When Bella gets kidnapped part2

EMPOV I ran down the stairs and bumped into Rosalie, “babe you gotta help me” I all but yelled, “it’s ok we’re going on another honey moon, now and Alice packed are bags and we’re going to the island you bought me” she said with a grin, “yay, cant wait, lets go now babe” I said, an with that we were off APOV I’m glad I booked them that honey moon or things would be messy around here, just as I thought that Bella came down with Edward “where is he” Edward asked, “where’s who” I replied, I decided to play dumb, “ok don’t play dumb with me, Emmett” he yelled, he’s on a honey moon, again “oooh ok well, Bella do you want to go back to the cottage and Alice could you look after Nessie” was all Edward said, before I could answer they were gone, no one wanted to know what they were up to, but they just gave me a chance to go shopping with Nessie, (who is 17 in this story so she’s stopped growing and is the age she looks) “Nessie, we’re going shopping” I yelled, we have taught her the way of fashion so she’s much better than her mother, but Bella is improving which is a miracle, but a good miracle, Nessie came running to me, Esme and Carlisle were still hyped up on cookies, vision: Esme on Carlisle’s desk ok I don’t want to see that vision ever again, “Jasper can you come with, I need a strong handsome man to carry my shopping bags” I asked, giving him the puppy dog eyes, “sure what ever you want babe” he replied, “yay” I chirped as I jumped up and down clapping my hands, “lets go then”

Nessie said as we went to my Porsche and let the shopping begin.

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