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1 Complete the sentences with object pronouns:

1. This is Johns pen. Can you give it to ___________?
2. Theres Susan. Can you see ___________?
3. Weve got a problem. Can you help ___________?
4. Where are the keys? I cant find ___________.
5. I havent got any paper. Can you give ___________ some?
6. Wheres the car? I cant see ___________.
7. Do you want a stamp? I can give ___________ one.
8. Please listen to ___________. I am talking to ___________.
9. We are behind this big tree. They cannot see ___________ but we can see ___________.
10. Can you see the men? No. You are standing in front of _________. I cannot see __________.
2 Complete the sentences with personal pronouns:
1. Where are my pens? ___________re on the table.
2. Johns nice. I like ___________ a lot.
3. Have you got any dogs? No, I dont like ___________.
4. Is Mary at home? Yes, ___________ is. Can I speak to ___________, please?
5. Where are your books? Anns got ___________.
6. Ann likes Bill, but he doesnt like ___________ much.
7. Are your children here? Yes, ___________re in the garden.
8. Do you like shopping? I hate ___________.
9. Is the car in the garage? No, ___________s in the street.
10. ___________ looks like his father, and his children look like ___________.
11. Here are two very nice blouses. Can I try ___________ on?
12. How are your parents? - _________re very well, thanks. Say hello to _________ from me.
13. John would like us to have dinner with ___________ next week.
3 Complete using the possessive adjectives:
1. They are reading ___________ books.
2. We are writing in ___________ books.
3. John and Mary are sitting on ___________ chairs.
4. The dog is sitting on ___________ tail.
5. We are working in ___________ classroom.
6. Look at the children. Can you see ___________ hats?

7. This is not my book. Is it your book? Yes, it is. It is _________ book.

8. Look at that dog. ___________ front legs are shorter than ___________ back legs.
9. Boys and girls, hold up ___________ books, please. Yes, Miss Hall. We are holding up
___________ books. Are they holding up ___________ books? Yes, they are.
10. Is she holding up ___________ book? Yes, she is.
4 Choose the right possessive adjective:
1. The children put down (their/our/his) pens and listened to the teacher.
2. That kitten cannot see (its/their/her) mother.
3. We wrote (our/your/their) names on the first page of the book.
4. The dogs had black coats but (his/their/its) ears were white.
5. The kitten was black but (its/their/her) tail was white.
6. Hold up (their/your/my) books, the teacher said to the class.
7. The children took off (his/he/their) coats because it was hot.
8. This is (your/her/my) new pullover. I bought it last week.
9. Mary hung (his/its/her) coat on the peg.
10. I hope you enjoy (my/your/her) holiday.
5 Say the sentences using the possessive pronouns:
Example: My pen is bigger than your pen.
Mine is bigger than yours.
1. Your shirt is blue but his shirt is green.
2. His hat is white but her hat is black.
3. Our school is big, your school is bigger and their school is the biggest.
4. John and I have dogs. My dog is white and his dog is black.
5. Your writing is smaller than my writing but my writing is not as clear as your writing.
6. His school is in the same street as her school but her school is nearer the bus stop than his
7. Our classroom is not as big as your classroom but our classroom is quieter than your classroom.

8. The boys have lost their ball but the girls have not lost their ball.
9. Its their house it is not my house.
6 Put in the possessive pronouns:

This is my pencil. It is ____________.

This is your pencil. It is ___________.

These are our rulers. They are ___________.

Those are his shoes. They are ___________.

Those are her shoes. They are ___________.

This is our playground. It is ___________.

That is the girls playground. It is ___________.

7 Complete the sentences with reflexive pronouns:


Mara hurt __________________ dancing.

I went to a party last night. Did you enjoy __________________?

Alison was very annoyed with __________________ about the mistake she made in the exam.

Those children are too young to look after __________________.

We were so angry. It was very difficult to control __________________.

Our cat is always hurting __________________.

Sonia is looking at __________________ in the mirror.

Can I borrow your ruler? No, Im sorry. Im using it __________________.

Can you all take your plates into the dinning room. But be careful. They are very hot. Dont
burn __________________.

Complete the sentences with subject pronouns and possessive adjectives:

Kate is 16 years old. ___________ has got one brother and one sister. __________ brother is 21
years old.

Whos that man? - __________ names Kenny Mckay. __________s footballer.

My names Paul. _________ve got one sister and two brothers. __________ sisters name is

Peter and Bill are brothers. __________ are from Manchester. __________ sister, Alice, is a
receptionist in a hotel.

Whos that woman? - __________s a journalist. __________ names Susan.

My sister and I are from Brazil. __________ home is in Rio de Janeiro. __________ are
students there.

What about you? Whats __________ name? Where are __________ from?

Are __________ Mary Lewis? Yes, __________ am.

She is from Spain. __________ names Carmen.

10 __________ is from Japan. His names Mr Smith.


Complete the sentences with personal pronouns, possessive adjectives and possessive

Ive got your coat but I cant find __________.

Wheres Sonia. - __________ is sitting over there.

Whos that woman? __________ name is Sally.

Where are my shoes? I cant find __________-

My parents dont let __________ go to discos during the week.

We are going to the cinema tomorrow. Would you like to come with __________?

Is this my coffee? No, this is __________.

Mike has got his tennis racket, but Sue hasnt got __________.

They are going to sell __________ flat.

10 He took off __________ coat and set to work.

11 Whose keys are these? They are __________.
12 I have a pain in __________ shoulder.
13 If you are too hot why dont you take off __________ coat?
10 Complete the paragraph. Use the correct object pronouns.
I saw Helen last Saturday. I met __her__ in the street. She showed _________ her new hat. She
bought _________ in a shop in the High Street. Then we saw Andy and Judy. We asked _________
to go for a pizza with _________. But Andy was busy, so we left _________ at the bus stop.
Goodbye, he said. See _________ all on Monday.
11 Match the pairs of sentences.

Thats Helens coat.

A Theyre yours.

These are our bags.

B Its his.

This is my parents book.

C Its his.

This is my car.

D Theyre ours.

This is Sams money.

E Its hers.

These are your glasses.

F Its mine.

12 Replace the underlined words with pronouns.

Example: Ive got two cousins. My cousins names are Henry and Julia.
Ive got two cousins. Their names are Henry and Julia.

Im going to stay with my cousins.


Henry and Julia live in Edinburgh.


Henrys new car is very fast.


Henry is going to take me out in the new car.


Julia isnt going to come with Henry and me.


Julia doesnt like fast cars.


Im going to take Henry a present.


Im going to take Julia a present, too.


13 Answer the questions like this:

Example: what did the teacher give you? (a new book)
He gave me a new book.

What did your father and mother give you? (a bicycle)


What did you pay to the shopkeeper? (a lot of money)


What did Marys mother make for Mary? (a dress)


What is the teacher going to read to us? (a story)


What did the man give to all the people? (some pieces of paper)


What are you going to give to your father and mother? (a radio)


What are you going to give to your brother? (a tie)


How much did you lend to your friend, Peter? (two fifty)


How much did Mary lend you? (five fifty)


14 Complete the sentences with subject pronouns and possessive adjectives:


Is your name John Collett? No, __________ isnt.

__________ names Alice Stephens. I am a dentist.

What does Mary do? __________ is a shop assistant.

We live in London. __________ address is 17 Fox Terrace, Hampstead.

Where does your sister work? __________ works in Sheffield.

My mother lives with __________ second husband in Edinburgh.

Susie and Ingrid are German. __________ are from Dortmund. __________ father is a bank

My wife and I are architects. __________ work in an office in the centre of Cambridge.

Theres Mr Parslow. Whats __________ first name? Sam.

15 Complete the sentences with personal pronouns, possessive adjectives and possessive

Is this Johns pen? Yes, I think it is __________.

Hands up! Said the masked man, and we all put __________ hands up.

Is this Janes book? Yes, Im sure it is __________.

At most meetings people vote by raising __________ right hands.

She was on __________ knees scrubbing the kitchen floor.

Is that Neil and Davids car? No, it isnt __________.

Lucy is in the garden. __________ is playing.

When we looked at the monster again __________ was crawling along the wall.

Give that book to Max. Its __________.

10 Lucy put on __________ hat.

11 Do your homework and put __________ on my desk tomorrow.
12 Mr and Mrs Gibbs like __________ house very much.
13 Dave didnt want to go to the dentist but __________ went because he had toothache.
14 Can __________ play a game? the children asked Miss Gordon.
15 Thats not your pen. Its __________. I bought __________ last week.
16 Would you like to come to __________ house? Dave and Lucy asked Mara.