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OCTOBER 30, 2014

FROM "sON OF AN" '!"# $"% s&'e'(
Evolution is Evil. Evolution is not a term given to man for his
purpose on earth(READ THE BOOK OF ENOCH. !n fa"t# as
$i$ man transgress against the %or$ of &pirits a""epting the
se"rets given to him '( the fallen angels)Evil &pirits# as
state$ in Eno"h. The i$ea or "on"ept is the same no* 'eing
intitute$ in the la*s a"ross the lan$. ONE e+ample *oul$ 'e
in the la* in *hi"h the *or$ ,shall, to ,ma(,# evolution is a
similar *or$ *hi"h i$entif( the $ee$s of the evil spirts. ,-e
shall .no* them '( their $ee$s., ,through (our see$# (our
$ee$s......, The pre"isions of the stars an$ the "omman$s of
the Almight( $oes not give room for evolution from his *ill.
This in the ph(si"al *orl$ as$ "ontra"ts *ith evil
spirits is a "ommon transgression through the use of oaths.
The term evolution is a $e"eption as applie$ in the
/s"ienti0"/ "ommunit(. !t refers to nature# *hen if fa"t the
"on"ept *as originall( forme$ for man '( the evil spirits.
The ,1e*, or European $e"en$ents a""epte$ an$ ma$e oaths
*ith these evil spirits.
!n literature# *e "an see this in 0ve $o"uments. The 0rst
'eing Eno"h# the se"on$# Talmu$# the thir$ Bi'le# forth
2nite$ &tates Constitution# 0fth &e'a". Through these
$o"uments# the evolution of humanit( is more than o'vious#
an$ in interpreting su"h# *e "an see that *hat is .no*n as
evolution onl( e+ists in the ph(si"al.
This ph(si"al or "arnalit( e+isten"e is the evil spirits
e3uivalent to "reation. 4hi"h is not "reation# rather
$estru"tion. !t is *hat life is to $eath. %ife is that *hi"h
e+ten$s from the spiritual an$ is eternal. Death is that *hi"h
is e+ists onl( in the ph(si"al realm an$ is not eternal".
The primar( means of a""omplishing evolution is not at all
"on"erne$ *ith the "reation# this is *h( it is a $e"eption
'e"ause it is a means to tri". the min$ through these oaths
to ignore the truth of e+isten"e *hi"h is "reation an$
e+ten$s from the %or$ of &pirits. Thus# evolution is merel(
the oaths of the fallen spirits 'eing ,in"orporate$, into the
ph(si"al realm# an$ this evolution is onl( an agreement
'et*een those fallen evil spirits an$ Those of 5an ,1e*s, to
transgress against the *ill of the Almight(. There is nothing
that man through oaths *ith the evil spirits survive this time
an$ e+isten"e into the spiritual eternit(.
4e "an see this in"orporation in the Talmu$ to the Bi'le#
*hi"h is onl( the same 'east *ith a $i6erent a$$ition hea$.
!n the Talmu$ *e "an vie* the oath. The ,"hosen, *ere
$e"lare$ ,animal# 7o(,# these are the same 8ionist# s"ientist#
evolutionist. This is the oath of the stolen lega"(. This
$o"ument# an$ not the Torah is the ,'i'le, of the 1e*. The
Torah# is onl( the illusion that is put 'efore man. This is *h(
it *as allo*e$ to 'e ,in"orporate$, *ith the other illusion
,The Bi'le, *hi"h is often entitle$ ,Hol( Bi'le, Hol( 'eing
the illusion. Hol( is Eno"h# not entitle$ ,Hol( Eno"h,
The Boo. of Eno"h is the truth *hile the other mentione$ are
the illusion. First# Eno"h *as .ille$ in literature# in *hat is
.no*n as so"er(. !n the 1e*ish "ommunit( it *as "urse$.
This 'oo. *as the onl( 'oo. on the Ar"# an$ *as tra".e$
$o*n through *hat some "all "rusa$es. 4hi"h *ere a"tuall(
missions to $estro( the Boo. of Eno"h. The Boo. that 1esus#
5oses# A'raham# Noah# an$ 5ethusalah taught from an$ it
*as a'olishe$ through "urses from the Ra''i.
This is the $e"eption at large '( the 1e* on the "hosen
Afri"an $e"en$ants. The 1e* preten$ in their form to love
the Negro or Afri"an $e"en$ants. Ho*ever through their
other hea$ of the 'east# the Catholi" Churh or ,Hol(,
,Roman, Chur"h. is the 'loo$ arm of 'east. This Bi'le *as
in"orporate$ *ith the 2nite$ &tates ,Constitution, or healing
of 'east from the fall of Ba'(lon or Baal# in ,Conne"t 9!9 Cut,
or to Heal the *oun$e$ Beast or Horus .
E+isting 'efore the Constitution through $ee$s *e see in the
slave tra$e this ver( e+ample of the oath. As the
Constitution is a oath ta.en amongst *hite men# or the
$e"en$ants of the fallen angels in $ee$(Constitution. !n
this# The see$ of Eno"h *as transforme$ into or ,Evolve$, in
animals '( the $e"en$ants of the Europe an$ the evil spirits#
in that the( agree$ in the "reation of the Almight( to ma.e
man as animal *hen the "reator an$ %or$ of &pirits pla"e$
A$am9 Eno"h see$ a'ove animal. The $ee$:oatha ,state99$,
in the "onstitution# ,2nite$, The unite$ states# "onstitute$
this 'east in the ph(si"al "reation *hen Eno"h see$:5an *as
re$u"e$ to ;:< of 5an. !n this# the( 'rought forth Horus
through the oath of sa"ri0"e of 5an from &laver( an$ all
manner of 4ar# mur$er an$ $eath.
!n the Conne"ti"ut &EBAC agreement from =>>; for*ar$ *e
see the same ,arti0"i"al, re$u"tion of 5an into 'eing
une3ual to the 1e* or Catholi".. 4hat is evi$ent in the same
three# that 'eing the Evil &pirit# 1e*# Catholi" is that the(
share the same traits of Homose+ualit(. !n the Talmu$# the
Ra''i "an have (oung 'o(s an$ girls. !n the Catholi" "hur"h#
the 'ishops "an have (oung 'o(s# an$ in the evil spirits the(
transgresse$ against the *ill of "reation in all *a(s. This
*as a fa"tor transforme$ from these same ,slave masters,
to their slaves.
The 'irth of or the in"orporation amptl( pla"e in
?hila$elphia# "on"eive$ in Conne"ti"ut# then e+e"ute$ '(
the ,Dragon, Anthon( 1. Dre+el(4all &treet9Corporations# or
the *ill of evil spirits "om'ine$ *ith the *ill of man. This is
the nous 'et*een 'east an$ the 1e*# an$ those that follo*
after the 'east.
The same oath is *ritten into the Bi'le using a s"ri'e$ or
'ureau"rat# or homose+ual name$ ?aul. 4e see this in
Romans =;# *here 'efore the oath# "ame the in$o"trination
in the su'mission of the "hosen of "reation to government or
the in"orporation of evil spirits an$ the 1e*s an$ Catholi"s#
"hristians. !slam $ire"tl( resulte$ from this 'i'le oath# as it
is a $i6erent oath. The Bi'le for the most part is a
instrument forme$ from ,in"orporating, Eno"h passages
*hi"h *ere stolen an$ mo$i0e$# transforme$ an$
Eno"h spea.s of one "hosen from 'efore "reation# "on"eale$
until the time appointe$# *hen 1es Tus *ill "ome. The
Balan"es as state$ in Revelations @A< are here through 2RBN
Before "reation praise# upon the en$ of the seventh $a(
praise The %or$ of &pirits# praise the 7o$ of 7o$s# %or$ of
%or$s# King of Kings# all that is Hol( 'efore an$ 'e(on$
through all eternit(# praise The %or$ of &pirits.
On April =;# BC=; the re"on"iliation of light an$ $a( to $ar.
an$ night *as "omplete$ in ?hila$elphia at Dre+el 2niversit(#
lo"ation 2RBN CENTER.
Hope *as ta.en from the fallen angels or evil spirits on
Broa$ &treet in ?hila$elphia in front of the ?hila$elphia
!n3uirer 'uil$ing# from then "an$i$ate Bara". O'ama.
The Hol(4oo$ *as pla"e$ in Ne* Haven on 5ar"h BC# BC=D.
The King$oms of the Earth *ere $e"lare$ the King$oms of
the %or$ of &pirits# Alpha9Omega# 7o$ of 7o$s# King of Kings#
%or$s of %or$s on 5ar"h BC# BC=D.
Horus appeare$ an$ 'ore *itness to the en$ of his reign on
earth on 5ar"h BC# BC=D.
The souls of the Earth are "omman$e$ to repent an$ *orship
the "reator of all# the %or$ of spirits.
All souls of the Earth are here'( noti0ie$ that all that vote
for the 'east *ill re"ieve the same re*ar$# as there is
"ertainl( a hell prepare$ for ea"h of (ou.
To all souls at -ale or an( "orporation. -ou violate the spirits
of (our forefathers *hom *ere enslave$ an$ mur$ere$ '(
Elihu -ale# an$ no* (ou also have pro0te$ from these $ee$s.
Therefore# (ou *ill re"ieve the re*ar$ of (our master in (our
The spirit of evil *as "on$emne$ in=>@C. this *as *hen 'oth
the vietnam *ar an$ presi$ent or King Kenne$( *as of the
age. &atans "hose to .ill the .ing an$ "ontinue the 'loo$
she$ of the *ar. !n this he resolve$ to his o*n $estru"tion
'( releasing the "ontraints of the slave $o"trine or the
"onstitution of the unite$ states.
The "onstitution of the 2nite$ states *as the healing of the
*om' of the 'east. The Ne* Haven(-ale9&.ull an$
BonesConstituion &tate9Conne"ti"ut(Heal the 4om' of
Horus Ne* Earth(Ameri"a# The Birth(?hila$elphia95asoni"
The &pirits of 5al"olm an$ 5artin are a*aiting the en$ to all
of the ,reveren$s/# as the( *ill 'e Eu$ge$. 2nli.e the 2nite$
states government *hom 1esse an$ Al an$ the other mega
,reveren$s, mislea$ the people# an$ "urr( favor to save their
sons an$ their positions as the( sa"ri0"e the rights of the
Negro for their o*n personal *ealth.
Ha$ ! not 'een *itness to the Heavenl( pre"ession# ! *oul$
not sa( that ! *as. Ha$ Horus not appeare$ 'efore me# !
*oul$ not have sai$ that !t# or he $i$.
Therefore# *hat 'ene0t *oul$ it 'e to sa( that the King$oms
of the Earth are no* the King$oms of the Alpha Omega.
%i.e*ise of *hat 'ene0t *oul$ it 'e to sa(s that 'efore the
'eginning of "reation the 'alan"es are no* reveale$.
Kno* also that those *or$s of ?aul an$ all the other s"ri'es
*ere stolen from Eno"h# as *as the Afri"an lega"( stolen '(
the Europeans.
2ntil the European $es"en$ents ta.e responsi'ilit( an$
repent for there $ee$s# the( *ill 'e Eu$ge$ a""or$ingl(.
To those that "onsi$er themselves 1e*s# (ou are no more
than theives.
Ha$ the government of Conne"ti"ut ha$ not 'een unEust# it
"oul$n/t 'e state$ as su"h. !t *as unEust in its/ "reation an$
it is unEust no*.
!n =>>;# upon the passing of &EBAC# the spirit of the lor$
This "ulminate$ in the ?ope/s statement that the Catholi"
Chur"h *as a""epting the &EBAC or Homose+ual population
into the 'o$( of satan. &imilarl(# as in =>@;# the satans *ere
in "onFi"t *ith themselves. The DEG!% is amassing his arm(.
4hen the Civil rights a"t of =>@D *as ena"te$. The oath
ta.en '( the forefathers of the unite$ states "ontitution oath
*as 'ro.en. This e6e"tivl( en$e$ the t*o thousan$ (ear
reigh of the 'east e+ten$ing from the time of 1es Tus(1esus.
to the assasination of Kenne$((the 'loo$ of Kings. The
'east 'egan to $evour itself. !t "hose the lives or 'loo$ of
vietnamese as it "ame to pass that the 'east *as $ru".en
*ith the 'loo$ of 5an# an$ .ille$ itself# un'in$ing the oath
that "onstitute$ it. As the 2nite$ &tates oathe$ the 'loo$ of
Eno"h see$ through slaver( *hi"h it repeale$(&ee &e'a".
,4ho am ! to 1u$geH, &tate$ the ?ope.
,Do as thou *ilt., Allister Cro*le(.
,The !mitation of %ife., Holl(*oo$..