This race is developed from the short lived scifi series Prey.

The Dominants are smarter and more aggressive than humans, and are convinced that, as a superior form of life, they are entitled to subjugate their human cousins by whatever means necessary. They often express an antipathy toward human beings that borders on racism. Their aggression is portrayed as an instinctive genetic characteristic, present even in young children. They also demonstrate the ability to cloud the minds of others, and they have the ability to sense emotions, suggesting that they may be partial empaths. The mummified remains of a young Dominant girl revealed that the females of their species possess four uteruses. The Dominants are able to exist comfortably in much warmer climates than humans, barely perspiring even in deep desert conditions, despite their light skin tone. They have a smaller cranium, and their brains display greater synaptic interconnectivity. Further, members of his species have the ability to sense each other, drawing a comparison to the affinity shared by wolves hunting in a pack. Most Dominants appear as caucasian. ( with the history of european expansion and exploitation is there possibly a precursor to the genetic variation that develops into the dominant gene was expressing itself?) It is speculated that there may be as many as 200,000 members of the new species. Their point of origin is a deserted village in Oaxaca, Mexico, a location the Dominants regard as sacred. It is also the location of a mysterious monolith with arcane writings on its surface. There are groups of humans who are aware of the Dominants and collaborate with them. Similarly, there are groups of Dominants who wish to co-exist peacefully with normal humans. Technologically, the Dominants make use of genetic engineering in an attempt to 'convert' the more numerous humans into members of their own species. They also use cloning and nanotechnology. STR3d6+4 CON2d6+8 SIZ 2d6+6 INT 2d6+10 POW 3d6 DEX 3d6 APP 3d6 EDU3d6+8 to represent their heightened intelligence, and their ability to use Higher tech to alter humanity All combat skills +15%. Including hand held weapons, and martial arts. Hide is naturally 80% due to their ability to cloud minds. The dominants evolved in the 1950s, from a handful of females. The females grow quickly able to reproduce by age 10-12. Adventure seed Recently a series of men and women have been discovered, along the highway, dead. The cause of their deaths is unknown till genetic tests are made to determine identity. It is discovered that these people have genetic anomalies. Though they can be identified as people missing from various communities who until their disappearance were simply normal people. They disappeared doing normal things. Shopping, going on services calls picking up children from school etc. The only similarity between is severe cerebral hemorrhaging, and the female's uterus appear deformed.

The situation. The dominants are experimenting trying alter baseline humans to become like themselves. So far the retroviruses have only caused the above changes but they are the right track. Presently, there are using semi trailer rigs as mobile labs, kidnapping random adults to experiment. There are several mobile labs moving throughout North America ( there is evidence that any attempt to open up commerce within North America and possibly other Nations is a ploy for the Dominants to move more freely). The labs are often hidden in the trailers, behind false walls, so there actually materials being shipped.

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