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Procedia Earth and Planetary Science 2 ( 2011 ) 223 228

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doi: 10.1016/j.proeps.2011.09.036
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The Second International ConIerence on Mining Engineering and Metallurgical
Experimental Study on Chromium Contaminated Sites by
Geophysical Methods
Teng-Iei Ye, Yu-ling Gong

, Xiang-li Meng
Funaamental Science on Raaioactive Geology ana Exploration Technology Laboratory, East China Institute of Technology
Fu:hou, Jiangxi, 344000, China;
Abstract Abstract Abstract Abstract
Looking into chromium contaminated site is helpIul Ior maintenance and management oI the environment. The
susceptibility oI tailings in industrial processes by combustion is several times than soil. The inorganic substance into
the soil and groundwater makes magnetic and electrical diIIerence. So preconditions and physical Ioundation is based
on magnetic and electrical diIIerence; In this paper, we have carried out looking into the chromium contaminated site
in the Qinghai Haibei by high-precision magnetic survey(HPMS) .high density resistivity(HDR) and induced
polarization(IP). The results show that the abnormal body is a three-dimensional body, the volume oI the body is
calculated roughly based on the Ieatures oI the abnormal curve and the inversion interpretation; electrical prospecting
can investigate and monitor pollution in groundwater, because the concentration oI harmIul substances is greater than
100mg/L; clay adsorbs heavy metal ions, resulting in lower resistivity and higher rate oI charge.
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Resources, Environment and Engineering
: chromium waste; high-precision magnetic survey; High density resistivity; Induced polarization(IP); the rate oI charge
Most oI chromium waste and even chromium waste Iorm shut down businesses was stacked without
treatment or simply buried in the open ground, or even dumped in the vicinity oI surIace water
. As Cr
has the character oI strong mobility, it does harm to surIace water.groundwater and soil, causes serious
pollution on the ecological environment and poses a huge threat to lives and property
. II you do not
repair chromium waste contaminated sites in time, environmental pollution is still not completely
eliminated. ThereIore, the investigation oI chromium waste contaminated sites has practical signiIicance.
Inorganic pollutant penetrate into the soil and groundwater, most oI them have chemical activity,
accelerates biological role in raising the total solids in groundwater, soil produces a large amount oI salt,
makes existence oI contaminated sites and the surrounding environment conductivity, electrochemical
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224 Teng-fei Ye et al. / Procedia Earth and Planetary Science 2 ( 2011 ) 223 228
activity and conductivity oI magnetic diIIerences, this study used DHR and IP providing a physical basis.
Most oI the studies did a lot oI inIrastructure work on the inorganic investigation oI contaminated sites by
the indoor simulation tests, ground-related basic research and chemical analysis, accumulated a lot oI
valuable theoretical results, carried out a large number oI investigations
. The susceptibility oI tailings
in industrial processes by combustion is several times than soil. HPMS had been provided Ior
preconditions and physical basis
In this study, HPMS.DHR and IP were combined into the research on investigating chromium waste
site, delineated the scope oI the accumulation oI chromium waste, depth and volume oI the body, and the
pollution oI surrounding landIill, got good research results.
1. 1. 1. 1. Materials Materials Materials Materials and and and and methods methods methods methods
1.1. stuay Obfect
The plant was set up in 1988, put into trial production in 1989, bankruptcy in 1999. The plant sites at
Haiyan County in Qinghai Province. From production to the production oI sodium dichromate 10a a
cumulative total oI about 4000t, a large number oI its high concentrations oI Cr
emissions, waste water
and and 4.8 million m
oI waste is causing serious pollution oI groundwater pollution
. The site is
located in the south ridge oI Qilian Mountain- Daban Shandong section oI the southern margin oI the
basin Haiyan northeast piedmont alluvial plains, it is away Irom the Haiyan county seat oI about 6km, the
terrain is relatively Ilat. It is the Quaternary strata oI loose debris, the soil Iorm top to down order oI loess
soil (Q
al pl
), gravelly sand (Q
al pl
), silty clay (Q
al pl
), silt (Q
al pl
) and circle gravel (Q
al pl
), it is
having a good physical conditions oI high precision magnetic exploration
1.2. line survey layout of Chromium site ana aata acquisition
The survey is using the magnetic method, high density electrical method and induced polarization
method to investigate sites oI chromium residue in Figure 1. The Magnetic type using the GSM-19T
proton magnetometer as a base station (instrument readings resolution is 0.1nT) and GSM-19 proton
magnetometer probe as a mobile station (instrument readings resolution is 0.01nT) made in Canadian to
detection oI chromium residue venues. HDR and IP method using the Supersting R8/IP equipment made
by Advanced Geosciences, Inc.oI the US, current is larger than 2A. Based on the task demands oI the
Depth exploration, this high-density resistivity method is used 3m as the electrode distance. According to
the model test results, it is using the device arranged Ior the dipole-dipole, the high-density electrical
sampling time is 1.2s, the time oI induced polarization method is 3.6s.
Teng-fei Ye et al. / Procedia Earth and Planetary Science 2 ( 2011 ) 223 228 225
Fig.1 Flat diagram oI measure site and lines
2. 2. 2. 2. anomaly anomaly anomaly anomaly interpretation interpretation interpretation interpretation
2.1. high precision magnetic survey
2.1.1. qualitatively explan
Figure 2 shows the magnetic anomaly area (.T) plane equivalent line distribution in the testing zone.
The maximum value oI anomaly is 256nT, and it has a gradient change. The background Iield gives
priority to negative magnetic anomaly, the positive and negative abnormal always occur together,
magnetic anomaly amplitude is small changes, local magnetic body has obviously uneven perIormance
,abnormal scale is not large. AIter roasting, the magnetized rate oI chromium residue is rise, and it may
result the local anomalies. ThereIore, a certain amount oI chromium residue are Iilled in the lacation
(coordinate X: 45, Y: 45) in Fig.1, we can see it is a 3D abnormal body. There are obvious linear
anomalies along the direction to the length, the two wings oI gradient are asymmetric, and negative
anomalies are associated with it, suggesting that it's caused by the limited extension oI the spherical body.
Fig. 2 Plane equivalent line map oI the magnetic anomaly oI the survey area
line oI high-precision
line oI DHR and IP
0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70
the area oI anomalies
X: length oI line (m)
226 Teng-fei Ye et al. / Procedia Earth and Planetary Science 2 ( 2011 ) 223 228
2.1.2. quantitative interpretation
Quantitative interpretation can be roughly sure the status about the depth oI magnetic extending down
and the lateral distribution. Although it's not avoid results exist multiple solution, during the actual
application we should combine with the known geological data and explain comprehensively. Results can
provide essential basis Ior the environment maintenance and management .For the three degrees oI
abnormal body, the principle oI quantitative calculation Ior the choosing proIile is: with the anomaly to
the vertical magnetic anomaly near the anomaly center section.Abnormal value is 256 nT, the minimal
value are -50 and -20nT on both sides. Abnormal regional proIile have inversion Iitting settlement, and
then mapping on the pliable curve with AOTUCAD (Fig. 3).Through the curve(.T) on both sides oI the
maximum value oI inIlection point Ior two tangent, They have Iour intersection points with the extremum
tangents, the coordinates are X0, X'0 and Xm, X'm. Through the experience Iormula
oI the buried
depth, calculate the buried depth oI chromium residue landIill body is about 5.8 m. According to the
characteristics oI abnormal curves and qualitative Iitting explain proIile, judge that the landIill body is a
three degrees body, it can be approximately a sphere, calculate the accumulation volume oI chromium
residue about 102m
. In order to veriIy the burial depth oI the accumulated bodies oI the chromium
residue, we set drilling in the position (coordinate X: 45, Y: 45), veriIy the buried depth oI the actual
chromium residue is 6.0 m.
Fig. 3 the qualitative explanation map oI the precising section abnormal plane in the survey
2.2. DHR ana IP
According to the results oI magnetic exploration, through the coordinates (X: 45, Y: 45) and
coordinates (X: 25, Y: 5) laid an electrical survey lines (see Figure 1, the measurement results shown in
Figure 4 and 5.
Fig.4 2D inversion image by Dipole-dipole array
Measured curve
Model fitting curve
10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80
The body oI chromium waste
X:Length oI line (m)
Contaminated silty clay
Teng-fei Ye et al. / Procedia Earth and Planetary Science 2 ( 2011 ) 223 228 227
Fig.5 2D inversion image oI IP by Dipole-dipole array
According to the detection results in Figure 4, we can not determine the presence oI chromium slag
heap. Drilling results indicate that the thickness oI the Department oI chromium residue Irom the surIace
to the bottom oI the depth oI 6.0m. Chromium ion concentration oI the groundwater is 50mg/L in the drill,
the concentration is Iar to 0.05mg/L which is the national standard. The pollution is very serious. Figure
4 and 5 studies have shown that silty clay was been polluted. According to Figure 4 in the combination oI
geotechnical test drilling data, Which silty clay is at Depth oI 15m, chromium content is 3000mg/Kg due
to abnormal silty clay adsorption oI heavy metal ions
, making the soil contains large amounts oI metal
ions. Thereby ions made the resistivity and chargeability larger. However, the investigation oI its eIIect oI
groundwater pollution is not ideal, because the concentration oI harmIul substances when the water oI
pollution is greater than 100mg/L can investigate and monitor groundwater
3. 3. 3. 3. Conclusion Conclusion Conclusion Conclusion
1) Magnetic prospecting more accurately determine the spatiallocation oI the weak magnetic anomaly
target underground, make up Ior its high-density electrical method in the underground water shallow level,
the shortage about the limits oI complex region oI the pebble bed in the area oI solid waste landIill.
2) During the survey about the groundwater pollution in solid waste landIill pollution sites, the high-
density electrical method and induced polarization method demand a single stratum, you can conduct an
investigation and monitoring about the groundwater pollution when the concentration oI harmIul material
is more than 100 mg/L. Greatly limits the Ieasibility oI the investigation concerning the two methods in
groundwater pollution, but we can determine whether the soil is polluted.
3) When the groundwater pollutant level is
228 Teng-fei Ye et al. / Procedia Earth and Planetary Science 2 ( 2011 ) 223 228
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