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Section A

[10 marks]

[Time suggested : 15 minutes]

Question 1
The text below is about a farmer and his family.

Underline the error and write the correct word in the space provided. An example has
been given. The correct word must not change the meaning of the sentence. There are
no spelling errors in this text.

Long ago, there was a farmer who lived with his wife, a young son and his old father
in a small village. Every day, they worked hard at the farm to earn money in order to
put food in the table.
As time passed, the farmers old father become old and weak and he could not help
them at the farm . The farmer and his wife felt that he is a burden to them and despised
their old father. They no longer took good care of her . The old man was given little
food to eat and old , tattered cloth to wear. However, the farmers young son loved his
grandfather and would shared his food with him. One day, the farmer finally decided to
put his old father in a largest basket. He wanted to take him deep into the forest to
died alone.
The old man could only cry and he did not said anything. The farmers son
asked his father, When are you taking grandfather in the basket? The farmer answered
angry, I am taking him to a place where he will be happy forever. Then, the young boy
said, Father , dont forget to bring back the basket because when you are old , I can use it
to carry you too. On hearing that , the farmer bowed his head in shame and took his
father home.

e.g on

(Adapted Fables From Asia Retold by Suzee Leong)
[10 marks]



[30 marks]
[Time suggested : 40 minutes]



Questions 3 are based on the poster below.

(Off-season activities)

Organised by: Muda District Education Department
Date: 10 14 October 2014
Time: 8.00 a.m. 6.00 p.m
Venue: Muda Sports Complex, Sungai Petani, Kedah
Sponsored by: Wira Sports

Officiated by: Kedah State Education Officer
Games Organised:
Games Under 12 Under 14 Under 16
Football Boys Boys & Girls Boys & Girls
Hockey Boys & Girls Boys & Girls Boys & Girls
Netball Girls - Girls

All participants will receive a certificate each
All winners will receive additional gifts :
Key chain
Book voucher
Objectives :
Enhance healthy relationship among students
Develop interest among students in sports
Educate students on the importance of sports

Registration forms can be obtained at:
Muda District Education Department

Registration can be done
Deadline : 7 October 2014
Schools interested can call
Mr.Didi at 04-4567890
for further details

: Trophy & cash
: Trophy & cash

Based on the poster, state whether the following statements are TRUE or FALSE.

11 The Games Carnival will be held throughout the year. _________ [1 mark]
12 All schools in Kedah are allowed to participate in this carnival. _________ [1 mark]
13 Every winner in this carnival will receive a trophy. _________ [1 mark]
14 Certificates will be given to those who take part in the games. _________ [1 mark]
15 Boys can participate in all the games organised. _________ [1 mark]

Read the poster carefully and answer all the questions below

16. Name the game in the carnival that is open to both boys and girls for all categories.

[1 mark]
17. State a gift for the winners other than the trophy and cash.

[1 mark]
18. What can the competitors learn from participating in the carnival?

[1 mark]
19. Replace the meanings in the table with the correct word/phrase from the poster.

Meaning Word/phrase
a) good ties
b) the last day

[1 mark]
[1 mark]


20. Your friend is not interested in any sports. In about 50 words, encourage your friend to
take part in a game.
In your message:
name the game that is suitable for him
tell him the benefits of taking part in sports

You may use the details in the poster as a guide in your writing.

Dear ____________ ,



(10 marks)



[15 marks]
[Time suggested : 25 minutes]

Questions 21 - 27 are based on a newspaper report.

A bear pounced on a 60-year-old woman and dragged her into a jungle not far from
where she was tapping rubber in Kampung Pasir Hitam in Jengka, Pahang.
Aminah Yahaya's painful screams caught the attention of her husband, who threw a
sickle at the beast and hit it with a tree branch to force it to release her, Metro Daily reported.
Recalling the horrifying incident from her hospital bed in Pekan, Aminah said she and her
husband Manan Othman,63, had gone on their usual routine to tap rubber in their estate on
Thursday morning.
At about 8.30 in the morning, a huge black bear, almost six feet in height, suddenly
came from behind. It attacked and dragged her for several metres into the thick jungle. At
first, she was too stunned to react but after the initial shock, she decided to fight back.
"I struggled and screamed but it did not let go. It bit into my head and neck. I
screamed louder and said a little prayer."
The sight of blood from her wounds and the intense pain almost made her lose hope.
Fortunately for her, her husband was not far away. Manan said he shuddered at the thought
of what could have happened if he was not nearby to hear his wife's screams. As their
plantation was in a remote area, there was no one else to help them.
Terengganu Wildlife and National Parks Department had received a report on the
incident and would set up traps to prevent wild animals from encroaching into plantations.
The department also warned that encounters between humans and animals are bound to
increase, as hungry and threatened wild animals face a shrinking habitat.

Adapted from The Star



Read the newspaper report carefully and answer the questions below.

21 Name the village where the incident happened.

[1 mark]
22 How did Manan force the bear to let go of his wife?

23 What were Manan and Aminah doing in their plantation on Thursday morning?

[1 mark]
24 a) Did Aminah fight back in the beginning when the bear attacked her?

[1 mark]
b) Aminah nearly gave up fighting the bear. Why?

[1 mark]
c) Why didn't others help Manan and his wife?

[1 mark]
d) According to the newspaper report, what do the authorities plan to do to
stop encounters between humans and animals?

[1 mark]
25 Fill in the table with appropriate words/phrases from the newspaper report.
Meaning Word/Phrase
a) frightening
b) great
c) surrender

[3 marks]

26 State 2 possible reasons why the bear attacked Aminah.
i. _________________________________________________
ii. _________________________________________________

[2 marks]
27 List 3 precautions people can take when they work near the jungle.
i. _________________________________________________
ii. _________________________________________________
iii. _________________________________________________

[1 mark]
[1 mark]
[1 mark]



Section D
(40 Marks)
Question 6
You should spend 45 minutes on this question.

You celebrated Teachers Day in your school recently. Write a recount of what you saw and
did on that day.
In your recount:
give the date and venue
state the activities carried out
express your feelings on that day
suggest some ways on how the students can show respect to teachers
Make sure your recount is between 150 to 200 words
(30 marks)


Question 7
The following is the novel studied in the Literature Component in English Language

Around The World in 80 Days Jules Verne

Based on that novel, write about an important event in the story.
Provide evidences from the text to support your response.
Write :
in not less than 50 words
in continuous writing (not in note form)

(10 marks)