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Greetings friends, family
and fellow Red Warriors. 1-12
IN is now officially the Force
Protection Battalion, in support
of Train, Advise and Assist
Command SOUTH. We have
merged headquarters with
NATO/Coalition Soldiers and
moved our location across the
base. Our final mission will be
to set the footprint for our re-
placements: 2
Battalion, 327
IN No Slack, 1/101 IBCT, Ft
Campbell, Kentucky. RC-South
is no longer. COMKAF (HQ
commanded by an Air Force
Brigadier General) folded its
colors weeks ago. We are one
of the last few battalions left in
southern Afghanistan. Most
Soldiers will soon begin the ex-
citing and happy journey back
home to their loved ones at Fort
Carson Colorado 30 days and
a wake-up!
As part of the new Opera-
tion Resolute Support which
effectively replaces Operation
Enduring Freedom here in Af-
ghanistan, we inherited Assassin
Company, 4STB within our
ranks. These Sappers are doing
one heck of a job clearing routes
with Combined Arms Breach-
Teams and Blood-hound Teams
keeping our Soldiers safe and
routes open for coalition and
ANSF traffic. We were effec-
tively 8 companies strong at one
point, and now are down to 4
effective companies as we move
into RIP/TOA with the No
Slack Battalion.
We were also able to con-
duct our second NCO Induc-
tion Ceremony, whereby we
formalized and honored our
newest Sergeants into the Non-
Commissioned Officer Corps.
We did this in conjunction with
the 153
Birthday Celebration
of the 12
Infantry Regiment:
held here at KAF with a birth-
day cake and an organizational
day for all the troopers. I think
A/2-12 IN won most of the
events, but all had a great time
forgetting about their mission
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The Final Mission
by LTC Dave Voorhies
We are one of the
last few battalions
left in southern
THE RED WARRIOR PATH is published by 1st Battalion, 12th Infantry Regiment (Light) for the families and friends of Red Warrior Soldiers. 1-12
Infantry (L) is part of Task Force Mountain Warrior (4 IBCT, 4 ID). The task force is currently deployed to Afghanistan, Regional Command South, in
support of Operation Enduring Freedom. Contents of THE RED WARRIOR PATH are not necessarily the official view of, or endorsed by, the U.S.
government or the Department of Defense. Please send all questions or comments about THE RED WARRIOR PATH to CH (CPT) Jeremie Vore at

ON THE COVERS: (FRONT) SPC Sweatt patrols in Kandahar Province near the village of Morgan Kechah. US Army photo by SSG Whitney C.
Houston. (BACK) The Red Warrior Battalion Command Photo, commemorating 9 months of successful combat operations.
SGM Hernandez leads the newest Red Warrior NCOs in the recitation of the NCO Creed at a recent NCO Induction Ceremony.
CSM Vimoto, the IJC Command Sergeant Major, traveled to KAF to speak at the ceremony.
Page 3 VOLUME 2, I SSUE 5
The Final Mission (continued)

I am so very
proud of our
Soldiers. They
have truly done
their full measure
of devotion to
their unit and their
for a little while and remember-
ing our fallen comrades
throughout history.
All Soldiers are ready to
come home. Our companies
have been balancing mission
with physical readiness and
marksmanship training. We
(Continued from page 2) have fired Close Quarters
Marksmanship ranges, AT-4
missiles and all our mortar sys-
tems. Most have hit the gyms
hard, and are in, what I am told
is, cut phase of their muscular
strength development. Many
entertain thoughts of the Holi-
days, block leave, and the up-
coming Battalion Ball early next
year. I do challenge them to
remain focused on mission;
As we near the end of our
campaign here in Kandahar, we
are forcing our leaders and Sol-
diers to stay strong, stay vigilant
and stay switched on. With
our top two priorities being
force protection and advising
Afghans, we all know that com-
placency and setting patterns
will get us hurt. Leadership will
make the difference here. I am
counting on uncompromising
Squad Leaders and Platoon Ser-
geants to keep our Soldiers
straight these last few days of
combat. I have charged our
officers to set the example and
set the pace for the incoming
team to replace us. I am so very
proud of our Soldiers. They
have truly done their full meas-
ure of devotion to their unit and
their country. The results of our
efforts speak for themselves and
we have made this place more
secure and better than when we
had found it. In doing so, we
have protected the 20,000 souls
living on KAF and have saved
lives in the process.
Once again, I am so thank-
ful to you all for your continued
love, support and prayers. We
will continue to attack until re-
lieved. We are led by love of
See you home soon.

LTC William D. Voorhies
Red Warrior 3 and Red Warrior 37 share a battle buddy moment while preparing
for the battalion photo.
Mountain Warrior 6 and Red Warrior 6 share a moment of conversation outside
the new Red Warrior Battalion Headquarters building.
Alpha CompanyArrowhead, Better Every Day
by CPT David Michelson
Even though our
return home is just
over the horizon,
we havent lost
our focus, drive,
and dedication to
the Soldiers to our
left and right.
tion Ceremony. Sergeant Zane
Baker also reenlisted following
the leaflet drop mission over
Red Warriors Area of Opera-
tions. Staff Sergeant James
Woodham and Sergeant Zane
Baker were awarded a Battalion
Coin from the Battalion Com-
mander for their outstanding
leadership and performance on a
patrol in late September.
Platoon, Baker
Over the past two months
the Misfit Platoon has continued
to excel . We had PFC Jeffrey
Hurst qualify as the Top Shot
in the Company, PFC Joshua
Erney took 3rd place in the Oc-
tober Battalion Soldier of the
Month Board, SPC Eric Martin
passed the board to become
eligible for promotion to Ser-
geant, Emmanuel Calus was
promoted from Sergeant to Staff
Sergeant and awarded an Army
Commendation medal for win-
ning the Brigade Soldier of the
Quarter Board, and lastly all
Soldiers were awarded for their
exceptional devotion to duty
and meritorious achievements
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Arrowhead Company is
enjoying the last month of our
deployment as temperatures
drop below 100 degrees to a
much more comfortable range
in the 70s during the day. Even
though our return home is just
over the horizon, we havent lost
our focus, drive, and dedication
to the Soldiers to our left and
right. Our Soldiers continue to
train hard having done a ma-
chine gun range, battle drill
training during the day time and
at night, and a lot of PT. As
always, we remain mission fo-
cused to be successful and to get
better every day that we are
here. The support that the fami-
lies have shown us is awesome
we cannot thank you enough for
everything that you do for our
Soldiers. We look forward to
coming home soon and building
our company even further at
Fort Carson please enjoy notes
from each of our platoons be-
CPT David Michelson
IN, Commanding
1st Platoon
Platoon conducted a
number of training events this
month from a machine gun
range north of Kandahar Air-
field to training and preparing
for Expert Infantrymen Badge
testing. We also conducted
more Physical Training and 1

Squad won a combined, timed
ruck march and marksmanship
competition earlier in the
month. We did a variety of op-
erations this month from secur-
ing advisors, conducting counter
rocket patrols around the air-
field, patrolling in the local vil-
lages and also conducting a leaf-
let drop from UH-60 Blackhawk
helicopters. The leaflet drop
consisted of dropping about
20,000 leaflets over key villages
in the area to dissuade insur-
gents from launching rockets at
the airfield. Lastly, several mem-
bers of the platoon were recog-
nized for their hard work this
last month. After studying reli-
giously for the last month, Ser-
geant Eric Green won the Octo-
ber NCO of the Month board
for the entire battalion. Ser-
geant Pedrito Alipio and Ser-
geant Zane Baker were promot-
ed to the rank of Sergeant this
month during the NCO Induc-
Weapons Squad Leader SSG Camerano directs his two
M240 machine gunners, PFC Stone and PFC Maldonado, in
properly employing their weapons at a KAF range.
PFC Wright enjoys some Chai tea and Afghan snacks during
a Key Leader Engagement with an Afghan Uniform Police
commander in Shorundam.
Page 5 VOLUME 2, I SSUE 5
Arrowhead, Better Every Day (continued)

throughout our deployment to
Afghanistan. We could not be
more proud of the individual
and team efforts that your loved
ones have put forth and we
could not be happier with the
support you have provided us
along the way.
As our operational require-
ments dwindle down we have
had ample time to conduct
unique training opportunities,
participate in fun runs, and pre-
pare for our return trip home.
Over the past two months there
has been a fun run that takes
place every Friday. These runs
included a 5K plate carrier run,
the Army 10 mile shadow run, a
4.4 mile memorial run, and a 5K
to celebrate National Hispanic
Heritage month. The guys had a
great time participating in these
events and most earned shirts
for their participation. This past
week members of the Misfit
Platoon conducted classroom
and practical application exercis-
es on various equipment we
utilize on a daily basis to better
prepare them for the Expert
(Continued from page 4)
We could not be
more proud of the
individual and
team efforts that
your loved ones
have put forth and
we could not be
happier with the
support you have
provided us along
the way.
SSG Woodham and SGT Green direct PFC Braddock on a machine gun range.
PFC Hurst is recognized as the Top Shot in Arrowhead Company after a marks-
manship competition.
SGT Baker reenlists following an
aerial leaflet drop mission.
Team Leaders from 1st Platoon conduct a class on Battle Drill 6, Entering and
Clearing a Room, as a part of a company level training event.
Arrowhead 6 administers the Oath to Arrowhead 7 at a re-enlistment ceremony.
SGT Miltenberger arm wrestles an Afghan Border Police (ABP) soldier during a mission where 1st Platoon secured ABP advisors.
2nt Platoon/Baker after the COP Keating Memorial 4.4 mile run at KAF.
PFC Kinzel pulls security as a SAW gunner at an Afghan
Police Checkpoint.
throughout the deployment. For
his hard work, PFC Kinzel was
selected by his platoon leader-
ship and is currently studying to
represent the Company at the
Soldier of the Month board.
SPC Denny is from Elk
River, MN. He arrived to the
unit in December 2012. He was
one of the first replacements
that the platoon received after
coming back from OEF XIV.
Straight out of OSUT, he
showed the platoon that he was
physically and mentally fit. For
his hard work and sound perfor-
mance, he tested for and earned
the position of Radio Transmis-
sion Operator (RTO). As a new
Soldier, he signed for thousands
of dollars of communication
equipment and successfully
transmitted messages while op-
erating on mission. His poise
and calm demeanor greatly aided
in relaying information through-
out the platoon when needed.
For his hard work SPC Denny
was chosen by his platoon lead-
ership to request an early pro-
motion from Private First Class
to Specialist.
Arrowhead, Better Every Day (continued)

Infantrymans Badge qualifica-
tion which is due to take place
in March of 2015.
While we are excited to
have the opportunity to conduct
unique training events, we look
forward to being re-united with
you all soon. We continue to
work hard on a daily basis in an
effort to finish strong and get
home to you all safely. We thank
you for unconditional support
that has been provided along
the way and cant wait to see
you all soon.
Platoon Hooligans
PLT was able to enjoy
celebrating the Battalion Organ-
ization Day where all members
of the platoon were able to
compete in basketball, football,
and dodgeball against all the
other Companies within our
battalion. Additionally, after
taking our physical fitness test,
we were able to identify our
strengths and weaknesses as a
platoon. Squads and teams work
diligently to ensure we meet our
personal and professional goals
outside of work. Furthermore,
a few games of platoon basket-
ball and football in our down
time have helped to keep morale
high as we come closer to com-
ing home. This month, we have
highlighted two of our most
outstanding Soldiers who work
hard and set the example for
their peers on and off mission.
PFC Jacob Kinzel, also
known as "3-7 Delta," is from
Grand Blanc, MI. He arrived to
the unit in September 2014,
personally selected by the Pla-
toon Sergeant. Since his arrival,
he has shown nothing but tre-
mendous work ethic and has
continued to set the standard for
his peers to follow. During our
deployment PFC Kinzel has
been a dismount saw gunner, a
driver, and acted as personal
security for senior Non-
Commissioned Officers and
senior Officers. His willingness
to learn, eagerness to volunteer
for any extra duties the platoon
may have, and upbeat attitude
make him an irreplaceable assets
to the platoon. As we approach
the end of our deployment, PFC
Kinzel still shows the same work
ethic that he has displayed
SPC Denny takes notes while on a patrol in Kandahar Province.
Page 7 VOLUME 2, I SSUE 5
A few games of
platoon basketball
and football in our
down time have
helped keep
morale high as we
come closer to
coming home.
The last month has been
very busy for Assassin Company
with the company conducting
multiple operations supporting
the closure of the remainder of
the outlying bases in RC-S.
Additionally both platoons con-
tinue to provide critical daily
support to CTF RED WARRI-
OR with route clearance assets
for patrols around Kandahar Air
The Soldiers and NCOs
have adapted extremely well to
the transition from working with
the 704th Brigade Support Bat-
talion to the 1-12 Infantry Bat-
talion. In addition to CAB-T
missions, our squads work di-
rectly with infantry platoons,
sharing their knowledge and
expertise in Counter Improvised
Explosive Device tactics while
learning about the Infantrys
tactics, techniques, and proce-
dures. This unique pairing has
led to both the Engineer and
Infantry Soldiers growing in
their capabilities, and has been
an outstanding success. In addi-
tion to the work they have ac-
complished, the entire company
participated in the 1-12 BN Or-
ganizational Day, which consist-
ed of several sporting events,
music, and food. It was a great
opportunity for the Soldiers to
relax after 7 months in country,
and refocus on finishing the last
two months strong before rede-
I would like to congratulate
SGT(P) Boyd, who passed the
Staff Sergeant board this month
and is now promotable. Addi-
tionally, we promoted SPC
Brown to Sergeant at the begin-
ning of October! Excellent job
by these young NCOs, both are
a true assets to the Company
and I have no doubt they will
continue their outstanding per-
formance in the future.
As we enter October and
our final full month in theater,
your Soldiers will be busy setting
the conditions for our incoming
replacements in order to ensure
the transition is as seamless as
possible. HQ Platoon will pack
up and move the Company
Command Post for the third
and final time. Both line pla-
toons will continue with their
Alpha Company 4 STBA New Home
by CPT Anthony Huebner
This unique
pairing has led to
both Engineer and
Infantry Soldiers
growing in their
capabilities, and
has been an
SGT Beebe launches a small unmanned aerial vehicle in support of a patrol. These flights allow continuous over watch of
Assassin operations on the ground.
daily operations in addition to
conducting 100% inventories of
all our equipment as we prepare
to sign over our theater equip-
ment and send home our organ-
ic equipment. As always, thank
you for your enduring support
back home.
Page 9 VOLUME 2, I SSUE 5
SGT Boyd & SSG Stevens observe their Soldiers during AT-4 training at a recent
range event.
An Assassin Light Clearance Team out on a mission in Kandahar Province.
From left to right: LT Gillett, PFC Williams, SPC Rodriguez, and SPC Jones prepare
to shoot an AT-4 at a range executed with Dog Company/1-12 IN.
2nd Platoon conducts clearance operations adjacent to a canal in
SGT Guzman teaches Soldiers at KAF the procedures for properly
utilizing Counter-IED equipment.
Friends and Families of B
Your men in B Company
continue to perform very well
and morale increases as we get
closer to leaving Afghanistan.
The weather has cooled off
drastically, and it finally feels
like fall. In addition to our nor-
mal combat patrols, your Sol-
diers have been getting plenty of
time at the range and training on
various Soldier tasks to prepare
for our Expert Infantrymans
Badge once we start the training
cycle back at Fort Carson.
As we rapidly approach
flying home, 1-12 IN has started
packing up equipment and re-
ceiving Soldiers back at in Colo-
rado. B Company, however, will
be the last company to fly home
and we are still busy conducting
operations. While everyone is
eager to get home, it is a historic
and notable accomplishment to
be the very last company operat-
ing in southern Afghanistan. As
the other companies in the bat-
talion start sending their pla-
toons home, B Company will
take over their areas of opera-
tion and continue to secure
Kandahar Airfield. It is a credit
to the hard work and proven
performance of your Soldiers
over the past eight months.
B Company is still sched-
uled to fly home over two dif-
ferent flights (Main Body 16 and
Main Body 17) at the very end
of November. While this is al-
ways subject to change due to
mission requirements, I do not
foresee the dates shifting. Un-
fortunately, I would not count
on your Soldiers being home in
time for Thanksgiving. Addi-
tionally, the reintegration pro-
cess with your Soldier can
sometimes be a significant
event. Nine months is a long
time to be gone, and it takes
considerable readjustment for all
family members once your Sol-
dier is home. There are many
resources available through the
Army to ease this transition so
do not hesitate to ask FRG, me,
or anyone else for help in point-
ing you in the right direction.
As always, 1SG ODonnell
and I are appreciative of the
sacrifices your families have
made. Do not hesitate to con-
tact either of us directly with any
concerns or questions. I can be
reached at
and 1SG can be reached at
CPT Alex Tisdall &
1SG Russell ODonnell
Bravo CompanyThe Blackfooted Beast is Almost Home
by CPT Alex Tisdall & 1SG Russell ODonnell
While everyone is
eager to get home,
it is a historic and
accomplishment to
be the very last
operating in
SGT Daffan and SGT Ligget pulling security at an Afghan Police checkpoint
SPC Briggs & PFC Munoz are tested
on the reassembly of an M2 .50 cali-
ber heavy machine gun.
Page 11 VOLUME 2, I SSUE 5
2nd Platoon Soldiers infiltrate during a partnered air assault operation in southern Kandahar Province.
Beast 6 & SGT Rivas prepare to load a CH-47 helicopter as part of an air
assault executed by 2nd Platoon.
1st Platoon Soldiers hone their basic Soldier skills at a range in Kandahar
Charlie CompanyAlmost There
by 1LT Eli Hunerdosse
Please continue to
keep all of
Comanche in your
thoughts and
prayers and
remain flexible
with our return
As missions begin to wind
down, Comanches modus oper-
ando of hard work continues to
shine through. The holiday sea-
son is rapidly approaching and
our thoughts often drift to
memories of home and spend-
ing time with the ones we love.
Some of the Company may have
the pleasure of being home for
Thanksgiving, however some of
the company may miss it by only
a few days. Please continue to
keep all of Comanche in your
thoughts and prayers and remain
flexible with our return flights.
Your Soldiers now more than
ever need your help to keep
their minds in the game. We are
not fully complete on our mis-
sion yet. This is a dangerous
time as we wind down opera-
tions and Soldiers tend to lose
focus. First and Second Pla-
toons are continuing missions
outside the wire while Third
Platoon has transitioned to help-
ing with security on Kandahar
Airfield. Continue to support
your heroes and help ensure
they do not become distracted
as we finish up this deployment.
Comanche will be home soon.

1LT Eli Hunerdosse
3rd Platoon Leader
A Comanche Soldier pulls security during Operation Summer Moon.
Page 13 VOLUME 2, I SSUE 5
A Comanche Soldier patrols in Kandahar Province. A Comanche Soldier on patrol with the Afghan National Police.
A Comanche Soldier on a patrol
at dusk.
LT Hanson cuts a rug with the Af-
ghan National Police.
Comanche trucks in a mounted
patrol base.
A Comanche Soldier entertains
local Afghan children.
the family.
Please feel free to contact
me directly at or
Led By Love of Country.
James R. Lee
Delta CompanyMission Changes and Completion
by CPT James Lee
Dog Company is
honored by the
support we have
received from PFC
Williams entire
Dog Company Families,
I hope you all are doing
well and looking forward to the
arrival of your family members
next month.
Over the last two months,
Dog Company has had a num-
ber of Soldiers recognized and
promoted. Most importantly,
Dog Company has promoted
four Soldiers to the rank of Ser-
geant since the last newsletter:
Christian Allen, Austin Miller,
Chance Hansen, and Charliedan
Barrion. These individuals were
officially welcomed into the
Non-Commissioned Officer
Corps by the ISAF Joint Com-
mand (IJC) Command Sergeant
Major, CSM Isaia Vimoto. Our
Company is exceptionally proud
of these four new NCOs.
In addition to celebrating
the promotion of leaders within
the Company, our Company was
also blessed with the reception
of more than 200 care packages.
The packages were sent by Mrs.
Debbie Tuttle, the mother of
PFC Williams. The Soldiers of
Dog Company welcomed the
junk food, and sincerely appreci-
ated the notes and the American
flags painted on the inside of the
boxes. Dog Company is excep-
tionally honored by the support
we have received from PFC
Williams entire family.
Finally, I would encourage
you and your children to attend
the Haunted COF at the 1-12
BN area on Fort Carson on Oc-
tober 30
. It is sure to be a
great time for all members of
PFC Fleming from 1st Platoon prepares to fire an AT-4 rocket launcher during a recent training range focused on antitank
Page 15 VOLUME 2, I SSUE 5
3rd Platoon competes in the PT Competition during Dog Companys Org Day.
1st Platoon/Dog Company takes a moment for a picture after returning from their final patrol in AO Center.
PV2 Cavarria, PV2 Baum, & PV2 Fleming are promoted to PFC during a ceremony.
SGT Barham of 2nd Platoon provides over watch during a
Echo CompanyEagles Fly Home Soon
by CPT Matt Howard
It has been a very
busy eight months
and I know all the
Soldiers of Eagle
Company are
ready to start the
trip home and
reunite with loved
SPC Schumacher diligently lays out the basic issue items that come with an
MRAP Recovery Vehicle for inspection.
to Gabbi Seibert and everyone
that has contributed to the FRG
by supporting all the families
and Soldiers deployed. Eagle
Company will begin its journey
home within the next month
and have the opportunity to
enjoy the holidays together. We
look forward to celebrating this
time and looking forward to
what the new year will bring.
Greetings friends and family
of Eagle Company,
The time is almost here! It
has been a very busy eight
months and I know all the Sol-
diers of Eagle Company are
ready to start the trip home and
re-unite with loved ones. Our
time in Kandahar is coming to a
conclusion, and I cannot name
one person in the company that
is not ready.
Over the past eight months
the company has performed a
variety of missions, many of
which were outside our expecta-
tion, but the dedication and
leadership within the company
has proven that Eagle Company
can and will accomplish any
mission given. Distro Platoon
has concluded its mission as
SECFOR and has begun turning
in vehicles and prepping the
company for re-deployment.
Maintenance Platoon is in the
process of transitioning its mis-
sion over to the civilian contrac-
tors on post. The Platoon will
still be responsible for recovery
operations throughout our re-
maining time but the work load
has decreased, allowing more
personal time. Headquarters
Platoon continues to move
along and administratively keep
the company operational. Our
food service section flawlessly
executed the recent Battalion
organization day and provided
an amazing grilled dinner for
The last few weeks will be
focused on turning equipment
in, transitioning maintenance,
and preparing the incoming unit
for success. All are signs of
progression and an end to our
current deployment. The work
of Eagle Company Soldiers
throughout the deployment has
been nothing short of amazing! I
am constantly impressed by the
dedication and teamwork
amongst everyone and the ability
to work as a cohesive unit has
enabled the success of the work
being completed.
Over the past two months
we have had the opportunity to
promote some well deserving
Soldiers to the next rank. Con-
gratulations once again to: SGT
Tova, SGT Kuluski, SGT Gal-
lardo, SPC Williams, SPC Mac-
Pherson, SPC Goodman, SPC
Faison, SPC Schumacher.
We would also like to say
congratulations to the Halouch-
its family in welcoming their
baby girl, Nadya Marie.
In closing, on behalf of
everyone, we would like thank
all friends and family for the
support and thoughts through-
out the deployment. Thank you
Page 17 VOLUME 2, I SSUE 5
SSG Allen swears the Oath during his reenlistment ceremony.
Distro Platoon prepares a container for re-deployment.
SPC Emsley and SGT Tova prepare a fuel blivot in support of
an Assassin Company/STB CAB-T mission.
CPT Howard and LT Ragland display a farewell gift given
to Assault Company from 2-12IN.
SPC West and SPC Cue enjoy the BN Org Day.
As the days get shorter and
the temperatures drop, it can
only mean one thing for the
Soldiers of Hatchet Company
and the Red Warrior Battalion-
redeployment back to Fort Car-
son and family and friends. As
Hatchet Company is excited
about coming home, the Sol-
diers still remained focused on
completing the mission at hand.
The Red Warrior staff sec-
tions are extremely busy during
this season of transition as they
set the conditions for the in-
coming Soldiers from 2-327IN
who start arriving in November.
Simultaneously, the staff contin-
ues to facilitate daily operations
for the Red Warrior Battalion.
Most recently, the battalion
headquarters moved to a new
building on Kandahar Airfield,
made possible through the hard
work of the various staff sec-
tions, especially the S6 Shop.
The Medical Platoon, led by
its fearless leaders 2LT Bieller
and SGT Lussier, recently man-
aged to give flu shots to all Red
Warrior Soldiers; however, some
suspect it was actually the ebola
shot, no official word has come
out yet. In all seriousness, the
medics continue to provide ex-
ceptional care for not only Red
Warrior Soldiers, but the entire-
ty of KAF as they continue to
work in the Role 3 KAF Hospi-
The PSD Platoon is split as
they now assume various roles
HHCOne More Day at a Time
by 1LT Tyler Cline
We will continue to
need that support as
we strive for the finish
line as we begin to
transition duties and
responsibilities to the
incoming unit as well
as continue to work
and partner with our
Afghan counterparts
to ensure the safety of
Americans and
Afghans alike.
on KAF. Some personnel serve
as the protection detail for the
Division Headquarters, very
much an important, but thank-
less job that they excel at. Some
are still responsible for conduct-
ing missions with Red Warrior
6, while some have been sucked
into the vacuum of staff. Alt-
hough separated from one an-
other, they represent Hatchet
Company and the Red Warrior
Battalion with great distinction.
The Mortar Platoon, as
some of you might already
know, redeployed in September
back to Fort Carson. After some
much deserved time off with
family, they are back to work
helping the Rear Detachment
prepare for the rest of the bat-
talions redeployment.
The Scout Platoon contin-
ues their lifting program at Mus-
tang Ramp as they strive to look
more and more like Arnold
Schwarzenegger from his Pump-
ing Iron days. When theyre not
weight lifting, they manage to
squeeze in some time to do
some military training on the
side. Just recently, all members
of the Scout Platoon qualified
expert on their M4 Carbine and
M9 Pistol, a testament to their
dedication and hard work.
To the families and friends
of Hatchet Company and the
Red Warrior Battalion, I cannot
begin to tell you how much your
support has meant these nine
months. We will continue to
need that support as we strive
for the finish line as we begin to
transition duties and responsi-
bilities to the incoming unit as
well as continue to work and
partner with our Afghan coun-
terparts to ensure the safety of
Americans and Afghans alike.
SPC Witzens, a valued member of the
S6 shop, basks in his selection as the
Staff Hero of the Week for his hard
work and dedication.
Page 19 VOLUME 2, I SSUE 5
PFC Captain from the S6 shop tries to get answers from the S1 shop (SPC Dart, 2LT
Brauninger, and SPC Pryor).
MAJ Hallows mentors the S3 LTs, affectionately known as the Battalion Sweatshop.
Staff Feud, brought to you by your hosts: CH Vore & CPT Freakley.
TOC guys try to look busy...and succeed. From left to right:
SGT Figueroa, PV2 Louviere, CPT Brown, SPC Daquep.