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Area: Islamic Studies Grade Level: Level 2

Textbook: Islamic Studies -
Weekend Learning series
Teacher: Sabiha Jeelani
Unit Theme
Duration and
Dates of Unit Unit Focus Objectives/Keywords/Theme Essential Questions Assessment Homework
Tawhid 4 weeks
Lesson 1 Allah The Creator
Lesson 2 Blessings fo Allah
Lesson 3 Quran
Lesson 18 Angles
Our Identity, Our Beliefs, Allah is
our Creator, Beliefs in Angels, The
Books of Allah
Who is our Creator
How is rain a blessing?
Why was Quran revealed?
Who are the Angles and their
Hands on Activity
Project # 1 - Blessing of Allah
Quiz # 1
Pages 12, 13
Pages 18, 19
Pages 23, 24
Pages 97, 98
1 Week
Lesson 23 Responsibility
Lesson 24 Obedience
Lesson 26 Honesty
Responsibility of being a Muslim
Obedience to Allah, Prophet
Mohammad, and Parents
What does it mean for a Muslim to be
How can we be obedient to Allah?
What are the ways to be Honest?
How to be Trustworthy?
Presentation and Public Speaking Pages 122, 123,
127, 128, 137,
1 Week
Lesson 20 Truthfulness
Lesson 21 Kindness
Lesson 22 Respect
Rewards of being Truthfull
Acts of Kindness
Respecting others and show
How to practice bieng truthful?
What are the acts of Kindness?
How to respect others and show manners?
Presentation and Public Speaking Pages 107, 108,
112, 113, 117,
2 Weeks
Lesson 25 Cleanliness
Lesson 12 Wudu & Tahara
Details of Wudu and Cleanliness Why do we do Wudu and the importance of
being clean?
Act out Wudu steps and sequencing game
of Wudu steps
Project # 2 (Option 1)
Pages 67, 68,
132, 133
Pillars of
5 weeks
Lesson 7 Shahadah The First Pillar
Lesson 8 Salah The Second Pillar
Lesson 9 Sawm The Third Pillar
Lesson 10 Zakah The Fourth Pillar
Lesson 11 Hajj The Fifth Pillar
The Pillars of Islam and the
meaning of Shahadah
Practical implementation of Salah
The details of Sawm and Zahah and
its importance in the Muslim
Hajj as Pilgrimage - Rememberance
for Ibrahim (P) and Ismail (P)
How to worship Allah?
What are Five Pillars of Islam?
What does Shahadah means?
Ramadan and its benefits to us
Why give Zakah and who should get Zakah?
What morals we learn from Ibrahim(A) and
Ismail (A)?
Building Pillars of Islam activity
Act out the practical implementation of
Salah (Project # 2 Option 2)
Create a collection box for depositing Zakah
Maps of Hajj routes and important places
Watch a Hajj movie
Quiz # 2
Pages 37, 38,
42, 43
Pages 48, 49
Pages 53, 54,
58, 59
Pages 63, 64
Seerah and
of Prophet
6 weeks
Lesson 4 : Prophet Muhammad(S)
Lesson 5: Hadith and Sunnah
Lesson 13: Four Kalifas
Who were the Kalifas and what were their
Create a booklet about the Kalifas
Stories of
4 weeks
Lesson 14: Ibrahim (A) A Friend of
Lesson 15 : Yaqub (A) and Yusuf (A)
Lesson 16: Musa (A) and Harun (A)
Lesson 17: Yunus (A)
Remembering Prophets and his
faith in Allah
How did the Prophets practice their faith
and the diffictulties they faced
Watch a Hajj Movie
Memorize specfic Dua related to each of
the Prophet.
Hands on actvities
Quiz # 3
Pages 77, 78
Pages 82, 83
Pages 87, 88
Pages 92, 93