Ukrainian
region and with regard to all matters relat-
Archeparchy of Philadelphia.
ing to the defense of Lemkos and
At the end of the convention, President
Halkowycz thanked all of those present for
Later, the delegates elected members of
their active cooperation. An inspired rendi-
OOL National Board. The following people
tion of the Ukrainian national anthem
were elected for a 3-year term: President
marked the conclusion of the convention.
Zenon Halkowycz; First Vice-President and
In the evening, in honor of the 28th
Museum Administrator Steven Howansky;
national convention, the participants and
Second Vice-President Ivan Fil; Secretary guests gathered as a large Lemko family
Thomas Puz; Treasurer Stefan Kosciolek; for a banquet in the festively decorated
Marie Duplak, external relations; Vasyl hall of the Ukrainian Center. Adding to
Harhaj, organizational; Ivan Zavada, social the solemnity of the affair was the atten-
welfare; Andriy Khomyk, cultural-educa- dance of highly-esteemed guests, includ-
tional; Diana Howansky, press; Petro ing the Bishop Paul Patrick Chomnycky,
Wislocki, economic issues; National
Auditing Commission members are: Stefan (Continued on page 26)

Ukrainian American Youth Association holds national plenum

by Oxana Bartkiv
NEW YORK – As 2009 draws to an
end, so do the 60th anniversary celebra-
tions of the Ukrainian American Youth
Association. Throughout the year the
UAYA has celebrated this anniversary in
many ways; among the festivities have
been a national plenum in Chicago, and a
banquet and “Zdvyh” in Ellenville, N.Y.
In addition UAYA members came
together once more to celebrate the 60th
anniversary of their organization and the
60th anniversary of the Mykola
Pavlushkov Branch in Chicago at a ban-
quet held at the Ukrainian Culture Center
on November 14.
As UAYA President Andriy Bihun took
his place behind the podium in the audi-
torium of the UAYA building in Chicago,
78 delegates joined hands in welcome.
Members of the national executive were
present, along with representatives of Victoria Kavka
nearly every branch in America. Everyone Participants of the Ukrainian American Youth Association’s National Plenum.
listened tentatively as Mr. Bihun reported
on the accomplishments of UAYA nation- audience and asked the president of the
wide since the last major gathering in branch, Yaroslava Abramiuk, to welcome
2008. attendees. What followed was one of the
At the start of the plenary sessions, the most interesting and exciting parts of the
head of the organization’s Educational evening, a performance by the local
Council, Maria Polishchuk, presented the UAYA youth. First, the youngest children
delegates with a list of discussions that marched in and gave an outstanding per-
would be held. The discussions centered formance. Older members added to the
on the organization’s teenage membership stunning presentation by marching in
(“starshe yunatstvo”) and methods for after them, with a drum corps and flag-
engaging and meeting the needs of these bearers flags.
up-and-coming members. Topics included Chrystya Wereszczak then rose to
present-day Ukraine, how to convince recite the roster all of the former presi-
UAYA members to help their community dents of the national executive, followed
and Ukraine’s vast culture. by a similar accounting of presidents of
In the second part of the day, Ihor the Chicago branch. A moment of silence
Diaczun spoke about the Wilderness allowed those present to give their
(Mandrivnyi) Camp that will be held for respects to leaders who have passed away.
UAYA teens during the summer of 2010. Mr. Bihun, president of the National
He gave details about the the camp, which Executive greeted everyone, while Andrij
will begin at UAYA’s Khortytsia camp- Luczak-Glubisz of the Chicago Branch
ground in Cleveland before traveling to spoke passionately about his feelings for
West Virginia. the organization that helped form the per- Chicago UAYA members march at the banquet.
On Sunday, Lesya Harhaj and Jurij son that he is today.
Symchyk spoke about UAYA’s adult Afterwards more than 400 guests had
membership, known as “Druzhynnyky.” the opportunity to view a video montage
They described what had been accom- of the history of the Mykola Pavlushkov
plished thoughout the year and what was Branch produced by Roman Pylypchak
planned for the upcoming one. A discus- and Stefan Pylypchak.
sion followed on the problems faced by During the dinner, the hosts introduced
the new generation of membership. The honored guests who had arrived for the
schedule of future leadership camps was jubilee, and greetings from various
discussed at length, along with how to Ukrainian organizations and from indi-
better prepare UAYA youth for their role viduals were read. Donations were gener-
as Druzhynnyky. ously awarded from the national board of
One of the most anticipated events of the Women’s Association for the Defense
the weekend was the jubilee banquet in of Four Freedoms of Ukraine, as well as
celebration of the 60th anniversary of from the Heritage Foundation. Roman
Chicago branch that was held in the hall Zavadovych, a representative of Plast
of the Ukrainian Cultural Center. Ukrainian Scouting Organization, pre-
Masters of ceremonies Pavlo Kulas sented the branch with plaque commemo-
and Irena Overko-Chernyuk greeted the rating the 60th Anniversary. UAYA Chicago branch President Yaroslava Abramiuk accepts a plaque from
Plast representative Roman Zavadovych.

Keynote speaker Andriy Luczak- UAYA President Andriy Bihun gives

Glubisz. his report at the plenum. Chicago youths perform at the banquet.

Pinchuk Foundation announces prize in support of new generation of artists

K Y I V – T h e Vi c t o r P i n c h u k To encourage the assistance of one grated world. by 21 Russian artists during the first years
Foundation on December 8 announced generation of artists to the next, a group Located in the historic architectural of the 21st century), “Reflection” (a
the inauguration of the Future Generation of renowned Mentor Artists has commit- complex of Kyiv’s Besarabska quarter, group exhibition with a selection of inter-
Art Prize, a major new international com- ted to long-term participation in the proj- which has undergone a major renovation national artists), and “Red Forest” (works
petition for artists up to age 35. ect and will provide in-person counsel in the past decade, the six-story, by seminal Ukrainian artists of the 1990s,
Established to discover and provide long- and support to prize winners. One of the 43,000-square-foot PAC opened in shown in an exhibition named after a
term support for a generation of emerging Mentor Artists will have a parallel show September 2006 as one of the largest con- wooded area adjacent to the Chornobyl
artists wherever they may live and work, at the same time as the shortlisted artists. temporary art institutions in Europe. nuclear station).
this unique artist-focused prize aims to The Mentor Artists are Andreas Gursky, Dedicated to presenting exhibitions by PAC was also responsible for present-
make a major contribution toward the pro- Damien Hirst, Jeff Koons and Takashi leading Ukrainian and international art- ing the Ukrainian Pavilion at the Venice
duction of new work by young artists. Murakami. ists, PAC to date has presented solo exhi- Biennale in 2007 and 2009, and in 2005 it
The biennial prize is distinguished by: A distinguished international Board bitions of artists including Damien Hirst exhibited the first acquisitions of the
its global dimension; its focus on a young oversees the Future Generation Art Prize. and Sam Taylor-Wood, and group exhibi- Victor Pinchuk Foundation at the Venice
generation of artists; its open and demo- In addition to Chairman Pinchuk and the tions such as “21 Russia” (works created Biennale.
cratic Internet application process; the four Mentor Artists, the board’s member
long-term commitment of leading artists; are: Eli Broad, Dakis Joannou, Elton
and a distinguished board, jury and selec-
tion committee.
John, Miuccia Prada and art museum
directors Richard Armstrong (Solomon R. Medvedev submits... armed attack on another participant as an
attack on itself;” and “it has the right to
Shortlisted artists will have their works Guggenheim Foundation and Museum), (Continued from page 3) provide the necessary assistance, includ-
exhibit at the PinchukArtCentre in Kyiv, Glenn D. Lowry (The Museum of Modern sive]. The conference shall be deemed ing military, before such time as the
one of the largest and most active new Art), Alfred Pacquement (Musée legally constituted if at least two-thirds of United Nations Security Council takes
contemporary art institutions in Europe. Nationale d’Art Moderne, Centre Georges all treaty participants attend this forum. the necessary measures.”
The winner of the Future Generation Art Pompidou) and Nicholas Serota (Tate). The conference shall operate under its The implications are at least threefold.
Prize will receive an award of $100,000 – An invited group of approximately 100 First, this procedure can justify a purely
own rules of procedure. Its decisions shall
$60,000 as a cash prize and $40,000 arts professionals from around the world unilateral Russian military intervention,
be “taken by consensus and binding”
toward the production of new work. will nominate artists for consideration. outside the CSTO’s nominal umbrella.
(Article 6).
Applications for the prize will become By combining the open application pro- Secondly, such intervention could pre-
A treaty participant that has been the
available online on January 18, 2010, on cess with these nominations, PAC aspires empt a decision by the “extraordinary
object of an armed attack or is threatened
the competition’s website, www.future- to achieve the participation of a true glob- conference” envisaged in Article 8. Thus,
with such an attack can call for an, and may be sub- al cross-section of the under-35 genera- Moscow claims a right to having its cake
“extraordinary conference, to be held
mitted through April 18, 2010. The exhi- tion. and eating it too, in terms of military
The Victor Pinchuk Foundation was immediately for determining the neces-
bition of as many as 20 shortlisted artists intervention. And, thirdly, Moscow would
will open at the PinchukArtCentre (PAC) established in 2006 by Mr. Pinchuk, a sary collective measures.” The extraordi-
nary conference shall also operate under breezily bypass the U.N. Security
in October 2010; the jury will announce Ukrainian businessman and public figure. Council, even as it wants to hold the
the winner of the main prize in December It is the largest international, private, non- its own rules of procedure. This forum
United States and others accountable to
2010. In addition, there will be up to five partisan, philanthropic foundation based shall be deemed legally constituted if at
that same body.
special prizes for artists who will be pro- in Ukraine. Its goal is to empower future least four or five treaty participants [the
Under the draft treaty’s Article 9,
vided with various forms of support. generations to become the change-makers number seems negotiable in the draft]
“Treaty participants confirm that their
According to Victor Pinchuk, “This of tomorrow. To achieve this goal, the attend. The extraordinary conference’s
obligations, stemming from other interna-
worldwide contemporary art prize will be Foundation develops projects, builds part- decisions shall be “taken by unanimity
tional security agreements, do not contra-
an important contribution to the open par- nerships in Ukraine and worldwide, and and binding” (Article 8).
dict the present treaty. The treaty partici-
ticipation of younger artists in the dynam- invests in people, to boost human capital; Articles 5, 6, and 8 of the draft treaty pants shall not undertake international
ic cultural development of societies in in society, to promote social responsibili- would wreak havoc on NATO’s own deci- obligations incompatible with the present
global transition.” ty; and in the world, to foster a more inte- sion-making processes and its procedures treaty.”
by grouping allied countries with Russia This formulation reverses entirely the
and its loyalists in some ad-hoc, unpre- standard clause whereby signatories to a
dictable, arbitrarily created forums. This new treaty declare that it does not preju-
would result in parallel structures and dice their pre-existing commitments.
potentially conflicting decisions. These Instead, Russia would stipulate that previ-
articles are a prescription for chaos in ous obligations should not contradict the
NATO and instability in the NATO area new treaty. Thus, the Medvedev-proposed
and neighborhood. treaty would supersede NATO commit-
By seeking to promote such fragmen- ments – presumably including even the
tation, President Medvedev’s draft unwit- crucial Article Five – in Moscow’s inter-
tingly exposes the real meaning of pretation. And it would also preclude
Russia’s concept of “indivisible Euro- future decisions that Moscow would
Atlantic and Eurasian security.” That con- deem “incompatible” with Medvedev’s
cept is intended to justify Russia’s intru- treaty.
sion into NATO’s decision-making pro- Medvedev’s draft treaty focuses over-
cesses while at the same time maintaining whelmingly on issues of process and pro-
a Russian-led Eurasian bloc and potential cedure, rather than substance. As such, it
sphere of influence. seeks to disorganize and fragment the
Moreover, Article 8 seems custom- NATO alliance, insert Moscow into
made for Russia to initiate or threaten NATO’s decision-making arrangements,
military action under a CSTO flag of con- and build a Russian sphere of predomi-
venience. This is why Mr. Medvedev nant influence at the same time. All this
wants to empower an “extraordinary con- could be seen as carrying NATO’s pas-
ference” of even “four or five” countries sive consent, if President Medvedev’s
to authorize collective defense measures document gains acceptance even as a
against an attack or threat of attack on a basis for further discussions between
member-country. Moscow would be Russia and NATO.
delighted to receive a stamp of approval
for CSTO-flagged actions from a NATO- The article above is reprinted from
approved forum, in the unlikely event that Eurasia Daily Monitor with permission
NATO accepts Mr. Medvedev’s proposal. from its publisher, the Jamestown
Under Mr. Medvedev’s Article 7, “A Foundation, (It
treaty participant is entitled to regard an originally appeared in two parts.)


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Soprano Stefania Dovhan debuts at New York City Opera

by Helen Smindak retains the youthful spirit she showed as a
young girl. “I’m a child at heart,” she
NEW YORK – As a child just old says. But when it comes to stage perfor-
enough to speak, Stefania Dovhan liked mances, she is serious, dedicated to her
to make believe she was an opera singer. art, intent on giving a role everything she
Mimicking performing artists, she whiled can.
away many hours singing and dancing at Although an intensive, five-week
her grandmother’s home in Mukachiv in rehearsal period was enjoyable, she admits
Ukraine’s Zakarpattia region. that before the November 8 opening of
Fantasy became reality last month, when “Don Giovanni” (her first Donna Anna)
the Kyiv-born soprano made her New York she was quite nervous – “it’s a huge stage,
and New York City Opera debuts in one a tougher public, tougher critics.”
role, that of Donna Anna, in Mozart’s “Don “But after the first performance, I had
Giovanni.” The opera tells the story of the absolutely no qualms about singing
legendary Spanish lover and rake whose Anna,” she commented.
relentless pursuit of the ladies and insolent Her rise from childhood fantasies to
conduct eventually result in the dramatic major league stardom can be attributed to
punishment he deserves. innate talent, perseverance and a little bit
The part of Donna Anna calls for a sol- of luck. The turning point in her career
emn demeanor, for a characterization came in June at the 2009 Spoleto Festival
embodying the deep sadness of a young USA, when she sang the title role in
woman grieving for her murdered father, Gustave Charpentier’s opera “Louise.”
Don Pedro, the commendatore of Seville. Rarely performed in the U.S., the opera is
Donna Anna declares she loves her fian- a portrayal of the struggles and problems
ce’, Don Ottavio, but until Don Giovanni of working-class people in turn-of-the
is punished for her father’s murder, she century Paris.
cannot think of marrying Ottavio. Learning of her triumph in the role
Donna Anna grieves not only for her from professional friends, NYCO’s direc-
father, but also for herself, the latest vic- tor of music administration, Kevin
tim of Don Giovanni’s debauchery. Murphy, rushed to South Carolina to hear
Giovanni entered her room at night and Ms. Dovhan and brought her to New York
ravished her; as she ran after him, scream- for an audition.
ing, trying to catch a look at his face, her Her selection for the role of Donna
Carol Rosegg

father ran out to help and was mortally Anna inspired two articles in NYCO’s Daniel Okulitch as Don Giovanni, and Stefania Dovhan as Donna Anna, in “Don
wounded by Giovanni’s sword. November Playbill. One spotlighted her Giovanni,” with members of the New York City Opera chorus.
Ms. Dovhan’s portrayal of Donna Anna reaction to debuting as Donna Anna in
received praise from The New York “Don Giovanni” – “I’m ecstatic; it’s the
Times’ critic Anthony Tomaselli, who dream of every singer. Who could ask for
described her voice as “bright and clear.” a better debut role than Donna Anna?”
James Jorden of the New York Post, not- The other, an article by Eric Myers
ing that the renovated hall [at Lincoln titled “Star Search – The Quest for New
Center] still tends to muffle men’s voices Voices at New York City Opera,” focused
but allows the higher soprano tones to on six “Giovanni” cast members who
ring out brilliantly, said that Ms. Dovhan’s were making their City Opera debuts,
voice sounded clean and true. including Ms. Dovhan. Mr. Myers said
Ms. Dovhan has the distinction of being she has already spent a great deal of time
part of a young and appealing cast in a on the operatic stage, particularly at
revised version of “Don Giovanni” that is Theater Hagen in Germany, where she
described as dark, erotic and vividly theat- has been a resident artist since 2005.
rical. This contemporary production of a Critics’ reviews and feature articles
standard repertory work, directed by identify her as a Ukrainian American
Christopher Alden, was the New York City soprano, a designation that pleases her
Opera’s first presentation after a year’s greatly, since she is quite proud of her
hiatus for renovation and reorganization. Ukrainian ancestry.
With her first NYCO stint, Ms. Dovhan
joined the ranks of Ukrainian singers who Family inspired her
have performed at the City Opera – sopra- Ms. Dovhan credits her mother,
nos Oksana Krovytska, Mary Lesawyer, Kateryna Dovhan-Mychajlyshyn, a col-
Marta Kokolska-Musijchuk and Anna lege professor and conservation special-
Shafajinskaia, baritone George ist, her grandfather Borys Dovhan, a
Bohachevsky, basses Stefan Szkafarowsky sculptor, and grandmother Ruta, a jour-
and Sergei Zadvorny, and tenor Vladimir nalist, with “playing a large part in my
Grishko. upbringing from the time I was 5 years
The list could probably be amended to old, when my parents divorced.”
include Canadian bass-baritone Daniel Stefania Dovhan, as Donna Anna, grieves for her murdered father.
“My grandparents and my mom
Okulitch, who sang the title role in “Don inspired me and exposed me to music and the institute – she sang there with Mr. tion.
Giovanni.” Mr. Okulitch, who happened visual art from a very early age,” she told Szkafarowsky a few years ago – was Her Theater Hagen roles have included
to drop by Ms. Dovhan’s dressing room me at the Ukrainian Institute of America attended by a group of relatives from Gilda in “Rigoletto,” Nedda in
when this writer was visiting her after a after she gave a solo recital there during Boston, among them her father, sculptor “Pagliacci,” Cleopatra in “Giulio Cesare,”
performance, explained that his Slavic- the run of “Don Giovanni.” Despite a Ihor Chaban, and her paternal grandmoth- Adina in “L’Elisir d’Amore” and Pamina
sounding surname came from his demanding program of operatic arias that er, Maria Chaban. in “Die Zauberflote.” She has also
Russian-Ukrainian background, adding, concluded with the Ukrainian folk song Ms. Dovhan said she began voice stud- appeared for Staatstheater Nuremberg,
“my grandparents were from Ukraine.” “Oy Ne Svity Misiachenku” (Do Not ies at age 15 at the Baltimore School of Theater Magdeburg and Staatstheater
Shine, O moon), she was eager to talk Arts, attended the University of Maryland Saarbruecken.
A child at heart
about her career. (College Park campus), and later studied Among numerous honors she has won
Away from the stage, Ms. Dovhan The recital, her second performance at at the Academy of Music in Augsburg, are the Rosa Ponselle Competition, the
Austria, and the Staatstheater Nuremberg Emmerich Smola Prize, the Operalia
in Germany. Competition and the Belvedere
UCCLA to Canadian... eral court judge and yet, inexplicably, he
remains here. Why isn’t the Canada
Her professional debut came with the
role of Musetta in “La Boheme” at the
As a parting thought, Ms. Dovhan said
(Continued from page 4) Border Services Agency doing its job? Opera Studio in Nuremberg. An audition she was already preparing her next role –
claiming a (non-existent) “right of sanc- They have a judge’s order and they know at Theater Hagen in 2005 earned her the Violetta in “La Traviata”– to be sung at
tuary.” Mr. Lennikov even told a reporter where he is. position of resident artist at that institu- Theater Hagen in the near future.
“While we agree that Canada should
from The Vancouver Sun that he will
give haven to real refugees,” Dr. Luciuk
spend Christmas enjoying a yuletide din-
said, “we certainly shouldn’t to those
ner with family and friends in the
Lutheran Church where he now sits,
evading Canadian authorities.
who, indirectly or directly, were responsi-
ble for the enslavement and mass murder Visit our archive online:
of millions of innocents between
“Did Gulag prisoners have it that
good?” wondered Dr. Luciuk. “Mr.
1917-1991. What Canada’s Ukrainians
and many others want for Christmas,
Lennikov was ordered deported by a fed- frankly, is a Canada free of the KGB.”

NEWSBRIEFS Documents on 1968 Soviet invasion

CLASSIFIEDS (Continued from page 2)

Bank of Ukraine’s (NBU) income over its
KYIV – The State Archive of the
Security Service of Ukraine (known by its
Ukrainian acronym as SBU) has presented
TO PLACE YOUR AD CALL MARIA OSCISLAWSKI (973) 292-9800 x 3040 expenditure. The president sent letters to electronic copies of 311 documents related
or e-mail the head of the NBU council, the NBU to the 1968 Soviet invasion of
governor and the prime minister demand- Czechoslovakia as part of its cooperation
ing that talks be held within five days on with the Czech Institute for the Study of
SERVICES the mechanism for ensuring the proper Totalitarian Regimes and the State Security
use of the funds for immediate expendi- Archive. The documents include almost
tures. A total of 3.123 million people have 1,000 pages reflecting people’s perception
contracted the flu and flu-like illnesses in of the 1968 events in Ukraine and
Ukraine since the outbreak of the epi- Czechoslovakia, the SBU said on
demic (October 29). A total of 556 December 17. The documents present
Ukrainians have died of the flu and acute information and special reports, as well as
respiratory infections from October 29 to reports by the State Security Committee of
December 21. (Ukrinform) the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic
and the Central Committee of the
Flu epidemic situation worsens
Communist Party of the Ukrainian SSR.
PROFESSIONALS KYIV– The flu epidemic has worsened They all were declassified only recently.
in a number of Ukrainian regions, The documents also include statements
Ukraine’s Health Ministry reported on about the events by people living in
December 22. The number of regions that Ukraine and Czechoslovakia, correspon-
exceeded the epidemic threshold for flu dence of Ukrainians and Czechoslovaks,
and flu-like illnesses has grown to 22. and reports on the behavior of certain indi-
The number of such regions was 13 as of viduals. The documents reveal that official
December 15. The epidemic threshold Soviet claims that “an overwhelming
was exceeded in Crimea and the majority of the people approve of these
Vinnytsia, Volyn, Dnipropetrovsk, measures by the Soviet authorities” radi-
Donetsk, Zhytomyr, Zaporizhia, Kyiv, cally contrasted with their actual percep-
Kirovohrad, Luhansk, Mykolaiv, Odesa, tion by citizens of Czechoslovakia. One of
Poltava, Rivne, Sumy, Ternopil, Kharkiv, the memos cites foreign tourists saying
Kherson, Cherkasy and Chernihiv oblasts, that most locals were quite hostile to the
and in the cities of Sevastopol and Kyiv. Soviet forces. (Interfax)
Moreover, the Zakarpattia, Lviv, Book premiere blocked in Kyiv
Khmelnytsky and Chernivtsi oblasts are
in the zone close to the epidemic thresh- KYIV – The presentation of a book by
old. (Ukrinform) Russian opposition figure Mikhail
Kasyanov has been blocked in Kyiv,
Over 3,700 schools remain closed RFE/RL’s Ukrainian and Russian services
KYIV – As of December 18, classes reported on December 18. “Without
are not being held at 3,745 general educa- Putin“ was written by Mr. Kasyanov, the
tional schools (19 percent of the country’s former Russian prime minister who is
schools), 1.349 million pupils are not currently the leader of the opposition
studying (1.1 percent of the total contin- Popular Democratic Union, and promi-
gent), the Education and Science Ministry nent Russian journalist Yevgeny Kiselev.
reported. On instruction from local sani- Mr. Kasyanov’s press secretary, Yelena
tary and epidemiological stations and in Dikun, told RFE/RL that the electricity
compliance with decisions of local execu- went out in the Premier Palace Hotel min-
tive power bodies, due to the outbreak of utes before the presentation was to start.
flu and acute respiratory infections among She said that at the same time some 20
children, the educational process was sus- young men blocked the entrance to the
pended in some educational establish- hotel to keep attendees from entering.
m e n t s i n t h e Vo l y n , Vi n n y t s i a , Ms. Dikun said more than 100 well-
Dnipropetrovsk, Donetsk, Zhytomyr, known people had been invited to the
Zaporizhia, Kirovohrad, Kyiv, Luhansk, presentation, which was then canceled.
Lviv, Mykolaiv, Odesa, Poltava, Rivne, Mr. Kasyanov was Russia’s prime minis-
Sumy, Ternopil, Kharkiv, Kherson, ter in 2000-2004. (RFE/RL)
Khmelnytsky, Cherkasy oblasts, Crimea PACE won’t call it genocide
MERCHANDISE and the city of Sevastopol. (Ukrinform)
PARIS – The Political Affairs Committee
Bukovel opens winter season of the Parliamentary Assembly of the
KYIV — The 2009-2010 winter sea- Council of Europe (PACE) approved
son has been inaugurated at the Bukovel Russian amendments to the report on the
GEORGE B. KORDUBA tourist complex in the Ivano-Frankivsk Great Famine of the 1930s in the former
Counsellor at Law region, it was reported on December 22. Soviet Union and rejected Ukrainian
Emphasis on Real Estate, Wills, Trusts and Elder Law The first guests of the complex were met amendments, the deputy head of the
Ward Witty Drive, P.O. Box 249 at the VIP residence – a new hotel with Russian delegation to the PACE and the
MONTVILLE, NJ 07045 21 luxury-class apartments ranging in first deputy chairman of the State Duma’s
Hours by Appointment Tel.: (973) 335-4555
size from 52 to 86 square meters. The International Affairs Committee, Leonid
Slutsky, told Interfax on December 17.
stock of Fischer and Rossignol ski equip-
“The amendments of Ukrainian parliamen-
ment available for rental has been
OPPORTUNITIES tarians, which applied the notion of geno-
increased. An entertainment complex for
cide to Ukrainians who died in the Great
450 people will also open on the New
Famine years, were rejected by the majority
Year’s Eve. The ski resort is located in
of committee members,” he said. All the
Our company seeks employees for part time the Carpathians at over 900 meters above
workers for the post of BOOKKEEPER, Russian amendments gained support, he
sea level. This season Bukovel is plan-
PAYROLL/PAY RECEIVER. Attractive salary said. “Thus, the Ukrainian attempt to use
ning to host about 1 million Alpine skiers.
plus benefits, and takes little of your time. the tragedy to start anti-Russian rhetoric in
Requirements: computer literate, NO age dis- the assembly failed,” he commented.
crimination, must be efficient and dedicated. Assembly Vice-President Mevlut Cavusoglu
Over 350 trafficking victims returned
(Turkey) will make a report on the Great
KYIV – More than 350 victims of Famine of the 1930s at the January session.
human trafficking were returned to He visited a number of Russian, Ukrainian,
Ukraine in 2009, the Internal Affairs Belarusian and Kazakh regions in fall to
Earn extra income! Ministry press service said on December prepare his report. The Ukrainian delega-
The Ukrainian Weekly is looking 21. In the first 11 months of this year law tion raised the issue at PACE in April 2008.
enforcement agencies registered 290 inci- (Interfax)
WANT IMPACT? for advertising sales agents.
For additional information contact
dents of human trafficking or related
crimes. A total of 353 human trafficking Holodomor film screened in Ukraine
Run your advertisement here, Maria Oscislawski, Advertising victims have been returned to Ukraine (45 KYIV – A pre-premiere screening of
in The Ukrainian Weekly’s Manager, The Ukrainian Weekly, of them under age), and 10 organized “Holodomor: Ukraine’s Genocide of
CLASSIFIEDS section. 973-292-9800, ext 3040. crime groups involved in human traffick-
ing have been destroyed. (Ukrinform) (Continued on page 17)

NEWSBRIEFS Foundation For Development of Ukraine,

who donated $29 million (U.S.) to charity CAMPAIGN WATCH
(Continued from page 16) in 2008. Next in line is Victor Pinchuk,
1932-33,” a full-length documentary fea- founder of the Victor Pinchuk Foundation
($25.7 million); Oleksander Feldman, Council of Churches releases statement 100 Canadian observers expected
ture film produced in Hollywood, took
place at the Ukrainian Catholic University president of the Oleksander Feldman KYIV – The All-Ukrainian Council of KYIV – Around 100 Canadian observ-
in Lviv with the assistance of the Foundation ($5.9 million); Yevhen Churches and Religious Organizations of ers will monitor the January 17, 2010,
Ukrainian National Memory Institute, it Cherniak, Zaporizhzhia Charitable Ukraine (ACCROU) has called on the presidential election in Ukraine, Ukraine’s
was reported on November 27. The cam- Foundation ($5 million); and Serhii believers and clergymen of all confes- Ambassador to Canada Ihor Ostash said
era crew led by Hollywood film director Taruta (no data available). Also in the top sions not to participate in political agita- on December 17. He noted that Canadian
Bobby Leigh, including U.S., Canadian 10 are Petro Poroshenko, Petro tion on behalf of churches and religious election observers would come to Ukraine
and Ukrainian experts, worked in Ukraine Pysarchuk, Petro Bahryi and Vadym organizations, it was reported on from the Organization for Security and
and the United States in 2008-2009. The Novinskyi. The No.10 spot, according to December 21. In a statement to the Cooperation in Europe (OSCE).
crew, along with Tomkiw Entertainment Kontrakty magazine, went to Mister X – Ukrainian people on the election of the Ambassador Ostash also said that the
and Moksha Films, is producing a full- symbolizing the businessmen who do not Ukrainian president, the council said: Ukrainian diaspora in Canada would vote
length documentary film about the Great advertise their philanthropy. (Ukrinform) “The place for prayer and gathering of the at polling stations in Ottawa and Toronto.
Famine in Ukraine. The film was shot in Prime minister is most influential faithful should be open to the supporters He added that up to 2,000 Ukrainians out
the Kyiv, Cherkasy, Chernihiv, Kharkiv, of various political forces, while the polit- of more than 7,000 registered at the
Mykolaiv and Dnipropetrovsk regions – KYIV – Prime Minister Yulia ical creed should not become a drive for Consulates of the Ukrainian Embassy in
the areas hardest hit by the Holodomor. Tymoshenko has topped a rating of “200 separation among the faithful.” The coun- Canada are expected participate in the
The film is based on the archives, docu- Most Influential Ukrainians,” according cil also called for everybody on whom vote. (Ukrinform)
mentary videos and photos of the 1930s, to Focus magazine. Viktor Yanukovych fair and transparent elections depend –
as well as stories by survivors and com- ranks second, moving up two places from members of election commissions, politi- ODIHR to closely monitor election
ments by scholars from Ukraine, the the previous year. Next is President Viktor cians, judges and law enforcers – “to
Yushchenko. In fourth place is the co- remember their responsibility before God KYIV – Ambassador Heidi Tagliavini,
United States and Canada. The film was
owner of the SCM Co., Rinat Akhmetov; and the Ukrainian people.” (Ukrinform) the head of the election observation mis-
produced in English, using the funds col-
fifth – the founder of the East One Co., sion of the Office for Democratic
lected among the Ukrainian diaspora in
Victor Pinchuk; sixth – the co-owner of Front-runners have 45% support Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR)
the United States. Film copies are later to
the Privat group, Igor Kolomoysky. Also of the Organization for Security and
be passed to the libraries of secondary KYIV – Forty-five percent of
in the top 10 are Vira Ulianchenko, Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), and Jerzy
and higher educational institutions in Ukraine’s population are ready to vote for
Volodymyr Lytvyn, Leonid Chernovetskyi Buzek, the president of the European
Ukraine and leading foreign universities. the front-runners in the current presiden-
The producer of “Holodomor: Ukraine’s and Serhii Tihipko. Five candidates for Parliament, on December 22 stressed
tial race, Viktor Yanukovych and Yulia
Genocide” is Marta Tomkiw; Maya Lew president of Ukraine are in the top 10 of their commitment to closely cooperate
Tymoshenko, it was reported on
is co-producer.  The executive producers the most influential Ukrainians. The Party during the observation of Ukraine’s presi-
December 21. A month before the 2004
are Luba Keske and Nestor Popowych. of the Regions has the most influential dential election. “We agreed that we will
election, 75 percent of the population
Ms. Keske and Ms. Lew, assisted by persons in the ranking – 32; Our Ukraine- were ready to support the election race work together in partnership, also with
Viktoria Hubska, production coordinator People’s Self-Defense – 17; and the Yulia leaders. These figures were made public other parliamentary partners, in order to
from Kyiv, were in Ukraine for special Tymoshenko Bloc – 12. There are 27 at a press conference on the political chal- provide an honest and impartial assess-
screenings of the film in November. women among the list of most influential lenges of 2009 by Oleksander Palij, an ment of this election,” said Ms.
(Ukrinform, Luba Keske) Ukrainians. (Ukrinform) expert with the External Policy Institute Tagliavini. Ms. Tagliavini informed Mr.
of the Diplomatic Academy of the Buzek about the initial findings of the
Holodomor monument unveiled in Brazil IMF appoints new head of mission ODIHR election observation mission,
Foreign Affairs Ministry of Ukraine. He
KYIV – The International Monetary offered his opinion that this situation is which has been operating in Ukraine
KYIV – The Ukrainian diaspora in since late November. ODIHR has
Brazil has unveiled a monument to the Fund reported on December 18 that Ceyla due to the fact that the majority of the
Pazarbasioglu, who currently heads the current presidential candidates are hold- deployed 77 election experts and long-
victims of the 1932-1933 Great Famine.
IMF mission to Ukraine, in January will ing “money” campaigns. Mr. Palij point- term observers, based in the capital and
The memorial is in the city of Curitiba,
take the post of an assistant director of ed out that the allies of many political throughout the entire country. In addition,
the press service of the Culture and
the money and capital market department, leaders adhere to purely mercantile prin- ODIHR has requested from the OSCE
Tourism Ministry of Ukraine reported on
and will be in charge of financial supervi- ciples, whereby they have certain material participating states 600 short-term observ-
December 21. (Ukrinform)
sion. The IMF mission to Ukraine will be benefits for their support, and then desert ers for election day. In line with estab-
Ukraine eighth among steel producers headed by Athanasios Arvanitis, currently to another political camp as soon as their lished practice, ODIHR plans to join
adviser with the IMF department for leader leaves the field. There is also a forces with the delegation of the European
KYIV – Ukraine increased its steel Europe, and head of the IMF mission to great dependence on the part of the cur- Parliament and other parliamentary part-
production by 67.1 percent in November Croatia. The Cabinet of Ministers of rent presidential candidates on business ners, including the OSCE Parliamentary
compared to the same month in 2008, Ukraine is making efforts to obtain about ties, which may be broken when they Assembly, with the aim of developing a
producing a total of 2.668 million tons. $2 billion of an IMF loan before the end transfer to opposition, the expert noted. joint assessment of the election process.
Ukraine is in eighth place in the ranking of the year. A government and central (Ukrinform) (OSCE)
of the world’s 66 main steel producers bank delegation was holding regular talks
compiled by the World Steel Association, in Washington about securing the loan.
formerly known as the International Iron (Ukrinform)
and Steel Institute. Ukraine produced
27.008 million tons of steel in the first 11 Elton John will support boy
months of 2009, or 23.4 percent less than
during the same period last year. LONDON – The partner of Elton John
(Ukrinform) told the news media that the 62-year-old
pop star was devastated that he wasn’t
Ukrainian House at Olympics allowed to adopt an HIV-positive toddler
from Ukraine but that he has decided to
KYIV – During the 2010 Winter support the boy anyway. Mr. John met the
Olympic Games, a Ukrainian House will be
functioning in Vancouver, British Columbia,
14-year-old boy named Lev at a home for
HIV-positive children in September. He
Maria Stojko
Ukraine’s Ambassador to Canada Ihor was refused permission to adopt the boy née Zacharchenko
Ostash told a press conference in Lviv on because he is too old and not married. Mr.
December 18. He said the house would be John’s partner, David Furnish, said on of Pompton Plains, NJ, formerly of Montville, NJ, died Friday, December 11,
opened at the expense of the Ukrainian December 8 that the couple was “mas-
community. (Ukrinform) 2009. She was 78.
sively gutted” by the rejection. He told
Top businessmen-philanthropists named BBC radio that he and Mr. John were Born in the Poltava Region of Ukraine, Mrs. Stojko immigrated to the United
working to ensure that Lev and his broth- States in August of 1951 and settled in New York City. Before moving to
KYIV – Kontrakty Business Weekly er “have the best health care, education Pompton Plains two years ago, Mrs. Stojko had lived in Montville for 24
has released a rating of Ukraine’s largest and family options available to them.” years. She was a parishioner of Holy Ascension Ukrainian Orthodox Church
businessmen-philanthropists based on Messrs. John and Furnish have been in a in Clifton, N.J.
open sources and experts’ estimates, it civil union since 2005. Ukrainian law
was reported on December 18. In first does not recognize gay unions as mar- Mrs. Stojko was predeceased by her husband, John Stojko, in 2007, and
place is Rinat Akhmetov, president of the riage. (Associated Press) her sister Dasha Hrycenko.
Survivors include her daughter Irene Huhner with her husband Kurt of New
York City; and her niece Natalie Phillips with her husband Tom of Trumbull,
Death announcements Connecticut.

Deadline: Tuesday noon before the newspaper’s date of issue. Private funeral services were held. Memorial contributions may be made to
Doctors without Borders USA, PO Box 5030, Hagerstown, Maryland
Rate: $7.50 per column-inch.
21741-5030 ( Arrangements were made by the
Telephone, (973) 292-9800, ext. 3040; e-mail, Bizub-Quinlan Funeral Home, 1313 Van Houten Avenue, Clifton, NJ 07013.
Please include the daytime phone number of a contact person. Please visit for online condolences.

Nigel Colley's speech... All The New York Times Pulitzer prize
winners are being besmirched by the infa-
TO ALL MEMBERS OF UNA BRANCH 214 mous acts of one rogue journalist. Isn’t it
(Continued from page 8)
In a letter written to a friend in 1934, time, Mr. Sulzberger, that as publisher of
Gareth wrote: “Alas! You will be very The Times you should do the decent thing
Please be advised Branch 214 will merge with Branch 37 as of January 1, 2010. amused to hear that the inoffensive little and return Duranty’s Pulitzer? You owe it to
All inquiries and requests for changes should be sent to Mrs. Oksana Stanko. ‘Joneski’ has achieved the dignity of being your own paper’s reputation, and your read-
a marked man on the black list of the ership, to live by your famous motto and
OGPU and is barred from entering the publish “all the news that’s fit to print.”
Mrs. Oksana Stanko
Soviet Union. I hear that there is a long list Ladies and gentlemen: What does all
2200 Route 10 this mean, today? Well, let me first take
P.O. BOX 280 of crimes which I have committed under
you back even further to the past. One
my name in the secret police file in Moscow
Parsippany, NJ 07054 hundred and seventy years ago, a
and, funnily enough, espionage is said to be
(973) 292- 9800 Ext. 3039 Frenchman, Marquis de Custine, pub-
among them. As a matter of fact Litvinoff
lished a book detailing his travels in
sent a special cable from Moscow, to the
Russia. Among the observations was this:
Soviet Embassy in London, to tell them to
“Russian despotism not only pays little
make the strongest of complaints to Mr.
TO ALL MEMBERS OF UNA BRANCH 66 respect to ideas and sentiments, it will
Lloyd George about me.” also deny facts; it will struggle against
Gareth was tragically murdered little evidence, and triumph in the struggle!”
more than two years later in 1935, sup- Truth, and an informed public, are the
posedly at the hands of Chinese bandit linchpin of a free society. The campaign
Please be advised Branch 66 will merge with Branch 367 as of January 1, 2010. kidnappers in Inner Mongolia, though in Russia to resurrect Stalin, to whitewash
All inquiries and requests for changes should be sent to Mrs. Christine Dziuba. there is much circumstantial evidence to his inhuman crimes, is well under way.
link his murder with the Soviet secret There are disturbing signs that his reha-
Mrs. Christine Dziuba police. The trading company he was trav- bilitation will not only be poorly opposed
eling with was  Wostwag, a trading front but may even be facilitated by certain
36 Cloverdale Road for the NKVD. media around the world.
Rochester, NY 14616 Thus, one of the very few Western wit- Gareth Jones is a shining example of
(585) 621-5230 nesses of the Holodomor was effectively honest journalism, a benchmark to be
silenced. aspired to by today’s media. It is thanks
Gareth’s story would have ended there to efforts of many around us that the
if it weren’t for serendipity or maybe fate. Holodomor is slowly, but surely, being
Except perhaps for oblique references to accepted as the apogee of Stalin’s terror. I
TO ALL MEMBERS OF UNA BRANCH 178 Jones in a couple of George Orwell’s writ- believe that Gareth was viciously mur-
ings, for almost 70 years his memory and dered by the Soviet secret police. It was
role in exposing the Holodomor were for- what the Frenchman Custine warned
Please be advised Branch 178 will merge with Branch 238 as of January 1, 2010. gotten, not just by the world but also by about, the Russian struggle against evi-
the Ukrainian diaspora. dence. Just as decades later journalists
All inquiries and requests for changes should be sent to Mrs. Stephania Majkut. Thanks to the interest generated in and others who sought to uncover
2003, much of the world has been made Moscow’s crimes before a trusting world,
Mrs. Stephania Majkut aware of the true circumstances of the would also be murdered.
51 Hartford St Holodomor, but it saddens me to report No one is asking you to risk your lives.
that although the world press ran the story But do risk a little of your time and ener-
Dover, MA 02030 last week, including a whole page in the gy to uphold principle, honor and the
(508) 785-2064 London Times, conspicuous by its truth, to make sure that despotism does
absence was The New York Times. not triumph. Thank you very much.


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All inquiries and requests for changes should be sent to Mr. Myron Groch. All inquiries and requests for changes should be sent to Mrs. Stephanie
Mr. Myron Groch Mrs. Stephanie Hawryluk
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Dr. Zenon M. Holubec Mrs. Mary Sweryda

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As of January 1, 2010, the secretary’s duties of Branch 37 will be assumed by

Please be advised Branch 307 will merge with Branch 238 as of January 1, 2010. Mrs. Oksana Stanko. We ask all members of this Branch to direct all correspon-
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Mrs. Stephania Majkut Mrs. Oksana Stanko

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Soccer •Dynamo Kyiv striker Andriy

Shevchenko was ranked in second place
• Union of European Football by the Zvezda poll in the Sport-Express
Associations (UEFA) President Michael n e w s p a p e r i n O c t o b e r. A n a t o l i y
Platini, Polish Football Association Tymoshchuk, who plays for Bayern and
President Grzegorz Lato and Football Ukraine’s national team, was ranked in
Federation of Ukraine President Grigoriy fifth place by the poll, while Serhiy
Surkis unveiled the official logo and slo- Nazarenko, who plays for Dnipro, was
gan for the Euro-2012 soccer champion- ranked in seventh place.
ships on December 14 at Kyiv’s St.
Michael Square. The logo is a design of Boxing
two tulips – one red-and-white and the • Vitali Klitschko retained his WBC
other blue-and-yellow – featuring the col- heavyweight title against Kevin Johnson UEFA
ors of the Polish and Ukrainian flags and in front of a sell-out crowd of 17,000 on
a soccer ball, and the slogan is “Creating December 12 at PostFinance Arena in The logo for the Euro-2012 soccer championship.
History Together.” Berne, Switzerland, by unanimous deci-
sion, 120-108, 120-108 and 119-109. “He 200-meter breaststroke and bronze in the points after seven events. Lyudmyla
• Shakhtar Donetsk leads Group J of the moved very well and was not easy to hit,” 100-meter breaststroke on November Yosypenko won second place (6,423) and
Europa League group stage with 13 points Klitschko commented at ringside. “I’m 10-11 in Stockholm, Sweden, and Daryna Hanna Melnychenko claimed fourth place
after six matches played. The team won disappointed because I would have pre- Zevina won the silver medal in the (6,056). Events included the 100-meter
the 2008 UEFA League Cup (now called ferred a knockout, but I’m happy that I 200-meter backstroke in Moscow on hurdles, high jump, shot put, 200 meters,
the Europa League), and has four wins, won all 12 rounds.” Klitschko set a new November 6-7 at the FINA (Federation long jump, javelin throw and 800 meters.
one draw and one loss, with 14 goals for CompuBox record for the number of jabs Internationale de Natation) Arena
and three against. Shakhtar’s group Decathlon
thrown (749) in one bout. The previous Swimming World Cup that was held dur-
includes Brugge (Belgium), Toulouse record was held by Owen Beck (600 ing a series of five short-course meets in Oleksiy Kasyanov won first place with
(France) and Partizan (Serbia). The jabs). Johnson landed five power shots October and November in various loca- 8,291 points at the IAAF men’s World
Ukrainian club lost its first match of the during the fight, while Klitschko landed tions around the world. Combined Events Challenge, held in
group stage against Partizan on December
264 power shots with 141 telling punch- Talence, France, on September 19. The
16 in Belgrade, Serbia, after an early score Triathlon
es. President Viktor Yushchenko congrat- ten events included the 100 meters, long
by Diarra in the sixth minute on a snow-
ulated the Ukrainian on his victory. Yuliya Sapunova won the 2009 Eilat jump, shot put, high jump, 400 meters,
dusted field. Partizan collected four yellow
Klitschko has reached a preliminary International Triathlon Union European 110-meter hurdles, discus throw, pole
cards during the tightly contested match.
agreement to fight British challenger Premium Cup in Israel on November 21. vault, javelin throw and 1,500 meters.
David Haye, who holds the WBA heavy- Sapunova, who topped the Under-23
• Dynamo Kyiv has been eliminated Track and field
weight title. No other details on the ranking, finished with a time of 2:08:36.
from the UEFA Champions League group
upcoming match have been released. Serhiy Lebid won the bronze medal at
stage after its loss to Barcelona (2-1) on Heptathlon
December 9 in Kyiv. Ukraine finished in the 16th Spar European Cross Country
• Wladimir Klitschko is scheduled to Nataliya Dobrynska won the Championships in Dublin, Ireland, on
Group F in last place with five points
defend his WBO title against mandatory International Association of Athletics December 14. Lebid is an eight-time
after six matches played. Along the way,
challenger Eddie Chambers on March 20, Federations (IAAF) women’s World medalist at these championship games.
Dynamo finished with one win, two
2010, in Germany. Klitschko holds the Combined Events Challenge in Talence,
draws and three losses, with seven goals
IBF, IBO and WBO heavyweight tiles.
for and nine goals against. Dynamo’s France, on September 19 with 6,485 – compiled by Matthew Dubas
The fight was initially slated for
group included Internazionale Milano,
December 2009, but was postponed due
Rubin Kazan and Barcelona.
to Klitschko’s injury to his arm.
• Andriy Shevchenko was rated 13th
among the “World Players of the Decade” • Vitali and Wladimir Klitschko
by British World Soccer magazine in received the Bambi media award on
December. In 2004 Shevchenko was November 30 from Germany, recognizing
awarded the Golden Ball, for being the them as the most popular sports stars in
best European soccer player of the year. Germany.
The Ukrainian striker plays for his home
club, Dynamo Kyiv. • Andriy Fedchuk, who won the bronze
medal at the 1998 Junior World Boxing
• The Football Federation of Ukraine Championships, a bronze medal at the
(FFU) was fined 50,000 euros on 2004 European Amateur Boxing
December 3 by the Federation of Championships and a bronze medal at the
International Football Associations 2000 Olympic Summer Games in Sydney,
(FIFA) after Ukraine’s fans attacked was killed in a vehicle accident on
England’s goalkeepers Robert Green and November 15.
David James with flares at the Dnipro Tennis
Arena in Dnipropetrovsk on October 10.
• Kateryna Bondarenko and her sister
• Shakhtar Donetsk is ranked in fourth Alona hold the 32nd and 33rd spots in the
place among 350 soccer clubs, according Sony Ericsson WTA Tour Singles
to the International Federation of Football Rankings released on November 30.
History and Statistics (IFFHS) release of Viktoria Kutuzova was ranked in 88th
December 2. Shakhtar shares its fourth- place. In doubles, the Bondarenko sisters
place standing with Germany’s Hamburg. were ranked 39th (Alona) and 41st
Other ranked Ukrainian teams included (Kateryna), while Maria Korytseva was
Dynamo Kyiv in 29th place, Metalist in 62nd place and Olha Savchuk was
Kharkiv in 63rd, Metalurg Donetsk in ranked 80th.
105th, Tavaria Symferopol in 329th and
Vorskla Poltava in 342nd place. • Alona and Kateryna Bondarenko will
for the first time be seeded players at the
• Oleksiy Mykhailychenko voiced his 2010 Australian Open based on their per-
readiness to work with the Ukrainian formances in 2009.
National Team until the Euro-2012 soccer Weightlifting
championships. This came following
Ukraine’s elimination from the 2010 FIFA Ukraine won five medals at the 2009
World Cup in South Africa. “My contract World Weightlifting Championships in
expires this month. If I am proposed to Goyang, South Korea, on November 17-29.
extend it, I will be ready to work. I am not Artem Udachyn (+105 kg) won the silver
going to give up. If it is to look at the whole medal in the snatch (200 kg), clean and jerk
qualification cycle, [Greece] was the first (245 kg) and overall (445 kg) events. Ihor
team we have yielded to after two legs. We Shemchenko won gold in the snatch (202
have yielded neither to England, nor kg) bronze in the overall (427 kg).
Croatia, nor even Belarus and Kazakhstan,”
Mikhailychenko said. Ukraine lost to
Greece 0-1 and tied (0-0) in the first leg. Ihor Borysyk won the silver in the

HURI conference... Svobodyshaia,” its significance in light of

Poltava and what it showed about the
elaborated in Suzdal and a number of
other towns of the Principality of
much alive today among the Ukrainian
political elite and that the Battle of
(Continued from page 5) development of Ukrainian literature in Moscow. Poltava was not yet over.
bank Ukraine,” Prof. Flier emphasized. the century after the battle. In keeping with this decision most of The final session, chaired by Dr. Hajda
“However, it is interesting to note that “The true measure and deeper signifi- the additions and rebuilding of churches and composed of panelists Taras
when Mazepa dealt with concepts or the cance of the work,” Prof. Grabowicz and monasteries done in the Ukrainian Koznarsky, associate professor at the
realm of the imagination or romance, he pointed out, “is the way that it fits into, Baroque style and funded by Hetman U n i v e r s i t y o f To r o n t o ; K s e n y a
regularly used Polish words, ideas and and, in fact, supplies a missing link for Mazepa were removed. The same hap- Kiebuuzinki, Slavic resources coordinator
constructs. This should not be surpris- the continuum of Ukrainian literature as pened with the iconography and other art and the head of the Petro Jacyk Central
ing,” Prof. Flier said, “since Mazepa was seen from the perspective of an ideal or work. Secular buildings were not spared and East European Resource Center at the
educated at the Mohyla Academy in Kyiv, trans-temporal order. The work is nothing and most of the historic examples of the University of Toronto; and Alois Woldan,
which at the time took followed Western less than a deft conflation of historical vibrant and distinctive 18th century art professor of Slavic literatures at the
European models and then continued his time. It deals with Hetman Bohdan and architecture of Ukraine were Intitute for Slavic Studies at the
education in a Jesuit University in Poland. Khmelnytsky, the events leading up to destroyed. What was left adhered to the University of Vienna; looked at the
1648 and the liberation of Ukraine form pan Slavic models as defined by Moscow, impact of Mazepa and Poltava on
He also served at the Polish Court in
Polish rule, and, then, in the fifth act proj- she noted. European art and literature with special
Warsaw for a number of years and regu-
ects 20 years into the future after Poltava Prof. Pevny concluded by looking at reference to developments in 19th France,
larly went on diplomatic missions for the
and Tsar Peter’s death and looks to the contemporary restorations of major eccle- England, Germany and the United States,
Polish king.”
accession to the throne of Peter II with sial buildings in Kyiv undertaken by the ranging from serious art, history and
Michael Moser, University of Vienna
great hope for a new era in Ukraine and a Ukrainian government since indepen- music to kitsch.
associate professor of Slavic philology
successful hetmancy of Danylo Apostol.” dence in the Ukrainian Baroque style For many, the panel revealed, the two
and linguistics at the Institute for Slavic
“It also shows the clear thematic and architecturally, and artistically and point- themes came to represent stereotypes of
Studies and professor at the Ukrainian
rhetorical continuation of a number of ed out that the choice clearly reflected a swashbuckling freedom, the mysterious,
Free University in Munich, continued the
works of early modern Ukrainian litera- philosophical and political perception of the unknown and even the erotic. As a
topic by looking at Mazepa’s public cor-
ture and forms a remarkably powerful the historic past. result some of the artistic production was
respondence as formulated in the rooted in reality, while a good portion of
bond across more than a century,” Prof. During the session dealing with history
Hetmanate’s chancery and represented by and memory, Prof. Alexander Kamenskii it was symbolic and had nothing to do
Grabowicz continued. “Finally, it posits
two universals and correspondence with Ukraine as a special numinous place, of the Russian State University for the either with the Hetman or the 1709 battle.
the Russian tsars and a number of high blessed by God by virtue of its past hero- Humanities pointed out that the Russians In his keynote address at the close of
Russian noble officials. ism and, even more importantly, by rea- were slow to come to terms with Poltava the conference, Paul Bushkovitch, profes-
“It is clear from the internal evidence son of its past and present suffering. It is and that no histories of the battle were sor of history and Religious Studies at
of the documents themselves, that the a deep paradigm of Ukraine as both fallen written for more than 60 years. While the Yale University, made several observa-
chancery used contemporary Left Bank and degraded and yet endowed with a Swedish participants wrote volumes, the tions on the impact that the battle of
Ukrainian in its work and that documents Divine promise of resurrection.” Russian sources are almost completely Poltava had on geopolitics. After analyz-
intended for Russian readers were then Art, and particularly the art of Ukraine, silent. Accordingly, the Russian accounts ing the roles played by Sweden, Russia
translated,” Prof. Moser said. “It is inter- was also impacted and the production of of Poltava when finally written in the late and Ukraine, Prof. Bushkovitch observed
esting that there is almost no use of icons and wall sized tapestries was har- 18th century reflect the needs and percep- that the Battle of Poltava enabled Tsar
Russian or Russian constructs, and that in nessed for propaganda purposes. Russian tions of the Russian administration and Peter I to use the issue of local autonomy
the few cases where it does occur, usually imperial regalia and the personage of the bureaucracy of the late 1780s, rather than in the broader context of international
in titulature, it merely transcribes the tsar became the focus of much of this what actually happened on the field. affairs in order to better position Russia.
Russian original.” work and they were portrayed as larger Prof. Kamenskii also looked at the “Peter ruthlessly suppressed Cossack
“Again, the chancery documents show than life and as part of the divine order. popular memory of Poltava in Russia and autonomy both in the Don region and in
many Polonisms, Polish thoughts, and, in Prof. Elena Boeck of DePaul University showed that there is little interest or the Hetmanate,” Prof. Bushkovitch point-
a number of cases, Polish words,” Prof. looked at icons that were produced in understanding among today’s Russian ed out, “ [but] he positioned himself as
Moser added. “However, a short time Russia and Ukraine after the battle and populace of what happened: “It happened [the] champion [of local autonomy] in the
before the battle of Poltava, there was a the subtle, and not so subtle messages in Ukraine;” “It was far away;” “It had Baltics, in Poland and, ultimately, in
major change in style but not in favor of that they were meant to convey. little direct impact.” He also talked about Sweden itself.” Because of this strategy
Russian as might be expected but to Prof. Tatiana Senkevitch of the the fact that Russian state television gave of Peter’s, Sweden was eclipsed as a first-
archaic Church Slavonic and this shift University of Toronto examined the post extensive coverage to commemorations rate European power and the Russian
reflects the appointment of Pylyp Orlyk Poltava monumental wall hangings that of the 300th anniversary of Poltava and empire was able to expand to the Baltic
as chancellor. Before his appointment, were produced in the Russian Imperial yet informal polling of the general popu- Sea.
Orlyk had served as chancellor for the factory and analyzed their use of imagery lation, particularly the youth, showed that “It can be argued that these outcomes
metropolitan of Kyiv and carried out all and message. there was almost no understanding of the had the greatest impact on the future
ecclesial correspondence with Moscow Noted Ukrainian Canadian architect event or why it was being commemorat- because they made Russia a major power
Church officials in that language, and, as Radoslav Zuk of McGill University ed. in Europe, and they opened up the
a result, viewed it as the natural language closely examined the architecture of the Volodymyr Kravchenko, professor of Russian court and the Russian bureaucra-
of diplomacy.” Hetmanate and showed that it was closely history, chair of the Department of cy to the Baltic Germans and by doing so
Giovanna Brogi, University of Milan related to high Baroque examples current Ukrainian Studies, and Director of the converted Russia into a multi-ethnic, mul-
professor of Slavistics and director of the in Italy. He argued that the architecture of Kowalsky Eastern Ukrainian Institute at ticonfessional empire,” Prof. Bushkovitch
Department of Linguistic, Literary and the time, particularly church architecture, the V.N. Karazin National University of concluded.
Philological Studies, then looked at the reflected a philosophy of man, his destiny Kharkiv, looked at Poltava in Ukrainian In addition to contributions from col-
impact that Battle of Poltava had on the and of the universe, and that the architec- historiography and emphasized the fact league institutions, costs of the confer-
linguistic styles of high churchmen, par- ture of Hetmanate Ukraine was clearly that Ukrainian historians have been ence were also underwritten by a number
ticularly Stefan Javorskyj and Teofan Western in both its appearance and its ambivalent toward Poltava and that there of Harvard University endowed gifts: the
Prokopovyc, and found that with the pro- philosophical underpinnings. have been two major approaches – the Walter Bacad Fund, the Michael and
gression of time Russian style and literary Prof. Olenka Pevny of the University Ukrainian and the Little Russian. The Alexandra Lysyj Fund in Ukrainian
practice slowly became the norm, of Richmond looked at the subsequent first has consistently portrayed Mazepa as Studies, the Irena Lubchak Fund, the Alex
although some clearly Ukrainian elements fate of Hetmanate buildings in the a Ukrainian patriot seeking to free his Woskob Family Foundation Fund, the
continued to be utilized, especially in Ukrainian Baroque style and emphasized country from the dictates of the tsar and Ihor and Oksana Humeniuk Ukrainian
works aimed exclusively at Ukrainian the fact that not only do victors get to the encroachment of the Russian empire; Studies Fund, the Oksana Czeredarczuk
audiences. write history to suit themselves but they as an astute political leader and as the Folwarkiw Ukrainian Studies Fund, the
Harvard’s Dmytro Čyževskyj Professor also get to manipulate the architectural embodiment of traditional Ukrainian Orest Hladky and Maria Lubomyra
of Ukrainian Literature George G. record. From the first third of the 19th European culture, while the latter main- Hladky Ukrainian Studies Fund, and the
Grabowicz brought the session to a close century onward, at the direction of the tains that Mazepa was immoral, a traitor, Julian and Myroslawa Salisnjak Ukrainian
with an in-depth analysis of the school Russian Imperial Court, concerted efforts an outdated politician and that he violated Studies Fund.
play, written in the traditional Western were made to restore all ecclesiastical the estate liberties of the Cossack leader- Audio of all of the presentations made
scholastic Baroque style in 1728 by a fac- buildings dating from the time of Kyivan ship and the Little Russian nobility. at the conference will be available on
ulty member of the Kyiv Mohyla Rus’ to their original form defined as a Prof. Kravchenko concluded by point- HURI’s website, http://www.huri.harvard.
Academy, “Mylost Bozhiia Ukrainu... modification of the Byzantine models as ing out that both these attitudes are very edu.

Plast members... Ukrainian Catholic Church in Whippany,

located in the Ukrainian American
(Continued from page 1) Cultural Center of New Jersey. Plast
small villages in Ukraine in anticipation National President Petro Stawnychy
of the Peace Light’s arrival, waiting began the ceremony, passing the flame on
eagerly with candles and lanterns to to young plastuny, as well as to leaders of
receive the light from Bethlehem. local Plast chapters, including Passaic,
In the last few years, Plast Ukraine has N.J., and New York City, who were in
sent delegates to Vienna to retrieve the attendance. Also present were four repre-
flame, participating with other interna- sentatives of Plast Argentina, who
received the flame and will be taking it
tional scouting groups in a larger ceremo-
back to Argentina.
The Rt. Rev. Mitred Protopresbyter
For Plast members in the United States,
Roman Mirchuk, pastor of St. John’s in
participation in the Peace Light move-
Whippany, shared his reflections on the
ment started in the winter of 2007-2008.
Bethlehem Peace Light. The pastor of St.
Stephen Szyszka, leader of the local Plast
John the Baptist Ukrainian Catholic
chapter in Washington, had witnessed the Church in nearby Newark, the Rev.
Peace Light ceremonies while living in Leonid Malkov, was present to take the
Great Britain. The District of Columbia Peace Light back to his parish.
boys’ troop Akuly began to do some Since then the Bethlehem Peace Light
George Kuzmowycz
research in hopes of starting up this tradi- has also been passed along to Plast Representatives of Plast Ukrainian Scouting Organization, Latvian Scouts and
tion in their chapter. At the traditional branches in Philadelphia, Cleveland, Boy Scouts of America with crewmembers of Austrian Air who flew the
Christmastime “Svichechka,” they sang Washington, Chicago, Boston, Hartford, Bethlehem Peace Light from Vienna to New York.
the beautiful and meaningful Peace Light Conn., and Kerhonkson, Rochester,
song written by Solomiya Keyvan of Syracuse, Buffalo and Yonkers, N.Y.,
Ukraine and prepared an informative with other U.S. branches to follow in
poster. short succession.
The following winter the Akuly got in The Bethlehem Peace Light is reaching
touch with the Boy Scouts of America not only Plast’s local chapters, but also
and made arrangements to receive the many churches and civic organizations.
flame from them. In the meantime, the In South Bound Brook, N.J., at the
National Council of Plast U.S.A. had Metropolia Center of the Ukrainian
made arrangements to join the other Orthodox Church of the U.S.A., the Peace
scouting groups at JFK Airport in receiv- Light was received by Archbishop Antony
ing the Peace Light. Thus, Motriya during a beautiful ceremony at St.
Waters, vice-president of Plast U.S.A., Andrew Memorial Church. Washington’s
distributed the flame to seven chapters Plast members delivered the Peace Light
throughout the country in 2008. to the U.S. military at Fort Bragg, N.C.,
This year, Alexandra Lebed chairs presenting it to Lt. Col. David L.
Plast’s Peace Light program with the Druckenmiller of the U.S. Army.
assistance of other members of the Ti, Plans are also being made to pass the
Scho Hrebli Rvut sorority of senior Plast light on to Plast Canada to Toronto,
members. Montreal and Winnipeg.
After members of the sorority received Readers may visit the website www.
Mary Kolodij
the Peace Light at JFK Airport, the offi- to view videos,
cial passing of the light ceremony began pictures and summaries of this year’s At St. Andrew Ukrainian Orthodox Memorial Church, the Very Rev. Yurij Siwko
on December 6 at St. John the Baptist events. (left) and Archbishop Antony receive the Bethlehem Peace Light.

The Germans'... whom there is admittedly no evidence of

a single murder, not even a simple assault. Bethlehem Peace Light
arrives in Ukraine
(Continued from page 8) The evidence against the prosecutors’ liv-
conjecture but based on historical evi- ing Nazi witnesses is specific to the
dence that will stand the test of litigation. crimes of murder. Here are two excerpts
from the testimonies: KYIV – Lviv members of Plast Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and
The events of the Holocaust are shock- National Scout Organization of Ukraine Moldova.
ing and indisputable; however, the Testimony of Bronov, September 5,
1950, pages 2, 3: “Because of poor shoot- on December 15 accepted the Bethlehem On December 21 it was reported that
Munich trial is a travesty of justice. To be Peace Light from Polish scouts, Harzery, the Bethlehem Peace Light had arrived in
sure, the survivors and families are not ing, many of the people doomed to death
were only wounded. Kunts [sic] saw their on the Ukraine-Poland border. Kyiv. At the Ivan Honchar Museum the
responsible for what is being perpetrated Three days earlier, representatives Peace Light was presented to representa-
by the Munich prosecution, co-prosecut- suffering, approached Pichulyak, and
took his rifle, as he was only armed with of Plast Ukraine participated in public tives of four Churches: the Ukrainian
ing attorneys and judiciary. As history has prayer services in Vienna, where the Orthodox Church – Kyiv Patriarchate, the
proven, it is Germany that is to blame for a pistol. Then, while saying the words
‘that is not how we shoot them,’ he fired Peace Light was delivered from Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox
their suffering and also my father’s, since Bethlehem. From there the light was Church, the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic
several times at the prisoners lying in the
he was captured as a Red Army POW. disseminated to other countries. It Church and the Roman Catholic Church.
The Munich prosecutor has documen- arrived in Ukraine from Poland, which On December 20 Plast members
Testimony of Knysh, January 29, 1948,
tary evidence from over 50 witnesses received the Peace Light from Austria. from Lviv brought the Bethlehem
page 8: “Aleskej Nagornyj [sic] ... He
who gave testimony independently during Plast members from Ukraine will Peace Light to Ukraine’s highest peak,
served as an SS Wachmann in the detach-
the past 60 years to German, Polish, deliver the Peace Light to scouts from Hoverlia, in the Carpathian Mountains.
ment of the Travniki [sic] concentration
Canadian and Soviet investigators that camp from the first days when the camp
collectively validate as historical truth was established. He then served as an SS
that Soviet POWs like my father were Wachmann in the Treblinka concentration
treated inhumanely and murdered by star- camp and in the Ostarbeiter camp in
vation. Additional testimonies individual- Rostok. From his statements to me, I
ly and collectively validate that POW know that he participated in a shooting of
Trawnikis were coerced under fear of 3,000 prisoners.”
death into service and shot for planning For the Sobibor survivors attending the
desertion, attempting escape, theft of trial, families of the victims and the gal-
valuables, etc. lery of media reporting to the world to be
The co-prosecuting attorneys repre- unaware of the investigative material is
senting the Jewish co-plaintiffs should be understandable. However, the attorneys
aware that among the witnesses to be who are co-prosecuting with the Munich
called by them are two German citizens team must be aware of their own investi-
who did not serve in Sobibor but in other gative files.
Nazi death camps, including Belzec and The German court, which acts as part
Treblinka (prosecution witnesses listed as of the investigation and is required to be
No. 4 Nagorny and No. 5 Kunz). The familiar with the case file, the prosecutors
Munich prosecutor has multiple investi- and the attorneys of the Nebenkläger are
gative reports about these German citi- shamefully exploiting the Jewish survi-
zens having committed specific murders, vors and victims’ families for the purpose
yet to date they have not been prosecuted. of showing the world that Germany is not
Thus, the true Nazi murderers are being guilty. For Germany, the motive for con-
shielded by the prosecutors while they try victing John Demjanjuk is to acquit
to convict a Ukrainian POW against Germany.

General meeting of Ukrainian school teachers held in Ellenville

by George Gajecky
ELLENVILLE, N.Y. – During Columbus
Day weekend, October 9-11, over 60 teach-
ers from 15 schools met at the Ukrainian
American Youth Association estate to elect
officers for the 2009-2012 term and consider
new approaches and methods to teaching
children in schools of Ukrainian studies.
On Friday, October 9, principals and
inspectors discussed the status of their
schools, achievements and problems during
the year. They reported on the number of
students and faculty, programs, graduates,
school activities, cooperation with parents
and use of the Internet for communications.
There are now 41 schools affiliated with
the Educational Council encompassing over
300 teachers and over 2,500 – students.
Most of the teachers are from the Fourth
Wave of immigrants. To help them improve
their readiness and teaching skills, they
attend Summer school programs held at
Saturday was devoted to reports. Dr. Volodymyr Bodnar
Eugene Fedorenko, Educational Council Participants of the general meeting of teachers of schools of Ukrainian studies.
president, noted activities during the
2006-2009 term: new programs for the state are encouraged to take the Board of that invaded Ukraine and the 300th anniver- during which Volodymyr Bodnar of the
upper grades in history, geography, culture, Regents exams for extra credit, Dr. sary of Hetman Ivan Mazepa’s rule Parma, Ohio, school gave a succinct presen-
Ukrainian literature and language; and a Fedorenko noted. (1687-1709). tation on the use of the Internet in Ukrainian
new program for the lower grades. A text- Treasurer Maria Reshitnyk presented the Elected to the new executive were Dr. schools. There is a wealth of material for
book on culture was published by Ihor financial report for the three-year period, Fedorenko, president; Stephan Patrylyak, teachers preparing lessons; the Internet can
Mirchuk in two volumes. while other reports, were presented in print- Dr. Gajecky and Volodymyr Kryvonos, also be used for administrative purposes,
He also reported that schools took part in ed form. vice-presidents; Valentyna Kaploun and giving students their assignments and com-
the Holodomor commemorations and letters George Gajecky, vice-president, Roman Dubenko, secretaries; Ms. municating with teachers, All schools should
were sent to the New York State Senate and addressed the assembly and called attention Reshitnyk, treasurer; Volodymyr Bodnar, have websites and should use the Internet,
Assembly to pass legislation to include to some important dates in Ukrainian history Roman Brukh and Olha Kostiv, members. the speaker emphasized.
teaching about the Famine-Genocide in the that teachers should concentrate on in the Auditing Committee members are: Teodor Dr. Fedorenko voiced his hope that
New York public school curriculum. coming year: the 360th anniversary of the Caryk, Orest Polishchuk, Ivanka Omeliash, schools would be able to organize students
A story about the Holodomor called founding of the Hetmanate (1649), the 350th Mykola Duplak and Oksana Kulynych. The to take advantage of the summer schools
“Burzhuika” by Mykola Ponedilok was pub- anniversary of the Battle of Zboriv (1649), Arbitration Board comprises Yurii and camp programs in Ukraine.
lished as required reading for the upper The battle of Konotop (1659) when the Kosachevych, Svitlana Khmurkovska, Olha Dr. Gajecky pointed out the opportunity
grades. Students in the schools of New York Kozaks destroyed a huge Muscovite army Kekish, Andrii Pereklita and George Iaskiv. presented by charter schools legislation to
 On Sunday there was a panel discussion organize one with a Ukrainian program.

The conference presidium (from left): Dr. Eugene Fedorenko, Prof. George Olha Kavun, representative of Ukraine’s Mission to the United Nations, is flanked
Gajecky and Yuri Kosachevych. by Maria Reshitnyk and Dr. Eugene Fedorenko.

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present Ukrainian folk dance concert at World Fashion Chicago

Christine Syzonenko
Veselka (above) and Iskra (below) in concert at the Ukrainian American Cultural
Center of New Jersey.
WHIPPANY, N.J. – The Iskra Ukrainian Dance Ensemble and Academy of Vera Eliashevsky
Whippany, N.J., and the Vesselka Ukrainian-Brazilian Folk Group of Prudentopolis, At the exclusive after party at Cuvee Lounge (from left) are Orysia Cardoso, Vera
Brazil, joined forces recently to present a gala concert of Ukrainian folk dance at the Eliashevsky, Petrusia Watral, Chrystia Hryhorczuk, Luba Skubiak, Diana
Ukrainian American Cultural Center of New Jersey (UACCNJ). Minkowycz and Olya Popowych.
Iskra, founded over 10 years ago as one of the dance studios of Roma Pryma
Bohachevsky, is under the artistic direction of Andrij Cybyk. It encompasses more by Vera Eliashevsky Richard M. Daley. “World Fashion Chicago
then 70 students ranging in age from 6 to 20 in three dance groups based on ability and not only showcases our 28 Sister Cities, but
age. CHICAGO – World Fashion Chicago also the internationally-inspired fashion
Vesselka, founded in 1958 by the Rev. Efraim Krevey, today the bishop of returned to Millennium Park on September designers who live and work in our city.”
Ukrainian Catholics in Brazil, is based in Prudentopolis, in an area of the state of 30 for its fourth turn on the runway. Building More than 35 local fashion designers
Parana where about 80 percent of residents are descendants of Ukrainian immigrants. upon the tremendous success of the past were featured alongside international design-
The group’s artistic director and choreographer is Paulo Guimaraes Boiko. three shows, the Chicago Sister Cities ers from sister cities such as Milan, Italy,
A portion of the proceeds from the October 9 concert benefited the UACCNJ. International Program (CSCIP) once again Shanghai, China, and Durban, South Africa.
featured some of the hottest international Kyiv was represented by designer Vika
fashions, showcasing high-end designers Brown ( Originally
that represent each of Chicago’s 28 sister from the Poltava region of Ukraine, Ms.
cities, and whose work can be found here in Brown moved to Chicago in 1998 and has
Chicago. been one of Chicago’s most stylish labels
“Chicago Sister Cities International since 2002. In 2006 she received the Macy’s
embraces our cultural diversity through its Distinction in Design Award for her couture-
people-to-people initiatives,” said Mayor quality work.
The pre-show reception brought together
Vera Eliashevsky is chair of Chicago/ fashion industry professionals, as well as
Kyiv Committee of the Chicago Sister community and business leaders from across
Cities International Program. Chicago’s widely diverse ethnic citizenship.

Ukrainian community members meet

with Virsky Dance Company’s director

Designer Vika Brown, origi- Vera Eliashevsky (left), chair of the Kyiv
nally of the Poltava region in Committee of Chicago Sister Cities International,
Ukraine. with Cook County Treasurer Maria Pappas.
Roma Hadzewycz

MORRISTOWN, N.J. – During the recent North American tour of the Virsky Ukrainian
National Dance Company, a group of Ukrainian American community members from Want to see your name in print?
Morris County had an opportunity to meet with the general and artistic director of the
famed ensemble, Myroslav Vantukh. Above, after the troupe’s performance at the Then why not become a correspondent of
Community Theater at the Mayo Center for the Performing Arts in Morristown, N.J., on The Ukrainian Weekly in your community?
November 19, Mr. Vantukh (center) is seen with local Ukrainians, among them Christine
Syzonenko, an administrator of the Iskra Ukrainian Dance Ensemble of Whippany, We welcome submissions from all our Ukrainian communities,
N.J., Anna Denysyk, a member of the Arts, Culture and Education Committee of the no matter where they are located. Let the rest of us know
Ukrainian American Cultural Center of New Jersey, Stefan Kaczaraj, president of the what you’re up to in your corner of the Ukrainian diaspora!
Ukrainian National Association, and Michael Koziupa of the Morris County branch of Any questions? Call The Weekly, 973-292-9800, ext. 3049.
the Ukrainian Congress Committee of America.


Kule Folklore Center sponsors workshops highlighting Ukrainian dolls

EDMONTON, Alberta – The Kule the first in a folk art instructional series.
Folklore Center sponsored two “mot- Traditionally, motanky had a dual
anky” workshops in November. Natalie function. They were playthings for chil-
Kononenko, Kule Chair of Ukrainian dren and they were also talismans, made
Ethnography at the University of Alberta, to ward off illness and the evil eye. In
organized both events. Motanky are more recent times, such dolls and were
Ukrainian dolls built from scraps of cloth made by lower-income children whose
wound (the verb “motaty” means to wind) parents could not afford “store-bought”
around a cloth, birch bark, or wooden dolls.
base. Prof. Kononenko remembered that
The first workshop took place at St. when she was a newly immigrated child
Anthony’s Ukrainian Orthodox Church in New Jersey her grandfather gave her
and was part of “Super Saturday,” a festi- scraps of wood, while her mother provide
val for the children of the parish. The sec- the leftover pieces of fabric that she used
ond was in the newly re-located Bohdan to make her own dolls.
Medwisky Folklore Archives at the With the independence of Ukraine and
University of Alberta. The archive has the revival of interest in Ukrainian tradi-
moved to more spacious quarters in the tional culture, motanky are again popular
Arts Building, Room 250, which allows emblems of Ukrainian culture. They are
for the hosting of public events. The first sold at festivals, and Ukrainians buy them
such event was the screening of the for their beauty and also for use as talis-
Ukrainian horror film Shtol’nia in time for mans (oberehy). They are also popular
Halloween. The motanky workshop was souvenirs for tourists.
The focus of the two workshops was to
make small versions of motanky dolls Natalie Kononenko (left) helps Jiaying You and Svitlana Kukharenko (standing)
which would be suitable as Christmas- helps Maryna Chernyavska.
tree ornaments. Although the first work-
shop was aimed at children, in fact the In the “hands-on” section, the partici- (the wide “spidnytsia” or the narrow
making of the dolls requires quite a bit of pants first made an angel. This is made “plakhta”), the kerchiefs (“khustka”), the
manual dexterity and is more suitable for from a pre-cut square of fabric with a cot- vest (“keptar”), the apron (“khvartukh”),
older children or adults. ton-ball inserted in the center for the and the hat (“kapeliukh”) etc.
Before the hands-on session Prof. head. The head, wings and waist are made Students Genia Boivin and Svitlana
Kononenko gave an illustrated talk on by tying embroidery floss around the Kukherenko assisted in the session held
Christmas traditions and the association body of the angel. at the Folklore Archive.
of them with crops and the harvest. The In both sessions the participants then The Kule Folklore Center plans to
participants then watched a short movie made other dolls. The bodies were either make the motanka workshop an annual
from 1942 about Christmas on the built on pre-rolled tubes of paper or on event and to offer a series of workshops.
Canadian Prairies, specifically Manitoba. thick fabric rolled up to form the body A gerdan (beadwork) workshop co-spon-
The presentation concluded with a series and arms of the dolls. In both cases col- sored with ACUA, the Alberta Council
An example of a “motanka,” a Ukrainian of illustrations of classical motanky from ored fabric was then added to generate for the Ukrainian Arts, is planned for
doll constructed from scraps of cloth. the literature. clothing. Possible items included the skirt February.

Battle of Konotop is re-enacted at Ukrainian Homestead

by Teresa Livingston well as replica camp tents. There were
varied cultural displays, games and fenc-
LEHIGHTON, Pa. – In the midst of ing practice areas for kids with guided
some of the most beautiful autumn weath- instruction.
er that Pennsylvania has to offer, the
Artisans were proud to show and
sounds of swords clashing and the booms
explain in great detail, not only their
of canons broke the serenity of the day.
weaponry, but their other artifacts as well,
The Ukrainian Homestead, off Route 209
such as bowls, pots and cooking utensils,
outside of Lehighton, was the scene on
as men and women alike helped cook
October 3-4 for the re-enactment of the
Battle of Konotop – which the Kozak and their meals over an open fire. Their cloth-
Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth armies ing was elaborate, yet functional, as per-
battled the forces of Muscovy (Russia). formers explained in detail how pieces
Ulana Prociuk, organizer and promoter were created and for what purpose.
for the Ukrainian Homestead, and her Lucky guests who were fortunate
husband invited troops of talented artists enough to share in the warmth and cam-
to perform re-enactments of various wars raderie of the outdoor campfire with the
and conflicts from Ukrainian, Polish and performers, later shared some fancy foot-
Russian history. The troops represented work with these entertainers in the dance
numerous countries that were at war dur- hall.
ing the 17th century, and demonstrated Onlookers of all ages who witnessed
how certain war strategies were utilized the re-enactments throughout the week-
to conquer enemy forces. end were pleased with the weather and
The Battle of Konotop (also known as the visitors who came to share in the pro-
the Battle of Sosnivka) was a battle gram, and organizers intend to incorpo-
fought between Ukraine, with Polish and rate more such events into the Ukrainian
Tatar allies, and the armies of tsarist Homestead calendar.
Russia on June 29, 1659, near the town of The Ukrainian Homestead is located at
Konotop, Ukraine. Guests were invited 1230 Beaver Run Drive in Lehighton, PA
to attend and be witnesses to “conflicts” 18235. For more information, directions,
that were staged throughout the day and or to see upcoming events, readers may
to examine handmade swords, knives, call 610-377-4621 or log on to http://
guns and other weapons of the period, as

To subscribe to The Ukrainian Weekly,

call 973-292-9800, ext. 3042
Scenes form the re-enactmant of the Battle of Konotop of 1659.


Chicago Sister Cities inaugurate Donation made to orphans from proceeds

Medical Initiative Program of “Ukrainians of Greater Philadelphia”
by Vera Eliashevsky about recent clinical and scientific advanc- by Ulana Prociuk The committee has received letters
es in breast cancer research from interna- expressing heartfelt gratitude from the
CHICAGO – Earlier this year, Chicago tional experts. As part of this year’s event, PHILADELPHIA – A committee to orphans, who promised prayers asking
Sister Cities International announced the the Lurie Cancer Center awarded one phy- promote the Alexander Lushnycky’s book the Lord’s blessings on the author and all
launch of the Chicago Sister Cities Medical sician from each of Chicago’s 28 sister cit- “Ukrainians of Greater Philadelphia” was who contributed to this cause.
Initiative Program, designed to develop ies with the opportunity to participate in formed in the fall of 2007 and decided to The committee comprises: Vera
health care initiatives that benefit Chicago this symposium. donate profits to benefit needy Ukrainian Andryczyk, Petro Husky, Yaroslav
and all 28 of its international sister cities. Dr. Igor Galaychuk, M.D., Ph.D., a pro- orphans in Brazil. Zalipsky, Ihor Kushnir, Eryna Cvikula-
The inaugural program was held in conjunc- fessor at Ternopil State Medical University, Sister Lukyj Tzalkovsky, OSBM, of Korchynska, Christina Kulchckyj (secre-
tion with the 11th Annual Lynn Sage Breast was the award recipient representing the orphanage in Reserve-Parana, Brazil, tary), Roman Levytsky, Roksolana Luciw
Cancer Symposium, hosted by the Robert Ukraine. Dr. Galaychuk is the chairman of and Sister Elijana Melnitsky of the Sisters (treasurer), Ulana Mazurkevich, Borys
H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center of the Department of Oncology and Radiology. Servants of the Orphanage in Irata- Pawluk, Ulana Prociuk (chair), Nicholas
Northwestern University, on October 1-4. This program provides an incredible Parana, Brazil, each received $5,000 to Rudnytzky, Ihor Smolij, Christia Senyk
This annual symposium attracts approx- opportunity for Chicago Sister Cities help their noble and blessed cause. and Ihor Czyzhovytch.
imately 800 clinicians to Chicago to learn International to partner with Northwestern
University and their world-renowned cancer
Vera Eliashevsky is chair of Chicago- center. Candice Rosen, chair of the Belgrade
Kyiv Committee of the Chicago Sister Committee, was responsible for making this
Cities International Program. program a reality.

Orphans in Irata-Parana, Brazil.

Vera Eliashevsky

At the Chicago Sister Cities Medical Initiative Program (from left) are: Lida
Truchly, chair, Medical Subcommittee of the Chicago-Kyiv Committee,; Dr. Igor
Galaychuk, of Ternopil State Medical University; and Vera Eliashevsky, chair,
Kyiv Committee of Chicago Sister Cities International.

“Okradena Zemlya” premieres in Ottawa

OTTAWA – As part of its commemorations of the Holodomor, the Ottawa branch

of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress (UCC) sponsored a screening of the recently
released documentary about the Famine-Genocide of 1932-1933 in Ukraine
“Okradena Zemlya.” Filmmaker Yurij Luhovy was present at the Ottawa pre-
miere and received an emotional standing ovation from the audience gathered
on November 29 at the Ukrainian National Home. Also introduced to the audi-
ence were Mr. Luhovy’s daughter Adriana, his main cameraperson, and Zorianna
Hrycenko, the film’s co-producer. Among those present at the showing were
Holodomor survivors and children of survivors, as well as the first secretary for
cultural affairs at the Embassy of Ukraine in Canada, Olena Zakharova. Seen in
the photo above (from left) are: Dr. Julia Woychyshyn, president of the Ottawa
chapter of the Shevchenko Scientific Society; Adriana Buyniak-Willson, UCC
Ottawa president; Mr. Luhovy; and Ms. Zakharova. (For information about the film
or to arrange for a screening, readers may e-mail

Credit union supports Philadelphia’s Ukrainian community

by Andrea Zharovsky youth of Philadelphia, donated a check donation is not only from the USFCU, been a financial institution that has served
for $5,000 at the banquet. Mary Kolodij, but from its members – people in the the interests of its members. Ukrainian
PHILADELPHIA, PA – One of the chairman of the USFCU Board, presented local community. Selfreliance FCU provides its members
main objectives of the Ukrainian the donation to branch President John In September 2009 of this year the with professional and up-to-date financial
Selfreliance Federal Credit Union of Midzak. USFCU launched a program, a program services, while working to create a caring
Philadelphia is to serve the interests and The Philadelphia branch of Plast, designed to help children learn to save environment for its members. It fosters
needs of its members and to give back to Ukrainian Scouting Organization cele- with an opportunity for the Ukrainian the ideals of cooperation, promotes ethnic
its community. brated its 60th Year Anniversary on Heritage School in Philadelphia and the strength and interest, and provides long-
Recently the USFCU did just that by Saturday, November 21 at the Ukrainian Ukrainian School in Trenton to raise term stability for the Ukrainian American
donating to two local Ukrainian youth Educational and Cultural Center with a funds. The first 100 students to register community.
organizations at their recent anniversary program, archives display and ceremonial in the Student $avers Program in each Unlike a bank, which exists for only
celebrations and launching a “Student campfire. Plast is an organization built on school received a backpack filled with one purpose, to make profits for its stock-
$avers Program” for the Ukrainian exemplary international scouting princi- back-to-school supplies just for enrolling. holders, Ukrainian Selfreliance FCU’s
Heritage School of Philadelphia. ples with Ukrainian characteristics. The Throughout the year, participating stu- profits go back to its members and to sup-
The Philadelphia branch of the ideological foundations of Plast, outlined dents became eligible for prize drawings port Ukrainian institutions and organiza-
Ukrainian American Youth Association by its founder Dr. Oleksander Tysovsky to win prizes including laptops, MP3 tions.
(UAYA), celebrated its 60th anniversary and expanded during Plast’s early devel- players, I-Pod, and flash drives. Each Ukrainian Selfreliance Federal Credit
on Saturday, October 24, with a jubilee opment, are built on a Christian world- Ukrainian School then, based on student Union’s main branch is located at 1729
banquet and ball at the Ukrainian view and the idea of loyalty to the participation levels, will be eligible at the Cottman Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19111
Educational and Cultural Center in Ukrainian nation. end of the school year for a cash dona- and can be reached at 215-725-4430 or
Jenkintown, Pa. UAYA is an organization The Ukrainian Selfreliance Federal tion. 1-888-765-8282. The credit union’s web-
whose mission is to organize, nurture and Credit Union, recognizing Plast’s role for Since 1952, the Ukrainian Selfreliance site at has information,
educate youth in the spirit invoked by the the last 60 years in the Ukrainian commu- Federal Credit Union of Philadelphia has hours of operation and the newest rates.
ideals “God and Ukraine.” nity in Philadelphia, donated a check for
The Ukrainian Selfreliance Federal $5,000 at the celebration. Roman Petyk,
Credit Union, recognizing the UAYA’s
commitment and dedication to Ukrainian
vice-chairman of the USFCU board, pre-
sented the check, emphasizing that the Organization... Bandera. A speech about the Ukrainian
national hero was presented by Mr. Burtyk.
(Continued from page 10) A literary-musical composition, by which
OSBM (Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy in members of the Jersey City, N.J., branch of
Could Yushchenko... of them, in the case of defeat, will appeal
his/her opponent’s victory in the courts.
Stamford); the Rev. Andriy Dudkevych
(St. Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic Church,
the UAYA marked the 100th anniversary of
Bandera’s birth and the 50th anniversary of
(Continued from page 6) And Yushchenko, who won’t earn more P a s s a i c , N . J . ) ; t h e R e v. O l e h the day of his assassination.
All these conditions give rise to a than 5 percent, will say that until you The Pavlyshyn sisters performed and,
Zhovnirovych (Holy Ascension Ukrainian
Axiom No. 4: Amidst the election chaos, resolve this among yourselves, I can’t together with all those present, inspiringly
Orthodox Church, Clifton, N.J.); Ms.
President Yushchenko will not relinquish allow an inauguration to be held.” sang the Lemko national songs “Hory
Tamara Gallo-Olexy (UCCA); Genia
his post unless he guarantees himself Among the reforms could be President Nashi, Hory” and “Vershe Miy, Vershe,”
Blaha (Ukrainian American Youth as well as other songs filled with love for
political immunity (as former President Yushchenko’s proposal of a 350-member
Association Inc.); Maria Liber (Women’s the native Ukrainian homeland. In her
Leonid Kuchma did), likely in the form Verkhovna Rada (instead of the current
Association for the Defense of Four speech, The keynote speaker, Vira
of an amended Constitution and a seat in 450 members) with an upper and lower
Freedoms for Ukraine); Ivan Burtyk Pavlyshyn, spoke about the poet
the Verkhovna Rada. chamber, possibly an open-list voting
(Organization for the Defense of Four Antonych and his unique ability to depict
For months, President Yushchenko has system and the conversion to a parlia-
mentary republic (which he opposes). Freedoms for Ukraine); and Bohdan the beauty of the Lemko land, mountains
been heavily promoting his plan to amend Harhaj (President of Volya Foundation).
the Constitution of Ukraine, recruiting The wild card in the elections will be and valleys in his poems.
Volodymyr Shapoval, the chair of the Bishop Chomnycky blessed those pres- Representatives of government and civic
Ukrainians who are frustrated with cor-
Central Election Commission – the insti- ent to commence the celebration. organizations, as well as local organizations
ruption and lawlessness in supporting his
tution that ultimately establishes who’s Convention chairman Harhaj introduced and institutions delivered brief messages to
draft. Observers viewed it as a poor cam-
the winner. Mr. Shapoval is considered an Halyna Semenyak, who led the concert pro- the festive gathering.
paign tactic, but Mr. Yushchenko saw the
bigger picture unfolding. ally to President Yushchenko, having gram, which was filled with cultural perfor-
Mutual refusals to recognize the elec- served as the Presidential Secretariat’s mances and produced memories of the – Written in Ukrainian by Nadia
tion results will lead to a stalemate representative to the Constitutional Court. homeland. Burmaka, translated into English by Diana
between Ms. Tymoshenko and Mr. If that’s still the case, Ms. Tymoshenko is The convention also honored Stepan Reilly and Steven Howansky.
Yanukovych. In that case, President in trouble.
Yushchenko will have to remain as presi- However, observers said it’s possible
on foreign (or domestic) policies. When
dent until a compromise is reached, likely
to be an amended Constitution that re-
(that with enough money) Mr. Shapoval
might follow the path taken by Mr. Yushchenko’s... giving their support to Yushchenko,
distributes power. Lutsenko and Mr. Nalyvaichenko, who (Continued from page 2) Halychyna’s Ukrainians do so out of a
“Barring any force majeure, the most defected from the president’s entourage Party of Regions alliance with Russian misplaced fear that Ms. Tymoshenko’s
likely candidates to reach the second to the Tymoshenko clan. nationalist-separatists in the For mix of pragmatism and ideology means
round in the presidential elections are This exemplifies what this pre-election Yanukovych Bloc in the Crimean she has sold out to Russia (
Tymoshenko and Yanukovych,” said Dr. period is boiling down to – a window of ua, November 12).
Parliament led to the first ever violent
Oleh Soskin, director of the Institute of time to amass power and leverage ahead In reaching this conclusion, they forget
anti-American/anti-NATO protests in
Society Transformation in Kyiv. “They of the negotiations likely to emerge in that Ms. Tymoshenko’s 2010 centrist-
Crimea. These derailed joint military patriotic election program is not funda-
will compete for the presidential post and February, perhaps again under the super- exercises with NATO that had peacefully
earn about the same vote results. The dif- vision of the international community, mentally different from the platform upon
occurred for a decade under President which Mr. Yushchenko won the presiden-
ference won’t be significant. And either after the election results are rejected.
Kuchma. cy five years ago.
Mr. Yushchenko’s 2010 election pro-
gram is more pro-Western than in 2004, The article above is reprinted from
Visit our archive online: but following five years of a widening
gulf between rhetoric and substance, few
Eurasia Daily Monitor with permission
from its publisher, the Jamestown
Ukrainians believe in his ability to deliver Foundation,


December 31 New Year’s Eve Gala, featuring music by Hrim, January 6 Christmas Eve Dinner “Sviat Vechir,” Ukrainian
Stamford, CT St. Vladimir Organization of Young Adults, St. Hartford, CT National Home, 860-296-5702
Basil College, 203-329-8693
or January 9 Malanka, featuring music by Halychany, Ukrainian
Hartford, CT National Home, 860-296-6955
December 31 New Year’s Eve Gala, featuring music by Klopit, St.
Chicago Joseph Ukrainian Catholic Church, 773-625-4805 January 10 Concert, “Festival of Carols,” Oseredok Ukrainian
Winnipeg, MB Cultural and Educational Center, 204-942-0218
December 31 New Year’s Eve, featuring music by Tempo,
Whippany, NJ Ukrainian American Cultural Center of New Jersey, January 15 Sixth annual Malanka, St. Vladimir Ukrainian
973-585-7175 Scranton, PA Catholic parish center, 570-563-2275

December 31 New Year’s Gala, featuring music by Svitanok, January 16 Malanka, featuring music by Na Zdorov’ya,
Rochester, NY Ukrainian Cultural Center of Rochester, Dedham, MA Ukrainian American Educational Center of Boston,
585-872-0240 St. John of Damascus Church hall, 508-245-1890

December 31 New Year’s Eve, featuring music by Vorony, January 16 Malanka, featuring music by Vox Ethnika, John J.
Syracuse, NY Ukrainian National Home, 315-478-9272 Ansonia, CT Sullivan’s, 203-735-8233 (no tickets sold at door)

December 31 New Year’s Eve, featuring music by Fata Morgana, January 16 Malanka, Ukrainian American Youth Association –
Jenkintown, PA Ukrainian Educational and Cultural Center, Mississauga, ON Mississauga Branch, Mississauga Convention
215-663-1166 Center,

December 31 New Year’s Eve, featuring music by Anna-Maria January 16 Malanka, Assumption of the Blessed Virgin
Hillsborough, NJ Ukrainian Band, St. Michael the Archangel Ottawa Ukrainian Orthodox Church,
Ukrainian Catholic Church, 908-725-5089
January 22 Malanka, featuring music by Svitanok, Ukrainian
December 31 New Year’s Eve Gala, Ukrainian National Home, Warren, MI Youth Organizations of Metro Detroit, Ukrainian
Jersey City, NJ 201-982-4967 Cultural Center, 586-757-8130 or 586-558-8508

December 31 New Year’s Eve dinner and dance, St. Vladimir January 23 Malanka, Plast Ukrainian Scouting Organization and
Uniondale, NY Ukrainian Catholic Parish center, 516-293-7861 or Montreal Ukrainian Youth Association in Canada, Crown Plaza
516-481-7717 Hotel – Montreal Airport, 514-502-6237

January 2 Concert, “Carol of the Bells,” Assumption of the

Miami, FL Blessed Virgin Mary Ukrainian Catholic Church,
Entries in “Out and About” are listed free of charge. Priority is given to
January 3 Christmas concert, The Byzantine Male Cantors events advertised in The Ukrainian Weekly. However, we also welcome sub-
Scranton, PA Choir of Northeastern Pennsylvania, St. Vladimir missions from all our readers. Items will be published at the discretion of the
Ukrainian Catholic Church, 570-563-2275 editors and as space allows. Please send e-mail to

Soyuzivka’s Datebook Sunday December 27
KERHONKSON, N.Y.: A Ukrainian holi-
information call Choir Director Donna
Maksymowich-Waskiewicz, 954 434 4635,
or visit the church website at http://www.
day marionette program titled “Baba Liuba
December 31 New Year’s Eve and the Spider” will be presented at Holy
Trinity Ukrainian Catholic Church hall, Wednesday-Thursday, January 6-7
211 Foordmore Road (across the street
from Soyuzivka), at 11:30 a.m. The pro- PARMA, Ohio: St. Vladimir’s Ukrainian
gram will be in Ukrainian. The Korinya Orthodox Cathedral will sponsor its 23rd
Ukrainian Folk Band is presenting a annual Christmas radio program for its
Ukrainian holiday folk tale adapted by sick and elderly shut-in parishioners. The
Halyna Shepko about a lonely woman who entire Christmas divine liturgy will be
is visited by a special spider who brings broadcast live at 9-11 a.m. over radio sta-
her good fortune. Join the Shepko- tion WJMO, 1300 AM. The liturgy will be
Hamilton children – Roxolyana, 15, Zoya, celebrated by cathedral clergy, with
To book a room or event call: (845) 626-5641, ext. 140 13, Stefan, 12, Alexandra, 11, and Zorian, responses sung by the Ukrainian and
216 Foordmore Road P.O. Box 529 5 – as they perform a Ukrainian holiday English choirs of the cathedral. Also at St.
Kerhonkson, NY 12446 musical tale combined with Ukrainian tra- Vladimir’s, Great Complines and Matins
E-mail: ditions and carols with marionettes they will be celebrated at 7:30 p.m. on
made using clay and sheep’s wool from Christmas Eve. For information call the
their farm. After the show join the kids to parish office, 440-886-3223.
make good-luck spiders to take home. Saturday, January 30
Admission is free; donations graciously
accepted. The event is sponsored by CARTERET, N.J.: St. Demetrius
Korinya Ukrainian Folk Band and Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral and St.
Shawangunk Ridge Farm of Gardiner, N.Y. Mary’s Ukrainian Catholic Church are co-
The presentation will be repeated on sponsoring a Malanka, which will be held
January 2, 2010, at 11:30 a.m. at the at the St. Demetrius Community Center,
Gardiner Library. For information call 681 Roosevelt Ave. Entertainment will be
Halyna, 845-255-5936, or check Korinya’s provided by Fata Morgana. Tickets are
fanpage on Facebook. $55, which includes admission, choice of
sirloin beef or chicken capon dinner, open
Saturday, January 2 bar, midnight hors d’oeuvres and a cham-
MIAMI: The Assumption of the Blessed pagne toast. The St. Demetrius Center is
Virgin Mary Ukrainian Catholic Church located just blocks from Exit 12 of the
Choir presents its first annual Christmas New Jersey Turnpike. There is a Holiday
choral program featuring “Carol of the Inn right off the exit. Doors will open at 6
Bells” and other traditional Ukrainian p.m. Dinner will be served at 7 p.m. and
Christmas and holiday songs of the sea- music starts at 8 p.m. For table and tickets
son.  Admission is free.  Donations go reservations contact Peter Prociuk,
toward the church building fund. The con- 609-655-4468 or
cert begins at 7 p.m. at the Assumption of Tickets will not be sold at the door.
the Blessed Virgin Mary Ukrainian Outside liquor is prohibited. Deadline for
Catholic Church, 38 NW 57th Ave. tickets is January 24. For more informa-
(Flagler Street and 57th Avenue). For more tion visit


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