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"^-Ejlgar and M^l ^^chols, missionaries to Tibet,
China, Hawaiian Islands and more recently Gana,
Africa have come to make their home in Boise. Bro.
Nichols has joined the staff of Boise Bible College to
teach a course in Missions and Philosophy. We are
lookingforward to much inspiration from this man of
God and his wife in the months ahead. The Lord has
used them in witnessing the gospel around the worlu
for many years. They have seen many of the changes
that have come into the world in the last 50 years.
When communism took over Tibet they escaped over
the Himalayan Mountains. It is obvious their hearts
are still with the people of God around the world to
whom they have given much of their lives. We rejoice
that the Lord has shared them with us to challenge us
towards the great goal of world wide missions.
They are making their home in the church
parsonage here in Boise. I am sure they covet your
prayers and letters in their new home.
A hearty "thank you" to all who had a pan in lasl
summer's Boise Bible College Mission program. Lach
of those who went had wonderful cxporiciicos to
relate upon his return. Steve and Millie Sliold wore
able to go further than originally planned. After their
work in Jamaica they went to Colombia. Soiiilt
America, to view the mission work of that eoiinlry.
We are glad that they were able to see this work first
hand as it miglit be a place where the Lord will lead
them in the years to come. We will be hearing from
them and others who went forth in future issues t)f
the Boise Bible College News.
I want to tell of the trip that Karl Schott. Annette
Lemieux and I were able to take into the Iron Curtain
countries with the wonderful people of Toronto
Christian Mission. We hear much of conditions and
problems of those almost forgotten people behind the
political barrier we call "The Iron Curtain." Our
experiences are never to be forgotten.
The exeitement of being in places you have read
about but never dreamed of seeing was worth the
trip. That wasn't our main point in going, however.
We were able to see some of the historical sites r)f
London, Budapest, Moscow, Lenningrad, Warsaw and
Berlin. The tragedies and scars of the second world
war were indellibly placed upon our minds as we saw
a concentration camp, bombed-out buildings and
memorials to the figliting men who had a part in
liberating the people from the German army. It was
quite a feeling to be in the places where war had
taken its toll in starvation and death.
We were able to attend eleven different church
services behind the Iron Curtain where there were
from 1,000 people in attendance in Moscowto as few
as 50 in Poland. We were able to get much closer to
the people in the places away from Moscow. The
further we went the better able we were to
communicate with the people. We were able to take
part in the services and did help with a eliurch
dedication in Poland and witnessed a baptismal
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