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The Pictorialist

November 2014
Newsletter of the Photo Pictorialists of Milwaukee
Established 1904
Affiliated with the Photograhic !ociet" of America
#isco$si$ Area %amera %lubs &rga$i'atio$
A$d the #isco$si$ Pri$t %ircuit
(ichard )ehl* Preside$t+ ,ath" -rau$* .ice Preside$t
/i0ie 1owi$* Treasurer+ -ert 2arti$ger* !ecretar"3Editor
Meeti$gs are held the first Thursda" of each mo$th* from !etember thru Ma"* e0cet for Ar4 9* at 5m*
i$ the 1uther Ma$or %o$fere$ce (oom* 4646 N4 92
!t4* #auwatosa* #isco$si$
Our Nov. 7 Meeting Program
-ri$g two hotos to show what the" looked like as
origi$all" take$* lus two hotos of the same shots
to show what the" looked at after ost rocessi$g4
7f "ou do$8t do ost rocessi$g versio$s of two
sub9ects would do4 !e$d the digital images to
!a$dra #eber $ow :$ot at the last mi$ute;4
-e reared to se$d five mi$utes telli$g what
cha$ges i$ ost rocessi$g were made* or wh"
differe$t versio$s of "our two sub9ects were made4
(emember* we $eed ri$ts of hotos readil"
aare$t as take$ i$ the Milwaukee area* for the
Nov4 24 to /ec46 e0hibit i$ the Milwaukee %it"
2all4 #e will $eed from <0 to 90 ri$ts* so be
reared to bri$g 10 ri$ts each to the Nov4 =
meeti$g4 Put "our $ame a$d the ri$t title o$ the
back of the ri$ts4 7f "our ri$ts will fit the 53
1>20931>2 dime$sio$s of the re3cut mats* do $ot
mou$t them4 7f the" wo$8t fit* mou$t them o$
Arctic #hite mats from Artist a$d /isla"* 91

Photojournalism Our Oct. Program
The la$$ed &ctober rogram with ?ar" ,lei$
u$fortu$atel" did $ot take lace* because Mr4 ,lei$
was u$e0ectedl" o$ a hoto assig$me$t the$4 The
good $ews is that he still is willi$g to ut o$ a
hoto9our$alism rogram for us sometime i$ the
future4 #ithout the la$$ed seaker we discussed
hoto 9our$alism a$d looked at ictures4
At 1uther Ma$or our 9oi$t e0hibit of hotos take$
duri$g the summer break was relaced rece$tl" with
more such hotos from our club4 1ike the origi$al
showi$g the hotos look real good4 The" will sta"
o$ view u$til /ecember whe$ 1uther Ma$or will
take charge of the boards for a seaso$al e0hibitio$
of their ow$4
The small e0hibit of hotos $ear the 1M harmac"
ut u b" -ert 2arti$ger* will be relaced i$ the
$ear future b" flower ictures b" Pauli$e -eck* of
blossoms from her ow$ flower garde$4
WACCO Activities

At the @ul" 2=* 2014 meeti$g of #A%%& delegates
the Awards %ommittee gave our ow$ (ichard )ehl a
!ervice Award4 7t is well deserved4
/o$8t forget* the #A%%& fall cometitio$ will be
!aturda"* Nov4 1* at the #aukesha !tate -a$k* 7394
a$d 2w" =5* e0it 2<2* &co$omowoc4 7t is fu$ to
see what other #isco$si$ hotograhers are doi$g4
A$d let8s hoe our club members do well4

The A
A$$ual #A%%& E0hibit at the (euss
Bederal -uildi$g :the -lue; &ct4 43/ec4 =* is u*
a$d is a great e0hibit of hotograhs4 ?o see it4
There will be a$ Artist (ecetio$ o$ Brida"* /ec4 6
from =m to < m4
Club Outings and Photo Oortunities
After some of us took our hotos dow$ to the -lue
-uildi$g for the big #A%%& e0hibit* we sta"ed
dow$tow$* had lu$ch* a$d roamed arou$d the
?ra$d Ave$ue Mall a$d the Pla$ki$to$ -uildi$g
with cameras a3bla'i$g4
Tha$ks to Pauli$e -eck the erso$ i$ charge of the
Milwaukee Public Theater grou allowed us to oke
arou$d i$ their worksho area i$ the Pla$ki$to$
-ldg4* a$d take hotos of stage ros4 That
worksho area is also used b" the Milwaukee Mask
a$d Puet Theatre4 #e also lear$ed about
Also some of us who did$8t k$ow we were$8t
suosed to take certai$ hotos i$ the Pla$ki$to$
-ldg4 i$$oce$tl" did a$"wa"* a$d the ictures thus
take$ tur$ed out rett" good* if $ot great4
The o$l" la$$ed outi$g "our editor is sure of at
this time is to &ld #orld #isco$si$ i$ /ecember4
Bor suggested hoto os see our website :scroll
dow$ to the bottom of the listi$g for ideas for fall
a$d wi$ter;4 Also $ote that the Eoo is free o$
!aturda"s* Nov4 1 a$d /ec* =4 )ou must still a"
for arki$g4
!reat "chedule
7$ alhabetical orderF
November G Paul .ashol'
/ecember 3 Ever"o$e bri$g a dish to share
@a$uar" G 2oward .ra$ki$
Bebruar" G @a$ #ag$er
March G @oh$ a$d !a$dra #eber
Aril G ,ari #idor
Ma" G %ometitio$ $ight G bri$g s$acks to share