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November 2014

Its hard to believe its already November. Its time to begin making those Thanksgiving plans. To
begin preparing for snow. [All together now: Ewww!] To distribute Christmas lists to grandmas and

While arguably its a practice we should engage in all year, its also the time and season in which we
focus on gratitude. And blessings. And giving thanks.

Ann Voskamp is the author of a book entitled A Thousand Gifts. The book tells stories from her own
challenging journey that lead her to write down one thousand gifts she has. She says, This dare to
write down one thousand things I love is a dare to name all the ways that God loves me.

How does gratitude giving thanks open the door to an ever-growing awareness of Gods love for
you? How might you also dare to name the ways that God loves you?

Lets start right here, right now. Ready? Name five blessings in your life. Five things you love.

1. __________________________________________
2. __________________________________________
3. __________________________________________
4. __________________________________________
5. __________________________________________

What did you write down? I wrote: 1.) Mabel my dog who keeps me company 2.) vanilla almond
milk 3.) hugs 4.) my grandmas sewing machine and 5.) the peace of falling leaves.

And just like that. Five ways in which God loves you and me!

How was it? Easy? Hard? My hunch is that maybe it was difficult to begin but once you start, its
hard to stop.

So then I wonder how can you keep going? How can you in this month of gratitude and all
throughout the year approach life with this mindset of joy in the ordinary, thankfulness in everyday,
Gods love in everything kind of thinking? Maybe your list keeps growing. Maybe you write down five
things everyday. Maybe you make a conscious effort to speak words of gratitude. Maybe

It takes a certain mindset to look at the world in this way. One of gratitude and thanksgiving and
blessing instead of scarcity and disappointment. One in which we name the ways that God loves us;
ways which, really, are too many to even number.

Thankful for you and this ministry we share,
Pastor Lindsay
Red Oak Grove Council Meeting October 13, 2014

Meeting was called to order by Bob Kittelson.

Opening devotions by Pastor Lindsay from Bread for the Day on Psalm 34.

Pastors Report: Confirmation will be October 26
with four being confirmed. November 2
is All
Saints Day when we remember those who have passed away from our congregation. Pastor will
attend the annual Fall Pastors Conference from Sunday through Tuesday. Sixteen visits were
completed, 6 with communion, 1 hospital visit and 1 baptism.

Secretarys Report was accepted as presented.

Treasurers Report was accepted as presented with these highlights; opening balance was
$15,420.96, ending balance is $12,626.28. The Improvement Fund was $5,378.46 and the Youth
Fund is $3,804.90.

WELCA Report was given by Karen Johnson. They have given $2,000 towards the basement
flooring. They will provide a card and a gift to each student being confirmed.

Deacons Report: No report.

Trustees Report: Basement flooring will be ordered, replace batteries yearly in all necessary paces.
Snow removal will be the same as last year, the week will begin on Monday and go through Sunday
and Gary Braaten will be a substitute.

Old Business: Pastor will arrange robes and flowers for Confirmation and Council members will
serve coffee.

Other Business: A Thank you was read from the Ulland Family.

New Business: A motion was made seconded and passed to give a door key to the Riley family for
Scout meetings. Coffee servers will be arranged month to month by the Council members, each
taking a month and that one would also be the Eucharist Assistant.

Meeting was adjourned. Next meeting will be November 10

Closed with the Lords Prayer.

Members attending: Bob Kittelson, Dennis Magnuson, Dean Peterson, Bill Maxwell, Ardell Swenson,
Beatriz Cardenas, Karen Johnson, Pastor Lindsay and Laura Tjomsland.

Respectfully submitted,

Laura Tjomsland, Council Secretary

WELCA Minutes

The Red Oak Grove October 1, 2014 meeting was called to order by President Karen Johnson. She
welcomed 21 ladies that were present. The purpose was read I unison and we sang the opening hymn In the
Garden. Virginia Davis gave the opening devotions. She read several Psalms. This is the Day the Lord has
made. Let us rejoice and be glad in i. She also read a reading about Autumn and harvest. Secretarys and
Treasurers reports were read, approved and placed on file. The checking account balance is $1,398.51 and
the savings account balance is $6,204.97.

Correspondence: The Blooming Prairie Cancer Group thanked us for the noisy coin offering and beautiful
quilt we donated for the September cancer auction. A thank you from the Women of the ELCA Triennial
offering of $80 at convention in Charlotte, NC in July, 2014 and also a letter for participating in the annual
Thank offering.

Committee Reports: Prairie Manor held their first fall meeting on Monday, January 29
, 2014 at 1:30 p.m.
Eight were present. They met the new administrator, Richard Fenny and new activity director, Mandi Trweet.
Prairie Star is available. Need volunteers. Quilting will start October 16
and run for 6 weeks. We have four
graduation quilts to make. Alexa Rudlong, Emma Weikum, Emily Weise and Jessica Ferguson. Quilts were
given to a fund raiser for cancer in Albert Lea. One child, one baby and one adult quilt were given to this

Visitation: No report. Cindy has been notified and she will pick up items for Marie Sandvik on Sunday,
November 2
and deliver these on November 5
for us. Announcement will be placed in the Sunday bulletin
until that time.

Officers: WELCA is still in need of a Vice President. Please consider helping in this position.

New Business: The Deacons have asked for curtains in the NW Sunday School class room. A motion was
made by Pat and seconded by Judy to allow Linda to get fabric and she will make the curtains. Officers are
working on the 2015 books. There is a group of ladies that have met on the second Tuesday at 1:30. WIT
Women in Transition. All are welcome to attend. Coffee some discussion regarding how to manage the
coffee hour. Cindy H. has done it for 2 years and will finish this year and we need a new plan. A motion was
made and seconded by Virginia and Marilyn to start by donating $30 to defray the cost. Then the next Sunday
$30 will come out of coffee money and passed to next weeks servers. Ardell and Karen will discuss at next
council meeting and bring back conclusion or another idea would be welcome.

Unfinished Business: WELCA noted to give $2,000 to the basement floor project. Motion carried. Some
circles have donated and the rest are in discussion. Made and will decide what to give to repay by WELCA
treasury. We will have 4 confirmed on October 27
, Justin Ferguson, Ellie Magnuson, Alison Pryor and Marnie
Reese. WELCA will give each a gift of $10.

Our program was about 2 little boys in Big Trouble and one more story. Dorothy Kruger did a Fall reading
and one about Forgetter. Offering was taken. Our next meeting will be on Sunday, November 2
at 10:15
a.m. No program and coffee servers will serve. Thank you to Rebekah for program and Naomi for hosting.
Ushers were Judy and Orline. The closing hymn was Abide With Me. There were no birthdays to celebrate.
Some concern about acorns on the ground. We closed with the Lords Prayer.


Linda L. Christianson, Secretary

Pastoral Acts: Baptisms Brecklynn Ann Bultman
Logan Dean Strand

Confirmands - Justin Alexander Ferguson
Alison Jo Pryor
Ellysienne Louise Magnuson
Marnie Elaine Reese


Church directories are available in the church office if you have not yet received yours!
Please stop by during office hours or talk to Pastor Lindsay on Sunday to get yours.

Thank you to everyone who came to support
and celebrate these four young people who
affirmed their baptisms on Reformation
Sunday. Please continue to hold them in prayer
as they continue in their faith journey.