Revised: 2/1/2007 0 Installation Follow all steps in the tutorial to install and open Subclipse: http://subclipse. 1 Configuration Goto Window->Preferences->Team->Preferences Choose "SVNKit" option under SVNInterface and click Apply and Ok.

2 Opening a repository Right-click on the SVN Repository section and choose New Repository location:

Fill out the URL as follows with your username and click finish:

Type in your password and click Ok twice.

Now the repository appears under the "SVN Repository" section.

3 Checking out folders/files Checkout a folder by right-clicking on it and choosing Checkout.

Choose "Check out as a project in the workspace" and click Finish.

Your working (local) copy of the folder should now be in your Workspace. To go to your workspace, click the arrow in the upper right corner of the screen and choose your workspace ("Java" in this case):

You should now see the folder in your workspace and you can edit as you like.

NOTE: Whatever collection of files/folders you check out, whether it be the entire repository,
just a folder, or just a file, be sure to commit the entire collection when you are done (not just the files that were changed). The idea is that if you checked out something, you should return all of it regardless of whether it was modified. An alternative to commiting the entire collection is to

simply close the project in your workspace by right-clicking on the project root and choosing Close Project:

4 Committing changes When you want to commit the changes, just right-click on the folder or file and choose Team->Commit.

Write a descriptive comment and click Ok to commit:

5 Creating/Deleting folders and files You create/delete new folders and files the same way you edit files. First, you checkout the parent (or higher) directory of the folders/files you wish to delete/create:

Check them out into your workspace (See Section 3 “Checking out folders/files”). Your workspace file structure now mirrors that of the corresponding file structure in the repository (with the root being the parent folder you checked out i.e. SampleTeamSpace):

Add new folders/files by right-clicking the desired parent folder and choosing New->(folder or

file) :

Enter the new folder/file name and click Finish. Your new folder/file now appears in the file tree:

To Delete folders/files simply highlight the item on the file tree and press “Del” on the keyboard. After building your desired file structure, commit the new file structure to the repository by right clicking the parent folder of the changes and going to Team->Commit (See Section 4

“Commiting Changes”).

Additional Resources: Subclipse Manual Subclipse Main Website

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