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Has Iran built the bomb? 2
Egypt sounding a lot like Iran 3
Mussolini cult cool again 6
Will America give up its guns? 8
Was 2012 the hottest year in America 10
EuropeKey Issue of 2013
see EUROPE page 12
Uv vi.uivs would be aware of the esteem in which
we have held Stratfor among the motley collection of
geopolitical think tanks that comment regularly on
the world scene.
Stratfors analyses of world events most ofen reect
deeply-thought-out scenarios that project clear predictive
forecasting based on a chain of events currently happening
on the world scene, with a particular view to non-revision-
ist history.
Inevitably this approach may be traced back to the keen
mind of Stratfors founder and cio, George Friedman.
Being of Hungarian Jewish descent, it comes as no
surprise that Friedmans appreciation of European history
and current events is most acute. Tus it is that we nd
ourselves currently agreeing with him that the most vital
geopolitical events of :o:, will center on Europe.
Friedman introduces his prediction for Europe in :o:,
as follows: Taken as a single geographic entity, Europe
has the largest economy in the world. Should it choose to
do so, it could become a military rival to the United States.
Europe is one of the pillars of the global system, and what
happens to Europe is going to dene how the world works.
I would argue that in :o:, we will begin to get clarity on
the future of Europe (January ,).
George Friedman argues his position from a secularist
perspective. We are in general agreement
The giant euro symbol stands illuminated
outside the headquarters of the European
Central Bank (ECB) in Frankfurt, Germany.
JANUARY 12, 2013
Cyberwar: Iran
Attacking U.S. Banks
TECHWORLD | January 10
v. u.s once again been accused of
being behind a huge wave of DDoS
cyberattacks directed against U.S.
banks and nancial institutions for at
least the last six months.
DDoS attacks against banks are
part and parcel of everyday business
in the sector but there is no question
that the scale and persistence of the
assaults against banks in the U.S. has
always marked it out as unusual.
Increasingly, what started as a
battle could now little by little, packet
by packet, be turning into the worlds
rst ever sustained cyberwar.
usnc, America Corp, JPMorgan
Chase & Co and Citigroup have all
been hit and with some economic
costmany Internet banks users have
found their services at times severely
Tere is no doubt within the U.S.
government that Iran is behind these
attacks, commented former State
and Commerce Department ocial,
James A. Lewis, to the New York Times.
Neither he nor any of the other sources
quoted by U.S. media have not oered
any new evidence beyond claiming that
the size of the attacks alonesaid to
be several times that of the infamous
Russian attacks that slowed Estonia to a
crawl in :oo,marked them out as the
work of a state with resources.
Given that few even outside the
U.S. take these denials seriously, the
remaining question is how Iran is
managing to overcome counter-mea-
sures to continue such attacks.
With neither side backing down,
many now privately characterize the
battle between Iran and the U.S. as a
potentially serious development.
n What does Morsi think of Israel?
Whether Egyptian President Mo-
hamed Morsi will honor Egypts his-
toric peace treaty with Israel has been
the subject of much speculation over
v. sUccissvUiiv has built a nuclear bomb with the
help of Russia and North Korea and has enough weapons-
grade uranium and plutonium for more, according to a
source in the Revolutionary Guards intelligence unit.
Te source, who has access to Irans nuclear program,
said the Islamic regime is working out of seven nuclear
sites, most unknown to the i.i., and that its nuclear bomb
program is complete.
North Korea has provided the regime with plutonium
for nuclear warheads, the source veried, and the last
obstacle to overcome is arming missiles with those war-
Te source, who revealed the existence of the regimes
microbial plant and its eort on biological weapons as pub-
lished on January : by wu exclusively, now has provided
information on two of the seven secret sites.
Te rst is in the town of Khondab near the city of Arak
in central Iran where Irans heavy-water plant reactor is
located, which, once operational, will provide enough
plutonium for several bombs just in its rst year. wu will
soon publish information on the second secret nuclear
site, which has direct Russian participation involving laser
technology for uranium enrichment.
Te new site, in the belly of a mountain, is immune to
airstrikes. Te imagery clearly shows some kind of
highly sensitive and fortied installation supporting a deep
underground facility inside the mountain, stated Dr. Peter
Vincent Pry, a former ci. analyst and executive director of
the Task Force on National and Homeland Security.
Te exterior facility has a huge security gate and guard
post, the entire installation is surrounded by miles of deep
trench and berm, like a medieval fortress, with modern
security fences and guard posts.
And there are clearly two enormous underground en-
trances surmounted by a building that may power elevator
shafs, escalators or a subway to the underground complex
inside the mountain, he said.
Whatever is going on inside needs a lot of electric-
ity. Chemical and biological weapons programs have very
modest power needs, compared to nuclear weapons pro-
grams, which consume enormous amounts of electricity.
Pry said that Russia, China and North Korea are helping
Irans nuclear and missile programs and that it is prob-
ably no accident that Irans underground facilities closely
resemble those countries setups, which were intended to
deceive the West during and afer the Cold War.
With the failure in three rounds of talks since last April
between the world powers ,+: and Iran over its illicit
nuclear program and the regimes deance in stopping
its enrichment and preventing the International Atomic
Energy Agency from inspecting suspect sites, the West is
running out of options, the source added.
He said the regime believes that ultimately America will
have no choice but to accept a nuclear-armed Iran.
Irans Nuclear Bomb Program Complete
The only way to win such a war is to deal
with the main source of the terrorism, or
cut off the head of the terrorist snake. But
neither the U.S. nor Israel has the will to
tackle Iraneven though it is the key part
of the axis of evil in the Middle East.
Gerald Flurry
Trumpet, November 2003
JANUARY 12, 2013
recent months. Two video clips origi-
nally from :o:o recently published by
Middle East Media Research Institute
(mimvi) show Morsis true thoughts
on Israel. Israelis are blood-suckers,
who attack the Palestinians, these
warmongers, the descendants of
apes and pigs, Morsi said in a video
rst published online on Sept. :,,
:o:o. We should employ all forms of
resistance against them, he added.
We must confront this Zionist entity,
he said in an
interview shown
on Al-Quds 1v,
March :o, :o:o,
in Lebanon. If
Morsi wants to
eliminate Is-
rael and replace
it with a state of
Palestine, how
long do you think
he will maintain
Egypts peace
treaty with Israel:
Only for as long
as it suits him. On Januaryo, Morsi
brought in three new ministers who
are long-standing Muslim Broth-
erhood members. Morsi and the
Islamists are growing in power in
Egypt and Israel absolutely cannot
trust them.
n Israel will soon cease to exist,
Egyptian official says
Essam al-Erian, a senior Egyptian o-
cial and adviser to Egyptian President
Mohamed Morsi was forced to resign
Monday afer his controversial com-
ments on Israel. Te deputy head of
the Muslim Brotherhoods Freedom
and Justice Party was attempting to
explain an earlier statement that Jews
who once lived in Egypt should return
to their home country and leave Israel
to the Palestinians, wrote the Times
of Israel (January :). In his elabora-
tion, al-Erian stated that within ten
years, Israel would no longer exist.
Tere wont be a thing called Israel
anymore: only Palestine, and itll
contain Jews, Muslims, Christians and
Druze, and all of the people who lived
there to begin with, he said. Tus, he
explained all those who occupied it
would have to return to their home-
lands. Te presidents oce released
a statement distancing itself from
the remark, while Muslim Brother-
hood spokesman Mahmoud Ghozlan
said, Te Jews of Egypt are criminals
who deserve to be punished for what
theyve done to Egypt and the Pales-
B On.m. has now proposed lling the three posi-
tions in the U.S. administration most concerned with
the security of the nation and the defense of the free world,
those at State, Defense and the ci., by three men who have
all taken up positions which can only strengthen those
who threaten the security of America and the survival of
the free world.
Obama proposes to install as secretary of defense Chuck
Hagel. Six years ago, Senator Hagel refused to sign a letter
pressing the European Union to declare the Iranian-backed
Hezbollah militia, which has bombed U.S. targets and
killed and kidnapped Americans and other Western-
ers, a terrorist organization. He repeatedly voted against
sanctions against Iran, opposing even those aimed at the
Iranian Revolutionary Guards, which had orchestrated
bomb attacks against U.S. troops in Iraq. He gave vent
to primitive anti-Jewish conspiracy theory by moaning
that the Jewish lobby intimidates a lot of people here (in
Washington, u.c.). No matternot even this most lethal
of accusations from his own support base has deected
Obamas intention to appoint him.
Next, Obama proposes to make John Brennan head of the
ci.. Brennanwho unlike the rest of the English-speaking
world is said to refer to Jerusalem only by its Arabic name,
al-Qudshas consistently downplayed, misunderstood and
sought to appease Islamic terrorism and extremism.
Ten there is Obamas pick for secretary of state John
Kerry, who came home from Vietnam a decorated war hero
and then turned viciously against the military and the exer-
cise of American power. Like Hagel, Kerry has been a sup-
porter of Syrias President Assad. In :o:o, Kerry met Assad
and called Syria an essential player in bringing peace and
stability to the region. Name an enemy of civilized values
Daniel Ortega of Nicaragua, Castro in Cubaand you nd
Kerry urging engagement with them or, as he did with,
the Colombian narco-terrorist group, claiming they have
legitimate complaints. Last year Kerry praised Egypts
ruler Mohamed Morsi for protecting fundamental free-
doms, including womens rights, minority rights, the right
to free expression and assembly; shortly aferwards, Morsi
assumed dictatorial powers (later modied under pressure)
and his forces were beating up opponents in the street.
Tese three men, Hagel, Brennan and Kerry, are all
examples of post-Vietnam demoralization syndromethe
deeply pessimistic belief that America cannot and should
not ght to defend its security and values anywhere in the
Tese are people who are the living embodiment of civi-
lizational exhaustion and decline.
Beyond terrifying. Beyond belief.
The Twilight of America
Melanie Phillips | January 10
Morsi has brought about huge changes in
Egypts relationship with Israel.
JANUARY 12, 2013
Rheinmetalls New
Military-Grade Laser
BBC | January 8
i.siv weapons system that can
shoot down two drones at a dis-
tance of over a mile has been demon-
strated by Rheinmetall Defense.
Te German defense rm used the
high-energy laser equipment to shoot
i ofen commented on the
infamousNazi Red House docu-
ment. It clearly documented the under-
ground strategy that certain German
military, political, industrial and bank-
ing elites would adopt to ensure that
their nation would revive to mount
another attempt at global dominance.
Now, ,o years on, that vision is about to be realized.
Germany is the largest exporter of military armaments
in Europe and third in the world behind the United States
and Russia. Te Arms Export Report :o:: released by the
German government in November shockingly reveals
Berlins geographic reach, international partnerships and
foreign policy relating to its armaments industry.
Arabian Gulf states appear prominently in the report,
underscoring German inuence in arming these authori-
tarian countries as an iron arc in opposition against Iran.
Trusted purchase partners such as the United Arab Emir-
ates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and Bahrain all have
ordered sizable amounts of hardware.
Te report revealed a total of ,. billion in export
authorizations approved by Germanys Federal Security
Council, up from .8 billion in :o:o. German arms
exports have nearly doubledsince the end of the :os,
reports (Nov. :o, :o::).
However, once unreported sales are included, the pic-
ture becomes even more frightening.
As astutely notes, glaringly
missing from the report are arms produced under German
license in associated countries stretching from Europe to
the Gulf states as well as tank sales to Saudi Arabia and
Qatarestimated at :o billionand the delivery of tanks
and infantry vehicles to Indonesia, projected at o billion.
Adding these line items to the reported ,. billion, the
:o:: report could more accurately total ::. billion!
Its hard to conceive that Germany, shattered amid
rubble afer Allied invasion in World Warii, exports more
military hardware than any other European country today.
Tis fact alone has foreboding historical overtones. Under
the perceived dove-like administration of Angela Merkels
coalition government, the results of this report, and the
sales that have been omitted, reveal a hawkish military
industrial powerhouse exporting hardware unchecked
across Europe, the Mideast, Africa and Asia.
Te U.S., Britain, the United Nations and.1ohave
forgotten the words of Franklin Roosevelt and Winston
Churchill at the end of World Wariiin theirjoint declara-
tion: It is our inexible purpose to destroy German mili-
tarism and Nazism and to ensure that Germany will never
again be able to disturb the peace of the worlda pledge
that included, eliminate or control all German industry
that could be used for military production.
What few point to in this whole scenario is the cold,
hard reality that Germanys armaments industry could so
easily turn its production toself-consumptionof its wares,
rather than exports. Te last time that occurred it spelled
massive disaster for the world.
Tis time Germany already has its allies consuming its
military hardware, dependent on it for spare and replacement
parts, for upgrades and for the training of their military per-
sonnel in the usage of its weaponry. Its one small step from
there for Germany to armitselfto the teeth, thus becom-
ing not only the worlds third-largest producer of military
hardware, but the third-largest user of the same, replete with
imperial alliances with many of its existing foreign custom-
ers, who are in turn armed with German weaponry.
Germany may well continue for a short while to appear
the dove in European foreign policy under Mutti Merkels
waning motherly leadership amid deepening continental
and world crisis.
But not for long.
Again, we remind you as Herbert W. Armstrong
did beginning in :,,a world dictator is about to ap-
pear!Astrong man in Europe is about to arise!Ten watch
for the unleashing of the powerful military potential that
the German armaments industry has steadily built to such
a dominant level. Follow Ron Fraser: Twitter
Germanys Rise and Rise to Power!
fast-moving drones at a distance. Te
system, which uses two laser weapons,
was also used to cut through a steel
girder a kilometer away. Te company
plans to make the laser weapons sys-
tem mobile and to integrate automatic
Te ,okW laser weapons system
used radar and optical systems to
detect and track two incoming drones,
the company said. Te nose-diving
drones were ying at ,o meters per
second, and were shot down when they
reached a programmed re sector.
Te weapons system locked onto the
unmanned aerial vehicles by using
radar for a rough approximation of the
location of the targets, then ne-tuned
the tracking using an optical system.
Te high-energy laser system was
used to cut through a :,mm-thick steel
girder, and to shoot out of the air a
JANUARY 12, 2013
steel ball designed to mimic a mortar
Rheinmetall plans to test its laser
weapons mounted on dierent vehi-
cles and to integrate a ,,mm revolver
cannon into it.

Catholic Church Drops
Sex Abuse Inquiry
BBC | January 9
ui Rom. Catholic Church in
Germany has terminated an in-
dependent inquiry it commissioned
into sexual abuse by clergy, citing a
breakdown in trust.
It said that bishops trust in Prof.
Christian Pfeier, head of the Lower
Saxony Criminological Research Insti-
tute, had been destroyed.
Professor Pfeier accused the
church of obstructing his teams work
by seeking to control the investigation.
Te church said a new inquiry
would be commissioned with a dier-
ent partner.
Bishops approached the institute in
:o:: afer a wave of revelations about
sexual abuse broke and tens of thou-
sands of Catholics deserted the church.
Hundreds of people had come for-
ward to say they were abused as minors
between the :,os and :8os, amid
suspicion the crimes were concealed.
Pope Benedict xvi, the German-
born head of the Catholic Church, met
victims when he visited Germany in
:o::, and abuse survivors have been
oered nancial compensation.
Professor Pfeier went public about
his concerns, telling German media
that Church ocials had hampered
his teams research eorts by continu-
ally intervening.
Speaking to the German national
broadcaster zuv, he accused the
church of seeking to censor the re-
search and trying to dictate the make-
up of his team.
n U.S. and German troops head to
Troops and military equipment from
the United States and Germany headed
for Turkey on Tuesday. Te deploy-
ment will support .1o operations
along the Turkish-Syrian border.
American forces included soldiers
from the Army Air and Missile De-
fense Command, based in Ramstein,
Germany. German soldiers deployed
from the Dutch city of Eindhoven. Te
U.S., Germany and also the Nether-
lands are each sending soldiers to Tur-
key, along with a pair of Patriot missile
Uvovi. ii.uivs are claiming that the worst of their
nancial crisis is over. Tey couldnt be more wrong.
Te eurozone is on the brink of radical change.
Look at Europeslatest unemployment gures, published
January 8.
In November, the Spanishunemployment ratefor those
under 23 was 36.3 percent. The latest gurefor Greece is
37.6 percent. One million young
peoplein Spain alone cant
find work. Across the eurozone,
nearly one in four young people
are without work.
For adults in Spain and
Greece, one in four cant nd a
job. In Portugal, Ireland, Slova-
kia, Latvia and Cyprus, unem-
ployment is around :, percent.
Tis persistent, high unem-
ployment is Europes big crisis.
Last week,StratforsGeorge
Friedmanoutlined what these
numbers mean in real life. Tere is an excellent chance
that a university graduate will never have the opportunity
to pursue his chosen careerand quite possibly willnever get
a job at the social level he anticipatedhe wrote (emphasis
added). Unemployment hurts whole families. It creates pall,
a sense of failure and dread, wrote Friedman.
Te EU has come up with solutions that will keep Greece
and Spain from going bankrupt over the next few months.
But the unemployment gures arent going to change any
time soon. Once Spains o million unemployed realize that
their stint on the dole is not a short step on the road to
prosperity, then the rioting will start.
Te extended and hopelessly unemployed have little to
lose and think they have something to gain by destabiliz-
ing the state, writes Friedman. It is hard to quantify what
level of unemployment breeds
that sort of unrest, but there is
no doubt that Spain and Greece
are in that zone and that others
might be.
Europe is heading for social
chaos. Tis, not the bond mar-
kets, is what will probably drive
the euro crisis in :o:,.
Social unrest and riots will
eventually force Europeans to suc-
cumb to a strong united govern-
ment of Europe,iiu Ui1im.1iiv
o1 vvom nvUssiis, nU1 vvom
Bivii, wroteTrumpet editor in chiefGerald Flurryin
February :oo.
Faced with mass unrest, some countries may quit the
euro. But others will instead turn to Germany, willing to
do almost anything to get German help to stop the rioting.
Tis huge unemployment rate could be the hammer, anvil
and furnace necessary to forge a newly integrated Europe.
Follow Richard Palmer: Twitter
Unemployment: Europes Next Crisis
Richard Palmer | January 10
JANUARY 12, 2013
batteries. Te six Patriot batteries are
intended to protect Turkey against any
spillover from Syrias ongoing civil war.
Although they are ineective against
artillery and mortar re, Patriot bat-
teries can shoot down enemy missiles,
as well as manned aircraf. Te sys-
tems are expected to become opera-
tional later this month. America and
Germany are cooperating on this .1o
mission, and it appears that Washing-
ton wants to rely on Berlin even more
in the future. But in doing so, the U.S.
is expecting friendship and peace from
the greatest war-making nation in
history. Te Bible reveals where this
relationship will lead. Ezekiel :, refers
to Germany as Americas lover, but
it also shows that Germany will betray
America in the end.
n Pope pushes for a unified EU
Pope Benedict xvi voiced a variety
of political policies to the Vatican-
accredited diplomatic corps on
Monday. From Vatican City, the
pope called for a ceasere in Syria
and touched on issues aecting
several Middle Eastern and African
countries. He also drew attention
to Europes economic problems and
urged European countries to work
together to x the nancial crisis. Te
pope identied prots as the source
of Europes nancial problems. He
admonished policymakers to moni-
tor disparities between rich and poor
as closely as they monitor disparities
in bond market yields. He also called
for strong leaders and for European
countries to unite in order to com-
bat the crisis. Te European Union
also requires farsighted representa-
tives capable of making the di-
cult choices necessary to rectify its
economy and to lay solid foundations
for growth. Alone, certain countries
may perhaps advance more quickly,
but together, all will certainly go
further, he said. However, contrary
to what the pope told the diplomatic
corps, prots are not the source of
Europes economic problems. Te
Trumpet has repeatedly highlighted
that Europes economic crises were
designed to happen. Te euro was
adopted in order to precipitate an
economic emergency. European elites
knew their nations would not unite
unless forced to do so by a nancial
catastrophe. Tat plan is now being
put into action.
n Church of England to allow
homosexual bishops
Homosexual men in civil partnerships
will be allowed to become bishops, pro-
viding they promise to remain celibate,
the Church of England announced
January . Tis is not a huge change for
the churchhomosexuals in the same
circumstances are already allowed to
become priests. But it is another shif to
the lef, and could prompt more to quit
the Church of England for Rome.
icxiu oU1 in army fatigues, his hand raised in fascist
salute, he emblazons newsstands, lies ready in book-
shops and is splashed across countless websites: Benito
Mussolini, the Italian dictator and founder of fascism
known simply as Il Duce, enjoys massive popularity in
Italy as a calendar pin-up. One month hes in a steel helmet,
his chin jutting sharply forward, the next hes clutching a
Roman short sword, the famous chin still at attention. His
valiant, steel-helmeted soldiers also march on annually, in
color or black and white, accompanied by fascist symbols
like the swastika.
Foreign tourists ... are shocked when they see these
openly aunted calendars. Yet even in :o:,, the former Ital-
ian dictator has a loyal fan base at home. And theyre not
just buying calendars.
Te full extent of the Mussolini culta phenomenon
many foreigners nd dicult to understandcan be seen
in Predappio, a small town in the Emilia-Romagna region
with barely ,,ooo inhabitants. [I]t was here on July :,
:88,, that Benito Amilcare Andrea Mussolini, the son of a
blacksmith and a village school teacher, began a life that
would lead to his coronation as Il Duce, the architect
of fascism who was the precursor and in many respects a
model for Adolf Hitler.
Today, young men with shaved heads in long black capes
regularly pose for photos at the Mussolini family tomb.
Te condolence book is lled with sentences like You are
the only God, and some visitors stretch their right arms
forward in the so-called Roman salute, not dissimilar to
the Nazi salute.
Every year hundreds of thousands of visitors come to
Predappio, lling its bars, restaurants, and especially the Il
Duce devotional shops that line the main road.
Many Italians do glorify Mussolini . Te general
Italian public knows relatively little about this chapter of
Italian history, trading mostly in myths and half-truths.
Soon afer the war the Italian fascists found themselves
accepted by society once again. Tey were useful voices in
global and national struggles between capitalism and com-
Rather than working through their past, the Italians
have collectively repressed it. Mustard gas attacks on Ethio-
pian civilians: Never heard of or forgotten. Assaults on
Albania and Greece: Unknown. What else could explain
the rise of the myth of the good Italian soldier .
Its this trivialization that has given extreme right-wing
fringe groups the courage to show themselves openlyand
ofen violently. When self-proclaimed fascists beat up visit-
ing British football fans while shouting Jewsas hap-
pened before the November Europa League match in Rome
between Lazio and Tottenham Hotspuror when neo-fas-
cists show up at schools to protest education cuts wielding
smoke bombs and yelling, Long live Il Duce, then that
too is a legacy of Berlusconis reign.
Mussolini Cult Alive and Well in Italy
DER SPIEGEL | January 8
JANUARY 12, 2013
infrared heat signatures, as well as
radar reections.
Matthew Durnin, a Beijing-based
researcher with the World Security
Institutes China Program, said that he
and a colleague had identied more
than ,o Chinese satellites that could be
used for reconnaissance and had been
launched since :. As many as :,
appeared to be still active in mid-:o::
and more have been put into orbit since
then, including three in November. By
comparison, Durnin estimated that the
U.S. military had between :: and :, re-
connaissance satellites in operation.
With many billions of dollars
invested in satellite communications
and sensors, the U.S. and China have a
vested interest in maintaining a peace-
ful orbital environment. But if serious
conict erupted between them in the
terrestrial world, space could quickly
become a new frontier for battle.
n Japan boosting defense
spending over dispute with China
On Wednesday, Japans Defense
Ministry announced plans to request
:8o., billion (Uss:.: billion) from a
government stimulus package. Te
announcement came just a day afer
Tokyo announced an increase of more
than :oo billion (Uss:.: billion) to
its annual military budget. Tese are
the rst increases to Japans defense
spending in a decade, and the hikes
do not come out of the blue. On
Tuesday, the Japanese Foreign Min-
istry gave the Chinese ambassador a
letter of protest over the appearance
that morning of Chinese vessels o
the disputed Senkaku (Diaoyu Dao)
Islands in the East China Sea. Te un-
inhabited outcroppings are controlled
by Japan but also claimed by both
China and Taiwan. Tensions over
the islands intensied in September
afer the Japanese government bought
them from private Japanese owners,
prompting many Chinese to dem-
onstrate and boycott Japanese goods.
Expect the Sino-Japanese tensions to
further intensify in the year ahead.
n Chinas anti-satellite weaponry
is a trump card against U.S.
Amid reports on Monday that Beijing is
preparing to carry out another anti-
satellite weapons test, state media said
China has the right to conduct the test
because the technology represents a
trump card against America. In :oo,
and :o:o, Beijing carried out anti-satel-
lite weapons testsboth on January ::.
Some U.S. analysts suspect that, if an-
other one is conducted, China will aim
higher than in previous tests, targeting
an object ::,ooo feet above Earths sur-
face. said a test at such a level
could put Americas Global Positioning
System (cvs) at risk. Chinas state-run
Global Times said, Before strategic un-
certainties between China and the U.S.
can disappear, China urgently needs
to have an outer space trump card.
[I]t is necessary for China to have the
ability to strike U.S. satellites. Te
planned test comes as Beijing assembles
its own satellite navigation system,
which is already being used by Chinas
military and other ocial bodies. For
half a century, America was the worlds
dominant superpower. But evidence
aboundsin the nations foreign policy,
economy, military and elsewherethat
this dominance is ending. Te space
technology is yet another arena in
which Americas decline has set in, and
foreign nations are closing the gap.
China Ups Ante in
JAPAN TIMES | January 10
ui. vici1iv opened its domes-
tic satellite navigation network to
commercial use across the Asia-Pacic
region. Te move underscored Chinas
emergence as an independent space
power challenging the primacy of the
United States, Russia, Europe and Japan.
Te network oers a still-to-be-
proven alternative in the region to the
well-established and highly accurate
U.S. global positioning system (cvs),
and similar satellite-based constella-
tions being developed by Russia and
Europe. Until now, use of the Beidou
network has been restricted to the Chi-
nese armed forces and government. It
has :o navigation satellites in operation
and number is due to reach ,, by :o:o
to become a global cvs service.
Beidous expansion also reects a
surge in the launching of other Chi-
nese satellites that are of even greater
military signicance. Tey are used
for space-based intelligence gather-
ing, surveillance, reconnaissance and
communications. Te satellites carry a
variety of advanced sensors including
synthetic aperture radar (s.v) to see
through clouds, and electronic signals
collection to monitor radar and radio
transmissions on land and at sea.
To keep U.S. or other outside forces
from intervening in a crisis, China is
reported to have developed anti-ship
ballistic missiles (.snms) that have a
range of several thousand kilometers,
are very dicult to defend against,
and can be directed against aircraf
carriers and the large warships that
guard them.
Chinese electronic reconnaissance
satellites are designed to accurately
track and target U.S. carrier strike
groups in near real time from low
Earth orbit as part of Chinas evolving
long-range precision strike capabil-
ity, including .snms and hundreds of
cruise missiles. Major surface vessels,
such as aircraf carriers, have promi-
nent electromagnetic, acoustic and
War is endemic to the past and continuing
history of mankind. Consider and realize
that major wars will never be controlled
from this Earths surface again! From now
on, all major wars will be controlled from
Trumpet, December 2003
JANUARY 12, 2013
n Catholic leaders criticize Chavez
for secrecy
Due to his ailing health, Venezuelan
President Hugo Chavez has said his
inauguration ceremony would have
to be delayed, even though the Ven-
ezuelan constitution says such a move
is illegal. Te Catholic Venezuelan
Bishops Conference has responded
to this announcement by saying that
the alteration of the constitution to
attain a political objective is morally
unacceptable. As the socialist Chavez
nears death, expect the Catholic
Church to take on a much more politi-
cal role in Venezuela. Herbert W. Arm-
strong long predicted, based on Bible
prophecy, that the alliance between
Catholic South America and Catholic
Europe would wax exceeding strong.
n New evidence shows Mandela
was Communist Party member
Despite decades of Nelson Mandela
denying he was a member of the South
African Communist Party (,
evidence uncovered recently by British
historian Stephen Ellis shows that he
may have actually been a senior of-
cial working with the partys Central
Committee. Among other evidence,
Ellis found minutes from a secret
meeting of top leaders in :8: who
were discussing how Mandela joined
the around :o years earlier. Such
documents show that South Africas
transformation into a one-party, social-
ist state was planned years in advance.
Marriages in
National Cathedral
ui W.suic1o National Cathedral
had been ready to embrace same-
sex marriage for some time, though it
took a series of recent events and a new
leader for the prominent, :oo-year-old
church to announce Wednesday that it
would begin hosting such nuptials.
Te key development came last July
when the Episcopal Church approved
a ceremony for same-sex unions
followed by the legalization of gay
marriage in Maryland, which joined
the District of Columbia. Te national
church made a special allowance for
marriage ceremonies in states where
gay marriage is legal.
Longtime same-sex marriage
advocate the Very Rev. Gary Hall took
over as the cathedrals dean in Octo-
ber. Conversations began even before
he arrived to clear the way for the
ceremonies at the church that so ofen
serves as a symbolic house of prayer
for national celebrations and tragedies.
Te Episcopal bishop of Wash-
ington, the Rt. Rev. Mariann Edgar
Budde, authorized use of the new
marriage rite in December for 8 con-
gregations in D.C. and Maryland.
As the nations most prominent
church, the cathedral has long hosted
presidential inaugural services and fu-
nerals for Ronald Reagan and Gerald
Ford. Te Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.
delivered his last sermon there in :o8.
It draws hundreds of thousands of
visitors each year.
Te move is also a chance to inu-
ence the nation, beyond the Episcopal
Aborted Babies
BREIBART | January 8
u 1ui American genocide con-
tinues, with ,,,,o murders in
:o::. Tats the gure proudly released
by Planned Parenthood Federation of
America in their report delineating
how many abortions they performed
in scal :o:: [equating] to one
abortion every seconds.
And Planned Parenthood can
be pleased with their progress: Te
number of abortions they performed
in :o:: was up from :o:o, when they
snued out ,:,, lives. And the U.S.
government can carry the banner high
with the abortion provider; Planned
Parenthood received s,:. million in
government health services grants and
reimbursements, including payments
from Medicaid managed care plans.
Planned Parenthood isnt hurting.
Its assets total s:.: billion.
Americans Never Give
Up Your Guns
PRAVDA | December 28
uisi u.vs, there are few things to
admire about the socialist, bankrupt
and culturally degenerating Us., but
at least so far, one thing remains: the
right to bear arms and use deadly force
to defend ones self and possessions.
Tis will probably come as a total
shock to most of my Western readers,
but at one point, Russia was one of the
most heavily armed societies on Earth.
Tis was, of course, when we were free
under the tsar.
Various armies, such as the Poles,
during the (Times of Troubles),
or Napoleon, or the Germans even as
the tsarist state collapsed under the
weight of World War i found that
holding Russian lands was much much
harder than taking them, and tak-
ing was no easy walk in the park but a
bloodbath all its own. In holding, one
faced an extremely well-armed and ag-
gressive population hell bent on exter-
minating or driving out the aggressor.
Tis well-armed population was
what allowed the various white
factions to rise up, no matter how
disorganized politically and militarily
they were in ::8, and wage a savage
civil war against the Reds. It should be
noted that many of these armies were
JANUARY 12, 2013
armed peasants, villagers, farmers and
merchants, protecting their own.
One of the rst things [the victorious
Reds] did was to disarm the popula-
tion. From that point, mass repression,
mass arrests, mass deportations, mass
murder, mass starvation were all a safe
game for the powers that were.
To this day, with the Soviet Union
now dead :: years, with a whole gen-
eration born and raised to adulthood
without the SU, we are still denied
our basic and traditional rights to
self-defense but criminals are still
armed and still murdering and too
ofen, especially in the far regions,
those criminals wear the uniforms of
the police.
Do not be fooled by a belief that
progressives, lefists hate guns. Oh, no,
they do not. What they hate is guns in
the hands of those who are not march-
ing in lockstep of their ideology.
n Bringing terror closer to America
Curtailed funding from embargoed
Iran to its terrorist proxies may be
my last election. Afer my election, I have more
exibility.Barack Obama to Dmitry Medvedev,
March :o, :o::
Te puzzle of the Chuck Hagel nomination for defense
secretary is that you normally choose someone of the other
party for your Cabinet to indicate a move to the center, but,
as Te Posts editorial board pointed out, Hagels foreign
policy views are to the lef of Barack Obamas, let alone the
covs. Indeed, they are at the fringe of the entire Senate.
So whats going on: Message-sending. Obama won
reelection. He no longer has to trim, to appear more mod-
erate than his true instincts. He has the exibility to be
authentically Obama.
Hence the Hagel choice: Under the guise of centrist
bipartisanship, it allows the president to leave the con-
strained rst-term Obama behind and follow his natural
Hagel-like foreign policy inclinations.
Military Spending: Current Defense Secretary Leon
Panetta said in August :o:: that the scheduled automatic
sooo billion defense cuts (sequestration) would result
in hollowing out the force, which would be devastating.
And he strongly hinted that he might resign rather than
enact them.
Asked about Panettas remarks, Hagel called the Pen-
tagon bloated and needing to be pared down. Just the
man youd want to carry out a U.S. disarmament that will
shrink America to what Obama thinks is its proper size on
the world stage; i.e., smaller. Te overweening superpower
that Obama promiscuously chided in his global we-have-
sinned tour is poised for reduction, not only to fund the
bulging welfare statelike Europes postwar choice of
social spending over international relevancebut to reca-
librate Americas proper role in the world. Te rest of
the world can see coming the Pentagon downsizingand
the inevitable, commensurate decline of U.S. power. Pacic
Rim countries will have to rethink reliance on the coun-
terbalance of the U.S. Navy and consider acquiescence to
Chinese regional hegemony. Arab countries will under-
stand that the current rapid decline of post-Kissinger U.S.
dominance in the region is not cyclical but intended to
become permanent.
Hagel is a man of no independent stature. Hes no
George Marshall or Henry Kissinger. A fringe senator who
lef no trace behind, Hagel matters only because of what his
nomination says about Obama.
However the Senate votes on conrmation, the signal
has already been sent. Before Election Day, Obama could
only whisper it to his friend Dmitry. Now, with Hagel, hes
told the world.
The Meaning of Hagel
Charles Krauthammer, WASHINGTON POST | January 10
causing Hezbollah to partner with
Mexican drug cartels to raise funds
for potential attacks in the United
States. Ynetnews reports that Western
intelligence agencies have been able to
gather ample evidence suggesting that
the drug cartels in Mexicowhich
are the de facto rulers of the northern
districts bordering the U.S.are in
cahoots with Islamic terror organiza-
tions, which are eager to execute attacks
against American, Israeli, Jewish and
Western targets; but most of all, the
Islamic terror groups are eager to make
money, so they can fund their nefarious
n UK military could be fatally
compromised by cyberattack
Te British military is heavily depen-
dent upon technology and could be
brought to a halt by a cyberattack,
according to a report by the House
of Commons Defense Committee
published January . Te commit-
tee warned that cyberthreats can
evolve with almost unimaginable
speed and with serious consequences
for the nations security. It said it
was concerned that with the armed
forces now so dependent on informa-
tion and communications technology,
should such systems suer a sustained
cyberattack, their ability to operate
could be fatally compromised. Te
committee fears that the govern-
ment is not preparing properly for
such an attack. Maj. Gen. Jonathan
Shaw, former head of cybersecurity at
the Ministry of Defense, wasnt very
comforting as he defended the govern-
ment on nnc Radio s Today program.
Britain is extremely vulnerable to
cyberattacks, he said.He warned that
the threat changes so quickly that its
hard for the government to develop
contingency plans. Attacks on civilian
infrastructure can hamper or halt the
military, but in a free society it is hard
for the government to defend this in-
frastructure. Tis is the problem with
cyberwar. It is much harder to defend
against a cyberattack than it is to
conduct one. An attacker just needs to
nd one weakness. A defender needs
to eliminate them all. Vulnerability
to cyberattack is one of Britain and
Americas biggest weaknesses.
JANUARY 12, 2013
ui Umnivs are in: :o::, the year of a surreal March
heat wave, a severe drought in the Corn Belt and a huge
storm that caused broad devastation in the Middle Atlantic
States, turns out to have been the hottest year ever recorded
in the contiguous United States.
How hot was it: Te temperature dierences between
years are usually measured in fractions of a degree, but last
years ,,., degree average demolished the previous record,
set in :8, by a full degree Fahrenheit.
If that does not sound suciently impressive, consider
that ,,oo8 daily high records were set at weather stations
across the country, compared with only o,oo record lows,
according to a count maintained by the Weather Chan-
nel meteorologist Guy Walton, using federal temperature
Scientists said that natural variability almost certainly
played a role in last years extreme heat and drought.
And they warned that :o:: was probably a foretaste of
things to come .
In addition to being the nations warmest year, :o::
turned out to be the second worst on a measure called the
Climate Extremes Index, surpassed only by :8. Experts
are still counting, but so far :: disasters in :o:: have ex-
ceeded a threshold of s: billion in damages, including sev-
eral tornado outbreaks; Hurricane Isaac, which hit the Gulf
Coast in August; and, late in the year, Hurricane Sandy,
which caused damage likely to exceed soo billion in nearly
half the states, primarily in the mid-Atlantic region.
Among those big disasters was one bearing a label many
people had never heard before: the derecho, a line of severe,
fast-moving thunderstorms that struck central and eastern
parts of the country starting on June :, killing more than
:o people, toppling trees and knocking out power for mil-
lions of households.
For people who escaped both the derecho and Hurricane
Sandy relatively unscathed, the year may be remembered
most for the sheer breadth and oppressiveness of the sum-
mer heat wave. By the calculations of the climatic data
center, a third of the nations population experienced :o or
more days of summer temperatures exceeding :oo degrees
With the end of the growing season, coverage of the
drought has waned, but the drought itself has not.
2012 Was Hottest Ever in U.S.
NEW YORK TIMES | January 8
JANUARY 12, 2013
c.m .v1is1s in the U.S. and around the world defraud
millions of people each year. Tey use the phone, e-mail,
postal mail, and the Internet to trick you into sending
money or giving out personal information.
Dont send money to someone you dont know. Not to an
online seller youve never heard ofor an online love inter-
est who asks for money. Its best to do business with sites
you know and trust. If you buy items through an online
auction, consider using a payment option that provides
protection, like a credit card. Never pay fees rst for the
promise of a big pay-o laterwhether its for a loan, a job,
a grant or a so-called prize.
Dont agree to deposit a check and wire money back.
By law, banks have to make funds from deposited checks
available within days, but uncovering a fake check can take
weeks. Youre responsible for the checks you deposit: If a
check turns out to be a fake, youre responsible for pay-
ing back the bank. No matter how convincing the story,
someone who overpays with a check is almost certainly a
scam artist.
Dont reply to messages asking for personal or nancial
information. It doesnt matter whether the message comes
as an email, a phone call, a text message or an ad. Dont
click on links or call phone numbers included in the mes-
sage, either. Its called phishing. Te crooks behind these
messages are trying to trick you into revealing sensitive
Dont play a foreign lottery. Its illegal to play a foreign
lottery. And yet messages that tout your chances of win-
ning a foreign lottery, or messages that claim youve already
won, can be tempting. Inevitably, you have to pay taxes,
fees or customs duties to collect your prize. If you must
send money to collect, you havent won anything. And
if you send any money, you will lose it.You wont get any
money back, either, regardless of promises or guarantees.
Ways to Avoid Fraud
ui w.v for womens equality, in
many ways, has already been won.
Women now dominate men in most of
the elds they have battled forfrom
elementary schools to universities,
in sheer numbers in the workforce,
within hundreds of formerly male-
dominated careers.
However, one area they still want to target is the tippy top
of the leadership pyramid. Currently the vast majority of
heads of state, politicians and corporate leaders are still men.
But women are making determined eorts to change that,
and a number of factors suggest that its only a matter of time.
In politics, women are denitely taking strides. In
Americas last election, women won big. Te new Congress
has a record number of women, including :o senators and
8: representatives:8 of whom are non-white women.
New Hampshire became the rst state to elect an all-wom-
an congressional delegation, with two women representa-
tives to go along with two women senators. Te state also
elected a woman as its governor.
Tere is no longer an all-male state legislature anywhere
in the country, observed Democratic National Commit-
tee chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. Forty percent of the
U.S. population now has at least one woman senator.
In a recent interview with .nc News, the newly sworn-
in women senators exulted in their electoral victories
with a healthy measure of condescension toward their
male colleagues.
Were less on testosterone, Sen. Dianne Feinstein
explained. We dont have that need to always be confron-
tational. Sen. Maria Cantwell praised women for being
uniquely able to leave their ego at the door. Sen. Patty
Murray described her view of the superiority of women
in government: Every man wakes up in the morning and
looks in the mirror and says, I could be president. I think
every woman looks in the mirror and says, What can I get
done for my country today?
If Washington is ever to be xed, Sen. Kirsten Gilli-
brand believes, Its women who are going to lead the way.
Sen. Barbara Boxer says that with only :o senators, women
are still underrepresented in the Senate. I think that
until we get to ,o, we still have to ght, because its still a
problem, she said.
Do you suppose that they would actually stop the ght
upon reaching ,o, considering how much better women
senators supposedly are:
Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was re-
cently asked how many women on the court it would take
before she would consider it enough. She said nine.
Te party line is that this is a ght for womens equality.
Te truth, though, is that these women seek to rule. Tey
believe they are more qualied, more responsible, more
grown-up, more capable. In their view, men have had their
turn and failed. Now they want to step in and take over.
God, though, says theyve already taken over. He proph-
esies of our day in Isaiah ,:::: As for my people, children
are their oppressors, and women rule over them.
Women Storm the Senate
JANUARY 12, 2013
EUROPE from page 1
with his prediction, but are so because of our biblical proph-
ecy perspective. Tese are two distinctly dierent views in the
one sense, yet in reality, they are quite congruent in the sense
of their current timing and much of the detail of the moment.
Te tendency for Bible prophecy for our times to be so
rapidly coming to fulllment, daily, at present, would seem
to support Dr. Friedmans contention that in :o:, we will
begin to get clarity on the future of Europe.
Two key elections will be held in Europe this year. Tey
each involve a nation that has a signicant role in end-time
Elections for an Italian prime minister will be held in
February. Already the pope has endorsed Jesuit-educated
technocrat Mario Monti as his choice.
In September, Angela Merkels sputtering political ca-
reer as Germanys chancellor shall probably end at the Ger-
man federal elections. With the mood turning ugly both
within Germany and in Europe about the current nature of
the German psyche, the time is rapidly developing for the
rise of a populist leader in that nation.
Put this together with Friedmans claim that Europe
couldshould it choose to do soas the largest economy
in the world become also a military rival to the United
States, then it becomes a worrisome prospect that with
Europe as one of the pillars of the global system, it is now
in a powerful position, given the right leadership, to dene
how the world works.
All those statements are in direct alignment with Bible
prophecy for our times!
For over ,o years we have trumpetedrst under
Herbert Armstrong, and latterly under our current editor
in chief, Gerald Flurrythe rise of a powerful European
combine, under the leadership of Rome and Berlin, which
would dominate the globe economically, nancially, com-
mercially and militarily. Tis is in exact accordance with
the prophecies for our time as revealed in Revelation :, and
:,, and Daniel 8 and ::.
Te fact that one of the most brilliant geopolitical minds
on the scene today recognizes much of this potential is
worthy of taking note. What is so much to the point in
considering the direction of Europe from here on is the
statement by Friedman that If, however, Europe does
emerge with a plan that has general support and momen-
tum behind it, then we might say that Europe is beginning
to emerge from its crisis, and that, in turn, would be the
single most important thing that happens in :o:, (ibid).
Yet it is hard to see that such a plan would have any
prospect of coming to fruition unless Europe has the
quality of leadership in place to not only endorse it but to
strong-arm it into reality. Tis is why we propose that such
an event may have to wait till the outcome of this years
federal elections in Europes leading nationGermany.
All the prophetic indications lead to the conclusion that
it will be a powerful Germanic leader who causes the nal
conguration of a militarily dominant European entity to
coalesce into :o separate regional groupings all rendering
their support to a single overarching leader (Revelation :,,
:,). Ultimately, this will be the plan that has general sup-
port and momentum behind it, to quote Stratfor.
So, what to watch for in :o:,:
Watch the outcome of the Italian elections in February.
If Montithe popes mangains oce, then the linkage
between the Vatican and the leader of old Chaldea will be
strengthened signicantly. Tis, in turn, will give a power-
ful boost to the condence of imperialist Catholic Europe-
an elitesespecially in Germanywho are the real movers
and shakers behind the scenes in Europe.
Te upshot could well have signicant eect on the out-
come of the German elections in September.
As we have consistently declared, Europe is now ruled
by a Rome-Berlin axis. France has been rapidly diminished
in political stature in Europe since the Hollande liberal-
socialist regime was voted into oce.
Tese vital elections take place amid a Europe in crisis.
As George Friedman writes, People are not being asked to
die on a battleeld for the European Union but to live lives
of misery and disappointment. In many ways that is harder
than being brave. And since the core promise of the European
Union was prosperity, the failure to deliver that prosperity
and the delivery of poverty instead, unevenly distributedis
not sustainable. If Europe is in crisis, the worlds largest
economy is in crisis, political as well as nancial. And that
matters to the world perhaps more than anything else (ibid).
Te reason it matters to the world is the history of what
such crises tend to produce in Europe. History reveals that
crises of this nature have huge potential for dislocating the
whole global system.
For the second time in less than a century, Europe is
on the brink of unleashing the eects of a deep crisis on
the rest of the world. Te results in the short term will be
catastrophic beyond imagination. Yet the wonder of it all
is that this is but the major harbinger of the replacement of
the whole global system by a future system of global peace
and order such as man has longed for since creation.
For the deepest insight into the causes and eects of this
whole European scenario, read our booklets Germanys
Conquest of the Balkans and Germany and the Holy Roman
In the book of Haggai, God reveals that He will
shake the nations at a specic time. This shaking
immediately precedes the Second Coming of Jesus
Christ! Find out when this shaking begins.
HaggaiShaking the Nations
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