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Master of Arts in Communication : Corporate Communication Studies

Course : Principle of Corporate Communications (1409PCC05)
Session Topic : PR & Corporate
Course: Principles of Corporate
By Dr. Nico Wattimena Ph.D MCIPR
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Hal 3
An organizations reputation, profitability and its
continued existence can depend on the degree to
which its targeted public support its goals and
A public relations representative,
Has direct impact on corporate communication,
Is the one responsible for dealing with the media,
interviews and other forms of public image.
PR : With Corporate Communication
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Hal 4
Many definitions of Public relations.
In short, it could be defined as,
using the news to carry positive
stories about the company and its
products, cultivating a good
relationship with the media.
PR: Definition
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Hal 5
Corporate communication,
Is the sending of messages from a
large and established company or
Can be with the public, but is also used
in business-to-business matters and
PR: Definition (cont.)
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Hal 6
A public relations representative
Responsible for : all forms of corporate
communication between a particular
organization and the public.
Purpose : To properly represent the company
and maintain a positive and attractive image
that people would want to support.
PR: Purpose
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Hal 7
Many times negative talk about a company
can transpire.
It is the PR reps responsibility to address
unjustified information with the truth.
If some of the negative talk is justified, the PR
reps should address and apply a positive
spin to what could be perceived as negative.
PR: Purpose (cont.)
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Hal 8
Mass media corporate communication is,
Any communication from the corporation to the public using
mass media.
Commonly seen in the form of press conference.
Mass media can assist the company in rapidly sending key
messages to the public.
Corporate communications can be face-to-face.
Example: when PR,
Uses interpersonal communication
Dealing with business-to-business matters
Communicate directly with people in the organization.
PR: Types
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Hal 9
Involving PR representatives in corporate
communications. Main benefits: Can,
Carry the weight of maintaining positive company
image so top management does not have to concern
themselves with it.
Ensure the public stays informed of developing
corncerns or news.
Create accountability and a check-and-balances
PR: Benefits
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Hal 10
Common misconception : a PR
representatives top objective is to,
slants facts to work for the
benefit of the company.
PR: Misconceptions
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Hal 11
Actual: a PR representatives top objective is to,
Deliver truthful facts to the press and public.
Develop an action plan on how to
appropriately communicate difficult matters.
Implements crisis communication so the public
understands a particular situation in its
entirety with accurate and complete
statements that do not harm the companys
public image.
PR: Misconceptions (cont.)
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Course : Principle of Corporate Communications (1409PCC05)