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Chris Garcia
Mrs. Melissa Cooper
ENGT. 120
September 9, 2013
Electronics Engineering Technology
The field of electronics engineering technology is the main core of all the modern
technology. During the extent of this paper we are going to discuss various aspect of this career
such as but not limited to the job outlook and duties. Electronics engineering technologists work
side to side with engineers in solving day-to-day problems with various electronic products.
Individuals working in the field of electronics engineering technology tend to have a more
hands-on approach instead of a theoretical approach towards fixing problems that might arise.
An electronics engineering technology can specialize in different areas of expertise such as:
nanotechnology, alternative energy systems, computer design, etc. These are just some of the
areas that an electronics engineering technologist would be able to make and test new devices.
Electronic engineering technologists help engineers to test and design computers,
communication equipment and new electronics systems or products. Something that
characterizes their job is that electronics engineering technologists work by controlling the flow
of electrons. An electron is defined as a subatomic particle that contains a negative charge.
Since technology keeps advancing and the demand for electronic devices keeps on growing there
is a steady need for more electronics engineering careers. Technologists apply electrical theory
and their knowledge of science to design and test prototypes and new designs.
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Since the field of electronics is extremely vast electronics engineering technologist may
work on various different settings such as: government agencies, research laboratories and
electronics factories. Technologists are able to use their knowledge in order to create more
efficient technology such as more advanced cellphones and even robots that could make a
factory more cost efficient. In the manufacturing field technologists could potentially be able
new green technology. Electronics engineering technologies use specialized tools in order to
carry out their duties. They also utilize computer aided software such as AutoCad in order to
create digital designs that can be used to build prototypes.
Regardless of the specific field of an electronics engineering technologist they all need to
be able to analyze a system, process or a new design. Technologist need to able to adjust and
repair equipment if needed. Electronics engineering technologists may even need to closely
supervise a newly installed system ensuring that everything is working correctly. In their job
they need to be aware of this surrounding and always try to improve services and products and
suggest minor changes if deemed appropriate. For their job electronics needs to understand
computers as well as all the devices and systems that they work with.
During the extent of this paper we have discussed various aspect of a career in electronics
engineering technology such as the job outlook and duties. We should know have a better
understanding on what a career in electronics engineering technology consists in. It is imperative
to understand that technologist use their acquired skills in order to solve day-to-day problems. In
order to become a technologist there are some skills deemed necessary such as the ability to
perform critical thinking and complex problem solving tasks. Based on the information that we
have learned we know that a career in electronics engineering technology can prove to be a
rewarding and exciting experience.
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