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Joining Small Luxury Hotels of the World can transform the
electronic distribution strategy of your property. SLH reservations
revenue for the brand in total is $110 million (Year end December
2013). For some hotels, the SLH Reservation System contributes
up to 40% of the hotels total room revenue.
By joining SLH, you will benet from one command centre to
manage all of your rates, across all booking channels. Once you
have joined SLH, you will be given 24-hour access via Internet (no
proprietary hardware to install) to one of the hospitality worlds
most powerful Central Reservations Systems (CRS). The CRS
grants you and your operational team extraordinary power and
exibility in managing everything related to onward distribution of
your hotel rooms, from one system. The sophisticated CRS holds
your property descriptions, images and all rates and availability,
including any negotiated or consortia rates.
SLH provides you with the capability to manage your rates across
multiple channels.
our award winning website
All four (GDS) global distribution systems (Sabre,
Amadeus, Galileo & Worldspan) used by over 450,000
business and leisure travel agents in over 90,000
travel agencies worldwide
internet sites powered by the GDS or internet third
party sites including channel management via third
parties such as RateTiger
SLH voice reservation centres
SLH internet booking engine (white label service
for your own website)
Mobile devices such as the iPhone
Unlike some other distribution options, with SLH you retain control
across all distribution channels. No allocation is required, and
nothing contractual automatically locks you into supplying a certain
number of pre-determined room nights.
By joining SLH, you will become part of a prestigious global luxury
brand, represented internationally to the travel industry by the
GDS chain code LX, standing for LuXury. The importance of this
immediately identiable distribution brand, linking your property
with a consistent group of luxury hotels to travel agents, cannot
be underestimated. Compared to other distribution channels you
might be using, global travel agents can be a very cost-effective
distribution channel. Some other organisations may try to entice
you with the offer of connectivity they claim is similar to us, but
they cannot match the power of the strong SLH global brand.
Travel agents genuinely recognise the LX code, while some other
companies have generic two-letter codes.
One of the most signicant benets of using the SLH CRS is that
your team can be freed from the burden of manually maintaining
multiple 3rd party extranets. The SLH CRS can connect you to a
wide range of online travel agency websites, seamlessly.
By using the SLH IBE (white label booking engine) to power
reservations on your property website, you and your team can
manage your inventory through just one system. Our IBE is
currently one of the most cost-effective booking systems on the
market. Additionally it is fully customized to match the look and
feel of your website. You can also add amenity upgrades such as
champagne or airport pick-up.
Depending on your PMS supplier and specication, you can have
a 2-way interface with the SLH CRS. If you also use the SLH IBE,
you can gain Utopia by having most of your distribution channels
managed by one system, making it far easier to manage your rates
and control parity.
To provide customers with as many choices as possible to look
and book your hotel, SLH also provides content and reservations
on mobile platforms. SLH was one of the rst hotel companies to
launch an iPhone App and we are constantly developing our mobile
strategy. Many of these advancements would not be possible for an
individual hotel.
Alongside the Small Luxury Hotels of the World Reservations
System, becoming a part of the brand means that you are
automatically loaded into the Pegasus ODD. This is the system
used by many top Internet websites such as Expedia, Travelocity
and Orbitz to provide content and availability. It provides full
details of your hotel to these websites making you highly visible
to an international audience.
Small Luxury Hotels of the World has dedicated reservation
ofces covering 18 countries, including China, Russia, UK and USA:
toll-free numbers offering local language, hotel information and
bookings. SLH has enhanced its telephone reservation offering by
employing highly trained in-house executives to take customer calls
based in Singapore, London and New York.
Small Luxury Hotels of the World provides its hotels with
an online central point for maintaining and distributing high
resolution digital images. This is an invaluable complimentary
service which distributes images to the four GDS and the onward
distribution channels. Each SLH property can load over 30 high-
resolution photographs, providing journalists and other parties
with immediate access to images of individual properties.
The SLH Reservations System is central to distributing your hotel effectively. It feeds voice centres, travel agents, GDS (Global
Distribution System) and internet sites worldwide and has the potential to reach millions of prospective guests. All SLH hotels use
the code LX (for LuXury) in all GDSs. The diagram below shows how the SLH Reservations System links your hotel to the world.
GDS-Amadeus, Galileo, Sabre, Worldspan
(the systems used by travel agents to book travel arrangements)
Pegasus/Online Distribution Database (ODD)
(provides content to websites such as