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Scotland Yard Police is also known as Metropolitan Police which comes under the territorial police force category and is responsible for maintaining peace, law and order in greater London. Apart from serving the greater London, the Scotland Yard Police also contributes toward the national responsibilities like providing protection to the British royal family and other senior figures of the country.

The Scotland Yard Police also coordinates and leads the counter terrorism issues in the country. There are more than 48, 000 officers who serve this police service. These officers are well organized in a hierarchical manner in order to serve people in the best possible way.

The Scotland Yard Police is the largest police force organized in a well-knit hierarchy in UK and also among the largest police forces in the world. The Scotland Yard police hierarchy uses the standard British ranks for police officers and forms a uniform officer designation structure. Following is the Scotland Yard police hierarchy followed in terms of ranks and designations of officers.

Scotland Yard Police Hierarchy Commissioner The commissioner of police is the topmost rank and is responsible

Scotland Yard Police Hierarchy


The commissioner of police is the topmost rank and is responsible for overlooking the entire operations and working of the police. The badge of commissioner includes three symbols a crown, a pip and commander’s badge symbol.


Deputy Commissioner

The deputy commissioner of police acts as assistant to the commissioner of police and assists him

as the second in command. His badge includes four symbols a crown, two small pips placed side by side and a commander’s badge symbol.

Assistant Commissioner

The assistant commissioner is the third highest designation in the Scotland Yard police and is responsible for overlooking the security operations in the city. His badge comprises of two symbols

a crown and a commander’s badge symbol.

Deputy Assistant commissioner A deputy commissioner is an intermediate rank who is responsible for holding senior staff job in the Scotland Yard police. His badge includes a pip and a commander’s badge symbol.


The next rank in the hierarchy is of commander whose responsibilities include law enforcement in the city and he is required to take charge of all the major security drills. The badge symbol of commander comprises of two tip staves in cross position placed inside a bay leaf wreath.

Chief Superintendent

A chief superintendent of police is responsible for commanding wide geographical divisions. His badge symbol is composed by a crown and a pip placed side by side.


A superintendent is responsible for commanding a division and all the police operations in their division. Their badge is composed of a crown symbol.

Chief Inspector

Chief inspectors in Scotland Yard police perform various responsibilities and are part of various police operations. Their role may vary from operation to operation. They are mainly responsible for maintaining peace and order in their designated area.

Lower ranks

Then are the lower ranks of police which are responsible for taking directions from their seniors and performing the given set of responsibilities. Following are the lower ranks in the hierarchical format:




Police constable

Special Constable