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Case Methodology MGT1103

Objective of Case Instruction
To develop the analytical, problem solving, critical thinking and decision making skills of
the student and future industry professional.
Cases should be completed ith the folloing elements included!
1. "#ecutive $ummary! %n this research, the purpose is to& $ummari'e core prob.
situation analysis. Criteria. (lternative. )ecision. %mplementation.*% recommend that &+
,. $ituation (nalysis *$-.T+
/ Get info from the case
/ 0esearch more on net! Competition1Customer preferences12arrier to entry *ta#, la
restriction+1)omestic and int3l current
3. (ssumptions *ko c4n l5m+
6. Core 7roblem
8. "valuative Criteria
9. (lternatives : (nalysis of (lternatives
;. )ecision and <ustification
=. %mplementation
>. 2ibliography : (ppendices
Details of the Case Forat
!" E#ecutive Suar$
The e#ecutive summary should provide an overvie of the key facts of the entire report.
.ften, the summary may be the only part of the ritten report read by a senior e#ecutive
and therefore, should include ade?uate detail to allo the e#ecutive to make a go1no go
%t should include, at a minimum!
a. @ey factors from the situation analysis
b. The core problem or issue
c. "#plain the alternatives evaluated and hat criteria ere used
d. The chosen alternative and its reasons for selection
e. (ny significant issues hich may arise from the chosen alternative and
recommendations to deal ith these issues
f. 2enefits to the organi'ation resulting from the decision
g. )escription of the implementation
(lthough the e#ecutive summary appears first in your report, it should be the last section of
the report that is ritten and can only be prepared once you have completed the case.
%" Situation Anal$sis
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Case Methodology MGT1103
This is an evaluation of an organi'ation3s current situation ith the goal of providing a
basis on hich to make your assessment of the case. The situation analysis is an
obAective evaluation of an organi'ation3s internal and e#ternal environments.
%n the format of a $-.T, your entries should be limited to those that are factual, relevant
to the case and should be ?uantified. 2e sure to ?uote sources!
The organi'ation3s strengths and eaknesses *at a micro level, from ithin the
/ Consider the company3s market position, market share, financial situation *sales,
net income, etc.+, operations, management, use of technology, etc.
The organi'ation3s opportunities and threats *at a macro level, the e#ternal environment
over hich the organi'ation has very limited or no control+
/ Consider legal, political, demographic, technological, competitive, etc.
This section of the paper should be used throughout the remainder of your case study to
provide support for and direct your assessment of the core problem, alternatives and
&" Assu'tions
$tate the relevant assumptions. (ssumptions are pieces of information hich are not
provided and yet are necessary to complete the analysis. (ny information for hich there
is no factual data available *either from the case or through secondary research+ you must
make and record an assumption. This section logically follos the $-.T since all the
factual information you uncover ill be recorded in your situation analysis. Bou ill then be
left ith information you need, but are unable to locate, for hich you ill make and record
an assumption. "nsure your assumptions are realistic and can be e#plained.
(" Core )roble
The core problem must be stated in one sentence. %t is the single maAor problem or issue
facing the company that you ill resolve through your alternatives. %t should logically flo
from your situation analysis. This is a very important aspect of your case since the
remainder of your ork ill attempt to solve this problem. Thus, you must ensure you
have uncovered a significant and relevant problem. 0emember, it is one, concise
*" Evaluative Criteria
"valuative criteria are those factors most important to an organi'ation that are used to
guide decision making. The solution hich can best meet the evaluative criteria is usually
the solution hich is most likely to be successful. 2e sure you develop a list of 3 C 8
evaluative criteria that are linked to your situation analysis and most relevant to the case
under study. Duantify each criterion to the e#tent possible. Bou ill then use these criteria
to assess the various alternative solutions you develop.
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Case Methodology MGT1103
+" Alternatives an, Anal$sis of Alternatives
%dentify the possible courses of action *alternative solutions+ that could be taken to resolve
the core problem you stated in section 6. The alternative solutions you develop should be
clearly linked to your $-.T. Ese the research and analysis you conducted in the situation
analysis to support your alternative solutions. ( fe *3/6+ alternative solutions, hich
clearly solve the core problem and are realistic *that is, the company has the capability C
financially, operationally and from a management perspective to accomplish+ should be
First describe each alternative and include the folloing!
/ The target market being addressed and positioning statement being proposedF
/ Consider the many 7s *price, promotion, distribution and product are Aust a start+ at
a strategic levelF try to keep each of the maAor 7s to a couple of sentences and be
sure you are discussing the 7 strategy, not tactic.
/ (ny maAor issues hich may arise as a result of this alternative.
Then- assess *or measure+ each alternative against the evaluative criteria developed in
section 8. 2e sure to consider the advantages and disadvantages of each alternative.
(gain, herever you are able to ?uantify the impact of your alternative, do so, as this
strengthens your assessment considerably.
)o not use this section to compare one alternative to another. "ach alternative should be
measured independently against the evaluative criteria. ( comparison amongst
alternatives ill be conducted in the ne#t section.
." Decision an, /ustification
)ecide hich alternative provides the best solution to the central problem1issue *usually
the one that is strongest against the evaluative criteria+. Then Austify your choice by
demonstrating hy it is better than the other alternatives. (lso, clearly demonstrate ho
the solution best meets the evaluative criteria. The previously stated disadvantages of the
selected alternative must be managed or mitigated. The financial analysis must be
considered here relevant.
0" I'leentation
)iscuss the tactical implementation of your recommended alternative. Gor each of the
implementation steps, discuss in detail hat needs to be done, by hen. 2e specific and
provide a detailed timeline. )epending on the case, the implementation should cover at
least the 1
to ?uarters and perhaps look out one year. 2e realistic. Given the
company3s financial situation and the comple#ity of the solution you are recommending,
ensure your proposed implementation plan is feasible.
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Case Methodology MGT1103
1" 2iblio3ra'h$ an, A''en,ices
0eference all ork of other individuals including course notes, te#tbooks, Aournals,
periodicals, etc. %nclude other supporting material, calculations, charts, graphs, etc.
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