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... through Bertha Dudde

The servants' mission
who receive the Word direct!....
"! Word can on! #e direct! conve!ed to a $ew %eo%e& #ecause
on! a $ew #eieve that ' s%ea( to %eo%e "!se$ and #ecause this
$aith is a#soute! necessar! $or "e to #e a#e to e)%ress "!se$ in
a %erson....
*eo%e ac( $aith in "! wor(& in "! omni%otence and ove& and thus
' cannot ma(e "!se$ (nown to them in the Word either& $or in
order to #e a#e to hear "! Word the human #eing's s%irit has to #e
aive& #ut this is %art o$ "e& and thus it cannot mani$est itse$ in the
Word where ' +m not ac(nowedged& where $aith in "e is
,et those who hear "! Word and to whom ' can s%ea( direct! are
needed #! "e on earth& $or the! have to accom%ish a great
mission.... The! sha et $aith in "e arise anew amongst %eo%e&
the! sha strengthen those who are sti wea( in $aith& the! sha
%rocaim "e& s%ea( o$ "! ove& omni%otence and wisdom& the! sha
#ring "e cose to %eo%e and re$er them to the Word which the! are
a#e to hear themseves. +nd thus the! sha s%ea( on "! #eha$
where "! voice is no onger heard....
' "!se$ want to s%ea( through them #ecause divine activit! is not
ac(nowedged& #ut it is im%erative that %eo%e shoud #e in$ormed
o$ "! wi& that the! are admonished to ive according to "! order&
that the! are in$ormed o$ the dangers which resut in a wa! o$ i$e
in o%%osition to "! order& and that ove is constant! %reached to
them so that the! wi reduce the distance $rom "e and thus
#ecome ca%a#e o$ #eieving and o$ hearing "! Word themseves.
The num#er o$ a#ourers in "! vine!ard is not arge& $or %eo%e
see( earth! reward $or their service- #ut those in "! service have
to wor( $or s%iritua reward and this remuneration does not a%%ea
to the $ormer. ,et the $ew who are o$ service to "e receive $ar more
than the! rein.uish& $or the! are the servants o$ a /ord Who has a
the treasures o$ heaven and earth at 0is dis%osa& Who has the
%ower to give ever!thing and Who& in 0is ove& %rovides 0is Own
with an a#undance o$ everasting gi$ts which outshine ever!thing
that the earth is a#e to show.
Those who want to serve "e can #e certain o$ "! ove& and ' %rove
this ove o$ "ine #! s%ea(ing to them i(e a $ather who s%ea(s to
his chid& !et in a wa! which #ene$its its sou. For not a %eo%e are
ca%a#e o$ enduring "! oving Word i$ ' incude "! $u a#undance
o$ ove& not a are mature enough as to hear "e audi#!-
!et mere! their wi to he% "e ena#es them to gras% "! Word&
regardess in which $orm ' transmit it to them.
"! Word is the to(en o$ "! ove& #ut "! Word is aso the evidence
o$ "! omni%otence $or a %erson who is sti wea( in $aith. For '&
#eing invisi#e to !ou humans& mani$est "!se$ through "! Word
which is eterna truth and wi aso #e recognised as such as soon
as !ou #eieve in "e.
But through "! Word ' aso want to %rovide evidence $or the
un#eievers #! %redicting things the! wi e)%erience and which wi
thus ena#e them to recognise "! truth.
+t the same time& ' wi give them the evidence o$ "! omni%otence
too& #ecause the $orthcoming occurrence wi not #e accom%ished
#! %eo%e #ut wi #e entire! "! wor( and there$ore wi he% man!
%eo%e to #eieve in "e.
This is wh! ' instruct "! servants to mention "! %redictions $ar and
wide& $or "! ove a%%ies to those who are inca%a#e or wea( in
$aith& and in order to he% them ' wi visi#! mani$est "!se$ a$ter
announcing it in advance.
' grant the grace o$ hearing "! Word to those who want to receive
it& who desire "e and "! Word with a their heart and who hum#!
su#mit themseves to "! wi. This grace& however& ena#es the
%erson to mature i$ he aows it to ta(e e$$ect in him.... +nd "!
Word is the most e$$ective means o$ grace& since the sou o$ an!one
who has "! Word and ives according! is aread! #ound to #ecome
$u! mature on earth.
,ou shoud there$ore #e grate$u that !ou ma! hear "e through a
%erson who aows "e to s%ea( to him& i.e. who #eieves in "e& in
"! wor(& "! ove and omni%otence and who there$ore istens within
to what ' sa! to him.
,ou shoud not hear him #ut instead hear "e in ever! Word that
reaches !ou& !ou shoud et the grace ta(e e$$ect in !ou& !ou shoud
#ecome strong in $aith and tr! to motivate !our $eow human
#eings to gain $aith as we #! in$orming them o$ the heaven!
Father's concern $or 0is chidren who have distanced themseves
and are no onger a#e to hear 0is voice.
But !ou shoud receive "! servants as "! messengers who want to
conve! the grace o$ their /ord to !ou& who want to #ring !ou %eace
i$ !ou are o$ good wi.... *a! attention to their words and !ou wi
hear "! voice& com%! with it and su#mit !ourseves to "! wi....
"! servants& however& are #essed and %re%ared #! "e $or their
wor( in "! vine!ard....
*u#ished #! $riends o$ new reveations o$ God 1 'n$ormation&
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