First Period

Alice’s POV It is possible to store the mind with a million facts and still be entirely uneducated. I disagree with this quote. My family and I had gone to school for years. We’re perfectly educated. Scratch that. Emmett is the exception. Edward chuckled from across the classroom. He nodded his head slightly in agreement. We are currently in first period, the only period in which all of us have together. Our mates sat next to one another, thank goodness. I can never pass a period without my Jazzy-poo. I made the old lady change my schedule to have every period with Jazz. Yes, I know, I’m awesome. Edward rolled his eyes. I’m not? I thought to him. He shook his head, grinning. Grin all you want Edward, because I have the power to ruin every moment you get with Bella. Not he looks scared. Mwahahahah, I’m a genius. And that is not because of school. Jasper’s POV Alice smiled evilly at our dear brother from across the room. I know what this meant. She’s threatening him. Poor guy. Edward rolled his eyes at me. “Really?” He whispered, soft enough that only the vampires in the room can hear him. “Really.” I confirmed. Chris’s POV I sighed happily at the sight of the beautiful angel sitting right next to me. She tried concentrating on the teacher’s words, but I saw her gentle eyes glance at me every now and then. I smiled in satisfaction at my affect towards her. However, the girl sitting on my other side was, I’ll say it, checking me out. Her eyes looked my body over and she licked her lips. I shuddered. Jess saw this and she put one of her hands on my arm, calming me down. The girl glared at Jess, and to my anger, I glared at her with more intensity. She looked terrified, backed away, and turned her focus to the teacher. I sighed in relief and held Jess’s hand tightly, never letting her go.

Jess’s POV I smiled, feeling yet another stare from Chris. He is truly wonderful person. He’s so caring and protective and completely lovable. How I wished to lean my head against his shoulder, but the teacher was teaching his lesson. I sighed. “What’s wrong?” Chris whispered. I then felt my family’s attention turn towards me. I could blush if I’m still human. “Nothing.” I whispered back, but Chris didn’t relax. “Seriously, nothing.” I added. He nodded. “Jessica Cullen?” The teacher asked out loud. Oh no, my very first question from a teacher ever since being a vampire! What will I do? What if I answer wrong? Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Edward looking softly at me, reminding me that there’s nothing to be scared of. That calmed me, along with Jasper’s waves of relaxation and Chris rubbing circles on my hand from under the table. “Yes?” I asked. “Why do you weigh more in air than water?” He asked. From the looks of my siblings, I could tell that this was not related to the lesson that we’re learning, but merely a trick question. “Um…technically you weigh the same in both air and water. However, the displacement will be different. An object is buoyed up by the weight of the liquid displaced by the object. For example, one cubic meter of steel in block form will sink to the bottom, but if it is formed into a thin plate with a rim on the side, it will hold 1800 lbs. on water.” I answered. The teacher merely grunted and returned to his lesson. “Impressive for one who didn’t go to school for a while.” Chris muttered to me. “Thank you.” I said, smiling.

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