Zodiacal Merits and Flaws The following Merits and Flaws come from the influence of the planetary

Incarnae. Players who wish their characters to reflect the actions of one ore more of the zodiacal patrons may purchase a maximum of seven points worth of merits with freebie points or take up to seven points of flaws in return for additional freebie points in character creation. Storytellers who agree to play their players incorporate these Merits and Flaws into existing chanters may award up to four points to each character for the purchase of Merits or allow players to take up to four points of Merits balanced with four points of Flaws. Merit Adaptable Nature Battle Prowess Born Leader Eyes of Eshtarra Fire Within, The Friend of Sorcery Good Instincts Hidden Talent Inner Sight Luck of the Road Mitanu's Tongue Mother's Insight Resigned Spirit Flaw Braggart Earthbound Errant Mind Foul Temper Incorrigible Flirt Indolent Will Intrigue Junkie Mitanu's Retrograde Curse Reluctant Warrior Sadness of Hakahe Sokhta's Minor Madness Suspicion Magnet Thoughtless Heart Uncontrollable Appetite Cost 2 3 1 4 2 5 3 3 2 2 2 4 2 Bonus 2 3 1 2 2 4 1 3 2 1 2 4 2 2 Nerigal Battle Prowess: (3 pt Merit) Combat with weapons comes naturally to you. Swords, knives, klaives, quarterstaves and various other implements of hand-to-hand warfare seem almost second nature. You enjoy an extra die on all Melee dice pools. Your expertise in hitting, however does not extend to causing more damage; you roll the standard amount of dice for damage. Location Rage Across the Heavens Rage Across the Heavens Rage Across the Heavens Rage Across the Heavens Rage Across the Heavens Rage Across the Heavens Rage Across the Heavens Rage Across the Heavens Rage Across the Heavens Rage Across the Heavens Rage Across the Heavens Rage Across the Heavens Rage Across the Heavens Location Rage Across the Heavens Rage Across the Heavens Rage Across the Heavens Rage Across the Heavens Rage Across the Heavens Rage Across the Heavens Rage Across the Heavens Rage Across the Heavens Rage Across the Heavens Rage Across the Heavens Rage Across the Heavens Rage Across the Heavens Rage Across the Heavens Rage Across the Heavens Page 129 127 128 127 127 128 129 129 127 128 127 128 129 Page 128 127 128 129 128 129 129 127 127 128 127 129 129 127

Reluctant Warrior: (2 pt Flaw) Despite your Garou nature, you loathe fighting and have to force yourself to enter battle. Once you have committed yourself to the fray, you do not have any trouble using all your abilities to their fullest; however, you never initiate combat of your own accord. This Flaw does not affect your ability to defend yourself when attacked. Also Appropriate: Berserker, Overconfident. Eshtarra Eyes of Eshtarra: (4 pt Merit) You can use your Kailindo Skill to heighten your senses to their maximum, allowing you to feel, smell and hear where things and people are. If blinded or placed in a situation where you cannot see, you can use this ability to substitute for your lack of sight. Information comes to you in a manner similar to a bat's sonar. In order to take this merit you must have at least one level of Kailindo. This Merit negates penalties caused by blindness or darkness. You cannot take this Merit if you have the Blind Flaw. Earthbound: (3 pt Flaw) You have an inherent need to feel something solid underfoot. You avoid traveling by airplane whenever possible, dislike water (even if you're able to swim) and otherwise do whatever you can to remain 'on the ground'. Even when you travel through the Umbra, this feeling of discomfort accompanies you. You are only at ease when you have actually arrived at some 'solid' place in the Umbra. You must spend a point of Willpower in order to board a plane, use a gift that allows flight or take some similar action that separates you from terra forma. You must also make a Willpower roll when ever you enter the Umbra to avoid having to suffer a +1 difficulty to all your actions while beyond the Gauntlet. Also Appropriate: Jack-Of-All-Trades, Weak-Willed Mitanu Mitanu's Tongue: (2 pt Merit) You have the ability to talk your way out of most things when dealing with reasoning creatures, including most spirits. You gain two extra dice on rolls involving Subterfuge (or related Secondary Abilities) when attempting to evade the issue, avoid blame or otherwise escape an awkward situation. Mitanu's Retrograde Curse: (3 pt Flaw) The planet Mercury's retrograde position at the time of your birth has inflicted you with a perpetual handicap in communication. People constantly misunderstand you, you habitually arrive late for meetings, letters you sent get delayed, lost or misdelivered and other similar misfortunes beset you. You must spend a point of Willpower each time you need to make yourself understood clearly or make it to an appointment or meeting on time. Also Appropriate: Curiosity, Speech Impediment, Lightning Calculator, Ambidextrous Sokhta Inner Sight: (2 pt Merit) The solutions to puzzles and mysteries come to you with relative ease. You enjoy a good mystery and look forward to the opportunity to test your intuition against some of life's confusing situations. You gain two extra dice on all rolls involving Enigmas. Sokhta's Minor Madness: (2 pt Flaw) Madness overcomes you from time to time, although for the most part you remain functional. Choose a Derangement for your character. Whenever the moon is in your auspice, you

must roll your Willpower (difficulty 8) to avoid surrendering to your lunacy. You must make this roll every night the moon remains in your phase. At all other times of the month you function normally. Also Appropriate: Deranged, Calm Heart, Moon-Bound Katanka-Sonnak The Fire Within: (2 pt Merit) The fires of Katanka-Sonnak warm you from within, making you extra resilient against cold weather or damage caused by the cold. You gain two dice to Survival or other rolls involving cold weather hazards, such as swimming to shore in an icy river or digging your way out of an avalanche. You also take one less die damage from frostbite or other cold-related hazards. Uncontrollable Appetite: (2 pt Flaw) You suffer from a tendency to binge whenever you are under stress or have gone without food for more than a few hours. Something in your metabolism snaps and you feel the need to eat enormous amounts of food –– everything in sight that is even vaguely edible. Such binges follow each frenzy or other stress-related event, additionally, whenever you go more than four hours without at least a snack of some sort, you feel the urge to devour great amounts of food at the next opportunity. You may spend a Willpower point to overcome this urge for a scene. At the end of each binge, you must roll Stamina + Survival (difficulty 7) or be violently ill for the next half-hour. Also Appropriate: Driving Goal, Daredevil Hakahe Friend of Sorcery: (5 pt Merit) Magic fascinates you in all its forms. You make all Gift-related or Knowledgerelated Occult rolls at -1 to your difficulty. In addition, you grasp the principles of Theurge Gifts more easily. Even if your auspice is something other than Theurge, you can learn the Gifts of the crescent moon at the same experience cost as those of your own auspice. If you are a Theurge, you spend one less experience point to acquire a new Theurge Gift (although you must still abide by the restrictions of your Rank). Sadness of Hakahe: (1 pt Flaw) You tend to succumb to depression whenever circumstances overwhelm you. Instead of reaching inside to find that extra will to endure or persist, you flounder in the depths of self-pity and pessimism. If you fail three successive rolls, either n combat or non-combative situations you fall prey to the feelings of despair or inadequacy. All successive rolls have a +1 added to their difficulty until you finally succeed at something. Also Appropriative: Charmed Existance, Low Self Image Tambiyah Mother's Insight: (4 pt Merit) You have an uncanny ability to see into the heart of a situation. You make all Wits-related rolls (with the exception of initiative rolls) at -1 to your difficulty. Additionally, in situations where three or more successes are required, you need one less success to accomplish your task. You cannot botch Wits-related rolls (again, excluding initiative rolls), although you can fail them. Incorrigible Flirt: (2 pt Flaw) You cannot resist making playful attempts at seducing anyone who fits your criteria for the perfect sexual partner. Although you may not intend to being a serious relationship (or any relationship) with the object of your desire, you find yourself assuming the role of coquette or seducer, whichever seems more appropriate, whenever you are in the presence of someone who you consider attractive.

You may find yourself flirting with more than one person at the same time, a situation that could turn awkward in a heartbeat. You must spend a point of Willpower to remain focused on the matter at hand and defer your urges until a more appropriate time. Worse, your Willpower is considered to be one point lower whenever 'potential mates' try to seduce you or bend your will with supernatural powers. Garou with this Flaw are almost certainly Enticer-bait, so don't assume it's all fun and games. Also Appropriate: Animal Magnetism, Compulsion, True Love Meros Luck of The Road: (2 pt Merit) You enjoy traveling for its own sake and take any opportunity to do so. The road also seems to have an affinity for you and you find most journeys pleasurable experiences. You make any rolls involving travel-related actions at -2 difficulty –– including finding places to stay along your route, locating convenient short cuts and avoiding obstacles such as traffic tie-ups (in urban areas) or rockslides and flooded rivers (in the wilderness). Your affinity extends to your companions as well, giving them a -1 to similar rolls when traveling with you. Errant Mind: (1 pt Flaw) You have a deserved reputation for being unreliable. Your mind tends to wander frequently so that you forget meetings you promised to attend, fail to keep promises (although sworn oaths tend to stay in your memory) and otherwise fail short of the expectations of others. You must spend a Willpower point each time that you wish to make a determined effort to keep a promise or attend a gathering. Also Appropriate: Jack-Of-All-Trades, Natural Linguist, Absent-Minded Zarok Born Leader: (1 pt Merit) Others respond to your inherent authority and tend to follow your orders or suggestions. Even if you do not hold a position of leadership, those around you treat you as if you did. You make all rolls involving the Leadership Talent at -1 to your difficulty. Braggart: (2 pt Flaw) Your favourite topic of conversation is yourself. You make every attempt to bring conversations around to your achievements and successes and you never fail to take credit for everything you even vaguely affected. You cant avoid reminding others of your deeds and exploits. Consequently, people tire of listening to you blow your own horn for more than a few minutes. You make all Social rolls at a penalty of +1 to your difficulty as a result of others' inattention and boredom with your self-aggrandizing speeches. (If you take this Flaw, you'll be expected to roleplay your sense of pride and overimportance.) Also Appropriate: Overconfident, Concentration Lu-Bat Resigned Spirit: (2 pt Merit) You accept defeat and setbacks with a calmness uncommon in most Garou. Others find it difficult to provoke you to anger by taunts or insults and you do not get overly disappointed when you fail. You gain a +2 to your difficulty to frenzy from trivial matters such as personal frustration or the goading of others. When a true occasion for frenzy presents itself –– such as the sight of a place ravaged by Wyrm-taint –– your chance for frenzy is normal.

Indolent Will: (4 pt Flaw) You have a hard time rousing yourself to take action. Whether others call it laziness or simply a tendency toward inertia, you prefer to sit back and let others take the initiative. Unless you spend a Willpower point to allow yourself a normal initiative roll, you automatically go last in any turn. Also Appropriate: Calm Heart, Unskilled Rautma Hidden Talent: (3 pt Merit) You have a knack for keeping secrets and for concealing objects so that others have a difficult time locating them. This makes you a natural recipient for sensitive information. Others have a +2 to their difficulty for attempting to overhear your private conversations. If you hide an object, others suffer a +2 to their difficulty to locate it. Intrigue Junkie: (1 pt Flaw) You can't resist the urge to complicate matters by inserting an element of intrigue in almost everything you do. Nothing for you is ever simple or straightforward. You assume that others have ulterior motives, just as you do. You must spend a Willpower point to resist your tendency to mistrust others or to avoid overcomplicating a simple situation. Suspicion Magnet: (4 pt Flaw) For some reason, others mistrust you and attribute all kinds of sinister motives to your every word and deed. Even your packmates refuse to believe that you can do anything without some ulterior motive. You suffer a +2 difficulty to Social rolls, to reflect your problems convincing others of your sincerity or that you are speaking truthfully. Also Appropriate: Dark Secret, Eidetic Memory Shantar Adaptable Nature: (2 pt Merit) You accept change easily and adapt quickly to unfamiliar situations or alien circumstances. The most bizarre Umbral landscapes do not phase you, nor does it bother you to make sudden changes in plans or battle tactics. You can avoid any penalties associated with exposure to alien environments or drastic changes. Thoughtless Heart: (2 pt Flaw) You suffer from a lack of wisdom in your judgments and frequently take action without regard to the consequences for yourself or for others. You often say or do things that hurt others out of thoughtlessness, rather than from malice. You don't mean to harm anyone, you just don't take the time to consider the repercussions. You suffer +2 difficulty to Wits-based rolls (with the exception of initiative rolls). Also Appropriate: Confused, Mechanical Aptitude Rorg Good Instincts: (3 pt Merit) You have an uncanny ability to intuit the best course of action in situations involving instinctive responses rather than logic or rational thought. This Merit makes you an ideal companion in the wilderness, where action takes precedence over thought. You make all rolls involving Primal Urge or Survival at -2 to your difficulty. Foul Temper: (2 pt Flaw) You suffer from perpetual anger, and this shows in your words and actions. You are quick to snap at packmates and lose your temper easily. Because you are so angry so often, you find it more difficult to accumulate Rage –– anger is your normal state of being, and it's hard to focus your wrath into

something more potent. Whenever you encounter a situation that would normally result in your gaining a point of Rage, you must make a Willpower roll (difficulty 6) to do so. Also Appropriate: Reputation (Excellent Packmates), Intolerance, Pack Mentality, Hatred

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