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Transcending Perception


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Sanity ..........................................................................................................................4
A Symbol ........................................................................................................................5
Who am I ........................................................................................................................6
The Law ..........................................................................................................................8
The First Step..................................................................................................................9
The Experiment .............................................................................................................12
Secret Service................................................................................................................16
The One-Eyed Man Is King...........................................................................................19
The Media .....................................................................................................................21
No Choice .....................................................................................................................22
The Truth Bomb............................................................................................................23
The Bomb Components .................................................................................................25
The Truth Shall Set You Free ........................................................................................33
The Bar of Chocolate ....................................................................................................36
Implications ..................................................................................................................37
The Church ...................................................................................................................37
The Universe, The Earth and Us ....................................................................................38
Evil ...............................................................................................................................40
Onward .........................................................................................................................41

On July 4th 2006 at exactly 4:44 A.M. I unraveled the purpose of the Universe. I now
know why am I here and why my life was such a struggle. At that precise moment I
became a new being. This “event” in my life I will refer to as “the” or “my
transformation.” My life flashed before my eyes and I immediately knew the purpose and
reason for every event, good, bad, interesting and mundane that occurred in my entire
life. I now perceive with completely new senses and I am no longer confused. I have no
worry or fear. Most would label me insane. I can look at my world in every direction and
question, “who is really the sane one?” For me everything makes perfect logical sense.
The Universe has changed from a cold heartless place full of pain and misery to a place
of great compassion. It is merely a perception change and it is something that anyone can
do. I'm not special. I simply changed my perception and it made all the difference. I will
explain in detail how I did it, what happened, and what the effect it had on me. Before I
begin, one must understand that the use of “I” in this document is only for the reader's
benefit. To be truthful I had nothing really to do with it. It was always supposed to
happen. The only thing I was able to do was stubbornly delay its inevitable occurrence.

If one is satisfied, happy with the way the world appears and their place in it then this
is not for them. If, however, all the religion, psychology, philosophy and science does not
provide one a logical and complete explanation and if the reader longs for a concrete and
complete view of their existence then the reader must first forget everything they know
and relearn how to perceive. It will be uncomfortable and most people's first instinct is to
rebel. That is natural. We are creatures of habit and it takes courage to put away one's
deepest held convictions. I was no different in that regard. Why I was different was I was
not able to simply stop reading. When this was revealed to me I had no choice to look
away. In reality, I had no choice at all. I was made to know this and nothing I could do
could stop it. I am powerless.
This is not about cult creation. I want no followers. A companion that sees what I see
would be nice. No one is under any obligation whatsoever. When one understands then
they will know that neither I nor any other person will have that power over another. I am
not here to create a religion, a philosophy or a science or to impugn the same. I am
merely relating my experience when I opened a hidden doorway by simply changing my
perception. Perception and how one interprets the feed back of their senses is the key to
seeing what is actually around us. What is actually there is truth. What I was seeing
before my transformation was selfish delusion.

Please do not be offended or misunderstand what I am about to say because the reader
must understand that I once held the same “values”, relied on the same “facts” and
“truths”. I was equally wrong. I do not mean to be insulting, crass, indelicate, or
dismissive. What I state here is provable and until one can transcend their perception,
then they are not yet in a position to dissent or disagree. Actually arguing becomes
pointless because truth exists outside of our ability to perceive it. Do not fall for the
subjective truth over objective truth debate because there is a hook in that fallacy and one
becomes not the prey but the bait. If one claims to simply disagree on the “facts” then the
reader will understand the pitfalls on that road because facts are not truth. If I indeed
wanted to enslave a person the first thing I would do is convince them to believe is
something like: “the truth is different for everyone” or “we all are given different truth.”
Some facts are true but facts are the “image” of truth and not the actual truth. When one
is able to perceive as I do then they will be in a position to discuss the ideas presented.
Otherwise it will be as a blind person arguing with a sighted person what red is.

I do not mean to appear condescending or arrogant. The fact is, that if one is able to
incorporate what I say without condition and understand what I say without condition
then one will experience the most powerful life-changing event in their lives. Those who
feel that it will not top your “born-again” experience and think you know the truth are in
for the biggest surprise. Do not be afraid I am not inconsistent with any religious
experience. If the reader is able to pass through the doorway they will understand. I will
know they understand. Why I will know, lies at the very heart of the issue and I will now
attempt to open the reader's eyes. Again I have nothing to do with it.


A discussion of perception is incomplete without an understanding of sanity. A popular

definition posited by Benjamin Franklin was:

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and
expecting different results

Why is that important? If one does not recognize the effect of their actions then they
are not properly processing their sensory input and are disconnected from reality or they
are unable to think and react properly with respect to reality. This skill at processing our
reality is our perception. This skill also varies from person-to-person and from moment-
to-moment. We collectively set an arbitrary threshold to test whether a person or behavior
is sane or insane. Engaging in an insane behavior does not automatically mean a person is
insane. We set another arbitrary threshold based on the frequency of these insane
behaviors. All of us seem to intuitively recognize insanity when judging others but we
have trouble sometimes recognizing it in ourselves. We are limited in that we are unable
to read another person's mind and we are forced to evaluate a person based solely on
physical behavior.

A more useful understanding of insanity is required for our purposes:

Insanity is the inability to correctly process the truth.

This definition incorporates the first definition because our behavior is largely due to a
cognitive reaction to sensory perceptive input. What is truth?
Truth is simply what exists
Even though a person may be lucid and cognitively aware they can still exhibit insane
behavior if they are reacting to an erroneous view of reality and it does not mean a human
being is insane it means they are merely disconnected from the truth. This separates
mental or physical impairment from the definition of insanity, as perception and sanity
are functions of the mind. A hearing impaired person is not insane because they cannot
detect a sound that exists. They are simply impaired.

Since before recorded history humankind has lived with a bigoted perception of the
truth. We are dependent on our senses and our brains to build our reality. We
communicate to one another to confirm that how we perceive reality is consistent with
those around us. We have literally been doing this consciously and subconsciously since
we became self-aware. Just because everyone agrees on our perception of the truth it does
not mean that it is the truth. The truth exists independent of our ability to perceive it. Our
bigoted approach to reality is the “same thing” we are doing over and over but we still
have trouble discerning the truth. Are we insane or simply impaired?

What would happen if humankind had a tool we could use to transcend our limited
senses and know the truth about our surroundings, others and ourselves? As “luck” would
have it we all have a tool available to break through the deception of our senses. We just
do not use it because we do the same thing over and over and expect different results.
This paper is about how I was able to break out of that cycle and others can do the same.

A Symbol
I would like to introduce a symbol the “Ø”. “Ø” is the set theory representation of “empty
set” or “Null Set” and is sometimes represented using curly braces {}. In the set of
complete human thought and language there does not exist a singular term to properly
represent the concept, being or force who is the supreme authority in the Universe. The
symbol “Ø” is not an image of this being or an idol to worship. Why not just use “God”?
The reader is at liberty to replace “Ø” with any term they are comfortable with. Specific
terms tend to create an automatic block to understanding for many people. They often
become lost in an argument over religion or semantics. This is one reason for employing
a neutral term. In addition, it is a fact that Ø is largely misunderstood and ignorantly
blamed for a host of human suffering, frustration and depravity.

Who am I
Where I come from is not important. In the description of myself, it must be understood
that I primarily refer to my character and makeup prior to my transformation. My
idiosyncrasies were not accidental and would inevitably bring about the transformation
that I experienced. Again, I use the pronoun “I” only because the readers, at least in the
beginning, will understand better if I start from their perspective and within the
boundaries of their current perception. The reader must understand that for most of my
life I shared the same perception. For most part of my life I was quite asleep lulled into
the delusion that everything was OK and those in the world had my best interest in mind.
Criminals were responsible for all the bad things that happened and they were to be
shunned and punished for their aberrant behavior. They were easy to understand and hate.
I could see aspects of my own behavior that one could easy deduce were products of a
selfish free will. The Universe from my perspective was a product of chaos and
probability. All things happened because of thermodynamics, physics and because of the
interesting way the Universe just is. It was not long before I discovered that logic and
reason when applied to human behavior, either individually or corporately was, in what I
perceived at the time, a waste of time.
I am a curious person to a fault. I had this obsessive drive to know “how”, “why” and
for “what purpose”. Curiosity led me to study the world as a scientist and test things to
reveal their nature. If I could not determine why something was, the way it was, I would
hold that project open for decades until I received more information to answer my
questions. As time went by I was able, through reading and education to settle many of
my questions. I remember in college, by simply understanding three simple laws, I
figured out why Schrödinger's equation works to predict the shape and position of
electron clouds thereby defining the shape of the atom. I knew why the atom looks the
way it does. I was all excited and talked after hours with my chemistry professor. He did
not understand what I was excited about. He kept telling me how the atomic shells were
arranged and I kept telling him why. I would have had more success talking to a brick. It
was not his fault. Many people are simply satisfied how things are and never go the extra
step to know why. True understanding comes from answering the question why and for
what logical purpose. What is an atom's shape is a relatively easy question to answer. It
took man nearly our entire lifespan on earth in time to answer but in general terms it was
easy. Said another way, “We figured it out it can't be that hard.” “Why is a planet round?”
is an easy question. What is the reason for the shape of an atom and the shape of a planet
are questions on whole different level. Questions I placed on the back burner for 25

I can remember my last day as a young adult and it was a day where I was truly
happy. After that day it was a slow slide into misery. When I quit the first two years of
college I perceived my Universe as a concrete place that obeyed a rigid set of natural
laws and were subject to the rule of probability and chaos. All things could be predicted
and proven mathematically and scientifically. I was well versed in existentialism and for
me it worked well as my model.

This was the starting point. However, I soon realized that there were problems with
my model that I had to continually make exceptions for. Odd things were occurring that
could not be attributed to random chance or probability.
To understand what oddities I am talking about, I will use the following example:

If I stand outside the doorway to an empty room and throw a pencil into the
room. In nearly all cases, it will land on its side. However there exists a distinct
possibility that it will land and come to rest straight up on its eraser. The chance
is remote. I might have to throw the pencil into the room quadrillions of times
or more to get it to land perfectly on its eraser. What I was experiencing over-
and-over (I am sure others have experienced the same thing) is this: If I throw
the pencil into the room and the first time it lands on its eraser and the second
time I throw it into the room it lands on its eraser. Then I, as a scientist, have to
be witnessing something worth noticing. The existentialist would say it was a
function of luck and probability. Curiously, I know I am not exceptional in this
regard, these types of things happen continually in people's lives. I recognized
there was something to this phenomenon but I could not answer why logically

I was entertaining a number of ideas that were a result of my amateur interest in

astrophysics and classical physics. Einstein stated that nothing in this universe travels
faster than light. I never took that to mean nothing travels faster than light. If there are
objects traveling faster than the speed of light then we would not be able to perceive them
because we are trapped here and they cannot be present in our Universe. I was starting to
look beyond my perception and seeing areas that I would not be able to breach, as my
senses would not allow it. I soon realized that no one would be able to see anything
operating outside of our reality because any tools used to achieve that would be
constructed with energies, forces and materials confined and subject to natural laws
within this reality. Although my enthusiasm for physics never waned I felt it was a futile
effort to try to unlock the mysteries of the Universe without thinking transcendently.

The Law
Physics was not the only major topic where I was confused. I did not at the time realize it
but all my outstanding questions were tied together. I would not mention it if it was not
vital to my transformation. On the wall in my parent's house was an old parchment print
of the US Constitution and Bill of Rights. When I was young I took it down and read it. I
had no trouble understanding the words and it seem logical and as a “law of the land”, I
felt it was all that was required for an organized society. A couple pages and I have all
the law I need to be a good citizen. I was taught and it was repeated many times that the
Constitution was the “law of the land”, except the events I noticed around me did not
match up with what the Constitution said. I assumed that I was confused and there was
something going on behind the scenes that I did not understand. I guessed law was a
difficult topic requiring men in suits. My confusion was a puzzle that I put it away for

The First Step

The first step to understand purpose of an event or incident is to first determine order. For
an event to have purpose it cannot be haphazardly thrown together.

Here is one way to understand what I am talking about. Below is a picture of two
objects. From a two dimensional perspective the objects appear placed at random. It does
not appear like there is any order. Simply because one perceives no order it does not
mean that order does not exist!
When one changes their perspective it can alter one's perception. To see the truth in the
order, of the figure above one needs to view the same objects as they really are. Below
are the same objects as they really appear

One can easily see that these objects are on a line and are symmetric. The appearance of
randomness in the first picture is due to a narrow view with the wrong perspective. In the
second picture it is easy to see order and see the symmetry and one realizes the first
picture is an image of the same objects as viewed from the front slightly down to the
right. Why is this important? Well all around us are objects and events that appear
random and haphazard. That does not mean they are random and haphazard. Perhaps by
viewing them in fourth dimension the order is obvious. Only problem is we cannot see
things in four dimensions. We assume three dimensions are all there is because we cannot
alter our perception to see the order. For example the prime numbers, as they occur, in
the set of real numbers appears completely random and haphazard. It does not mean they
are. Perhaps, if we were able to change our perceptions it would be clear that they appear
in regular predictable order. Mathematicians have been trying to crack that order ever
since prime numbers were discovered with no success. If they honestly thought there was
no pattern they would have given up long ago
I recognized that my senses were not going to be sufficient to prove to myself that
there was something odd operating outside to physics so I simply put that question away
for more information later.
I decided that if I was going discover the mechanism, which for the purposes of this
discussion I will label Ø, that I would have to take drastic measures and conduct some
rather heinous but rigorous experimentation.

I made a number of assumptions about Ø:

1. Ø is perfect. Many hold this view.

2. Ø is omnipotent. Ø has no limitation in capability.
3. Ø is logical. If Ø is perfect then Ø is logical. It is the leftover existentialistic
4. Ø does not engage in superfluous activity. It is not logical to waste effort. All
effort has a purpose.
5. If religion were able to discover the purpose then they would have done so a
long time ago.
6. If we were indeed the creation of Ø then Ø would show compassion, as it is
not logical that Ø creates a being only to allow it to be destroyed or to allow it
to destroy itself. That would be superfluous and therefore not logical.

I knew I was confused by what I saw around me. The world looked like a harsh place and
I was at the whim of luck and probability.
As an aside, I want to take-out an ignorant enigma. Its only purpose is to confuse the
hapless stooges. We have all heard this before:

If Ø is all-powerful then can he/she create a rock that he/she cannot


Perfection trumps omnipotence. More accurately:

Would Ø create a rock that he/she could not lift?
The answer is no. To create an unmovable obstacle is illogical. Only an idiot human
being carelessly ignores truth and fact to construct monstrosities of illogic. Second only
human beings apply linear logic in this case. We do not think in multiple states where
two sides can both exist simultaneously. Quantum mechanics is only now breaking into
this territory.

The Experiment
How do I reveal Ø? Well perhaps if I were “bad” enough he would take an interest and
correct me. Instead of trying to prove that Ø existed. I was going to prove that Ø did not
exist. Therefore as long as I felt no guilt and I was not caught or confronted then there
should not be negative consequences for my behavior. I knew the difference between
good and bad I would chose bad and would note the effects. My evil had limits. First
there would be no killing or stealing. I would try, whenever possible, to not seriously
impact the life of a human being in a permanent way.
So with an enthusiastic “F__K GOD!” I was now a scientist. Let's try alcohol; let's try
immoral excess; let's try Satanism.
To make a long story short I lost my conscience. I entered an emotional state where
the only emotions left were anger and frustration. I cared not who I hurt and I did not care
what people thought. I would lie, and in my devilish charismatic way, did what I had to
do to survive. By the time 1985 rolled around I had amassed an enormous amount of
evidence that bad behavior, where I was not caught, had negative consequences. It
resulted in extremely “bad luck” and a continual hemorrhage of assets and energy. The
worst part was early on; the experiment went out of control along with it my clinical
objectivity. I was stuck. Ø did not bother enough to make an appearance. Yet everything
in my life was bad. It appeared that Ø enjoyed punishing people for bad behavior. There
was definitely something there that I could not perceive. I could easily see the cause and
effect relationship but could not expose the mechanism. I had gone as far as I could and I
was nearing the end.
I was miserable and at the end of my rope. My life and surroundings were what I
described as a zoo where total chaos and bad luck ruled. I gave up and not just the
experiment but just lay on my bed with no hope. I had not even been able to cry for years
and all of this nonsense was, I thought, completely pointless. I really felt that I had been
sucked into a dark vortex without the ability or energy left to get out. Time to pull the
ripcord and bail out but I did not know how. I simply said “God help me.” That was it.
Now understand, I never thought it would get this far and I thought that I had completely
given myself over to the dark side, which in my mind was religion. The second I uttered
those words a vivid image entered my mind. It was a candle whose flame had burned out
and the only light left was the small coal left burning at the end of the wick. We all know
that the little red end does not stay burning for long. I knew in a second what that little
glow was. Now, I had never had a vision or such a strong image appear in my mind
before. The fact it coincided with the words “God help me” caused me to assume they
were somehow related.
I had never seriously looked at any biblical teaching and the only time I set foot in a
church was for a wedding. I really hated weddings so I really had no exposure, to what
many people experience, that are of the religious persuasion. To me they appeared as
hypocrites and confused and I felt I was opening a door to becoming one of them. At the
time I did not know what had taken over me but I began singing a song that I did not
know the words to. It lasted for about thirty minutes and at the end I actually felt sadness
for the first time in a decade and cried.
It was the day before Memorial Day weekend. The next night some friends and I went
to the Salt River, east of Phoenix in the middle of the night. We got there at 2 in the
morning. It was a beautiful night and just before dawn I found myself with two of my
friends on a mountain overlooking the river. No sane man would be on this mountain. It
was nearly a solid rock, which allowed the slopes to be extremely steep. It was covered
with jumping cactus. When I say covered it looked like green fuzz. Every handhold and
foothold was a gauntlet of poison spines. I said no sane person would climb it. My two
friends were really “out there.”
The striking part of the top was that as a result of it being such a formidable fortress
the animals were not afraid of human beings. The mice and lizards were not concerned
with our presence. I looked up at the sky just before the sun peeked over the horizon and
again the candle image entered my mind. Then three more “concepts” were burned in,
that again at the time, did not make sense. Many readers, as I did later, will make perfect
sense of these “concepts”. The first “concept” was an engine that always starts and never
stops until it takes you home. The second image was a rocky mountain that never erodes
where the cacti live and die over and over but the rock never changes. The next “concept”
was a choice. I was to trust Ø and I would lose everything but I would be rescued or I
would not make it down alive.
For me, in the place I was at, I wanted desperately to live. It is odd but giving up has
never been an option. That instant the sun broke over the horizon. I was sitting on this
rock that radiated warmth even though the sun had not had a chance to warm it. To
further reinforce the experience a huge white bird flew over my shoulder, so close I could
feel the wind. It startled me and I imagined the bird laughing as he looked back.
Yes, the choices were accurate and prophetic in their effect. I was forced once again
to quit college. I lost my vehicle. I lost my possessions and I lost contact with all those
people I thought were friends. I humbled myself and ask two of the most respectable guys
I knew if I could stay with them. I spent my last $30 dollars on a Schwinn racing bike. To
this date it was the best $30 dollar investment I ever made. I quit drinking and cleaned
myself up. I was still a Satanist and I still harbored deep reservations about organized
religion. I walked into a store, the first place I tried, and landed a decent job. About a
month later I found myself at a co-worker's house and his cousin was what I deemed a
“Jesus Freak” at the time. We got into an argument and in a fit of anger she hurled a book
from the back bedroom that literally hit me in the forehead. It was a curve around the
doorframe that no major league pitcher could equal. The book was a King James Version
of the Bible. Again I was a little surprised by the incident. As a Satanist I was not going
to let the “Jesus Freaks” quote scripture and get the better of me. Employing the axiom:
“know thy enemy”, I was going to read this Bible cover-to-cover and expose the fallacies.
I would then be in the position of scripturally mopping the floor with their “Jesus Freak”
It took about 6 months and I read it cover-to-cover, even the boring lineage stuff. I
was driven. Reading the Bible this way gave me a unique perspective that jumping
around cannot provide. What struck me was the Israelites had no apparent reason for
continually turning away from Ø. Ø had manifested physically and still they turned away.
They did it over and over again and were not learning their lesson. I read the New
Testament and paid close attention to the words of Jesus and noticed some odd
inconsistencies with how he described himself and how he described the church and what
the church had actually become. I was confused about this question and it was a project
that I left on the back burner for more information.
I fell in love with a beautiful woman who was the “archenemy”, a “Jesus Freak”. It
was not bad because by then I had completed the Bible and if she indeed was following
his words then she might be deluded but I could let that all slide. Soon I was dragged
kicking and screaming to my salvation and baptism in a backyard pool. The experience
was profound and the change in me was drastic. I put all my energy into it and got
involved in the church. Being involved with the church was a new experience. They were
Evangelical and very animated. I had more “interesting” experiences and had a high level
of faith. I got a perceptive glimpse of Ø and felt really good.
It did not take long before things started going wrong. The other members were prone
to the worst lascivious behavior and seemed alien to me. They seemed alien because they
were false and so focused on money that it confused me even more. The great feeling
tapered off and I fell into what I describe as a “post-grace funk”. My girlfriend used the
church as a wedge between us and I was heartbroken. I had enough personal evidence
that there was indeed a Ø at work. If that was all there was then I felt the church did not
know how or why the good feeling waned. In the end I asked Ø “Was that all there was?
Why does it have to end? Is that all we are left with, a blind faith for the rest of our
lives?” I packed it in went back to Colorado got a job found a wife and settled for a
mundane American Dream existence. I did not even check in with Ø anymore. No need I
felt, and the only loose ends were those lingering questions surrounding my religious
period. The church had no answers because if they did the world would be different.
Secret Service
I was doing OK. I had a nice job a good wife and sufficient diversion. One day I
happened on the end of a program that depicted the entire Waco tragedy from a different
perspective. It appeared on HBO and it was called “Waco: Rules of Engagement”. Up
until that time I had bought into the media perspective that Vernon Howell (David
Koresh) was a religious kook bamboozling his followers into lascivious sex, illegal
weapon sales and anti-American propaganda. Here was a different perspective presented
and it piqued my curiosity. I had this strong impulse to look up when the program would
come on again and I would be ready to record it. I did this because I felt that those in my
family were as confused as I was about this whole affair, its importance and I wanted a
After watching the whole thing I came to the following conclusions:

1. Vernon Howell and his followers were simply disposed of.

2. The Government had no intention of allowing them to speak freely to the press.
3. The entire event was a blatant and important crime committed against the people
of the United States.
4. The Government had no intention, like the Kennedy assassinations, to allow what
really happened to escape into the public domain.

The thing that really struck me was the callousness exhibited by most of those conducting
the hearings. Evidence and questions that in my mind raised sufficient alarm were
flippantly disregarded. However, there was one Representative that was deeply and
emotionally moved. One could easily see on his face that he was frustrated at the
proceedings. At times he was crying. That man I identified as something different from
the others. I could see in him the same incredulity. A taint then darkened my perception
of my country and Government, as I am sure it affected him the same way. He was one of
the few people that would not let the issue die and continually called for a re-opening of
the investigation until his suspicious death. It is only my opinion but I feel strongly that
his “accident” was a criminal act to silence him. His name was Sonny Bono.
What had happened to me? I was just fine but suddenly my world had changed from a
law-abiding place to some perverted bad dream. Many of the things I found troubling
welled up and I no longer attributed them to happenstance and incompetence. My
Government had lost its way somehow and I felt as a concerned and patriotic American
that I had a responsibility to bring it to the attention of my Senator. I wrote a letter to my
Senator listing those things that I had a problem with. I said:

1. The courts, by way of frivolous lawsuits and double jeopardy, were seriously
undermining the faith in our justice system
2. If one were to devise a way to destroy education, then it would not be better than
the destruction currently occurring.
3. I accused our President of treason by being party and complicit in allowing our
sensitive nuclear and ballistic missile technology to fall into the hands of our
4. I stated the Bill of Rights had been all but burned in front of the eyes of the
American People.
5. America's schizophrenic foreign policy has given kooks and goofballs the
perverted moral authority to attack us.
6. Law enforcement has crossed the line from protector to oppressor and their
incompetence would not allow them to protect us from those radical elements.

At the end of the letter I stated that I had no doubt that my letter, along with all my
previous letters, would end up at the bottom of a Washington D.C. landfill. Sending the
letter helped a bit, as I was able to vent some of my frustration. I had all but forgotten
about it and apparently this letter was different and had not been tossed out like an empty
gum wrapper. How did I know? Two Secret Service men met me at my front door. They
arrived in a black Suburban. They had black suits and black sunglasses. I laughed to
myself at the trite banal nature of their attire and thought I might ask them where their
strange ear thingies were. I did not get the chance the first words out of their mouth were:

“You understand that due process does not apply here?”

I had an experience of the camera zooming in as it was pulled back. Time went slowly
and I had a moment of clarity as a number of troubling thoughts were thrust in my brain
like so many darts. The first was that they were wiping their butts with the Constitution
right in front of my eyes. If I thought my world had turned upside-down before then I was
simply at Disneyland on a cloudy day. I was now in the clutches of a hateful steel
machine. I could only think about how to save myself. I knew that if I answered, “No, I
want to speak to my lawyer.” that I would end up in a concrete box eating rice and
cockroaches. They were human after all, at least they looked human, “let's try talking to
them.” I thought, “yes, I understand”. The question they asked and my answer would
occupy my thoughts for seven years. I was grilled and told that my mail would be
monitored and I would be under surveillance. When they left it was no relief and the loss
of my privacy was the least of my worries. I began having trouble opening bank
accounts, qualifying for loans, banks began charging punitive penalties and changing
their policies in order to extract the maximum damage. Checks to creditors were being
“lost in the mail” over and over. I was forced from my job. I say forced because for
nearly six months I was forced to carry a beeper and would be called to work all through
the night. The times I was allowed more then three continuous hours of sleep were rare.
Most nights I would be paged every hour. It affected my health and as the company did
not see the need to give me a break, I quit.
I had a mortgage and the money I was making ensured that my existence amounted to
nothing more then house arrest. The problem that it caused in my family was tremendous.
I was completely ostracized and alienated. I had the feeling that I would get another visit
and they might offer me the same deal that Lee Harvey Oswald received. I was now
angry. The worst part was I was able to see the abuses that the world was heaping on
people. The delusion had faded. I knew I was confused. I threw my hands in the air and
asked Ø, ”how can they do that and what gives them the right?” I did not know this at
the time but it was one of the questions that the Universe would answer later.
I worked hard, I was now an honest citizen after my conversion, I paid my taxes and I
tried to do the right thing. I never consented to this. The American Dream was a sham.
The only difference between me and the other sheep was I knew they were watching me.
I had concluded that in America we only “feel” safe and “feel” free. We are slaves to
some shadowy evil behemoth that is trampling us under its clawed feet.

The One-Eyed Man Is King

I noticed that no one around me could understand what I was talking about. Not only did
they not understand but also I became a “kook”, conspiracy theorist or my worst fear un-
American. Having an above average command of the language and considerable
charisma I could in no way ease the blind into the truth of what was going on. Otherwise
intelligent people could not grasp it or refused to hear me out. After years of no success I
stopped talking about it.
My urgency to know the truth was renewed when 911 occurred. Initially I bought the
company line lock-stock and barrel. The “kooks” I spoke of in my letter had vindicated
me, at least in my mind. My letter was prophetic. It did not take long for me to start
seeing the rash of inconsistencies of the official line coming from Washington and the
media. Again I tried to explain to others that something was fishy and criminals were at
work. I did not know who was responsible but I knew what I was hearing was complete
nonsense and illogic.
I came to the conclusion that either was I insane or the tidbits of evidence were
introduced simply to confuse people or were the people were not “permitted” to
understand? Every news organization in America called it wake-up call, but no one was
waking up. Could the population of the US be under mass-hypnotic suggestion? Having
lived through the age of the Symbionese Liberation Army and Patricia Hearst Affair,
Charles Manson and Jim Jones I felt that it was distinctly possible that people were being
mesmerized by something? What was the mechanism? Was it in the food, a result of the
mantra-like repeating of the same phrase in news programs over and over or some exotic
electromagnetic wave broadcast to alter brainwaves? The biggest question in my mind
was why was I not affected. How was I different? What had happened to me to make me
“wake-up” I am reminded of the Tex character in George Lucas's “THX 1138” and how
all his problems started when he went off of his medication. I realize ignorance is bliss,
but even if I wanted to, it was more important to know the truth than to be happy.
For instance, in the case of the Oklahoma City Bombing, it was moronically obvious
to me that it was contrived. Tim McVey was blamed like a modern day Oswald. He was
denied media contact. Multiple bombs found in the immediate aftermath and strangely
that news vanished suddenly. It was obvious how the entire scenario played perfectly into
the hands of the Government and allowed them to suppress the spreading militant dissent.
Even I know Congress moves like a glacier. How could they have enacted all the new
draconian legislation if they had not had it prepared beforehand?
Another example was the Reginald Denny video showing rioters assault him and
dance after the fact. How could a thinking person acquit the perpetrators in the face of
conclusive contrary evidence? It was not the issues that concerned me as much as the
way people behaved when caught up in it.
I concluded that my anatomy was not sufficiently different from everyone else. My
intellect is above average but not exceptional. My diet was no different. I drank the water.
I watched the same programs and read the same magazines and newspapers. I did not
wear a tinfoil hat. Science and the Government may have power but any man-made
mechanism would be obvious, if one were paying attention, and it would have the same
effect on me as anyone else. What was the mechanism? I felt like a single lemming at the
precipice stopping and asking, “Is this right?” only to be caught in the throng on the way
to their demise.
I was aware of hypnotic suggestion and noticed the similarity with what was
occurring. The “victims” would swear the hypnotist was not post-hypnotically controlling
them, that is, until they saw the video. I wondered of the purpose of that interface into a
person's mind and what was the mechanism that could manipulate people like robots.
Whatever the mechanism here was proof that a persons thoughts and actions could be
manipulated outside of their conscious control and against their will but I was doubtful
that it was an organized man-made device. Was it aliens? Funny thing is I have never
seen an object in the sky that could not be attributed to either natural or man-made
origins. I looked. I believed that there was a good chance that we are not the only
intelligent beings in the universe. I also knew that some organism had to be first and the
real chance exists, however remote, that we are the first. How were people's perceptions
being “managed” and what was the mechanism? Would Ø do that? It again, would not
serve Ø's purpose. Why would Ø allow people to remain at the mercy of their delusions?
It is not logical.

The Media
After 911 I was convinced that the media was purposely obfuscating the truth about, not
only important questions but also mundane questions. Those self-purported purveyors of
the truth like Rush Limbaugh and other media icons seemed hollow. Although they may
be bringing a new perspective they were guilty of a more heinous crime. On both sides of
the political and ideological spectrum they were diffusing anger and confusion. Anger I
felt was needed to affect tangible change. Callers would call angry over an issue and
those listening would agree. The host would also agree and validate their anger and tell
them the best way to understand it. Both the caller and the listener were left thinking that
something was actually being done about the problem when in truth this parade of
abusive atrocities were simply being exploited for profit and in the end the anger over it
was being systematically diffused and forgotten.
I had concluded that Democrat and Republican were two sides of the wrong coin and
neither was really addressing key problems. While the public keeps returning the same
empty suits to office we will continue down the road of oblivion
After 911 the IT industry in my area had taken a beating and for some curious reason
I could not even land a low paying job. I initially attributed that to Government meddling.
I decided I would alter my résumé to allow for international opportunities. During this
time and to this day I began searching the Internet for alternative news sources. Most of it
was as contrived and programmed as the mainstream media. There were a few regular
stories that made it through the nonsense. However what I discovered was more and
unnerving and my outlook turned dismal.
Very nearly the same day I got a call from a State Senator asking if I would be
interested in a development position in Hong Kong. As it was my only option I jumped at
the chance. To make a long story short it was a learning experience on what not to do in
development. It was a lesson that, fortunately, I had learned many times before. The
experience was valuable in that it got me away from the barrage of US media propaganda
and I took about a year off and was able to apply thought to the many questions that were
building up.
The Internet only brought more and more dismal news. It was weighing heavy on me
and was taking its toll. I had my résumé out again but I was not even receiving the
customary “got your résumé now take off”. This was odd. Again I had the feeling I was
being blacklisted but I could not believe that those in control would be able to keep me
from employment. They just are not that smooth.

No Choice

My situation was becoming desperate. I was quickly running out of money. I had no job
prospects. My visa was due to expire in two months and I was going to be an illegal
immigrant in a country that takes crime and punishment very seriously. My wife did not
want to return to the US. I spent my days walking the dog and thinking and my nights
reading more and more disturbing news.
I want to take some time to explain my relationship with my dog. She is a medium-
sized mutt mix of Labrador and Husky. How we came to own her is important and later I
would understand the importance of her entering my life.
One day before we had moved to Hong Kong. I got an idea in my head that I would
like to own a dog and I spoke to my wife about it and she agreed because she had the
same “feeling”. The unusual part about it was I knew we would find her at the Denver
Dumb Friends League and we would know her when we saw her. I literally told my wife
that a dog has chosen to enter our lives. Most would think it was eccentric, to say the
least, but strong was my feeling about it. The first two times we went we both knew
before we got there that we would not find her. We knew it was a female and she would
not be a little dog. I did not “want” a large dog so she would be medium-sized. Two times
we left without finding “our” dog. A few weeks later out-of-the-blue a thought popped in
my mind and I told my wife, “she's there!” How I knew it I could not explain at the time.
We went to the Denver Dumb Friends League. We walked through and immediately
knew which dog she was and we left with her. I had forgotten this experience only to
remember it later.
Koda is smart and very well behaved. The important thing was that she loves me and
trusts me without condition and I loved her and trusted her without condition. For
example we need not close the gate to the yard. She does not leave. She would go in the
front yard but not leave. We never had to teach her. She intuitively could read us and at
first it was rather unsettling. The other more inconvenient aspect of her personality is if
she is away from my wife and I for any period longer then a few hours she will die. We
know this because we left for a week and when we returned she was on the edge of death.
She had not eaten or drank water in a week. My sister and stepson were at a complete
loss. It took a week of intensive hospitalization to restore her. We have not left her since.
One of us was always in her presence and that was the reason she ended up in Hong
Let us return back to my dismal
situation. Time had run out. I had a
month left. There was no rent
money. My life had become an
hourglass. My choices had
disappeared one by one until I had
no options left. I could do nothing
except walk the dog and waste
time on the couch reading the daily
atrocity trapped in the neck of an
hourglass. I was beyond depression. I was supposed to do something but what?

The Truth Bomb

My entire life has been the collection of, what I thought, was unrelated trivial bits of
information, obtuse lessons and paradoxical questions sprinkled with illogical
purposelessness. I did not realize it but the pieces were intricate components that were
being procured, machined being assembled for a huge bomb. All the while the pressure
and power throughout my life had been building and within 12 hours I would not be the
same. I was completely oblivious to what was occurring as I simply wandered around
Hong Kong with my wife and dog confused and trapped by my existence. I was a slave at
the mercy of a cruel world and now I had no power or time to save myself.
In the final months before detonation I had watched the videos on Google of "The
Money Masters" and “The Light Bringers”.
These documentaries removed the last vestiges of hope when coupled with the fact
that labor camps in the US are already complete and all that is needed is for the President
to manufacture an atrocity of sufficient trauma to declare a state of emergency.
Additionally, the fact that there are ample stories, in intellectual circles, of the most
effective way of brutally disposing of all but 500 million of us left me with no hope. The
Government is simply a criminal cartel and we are simply slaves. A situation I never
signed up for. If this is all new information to the reader then there are huge gaps in the
reader's education. Against popular consensus understand that “ignorance is painful.” and
it is incumbent upon each of us to know what is happening around us.
The week leading up to the final day of the old me, July 3rd, I was watching Michael
Badnarick's “Introduction to The Constitution” and reading the “Global Sovereign's
Handbook” written by Johnny Liberty. I had watched the National Geographic
presentation on the “Gospel of Judas”. I realized then that the church was off the
reservation and was as confused as the rest of us. All of this was semantic trivia and was
not in anyway going to deliver me from my situation. With the concept of sovereignty
spinning around in my head I took the dog out for our evening “getting of the mice”.
I was at the end of my rope and beyond hopelessness. I was not about to kill myself
and give Ø or the Government the satisfaction of driving me into the ground. I looked at
my dog and it struck me how she loved and trusted me without condition. I was her
benefactor and I could not harm her if I wanted to. I would guide her when there were
dangers she did not understand, because after all, she is only a dog.
Unconditional trust was in my mind and up at the sky and said, “Ø, I am going to
place my unconditional love and trust in you. I will trust that you are merciful and
will not let me down. I want the wisdom to know and understand the truth and
while you are at it could you give me a job.”
The sky did not part. There was no booming voice. Not even any kind of sign or a
“concept” implanted in my mind. Ø had once again become an abstract powerless
concept. I cried a bit in hopelessness and walked back to the flat. I plopped myself on the
couch and little did I know the last few bomb components would be put in place that

The Bomb Components

Here is a partial list of the elements that all came together to form the “Truth Bomb” and
led to the transformation.

 The question “You understand that due process does not apply here”.
 The events that led to the Secret Service asking the question.
 The forced blindness of all around me.
 The complete lack of options and total hopelessness of my individual situation
and the runaway train the world has become.
 The confusion of the church and its inability to logically affect the situation.
 The criminality of world government.
 The looting of assets of the world and the impoverishment and murder of billions.
 The intimate special relationship that Jesus cultivated with Judas and the
misunderstanding of the final law and concept Jesus shared with Judas.
 The illogic of the Universe and the predicament that humankind finds themselves
 The curious behavior of subatomic matter behaving differently when observed.
 The idea of differing perception lending order to things “apparently” subject to
 The holographic nature of our brains.
 The movie the Matrix and how things to the human beings were not as they
thought they were.
 The interface of hypnosis.
 The reason that the “born again” experience waned.
In the evening of July 3rd and in the morning of July 4th the final components were
installed and it left one last idea. The last puzzle pieces dealt with the concept of
sovereignty. I still did not have a good definition of what sovereignty was. I finished up
the few installments of “The Introduction to the Constitution” and learned about the
common law, commercial law, criminal law, admiralty law and martial law. It seemed
that the system that the Founding Fathers put in place was logical, just and afforded State
sovereigns the maximum amount of freedom. One had to assert and reserve one's
Constitutional rights to retain them. The remedy was the fact that those rights were
guaranteed to State sovereigns and one had to declare that. They could not compel one to
give up their rights but one could give them up voluntarily. When the Secret Service
asked, “you understand that due process does not apply?” I was compelled to give them
up. I learned the important lessons regarding commercial law and natural law:

1. The created is never more powerful then its creator. Ø created the people of
the States (We the People). Ø grants us unalienable rights that we delegate to
our creation: the Government. If that was the case how can they legally do
what they are doing?
2. We the People have an unlimited right to contract. That means we can make
our own deals.
3. Our word is our bond. Ø hold us to our word. If we break our word then we
can be punished through the courts.
4. If one asks permission then it is assumed we need permission.

It all sounded reasonable but that did not explain how the Government was legally
depriving citizens of their Constitutional rights. What was I missing? Ask and you shall
receive. I stumbled on a website that had an old sound file of an old Judge in Wyoming
that discovered the remedy to our Constitutional rights named Howard Freeman. He had
gone through law and discovered the secret. He has since died but this mp3 has been
floating around since the eighties hidden in plain sight. The audio file is about forty-five
minutes long and it was early in the morning of July 4th. As I listened I knew I was on to
something and an odd feeling had come over me. I will not be able to do the clip justice
but for me the key elements were that there was a flaw in the US Constitution that was
exploited by “evil” men. It was Article One Section 8 Clause 17:
To exercise exclusive legislation in all cases whatsoever, over such
District (not exceeding ten miles square) as may, by cession of particular
states, and the acceptance of Congress, become the seat of the
government of the United States, and to exercise like authority over all
places purchased by the consent of the legislature of the state in which
the same shall be, for the erection of forts, magazines, arsenals,
dockyards, and other needful buildings;--And

To make all laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into
execution the foregoing powers, and all other powers vested by this
Constitution in the government of the United States, or in any
department or officer thereof.

The critical element was that Congress had exclusive democratic power over the District
of Columbia and that power did not have checks and balances. Contrary to public opinion
the idea of “spreading democracy” is a horrible idea. Democracy does not protect the
minority from the majority. One simply has to divide the population into segments and
play one against the other. The “right-handed” people simply vote to imprison the “left-
handed” people and nothing can stop them because it is a democracy. This simple
deception has been rampant in American society and it has been occurring right under our
noses. When one adds the idea of subjective truth then an individual loses any protection
as any atrocious action can be intellectually justified. This ushers in a quote from a lady
in the UK, who on camera, and included in Alex Jones' “Terror Storm” literally said
unequivocally and in all seriousness: “We need to give up some freedom in order to
protect our liberty.” So mangled was her perception that she actually thought what she
said made sense. When a nation is filled with people that think this way then hell is where
they are bound.
Even worse the territory of the District of Columbia qualified under international law
as a country of its own. So in the Act of 1871 “they” created a country and corporation
called “The United States of America” that was separate and apart from the US Republic.
This led to this little country taking over and installing central bank control over our
money. All this was done in secret and was simply a deception perpetrated by those in
power. “The Money Masters” was instrumental in explaining the lack of value of our
money and who controls it and our Government. Howard Freeman explained that our
money has no real value because it is simply an IOU. Real being defined, in biblical
terms that all real law is based on biblical teaching and common law. Precedence is
established in law when Ø allowed the ruling to stand. If a ruling causes such discord and
outrage it is assumed that the ruling was against the will of Ø.
One cannot transfer ownership with an IOU. Only after one pays their debt with real
money can one legally transfer ownership of property. “Real money” as defined in the
Bible, recognized by international law. A dollar allows one limited liability meaning that
it can be used to discharge debt and the seller, if he accepts the bill for payment cannot
take the purchaser to court to take back his property. It is nonnegotiable. Things were
now getting exciting. From property come rights. We own our bodies; therefore we have
rights. We own our land and we have rights of ownership.
If we have been paying for all of our stuff and we have not been legally transferring
ownership with the payment of our debt with gold or silver then we own nothing.
Possession is nine-tenths of the law but if one does not legally own the possession then
that one-tenth becomes pretty important. Assets are not property. Possessions are not
property. What does finance have to do with real money? Absolutely nothing!
I was shuddering as I was listening. This was the truth! Why is it important to deprive
us of our property? Because with no property we have no property rights! That is why
when we look at the title to our homes we are simply tenants and not owners. We pay the
owner rent for using his property. They don't call it rent they call it “property taxes”. We
do not own our cars and we do not even own the clothes on our backs.
Howard then goes on to explain our remedy back to our rights. We cannot be forced
to give up our rights but we can be tricked into giving them up voluntarily! Aha! it was
legal under Ø's law to be tricked out of your rights! Your word is your bond!
“You understand that due process does not apply here?” I answered yes and gave
away my rights like an idiot. Ignorance of the law is no excuse. Wait! That's not fair!
That means they are at liberty to trick me anytime they see fit! I have no protection from
these guys! Howard then goes on to explain the concept of “walking in truth” that means
that if one has their face turned to Ø then Ø will reveal the deceptions and keep one from
bonding themselves into slavery. He goes on to explain that the flaw in the Constitution
was allowed to be in there because if Americans turned their faces from Ø and began
taking personal credit for their prosperity then Ø allowed them to be confused and at the
mercy of “evil” men. How does one “walk in truth”? The answer forced its way through
to the surface: SOVEREIGNTY! Sovereignty is the recognition by Ø. If Ø had allowed
a flaw in the Constitution then where else have I seen that before? The Bible! It was not
only the rights in the constitution it was all of our rights that we have a remedy for. The
Constitution is actually an expression of a bunch of people's right to a constitutional
government! A Sovereign had more rights than those few listed in the Bill of Rights
endowed to them by Ø.
Sovereignty was the concept that Jesus shared with Judas. Judas became sovereign
and was to pass that information to others. That is the truth that sets us free. A sovereign
is protected by Ø with the gift of “walking in truth”. That was the information that would
free mankind. There were three things the messiah was supposed to do:

1. He brought the new covenant: Love and trust Ø and do unto others as you would
have them do unto you. It was a brilliant idea. With two rules one can reverse
prove all the Ten Commandments. It was a finer point put on the old eye-for-an-
eye rule.
2. He would become the new redemption mechanism. Finding first-born lambs to
cut up was getting tough in the new urban lifestyles in Rome and other towns.
3. He was to liberate us.

The fact the liberation did not occur was the primary reason that the Jews never
accepted Jesus as the messiah. They were looking for a conqueror that would free them.
They set their sights way too low. In fact, of the parts of the Judas Gospel recovered,
Jesus himself takes the new sovereign aside and tells him that mankind would not be
liberated and we would sink into all manner of depravity. It is the “Crooked Path” that
the Hopi and many other indigenous Americans speak of. How did they know?
The process of passing the laws and concept of sovereignty were done at the last
supper. Judas was the only one that stood and he was the only one who was able to assert
his sovereignty. He got the gift. Consequently, Judas was the only one qualified, as the
only sovereign on earth, to sacrifice Jesus.
Jesus' work was now complete. The law had been passed with the ceremonial
drinking of wine from Jesus' cup. The Holy Grail is not the cup it is sovereignty that is
the key!
What went wrong? Judas betrayed Jesus as commanded by Ø. That means he had
direct contact with Ø. He was commanded to betray Jesus. That could not be the problem.
Mel Gibson's movie “The Passion of Christ” popped into my mind and the brutality of
the crucifixion. Plain as day the answer shot through me. Jesus was not to be tortured. He
was to be sacrificed humanely. Even rules regarding the killing of animals in Jewish law
state clearly that the animal to be slaughtered is not to feel pain or know it is about to die.
That was not all. Not only did humankind torture Ø's prototype but we made fun of his
We made fun of the gift that was supposed to free us.


This explains two of Jesus' most misunderstood statements. “Forgive them Father
they know not what they do.” and “My God, My God, why hast thou forsaken me?” It
was supposed to happen that way.
The result of this great crime was that Judas was commanded to kill himself. No more
sovereign. Who was left to pass the information? When the Gospels were written and
distributed in the early church the Romans were rounding them up and doing away with
them. The concept of sovereignty was spreading. They institutionalized Christianity into
the early Roman Catholic Church and consequently they made the rules. First, the idea of
individual sovereignty was deemed heretical. It left our lips. Second when deciding
which Gospels to include, they were sure to leave out the ones that contained that
troubling idea. There were to be only sovereigns in the church leadership. Namely one
guy who had the power and all others who would bind away their sovereignty, thereby,
giving away their personal relationship with Ø. The Pope was the one to determine who
would be the king or the king and entitled to be sovereign. It was simply title, as the king
was not given the law to establish his real sovereignty.
The Christian Church folks were not the only ones who knew what a threat individual
sovereignty was. Those behind the power in Rome who controlled the money supply also
knew that to have a bunch of empowered people walking around would crimp their whole
slavery program. They could speak heresy and they understood the stakes. The
Inquisition and the Dark Ages were required to round up the “toxic” information, bind
the few sovereigns by trickery and forced confessions and make sure civilization
remained firmly under their combined control.

Religio the root word for Religion means literally to “tie or bind”.

Well the reason this happened was that humans, had once again, turned their faces from
Ø. It was the same old story that went on countless times in the Old Testament. The
difference was that Ø had unequivocally manifested himself/herself in signs and
phenomenon and still human beings turned away. Time to change the lesson and once-
and-for-all demonstrate the folly of our attitude.
We live in an age where Ø makes the Universe appear as if Ø does not exist. We are
going to learn the lesson once-and-for-all: “what happens when we live as apparent
commanders of our own destiny.” We are not permitted to perceive Ø. We are left to
blind faith and are at the complete mercy of perceived chance. What we see all around us
is the result of human confusion. Confusion that results when we turn our faces from Ø of
our own free will and Ø then allows us to walk blindly into the traps we create for
ourselves out of ignorance. We have departed so far that we now think that we are the
ultimate force in the Universe. Ø gives us what we want because it is our mental will. Ø
is not responsible for the atrocities we command Ø to do for us.
Ø has been there all along and has been teaching us all a lesson individually. The time
has come when we take responsibility and become mature spiritual adults.
I was no longer listening to the mp3.

The information was just flowing into my mind like water.


The bomb detonated 4:44 AM July 4th. My watch broke and stopped at that precise
instant. Ø is real and is in full control and always has been! The Supreme Court has been
consistent with rulings dealing with Constitutional rights but for the longest time they
have not had to do much about that. Most of what they have been dealing with is the
statutory law. These are only binding to officers within the “colorable” corporation called
“The United States of America”. A “US Citizen” is a citizen of “The United States of
America”. If one answers, “yes I am a US citizen” then one becomes a human being
acting in an office called “US citizen” and subject to all statutory law pertaining to that
“office”. There are a number of other offices like “resident” or “person”. A person, in
law, is simply “The mask an actor wears”. It is not a flesh-and-blood man or woman.
The law states: that if a law does not specifically refer to an object then it does not apply
to that object. These are the tricks governments have been using to deceive us. No human
being can compel another to give up and cannot legally deprive one of their
Constitutional Rights or their access to their remedy. That truth applies not only to
Constitutional Rights but all rights and remedies. Every time we say the pledge of
allegiance we bind away our sovereignty and voluntarily give up our rights. That is why
soon after 1913 they changed the pledge.

I pledge allegiance to the flag of The United States of America and to

The Republic for which it stands.

The Republic is sovereign the “United States of America” is a colorable fiction.

International law does not recognize fiction. The only way it has binding legal power is
when a human being accepts it voluntarily and thereby gives it power over them
voluntarily. That is the only way a “Fiction of Law” is binding. When one accepts money
one accepts the contract. Another crucial concept is that because we have been deprived
of real money we are legally able to accept the contact under duress. If we are forced into
the terms of any contract under duress then it is not binding. That means although we are
forced to take money we are not bound to its implied contract terms.
Knowing this does not immunize a human being from other human beings that
willfully or unwillingly commit a crime against Ø. What protects us from this crime?

The Truth Shall Set You Free
My experience was not unlike the character of Mr. Anderson's slimy transition to Neo
in the movie “The Matrix” that is, without the slime.

When the bomb

exploded I established my
sovereignty. Ø only
grants the gift of
“walking in truth” to
those who know the rules
required. I had opened up
two-way communications with Ø. Early I realized how Ø communicates. It was not hard
to figure out from 4:44 AM July 4th and for about two weeks my mind was flooded with
the truth. It came as my own thoughts in the voice I use in my mind to think to myself.
Also words began streaming from my mouth that did not originate from my thought. This
was very unsettling to me and even more so for my wife. She thought the pressure had
built up to the point where I had been driven to a nervous breakdown. I told her that if it
is a nervous breakdown then where is the psychotic break and why do I feel so
wonderful. I was literally crying with joy.
After understanding what specifically was required to receive and maintain my
sovereignty then an experience, I can only describe as life flashing before my eyes
occurred. I was able to recall all incidents in my life and understand why they occurred.
There was purpose for all of it. It was all used to bring me to my transformation. I say
flashed but it took several days. One by one an outstanding question would pop up and It
would be resolved and then I would move on to the next one. I was left with no nagging
questions about my experience and my Universe. The peace and tranquility, I felt, was
unparalleled in my lifetime. The change in my perception took about two weeks to
complete. Some changes required significant deprogramming and I would get real sleepy
at odd times. I would sleep in a quasi-trance state and when I came out of it something
was different.
At first I seriously thought Ø had allowed a flaw in the Bible as time went on I
understood that it was not a flaw but key information was withheld and much of man's
interpretation was incorrect. I noticed that when I read the Bible with my new eyes that
the new interpretations were many times at odds with traditional church teachings.
However everything in the Bible is the will of Ø. In fact everything that has ever
happened is the will of Ø.
How can that be, what about all the bad things happening in the world? Over the
period of a few weeks the answers formed and were refined.
The primary cause of confusion is our separation from Ø. The biggest fallacy is that
we posses direct potent free will. We have free will but not direct potent free will. Here is
the difference: We have unlimited control in conscious thought. When we have a will to
act, say move our finger, then we make a request and the finger is moved for us. Ø moves
our finger at our request. The first thing that will come to mind is that it is the brain that
controls the body and when we want our finger to move it is done directly and potently
through us as a function of our free will. This is the second fallacy and that is what we
perceive is not what exists. “The Matrix” is a perfect metaphor for the Universe. We
think we see what we see but are objects actually there? We rely on our senses to bring us
this information and our brains to process it. The Universe behaves in such a way that we
are unable to perceive Ø without following his directions. We will always have a
mundane “physical” explanation for anything. Why? Because this is the lesson we are to
learn that left to our own devices we will destroy ourselves. Can Ø provide stimulus such
that we all perceive a universe without the presence of Ø. It is easy for an omnipotent
being. What we see is a simulation. Volume and time are merely collective simulated
Why do bad things happen? We turn from Ø and when we do that we are allowed to
be confused. We see the cause and effect of our perceived actions and learn the lesson.
Most of us will not experience the “great debriefing” that I experienced in my
transformation until we leave the simulation and it will be then that most know the truth.
Most will be unable to transcend their perception.
It is important to dispel the notion of fate. Our lives are not scripted but that does not
mean we have actual power to change things. This is the purview of Ø. Ø and Ø alone
has the power to make events “appear” real to us. We are in a customized classroom
designed to teach us what we need to learn. The world is simply practice. It is not real. It
only “appears” real. More importantly we must understand where some of our
motivations come from. It is not the animal subconscious that Freud describes. Many of
our ideas and desires come directly from Ø. Because they appear as our own “selves”
speaking in our minds we accept them as ours. We are merely observers here watching
and learning what we are being taught.
We do not have to be willing or conscious of the lesson. We will be taught regardless.
The more we rebel the stronger the consequences of our own confusion. Ø does not cause
“bad” things to happen. They are simply props used to teach the lesson. Because this is
rehearsal there are no lasting effects that will linger beyond death. The pain one feels is
real and while one is in the simulation, Ø or natural law rules.
Nothing happens by accident. There is purpose in every event that occurs. We may
not be able to discern the meaning and it may not be our lesson but a lesson is being
taught to someone. Let's look to one of the more brilliant examples of us and see if these
ideas are consistent. When asked by a bunch of eggheads about the important question
facing mankind. Albert Einstein replied, “I think the most important question facing
humanity is, 'is the universe a friendly place?'” Why is that important? Because
Einstein knew what was in charge. He later answers question but no one understood what
he was driving at. See Einstein had solved the riddle of the unified field but he knew that
no one would accept his conclusion. It goes to the fact that subatomic particles change
their behavior. There are barriers to what we are “allowed” to see both in the very tiny
and across time as we look into the Universe of the past.
What was Einstein's most important observation?
“God does not play dice with the Universe.”

There is no probability. There is no chance. There is no luck. Everything happens

according to Ø's will. However, it appears random and a function of probability. That is
because from our perspective we are unable to see the order and purpose for events we
BECAUSE WE PERCIEVE THEM TO BE! If one changes their perception or more
accurately allows Ø to change their perception then the randomness in one's life falls
away and the truth shows through. Now did Einstein unravel mysteries of the Universe
because he had a big brain or did he have a big brain because he placed himself in the
position for the “Universe” to alter his brain so he could understand?

The Bar of Chocolate

This is a simple story that illustrates the difference of perception.
I'm sitting at home and thinking about a long lost friend and wouldn't it
be nice if I could talk to him again. Shortly after his image fades from
my mind I get this powerful craving for chocolate. I guess I am not
alone in that. I go to the corner store and nothing there strikes my fancy.
I go on to the grocery store and as I am walking in this friend that I was
thinking about is walking out with a small bag. “What a coincidence!” I
was just thinking of you and we strike up a conversation and trade
addresses. Afterwards I lose my craving and go home.

Most would say, “Wow! That is a great coincidence. What luck!” On the surface it
seems like a reasonable conclusion but when one takes a closer look with different eyes
and sees how this could be viewed as purposeful. To reconnect with this person I would
have to arrive at the correct place and time. He was walking out with a small bag. He was
not in the store long. If I were too early I would have missed him and if I were too late I
would have missed him. The seemingly pointless trip to the convenience store was
required to set up the timing at the second store. But what caused me to be there in the
first place. Well the craving for chocolate. Why could that have been placed in my mind?
To make sure I connected with this lost friend. The first concept placed in my mind. I
was to reconnect with my lost friend and the chocolate was only the mechanism to
prompt specific will. The important part is there is a mundane explanation, luck. Is it the
actual explanation? That is only a function of how we perceive events that take place in
our lives.
In the months, since my transformation, this concept and many others had been
reinforced over and over with “physical” experience. It took quite a while to break the
habit of free will. I codified other concepts into a handbook that I creatively called “The
Handbook of Ø”. I found that a men and women need more context in order to
understand the elements in the handbook and that was the purpose in writing this paper.

How does one live in a Universe where Ø is in complete control? One lives with ease.
It requires no effort in worrying about what to do next. One just does what feels right.
How does that work? Well the old term “sin” occurs in the mind. When one is able to
“walk in truth” those thoughts never come to mind. All the destructive emotions are
wiped away. A huge fallacy is that we can get close to Ø by being “good”. That is an
error. We are “good” because we have a relationship with Ø. Those negative thoughts
and desires do not serve Ø's purpose or our purpose for that matter. They are superfluous.
One is kept from the typical inconveniences. My nephew the other day asked, “Uncle
Roger, did you notice that all the lights we hit are green? I mean every single one?” I said
“no, not really because it was for you to notice. I am just enjoying the trip.”

The Church
The Church, in all its forms worldwide, is in for a surprise. It has no basis on what
Jesus said anyway. We would be better off having a backyard barbeque and inviting the
neighbors. Why waste the day in a cold dark building when it is not required.
This place we find ourselves in is simply practice and we will suffer no permanent
damage. We live forever. What is the worst thing that can happen? We will all fulfill our
purpose and we will be removed from the playing field. BONUS! While we are here we
will remain simple students and teachers until everyone “gets it” or we die and then we
will “get it”.
The Church has done the will of Ø. It really has no choice. Until now the follower
must be content to be “saved” and “forgiven” but still shackled by confusion. The Church
cannot free us because it is not in their power. Only Ø can free us and we must obey the
rules. The Church itself has been a primary source of confusion about Ø. This is Ø's will
again. That time is now at an end and we are all embarking on a new age. The full effect
has yet to be realized but it will be realized, one-way or another. We all have no choice in
the matter.

“Realized” funny, I just got that.

The Universe, The Earth and Us

Being practice, once we learn our lesson here, “this place” will be without purpose.
What will begin happening to all of us, individually, is those that remain deluded into
thinking they have their own potent freewill, will suffer ever increasing pressure to learn
their lesson. They will not have a choice and there will be nothing “they that control” will
be able to do about it because “they” control nothing. They only think they control
everything. Once people figure out that they have nothing to fear from anyone then the
power “they that control” wield over us will collapse. FDR said:

“We have nothing to fear but fear itself.”

The confused deceivers are trying to drag us all into their misery. We enter their “hell
on earth” voluntarily. No man has the power to violate another with out committing a
crime against Ø. The time has come for that to change, if one watches closely, one will
notice that in times before, the deceivers could conceal the truth from us. No more. What
will be interesting is “they that control” will all think it is business as usual and
consequences will not be swift. The news is full of scores of blatant crimes committed by
the perpetrators against the confused who, in the past, allowed them to do it. When
people awaken and regain their Ø given rights the scary words will become powerless.
Many alarmists only see the atrocities and post them everywhere thinking that the
crimes will somehow get people to think and wake up. They do not understand that the
people are blind on purpose and it is not in their power to see. Not until they are placed in
a totally hopeless situation will they look to Ø. I would spare them the trouble but they
will not be able to listen. Ø will not permit it. There is only one way.
Some advocate shedding blood and revolution. It is a waste of time. We have
forgotten the law regarding war and armies and we are suffering in our confusion. Under
martial law the reason the soldier is required to believe in Ø is that under the law people
that do not believe in Ø are deemed incompetent and not in control of their faculties.
They are not bound by the contract of their words. Why is that? An army is for defense
and serves as the wrath of Ø. A soldier contracts away his life to serve that purpose.
Legally he is only permitted to kill other soldiers under the same contract. The killing of
civilians by a soldier is a violation of their rights and is a crime against Ø. The leader of
the army has an official duty to Ø. Therefore he is to act only as it serves Ø's will. If the
soldier follows every order without question then he is held blameless for killing the
enemy soldier. The leader bears the burden of the crime. War is the wrath of Ø and when
a leader is called by Ø to spill blood in defense then the soldiers are empowered. He has a
responsibility to them to ensure that the activity of the army is an approved activity. Only
armies with this sanction are victorious. Technology makes no difference. The instant the
army breaks the law then the dire consequences result.
Look at war in modern history. There have been no victories. There have been simply
cessations of the conflicts. Conquest of land is a function of a people's ability to establish
sovereign lands against te will of other peoples. That does not occur simply because a
leader thinks it is a good idea. That territory will only be granted ownership and remain
sovereign under the following conditions.

1. Ø must give the land to the people.

2. The people must remain with their faces turned to Ø and behave

Breaking the rules results in the land being given to others and the existing tenant will
suffer from their confusion. No exceptions.
Applying this basic principle today we can see why nations are lost and armies of
superior technical resources and firepower succumb to insurgencies and simply waste
away through attrition. The indiscriminate destruction of civilian property and the killing
of non-combatants carry with it a terrible price. When the US decides to use their forces
outside of the defense of our nation then we suffer a terrible toll.
One is never rewarded by violence and it is not required. A single man or woman
“walking in truth” has all they need to overcome any obstacle in this Universe. The
second they turn away from Ø. They are lost. Remember one must obey the rules to
maintain one's sovereignty or the ability to see obstacle will be lost without warning and
they will suffer from their own confusion. We are held individually responsible. No
exceptions. The consequences are directly proportional to the violation.
That is the reason violence never succeeds. To engage in violence is to violate the
rules and suffer the consequences. The blameless are protected. The perpetrators punish
themselves. All those that achieved great works of non-violent change can fall into the
trap of pride and lose their protection.


There is only Ø and confusion. The confused are not evil, simply confused. Therefore
it is easy to forgive them for their aberrant consequences. That does not free them from
the consequences. Only Ø can do that. A Satanic or “devil made me do it” construct in
some way serves the same purpose. By blaming it on evil forces it separates the evil act
from the hapless human being consumed by confusion. All human beings are redeemable
at any time and as many times as needed. One cannot “sell their soul”. Their soul does
not belong to them and they have no power to bind it away. That fact does not in any way
mitigate the consequences of our actions. Committing an atrocious act results in
consequences. The attempt of supplication afterward will only return the subject to
proper standing. The consequences are still meted out.
Repentance only comes when we learn the lesson Ø is attempting to teach us. Only
when we learn are we allowed to feel bad for what we do and only then will we be
forgiven. This is the learning process. This fact is well known and applies to the
sovereign also.


Confusion is simply the inability to perceive the truth. Without the truth we request
all manner of depravity called into action. Ø honors our will, provided, it does violate Ø's
will and purpose. The purpose is to teach us through cause-and-effect through the result
of our will to action. The perception of the progression of time is simply to aid the
learning process. In reality the effect of a violation is instantaneous and not much good
when the objective is to instruct an ignorant being. When we alter our perception we can
more clearly see the direct consequences of our will. Nothing happens by accident. “Bad”
things happen because we are confused and desire things that we have no business asking
for. We will receive them anyway because that teaches us the value of living in truth.


I live day-to-day in complete happiness. I do not engage in anything frivolous and I

know that I am completely taken care of. Many think I had given up my free will. Well, I
never really had it in the first place. Now the Universe works for me (more accurately I
go with the will) I am now an eager student and the lessons are learned faster. I have
complete peace in knowing that in the end everything will be just fine. The curious thing
is now that Ø is potent that I know everyone I come in contact with will be affected, as it
is Ø's will that they know this. Why? Because I asked for a job and it is the best one in
the world. Ø has yet to let me down.
The reader must ask him or herself:

“If nothing happens by accident then am I reading this on purpose?”

Now that is a good question….

For those that are interested in having their perception changed they can follow the
directions in the “Handbook of Ø”. One must know the law to be granted the gift of
“walking in truth”. A sovereign “walks in truth” and has a two-way communication with
Ø. In order to maintain this communication the rules must be obeyed. One will find that
obeying the rules is the easiest part of the entire experience. If one is successful then the
second it starts happening the subject will certainly be surprised. At that time, I will
assure the reader that they will not require me to “prove” that what I say is true. When
one discovers just how friendly this Universe can be then they too will be unable to keep
it to themselves.