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MONDAY 10 MARCH 2014 | 06:30
Qali Warma rehired 32 fned suppliers
The program awarded contracts worth PEN 106m in 15 regions to bidders
who failed to deliver their 01! services"
The national school feeding program #ali $arma awarded contracts this %ear
to &! service providers in the co'ntr%(s 5 regions following a selection
process in which )'alit% certi*cation standards had been raised" +owever, El
&$mer'i$ has fo'nd that 32 $" %he #idders( )innin* %enders %$%alin* PE+
,-.(/--(---( )ere fned in 2-,3 b% the same program for failing to deliver
their contracts" The ma-orit% did not provide food with the characteristics
proposed .si/e and t%pe of prod'ct0 or were slow to distrib'te it to the schools"
The performance of the providers that will deliver the service this %ear in 15
regions were detected b% this newspaper after cross1chec2ing the database of
!31 bidders with the vario's penalties imposed b% #ali $arma and then with
each of the selection min'tes p'blished to this point of the %ear since 4an'ar%
on the transparenc% portal of its website" The res'lts were then re1chec2ed
with the program(s legal area on 5 6arch"
#ali $arma manages a b'dget this %ear of PEN 1"1! million and m'st provide
n'tritio's food to "& million children between the ages of three and eleven in
55 000 schools across the co'ntr%" Toda%, with the start of classes, the program
res'mes its services, b't will not do so sim'ltaneo'sl% in all regions beca'se in
some, s'ch as Pi'ra and 6o)'eg'a, the p'rchasing processes were
Preempting p'blication in El 7omercio, %he 3inis%er "$r 1e4el$pmen% and
S$'ial In'lusi$n ( Pa$la Bus%aman%e, said on 8rida% on 9adio Programas: :In
the *rst %ear of the program we had n'mero's service providers with a series
of penalties, from minor amo'nts to as m'ch as PEN !,000,000" $hilst for this
%ear(s tender the *ned companies were not legall% prevented from
participating, their )'alif%ing score was red'ced .'p to 50 points depending on
the degree of o;ense0":
In total, ! *ned providers will again deliver services" $h% is it so di<c'lt for
one of the =overnment>s ?agship programs to select good s'ppliers of food@
The E5e'u%i4e 1ire'%$r $" Qali Warma( Per'6 3ina6a( said that the
)'alit% control s%stem before and after the food p'rchasing had improved, b't
:toda% we are witnessing a )ar #e%)een %he '$mpe%in* ser4i'e
pr$4iders: who tr% to s'rprise the program in vario's wa%s"
According to 6ina%a, the companies that were *ned and won again this %ear
had corrected their de*ciencies" +owever, he provided ass'rance that the
s'pervisors of #ali $arma verif% the man'fact'ring process and distrib'tion of
The B<ce of the 6inistr% of Cevelopment and Social Incl'sion .6ICIS0 has
referred for prosec'tion onl% fo'r of the 5! complaints received against $arma
#ali to date since 01!"
These cases involve Niisa 7orporation, 7onsorti'm Alimentos Ale, Ind'stria
Tambo =rande and Ana Dangali de 7astro, who are 'nder investigation for
criminal o;enses against p'blic health"
#ali $arma>s ris2 management for avoiding allegations of poisoning, s'ch as
those which occ'rred in 01!, does not necessaril% lead to good preparation
and handling of brea2fasts and st'dent hampers" 9eports b% the 7omptroller
and the P'blic Cefender have warned against inaction b% School 8eeding
7ommittees responsible for overseeing the collection and deliver% of food to
children" These committees comprise school principals, teachers and parents,
whose wor2 will be p't to the test toda%"