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Friends Please be informed of the passing of our friend Dr.

Sergio Elizondo, retired

SDSU Spanish Professor, at the Imperial Valley Campus in Calexico California.

The following notice was issued by Irma Martinez. In addition to her notice, I have
copied Sergio's extensive Homepage website information.

I have attached it for your information and sharing with other members of our

Gus ChavezRetired SDSU

It is with sadness that I share the news that Dr. Sergio Elizondo passed away on
October 17, 2014. There will be a memorial service for him on Sunday, November
9, 2014 at 2:00 p.m. at Frye Mortuary in Brawley,

For additional information you may contact Sharon Maury at 951-845-4604.

Irma Martinez - Business ServicesImperial Valley CampusSan Diego State

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President, CEO
Sergio D. Elizondo
Spanish Department

Sergio Elizondo
Spanish Department
Library 12-B
(760) 768-5530
EDUCATION Normal School: Escuela Normal de Sinaloa, Mxico, 1949-1950.
College: Findlay College, Findlay, Ohio, 1952-1954 and 1956-1958.
B.A. in Social Studies, 1958.
Korean G.I. Bill student.
Graduate School: The University of North Carolina at Chapel
Hill; MA/in Romance Languages.
Thesis: "An Index to the Poetic Vocabulary of Calderon's El Alcalde
de Zalamea". (1961), Karl L. Selig, Director.
Ph. D. in Romance Languages;
Dissertation: "A Critical Edition of Lope de Vega's Si no vieran las
mujeres", (1964), James A. Castaeda, director.
Minor: French. Second Minor: Italian
Major Languages: Spanish, full fluency in all skills.
Other Languages: French, advanced fluency in all skills
Italian, intermediate fluency in all skills.
Portuguese, advanced fluency understanding, reading.
German, intermediate fluency understanding, reading.
Post Doctoral Fellowship-in anthropology, Ford Foundation. Colegio
de Mxico, Summer 1971
Post Doctoral Grant, NMSU, Archive de Indias, Seville, Spain, "Upper
Rio Grande Spanish Narratives, 1600-1700. Summer 1973.
Post doctoral studies: Beijing, China (PRC), Chinese Language
Training Center. Normal College of Foreign Languages, Summer
Post doctoral studies.American Graduate School of International
Management, Glendale, AZ. Summer 1994 (Fellowship)
Spanish Golden Age Comedia. Latin American Literature
Mexican Literature (novel, 20th century)1
Chicano Literature, all genres
Writing (at present: novel and short story)
Teaching, all levels.
Instructor in Spanish, University of North Carolina, 1961- 1962,
Chapel Hill.
Instructor in Spanish, University of Texas, 1963-1964, UT Austin.
Assistant Professor of Spanish, University of Texas, 1964-1968, UT
Associate Professor, California State University, San Bernardino,
Professor of Spanish, New Mexico State University, 1972-90.
Visiting Professor, Texas A&I University, College of Education.
Bilingual Education Center, Ed. 611, "Literature of the Chicano
People." June 6-July 1,1977.
Visiting Professor, San Diego State Umversity, Department of
Mexican American Studies, Jan.-Jun.l990.
Professor of Spanish. San Diego State University Imperial Valley
Campus. Joint Appointment at San Diego, 1995
Visiting Instructor, North Carolina College for Negroes, Durham,
North Carolina, 1962
Informant, Peace Corps, Venezuela Project, University of North
Carolina, ten weeks, October-December, 1962
Peace Corps, Guatemala-Dominican Republic Projects, Kansas State
University, twelve weeks, June-September, 1964.
Instructor, Culture and Civilization of Latin America; Coordinator of
Social Studies Workshop. "Bilingual Summer Institute" (for Mexican
American Teachers in Elementary Schools, Texas), NDEA funds.
Summer 1968, University of Texas at Austin, Dr. Theodore Anderson,
Instructor, Sociology 39-A, Leadership Seminar for Mexican
Americans San Bernardino Valley College, San Bernardino, California,
Lecturer, Seminar in Mexican American History and Culture,
Educacion Adelante Project, University of California, Riverside,
California. Summer 1969.
Lecturer, Chicano History, San Bernardino Valley College, San
Bernardino, California. Summer 1969.
Lecturer, Chaffey Community College, Upland, Calif; Sociology 39,
The Mexican American in the U.S., 1970-71
Mencin, Plural, Mxico, Concurso Literario, 1981.
Reconocimiento: Escuela de filosofa y letras, Universidad de
Chihuahua, 1987.
Reconocimiento: Universidad Autnoma de Sonora, 1988.
Reconocimiento: Universidad Autnoma de Ciudad Jurez, 1986,
1988, 1989.
National Endowment for the Arts, Creative Writing Fellowship, 1980.
Reconocimiento: Universidad Autnoma de Mxico, (Silver Medal)
Endowment, Native of the State Writer, DIFOCUR, Departamento de
Informacin y Cultura Regional, Culiacn, Mxico, 1993 ($20,000)
Premio de Literatura, Jos Fuentes Mares, 1992, Universidad
Autnoma de Ciudad Jurez, Gold Medal and $500,000 pesos
Award, for short story, "Gave me the Whole County", Prairie Schooner
(Univ. of Nebraska) 1995, $200.00
Revista Cultural Plural. Mxico, D.F.,Third Prize for short story:"Tro
para nio, escritura y cello,"! 881. Published in Plural, 1992.
Dean, College of Ethnic Studies at Western Washington State
University, Bellingham, Washington, 1971-1972.

Chairman, Department of Foreign Languages, New Mexico State
University, Las Cruces, New Mexico, 1972-75.
Director, Institute de Estudios Chicanos Latinomericanos, New Mexico
State University, Las Cruces, New Mexico, 1975-90.
Coordinator, Spanish Lower Division, University of Texas, Austin,
1965- 67.

Coordinator, Spanish component, Division of the Humanities,
California State University, San Bemardino, Calif, 1968-71.
Coordinator, Spanish Graduate Program, New Mexico State
University, 1975-90.

Coordinator, Lower Division, Spanish for Native speakers. New
Mexico State University, 1978-89.
(Vid. Addenda)
Perros y antiperros. A book of Chicano poetry, Quinto Sol Publication,
Berkeley, California, Spring 1972.
Libro para batos. A book of Poetry in Spanish with English translation.
Berkeley, Justa Publications, 1977
Rosa, la flauta. A book of short stories., Berkeley, Justa Publications,
The Names of Characters. Plots and Settings of Calderon's Comedias.
With R.W. Tyier. Lincoln, Society of Spanish and Spanish American
Studies. (Lincoln, NB), 1981.
Muerte en una estrella. a novel, Mxico, Editorial Sainz-Luiselli, 1984
Suruma ,E1 Paso,TX.,Dos Pasos,1990.
Muerte en una estrella. 2nd. ed. Coleccin Premio Jos Fuentes
Mares,UACJ, Cd. Juarez, Mxico, 1991.
Editorial Committee of Proceedings National Exploratory Conference
on Chicano Sociolinguistics. Pulished by NIE and ERIC/CRESS,
March, 1976.
Palabra nueva. Poesfa chicana. Associate editor. Mxico, D. F.: dos
Pasos, 1985.
Palabra nueva, Cuentos chicanos II. Edited and with an Introduction by
Sergio D. Elizondo, El Paso, Texas, dos Pasos, 1987, 126 pp.
Games Children Play, In the Borderlands. Juegos de nifios de las
Califomias. Calexico. SDSU-IVC. 2000. Yesenia Vera. Coeditor
Other Editorial Work.
Coordinator, Palabra Nueva, Recent Chicano Narrative Literary
Contest (for short story in Spanish, 4th year).
Plural.Revista Cultural de Excelsior,No.256,enero de 1993.Special
edition on the Chicano,with R.Aguilar M.
Contributor to Bibliografia de Aztlan, An Annotated Chicano
Bibliography. Eds. Ernie Barrio and Roy Cazares, San Diego State
College, 1971.
" Critical Areas of Need for Research and Scholastic Study", in Epoca,
The National Concilio for Chicano Studies Journal, Vol. 1, No. 2,
Winter 1971,1-7.
"Enseando la literatura de los chicanos en espaol." Teaching Spanish
to the Spanish Speaking: A Newsletter, edited by Dr. Guadalupe Fallis,
Vol. 1, No. 3, Oct. 1975.
"A Note on Lope de Vega's La mayor Victoria," Romance Notes, DC,
No. 1, 1967, pp.113-117.
"The Spanish Vernacular of Texas: A Valuable Medium in Bilingual
and Bicultural Education". Reports, "Bilingual Education in Three
Cultures". Southwest Council for Bilingual Education. November 8-9,
1968. 6
"A Critical Edition of Lope de Vega's" ;Si no Vieran las mujeres!
Dissabstr. Vol. 28, No. 2,1967,pp.626-A.
"Espaol con los Chicanos: Nociones de su cultura" in Teaching
Spanish to the Spanish Speaking: Theory and Practice. San Antonio,
Trinity Universityl Press, 1976, pp.137-149.
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Comediantes. No. 2,1959,5-6.
"Myth and Reality in Chicano Literature," Latin American Literary
Review. Vol.. X Spg. Summer 1977, 14 p.
"Mtica y realidad en la literatura chicana," Bilingual Review/Revista
Bilmgue. January-March, 1978.
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A/M (Aus der Englishen Ubersetz von E. Seifert).
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the Texas Association of Chicanos in Higher Education, Vol. II, Spring
1980, pp. 42-45.
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American Literary Review. Vol. XI, No. 21, Fall-Winter, 1982, pp. 39-
"Chicano," in Chicanos ! Culture e politica dei messico-americani. Ed.
Alessandro Gebbia, Venezia, Italia, Marsilio Editori collettivo, 1976,
pp. 145-46. (Italian translation)
"ABC: Aztlan, the Borderlands, and Chicago," Missions in Conflict:
Essays on U.S. Mexican Relations and Chicano Culture. Tubingen,
Bunter Narr Verlag, 1986, pp. 13-23.
Three Conferences: "Orgenes, desarrollo y presente de la literatura
chicana," "Formas de resistencia cultural, lingstica y literaria," "La
gran frontera hacia el norte: Los chicanos en USA," Direccion de
Investigacion y fomento de Cultura Regional del Gobiemo del Estado,
Culiacn, Sin. Mxico, July 2,3,4,1986.
Publisher Interview: "La literatura chicana hoy," Travesa, Universidad
Autnoma de Baja California., Mexicali, Mxico, No. 2, 1985, pp. 15-
"Literature of the U.S. - Mxico Border," (With R. Aguilar), Borders
and 7
Frontiers: A Working Conference on Teaching About International
Borders, NMSU, Joint Border Institute, July 26, 1986.
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de Guadalajara, Mexico, June 26, 1986.
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Mxico, D.F., Agosto, 1987. pp. 28-32, 37-38.
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Plural, Revista cultural de Excelsior, No. 191, Mxico, D.F., Agosto,
1987, pp. 39-40.
Ten Poems in Festival de Flor y Canto, University of Southern
California Press, 1976, pp. 68-77, "Domingo bright morning," "She,"
"Ruca firme liberated," "A una chavala chicana como peria," "Chavala
chicana que se alejo sin explicacion," "Tu, guardas silencio en la
esfera," "Las chavalas parece...," "El cacto silencioso," "Bato y
chavala...," "Chavala chicana que va...," "Consejo de bato...,"
"Nota para el estudio de la carcajada y la risa," Vortice. I, No. 1,
Stanford University, 1974, pp. 76-78.
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Butterfly Press, NMSU, Las Cruces, New Mexico, 1974.
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F. Other Significant Editorial Work.
Founding Member, and later Corresponding Editor, Journal of Ethnic
Studies. Westem Washington State University (1972-76).
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"Bicultural Literature," Literature and Society Series, Carleton College,
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Sponsored by the Office of Cultural Minorities, U.S. Department of
State, toured Germany (West), lecturing on "Problems of Bilingual
Education," "Literature of the Chicano People," and "Politics and
Literature," at the following universities:
Saabrucken, Berlin (Free University), Bremen and Kiel, January 14-31,
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Estudios para extranjeros, Mxico, D.F., June 25, 1987.
"Literatura y cultura," Panel discussant, Encuentro Chicane, SEP-
UNAM, Centro de Estudios para extranjeros, Mxico, D.F., June
"Bibliografa Bsica de la Literatura Chicana," X Coloquio de las
Literaturas del Noroeste, Universidad de Sonora, Hermosillo, Mxico,
April 29, 1988.
"La literatura chicana y la marginalidad en Aztlan," V Simposio
Intemacional, San Diego State University, March 25, 1988.
"Para escribir literatura chicana," VI Encuentro Nacional de Escritorcs
en la Frontera Norte, UACJ. Ciudad Jurez, Mexico,April 1990.
"Some Notable Females in Mexican and Chicano Culture,"Friends of
North County Library, San Diego State University, North County, San
Marcos,CA. May 10, 1990.
"Platica de Cinco de Mayo," Miracosta Community College-San Elijo,
Cardiff by the Sea, May 3,1990.
Poetry Reading, Pan American Week, April 14, 1977. Pan American
University, McMillan Memorial Center, Edinburg, Texas.
Poetry Reading, Exposicion colectiva de pinturas y exhibicion
dejoyeria de plata. Cafe y arte, Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, Mxico,
February 15, 1979.
Poetry Reading Participant, Festival de Flor y Canto, Chicano
Literature Festival, San Antonio, Texas, June 1976.
Poetry Reading, "El poeta y el Pueblo: el hombre hispano en su
cultura," Corbett Center, New Mxico State University, sponsored by
the University of New Mxico, November 2, 1978.
Poetry Reading, Symposium on Chicano Literature, Floricanto 11.
University of Texas, Austin, March 12-16,1975.
Conferencia-Encuentro. La Narrativa y la crtica literaria chicanas.
"Rosa, la flauta, cuento, la creacin, contenido y lugar en el arte,"
Auditorio de la biblioteca, University of Texas, El Paso, October
"The Chicano Experience," Lecture on Education for Chicanes and
Economic Situation among Chicanes, Findlay College, Findlay, Ohio,
January 1979.
Reading from poetry books, Perros y antiperros and Libro para batos,
Findlay College, Findlay, Ohio, February 19, 1987.
Panel Discussion of Chicano Authors and Readings from my novel
Muerte en una estrella, Congres International, Expressions Culturelles
des Hispaniques aux Etats-Unis, Paris, March 12-14, 1986. (La
Reading from forthcoming novel: Cuadrados, Redondos, Marrano
Blindado, "Don Jacobo Ha Levi, Juan y Cris." At the Primer Encuentro
Nacional de Escritores en la Frontera, Universidad Autonoma de
Ciudad Jurez, Mxico, Abril 25-26, 1986.
Reading from new novel Cuadrados, redondos, marrano blindado. San
Diego State University, International Sympsoium, "The Hispanic
Literature and Society, March 20, 1987, San Diego State University.
Reading at Binational Border literature Conference. Reading from new
novel, Cuadrados. redondos, marrano acorazado, Binational Border
Literature Conference, Mexicali, Univeridad Autonoma de Baja
California, May 2, 1987.
Reading, IV Encuentro de Escritores Mexicanos en la Frontera Norte,
UAJ, Ciudad Juarez, Mxico, April 21,1989.
Reading, "Coyote Emplumado," Encuentro de Literatura de las
Fronteras, Tijuana, B.C. Mxico, Junio, 1988.
Reading: From Soviet prose, " A Soviet Literature Reading," Peace and
Justice Month at New Mexico State University, April 5, 1988.
"Me dieron todo el condado," at VII Annual International Symposium
on Spanish: Hispanic American Writers in the United States,
University of Texas-Pan American,April 16,1993.
Readings sponsored by DIFOCUR, Direccion de Investigacion y
Fomento de Cul-tura Regional,State ofSinaloa, Mexico; readings of
published and new works:
"Rosa, la flauta," El Fuerte, June 11, 1986
"Me dieron todo el condado," Culiacn, June 16.
"Me dieron todo el condado," Mazatln, June 17
"Me dieron todo el condado," Los Mochis. June 18.
Reading from novel Surumma,Borderlands Literature Conference, San
Diego State University-Imperial Valley, April 6,1990.
Interviewed by El Imparcial reporter, "Cultura Chicana: una
idiosincracia en conflicto", Hermosillo, Son., Mxico, May 1, 1987.
Short introduction to Rodrguez, Alfredo. Estas tierras (novel). El Paso,
Texas, dos Pasos, Editores, 1987.
Radio Program Interview.KUBO.Radio Bilinge,
PLAY PRODUCTION Federico Garca Lorca, La casa de Bernarda Alba, University of Texas,
March 23-25, 1968. Rice University, Houston, Texas.
Carlos Solorzano's Las manos de Dips. Bans Hall, University of Texas,
March 29-30, 1964.
Miguel de Unamuno's Fedra. Batts Hall Auditorium, November 14,
1964; Ruth Taylor Music Hall, Trinity University, San Antonio, Texas,
December 4, 1964.
Victor Ruiz Triarte's El lando de seis caballos, Batts Hall, University of
Texas, March 29-30,1966.
Jorge Ibarguengoitita's Susana y los jovenes, Batts Hall, University of
Texas, March 19-20, 1968.

Planning Committee, National Exploratory Conference on Chicano
Sociolinguistics, Las Cruces, New Mxico, October 1972 - November
Director, National Exploratory Conference on Chicano
Sociolinguistics, Las Cruces, New Mexico, November 6-8, 1974.
Member, Executive Board, National Congress of Chicano
Sociolinguistics, 1974-1975.
Chairman, (AATSP) American Association of Teachers of Spanish and
Portuguese "Literature of the Hispanic Minorities," Chicago,
December 27-30, 1975.
Panel of Judges: Second Annual Siglo de Oro Drama Festival, March
14-25, Chamizal National Memorial Theater (U.S. Department of
Interior, Chamizal National Park), El Paso, Texas. Judging eight
University and Repertory Companies producing Spanish Peninsular
drama of the 17th century.
Chairman, Section 10, Chicano Studies, 24th Rocky Mountain Council
for Latin American Studies, New Mexico State University, Las Cruces,
New Mexico, March 11-13,1976.
Member, Executive Committee, Committee on International
Education, Border States University Consortium on Latin American
Studies (San Diego State University, U.C. San Diego, Arizona,
Arizona State, New Mexico State University, University of Texas at El
Paso, Pan American University). Chairman, 1978-
Board of Advisors, Advisors of the Connecticut Public Television,
Inc., June 5, 1976 in Hartford, Connecticut.
Panelist: "Approaches to the Chicano Homeland," National
Asssociation for Chicano Stu-dies.Albuquerque, N.M.,March 29,1990.
Panel of Judges, Premio Nacional de Literatura Jose Fuentes Mares,
Universidad Autnoma de Ciudad Juarez, Mxico, 1989.
Panel,"Chicano Literature," VI Encuentro Nacional de Escritores en la
Frontera Norte, Universidad Autonoma de Ciudad Juarez,Mexico,TV
Station KRWG, New Mexico State University, April 19,1990.
Judge, "Latino Literary Prize," University of California, Irvine,1991.
Organizational Consultant, Department of Mexican-American Studies,
Long Beach State University, Long Beach, California, Summer 1979.
Planning Committee, Border Studies Conference, New Mexico State
University, May 24- 25,1974.
Vice-Chairman, Chicano Literature Section, American Association of
Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese, Annual Convention, Denver,
Colorado, November 27-29, 1974.
Panel of Judges, Palabra Nueva, A Literary Contest of Short Fiction,
University of Texas, El Paso (a first in Chicano literature), 1982-.
Representing NMSU, Border States University Consortium for Latin
America (BSUCLA), a consortium of eight border universities, 1975-
Chairman, Consortium for International Education, of BSUCLA, 1978-
Chairman, Consortium for International Education, Joint Border
Institute (at NMSU, as separated from BSUCLA), 1979-80.
Faculty sponsor. Club de espaol, NMSU, 1981-,Club Literario,
Expresiones libres, SDSU

Sponsor, National Spanish Honorary Society, Beta Eta Chapter,

Membership in professional organizations (Past and present)

Modem Language Association of America
American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese
Rocky Mountain Modem Language Association.
Rocky Mountain Council on Latin American Studies
National Association of Chicano Studies
National Association of Interdisciplinary and Ethnic Studies
Chicano Council of Higher Education
New Mexico State University Latin American Forum

Membership in university committees, etc.

Board of Advisors NMSU Special Student Services
Foreign Languages Promotion and Tenure Committee
Foreign Languages Search Committee
Foreign language learning Center Committee
Spanish Graduate Faculty Committee (Leadership)
MA and PhD examination committees
General Studies Committee, SDSU *
Undergraduate Curriculum Committee, SDSU *
University Tenure and Promotion Review Panel, SDSU *
Personnel Committee, Chair, SDSU-IVC
Search Committee (Chair), History, Spanish, Marketing, Education
SDSU-IVC and SDSU, West Campus *
Faculty Merit Increase Committee (Chair), SDSU-IVC
Diversity Committee, SDSU-IVC
Tenure Review Committee, Various, SDSU-IVC
Research and Grants Committee, SDSU-IVC New Dean Search
Committee, SDSU-IVC Teacher Education Admissions Committee

Other service

University of Texas, Austin, Experimental Admissions Committee,

Raza Unida Conference, Organizing Committee, 1967-68 (a first
cultural organization of the Chicano Movement). San Antonio, Texas,
Jan. 6, 1968, first conference.
Faculty representative, California State College, San Bemardino, at the
Santa Barbara Conference on Chicano Studies, March 1969 (first of its
kind that founded and defined Chicano needs in higher education).
Faculty Representative, Educational Opportuunity Program, California
State College at San Bemardino, 1969-71.
Founder, and subsequent sponsor, Mexican American Student
Organization, University of Texas, Austin (probably the first Chicano
student association). 1967-1968.
Senator, Faculty Senate, California State University, San Bemardino,
Chapter for Dictionary of Literary Biography.Gale Research, on
Chicano Writer Ricardo Aguilar M., submitted December 1993.
El gesticulador, a Drama by Rodolfo Usigili, a translation. (Authorized
by author)
"Don Jacobo Ha Levi," from new novel, Prensa Binacional, San Dieeo
State Univer-sity - Universidad Autonoma de Baja California, June,
Selection from new novel: Cuadrado, redondos. marrano acorazado,
Saguaro, University of Arizona, May, 1987.
The National Endowment for the Humanities
The National Endowment for the Arts
Connecticut Public Television
United States Office of Education, Division of Student Services, HEW.
University of California, Irvine on Faculty Applications for Promotion
and Tenure.
Carnegie-Mellon University, on promotion and tenure of professors.
The Danforth Foundation, regarding the participation of women and
ethnic minorities.
The Ford Foundation, in regards to seminars on minorities.
Universitat Mainz, Germany.on doctoral dissertation ofHerrn. Horst
Tonn, 1976-78.
Universite de Toulouse-Le Mirail, France for Dr. Marcienne Rocard on
the publication of
Universita de Bergamo, Italy.on the master's thesis of Ms. Loredana
Universita di Milano, for Dr. Lia Tessarolo Bondolfi, on her book, Pal
Mito al Mito,
Universite de Paris-La Sorbonne, France,for Dr. Yves-Charles
Grandjeat, on his book
Aztlan.Terre vole, terre promise, 1982.
Universite de Bordeaux, France.for Prof.Elyette Benjamin-Labarthe on
her book Vous avez dit, Chicano, 1991.
University of Arizona, for Ms. Susan Elizondo on her MFA thesis in
creative writing.

(More, too numerous to list)

"How to be Human." on KUT-TV, University of Texas, Austin, 1967.

"Perspectives on Chicano Literature," Fifth Biennial American Studies
Association Convention, University of Texas, San Antonio, November
6, 1975.

"Perspectives de la literature chicana." Symposium on Humanities on
the Border, Cross-Cultural Southwest Ethnic Study Center, UTEP,
May 6-7,1976.

Ethnic Literatures since 1776: "The many Voices of America," Ninth
Annual Comparative literature Symposium, Texas Tech University,
January 28, 1976.

Panel Discussant, opening Ceremonies of "Two Centuries of Hispanic
Theater in the Southwest," Albuquerque Museum, May 7-8, a project
funded by NEH.

Invited panelist in numerous courses at the graduate level on matters
pertaining to the culture on Mexicans and Chicanos at this university,
(NMSU) such as there have been too many to list.

Panel discussion, "Literature en la frontera norte," Centre Guadalupe
posada. Institute Nacional de Bellas Artes, Mexico,D.F.,Mexico,May
11, 1984.

Congres International. Identite et cultures hispaniques aux Etats-Unis,
Paris, March 12, 1986. (LaSorbonne)

"La chicana y el machismo" Panel discussion, Chicano Week, New
Mexico State University, April 17, 1986.

Chair, International Symposium, "The Hispanic Literature and Society.
Panel: "Chicano Literary Criticism, March 20, 1987, San Diego State

Panel participant. "Chicano Literary Expression," IX Coloquio de
analisis de la literatura regional, Universidad Autonoma de Sonora,
Hermosillo, Son., Mexico April 30, 1987.

Participant: Special Invitation. Segundo Encuentro Nacional de
escritores en la frontera norte. Universidad Autonoma de Ciudad
Juarez, Cd. Juarez, Mexico, May 8, 9,1987.
"Literatura y cultura," (Mesa Redonda) Encuentro Chicano,
Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, April 26, 1987.

"Debate sobre la expresion artistica Chicana," IX Coloquio de Analisis
de la Literatura Regional, Universidad Autonoma de Sonora,
Hermosillo, Mexico, April 30, 1987.

Chair, Literatura Oral y Teatro, Annual Conference, Folclor
Fronterizo: Una vision Panoramica, San Diego State University
(Calexico), May 4, 1989.

Premio "Fuentes Mares," Panel of Judges, Universidad Autonoma de
Ciudad Juarez. IV. Encuentro De Escritores Mexicanos En La Frontera
Norte, UA Ciudad Juarez, May 21-24, 1989.
Courses taught during
Instruction at all levels, in English and in the Spanish languages
Lower Division (Numbers change from place to place)
Spanish, elementary, intermediate and advanced language
Spanish 111, 112,211,212
Spanish 213,214, Spanish for Native Speakers
Spanish 313 and 314 Grammar and Compositon
Spanish 352 the sounds of English and Spanish (Phonetics)
Upper Division, etc.
Spanish 381 The Literature of Spain I, Medieval through 17th century
Spanish 382 The Literature of Spain II, XVIII-XX centuries
Graduate Courses:
Spanish 450, Mexican Culture & Civilization.
Spanish 451 Topics in Hispanic Literatures
Spanish 475 Prose and Poetry of the XIX and XX century (at Texas)
Spanish 501 Seminar in the Humanities (at WWSC)
Spanish 561 and 562 Literature of the Spanish Golden Age, VII
(now double listed with Span. 461-462, NMSU)
Spanish 475 Cervantes (Don Quijote)
Spanish 515, Mexican Literature
Spanish 572, Spanish American Theater
Spanish 596, Special Topics,Spanish American Short Story
Spanish 585 Spanish Peninsular poetry
Spanish American Literature
Spanish 384 Survey of Spanish American Literature, XDC-XX
Spanish 463 and 464 Mexican Literature (double listed as 563-564)
Spanish 598, Special Problems
Medieval Literature Seminar
Spanish 599 Thesis
Chicano Studies Subjects, all levels
Spanish 349 Mexican Culture and Civilization Spanish 350
Introduction to Chicano Studies Spanish 385 Introduction to Chicano
Literature (new)
Spanish 467-567 Literature of the Chicano People Spanish 498
Methods and Material in Chicano Studies
MAS 380 US Mexico Borderlands Folklore
MAS 464 Literature for the Chicano Bilingual Child

Steering Committee and Conference Director, The Ford Foundation. A
National Exploratory Conference on Chicano Sociolinguistics, Las
Cruces, New Mexico State University, Academic Year 1974-1975.

The Ford Foundation, a Fellowship for Post-doctoral Study. Colegio de
Mexico, Mexico, D.F., for studies in anthropology. 1971.

Revista Cultural Plural, Third Prize for original short story: "Trio para
nino, escritura y cello," among more than 800 entries, year of 1981.
Story was subsequently published in the same magazine in 1982.

National Endowment for the Arts, Creative Writing Fellowship for
1981 -82.
Who's Who in the West, 17th edition, 1980-1981.
Who's Who in America, 82nd edition, 1979
Hispanic Who's Who in America, J anuary, 1979.
Men of Achievement, 7th edition, 1979-1980. National Directory of
Latin-Americanists, Library of Congress.
Dictionary of Chicano Scholars and Writers, New Jersey, Scarecrow
Press, 1979.
Dictionary of American Scholars, Jaques Cattell press, Tucson Ariz.,
Welt-Literatur im 20 Jahrhundert. Autoren Lexikon, Ed. Manfred
Brauneck, Rowohit Taschenbuch Verlag GmBH, Reinbeck bei
Hamburg, 1981.
Chicano Authors, Inquiry by Interview. Ed. J. Bruce-Novoa, Austin,
University of Texas press, 1980.
Dictionary of Literary Biography
Directory of American Poets and Fiction Writers.
Poets and Writers.
Dal mito al mito. La cultura di espressione chicana: Ed. Lia Tessarolo
Bondolfi, Milano, Editoriale Jaca-Book,1988,pp. 107-120. (with my
Vous avez dit.Chicano. Anthologie Thematique de poesie Chicano, Ed.
Elyette Benjamin Labarthe, Bordeaux, France, 1993. (with texts pp.
211, 275)
Chicanos! Cultura e politica dei messico americani, Venezia, Italy,
Marsilio Editore, 1976 (with text, p. 145)
Les Fils du soleil. La Minorit mexicaine a travers la litterature des
Etats Unis. Ed. Marcienne Rocard, G-P Maisonneuve et Larose,1980.
Aztln: Terre vole, terre promise. Les Peregrinations du peuple
Chicano. Ed. Yves Charles Grandjeat, Paris, Off-ShorePresses de
L'ecole Normale Superiore,1989.
Ms. Silvia Gonzlez, "Sociolinguistic Attitudes Arnong Chicanas,"
Ms. Virginia Vigil, "Antologa de Literatura Chicana," 1981.
Ms. Katheen Benavidez, "Teatro Chicano: Una BibliografiaA notada,"
Cornmittee Chair. "The Illiterate Street Child: His Interpretation of
Written Language," by Rosa Herminia Yez, New Mexico State
University, May 1987.

Mr. Don Francis Thompson, "The Spanish Theory of Empire as
Revealed Through
Selected Golden Age Spanish Dramas," 1969. University of Texas,

Jess Romero haya, "El desarrollo de la novela chicana," 1988.
Alfonso Illingworth R. "Es la New Arnerican Literature un Caso de
Glotofagia?," 1988.

Patricia Chacn, "La alegora como vehculo de expresin en la
dramaturgia de Lauro Olmo," 1989
"Coyote, esta noche." Cuento Chicano del siglo XX. Ed. Ricardo
Aguilar M., Mxico, D.F., Universidad Nacional Autnoma de
Mxicomew Mexico State University, 1993, pp. 41-48
"Gave me the Whole County," Prairie Schooner, December,Vol.68,
No.4,Winter 1994,Pp. 136- 14 1 Prize Winner
"The Literary Art of Rosina Conde," An Inroduction to Rosina Conde's
Women on the Road, San Diego,SDSU Press, 1994,Pp. 13-22

Editor (With Yesenia Vera): Book of Children's GamesIJuenos de
nios. SDSU-IVC, publshed in part with funds fiom IRA and
A book of children's games in English and Spanish popular in the
Califomias Borderlands.
Thesis Reader: For Ms. Delfina Coronel, SDSU, 1998-2000 (Last

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