Menue, please call 032- 5800279 for orders : Appetizers Specials P 70, Schinkenroellchen Pastramiroellchen Panini - rolled ham with

asparagus filling – Italian smoked beef with cheese

–Garlic bread and herb tomato Platter

French Onion Soup Gulaschsoup Chicken Noodle Pot Potato Cream Soup Cream of Mushroom Tomato Soup Italian Minestrone Thai Chicken Soup Rattanachai Slipway

Homemade Soups P 80, Classic dining starter

– Traditional spicy beef stew soup – homemade (!) chicken soup – freshly prepared with bacon – Homemade with mushrooms – freshly made with bacon ham – Classic vegetable soup - the Traditional Tom Kha Gai! – hot, sour and spicy!

Gardenfresh Salads P 70, Italian Salad “Venezia” – Mixed Salad with pastrami & cheese German Salad “Berlin” – mixed salad with ham and cheese Tuna Salad “Del Mare” – mixed salad with tunafish Spicy Hot Thai Beef Salad – mixed salad with beef stripes

French Bread Sandwiches P 99, Monte Carlo – with breaded fish fillet & remoulade sauce Tuna Special – with salad and tuna Schnitzel Sandwich – breaded pork cutlet, onion & mustard

From the Grill
Hacienda Grill
Grilled Pork Cutlets and Fish Steak Served with Rice or French fries and small Salad

Mixed Grill “Zwiebel”
Grilled Imported Rib-Eye Steak, Chicken Breast Fillet and a lean Pork Cutlet. Served with Golden Brown Potato Chips or rice, and Salad.

Pesce tapa
Grilled Fish Steak served with boiled Potato, sour cream Sauce and salad.

Pueblo Steak
Grilled imported Rib-Eye Steak served with Golden Brown Potato Chips or rice and salad All above dishes P 250, - each We recommend Italian Red Wine for this Grilled Specialties

House Specialities
Chicken “Parmesan”
Spiced Breaded Chicken Breast Fillet ovenbaked with Asparagus, Mushroom and Cream Fraiche sauce. Served with Mashed Potatoes ,Rice or french Fries Chicken ala “Zwiebel” Breaded Fried Chicken Breast fillet Served with Rice or French fries

Fillet di Mango alle Olive
Grilled Tender Beef with a unique Olive and herb sauce, Served with French Fries or Rice

Pasta ala Venezia
Italian Spaghetti Noodles topped with Lean Breaded Pork Cutlets and authentic Lucious Italian Sauce All above dishes P 200, - each We recommend Italian Red or white Wine for this House Specialties

From the Sea
Pesce “Italia”
Fish Fillet topped with Italian Tomato Sauce served on Pasta.

Pesce “Alemagna”

Fried Fish Fillet (mahi-mahi or Dorado) with Caper or Garlic Cream sauce. Served with Mashed Potatoes or Rice

Pesce di “Royal”

Breaded Fish Fillet with sauce “tartar” served with Potato chips. Well-Known also as Fish “n” Chips.

Pesce ala “Zwiebel”
Breaded Fish Fillet baked with Asparagus and Crème Fraiche Sauce. Served with Mashed Potato or Rice.

Pla – Gaeng-Daeng (Thai)
Stewed Fish Fillet in Coconut milk and Thai Curry sauce. Served with Rice All above dishes P 200, - each

Imported from Australia : Beefsteak Specialities Rumpsteak “Roma”

Australian Rumpsteak (150 grams) with Italian red wine and herb sauce, best served with mashed potato or rice.

Australian Rumpsteak (150 grams) with mushroom gravy, best served with mashed potato or rice.

Beefsteak “Zwiebel”

Australian Rumpsteak (150 grams) topped with Peppercream sauce. Served with French fries, mashed potato or rice. Australian Rumpsteak (150 grams), served with French fries, mashed potato or rice. All above for P 300, -


Rumpsteak Natural

T-bone Steak
Big Australian T-bone (250 grams), served with French fries, mashed potato or rice. P 390, Complete with potatoe or rice side dish and mixed new Zealand buttered vegetables P 590,-

NEW ! – Brazilian Tenderloin Steak 
Requires minimum order of 6 persons 1 Day ahead

Classics from Germany
Roasted Beef cubes (spicy) in a hearty gravy sauce, best served with mashed potatoes or rice.

Beef Goulash

Breaded Pork cutlets served with French fries


Smoked lean Porkloin cutlet with mashed potato and imported German Sauerkraut

Kassler Plate

Pork cutlets with mushroom gravy, served with mashed potato or rice.


Tender Beef slices with special gravy. Best with mashed potato or rice. Lean Pork slices with mushroom cream sauce. Best with mashed potato or rice. All our German Specialties for P 200, - each New  : Bavarian ovenroasted Porkloin (Schweinebraten) Complete with potatoe side dish, gravy and mixed vegetables P 200,- each.
Minimum order 6 Persons and 1 day ahead !

Beef Stroganoff

Zuericher Geschnetzeltes

Our Sausage Snacks P 150, All-inclusive French fries! Nuernberger Sausages 4 PCS Spicy hot Hungarian Sausage Currywurst - fried veal sausage with curry-tomato sauce Bockwurst - (Big Frankfurter sausage) Vienna Sausage 2 PCS – the Original Vienna! Kalbsbratwurst – fried veal (beef) sausage New : Swiss Schublig, like the Hungarian, but not Spicy

Additional side orders
Garlic fried Rice Imported New Zealand Buttered Vegetables Imported German Sauerkraut Homefried Farmer Potatoes with Bacon & Egg (Good for two,30 min preparation time) Garlic French Bread Special Garlic Cream Sauce (Zatsiki) French Fries Mashed Potatoes Rice P 50,P40, P40, P90, P40, P40, P 50,P 50,P 50,-

Italian Pasta Specialties P 100, Spaghetti Bolognese – with meat and tomato sauce Spaghetti “Zwiebel” – with smoked ham and tomatoe sauce Spaghetti “Carbonara” – with bacon and garlic cream sauce Tuna Putanesca – tuna, capers, olives and tomatoe Spaghetti “al pesto” – basil, garlic, olive oil and secret spices Spaghetti Amatriciana – bacon, mushroom and tomato Baked Spaghetti “al forno” – Lasagna style spaghetti Homemade Italian Pizza
Imported Mozzarella Cheese, homemade tomato sauce, old-fashioned pizza dough are our secrets for a real Italian pizza! All pizza are 10 inch in Diameter (29 cms)

Margarita – tomato and cheese Hawaiian special – ham and pineapple Tonno – tuna and many other rich toppings, spicy Diavolo- ground meat and chilies- hot! Pollo – Chicken breast, asparagus, mushrooms

P 110, P 120, P 130, P 120, P 130, -

All imported – salami, olive, capers, mushroom, ham P 140, USA – bacon, ham, salami, pineapple, mushroom,onion P 130, If you like additional or other toppings, please ask for them.

We recommend Italian Red Wine for above dishes.

San Miguel Beer 35, - San Miguel Light 40, Real Orange Juice 30, - Pepsi Cola in cans 30, 7 Up in cans 30, Mountain Dew in cans 30, - Diet Pepsi/7 Up in Can 30, “Villa Cervia” – Imported Italian red or white Wine, Tavola Rosso, Table Wine : Big Glass 200ml 100, ½ Lt. 230, 450, Montpulciano DOC, Quality Red Wine Big Glass 200ml 110, ½ Lt. 250, 475, -

1 Lt.

1 Lt.


Creamy Icecream made from skimmed milk, ask for flavours

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