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Extending Bearing Life and

Performance - An Engineered Solution

Yehia El-Ibiary, Rockwell Automation
Tags: bearing lubrication
Youll often find bearings operating in harsh and dirty environments where the product is
exposed to airborne contaminants and high temperatures. In many cases, these applications
are in hard-to-access areas, making routine maintenance difficult and costly.
In an effort to increase bearing life, improve product performance and extend maintenance
periods, Rockwell Automation engineers developed the new Dodge Oil Level and Filtration
System (OLF); a patented, low-cost, easy-to-connect system that continuously circulates the
oil and filters harmful particles from the bearings oil sump.
The OLF system not only provides clean oil to the bearing, it also controls and maintains the
proper oil level while the equipment is running. In addition, test results have also shown
that the OLF system provides cooler oil. The packaged system is compact and consists of a
1/2 HP single-phase TEFC motor, a 1/2 GPM fixed displacement pump, a one-gallon tank
with oil level gauge and a large return fitting, a 10-micron spin-on filter, and a pressure
In designing the system, engineers sized the motor to be lightly loaded so its cooling fan can
be used to cool the oil tank. An integrated pump relief valve protects the system, while a
pump inlet strainer decreases contaminants that can affect the pump or the bearings. The
tank features a large return-line fitting to accommodate the return of oil by gravity. The oil
level gauge, which is mounted on the reservoir, gives the user a quick indication of the oil
level in the tank, while a pressure gauge indicates the condition of the filter. Theres also a
magnetic plug mounted inside the tank to attract ferrous contaminants.
Figure 1. Dodge OLF System
1. Oil Gauge
2. One-gallon Tank
6. Spin-on Filter
7. 1/2 HP Single-Phase TEFC Motor
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3. Return Fitting
4. Supply Line Fitting
5. Pressure Gauge
8. Motor Fan
9. Filler Breather
10. Mounting Bracket
The OLF system has been extensively tested to ensure reliability and performance. In
side-by-side comparison tests, engineers tracked the bearing temperature of two bearing
applications; one with the OLF system and one without (Figure 1). Test results show that at
higher speeds, the bearing application with the OLF system ran nearly 16F cooler than the
other application. Reducing operating temperature is a significant benefit, especially for
bearings that are currently running at marginally high temperatures (145F to 175F).
A second test detailed the effect of the OLF system on oil film thickness in SleeveOil (plain)
bearings (Figure 2). The results of this test indicate the OLF system increased the oil film
thickness by as much as 12 percent based on actual measurement. Increased oil film
thickness protects the bearing from potential damage.
Figure 2
The Dodge OLF system can be easily connected to operating bearings by simply mounting
the compact package and connecting two lines. The OLF system is a low-cost alternative that
will increase the life of the bearing, minimize maintenance and improve performance.
Extending Bearing Life and Performance - An Engineered Solution