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905 Drever Street, West Sacramento, CA 95691

(916) 371-7245
October!ovember 2014
I $o%&" &'(e t)e t)an( Gordon Work *or "onat'n+ t)e
cameras *or t)e ,ost 'n 's $'*e Pattys name- ./ve (no$n
Gordon an" Patt0 s'nce . $as 14 0ears o&"- 1)e0 )ave been
&on+ t'me *r'en"s2 1)an(s a+a'n-
I $o%&" a&so &'(e to t)an( o%r ,ost A"3%tant, David Hutson
*or or+an'4'n+ a $or( 5art0 *or t)e s'"e )a&&- 1)e s'"e )a&& )as
been &on+ over"%e *or some s5r%c'n+ %5 an" David too( 't
%5on )'mse&* to +et a cre$ to+et)er an" ma(e 't )a55en- We
are a&so 'n nee" o* ne$ a'r "'**%sers an" a'r ret%rns, ver0 &on+
over"%e- See Davids art'c&e be&o$ *or a&& t)e "eta'&s o* t)e
$or( t)e0 )ave "one an" $'&& be "o'n+ 'n t)e *%t%re-
T)e ,ost )a" a +reat 6eteran/s Da0 7rea(*ast- 1)an(s to
Jean Jones an" )er cre$- . $o%&" &'(e to t)an( Gordon Grew
*or c&ean'n+ t)e +r'&& *or Jean- As a&$a0s t)e *oo" $as +reat-
1)an( 0o% Jean an" t)e 8a"'es A%9'&'ar0 *or 5%tt'n+ on t)e
6eteran/s Da0 7rea(*ast-
Rem'n"er to t)e comra"es t)at $'&& be sett'n+ o%t t)e *&a+s
on 6eteran/s Da0 at 7#00 a-m-, on West Ca5'to& Aven%e-
,&ease remove t)e *&a+s b0 6#00 5-m- 1)an( 0o% *or ta('n+
care o* t)'s 'm5ortant tas(-
Gary Reason ,All-American Commander
T)'s mont) 0o%r Serv'ce O**'cer +ave o%t one a55&'cat'on
*or a 6-A- me"'ca& car"- .t $ent to one o* m0 ne'+)bors at
:s(aton- . )a" to&" )'m abo%t t)e bene*'ts severa& mont)s a+o
an" %r+e" )'m to a55&0 at t)at t'me, b%t )e "'" not- 1$o $ee(s
a+o )e )a" a stro(e an" 's no$ 'n an a"vance" care %n't t)at
:s(aton r%ns 'n So%t) Sacramento- . +ot )'m t)e 5a5er$or(,
b%t . co%&"n/t com5&0 $'t) )'s re;%est to s%bm't 't *or )'m- As .
5o'nte" o%t 'n o%r *'rst ta&(, t)'s )as to be "one b0 t)e veteran
'n 5erson- 1)e car" re;%'res not on&0 a 5)oto+ra5) b%t a
5)0s'ca& o* t)e s%b3ect- <rom t)e $a0 )e &oo(e", . "on/t t)'n(
t)'s $'&& )a55en ver0 soon- 1)e case 'n 5o'nt 's a +reat
e9am5&e o* $)0 one s)o%&" not 5%t o** an0 a55&'cat'ons *or
bene*'ts 0o% ma0 be "%e-
John Cox, Service Ofcer
W)atc)a +onna "o==
He&&o comra"es,
I am reac)'n+ o%t to 0o% to sa0 $e rea&&0 nee" 0o%r s%55ort 'n
o%r meet'n+s- .t seems &'(e $e )ave s)r%n( "o$n 'n atten"ance-
W)'&e $e )ave 300> members, $e s)o%&" )ave ;%'te a *e$ s)o$'n+
%5- . t)'n( abo%t o%r 6<W 5ost as a co)es've %n't, an" $'t)o%t )'+)
%n't members 'n atten"ance $e are $ea(- .* 0o% )ave 'ss%es +ett'n+
to o%r meet'n+ &et %s (no$ )o$ $e can be o* ass'stance b0 ca&&'n+ or
He&&o 8a"'es#
I $o%&" &'(e to start o** b0 rem'n"'n+ ever0one t)at 't 's co&" a
*&% season- ,&ease remember to $as) 0o%r )an"s o*ten $)en o%t
an" abo%t- We )a" a &ove&0 meet'n+ an" some o* t)e )'+)&'+)ts
are as *o&&o$s#
We "onate" to 4 ,a$s *or ,atr'ots- ?,a$s *or ,atr'ots@, 's a
non5ro*'t or+an'4at'on t)at 5rov'"es serv'ce "o+s at !O cost to
a "'sab&e" veteran- As $e&& as 'tems s%c) as a &eas), vest,
crates, vet ass'stance an" +o'n+ so *ar as 5rov'"'n+ "o+ *oo"
$)en nee"e"- 1ra'n'n+ 's a&so 5rov'"e"A t)e veteran 's s)o$n
)o$ to tra'n t)e'r "o+ at a tra'n'n+ s'te- .* t)e veteran 's %nab&e
to atten" t)e tra'n'n+ *ac'&'t'es, t)e0 $'&& +o to t)e veteran
"'rect&0- Once t)e avera+e 0ear o* tra'n'n+ en"s t)e0 "o
ma'nta'n contact as to )o$ t)'n+s are 5ro+ress'n+- <rom t)e
start o* t)'s or+an'4at'on 'n 19B1 t)ere )as not been one
so&'"er s%'c'"e- 1)e0 ass'st a&& a+es *rom WW.. to 5resent "a0
serv'ce 5eo5&e
We )a" over 145 5eo5&e atten" t)e ,OW C.A "'nner- !e$
Dor( stea( $'&& be serve" 'n )onor o* 6eteran/s Da0- Theresa
's st'&& "o'n+ taco sa&es at t)e )a&& t)e sa&es +o to$ar"s t)e
E'ver C't0 F'+) sc)oo& sc)o&ars)'5 *%n"-
T)e Ee" Fa$( b%s tr'5 $as a +reat s%ccess- Great b'+ t)an(s
to Theresa *or or+an'4'n+ t)e tr'5- Can0 are &oo('n+ *or$ar" to
t)e ne9t one-
Rem'n"er# t)e December meet'n+ $'&& be )e&" at 6'nce/s 'n
West Sacramento- Cen% c)o'ces are# ,r'me E'b, S'r&o'n stea(,
,ra$ns, C)'c(en Carsa&a, eac) com'n+ $'t) so%5, sa&a" an" .ce
cream- ,&ease ES6, to Janis Medina at 916-376-5142 $'t) 0o%r
men% se&ect'on-
Janis Medina, President
Remember $e con"%ct o%r meet'n+s t)e secon" We"nes"a0 o* t)e
mont) at 7 5-m- A *e$ o* %s to0'n+ $'t) an '"ea o* an 'nternet meet'n+ *or
t)ose t)at are not ab&e to atten" b%t $o%&" &'(e to 5art'c'5ate 'n o%r
meet'n+s- . $o%&" &'(e to )ave ever0one t)at +ets t)'s ne$s&etter an" )as
a com5%ter t)at )as 'nternet to ema'& me at +'n'(('Hme-com- A&so, .
$o%&" &'(e to s5rea" t)e $or" more to t)ose 'n o%r comm%n't0 t)at $e
are o5en to t)e 5%b&'c so t)e0 "o not t)'n( $e are c&ose" o** an" on&0
o5en to members- So, t)e ;%est'on 's, W)atc)a +onna "oI
1)an(s ('n"&0 *or an0 an" a&& ass'stance,
Nicole A McBurnett, Jr. Vice Commander

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