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Miss Kate's Autograph Album

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Autograph books #ere popular throughout the 21th century #ith many bound books displaying "ery ornate co"ers Miss Kate's album co"er is still in good shape although the binding is falling apart and many of the pages are loose Considering the dates of many of the autographs* it is assumed that many of the signers #ere her students $he clipping glued to the inside back co"er is an article about the $ennessee &chool for the Blind #here her brother* &amuel Albert )ink* #as &uperintendent $he article states* 5$he &uperintendent of the school is 6rof & A )ink* )) D * a graduate of 7#ing College* Illinois* #ho for fi"e years has been teaching at Ashland City* Cheatham County /e is a $ennessean by birth* about '8 years old* and a fine% looking* courteous gentleman 9 $he sketch in the article is 6rof )ink




















Mary Katherine )ink <28(3%212;=
Kate )ink* born in >ilson County* $ennessee* in 28(3* #as the daughter of >illiam Booker and Amanda ?andolph )ink &he #as second in line of the family of eight children &he mo"ed #ith her parents to Cheatham County in 28(1 at about the age o f nine Most of her life #as spent in the "icinity of this home at $homas"ille in Cheatham County family looked to her for guidance and support /ousehold chores #ere managed #ith skill and efficiency Kate #as practical* orderly and thrifty

A fe# e"idences of Kate's e@pertise in household management remained for my generation to share A patch#ork Auilt* kept by my mother* #as made by Aunt Kate from scraps of Miss Kate (center) and Mrs. Frazier with whom she boarded while teaching. material on hand* not for a As the oldest girl in a large la"ish display* but simply family* Kate* "ery early in life* assumed the for the #armth pro"ided on a cold night $here #ere responsibility of helping care for the family $he beautiful things* too $he garden that supplied the parents #ere farmers In an age #hen rural homes #ere family #ith summer produce #as al#ays bordered #ith almost completely self sustaining* there #ere many Kate's lo"ely flo#er beds &ometimes the flo#ers chores to be done Kate accepted the role of playing outgre# the "egetables* it #as remembered by a friend second mother #ith good grace &he ne"er married and of the $homas"ille folk spent her life in or near the home of her parents $he

Membership in Mallorys Church began for Kate )ink early in life $he church recei"ed full share of this member's time and ser"ice &unday &chool classes and Missionary &ociety programs #ere her specialty $he preacher #as al#ays #elcome for dinner #ith the )inks and Kate helped spread the feast of country fare In her childhood days* Katherine )ink #ould ha"e attended the grade schools in the community* first of >ilson County* then in Cheatham 6ossibly some institute training and continuous study follo#ed* for this lady #as an educated person Miss )ink began a teaching career early in life and continued until failing health forced retirement $here #ere at least forty years of continuous ser"ice Kate dro"e to the Cheatham County schools to #hich she #as assigned in horse and buggy After the regular school term #as o"er she continued teaching subscription pupils for a small fee #here"er there #as a need &he #as a teacher in the )ink &chool #hich her brother* &amuel Albert )ink* had organiBed in 2133 this school lasted about se"en years Kate's scholastic achie"ement

must ha"e been e@emplary to meet the standards set by this educated brother of hers Kate )ink #as also some#hat of a successful business person for a rural #oman of her day >ith her o#n earnings she had managed the building of a small house on the )ink property Kate generously allo#ed it to be used by others of the family #hen it #as needed for a second home Death came for Kate )ink in No"ember of 212; &he #as buried in the family plot near the homeplace 0or me* there is a faint memory of a ride in the horse and buggy #ith my mother to attend that funeral $he importance of the occasion left its impression on this great niece of Kat )ink Aunt Kate #as a special person An obituary tribute by &terling Bre#er said of her* 5&he #as eminently successful in her chose "ocation* being al#ays able to con"ince her pupils that she #as their friend and felt a sincere interest in their #elfare Not only did she seek to gi"e them a kno#ledge of letters but also to inspire their minds #ith a lo"e of truth and "irtue 9