or any further information on vegetarianism, get in touch with Viva!. We offer advice, literature, help and sell some yummy vegan sweets and choccies! Why not sign up as a Viva! Activist and receive a stack of info, a regular magazine and what other gubbins we have lying around here – all for a measly five quid a year! Send me _____ (state how many) copies of this leaflet to distribute Send me _____ (state how many) Proud to be Veggie wristbands at £2 each Send me _____ (state how many) Proud to be Veggie T-shirts at £11 each _________ (state size & colour)* I want to become a Viva! Activist (I enclose £5) I enclose a donation of £ _____

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I’m proud to save animals from suffering Proud to help the world’s starving Proud to help save the environment And proud that I’m healthier What’s a vegetarian?
Viva!’s brandnew Proud to be Veggie t-shirts are sure to be a big hit. Get yours while you can! (£11 each)
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Someone who doesn’t eat dead animals or bits of them - no meat, chicken, turkey, or duck, no sea animals (fish, prawns, crabs or shrimps), no animal fat and no disgusting things such as gelatine, made from hooves and bones.

What’s a vegan?
Someone who eats none of these things but also avoids anything from an animal - avoids dairy products such as cow’s or goat’s milk, cheese or yoghurt as well as eggs and honey. And they don’t wear leather, fur, silk or wool.

Cardholder’s signature ___________________________ Expiry date _______________ Switch issue no. ______ Return to:Viva! 8 York Court,Wilder Street, Bristol BS2 8QH T 0117 944 1000 E info@viva.org.uk W www.viva.org.uk

Here are some veggies who aren’t afraid to tell the world how proud they are!
Be very, very proud and make it a vital part of your life. It’s good for you, good for the starving, good for the environment and saves countless animals. John Feldmann of American pop punk sensations Goldfinger proudly says:

By going veggie, you play NO PART in the following: INTENSIVE CHICKEN FARMING
Over 850 million chickens are killed for their meat each year in the UK. One foul-smelling, windowless shed can hold up to 40,000 birds, each bird allowed no more space than than an A4 sheet of paper.

Saving Lives!
Perhaps the biggest plus to being vegetarian is the number of lives you save. The average meat eater is responsible for the death of 4,022 animals in their lifetime – they eat them! By going vegetarian, you help to end suffering.

time “I tell people all the d of d prou I'm vegan an d it. It is what I stan l else.” for above al
Harriette, 16, from Powys, gets straight to the point when she says:

This really is one of the very worst of factory farming’s hidden horrors. Hundreds of thousands of pregnant sows are shut into these tiny cages a week before they give birth - and remain imprisoned until their piglets are forcibly removed at three weeks old.

Your Health
By going veggie, you’ve made one of the healthiest choices you can so prepare to reap the benefits! Meat eating raises cholesterol levels and increases the risk of heart disease, diabetes, some cancers, obesity and many other diseases. According to top nutritionists, most meat-eating kids have the most atrocious diet in the world. Why put your body through that?

“I love being vegetarian, It's great how I can eat healthily and not feel guilty about having any animals killed for my lifestyle.”
Haz, 16, from Crickhowell says:

Almost all duck meat comes from factory-farmed birds – we know because we’ve filmed at all the big suppliers. Their conditions are similar to chickens but with an added insult - these aquatic animals – that are meant to eat, swim, dive, clean and play in water – never even see it, except in their drinkers.

Saving the World!
Many of the world’s massive environmental problems could be reduced by cutting meat out of the diet – including global warming, loss of rainforests, the spread of deserts and species extinction. Going vegetarian helps the environment immediately.

s of animals “Not only do you save hundred 're also your health, but you and improve t helping to save the planet. The mea incredible damage, like industry does ication increasing global warming, desertif starvation!” and worldwide
Sarah, 14, from Bristol proudly declares:

“Humans don't and you really need to eat animals permission to go don’t need anyone's you eat meat, reveggie! Next time once a living an member that it was eat your pet, wimal. You wouldn't ould you?!”

Almost all the world’s fish are in serious trouble because of overfishing. And fish do feel pain – and a great deal of it as they are dragged from the deep to be suffocated in an alien environment or gutted while alive and struggling.

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