SIGNS AND SYMBOLS: This signs adorns the Church of Scientology at 448 Beacon St.

A broader look at the organization
Sacred scriptures
Church of Spiritual Technology (preserves Hubbard archives in earthquake-proof vaults) L. Ron Hubbard Library (owns copyrights) Author Services Inc. (literary agency) Bridge Publications (sells U.S. books, E-Meters) Golden Era Productions (sells films; produces TV ads) New Era Publications (worldwide book sales)

L. Ron Hubbard
(1911-1986) Created Church of Scientology, 1953; wrote bestseller “Dianetics,” 1950.

Applied Scholastics David Miscavige
Hubbard’s heir; joined as a teenager Religious Technology Center Has supreme control over entire organization; enforces purity of the religion through trademark and copyright lawsuits — and its Inspector General Network; Miscavige is RTC chairman of board. Groups selling Hubbard’s Study Technology in 156 schools in 31 countries; actress Anne Archer is spokeswoman Ability schools Apple schools Bear Hill School Inc. in Pittsfield, N.H. Boston Academy School in Somerville Community Service Guild (tutors inner-city children) Delphi Academy in Milton and six other U.S. locations; headquarters in Oregon International Association for Effective Education (teaches schoolteachers) World Literacy Crusade in Brighton and 25 other U.S. cities (sells Study Technology; Isaac Hayes is spokesman)

Association for Better Living and Education
(oversees the church’s antidrug and education groups)

Spinoff groups of Scientologists promoting and selling Hubbard’s Purification Rundown
Foundation for Advancements in Science and Education in Los Angeles (does Purification Rundown research and makes children’s PBSTV videos) HealthMed (sells Purification Rundown at clinics)

Training and recruitment network
Guillaume Lesevre, international director Church of Scientology International The Mother Church; located in Los Angeles; Lesevre is director, Rev. Heber C. Jentzsch is president Sea Organization in Los Angeles and Clearwater, Fla. (church elite, wear quasinaval uniforms, sign billion-year contracts) Saint Hill Organizations in England, California, Denmark, Australia (high levels of church training) Flag Service Organization Inc. in Clearwater, Fla. (highest level church training) Flag Ship Service Organization an oceangoing 440-foot training ship, in the Caribbean Local Church of Scientology chapters in Boston and 140 other cities worldwide (provide most Scientology services including Study Technology and the Purification Rundown) Missions of Scientology in Watertown; Hyde Park; Haverhill; Orleans; Worcester; Concord, N.H.; Brunswick, Maine (about 220 missions worldwide; sell basic Dianetics courses; Scientologists pay the church $40,000 fee to create a new mission) Rehabilitation Project Force (hardlabor punishment organization for “out of ethics” Scientologists) Hubbard Dianetics Foundation in Boston and worldwide (beginners’ training) Dianetics Research Foundation (beginners’ training)
Herald photo by Kuni

Groups selling or promoting Hubbard’s Purification Rundown detox method
Criminon in Concord, N.H., and nationwide (for prison inmates and drug addicts) Drug-free Marshals in Boston and nationwide (for schoolchildren) Impulse Control (for drunken drivers) Lead the Way to a Drug-Free USA (for children) Narconon in Everett and worldwide (for schools; Kirstie Alley is spokeswoman) Say No to Drugs (for children) Way to Happiness Foundation (for children; spokeswoman is Nancy Cartwright, the voice of Bart Simpson)

Outreach and public relations
Rev. Heber C. Jentzsch (top spokesman) Office of Special Affairs (public relations, internal church enforcers) Celebrity Centre Churches in Hollywood, Calif.; New York; Nashville,Tenn.; Las Vegas; London; Paris; Vienna, Austria; (home-away-from-home for well-known members John Travolta, Tom Cruise, Lisa Marie Presley, Kirstie Alley) Dianetics advertisements (on TV, at Boston Marathon, Ted Turner Goodwill Games) Library Donation Service (gives Hubbard books to public libraries) Freedom Magazine (investigates and exposes church enemies) Office of Ethnic and Cultural Affairs (recruits blacks, other minorities)

Social betterment groups
(most deny they are controlled by the church)

Anti-psychiatry groups
Citizens Commission on Human Rights in Brighton; Barnstead, N.H., and 115 other locations in 27 nations. Task Force on Mental Retardation

Advocacy groups
Hatewatch (opposes German government’s actions against the church) National Coalition of IRS Whistleblowers (anti-IRS) National Commission on Law Enforcement and Social Justice (anti-Interpol) Religious Freedom Crusade (fights cult deprogrammers)

Groups that teach Hubbard’s management techniques
Hubbard College of Administration (for businesses) Concerned Businessmen’s Association of America Sterling Management Systems (for veterinarians, chiropractors, dentists) World Institute of Scientology Enterprises in Newfields, N.H., and worldwide (for businesses)

Groups working to keep Hubbard’s teachings off the Internet
Computer Ethics Institute Task Force for Responsibilities and Freedom on the Internet
AP photo

The Churches
Scientology headquarters in, from left to right, Boston, Hollywood, Calif., and Clearwater, Fla.
AP photo


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