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Business-Inform on Transform Europe 2014 Conference

On October 21-22 in Prague (Czech epub!ic"# in $esignhote! E!ephant# an internationa!

conference Transform Europe 2014 too% p!ace# &e&icate& to the 'i&e spectrum of printing
outsourcing practica! rea!ization an& &e(e!opment prob!ems) The organizer of the conference
'as Photizo *roup# an +, research agenc-# most competent# competent# an& informe& compan-
in the fie!& of 'or!&'i&e printing outsourcing stu&ies) The !ea&ing specia!ists form the !ea&ing
companies in IT-outsourcing fie!& too% part in the conference. E&'ar& Cro'!e- (Photizo *roup
Ceo"# /n&ers ,orman-0i!sson (Thin1ue foun&er"# 2ar%o Tar%iainen (2anage& Enterprise
,o!utions# Printing3Persona! ,-stems *roup Emea at 4p 5ice-Presi&ent"# 6en ,te'art (Photizo
*roup 5ice-Presi&ent"# $a(i& 2orro' (Print7!eet Cco"# 6e'in 2orris (One&oc Ceo"# 8ames
$uc%enfie!& (0e'fie!&it 2anaging $irector"# Petr 4acmac (2-1 2i&&!e East Ceo"# 7re&eri%
6unst (0-ab!e Emea $irector of ,a!es"# *ar- 7r- (*!oba! *raphics Ceo" an& others) Information
/genc- 9Business-Inform: 'as the ussian informationa! sponsor of Transform Europe 2014
$uring the t'o &a-s the participants of the conference 'ere !istening to more than 20 reports b-
the most competent internationa! specia!ists in printing outsourcing# the- a!so e;change& (ie's
on actua! issues of printing outsourcing &e(e!opment an& imp!ementation in &ifferent countries)
The- share& their technica! an& techno!ogica! so!utions to the most recent issues an& &iscusse&
the forecasts an& perspecti(es regar&ing the &e(e!opment of the in&ustr-) The 'i&e range of
prob!ems un&oubte&!- 'as interesting an& beneficia! for a!! the participants of the conference)
4o' to o(ercome the conf!ict of interests bet'een the user an& the supp!ier< /re &igita!
techno!ogies %i!!ing paper &ocument 'or%f!o'< 4o' to pro(i&e the stab!e success in this fast
changing 'or!&< =hich printing techno!ogies are more promising< $iscussion of these an&
man- other issues 'as !eft to the numerous participants of the conference)
It is p!easant to mention that among other reports ma&e b- ac%no'!e&ge& !ea&ers in the fie!& of
printing outsourcing a report pro(i&e& b- ussian compan- Te%o attracte& a significant interest)
Eugen- Ob!izni%o(# Te%o 2ar%eting $irector (2osco'" to!& in &etai! about the specifics an& the
&e(e!opment of printing outsourcing in ussia# an& about Prisma pro>ect create& b- Te%o an& its
The 'arm atmosphere of the conference create& b- its organizers from Photizo *roup (Terr-
Cro'!e- Photizo *roup E;po an& Conference Organizing $irector in the first p!ace" stimu!ate&
the acti(e professiona! &iscussion of printing outsourcing practica! imp!ementation actua! issues)
The conference en&e& its 'or% on October 22# an& the participants 'ent home to app!- ne'
%no'!e&ge in their e(er-&a- 'or%)