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Sixth Grade Research Project

Step 1 What is your assignment?

What type of paper are you to write? Please check one:
_____ explanation/persuasion
_____ argumentation
_____ definition
_____ compare/contrast

Is this to be a formal paper? (follows specific formatting, uses footnotes and
bibliography, and also uses formal language) Please circle: YES or NO

How long is your paper to be? State the number of paragraphs or number of pages.

How many sources are required?

Are there sources that you must use? Please list any that are required.

Step 2 What is the driving question (research question)?

Step 3 What do you already know about your topic? Bulleted notes only.

Understanding Your Research Assignment
Sixth Grade Research Project

Prewriting Researching
Step 1 What sub points did Mrs. Smith suggest you consider using to support your answer to
the driving question? Please list them.

Step 2
Do a search on your computer. (Use your Power Searching sheet.)

Skim each site that you think is a possibility, bookmark it, and complete an evaluation.

Complete the internet citation organizer for your three or four required sites.

Step 3 Having reviewed your sources, decide on the three sub points in Step 1 that you will be
using. List them.




Sixth Grade Research Project

Prewriting Note Taking
Step 1 Carefully read each of your selected web sites.
As you read each site, decide on the material that you want to use to explain and/or
support your sub points.
Open the note card file.
As you select material to use, complete a note card.
Only one sub point on each card + notes OR one quote.
Notes must be bulleted and in your own words.
Direct quotes must be the exact text with quote marks.

Repeat Step 1 until all three or four sources have been used.
If you do not have enough information for each sub point, you will have to find an additional
source. Be sure to complete an evaluation on the new source and add it to your citation

Sixth Grade Research Project

Outlining and Drafting
Step 1 Sort your note cards into groups according to your 3 main sub points.

Step 1 Open the Writing Skeleton file.

Step 2 Use your note cards to complete the introductory paragraph.

Step 3 Use your note cards to complete each body paragraph.

Step 4 Complete the concluding paragraph. Be sure you do not add new information.

Sixth Grade Research Project

Step 1 - Open a new Word document.

Step 2 - Take the sentences from your skeleton/outline, and put them into paragraph form.
Be sure to follow the requirements use 1 margins, indent first line of each paragraph,
make all lines double-spaced, use TNR 12 pt. font.

Step 3 For every quote, you must add a footnote number. Then, complete the information
needed for the citation.

Step 4 Carefully read each paragraph.
Do you have enough information at least three important details that support the
topic sentence?
Do you have at least one footnote number in each body paragraph?
Did you explain how the detail in each body paragraph supports that sub point?
Did you add information that is not topical? Remove it if you did.

Sixth Grade Research Project

Step 1 Use spell check and grammar check.
Step 2 Read your essay aloud starting with the last sentence. Make sure each sentence is
complete, makes sense, and is NOT a run-on sentence.
Step 3 Have a partner read your paper and complete a rubric.
Step 4 Make corrections that are needed.

Final Steps / Publishing
Step 1 Use your citation information to make a bibliography.
Step 2 Make a cover page and add page numbers to the rest of your paper.
Step 3 Look over the rubric to be sure everything is finished.
Step 4 Submit paper copy to Mrs. Smith.
Step 5 Submit electronic copy to English TurnItIn.