Abilities - Talents Abilities illustrate the knacks and proficiencies the character has developed through hard training

or from natural giftedness. In the course of a game, you'll match the Abilities up with appropriate Attributes to determine a die pool that will be rolled to indicate the character's success or failure. Abilities are divided into the following three groups of 10: Talents, Skills and Knowledges. In some cases, you should go ahead and note an area of expertise when you first choose the Ability, although you won't get the specialty bonus until the Ability reaches four dots. For example, Science is Knowledge, but it makes little sense not to clarify the branch of science in which the character excels. Your Storyteller will tell you if such areas of expertise are appropriate for an Ability. Talents aren't the product of training alone. They're mostly inborn Abilities that can be honed and improved, but rarely created from scratch. However, characters are assumed to have some potential in just about every Talent. It makes perfect sense that these Abilities would improve through experience and practice. If a character attempts a feat with a Talent he doesn't have, the roll incurs no dice penalty. The player just rolls whichever Attribute the Storyteller decides is most appropriate, and he counts those dice to determine success or failure. The additional Abilities are examples of how to expand the Abilities list given in the Werewolf rulebook. They describe some of the limitless Abilities your character can take and that can help define your character more completely. Some of these Abilities may seem less useful than the more general ones described in Werewolf. Some of them are subcategories of the more general Abilities. Your Storyteller is at liberty to decide exactly how these new Abilities come into play — for instance, whether she wants to introduce the Archery Skill or default to Dexterity + Athletics for firing a bow. Do whatever works best for your group. NOTE: For Specialities, please look at the document labeled such. Ability Alertness Alertness Alertness Artistic Expression Assbeating Athletics Athletics Athletics Awareness Barter Brawl Brawl Brawl Carousing Diplomacy Dodge Dodge Dodge Empathy Empathy Empathy Empathy Expression Expression Expression Location Werewolf: The Apocalypse Werewolf: The Apocalypse, 2nd Ed. Werewolf: The Apocalypse, Revised Ed. Book of Shadows, The Subsidiaries: A Guide to Pentex Werewolf: The Apocalypse Werewolf: The Apocalypse, 2nd Ed. Werewolf: The Apocalypse, Revised Ed. World of Darkness: Bygone Bestiary Croatan Song Werewolf: The Apocalypse Werewolf: The Apocalypse, 2nd Ed. Werewolf: The Apocalypse, Revised Ed. Book of Shadows, The Book of Shadows, The Werewolf: The Apocalypse Werewolf: The Apocalypse, 2nd Ed. Werewolf: The Apocalypse, Revised Ed. Werewolf: The Apocalypse Werewolf: The Apocalypse, 2nd Ed. Werewolf: The Apocalypse, Revised Ed. World of Darkness: Bygone Bestiary Werewolf: The Apocalypse Werewolf: The Apocalypse, 2nd Ed. Werewolf: The Apocalypse, Revised Ed. Page 123 105 111 14 124 123 105 111 102 111 124 105 111 14 15 124 105 111 124 105 111 102 125 106 112

Flying Fortune Telling Instruction Instruction Instruction Interrogation Intimidation Intimidation Intimidation Intrigue Intuition Mimicry Mimicry Mimicry Primal-Urge Primal-Urge Primal-Urge Scan Scrounging Search Search Seduction Sense Deception Streetwise Streetwise Streetwise Style Subterfuge Subterfuge Subterfuge Swimming Ventriloquism Ventriloquism Ventriloquism Wood Lore Wrestling

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Alertness Alertness describes how attuned the character is to things he can see, smell, hear or touch, and depending 'on the story, perhaps things that are not so tangible. In combat, it's often paired with Wits to gauge reaction and response time. Out of combat, it works well with Perception to give the character clues about his surroundings. Alertness usually kicks in even when the character isn't necessarily looking for anything. • Novice: You're alert to certain sights and sounds around you. • • Practiced: You know when to eavesdrop and whom to keep an eye on. • • • Competent: You're alert to even subtle changes in the environment. • • • • Expert: Very little gets past your vigilance, even if you're preoccupied. • • • • • Master: The wolf sense is particular strong in you. Even when sleeping, you're wary to minute alterations in temperature, light and other environmental features.

Possessed by: Bodyguards, Hunters, Thieves, Wild Animals, Security Personnel Assbeating The Assbeating Talent reflects how hard you are, and how much punk ass you can beat in a situation that demands it. This Talent represents skill in unarmed combat, whether from a life of hard times on the street or from formal martial arts training. Efficient brawlers are tough, strong, quick and hard-core -- they do what needs to be done when an enemy gets in their face. • Novice: Freakin' wuss. • • Practiced: The football team doesn't mess with you during pass period. • • • Competent: You could beat up your old man, that hypocrite. • • • • Expert: You're probably the toughest in your Gang. • • • • • Master: You can look at stuff and it dies. Possessed by: Gangsters, Tough Thugs, Dangerous Guys Artistic Expression You have the talent to produce works of art in various media. You can produce saleable works of two or three-dimensional art and understand something of the technical aspects of paintings and sketches. You are able to sketch a reasonably accurate rendition of a place or person. • Novice: Your work is simple, seen as charmingly naive by some and as amateurish by others. • • Practiced: Your work could win prizes at local art society shows. • • • Competent: You could get a showing in a minor gallery. • • • • Expert: Your work is widely admired, and galleries contact you about exhibitions. You are invited to teach at local art colleges. • • • • • Master: You are acknowledged as a driving force in contemporary art. Your work commands enormous prices and is found in art museums as well as commercial galleries and private collections. Possessed by: Artists, Commercial Illustrators, Cartoonists, Police Artists, Forgers, Woodworkers, Theatre and Movie Set Builders, Special Effects Technicians, Model Makers Athletics Athletics covers all kinds of athletic endeavors, whether formal sports or otherwise, such as running, jumping, throwing or swimming. A high Athletics score can represent a trained athlete or a naturally athletic individual who spends a lot of time in free-form exercise. Although Athletics is a versatile Talent, it still doesn't cover simple motor action (like lifting weights) or athletic endeavors covered by other Abilities (such as boxing, which is the focus of Brawl). • Novice: Typical active kid. • • Practiced: High-school jock. • • • Competent: College-level competitor. • • • • Expert: Respected professional. • • • • • Master: Olympic or world-class athlete. Possessed by: Athletes, Jocks, Kids, Lupus, Outdoors Enthusiasts, "Extreme" Sports Nuts Awareness Animals, especially the more intelligent ones, rarely rely on surface appearances. Like many of your cousins, you can see to the heart of a person or place, noticing the forces, emotions or hidden natures stirring below a placid cover. You're so sharply attuned to mystic energies and elemental forces that if a spell has been cast or a natural disaster is approaching, you sense it far better than your human allies can. You can (with a good Perception + Awareness roll) pick up subtle clues — a slight vibration, a bad smell, a warm feeling, etc. — that help you decide whether to run, fight or stay around. • Novice: Your hackles rise around dangerous things. • • Practiced: You get feelings — often accurate ones — about the people and places you encounter. • • • Competent: While other, more "intelligent," companions are sitting around trying to make up their minds about something, you've already sensed the truth.

• • • • Master: You might not be able to see the Otherworlds clearly, but you can tell when something's hovering around. • • • • • Legend: Very few things can fool you; you have a nose for the truth. Possessed by: Cats, Dogs, Gryphons, Dolphins, Dragons Barter Without an actual common coinage, or for those who have no need for it, the nations of certain periods did most of their trading through barter. This Talent represents not only a general knowledge of the comparable worth of various goods, but the ability to haggle and bargain with others skillfully enough to get them to accept your terms. • Novice: You can guess what the fair price is for most common goods. • • Practiced: You can tell when you're being cheated. • • • Competent: The local trading posts have given up on getting you to pay too much or to accept too little. • • • • Expert: You can get good horses cheap. • • • • • Master: You could buy Old Man Coyote's pelt for a song. Brawl Brawl represents training in unarmed combat. It reflects the character's schooling — or real-world experience — with martial arts, street fighting and the like. This Talent calls for real down-and-dirty action; typically, hand-to-hand fighting is ruthless and brutal. The character skilled in Brawl knows how to hit an opponent with all her might and bring him down as quickly as possible, while ignoring her own pain and loose teeth. • Novice: You picked some fights in the schoolyard. • • Practiced: A barroom brawl gets your blood pumping. • • • Competent: You've been in a fair share of fights, more often than not walking away unscathed. • • • • Expert: Professional boxers would have a hard time beating you. • • • • • Master: Your fingers alone are deadly weapons, and when your fists come out, people die. Possessed by: Police, Thugs, Soldiers, Werewolves, Self-Defense Instructors Carousing This is the ability to have a good time at a party or other social occasion while making sure others around you also have a good rime. It involves a mixture of eating, good cheer, and drinking without making a fool out of yourself. On a successful roll of Manipulation + Carousing, the character can make a lasting good impression on everyone around him; this can be helpful if the mage is trying to make friends, garner information or distract the attendees while his pack mates rifle through the coat room. The difficulty of the roll depends on the social event: three or less for a house party with a buffet, seven or more for a sit-down dinner. • Novice: Good ol' Uncle Bill • • Practiced: Jake the Frat Rat • • • Competent: James Bond • • • • Expert: The Three Musketeers • • • • • Master: Bluto in "Animal House" Possessed by: Actors, Dilettantes, College Students, Vampires Diplomacy You have the ability to handle negotiations. Even when handling touchy subjects, you are able to get results without ruffling too many feathers. You are skilled at mediating disputes and discussing delicate subjects. You get along with others without overt manipulation and without letting your own aims fall by the wayside. This Ability involves knowledge of the formal rules of give and- take, as well as the official cultural rules of conduct and politeness. • Novice: You can iron out schoolyard disputes. • • Practiced: Friends ask you to deal with things for them. • • • Competent: You could shine in management or personnel, • • • • Expert: You could be a professional union negotiator or ombudsman.

• • • • • Master: You can defuse nearly any situation, from an industrial dispute to a religious war. Possessed by: Schoolteachers, Union Negotiators, Politicians, Tycoons, Diplomats, Personnel Officers, Counselors Dodge A werewolf can't get hit if he's out of the way, can he? Dodge allows a character to do just that: duck, dive for cover or take whatever action necessary to avoid an incoming blow. Players should indicate to the Storyteller in what manner their characters are evading potential hits. The description may give them a bonus, depending on the circumstances. • Novice: You know enough to hit the dirt when bullets fly. • • Practiced: You're capable of getting under cover in most situations. • • • Competent: Evading thrown objects is pretty dam easy. • • • • Expert: Only the most skilled martial artists can hit you. • • • • • Master: Sometimes, you can actually sidestep bullets. Possessed by: Police, Criminals, Martial Artists, Boxers, Ragabash Empathy The Empathy Trait allows characters to identify and discern other people's emotions and feelings. With a highly successful roll, a character may even be able to tell if someone is lying to her or has an ulterior motive. Likewise, she may be able to adjust her own emotions to take advantage of someone, feign sympathy or give it genuinely. That's the trickiest side of this Talent. A character with Empathy may get so caught up in the feelings of others that her own emotions will be affected, willingly or not. • Novice: People consider you a confidant. • • Practiced: You're attuned to the pain of those around you. • • • Competent: You can analyze the emotions of casual acquaintances with skill. • • • • Expert: Even strangers pour out their stories; it's easy to catch people lying too. • • • • • Master: You know what they're going to say before they open their mouths. Possessed by: Counselors, Social Workers, Psychologists, Best Friends, Psychics, Hucksters Expression Expression is the art of getting your point across, no matter what the medium. With a high Expression score, your email is just as eloquent as your carefully planned oration, and whether the information is true or not, people sit up and take notice of your words. Expression covers the creation and delivery of speeches, poetry and other writing, but for singing, music and the like, a character needs Performance. Expression is often combined with Charisma or Wits for powerful effect. • Novice: You've written imaginative poetry. • • Practiced: Fast-paced debates and word contests are not a problem. • • • Competent: You could make an easy living as a successful journalist or novelist. • • • • Expert: Your writing could win international awards. • • • • • Master: Werewolves everywhere praise the beauty and flow of your words, especially when you speak them aloud. Possessed by: Galliards, Writers, Poets, Politicians, Actors Flying Just as humans must learn to use their inherent abilities to brawl or dodge, a flying beast must learn to master her wings. With this Talent (rolled with Dexterity), you can dive, stall, fight in the air, ride the winds and find updrafts. The air is your home, and you are its master. • Novice: You can land gracefully, and avoid any slower pursuer. • • Practiced: You take the upper hand in casual contests with others in the air, and you're wise to tricks like diving out of the sun, or shifting into a sudden downdraft to escape. • • • Competent: Another flier has to work to surprise you with anything. Fighting from the air is as easy as fighting on the ground, regardless of your "natural" state.

• • • • Master: If your kind travels in flocks, you take the lead. Others of your kind see your grace, form and power in the air. The smallest gust under your pinions is an overwhelming advantage. Challenges are rare. • • • • • Legend: The skies are your domain. Anything that anyone can do on land or water, you can do in the air, upside down and backwards. Possessed by: Birds, Corax, Dragons, Pegasi, Angels, Demons Fortune Telling You may or may not have the gift to tell accurate fortunes, but you can make people believe you do. This Ability may prove useful as a plot device, a means for the character to earn money, or a good cover for a Psychic ability or Gift. While this Talent confers no magick in and of itself, it may add to your successes; for each two successes, reduce the difficulty of divination styled gift by 1. • Novice: You are able to use one method of divination adequately and treat this Ability as a pastime. • • Practiced: You can use one method of fortune telling well and can tell someone general information that will apply to her. • • • Competent: You know a lot about certain methods of fortune telling and can tell anyone detailed information that will be applicable, • • • • Expert: You are able to use multiple methods well and have a keen understanding of what people want to hear. • • • • • Master: Gypsies take lessons from you. Possessed by: Gypsies, Psychics, Professional Fortune Tellers, New Agers Instruction You have a knack for explaining information and skills so that others can easily grasp the concepts or techniques involved. You can teach any of your Skills or Knowledges to another character, but you can never raise a student's score above your own: If you have only two dots in Melee, you can't teach a student the tricks necessary for him to raise his Melee to 3. For each month of instruction, roll your Manipulation + Instruction against a difficulty of 11 minus the student's Intelligence. The number of successes is the number of experience points the student can apply toward that skill. For example, Antoine Teardrop is trying to teach Truck Basher the ways of Kailindo. Truck Basher is neither particularly clever nor dense (Intelligence 2), so Antoine’s difficulty is 9. A student may well become too discouraged or distracted with other things to pay attention to his teacher and, thus, have to spend a Willpower point (at the Storyteller's discretion) to keep at his studies. Frequent interruptions can cost a student a number of Willpower points, or they may simply cause him not to learn anything (in which case, his teacher might cease the lessons). With the Storyteller's approval, a person can teach some Talents such as Brawl or Dodge. In these cases, it is good to roleplay some of the training sessions, to get a few good licks in on the student and see if he learns anything from them. Talents such as Empathy or Alertness cannot be taught. They must be learned the hard way. • Novice: You can take a simple concept (such as basic arithmetic) and present it in an interesting and digestible manner. • • Practiced: You can teach moderately complex things (say, algebra) and make them straightforward and interesting. • • • Competent: You can teach any subject of which you have Knowledge, up to high-school level. You can make differential calculus sound like the simplest thing in the world. • • • • Expert: Learning from you is scarcely an effort. You could teach irrational-number theory or Sumeriari cuneiform to almost anyone. • • • • • Master: You are an inspiring teacher, and you bestow a touch of greatness on anyone who studies with you. Possessed by: Elders, Teachers, Parents, Artisans Default Roll: Expression Instructions for Instruction: For every month you spend teaching, roll your character's Manipulation + Instruction (difficulty 11 minus the Intelligence of the student). Each success gives the student one experience

point she can apply to raising her score in that ability. If a student becomes discouraged or distracted, she may have to spend a willpower point to continue her studies without interruptions. Too many interruptions may cause the teacher to cease her lessons or add to the difficulty of the Instruction roll. If the Storyteller allows a character with the Instruction Ability to teach a Talent such as Brawl to a student, roleplaying the sparring lessons between teacher and student may make the learning process seem more immediate. Some talents, such as Empathy, Intimidation, or Expression cannot be taught, but have to be acquired through trial and error. Interrogation You are able to extract information from people by fair means or foul. Using a mixture of threats, trickery and persistent questioning, you ultimately unearth the truth. • Novice: Nosy neighbor • • Practiced: Movie cop • • • Competent: Talk-show host • • • • Expert: Investigative journalist • • • • • Master: Spy master Possessed by: Cops, Journalists, Secret Service Personnel, Inquisitors Intimidation Intimidation runs the gamut from soft, subtle persuasion to outright brute force. A character skilled in this Talent knows exactly how and when to apply pressure to make a target do his bidding. Intimidation is a powerful combination of words and deeds designed to cause a particular outcome. In the hands of a forceful personality, this Trait can be rather potent. • Novice: Your threats are crude, but effective. • • Practiced: That cold, hard stare of yours usually gets results. • • • Competent: Your combination of bitch-slapping and understated coercion makes others fear you. • • • • Expert: Even tough opponents think twice about earning your wrath. • • • • • Master: Few werewolves will stand against your goals and desires. Possessed by: Pack Leaders, Bullies, Officers, Drill Sergeants, Shadow Lords, Ahroun Intrigue You know the finer points of plotting and deal-making in the halls of power. You understand the practical use of power (in sometimes threatening but always non-confrontational ways) to achieve your own ends. This Talent also allows you to glean important facts about others in your social circle and separate truth from the endless amounts of false and useless gossip. • Novice: Wiseguy • • Practiced: Confidant • • • Competent: PAC lobbyist • • • • Expert: Vampire • • • • • Master: Big Wheel in Doissetep. Possessed by: Chantry Masters, Technocracy Symposium Regulars Intuition You get good hunches from time to time, and you've come to trust them. Sometimes, you can't explain why you know something or how you jump from a jumbled set of facts to a brilliant conclusion, but the instinct serves you well. Intuition reflects your aptitude for good guessing and gut feelings. This Talent is not a psychic ability, but rather an inborn 'sixth sense'. Intuition may let the character know if someone is lying, or it may allow her to pick up on a lead from a seemingly minute set of clues. Storytellers can also use Intuition to convey information to the players. • Novice: Your instincts often put you on the right trail. • • Practiced: You've learned to follow your first answer. • • • Competent: You always know when something's afoot.

• • • • Expert: Not only do you know when something's wrong, you know who's responsible. • • • • • Master: Your insights are so abrupt and precise, you scare yourself. Mimicry You have a versatile voice and can imitate accents, people and some other sounds. You can use this talent to entertain or deceive. With enough talent, almost any sort of sound can be created — the larynx is an amazingly flexible organ, especially in a Garou. • Novice: You can manage a few accents passably and do impressions of a couple of well-known personalities. • • Practiced: You can do a range of accents well enough to fool anyone but a native speaker, and you can imitate a range of celebrities. You're capable of basic birdcalls and some predatory-animal sounds. • • • Competent: You could do celebrity impersonations on stage. You can pick up someone's vocal mannerisms by studying her for a couple of hours, then imitate her well enough to fool anyone but a close friend. You can produce many mammal and bird sounds. • • • • Expert: You can imitate a specific person well enough to fool someone over the phone, and you can pass as a native speaker in an accent close to your own. You're able to do a wide range of animal and technological noises. • • • • • Master: There is almost no accent, person, animal or noise that you can't imitate. Possessed by: Galliards, Ragabash, Fianna, Hunters, Comics Default Roll: Expression Primal-Urge This Talent describes not only the bestial nature inside every werewolf (or any animal, for that matter), but also the level of gut feelings the character has in her various half- wolf, half-human forms. Characters with a high Primal-Urge rating can rely more easily on "wolf thought" — the ability to call on raw animal instincts for guidance — rather than the rationalization so typical of humans. Moreover, werewolves with strong PrimalUrge find it easier to assume their various forms or take on partial transformations. • Novice: Merely a pup. The urge is there, but it hasn't been honed. • • Practiced: Your instincts often put you on the safest path through danger. • • • Competent: You feel at ease in any form because you understand the Wyld in your soul. • • • • Expert: The wolf within guides you to react quickly, without rational thought. • • • • • Master: Only powerful leaders among the werewolves who are closely attuned with Gaia and the Wyld have this depth of understanding. Possessed by: Lupus, Warriors, Wild Animals, Predators Scan You are practiced at noticing small details and changes in the environment when you purposely look at or listen to what is going on around you. This Ability can only be used when you specifically say you are attempting to notice if anything is amiss. If you aren't concentrating, this Ability will do you no good. • Novice: If anyone notices police sirens, it's you. • • Practiced: The police should use your detective abilities. • • • Competent: The slightest motion draws your attention. • • • • Expert: Nothing escapes your glance. • • • • • Master: You can count the grains of salt on a pretzel— by taste. Possessed by: Detectives, GIs, FBI Agents, Bodyguards, Night Watchmen Scrounging You have a knack for finding almost anything under almost any circumstances. The masters of your craft could find a hot spring at the North Pole or a mainframe computer in the heart of the Amazon Jungle, if necessary. In the city, you know where to find almost any kind of item or service— no questions asked. (It's amazing what you can find in dumpsters...) • Novice: You can find basic equipment and services, such as drugs, illegal weapons and hired thugs. • • Practiced: You can get hold of a vehicle, a forged passport or a skilled wiretapper.

• • • Competent: You can find an aircraft and pilot or a hitman at an hour's notice. • • • • Expert: You can find state-of-the-art military hardware, any vehicle you desire and services better imagined than described. • • • • • Master: You could probably find a rent-controlled apartment overlooking Central Park for $100 a month. Possessed by: Criminals, Intelligence Operatives, Entrepreneurs, Hollow Ones Search You have a good feel for where things should be, whether they're deliberately hidden or simply out of sight. When you concentrate on finding something, you're capable of pulling out all the tricks and making sure you cover all the bases. • Novice: You could find your sister's diary. • • Practiced: You're careful to look for disturbed soil or broken plants. • • • Competent: You've gone seeking after things enough times to be confident in your skills. • • • • Expert: You can find a specific bottle cap in the remains of a frat party. • • • • • Master: It's never in the last place you look — it's in the first. Possessed by: Trackers, Detectives, Domestics, Police, Caern Warders Default Roll: Alertness Seduction You know how to lure, attract and command the attention of others in a sexual manner. By the way you hold yourself, how you look at someone and even by the tone of your voice, you are able to arouse and excite those upon whom you practice your wiles. Once you have fully seduced someone, he will be willing to do nearly anything for you. • Novice: Teenager • • Practiced: The "older woman" • • • Competent: Heartthrob • • • • Expert: Movie star • • • • • Master: The envy of Elder Toreadors Possessed by: Thespians, Escorts, Cultists of Ecstasy, Good-for-Nothing Men, Strippers, Progenitor Glamour Traps Sense Deception Over the years, you have developed the ability to know instinctively when people are not telling you the truth or not telling you the whole truth. There is a way they look, a tone of voice, a movement of the eyes— you can't analyze it, but it's always there, and your instincts rarely let you down. • Novice: Sometimes you can tell, but you still get suckered— though more rarely than the average person does. • • Practiced: It takes a hit of skill to pull the wool over your eyes. • • • Competent: Anyone who can slip one past you is a highly skilled con artist. • • • • Expert: You could make a living screening people for security. • • • • • Master: People whisper behind your back, and many are nervous talking to you. Your ability is almost supernatural. Possessed by: Bodyguards, Reporters, Interrogators, Security Personnel, Detectives, Mothers Streetwise This versatile Talent allows characters to blend into rough crowds, gather information and strike deals on the streets without attracting too much attention. Botched Streetwise rolls can be a source of real danger, but the streets can provide a wealth of hard-to-find items and gossip for those who are shrewd and careful. This Talent is the way to go to indulge in larceny, get the skinny on local crime and fence stolen items. • Novice: You're pretty sure those guys on the corner sell drugs. • • Practiced:Most of the local thugs consider you on the level. • • • Competent: You could be a gang member or a successful madame.

• • • • Expert: The streets are like a second home to you; not much there you don't know about. • • • • • Master: You could be a powerful crime-lord with multiple organizations under your control. Possessed by: Homeless Folks, Bone Gnawers, Criminals, Detectives, Beat Cops Style You may not have been born good-looking, or possessed of a natural charm, hut you know how to dress and make the most of your appearance. Even if you are not physically attractive, heads turn because of your dress sense and style. Note that this Talent only applies to people's reactions to your appearance; once you get closer, it's up to you. • Novice: Good taste • • Practiced: Socialite • • • Competent: Celebrity • • • • Expert: Celebrity advisor • • • • • Master: International model Possessed by: Socialites, Celebrities, Fashion Professionals, the Gifted Few Subterfuge Subterfuge is all about figuring out the opponent's motivations and twisting them to your best advantage, while hiding your own goals and interests. This Trait often works with Manipulation or Wits to convince potential targets of your sincere good intentions. Characters with a high rating in Subterfuge are masters of clever conversation, knowing exactly what to say and when to say it to fulfill their goals. Most people wouldn't trust a master of Subterfuge — if they could recognize him. • Novice: White lies are easy to contrive. • • Practiced: You've gotten quite good at intriguing pickup lines. • • • Competent: Hardened criminals follow your cues in their "not guilty" speeches. • • • • Expert: The slickest used car salesperson is putty in your hands. • • • • • Master: They'll never figure out it was you, all this time .... Possessed by: Lawyers, Con Artists, Vampires, Uktena Swimming You can keep yourself from drowning and move skillfully from place to place in the water. Sometimes you feel more fish than wolf and enjoy the exercise as well as the sensation of weightlessness you feel while swimming • Novice: You can swim and tread water. • • Practiced: You know your strokes and can swim quickly for long periods. • • • Competent: You can teach others to swim and can serve as a lifeguard. • • • • Expert: You're captain of the swim team. • • • • • Master: You're headed for the Olympics. Possessed by: Athletes, Surfers, Most People Default Roll: Athletics How to Swim: Without the Swimming Skill, normal swimming speed is 8 yards + your Dexterity. The Swimming Skill increases your speed to 12 yards + your Dexterity provided that is your only action during a turn. To swim faster than normal, roll Swimming + Stamina, (difficulty 7). Each success adds three yards to your speed. You may roll every turn until you get no successes, in which case you must maintain or decrease your speed or risk exhaustion. Ventriloquism You have the ability to throw your voice, thus making it seem to come from somewhere else. This talent can be used for deception as well as entertainment. • Novice: You could fool a kid who wanted to believe you. • • Practiced: You can make it seem as if someone standing next to you spoke. • • • Competent: You can make it seem as if someone (or something) within five yards of you spoke.

• • • • Expert: You could take your act to Vegas; your voice can seem to come from any spot within 30 feet of you. • • • • • Master: You can make your voice seem to come from anywhere within earshot. Possessed by: Entertainers, Con Artists, Ragabash, Nuwisha, Mediums Default Roll: Subterfuge Wood Lore This is a Talent for Lupus characters, a Knowledge for Metis and Homid characters. Wood Lore allows a character to understand the wilderness. The similarities between numerous types of plants is often intimidating, and knowing the small differences between certain fungi or berries can mean the difference between life and death. Additionally, Wood Lore allows characters to use certain features of plants for finding direction. For example, the Spanish Moss that grows on trees only grows on the northern side, and is a solid useful guide in lieu of a compass. Wood Lore also allows a character to avoid certain natural traps, such as quicksand, and to know whether or not the ice on a frozen pond is strong enugh to support a character's weight. Wood Lore should not be mistaken for Herbalism (found in the Werewolf Players Guide). • Novice: You can manage to find your way around our backyard with minimal risks. • • Practiced: You can tell the difference between a mold spore and a mushroom. • • • Competent: You can normally find your way home from anywhere in the woods, and you know which plants are edible. • • • • Expert: you know the safest places to rest when searching for shelter in a storm, and you know how to avoid nature's little death traps. • • • • • Master: You can always tell your directon in the woods by the natural indications, and you have enough information about flor and fauna to survive indefinately in the woods. Possessed by: Survivalists, Native Americans, Naturalists Wrestling Wrestling is a general category for grappling martial arts, often used as a (generally) non-lethal means of demonstrating physical prowess. Strength and mass are important, but speed and technique can win the day against a heavier opponent. Nearly every culture has some form of wrestling, from Greece's pankration to Japan's Sumo, and many have several. Scrappers that they are, the Celtic nations developed nearly a dozen varieties. Some styles are highly ritualized, while others are 'catch-as-catch-can'. Note that 'professional wrestling' isn't exactly covered by this Talent, but rather is a combination of Wrestling, Athletics and Peformance. • Novice: You didn't always get the worst of it in a playground scrap. • • Practiced: You can tell which popular pro wrestlers have real experience and which are just glorified acrobats. • • • Competent: Your skill has moved well beyond raw talent. • • • • Expert: Other wrestlers watch your matches for pointers. • • • • • Master: You are a legend in the arena. Possessed by: Brawlers, athletes, professional wrestlers, streetwise scrappers

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