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Reconnecting to His Healing Presence

Healing is connecting ourselves to God, and letting His light, love and power
flow through us. Attachments to things of this world cause chaos, and disorder
within us.
What is Healing? Utilizing the At-One-Ment of Jesus Christ
A. All things are energy and hold vibration. When we are at one with the things of
this world our energy/vibration is lowered, trapped, stuck. Reconnecting back to
God, who has the highest healing vibration restores At-One-ment with Him in his
peace. Expansion-my soul did expand. Contraction-stuck in chains, bondage.
B. What are the things of this world ?
1. This world is the Telestial world, and we are to make seeking Terrestrial
and Celestial "things" our greatest import. Zion is at least a Terrestrial Glory.
When Christ comes, those who are not raised to a Terrestrial level within
themselves, will burn from the glory of Christ. No flesh or wickedness can
withstand it. There are certain things that keep beings from living in a terrestrial
state-covetousness, greed, pride, lust. D&C 101:1-8. These things kept the
early saints from establishing Zion.
2. The things of this world aka pride, fear, covetousness, strife, contention
lead to death and removal of God's spirit. Low frequency, lead to death.
Cannot produce f ruits of life and peace.
2. Keep us "veiled", "cut off" and "disconnected" from God which produces
the opposite of peace. Elder Eyring Pavilion talk.
3. Beliefs that are not true. We are kept in this internal chaotic and suffering
state until these beliefs are changed. Ether 4.
C. His presence heals all wounds. His Love overcomes all things. How to At- One
with Him.
1. All that he requires is Open, Willing, Humble, Meek. D&C 64:34 amongst
many other scriptures. This is a state of open-ness to Him that allows His power to
flow into us. He cannot/will not force his power into us unless we are in this
open state. Many energy works have a personal connection to the creator of all
that is, and then can let this love flow into those who are looking for healing.
They must believe.
2. Internal healing and then outward healing follows. Mosiah 23-24. Do not
focus on healing the outer man, but the inner man. Matthew scripture. All
things are first spiritually created.
2. Personal Connection to God. We are a "spark of the eternal flame" Wilford
Woodruff Quote. The Light of Christ, we have a light within us that keeps us
connected to God. We all have this basic connection. The more we follow
this inner light, the greater it grows and the stronger our connection to heaven
is, thus the greater light and knowledge we posses.
3. Being a conduit to let the creators power flow through you to assist the
healing of others.

Removing our attachments to things of this world and reconnecting to the creator
is how healing occurs. In an open, and willing state of being we allow His life and
strength to flow through us. Feelings contrary to the spirit signify a need for
Reconnecting to God, and disconnecting from the things of this world, its illusions,
false perceptions, false beliefs, false identities. This is repentance. Repentance is
letting go of our attachment to anything other than God and reconnecting to the
perfect will of God which creates order and peace. Our ego man will leads to chaos
and death. Connecting to the Divine will lead to liberation and life. Which will we
at one with is up to us. That is the great test. The power and sacred nature of