Outstanding Issues on GTX / Kalika PLS project PLEASE DATE All Responses and ISSUES

Issue KIT is unable to test devices in the intended manner because the devices were shipped configured for automobile tracking. The speed of a Trekker is below the programed threshold for position reporting. Thus the devices only rarely report their position. GTX Server in California cannot send SMS messages to Devices in Nepal. We may need this to configure GEOfencing. GR 12/2/09 Status

Devices were reprogrammed from Rudy's Cell Phone. GR 12/2/09

AT&T phones cannot send SMS to Nepal, this is a roaming agreement issue between AT&T and the operators in Nepal. We can test using e-mail addresses. CB 12/2/09 Geo-fence can be tested using the test platform, the Track1 (production platform) will have the geo-fence feature installed this month. CB 12/2/09 Please provide with KIT's availability for a web conference to go over this. CB 12/2/09 See above CB 12/2/09

We have not been able to test GEOFencing on GTX Platform GR 12/2/09

We have not been taught to configure the AVL device GR 12/2/09 We have not Tested the tracking ability or installation procedures of AVL device. GR 12/2/09 We have not received in writing a complete price estimate for GTX hosting our devices during our product launch process. GR 12/2/09 Will there be additional charges if we wish to use Google Maps Premium Services. GR 12/2/09 Who will help us configure GSM modem. When will this help be provided. GR 12/2/09 We have not received a clear answer in writing on the ability of GTX to allow the addition of POI (Points Of interest) to the displayed MAP. GR 12/2/09 Specifically can we add KML or similar type files of specific POIs that we obtain locally from multiple trekkers taking their

Support for installation of software and modem is provided by GTX. Please let us know when you have the modem so we can help you with this. CB 12/2/09 We use Google and Virtual Earth maps as default maps. We will investigate if other maps can be integrated to the platform. CB 12/2/09

handheld GPS units on hikes around Kathmandu and Nepal and and creating POI descriptions for multiple sets of GPS coordinates GR 12/3/09 We have not received any documentation on the installation procedures for our server. GR 12/2/09 We have not received a firm date in writing on the availability of current test platform in a production environment. GR 12/2/09 Should we be able to add devices to the Test server or is Rudy the only one with the ability to perform this function. GR 12/2/09 Rudy can show you how to add devices to the Test server when we do the AVL training. CB 12/2/09

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