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Vitamin/Mineral Found in RDA

What it does
Vitamin A
(Retinol or Beta-
Liver, egg yolk, dairy
products, margarine.
Beta carotene (pro-
vitamin A) is found in
dark green and deep
yellow fruits and
!,""" #$

%eeps eyes &ealt&y'

develops ones'
protects linings of
respiratory, digestive
and urinary tracts'
maintains &ealt&y skin
and &air. Beta
carotene fig&ts free
radicals (c&emicals
t&at damage cells).
Vitamin B(
*&ole grains, cereals
and enric&ed grain
products' also
legumes (dried eans,
peas, and nuts), organ
meats, lean pork and
(.( - (.! mg +romotes &ealt&y
functioning of t&e
nerves, muscles and
&eart. ,etaoli-es
Vitamin B.
/rgan meats,
enric&ed reads and
cereals, legumes,
almonds, c&eese and
eggs' also meat, fis&
and dark green
(.0 - (.1 mg ,etaoli-es
caro&ydrates, fats
and proteins,
produces &ormones'
promotes eye and skin
Vitamin B0
,eat, organ meats,
w&ole grains and
cereals, and legumes'
also eggs, milk, green
leafy vegetales and
(! - (3 mg ,etaoli-es
caro&ydrates and
fats' &elps functioning
of digestive system'
maintains &ealt& skin.
Vitamin B!
(+antot&enic Acid)
/rgan meats, yeast,
raw vegetales, eggs
and dairy products.
4 - 1 mg suggested
+roduces &ormones
and maintains ody5s
immune system.
Vitamin B6
products, poultry,
fis&, and nuts' also
meat, most fruits and
vegetales, eggs and
dairy products
(.6 - . mg ,etaoli-es protein'
&elps produce
promotes functioning
of digestive and
nervous systems, and
&ealt&y skin.
Vitamin B(. +rimarily organ . 8g Builds genetic
(9yanocoalamin) meats' also fis&, lean
meats, poultry,
c&eese, and eggs.
material of cells and
produces lood cells.
Vitamin 9
(Ascoric Acid)
Almost e7clusively
fruits and vegetales
(especially citrus
fruits, tomatoes,
peppers, strawerries,
and cantaloupe)
alt&oug& reast milk
and organ meats
contain small
("" - ."" mg An antio7idant, fig&ts
and resists infection'
&eals wounds'
promotes growt& and
maintenance of ones,
teet&, gums, ligaments
and lood vessels.
Vitamin :
;or most people, sun
e7posure is t&e
primary source of
vitamin :. ;ood
sources include
Vitamin :-fortified
milk, eggs, fis&-liver
oils and fatty fis&
suc& as &erring,
mackerel and salmon.
4"" #$ Builds strong ones
and teet& and
maintains t&e nervous
Vitamin <
vegetale oils, nuts,
w&eat germ and
products, egg yolks
and green leafy
*omen = mg'
,en (" mg
+rotects t&e lungs,
nervous system,
skeletal muscle and
t&e eye5s retina from
damage y free
radicals' may reduce
risk of &eart disease
y protecting against
Vitamin >
/ats, organ meats,
yeast and eggs
(cooked)' also w&ole-
w&eat products, dairy
products, fis& and
0" - ."" 8g suggested
,etaoli-es proteins
and caro&ydrates'
reaks down fatty
Vitamin % :ark green leafy
vegetales, eggs,
c&eese, pork and
6" - =" mg +romotes normal
Vitamin , vegetales (especially (=" - ."" 8g ?ynt&esis of protein
(;olic Acid) dark-green ones),
organ meats, w&ole-
w&eat products,
legumes and
and genetic materials'
may &elp prevent
some cancers, &eart
disease and stroke'
w&en taken during
pregnancy, protects
against some irt&
9alcium (9a) +rimarily in milk and
dairy products' also
vegetales, legumes,
s&ellfis&, fis& wit&
edile ones and tofu'
also calcium-fortified
orange @uice.
="" - (,."" mg Builds ones and
teet&' promotes lood
clotting, contraction
of muscles and nerve
9&romium (9r) *&ole w&eat and
ot&er w&ole grains
and molasses.
!" - ."" 8g suggested
An essential nutrient
reAuired for normal
sugar and fat
metaolism' may also
&elp prevent &ig&
c&olesterol and
9opper (9u) /rgan meats,
s&ellfis&, w&ole-grain
products, legumes
and dried fruits.
. - 0 mg suggested
Builds ones, red
lood cells and
metaoli-es iron,
maintains connective
tissue and lood
vessels' may play a
role in cancer
;luoride (;) ?eafood, tea, coffee
and soyeans' sodium
fluoride is often
added to t&e water
supply to prevent
toot& decay.
2one +romotes one and
toot& formation'
prevents toot& decay.
#odine (#.) ?altwater fis&,
s&ellfis&, sea kelp and
iodi-ed salt.
(!" 8g >elps produce t&yroid
&ormones' adeAuate
iodine intake during
pregnancy is crucial
to normal fetal
#ron (;e) #ron is poorly
asored from food.
)&e ric&est sources
are red meat and
organ meats' ot&er
sources include
products, s&ellfis&,
nuts and dried fruit.
,any reads and
cereals are enric&ed
wit& iron. Vitamin 9
aids asorption of
iron and is often
added to iron
*omen (! mg'
,en (" mg
>elps produce
&emogloin and red
lood cells' delivers
o7ygen to muscles
and ot&er ody
tissues' protects
against effects of
,agnesium (,g) Legumes, w&ole-
grain cereals, nuts
and dark-green
vegetales' also meat,
seafood and dairy
*omen .=" mg'
,en 0!" mg
Builds ones and
teet&' involved in
functioning of
muscular and nervous
systems and &ear and
circulatory system.
,anganese (,n) )ea, green vegetales,
legumes, oats and
. - ! mg #nvolved in
processes, se7
&ormone formation'
essential for normal
rain function and
one development.
,olydenum (,o) :airy products,
legumes, w&ole-grain
cereals and organ
1! - .!" mg #nvolved in en-yme
+&osp&orus (+) ,eat, fis&, eggs,
legumes and dairy
products' also w&ole
w&eat, corn and rice.
( gram Builds ones and
+otassium (%) +otatoes, dried fruits,
ananas, legumes,
raw vegetales,
avocados and
mus&rooms' also lean
0.! grams suggested
>elps nerves and
muscles function'
regulates &eart5s
r&yt&m' regulates
odily fluids.
meat, milk and fis&.
?elenium (?e) *&ole-grain cereals,
fis& and s&ellfis&,
meat and dairy
*omen !! 8g'
,en 1" 8g
An antio7idant, &elps
protect cells and
tissues from damage
y free radicals' may
also protect against
some cancers.
?odium (2a) 2aturally in many
foods and is added to
many prepared foods.
.,4"" mg ,aintains ody5s fluid
alance' important for
nerve function and
muscle contraction'
controls &eart5s
Binc (Bn) ?&ellfis& (particularly
oysters), organ meats
and lean red meat,
yeast, w&ole-grain
cereals, and legumes.
*omen (. mg'
,en (! mg
#nvolved in growt&,
skin &ealt& and
wound &ealing,
development of t&e
reproductive organs,
protein metaolism
and energy
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