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Smartphone Market In India

Now these days the Smartphone market along with the other markets
the one main thing is the competitiveness that declares the successfulness or
failure in the global market place. As in the case of the Smartphone market
being competitive means that the industry can be able to offer a product of
higher quality compared to its rivals, but at the same time, with a similar
price. The Smartphone market has achieved (reached) this competitiveness
mainly because of its vertical integrated production chain. This specific
coordination, besides reducing transaction costs, push toward a production
of excellent quality, which can be immediately adjusted according to the
consumer demand.
With increase in digitization and usage of Buzz letter e before many
words like e-mail, e-market, e- banking, etc. in this smartphones are playing
a key role. For example, I travel through train in Mumbai and almost everyu
hand have a smartphone in it. The usage of smartphones are playing games,
social networking, reading books, multitasking, wi-fi, etc.
While seating in room alone we can connect to whole world from a
hand held device i.e Smartphone. And this reason motivated me to take this
project to research on Smartphone Market in India.

Smartphone Market In India

Sr. No. Topic Page No.
1 Chapter 1- Introduction

1.1 What is Smartphone? 1
1.2 World History of Smartphones 2
1.3 Telecom industry in India 6
1.4 Key players in mobile industry in India 8
1.5 Top 5 ranked Smartphone of 2012 12
1.6 Popular operating Systems 14
1.7 Smartphone manufacturer share by OS 18
2 Chapter 2- Objective and Scope of Study
2.1 Scope of Study 19
2.2 Research Objectives 19
2.3 Hypothesis 19
2.4 Limitation of the Study 20
3 Chapter 3- Research Methodology 21
4 Chapter 4- Smartphone Market in India
4.1 The App World 23
4.2 Features in Smartphones 25
4.3 Blackberry Faces stiff completion in India 26
Smartphone Market In India

4.4 Is Android the Future of Smartphones? 28
4.5 Market Share of Smartphone in India 29
4.6 Why Apple has tiny market share in India? 29
4.7 Factors affecting on Smartphone Market 30
4.8 Overall Smartphone market in India 33
4.9 Case study: Brand story of Micromax Mobile 34
5 Chapter 5- Conclusion
5.1 Conclusion 42
5.2 Suggestions & Recommendations 44
Bibliography 45