School Address: PO Box 17966 Stanford, CA 94309 (650) 804-5596

Tristan Arguello Harris
Email: Skype: tristanharris

Permanent Address: 254 Somerville Rd. Santa Rosa, CA


To build life-altering technology applications and make a dent in the universe.

EDUCATION & AWARDS: • Stanford University, B.S. Computer Science completed June 2006 M.S. Computer Science – on temporary leave of absence • Stanford Technology Ventures Program, Mayfield Fellow – Stanford, CA 04/06 – 12/06 Work/study program for 12 top engineering students focused on hi-tech entrepreneurship  Mentorship from Ted Schlein at Kleiner Perkins VC firm • Co-Founder, Captology.TV – See Stanford, CA 09/06 – 12/06 • Abroad Experience: Stanford Berlin Program, Archeology dig in Chavin de Huantar, Peru. • Academic Research in Linguistics: “Language Lab” w/ Prof. Martin Kay – Stanford, 1/05 - 4/05 Interactive language learning environment incorporating Machine Translation, Text-to-Speech WORK EXPERIENCE • Wikia, Inc. Menlo Park, CA, Mayfield Summer Intern, June – September 2006 Wikipedia-spinoff startup led by Jimmy Wales, Angela Beesley & Gil Penchina (CEO) • Direct mentorship from CEO related to biz dev, negotiation, management and finance • Developed Wikia AdServer, oversaw increase in site CPMs • Built & designed improved WYSIWYG image uploader, being integrated into Wikipedia • Invented MediaWiki Image Tagging feature • Apple Computer, Inc. Cupertino, CA, Hamburg, Germany, Software Eng., June ’03 – Oct ‘05 • Spotlight for Help – next-gen user interface / help search feature in Mac OS X Leopard o Independently invented, designed, and prototyped while in Hamburg, Germany o Patent pending: “Searching for Commands and Other Elements of User Interface” • Dashboard widgets – all shipping in Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger o Developed Flight Tracker, Translation, Unit Converter, and Yellow Pages widgets o Demoed by Steve Jobs at Macworld ‘05, Apple Expo Paris ’04 Keynotes • Inkwell (Newton Handwriting recognition) Technology o Developed handwriting and gesture recognition, note-taking related applications o Patent pending (sole inventor) on information-grouping visualization technique Micromat Computer Systems Inc. Santa Rosa, CA, Software Engineer, 2000-2002 • Developed TechTool Lite 3.0.x, parts of TechTool Pro 4.0 and Drive 10 utility/repair products SKILLS • • JS, AJAX, CSS, HTML, PHP, Photoshop, C/C++, Objective-C, Java, Perl, Cocoa/Carbon APIs Intermediate German and Spanish language ability. Native English speaker,

PERSONAL SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT (High School) • Bibliographer – creates MLA bibliographies, used (even required) in schools across the country • Press: Earthlink Newsletter (distribution of ~4.9 million), Apple Expo Paris 2002 Education CD ODD ENOUGH • Coursework & interest in existential philosophy, psychology, neuroscience, persuasive technology, computer graphics, linguistics, speech recognition/text-to-speech • Regular piano gig playing once a week at an Italian restaurant in Hamburg, Germany REFERENCES: Available upon request.