The New Wellbeing Technology

If you are looking for the 21st century product that would help change you and your world, would you be interested to find out more? Below is some valuable information based on pure scientific fact. Kindly read on to enlighten yourself. If you can foresee the future benefit in this modern piece of technology and what it could save you; then you are the entrepreneur I need to talk with. The Bio Disc and Ch’i Pendant are the future for all those daring, willing and adventurous characters who can foresee the coming of this product infused with Nano Technology.

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Bio Disc & Ch’i Pendant - The New Wellbeing Technology


The Bio Disc is a natural energy generating device. The energy created specifically rejuvenates molecular structures in all liquids. The molecular structure causes any liquid to become more hydratious, taste better and have an extended shelf life. Placed in a fridge, the Bio Discs’ energy frequency permeates the fridge. All liquids, meat and fruit will taste better and have extended shelf lives. The renewed molecular chains are similar to those found in healthy natural spring water. Like fruits and vegetables, the body also slowly loses molecular chains as we age but these can be reenergised at a molecular level to provide energy, using the Bio Disc. The hydratious nature of water is important to wellness. Molecular-structured water carries improved oxygen flow to the blood, assists in detoxification of free radicals, improves liver detoxification and improves nutrient take up by the body. The natural energy of the Disc improves sleep patterns when placed under the bed and improves the positive chi energy of the body, when worn or carried in a bag. It has also been known to remove pain when the sun’s rays are reflected through it.

Technically engineered natural minerals are fused and structurally bonded together at a molecular level, using several high-heat fusion methods. The combination of the minerals and the fusion techniques produces a catalytic conversion of energy developing a long-lasting natural resonance which has the ability to be transferred to any liquid, renewing the natural molecular chains. Product Specification
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Appearance: Round Clear Glass Specific Size: Diameter 9cm Thickness 10mm Specific Weight: 130grams Country of Origin: Germany

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Bio Disc & Ch’i Pendant - The New Wellbeing Technology HOW DOES IT WORK?
The ‘beta’ rhythm frequency spins in an anti-clockwise direction and like other ‘energy waves, can ‘influence’ inert objects. For instance a magnetic field can influence metal objects and x-rays can influence film strips. Likewise, Beta rhythms at the correct frequency and spin velocity will affect liquids. Transferring the "Nano Energising Frequency" into or through liquid affects the nanos within the liquid. When the mineral nanos comes into contact with its specific frequency, it behaves completely differently from the host atom, for instance: it boils quicker, is lighter and it refracts more light. This natural resonance has the ability to create a molecular structure in all manufactured or treated liquid and vegetation.

The below diagrams show that after using the Bio Disc to treat water, it will produce a Stress-Free Liquid and Crystal Water.

How can you create energised water?
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Place a glass of water on top of the Bio Disc for half an hour or longer and drink it. You will certainly feel the difference in yourself as you are filled with vitality. By placing the Bio Disc in the refrigerator, your food and beverages will also taste better.

• • • • • It will enhance taste of food and beverages It helps to improve sleep It has the ability to balance ying and yang and create a Qi Life force It helps to create energized water by placing drinking water on top of it It has calming effects of the resonance increases mental Cognition
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Bio Disc & Ch’i Pendant - The New Wellbeing Technology
• • • • • • • By drinking the energized water created from Bio Disc will help you detoxify and hydrate all body cells It reduces stress levels It increased take up of nutrients It increases oxygenation of the blood It enhances your immune system of the body It helps to preserve food longer in the fridge This restored water once is again able to perform its functions of carrying the energized nutrients to cells and efficiently carrying off toxic wastes without depositing them.

Some of the specific benefits observed from the use of this water are: • • • • • • Improves the tasting qualities of drinking water. When showering or bathing, water does not "leach" energy and minerals out of bather, but contributes energy and promotes detoxification. Increased lathering ability of soap, shampoo, detergent, etc. Improved plant growth and seed germination. Reduction or elimination of chlorine odor and chlorine gas from the shower. Prevents corrosion of piping systems, hot water tanks, dishwashers, air conditioning units, heating systems, ice machines, etc.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Helps to relieve all sorts of body pains, aches and ailments Patients diagnosed with cancer are using it. Assists with kidney ailments Prevents the tar content from cigarettes dissipating in your body Known to have dissolved the formation of gout crystallization. Improves Blood Pressure. Reduces Blood Sugar levels. Relieves Migraines. Improves all sorts of rashes. Helps with Arthritis and Rheumatism. No jetlag if you carry it on you. Used for cosmetics and facial creams. Tones up the skin texture. Makes you look younger Reduces joint pains. Boosts up your energy levels

The Prognos system was used to test the effects of the Bio Disc treated water on a patient. Below is the Prognos Certificate issued by MedPrevent Gmbh & Co, Germany.

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Bio Disc & Ch’i Pendant - The New Wellbeing Technology

Bio Disc Test
This process was used to test the effects of the Bio Disc treated water on a patient. Below is a testimonial of the testing result on Bio Disc treated water: Before drinking the water treated by the Bio Disc, the tester was tested using a Prognos Machine to determine his health. The test results showed that he lacked energy and suffered from disharmony of the meridian system (Figure 1)

Figure 1 After drinking the treated water, the tester was again tested using a Prognos Machine. This time, the results showed that his energy levels had returned to normal and the disharmony of the meridian system was reduced from 48% to 34% (Figure 2)

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Bio Disc & Ch’i Pendant - The New Wellbeing Technology

Figure 2

1. What kind of minerals are in the Bio Disc? How many of them? The glass body of the Bio Disc houses 13 minerals locked into it by high heat fusion techniques are technically engineered. Each mineral grain has its own individual shape and size that when combined with the other minerals, through a catalytic conversion, generates the spinning resonance we call chi energy. 2. How does the energy transfer to the water using the Bio Disc? The Bio Disc energy spins into the liquid, counter clockwise, or the liquid can be pored over the Bio Disc were it ‘picks up’ the resonance. The resonance generated is similar to that which is found in the earth surrounding many healing spring waters of the world. At the moment scientists can’t understand why liquids behave differently and positively in the energy filed. Much research is now focused on this fact as 70% of our bodies are made from water and it’s important to nourish the body with the correct molecular structured water. 3. Is there any expiry date? We expect the Bio Disc energy to last 15 years as recent tests on the original pre production test units made five years ago show that they have increased in energy levels. Unlike a magnet the resonance is not affected by the earth’s gravitational pull. 4. What would be the effect after the expiry date? When the disc fails, it will not have the ability to change the taste of any fruit or liquid. Please see answer nine to test your discs energy power. 5. What are the proofs that the bio discs actually turn the water into liquid energy? There are a number of ways to test the energy level is positive, present and effective. A) Using any energy life force measurement machine. The better ones are commercially used such as Prognos and Medec.
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Bio Disc & Ch’i Pendant - The New Wellbeing Technology
B) A simple way is to use the taste buds, visual and other sensitive body sensors as follows: Slice a lemon and lime Pour two glasses of liquor or wine out Place the lemon and lime on the glass disc along with the glass of wine of liquor. Stand the duplicate items 5 m away from the glass disc Allow 20 mins. to elapse Visual check - the cell structure of the fruit. The slices on the disc will look fresher and younger. vii) Smell the liquor or wine – The one on the glass disc will smell softer and sweeter. viii) Now taste the samples- from the disc first as they are fresher, have less acid and are sweeter than the original samples you placed five m away from the disc. 6. How do you know that it is actually changing into liquid energy? Do the same tests using the ‘energy water’ you have made over night by standing the water on the Disc. Now pour four glasses of water out and stand the sliced lemon orange or lime as well as the liquor in the centre of the four glasses. Allow 20 mins. To elapse and conduct the same tests as above in question nine. 7. Do you have any International organization approve or recognize your bio technology on the bio discs such as FDA? The Bio Disc is based on the facts and theories of Quantum Physics. There are no known test and approval bodies to date as the science is so far advanced of modern day technology. “What we can say is that it does not contain radio active element that is harmful to human body and it contains potassium which is used in the functioning of the nervous system, heart and the brain. All the tests carried out so far using Prognos and Medec machines prove that the wellness of the body is improved simply by drinking water stood on the disc. In Traditional Chinese Medicines’ the disc has also proven to be worthy a s a wellness tool as it balances the chakras, unblocks the meridians and brings Ying and Yang into line.. 8. Do you have any lab test results prove that the bio discs works? Lots of those using the medec and Prognos machines. 9. How far can the energy transfer? The energy field is measurable 70 m vertically up and down and 20 m in circumference. 10. What is the area cover? However the effective field of change is 5 m sq. 11. Can I use it to improve sleep? How should I do it? Sleep disruption is caused by many things; one such effect of poor or restless sleep is caused by ESmog. These impulses are not dissimilar to cell phone frequencies; in this case they are generated from electrical cables hidden in walls and ceilings. By placing the disc in the centre of the bed (on the floor mid way between head and feet) the gentle frequency of the disc dispels the E-Smog effect on the body.
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i) ii) iii) iv) v) vi)

Bio Disc & Ch’i Pendant - The New Wellbeing Technology
12. Can I use it to heal my knee pain AND GOUT? How should I do it? Pain again is caused by many things. Inflammation can be a cause of pain. By drinking the energized water this will detoxify the body and can reduce swelling and pain. Holding the disc to the sun causes refraction of the suns far rays. These in turn have been known to heal pain. Simply places the disc in a position were the suns rays refract through the disc (showing the exact logo on the body). There is no need to remove any article of clothing or even a shoe as the far rays will penetrate all surfaces. Turn the disc anti clockwise while refracting the suns rays. Continue this action for fifteen mins. If the pain has not subsided seek medical advice. 13. How does it use to lock the chlorinated water? While chlorine is a wonderful bio-side it has also been shown to destroy life. Fish and plants cannot live with it and it has been banned from German drinking water for several years. If your supply of water contains chlorine then one can simply stand a bottle of chlorinated water on the disc over night. The new molecular structure of the water will remove the smell taste and odour of chlorine. Yet the chlorine is still effective but in this case the fish can live and plants will grow. 14. How does it increase the oxygen in the water? There is no significant testable increase in the dissolved oxygen levels of the water. However, the new molecular structure ‘locks in ‘the oxygen molecules at a cellular level. That is to say – “When one drinks the water” the body’s cells can easily absorb the oxygen within the liquid. This is easily detected by a blood test sample or a Prognos machine. Unlike manufactured oxygen water were most of the oxygen is dissolved by the stomach acids. 15. How does it change the tastes of food and drinks in the refrigerator? This is because the bodies own molecular structure (DNA) can ‘link’ with the liquids biotechnology molecular structure via the taste bud sensors. Instead of having to taste every part of the liquid the taste buds only taste ‘select what they like’. 16. How does it prevent Jetlags? Wetter liquids – more ability for the body organs to absorb water, increased ‘hydration’ Locked within the natural molecular structure are thousands of molecular clusters. The body organs can hydrate and absorb the liquid more easily. In addition the surface tension of the water has been removed (bio film) which adds to the hydration effect. Increased Oxygen potential – Increasing oxygen in the blood cells increases energy levels The natural molecular structure locks in the oxygen and other gases within the liquid into quantum suspension. These gases cannot evaporate, as they are part of the liquid. This in turn allows the bodies DNA to absorb oxygen at much higher levels than can be found in other liquids. 17. What other benefits beside above? Increased perceivable energy levels are obtained simply by standing under the disc while showering. The body can absorb the energy water through the skin. Head to toe effects. One feels positive and energetic most of the day after showering under the disc. Rub a cigarette on the Bio Disc to experience a smoother tasting less throat burning sensation. 18. What is the difference between your bio disc and Ozone Water Treatment System, Diamond Water Treatment System and Oxygenated Water?
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Bio Disc & Ch’i Pendant - The New Wellbeing Technology
The systems mentioned are in the main filtration systems which sanitize and sterilize water, the Bio Disc does neither. It simply adds a positive energy into the chosen drinking water. It can make as much or as little as required. The Bio Disc also positively effects food and fruit. 19. Do you have any testimonials of Bio Disc? Yes we have many testimonials from our other expensive and not so powerful products as you know. The Bio Disc is uniquely new and thus requires a data base to be built up, please see our customers’ testimonials on the website

More Testimonials are available from
Testimony from Nagaraj A S and Nalini Nagaraj, UAE My wife and I are both full-time QuestNet networkers, currently living in Sharjah in the UAE. In May 2001, when we were living in Qatar, my wife experienced a stroke. Movement in her right hand and right leg was affected, so we returned to India, where she was warded at the well-known Manipal Hospital in Bangalore. A cerebral angiography diagnosed her condition as such: "Complete occlusion of internal carotid artery with suggestion of spontaneous dissection of left internal carotid artery". Luckily for her, my wife recovered from her stroke very quickly and was not left physically disfigured. She did, however, have a slight limp in her right leg, and for five years after that, experienced the following problems: 1) She was unable to make a fist with her right hand 2) She could not write properly 3) She could not get the little finger of her right hand to meet the ring finger of her right hand - both fingers were permanently 'stuck' in a V position 4) She experienced continuous vibrations in her right palm 5) She suffered extreme pain and cramps in her right leg. In fact, she could not get up from a sitting position without someone helping her After her stroke in 2001, she was also dependent on medication to ease her discomfort - Clopivas AP-150 tablets, which contain Clopidogrel and aspirin, and Nervijen capsules. Earlier this year, we experienced a small miracle. On January 3, 2007, my wife started showering with, and consuming, Bio Disc-treated water. She also started sleeping with the Bio Disc under her pillow. Before long, all her pain and discomfort were gone. She can now make a fist and write comfortably with her right hand, the little finger and ring finger on her right hand are back in their normal positions, she no longer experiences vibrations in her right palm, and she can sit down and get up on her own, without any help. On October 13, 2006, we took a video of my wife giving a presentation in the Sharjah V-team office. As you will see, she has trouble moving her right hand properly, and her writing on the board resembles that of a kindergarten child. When you see my wife's handwriting now, it will be clear how much her condition has improved. I have all my wife's medical records to prove how far she has progressed; we would be happy to share them with you if you wish. My wife's life has returned to normal since using Bio Disc three months ago. We both cannot thank QuestNet and Dr Ian enough for giving us this wonderful product. We hope this testimony helps as many stroke sufferers as possible. We hope to see you at V-Jakarta. Testimonial from Rabindranath Panda, Uganda My name is Rabindranath Panda, and I have been living in Uganda with my family for the last four years. My wife, Minati, is suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, and her doctor told her she would have to be on medication for the rest

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Bio Disc & Ch’i Pendant - The New Wellbeing Technology
of her life as there is no treatment or cure for the disease. Naturally, I did not want Minati to suffer and I grew exceedingly frustrated because I could not think of any other way to ease the physical anguish she was experiencing. Minati's condition also got me very depressed because, before she was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, our lives were pretty much problem-free. My job as a chef was extremely fulfilling and paid well, and Minati and I were looking forward to giving our one year-old son the very best in life. We were a very happy young family. Everything changed when Minati's condition was revealed. She had to receive further treatment in India, and I was actually contemplating leaving my job to accompany her. Of course, I was very upset about having to resign, but I had no other choice. One day, my manager, Mr. Jeevan approached me and told me about something called Bio Disc. He said it was very effective on joint pain, and encouraged me to buy one for my wife. 'You have nothing to lose', he said. I took Mr. Jeevan's advice and bought the Bio Dis for my wife. From the time I placed my order to the time I received the product a few weeks later, I did more research about Bio Disc, so when it arrived, I was convinced it would work. I could hardly wait for my wife to try it out. Minati has been using the Bio Disc for about a week now, and she says it's positively miraculous. Her joint pains have improved tremendously, and finally, she is sleeping well at night. She no longer wakes up in pain, but instead, greets the day with a big smile on her face. She is a changed woman. And I am a changed man, because seeing my wife happy makes me happy. I have to thank Mr. Balajee, Mr. V. Shetty and Mr. Jeevan for changing my wife's life. I have already started recommending the Bio Disc to my staff and friends, because I really believe it works.

Testimonial from Vera Lucia Frutuoso, Brazil In December of 2004, I was admitted for a surgical process, apparently simple, but due to a medical mistake, I got the risk of having cancer cells spread out on all my organs. In April of 2006, after some alternative treatment and a change of medical team, I was admitted for conventional surgery. It took me 60 days to recover, but the doctors decided, for prevention, that I should take 6 sessions of chemotherapy. So, each 21 days, the sessions took place. After each session comes muscle pain, sleepless nights and crying with pain. I could not explain from where or how came these pain. I had to take strong medicines due to the pain and to get sleep. At a QUESNET meeting, my husband knew about all the wonderful benefits of Bio Disc and told this to me, but I could not appreciate it well because I had tested so many products before. Thank God, my husband believed in it and bought two Bio Discs. He arrived home with such a beautiful box as it was the most precious jewel that someone could receive. We started the tests, placing the Bio Disc under my mattress. I could sleep all night long, without medicines and without pain. My husband put the other Bio Disc to energize a big bottle of water. I started to use Bio Disc on my back. From then on, I, who used to drag myself around with pain on my legs before, could now use high heels, walking normally without pain, I have my skin ruddy, with an excellent look. Today, drinking energized water, I am free of nausea and heartburn and I can eat better. My family and friends are so surprised with the changes in me. I AM ANOTHER PERSON .. . Testimonial from Julie Ying, Singapore Why did I buy Bio Disc? Because of my breathing problem. They said the disc can create energy and can maybe help me solve it. So I bought one and tried it. One day while sitting down and reading my newspaper, I suddenly felt very uncomfortable. I couldn't breathe and so I used the disc and placed it on my chest, slowly feel better. I drink the Bio water everyday and place the disc under my bed every night. When I wake up in the morning my body feels very light & fresh. I also had backache and skin problems. During the night when I sleep, my skin always felt very itchy. Now, my backache problem is much better and my skin no longer feels itchy and has become smooth. Also my breathing problem has been solved. I can feel it improving my health. Thank you. Julie Ying (21.08.2006)

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Bio Disc & Ch’i Pendant - The New Wellbeing Technology HOW TO DEMONSTRATE THE BIO DISC
EDIFING THE BIO DISC Today we have a product called the BIO DISC which has multipurpose usages all wrapped up into one powerful CRYSTAL DISC. A product which uses modern technology to harness nature’s benefits without exploiting her resources; products which can represent our 21st Century vision This is presently taking the world as if a Tsunami has struck, if you gather what I mean. When you talk about the Bio Disc or even when you just show the disc to any person who does not know about the disc’s abilities, the first thing is they look at it and think this is just a piece of glass; so what are you raving about? Many people are very skeptical at first sight, because they tend to look upon the disc and think of it as a glass coaster; so what can this piece of glass do? It is not their fault for this lack of knowledge. Taking this into consideration I feel it is the duty of the owner to expose the benefits of this vitally important technology to the whole world, thereby helping mankind to propel him further into the future. Now for the prestigious owner, the Bio Disc should on no account ever be referred to as just a piece of glass. The disc is always referred to or spoken about as the latest piece of BIO TECHNOLOGY INFUSED WITH QUANTUM SCIENCE. And this has come to stay like it or not, just like the use of a mobile phone, the TV, a computer etc all these products is a must have usage. METHODS OF DEMONSTATIONS These demonstrations can be done in two ways – (1) Place the samples directly on or over the disc, eg. Cream, coke. (2) Pour energized water into 4 glasses and place them around a plate. (This creates an energy field). Put the demonstration samples on the plate. You can put as many of them as possible on the plate, eg, the salt, lemon, glass of whisky/wine/orange juice can be placed on the plate at the same time. The difference between these two methods is that by pouring or rubbing the samples directly over or on the disc, the reaction is instant. When using the second method, you need to wait for 20 minutes for the effect to take place. It is recommended to use the second method when doing a formal bio disc presentation, so that more samples can be tested to save time. The first method is best way to introduce the BIO DISC or to prove what it is capable of by doing an instant demonstration. (3) Whichever method is used, all non energized samples must be placed at least 5 meters away from the Bio Disc. This is because the Bio Disc has a 5 meter energy field and will affect those samples. (4) When doing the demonstrations, always FIRST taste the liquid or solid that has been placed on the Bio Disc. Then taste the sample that has not been placed on the Bio Disc. The reason for this is that non bio energized samples will have a stronger taste which will override the smoother taste of the bio energized samples. So to
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Bio Disc & Ch’i Pendant - The New Wellbeing Technology
best see the difference between the two samples is best to first taste the sample that has been placed on the Bio Disc. Here are some of the methods you can use to prove the effects of the Bio Disc: 1. SALT: Take some salt from a salt container and sprinkle some onto the Bio Disc and allow it to stand for about 5 to 10 minutes while you are making conversation. Then take away the salt container and place it at least over 5 to 10 meters away from the Bio Disc. Now after the 5 minutes has passed ask your friend to taste the salt that was placed on the Bio Disc, then give them the salt to taste from the original salt container and watch their faces for the reaction. Then ask them which if they felt the difference in taste. They will say that the salt tasted from the Bio Disc tasted less salty when compared to the salt from the original salt container. Why? Because the Bio Disc has this ability to alter the molecular structures in foods. This test can be carried out anywhere, casually at a friend’s place or if you are having lunch or dinner with a friend in a restaurant. They will have less suspicion because it is done with their salt in front of them and in their homes or at a restaurant. This is one way to prove the Bio Disc to your friends and also to introduce your product. 2. LEMON, LIME OR ANY SOUR FRUIT: Again this can be carried out any where, like in a friend’s home or at the restaurant casually while conversing. Ask for a lime or lemon or any fruit that is likely to be sour. Now cut a few slices of lemon or fruit into small pieces and place it on top of the Bio Disc and allow to sit there for at least 5 to 10 minutes while chatting away. The balance of the lemon or fruit should be kept mort than 5 meters away from the Bio Disc. After a while ask your friend to FIRST taste the lemon that was on the Bio Disc. Then taste the other lemon and watch the reaction on their faces. When asked they will say that the one on the Bio Disc tasted less sour than the original lemon or fruit, this is because of what the disc can do. Again this is one way of introducing your product to your friends without making any big fuss about it, or arranging an appointment. Just have the presence of mind to do a demonstration. 3. FACIAL CREAMS: Another way to expose the ability of the Bio Disc to your friends when you are around them is to ask them if they would like to improve the texture of their skin, or if they want to remove the pimples or any wrinkles or dry skin, and do they want to look younger. They are definitely going to say yes to it. Then all you need to do is ask anyone who has some facial cream in their handbag to take it out and rub a little onto the Bio Disc in an anti-clock direction and then apply it on any part of their body using one finger. Then with the other finger take some cream directly from the cream container and apply it to any other part of the body. Now feel and see the instant difference. They will definitely notice the cream from the Bio Disc feels softer and smoother and penetrates the skin quicker and makes it feel fresh compared to the cream that was taken directly from the cream container. Now someone may ask why in an anti-clock direction? Because by nature the earth spins in an anti-clock direction and we are keeping the same spin cycle.
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Bio Disc & Ch’i Pendant - The New Wellbeing Technology
4. ANY ALCHOLOL OR WINES: There is an opportunity to convert cheap liquor or wines into costly liquor, all you need to do is pour the liquor or wine form the bottle onto the Bio Disc and into a glass and ask your friends to sip it. They will notice the liquor or wine that was poured over the Bio Disc will taste much smoother than the stuff from the bottle. This is because the Bio Disc alters the molecular structure of most liquids. This is a very good way to introduce the Bio Disc to your friends especially at parties. However, never try to explain the business to them at the party. Either exchange cards or make a time to meet later. 5. CIGARETTE: For those that smoke we have a good solution since they do not want to give up smoking. As you are aware, it is the TAR content in the tobacco which is harmful. Just ask any friend who smokes to give you a cigarette, take it and rub it on the Bio Disc in an anti-clock direction for about a minute and then give it to your friend to smoke. He /She will notice that his cigarette tastes smoother and lighter compared to the ones in his pack. What the Bio Disc does is, it locks in the tar content and does not let it dissipate into your body thereby making it less harmful to you. 6. ORANGE JUICE: With juices that are slightly sour or tartish, pour the juice over the Bio Disc and into a glass. When you taste the juice after it has been poured over the Bio Disc it will taste less sour. This is because the Bio Disc alters the molecular structure of most liquids. 7. COKE, LEMONADE, SPRITE OR ANY AERATED DRINK: For all those who argue with you about the Bio Disc especially when they have a bottle of coke or any aerated drink; take a little of their coke and pour it over the Bio Disc and ask them to taste it now. They will say that it now tastes flat, this is because it alters the liquid structure. 8. WATER: For water this is the best treatment with the Bio disc, because by drinking treated water it helps to detoxify the body. Most water is CHLORINATED to get rid of all the germs in it, but chlorine is not good for the human body and could be extremely harmful. By letting the water flow over the Bio Disc the chlorine molecular structure is locked into the water and does not dissipate into your body thereby making it less harmful for you. In fact it is known to detoxify the body if consumed for at least 3 to 4 months. It also is known to re-energize the body and blood cells when you drink the energized water over a period of time. 9. BOTTLED WATER/JUICE: If you are outside the home and need to drink bottled water or juice, straight from the bottle, then all you need to do is just rub the bottled water vigorously on the Bio Disc and this will energize the water automatically. This is an excellent way to get the attention of the person sitting next to you in plane, bus or train. They are definitely going to ask you what you are doing.

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Bio Disc & Ch’i Pendant - The New Wellbeing Technology
10. PHONE TESTING: If you want to test the e-smog from the phone, try this experiment: a) Remove the phone from his person. Then ask him to stretch out his hand. Tell him you will now try to push his hand down using just two fingers. Ask him to resist the pressure from you pushing it in a downward direction. You will find that he can resist the pressure. b) Now give him back his phone and try the experiment again. Tell him to resist as hard as he can. You will find that you can easily push his arm down using just two fingers. (If you want to be more dramatic, use just your little finger!) c) Next with the phone on him, give him the Bio Disc to put in his pocket and now ask him to stretch out his hand and to resist it being pushed downwards. It will clearly be seen that with the phone and with the Bio Disc in his pocket, it is not easy to push his arm downwards. The Bio Disc prevents the electromagnetic frequency or e-smog from the phone affecting the body. 11. TORCH LIGHT OVER DISC: For all those who have any pain in the body like pain in the knee or somewhere in the hand or in the back all you need to do is to keep the Bio Disc a few centimeters above the pain spot and with a torch light (preferably led lights) rotate it in an anti-clock wise direction for about 20 to 30 minutes. This will need to be repeated daily. After a few days the pain will automatically subside. It is very good for gout, arthritis, headaches migraines, in fact for most aches and pains. Please make people aware that sometimes people feel immediate relief. But like any medication for it to be affective, it needs to be taken for a period of time, so also for the Bio Disc it needs to be repeated for a number of days to get results. 12. SCALAR ENERGY: In general by drinking the treated water it improves the blood cells to its natural energy level thereby boosting up your total wellbeing. Scalar energy explains that you are made up of minute energy cells, when you fall ill it is due to the energy drop. Research shows that a normal cell has a charge of 70 to 90 milivolts. Due to certain illnesses the voltages in each cell drops, like for eg – it has been recorded that all cancer cells when checked shows an abnormal charge of only 15 to 20 milivolts, due to this low voltage the cells need to multiply very fast in order to sustain itself. Now what happens if the cell is restored to it normal energy level, if this happens then the cell does not need to multiply itself anymore. This rebuilding of the cell energy can become a possibility when you drink the water treated with the Bio Disc. This report is taken from the Barron Report, if you wish to enhance your knowledge on the subject it would be wise to check out the Barron Report and Quantum Infusion.

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Bio Disc & Ch’i Pendant - The New Wellbeing Technology


The Ch'i Energy Pendant produces frequency which Prognos tests show can lead to an increase in energy levels. The Ch'i Energy Pendant is designed to help and enhance strength, stamina and endurance as well as being a mental stimulus. This advanced, mineral-based disc is made from high-temperature nano-engineered glass which has been known to emit healing energies. The Ch'i Energy Pendant can potentially harmonise your body's life-force by absorbing heat energy and transforming it into bio-energy which helps your body's metabolic functions achieve holistic wellness, stimulates your brain and improves your mental processes. The minerals embedded in the disc create an energy known as 'scalar energy' which can help your cells return to their 'rhythm of life' and regain their ability to repair themselves. (See extract from Barron Report on Scalar Energy)

The frequency generated can stimulate the brain's functionality while awake and reduces the effects of E-Smog. Kinesiology tests are shown to be positive when the Ch'i Energy Pendant is worn.

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Bio Disc & Ch’i Pendant - The New Wellbeing Technology FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (FAQs) - CH’I PENDANT
What Kind Of Minerals & How Many Are In The Ch'i Energy Pendant? The mineral content of the Ch'i Energy Pendant is fused together using transfer energy and nano fusion techniques which involve several high heat and frequency techniques. How Does The Ch'i Energy Pendant Transfer Energy To Water? Nano Transfer energy creates a "wave of pulsing frequency". When the pendant is spun around the outside of a glass of water, the frequency is transferred through the pulsing action into the water. However, the main use of the Ch'i Energy Pendant is not its ability to create energised water, but to enhance the energy effects of the brain's functionality and to reduce the effects of E-Smog. THE PENDANT SHOULD NOT BE CONFUSED WITH THE EFFECTS OF THE BIO DISC AS THEY ARE DESIGNED FOR TWO DIFFERING POSITIVE EFFECTS. Is There An Expiry Date? No known data exists as there are no moving parts. The original samples show no sign of reduced energy or frequency since the date of manufacture three years ago. What Would Be The Effect If The Pendant Stopped Working? Kinesiology tests would not work. What Proof Is There That The Ch'i Energy Pendant Actually Energises Water? Again, here we should not confuse the designed effects with those of the bio disc. We advise that it be used for body energising effects. Do Any International Organizations Such As The FDA Approve Or Recognize The Bio Technology Used In The Ch'i Energy Pendant? We are currently seeking examination from a well known German Institution. Meanwhile, all results have been gained from Prognos and Kinesiology tests. No FDA will ever be applied for. Do You Have Any Lab Test Results Proving That The Ch'i Energy Pendant Works? Prognos tests results prove this. What Is A Frequency? All known living things are governed by a 'frequency'. This frequency can be affected positively or negatively by certain other vibrational frequencies such as electro magnetic fields which are negative to the body. e.g. mobile phones, computer screens and even air flight (jet lag). The positive frequency of the Ch'i Energy Pendant reduces the effects of negative electro magnetic fields. How Far Can The Energy Be Transferred?

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Bio Disc & Ch’i Pendant - The New Wellbeing Technology
Over a 500 mm circumference. The Ch'i Energy Pendant should be worn to hang on the chest area. This is why QuestNet does not supply a chain with the pendant as the length from the neck to the chest area differs from person to person. Can I Use It To Improve Sleep? How Should I Do It? No. The pendant stimulates strength, stamina and endurance so should not be worn during sleep. The pendent should also not be worn by females during menstruation as the female hormones are over energised by the pendant at this time. How Does The Ch'i Energy Pendant Prevent Jetlag? It reduces the effects of E-Smog on the body by constantly producing the correct frequency for strength which overcomes the negative effects of the build-up of electro smog in the aircraft cabin. What Other Benefits Does The Ch'i Energy Pendant Have? Endurance and mental stimulus can increase the brain's ability to cope with long hours of work. Long Distance runners, boxers and others who require strength and stamina can really benefit from this. Students using the pendant during school exams can have heightened memory abilities.

Extracts from The Barron Report (
Scalar energy has always existed – since the beginning of time – however, it’s only recently that scientists have discovered and begun to make use of it. It was actually back in the mid 1800’s that the existence of scalar energy was first proposed in a series of 4 groundbreaking equations by the Scottish mathematician, James Clerk Maxwell. It was almost a half-century later before Nicola Tesla actually was able to demonstrate the existence of scalar energy. When Tesla died, he took the secret of scalar generation with him, and it took almost another full century before science was once again able to positively demonstrate the existence of scalar energy and turn to an exploration of its potential. What are Scalar Waves? The standard definition of scalar waves is that they are created by a pair of identical (or replicant) waves (usually called the wave and its antiwave) that are in phase spatially, but out of phase temporally. That is to say, the two waves are physically identical, but 180 0 out of phase in terms of time. The net result is that scalar waves are a whole different animal from normal hertzian waves. They even look different – like an infinitely projected mobius pattern on axis. Generating Scalar Energy Actually, scalar waves can be generated in many ways. For example, you can generate them Electronically, Magnetically, Physically (by the motion of a mobius strip), or Optically (by the movement of phased patterns on a computer monitor). You can actually buy wristwatches that
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Bio Disc & Ch’i Pendant - The New Wellbeing Technology
incorporate moving mobius strips that generate protective scalar fields. Embedding Scalar Energy in Products As I mentioned earlier, all life is fundamentally energy based, and therefore, all life has numbers of structures capable of holding a scalar charge. In point of fact, the very same structures that allow the scalar charge to be embedded in products also allow that charge to be transferred to the human body from those same products. For example:
• •

There are many crystalline structures in every cell wall – all capable of holding a charge There are many liquid crystal structures in the collagen network comprising all of the space between cells – also capable of holding a charge.

There is Proof It is possible to measure scalar fields, but most people don’t have the required equipment. Therefore, let’s turn to a form of proof that we can see right now – Kirlian photography. A Kirlian photograph is merely a specialized kind of photography that images the bioelectric field that surrounds all objects – particularly living objects. So what can we learn about scalar enhanced products through Kirlian photos? Well, the absolute most important thing we can learn is that the scalar charge is, unquestionably, embedding itself in the products. Below are just a couple of examples of products before and after embedding.

Before embedding After embedding

Before embedding After embedding The two sets of photographs above, by themselves, are revolutionary in their implications. (Incidentally, these images were produced using a brand new process – side-by-side direct digital imaging, which even further diminishes the effect of outside factors such as moisture, temperature, and pressure.) The bottom line is that experience tells us that the more alive something is (the more organic it is)
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Bio Disc & Ch’i Pendant - The New Wellbeing Technology
the bigger its energy field will be. And energy enhanced products always demonstrate a bigger field. Benefits This is the big question, isn’t it? What health benefits are there to consuming scalar enhanced products? As it turns out, they are many – AND THEY ARE PROFOUND. Regular intake of scalar enhanced products can:
• • •

Eliminate and nullify the effects of man made frequencies (60 cps) in the human body Increase the energy level of every single cell in the body to the ideal 70-90 millivolt range Increase the energy covalent level of every single hydrogen atom in the body as verified by spectrographs. This is significant because covalent hydrogen bonds are what hold your DNA together. In other words, consuming scalar enhanced products can protect your DNA from damage. Improve cell wall permeability thus facilitating the intake of nutrients into each and every cell and the elimination of waste from each and every cell. (As a result of the high transmembrane potential mentioned above, scalar enhanced products effectively cause every single cell in your body to detox). Decrease the surface tension of the embedded products, thereby significantly reducing the time required for your body to assimilate those same products. Increase overall body energy levels as a result of increasing cellular energy for trillions of cells Cleanse the blood improving chylomicron levels (protein/fat particles floating in the blood) and triglyceride profiles and fibrin patterns. Improve immune function by as much as 149% as proven in laboratory studies, it. Improve mental focus as demonstrated by increased amplitude of EEG frequencies. Balance out the two hemispheres of the brain, again as measured by EEG tests. Work as an antidepressant since it inhibits the uptake of noradrenaline by PC12 nerve cells. And finally, there’s cancer

• • • • • • • •

Cancer That’s right; as if all of the benefits we’ve listed so far were not enough, the regular intake of scalar enhanced products may very well play a significant role in preventing and/or reversing cancer. Cancer cells are, almost without exception, low voltage cells. As I mentioned earlier, the optimum cell voltage for most cells in the body is in the 70-90 millivolt range. Cancer cells are almost exclusively in the 15-20 millivolt range.
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Bio Disc & Ch’i Pendant - The New Wellbeing Technology
There have been many theories proposed as to why this is true. The most likely one is that as cell voltage starts to drop into the range where the very survival of the cell may be called into question, the cell begins to proliferate uncontrollably in an attempt to guarantee its “survival.” If you raise cell voltage (which is exactly what can happen when you consume scalar enhanced products), the cell no longer needs to proliferate wildly. In effect, it can become “normal” again. The implications for this in treating cancer could be profound.

Many of you would have heard or read about Quantum Infusion, Bio Kinetics, E-Smog and other such sciences. Therefore, in order to better understand how the science behind the Bio Disc works check out some articles on these topics. These are just for reference.
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