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Pride and prejudice

Romantic period: the writers gave free vent to their imagination which was not really the
case before.
Austen steers away from all the historical happenings of the time period. Her focus rather, is
the way the gentrys people used to live at the time to focus on individuality and mannerism.
Austen is using Elizabeth as a vehicle for her own thoughts and ideas.
- Victorian era (late 18
early 19
3 classes
1. Aristocracy
2. Gentry
3. Commoners
Introduction: Thumb nail (Very short composed of only 2 lines)
It is a truth must be in want of a wife Hyperbolic language and Anti-climax technique to
depict the importance of wealth and marriage in the Austens time period. Marriage was a
very important factor for women in this era as it represents social mobility and provides
financial stability.
Irony/ amusing way
However little known.. a man
She uses dialogue to break the monotony of long narration

Italic you showing Mr Bennets indifference
Why, my dear, you must know something which is not very important but is said in a
highly important manner showing how for her it is very important
Attention given to details : Mrs Bennet acting as a choric character as she is telling us about
the events which have happened outside the story. She reveals Mr Bingleys arrival.
is he married or single quick dialogue/conversation. (Contrast to the other dialogue) we
understand her interest as he is a single man of good fortune
Single man of good fortune 4 or 5thousand a year, what a fine thing for our girls a
sense of direction.
Humour inserted in the narrative: how so? he makes as if he does not understand.
Austen is able to create humour by mimicking such a conversation which could be happening
in households at that time.
Design!.... of them Sarcastic tone here from Mr Bennet.
My dear, you flatter me. own beauty - We see how Austen shows the sacrificial role of
women here, but Austen does not agree with this and values individual thinking rather
Elizabeth main protagonist : her sisters are a foil to her. She has a mind of her own and is not
Austen is acting as a commentator and gives an overview :mr bennet was so odd caprice
23 years of marriage not based on love, mutual understanding.
Women in the time period: education was a vehicle to social mobility. Austen was probably
trying to condemn this way of thinking with a touch of humour we can say.

As a work/writer, Austen restricts herself to portray the common place events of people of
her own class leaving a calm and rural life which was barely touched by historical events.