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Post Schedule:

Nov. 12
-- (Wed.) Post House Committee Meeting 6:30 p.m.
Post meeting 7:00 p.m.
Nov. 27
- (Thur.) Thanksgiving a! - "#$$ a.m. 2#$$ %.m. &2.$$ '(ood!
Mar!)s and *ree 'reak+ast 'urritos, -ign u% .ith 'ar Manager
Over the Co(um/us a! .eekend severa( o+ our mem/ers and
s%ouses took time out o+ their .eekend to 0(ean u% and %aint the side
ha((. This (arge %ro1e0t took over 2$ hours o+ (a/or. 3 .ou(d (ike to
thank the +o(( Comrades .ho .orked on the +irst %hase o+ this
%ro1e0t# avid Hutson, 4(+onso 5inares, 6enee Ma0ona(d, Ni0o(e
M0'urnett, 'rian *erguson and 4ndrea Co(ogne. -%e0ia( thanks to
the s%ouses, Wend! Hutson and -hei(a *erguson. avid .as u% +or
taking the (ead on this %ro1e0t as .e are 1ust /eginning. The +irst
%hase .as %ainting. That is /eing +o((o.ed /! re%(a0ing a(( o+ the o(d
out(ets and s.it0hes. Ne7t .e .i(( get the %i0tures /a0k u% /ut .e .i((
/e s0anning a(( o+ the %hotos into a 0om%uter so that .e .i(( have
them +i(ed digita((! and these .i(( (ast a+ter the %hotogra%hs +ade or
+a(( a%art. We are a(so (ooking +or ne. +rames so that .i(( take some
to 0om%(ete.
The +ina( and (argest ste% in the side ha(( is to remove the (
.ood %ane(ing and re%(a0e it .ith ne. %ainted %ane(ing, .ood
/ase/oard and trim. uring the ne7t meeting avid .i(( %resent an
estimate to re%(a0e a(( o+ this. The estimate is +or materia( on(! and 3
ho%e that severa( o+ our mem/ers .i(( /e a/(e to vo(unteer .ith
demo(ition and insta((ation. The %ro1e0t .i(( take a%%ro7imate(! 7$
hours o+ (a/or. 3 e7%e0t it .i(( /e an e7%ensive u%date /ut .i(( make
the side ha(( a%%earan0e so mu0h ni0er. 3+ an!one e(se .ou(d (ike to
vo(unteer time or assist avid %(ease 0onta0t him at "18-219-7828
With no mone! and no %(a0e to meet, the 0harter mem/ers met
.eek(! at their homes. Their .ives then (earned o+ the :*W and .hat
its goa(s .ere and the! met .ith the men. -oon, the homes /e0ame
too sma(( and the! had to +ind another %(a0e to meet. The on(! %(a0e
in West -a0ramento at that time .as the ;Portuguese Ha((; .hi0h .as
/ui(t sometime in the 1"2$;s on 4(ameda '(vd (a(so kno.n /! those
ne. to West -a0 as the ;Communit! C(u/ House). 3t /e0ame the
o++i0ia( meeting %(a0e +or the Post. Women a(so attended these
meetings. <n+ortunate(!, the ha(( had no air 0onditioning and .as
heated /! kerosene stoves .hi0h gave o++ rea((! /ad odors u% to the
%oint that no one .anted to sta! through a meeting. The .omen
%ressed the men to +ind e(se. Trou/(e .as there .as no
other %(a0e. 3t .as at that (ast meeting at the Communit! C(u/house
that =ohn -.eene! 0ame u% .ith a /ri((iant so(ution. -.eene! as
authori>ed to %ut in a /id +or a sur%(us ?++i0er;s 6e0reation Ha(( at
Cam% 'ea(e. Ten mem/ers signed %ersona( guarantees to 'ank o+
4meri0a +or &2@$$.$$, and damned i+ the! .ere not the su00ess+u(
/idders. No. the! needed a %(a0e to re0onstru0t those hundreds o+
%ie0es that .ere de(ivered to a s%ot near the 0urrent +unera( home
and there it sat +or severa( months /e0ause more mone! .as needed
to re/ui(d it. Mone! %ro/(ems sti(( 0on+ounded our Charter Mem/ers.
'ut the! %(odded on and ne7t issue .i(( e7%(ain their %(an.
John Combs,e , History
Surgeon General
De+inition# A/o(a, %revious(! kno.n as A/o(a hemorrhagi0 +ever, is a
severe, o+ten +ata( disease in humans and nonhuman %rimates (su0h
as monke!s, gori((as, and 0him%an>ees).
E/o(a is a rare and dead(! disease 0aused /! in+e0tion .ith a
virus o+ the +ami(! *i(oviridae, genus A/o(a virus. There are +ive
identi+ied A/o(a virus s%e0ies, +our o+ .hi0h have 0aused disease in
humans# Baire A/o(a virusC -udan A/o(a virusC TaD *orest A/o(a virus,
+ormer(! CEte d)3voire A/o(a virusC and 'undi/ug!o A/o(a virus. The
+i+th, 6eston A/o(a virus, has 0aused disease in nonhuman %rimates
/ut not in humans.
E/o(a is +ound in severa( 4+ri0an 0ountries. The +irst A/o(a
s%e0ies .as dis0overed in 1"78 near the A/o(a 6iver in .hat is no.
the emo0rati0 6e%u/(i0 o+ the Congo. -in0e then, out/reaks have
a%%eared s%oradi0a((! in 4+ri0a.
The natura( reservoir host o+ A/o(a remains unkno.n. Ho.ever,
on the /asis o+ avai(a/(e eviden0e and the nature o+ simi(ar viruses,
resear0hers /e(ieve that the virus is anima(-/orne .ith /ats /eing the
most (ike(! reservoir. *our o+ the +ive su/t!%es o00ur in an anima(
host native to 4+ri0a.
n+ormation 6etrieved +rom htt%#FF....hea(th.mi(FMi(itar!-Hea(th-
Signs and -!m%toms o+ A/o(a# 4 %erson in+e0ted .ith A/o(a is
not 0ontagious unti( s!m%toms a%%ear.
Signs and -!m%toms o+ A/o(a t!%i0a((! in0(ude#
*ever (greater than 2G.8HC or 1$1.@H*). -evere heada0he, Mus0(e
%ain, :omiting, iarrhea, -toma0h %ain, <ne7%(ained /(eeding or
/ruising. -!m%toms ma! a%%ear an!.here +rom t.o to 21 da!s a+ter
e7%osure to A/o(a /ut the average is eight to 1$ da!s.
!e0over! +rom A/o(a de%ends on the %atient)s immune res%onse.
Peo%(e .ho re0over +rom A/o(a in+e0tion deve(o% anti/odies that (ast
+or at (east 1$ !ears.
n+ormation retrieved +rom htt%#FF....hea(th.mi(FMi(itar!-Hea(th-
-!m%toms. Renee ' T. MacDonald, Surgeon General,
VFW Post 8762
"#$P%$&'S "O!&E!:
t has /een another month o+ sadness. ?ur 4u7i(iar! (ost
another mem/er .hen Vera Whipple %assed a.a! on
-e%tem/er 29, 2$19. We, a(so, (ost our :*W +riend, Greg
Parsh and Lena Brigners hus/and Fred, this month. Lena .i((
have a gathering in memor! o+ Fred on Novem/er 7, 2$19,
2#$$ %.m. to 7#$$ %.m. Aver!one is .e(0ome. Past
Commander Gary McReynolds mother, May, %assed a.a! at
the age o+ 1$@ and John and Bill Spurgin .i(( ho(d a memoria(
in her memor! on -unda!, Novem/er 18, 2$19, 1#$$ %.m. to
9#$$ %.m. P(ease 0ome. We have 1ust (earned that Beverly
Carsons mother has %assed a.a! a+ter a (ength! i((ness. ?ur
dee%est s!m%ath! goes out to a(( these %eo%(e that are hurting.
The +o(( is our Iet We(( (istC Patty Richards is +ina((!
out o+ the hos%ita( an /a0k to the 6e-Ha/ *a0i(it! getting read!
to 0ome home. d Pope is s(o.(! getting /etter. He +e(( and
0reated a dee% .ound on his shin .hi0h has /een ver! s(o. in
hea(ing. Iet We(( soon, .e need !ou on Thursda! nights
0ashiering. !rt d"onds is in the %rivate 0are home and is
getting /etter and is ha%%!. #athy Perigo .as /a0k in the
hos%ita(, the medi0ine she .as taking .as not he(%ing her.
4+ter seeing more do0tors and tests, she has the 0orre0t
medi0ine and is home and +ee(ing /etter. Continued good
hea(th to a((.
Jean Jones, Chaplin 6916-371-6135
(eterans and )am*l+ Support:
Our 4u7i(iar! o++ers di++erent t!%es o+ High -0hoo( and
Co((ege -0ho(arshi%s +or an! o+ our mem/ers and their
+ami(ies. 3+ an!one is interested %(ease 0onta0t me (271-
812@) and .e .i(( get !ou the %ro%er %a%ers.
Our (adies are making (a/ ro/es, gathering Christmas
0ards, making Christmas sto0kings +or the %atients at
Mather Hos%ita(. The! a(so .ou(d (ike 1$1@ 0a(endars. 3+
!ou have e7tras /ring them to the Post and .e .i(( get them
Thanks +or 4(( !our donations.
Thanks ver !uch, "ean "ones
W$,S $&D -E$&S
-ark !our 0a(endars .e .i(( honor :eteran)s a! on
Novem/er 1$, 2$19, Monda!, .ith a Ne. Jork -teak dinner +or
&1$.$$. We start serving at @#$$ %.m. to 7#$$ %.m. P(ease (et
it /e kno.n that these dinners are o%en to the %u/(i0, the! are
+und raisers and he(% to %a! our /i((.
#ere is this month)s 0a(endar
-onda! Novem/er 2, 2$19 -.iss -teak
Thursda! Novem/er 8, 2$19 An0iti(adas Hot
ogs et0.
)rida! Novem/er 7, 2$19 Memoria( +or *red '.
Sunda! Novem/er 18, 2$19 Memoria( +or Ma!
-onda! Novem/er 17, 2$19 ''K Chi0ken
-onda! Novem/er 29, 2$19 'ee+ -trogano++
Thursda! Novem/er 27, 2$19 Ha%%! Thanksgiving
-onda! e0em/er 1, 2$19 -%aghetti
Thursda! e0em/er 9, 2$19 'aked Potatoes 'ar.
Thanksgiving is a reminder that .e shou(d not on(! /e
thank+u( +or our /(essings /ut grate+u( that .e kne. and (oved
those that have %assed and grate+u( that those that are i(( are
getting /etter.
God Bless All
Thanks ver !uch, "ean "ones
.ou(d (ike to thank ever!one +or their su%%ort o+ the /us
tri% to 6ed Ha.k. 3t .as a great su00ess. 3 .i(( /e %utting on
another one in Mar0h or 4%ri( more in+ormation to +o((o..
6osann, Henr! and 3 .i(( /e +eeding the home(ess during
e0em/er. 3 .ou(d (ike he(% in 0o((e0ting so7, /ennies and
g(oves to give out +or the home(ess. P(ease dro% o++ at the
Post in a /ig /o7 (a/e(ed Home(ess rive. P(ease remem/er
to 0ome 1oin the -unda! Ta0o)s. This mone! goes to 6iver Cit!
-0ho(arshi% a.ards.
Ta0o dates are Novem/er 2, 2$19 and Novem/er 18, 2$19
+rom 2#$$ %.m. to 8#$$ %.m.
Thank !ou
Teeresa Blacer, !r" #ice $resi%ent
Scheduled E.ents:
Nov. 2
(-un.) - a!(ight -avings Time Ands
(-et C(o0k 'a0k ?ne Hour)
Nov. 1$
(Mon.) :eterans a! inner Ne. :eterans a! inner Ne.
Jork -teak @#$$ %.m.