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Tuesday, 26 February 2008
UNEP and the Executive Director in the News
Governin !oun"i#
• Taiwan cautious about joining UN climate change group (Central News Agency
• Green investment requires predictable carbon price ministers agree at UN meeting
(UN News Centre)
• !arming warning "or oceans# treasures ($aily News and Analysis)
• %last terrorises twin&city residents (The 'os ('a(istan)
• Global )nvironment *inisters resolve to ma(e UN)' better equipped to tac(le
environmental challenges (%++)
• UN)' report lin(s Climate Change with impacts on Natural Cleaning *echanisms o"
the !orld#s ,ceans (%%+)
• 'rivate +ector gathered at *onaco )nvironmental *inisterial -orum urge "or clear
signal "rom governments. (/urnal Nasional )
• Chie" Advisor $evasish see(s UN)' support "or "orest research and conservation in
%angladesh (%++)
• 0'CC urges Governments to 0ntensi"y 1enewable )nergy $evelopment (%++)
• 'rince Albert 00 urges world to reduce carbon emissions (/urnal Nasional)
• +olar -irm wants Clean $evelopment *echanism regulations eased to bene"it rural
poor. (Climate Change *edia 'artnership)
• 2ybrid Cars ,""set Carbon )mission At *onaco )nvironment *inisterial -orum
(Climate Change *edia 'artnership)
• UN)' establishes Carbon Neutral Networ( to $ecarboni3e )conomies (%++)
• %++4 UN)' GC meeting launched with call to mobili3e investment in clean energy
• UN)' invites 0ndonesia to neutralise its carbon emissions (/urnal Nasional )
• *onaco & a country with no environmental problems5 (/urnal Nasional )
• Carbon Neutral Networ( launched as Climate Change $ebate 0ntensi"ies. (Climate
change *edia 'artnership)
• -anati( *obil 2ybird (/urnal Nasional (0ndonesia)
• Arctic 1egion !arming as *ethane levels increase (Climate *edia partnership)
• Civil +ociety 1epresentatives call "or climate justice in *onaco (%++)
• %last terrorises twin&city residents (The 'ost & 'a(istan)
• Gr6nes *usterl7ndle an der 1iviera (-ran("urter Allegemeine 8eitung)
O$%er &NE' "overae
• 9atar signs *oU with UN)' "or protecting ecosystem (The 'eninsula)
• 9atar UN)' sign *oU (Gul" Times)
Other Environment News
• U+ to set :binding: climate goals (%%C)
• U+ ready "or :binding: reductions o" greenhouse gases4 o""icial (A-')
• +outh A"rica to resume elephant culling (A%C Australia)
• )lephant ;ills Are <egal Again (New =or(4 +outh A"rica)
• Anger over plan to allow elephant cull (0ndependent)
• Too hungry too destructive too many4 +outh A"rica to begin elephant cull
• +. A"rica will (ill elephants to control population animal rights activists threaten
boycotts (02T)
• + A"rica to allow elephant cull (%%C)
• Ne>t president better than %ush on climate4 %arroso (1euters)
• Antarctic glaciers surge to ocean (%%C)
• :$oomsday: seed vault comes to li"e in Arctic (A-')
• %ra3il police "orce to combat Ama3on de"orestation (1euters)
• -eed the world5 !e are "ighting a losing battle UN admits (Guardian)
• %ra3il launches campaign promoting bio"uel "rom sugarcane (A-')
• 0NT)1?0)! & 1ich nations should agree @A@A carbon targets & U.N. (1euters)
• $rivers are clueless over C,@ emissions (*otor Trader)
• 2eathrow e>pansion sets business against environment (1euters)
• )nvironmentalists climb on 2eathrow jet in airport protest4 o""icials (A-')
• UN$' $onates to +ave )nvironment (All A"rica)
• *inister Tas(s NG,s on Global )nvironment -acility (All A"rica)
• 1ema Unveils Anti&'overty )nvironment -ight +trategy (All A"rica)
• The battle o" the bag (The +un 2erald +ydney)
Environmental News from the UNEP Regions
• 1,A'
• 1,NA
• 1,!A
Other UN News
• !or(shop ,n ,3one <ayer 'rotection %egins (%runei $irect)
• BTea with +ugar *a(e Them %oth Green 'leaseCD ()co worldly)
• <:,NU dEnonce les subventions au> Energies "ossils (<a Tribune)
• )nvironment News "rom the UN $aily News o" @F -ebruary @AAG
• )nvironment News "rom the +.G.#s +po(esman $aily 'ress %rie"ing o" @F
-ebruary @AAG(none
UNEP and the Executive Director in the News
Coverage of Governing Council
!en$ra# Ne(s )en"y *Tai+ei,- Tai(an "au$ious abou$ .oinin &N "#i/a$e "%ane
H%y )mmanuelle T3engI
Taipei -eb. @F (CNA) & The government reacted cautiously *onday on whether it would
join the UN:s newly&established group to reduce greenhouse gas emissions participation
in which could pave the way "or the island to join global e""orts to "ight climate change
despite it not being a UN member.
The group & Climate Neutral Networ( (CN Net) & unveiled last wee( at a meeting in
*onaco aims to have not only countries but cities and companies share successes about
how to reduce carbon emissions so as to drastically cut greenhouse gases emitted and
spar( a global transition to a low&carbon world.
An o""icial "rom the )nvironmental 'rotection Administration ()'A) told reporters
*onday that the government needs to review all aspects o" the issue particularly those
involving sensitive relations between Taiwan and its rival China which objects to Taiwan
joining global groups namely those reserved "or nations.
J0" Taiwanese cities and companies "ile applications "or CN Net we cannot be sure that
they won:t be classi"ied as Chinese ones J said the o""icial re"erring to the "act that
Taiwan not a member o" the UN is o"ten regarded a part o" China under the UN system.
2e indicated that the )'A will relay all in"ormation to local governments and private
companies about the new UN group but will advise against ta(ing immediate action.
The *inistry o" -oreign A""airs o""icial also stressed that the government must have a
"ull assessment be"ore deciding whether to join the group which "alls under the UN:s
)nvironment 'rogramme (UN)').
J!e don:t want to see any political repercussion a"ter "ormal application is "iledJ he said.
2owever he said Taiwan:s position and record on global warming are evident citing
Taiwan:s advocacy o" a JGreen A')C (Asia 'aci"ic )conomic Cooperation)J and Taipei
and ;aohsiung cities: membership in the group J<ocal Governments "or +ustainability.J
UN)' spo(esperson Nic( Nuttall told a CNA reporter last -riday that Taiwanese cities
and companies are welcomed to "ile applications to join the group indirectly ruling out
the possibility o" Taiwan:s participation as a nation.
Climate neutral re"ers to actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by in ways such as
planting trees reducing "uel usage and adopting green energy to balance the global
warming e""ect.
+o "ar CN Net:s members include "our countries & Costa 1ica 0celand New 8ealand and
Norway & "our cities including 1i3hao a city in the eastern Chinese province o"
+handong the Norwegian town o" Arendal the +wedish town o" ?a>jo and Canada:s
?ancouver as well as "ive companies in +ingapore %ra3il the United +tates the United
;ingdom and +outh A"rica.
+ource4 Central News Agency website Taipei in )nglish KLAL gmt @F -eb AG
&N Ne(s !en$re- Green inves$/en$ re0uires +redi"$ab#e "arbon +ri"e, /inis$ers
aree a$ &N /ee$in
@F -ebruary @AAG N 'redictable carbon pricing is needed to direct world investment "lows
toward an economy that could minimi3e climate change close to KOA governments
agreed today as they concluded a major meeting on the subject in *onaco the United
Nations )nvironmental 'rogramme (UN)') says.
B+u""iciently high and long&term predictable price "or carbon will be central "or
mobili3ing capital "or the new economyD according to the summary by 1oberto $obles
Costa 1ican )nvironment and )nergy *inister and 'resident o" UN)'#s Governing
CouncilPGlobal *inisterial )nvironment -orum which ended -riday and discussed the
theme o" B*obili3ing -inance "or the Climate Challenge.D
The "ive&day -orum set new priorities "or UN)' and was the largest gathering o"
environment ministers since last $ecember#s landmar( UN Climate Change Con"erence
in %ali 0ndonesia which ended with KGQ countries agreeing to launch a two&year process
o" "ormal negotiations on a successor pact to the ;yoto 'rotocol.
0n adopting a medium&term programme o" wor( at the meeting participants decided on a
new strategy to strengthen and re"ocus UN)':s response to climate change as well as its
handling o" disasters con"licts ecosystem management environmental governance
harm"ul substances ha3ardous waste and resource e""iciency UN)' said.
BThis decision is a major milestone in achieving a consensus among the international
community as well as civil society and the private sector to set new and trans"ormational
directions "or this environment programme o" the UND Achim +teiner UN Under&
+ecretary General and UN)' )>ecutive $irector said at the meeting#s close.
0n regard to "inancing to meet the challenges o" global warming many participants urged
that the Adaptation -und o" the ;yoto 'rotocol become quic(ly operational to Rclimate
proo"# vulnerable economies according to the 'resident#s summary.
0n addition many maintained that the Clean $evelopment *echanism o" the 'rotocol
which may eventually generate up to SKAA billion o" investment "lowing "rom North to
+outh into clean and green energy projects needed to be Jsupplemented by signi"icant
contributions "rom industriali3ed countries.D
J$eveloping countries no longer need to be convinced o" the advantages o" green growth
but they do need "inancial and technical assistance in order to ma(e the transition to
lower carbon economiesD the summary noted.
A trans"ormation in the mar(etplace was noted by private sector participants at the
meeting who said that renewable energy had :shed its "ringe image: and was now a
mainstream business although there remained a :lac( o" activity: in poorer developing
1ai#y Ne(s and )na#ysis- War/in (arnin 2or o"eans3 $reasures
1ajesh +inha
Tuesday -ebruary @T @AAG AL4@F 0+T
Study says fishing grounds in Indian Ocean among those at greatest risk, some varieties
of fish will disappear
N)! $)<204 +ea "ood will get dearer and some varieties may even disappear due to the
changes ta(ing place in the oceans under the impact o" global warming says a report
released by United Nations )nvironment 'rogramme (UN)') on -riday.
The report B0n $ead !aterD was launched at UN)'#s Governing CouncilPGlobal
*inisterial )nvironment -orum being held in *onaco. The report comes in the wa(e o"
"indings issued last wee( by a team led by the National Centre "or )cological Analysis
and +ynthesis which said that over OAU o" the world#s oceans have been heavily
impacted by humans and only OU remain relatively una""ected.
The UN)' report says at particular ris( are "ishing grounds in !estern 'aci"ic the 0ndian
,cean the 'ersian Gul" !est Asia and the Caribbean. ,ver VAU o" the world#s
temperate and tropical coasts will be heavily impacted by @AFA. *arine areas at particular
ris( o" increased pollution are +outheast and )ast Asia.
Calling climate change the latest threat to the world#s dwindling "ish stoc(s the report
says at least three quarters o" the globe#s (ey "ishing grounds may become seriously
impacted by changes in circulation o" ocean currents as a result o" the ocean#s natural
pumping systems "ading and "alling. These natural pumps dotted at sites across the world
including the Arctic and *editerranean bring nutrients to "isheries and (eep them
healthy by "lushing out wastes and pollution.
-urther rising emissions cause higher sea sur"ace temperatures and threaten to bleach and
(ill up to GAU o" the globe#s coral ree"s which serve as major tourist attractions natural
sea de"ences and also nurseries "or "ish.
Calling it Ba rapid response reportD the UN)' said B0n $ead !aterD has "or the "irst time
mapped the multiple impacts o" pollutionW alien in"estationsW over&e>ploitation and
climate change on the seas and oceans. BThe worst concentration o" cumulative impacts
o" climate change with e>isting pressures o" over&harvest bottom trawling invasive
species in"estations coastal development and pollution appear to be concentrated in KA&
KFU o" the oceansD says the report.
This KA&KFU o" the oceans is "ar higher than had previously been supposed and is
Bconcurrent with today#s most important "ishing groundsD including the estimated Q.FU
deemed to be the most economically valuable "ishing areas o" the world it adds.
Achim +teiner UN under&secretary general and UN)' e>ecutive director said BClimate
change threatens coastal in"rastructure "ood and water supplies and the health o" people
across the world. 0t is clear "rom this report and others that it will add signi"icantly to
pressures on "ish stoc(s. This is as much a development and economic issue as an
environmental one. *illions o" people including many in developing countries get their
livelihood "rom "ishing while @.T billion people get their protein "rom sea"oodD he said.
4SS- G#oba# Environ/en$ Minis$ers reso#ve $o /a5e &NE' be$$er e0ui++ed $o
$a"5#e environ/en$a# "%a##enes
+aturday @L -ebruary @AAG by Anup ;umar ;hastagir & %++ news (%angladesh)
*,NAC, -eb @@ (%++)& The three&day meeting o" the United Nations )nvironment
'rogramme (UN)') Governing Council and Global )nvironment *inisters -orum
(G)*-) ended here today with the recommendation o" KOA governments to develop
UN)' as a more e""icient "ocused and results&based organi3ation better able to meet the
"uture environmental challenges.
Around KOA environment minister converged in the 'rincipality o" *onaco approved a
decision authori3ing the UN)' )>ecutive $irector to utilise the programme o" the
organi3ation under a three year strategy.
The strategy will "ocus the organi3ation#s activities across si> areas aimed at
strengthening and "ocusing UN)'#s response to climate change. The areas are& disasters
and con"licts ecosystem management environmental governance harm"ul substances
and ha3ardous waste resource e""iciency and sustainable production and consumption.
Addressing the closing ceremony UN Under +ecretary and UN)' )>ecutive $irector
Achim +teiner said the decisions ta(en in the meeting represent great progress in
achieving consensus among the international community as well civil society and private
sector to ta(e "orward a new trans"ormational programme by the UN to address climate
2e applauded the governments and delegates "or their constructive role in empowering
UN)' and said the determination o" governments would help UN body responsible "or
the environmental pillar o" sustainable development to move "orward.
<eader o" %angladesh delegation and +pecial Assistant to the Chie" Adviser on *inistry
o" )nvironment and -orests 1aja $evasish 1oy in his address to the meeting today called
upon the international environmental agencies "or support to climate change and "orest
research activities in %angladesh as well to its national "orest conservation programmes.
'rince Albert 00 o" *onaco and president o" UN)' Governing Council and G*)- and
)nvironment and )nergy minister o" Costa 1ica 1oberto $obles made addresses among
others in the closing ceremony.
0n the three&day meeting held with the theme B*obili3ing -inance "or Climate ChangeD
most o" the countries agreed that Rsu""icient investment capital# is available in the world
to address climate change. +uch capital might be accumulated through R a su""iciently
high and long&tern predictable price# "or carbon.
They urged the industriali3ed countries to enhance their contribution signi"icantly to the
"und generated under Clean $evelopment *echanism (C$*) under ;yoto 'rotocol to
meet the envisaged challenges o" climate change.
The G)*- meeting also laid out the importance on the trans"ormation o" e>isting energy
sector into renewable one and technology trans"er and "inancial support to the developing
countries in the area o" cleaner energy and green growth.
The meeting also show cased the latest economic and scienti"ic developments through a
series o" reports publications and side events including the impact o" soot and the
Atmospheric %rown Cloud on the climate.
44S- &NE' re+or$ #in5s !#i/a$e !%ane (i$% i/+a"$s on Na$ura# !#eanin
Me"%anis/s o2 $%e Wor#d3s O"eans
+aturday @L -ebruary @AAG by Anup ;umar ;hastagir & %++ news (%angladesh)
According to a new UN)' report climate change is slowing down the ocean
thermohaline circulation and continental shel" B"lushing and cleaningD mechanisms
increasing the ris( o" more pollution and ma(ing many productive "ishing grounds as
dead 3ones.
Climate change impacts natural cleaning mechanism o" oceans
*,NAC, -eb @@ (%++)&Climate Change is slowing down the ocean thermohaline
circulation and continental shel" B"lushing and cleaningD mechanisms increasing the ris(
o" more pollution and ma(ing many productive "ishing grounds as dead 3ones.
,cean thermohaline circulation and "lushing and cleaning mechanisms are crucial "or
coastal water quality and nutrient cycling but the mechanism declined in more than QF
percent o" the world "ishing grounds.
0t was told in a scienti"ic report released by United Nations )nvironment 'rogramme
(UN)') here today to mar( the UN)'#s Governing CouncilPGlobal *inisterial
)nvironment -orum meeting here.
'roductive "ishing grounds depend e>tensively upon sea currents "or marinating li"e cycle
patterns "or sustainable production o" "ish and other marine li"e. %ut the water e>change
mechanism which periodically R"lush and clean# continental shel" areas has been reduced
largely in the oceans.
Christian Nellemann leader o" the study team o" the report at a press con"erence in the
sideline o" the UN)' GCPG)*- meeting released the report.
2e said in the bac(drop o" changing scenario the intensity and "requency o" coastal
"lushing mechanism would "all potentially particularly at lower to medium latitude over
the ne>t KAA years which in turn would impact both nutrient and larval transport in the
ocean and increase the ris( o" pollution and dead 3ones.
At least three quarters o" the global (ey "ishing grounds might become seriously be
impacted by the changes in the ocean natural pumping system he said.
UN)' scientists in collaboration with universities and institutes in )urope and the United
+tates have conducted the study titled& 0n the $ead !ater "or the "irst time on the state o"
world#s "ishery resources.
UN)' )>ecutive $irector Achim +teiner president o" Global )nvironment *inisters
-orum (G)*-) and environment minister o" Costa 1ica 1oberto $obles and senior
o""icials o" UN)' attended the press con"erence.
The UN)' report "irst o" its (ind on the state o" world#s "ishery resources said the
number o" dead 3ones (o>ygen de"icient areas) has been increased "rom KOV in @AAL to
over @AA in @AAT in the global oceanic regions. The number might multiply in a "ew years
due to increased release o" urban and agricultural pollutants in the ocean.
%esides assimilation o" carbon dio>ide in the water as well as atmosphere would ma(e
the seas more acidic and this would li(ely result in reduction in the area o" cold water
coral ree"s and other shell&"orming marine li"e including plan(tonic organisms.
'ointing out the rapid increase in coastal development the report said increased loads o"
sediments and substances "rom de"orestation sewage and river run&o"" would greatly
diminish the resilience o" coral ree".
The e""ects o" pollution were e>acerbated by destruction o" mangroves and other habitats
due to rapid construction ta(ing place on coast lines the UN)' report said adding Ras
much as VK percent o" all temperate and tropical coasts would heavily be impacted by
development by @AFA.
The impact would be "urther compounded by sea level rise and increased "requency and
intensity o" storms that easily brea( down wea(ened and dead corals and would severely
damage beaches and coastal lines the report warned.
The report said over harvesting and advanced technology has increased the "ishing
capacity about @.F times higher every year. %ut the productive beds o" "ishery resources
partly and e>tensively damaged in some areas.
6urna# Nasiona# - 'riva$e Se"$or a$%ered a$ Mona"o Environ/en$a# Minis$eria#
Foru/ ure 2or "#ear sina# 2ro/ overn/en$s7
+aturday @L -ebruary @AAG by ?eby *ega 0ndah & /urnal Nasional (0ndonesia)
UN)'#s *inisterial -orum in *onaco @K "ebruary has concluded that the carbon mar(et
hasn#t ready yet. Although right now the mar(et is already worth U+ S @@ billion . %ert
;noeider as the moderator and Netherland $evvelopment *inister warned that the
mar(et was being underminded by a lac( o" cooperation between the privates and
governmental sectors. This in turn was being re"lected by uncertainty in carbon mar(et
The G)-#s *onique %arbut said investors were worried about cost and ris( investing in
developing countries with cost price di""erences between develop and developing
1obert Tucon "rom +tandard Chartered claimed that the business world is ready to ta(e
"orward carbon mar(ets. All the private sector is waiting "or now is a clear signal "rom
-orum UN)' di *onte Carlo *onaco (@KP@) sampai pada (esimpulan pasar (arbon
dunia masih belum siap. +e(alipun dana investasi pasar (arbon telah mencapai U+ S @@
R;ita harus mencari me(anisme pasar yang jelas dan juga harus ada (erjasama antara
swasta dan pemerintah&pemerintah# (ata *oderator "orum *enteri 'embangunan
%elanda %ert ;noeider. Tanpa adanya me(anisme dan (erjasama swasta dan pemerintah
tersebut menurut ;noeider menga(ibat(an hingga (ini pasar (arbon dunia masih belum
memili(i standar harga yang jelas.
2arga (arbon yang masing gamang ini juga mendapat perhatian dari %an( $unia dan
G)-. !a(il G)- *onique %arbut menyata(an para investor dunia masih banya(
meragu(an masa depan harga saham (arbon. B%erapa banya( di ruangan ini yang percaya
harga (arbon a(an terus mening(at5D (ata %arbut.
*enurutnya harga (arbon sendiri tida( a(an sama di negara ber(embang dan negara
maju. 'ara investor dan ban( harus menghadapi resi(o dan biaya yang lebih tinggi saat
harus berinvestasi di negara ber(embang sehingga beresi(o merusa( stabilitas harga
(arbon. ;etida(stabilan harga ini sendiri a(an merusa( pasar (arbon secara global.
BTurun atau nai(nya harga (arbon di suatu negara tergantung pada (ebija(an pemerintah
itu sendiriD (ata %arbut. $i +wedia (ebija(an paja( (arbon seja( tahun KVVA telah
membuat negara ini siap menghadapi pasar (arbon dunia nanti. Namun (ondisi yang
sama tida( berla(u untu( negara&negara ber(embang yang masih saat bergantung pada
bahan ba(ar "osil.
B%an( $unia hingga (ini masih mencari solusi bagaimana mendorong harga (arbon terus
nai(D (ata %arbut. 'asar (arbon dunia merupa(an salah satu isu yang a(an dibahas
dalam C,' KF di ;openhagen nanti.
$ari piha( pengusaha 1obert Tucon dari +tandard Chatered %an( yang juga ;epala
Unep 0nitiative -und menyata(an (esiapan mere(a.D;ami melihat sebuah pasar yang
besar. +emuanya hanya menunggu sinyal yang jelas dari pemerintah&pemerintah untu(
membu(a pasarnyaD (ata Tucon.
0ndonesia saat ini telah menyiap(an @ program untu( menghadapi pasar (arbon ini.
'rogram 1eduction on $e"orestation and $egradation (1)$$) menjadi strategi
melestari(an hutan sebagai penyerap (arbon. +ementara Clean $evelopment *echanism
(C$*) hingga (ini masih dalam proses pengembangan di bawah ;ementrian
<ing(ungan 2idup.
YYY 'ublished in /urnal Nasional @@ -ebruary @AAG
4SS- !%ie2 )dvisor 1evasis% see5s &NE' su++or$ 2or 2ores$ resear"% and
"onserva$ion in 4an#ades%
+aturday @L -ebruary @AAG by Anup ;umar ;hastagir & %++ news (%angladesh)
%angladesh reiterates its call to the global community particularly the international
environmental agencies "or support to climate change and "orest research activities as
well to its national "orest conservation programmes.
$evasish see(s UN)' support to "orest research and conservation
*,NAC, -eb @@ (%++)&%angladesh today reiterated its call to the global community
particularly the international environmental agencies "or support to climate change and
"orest research activities as well to its national "orest conservation programmes.
0nternational agencies under di""erent programmes have been providing support to high
level greenhouse gas (G2G) emitting countries to protect their tropical "orests "rom
%ut low G2G emitting tropical countries li(e %angladesh which are contributing to
carbon storage through ta(ing care o" their dense "orests under their own national
programme are not getting proper incentives.
<eader o" %angladesh delegation and +pecial Assistant to the Chie" Adviser on *inistry
o" )nvironment and -orests 1aja $evasish 1oy said at the UN)' Governing Council and
Global )nvironment *inisterial -orum (G)*-) meeting.
Unless and until the capacity o" developing countries is enhanced through research
policy re"orm and technology trans"er our wor( in retaining our "orest cover and in
enhancing ecologically sound development will remain "ragmented $evasish said while
addressing on the closing day o" the three&day meeting.
%angladesh needs support to broad research to protect the bio&diversity o" its large "orest
areas particularly the world heritage +undarbans repeating the call o" %angladesh in %ali
climate change con"erence in $ecember last to establish regional o""ice o" 0'CC in
1aja $ebasish 1oy than(ed UN)' its )>ecutive $irector Achim +teiner "or his initiative
and able leadership "or "und mobili3ation to address the economic the climate change
issues as well other committed individuals wor(ing "or translate broader UN)'
commitment to environment concerns.
UN)'#s role needs to be strengthened in the continuing UN re"orms in terms o" its
capacity building and "inancial power. 'artnership with major groups including youths
women and indigenous peoples also should be maintained and strengthened he said.
The +pecial Assistant to the Chie" Adviser said more substantive "unding to
environmental sectors in developing countries by UN)' and other sources is vital as
private sector investment to this sector has not been improved yet.
1aja $ebasish 1oy said %angladesh want to do its own research on environmental issues
including climate change. %ut capacity to underta(e such researches should be
4SS- I'!! ures Govern/en$s $o In$ensi2y Rene(ab#e Enery 1eve#o+/en$
+aturday @L -ebruary @AAG by Anup ;umar ;hastagir & %++ news (%angladesh)
The 0ntergovernmental 'anel on Climate Change (0'CC) established by UN)' and the
!orld *eteorological ,rganisation (!*,) urge the government to intensi"y their e""orts
"or renewable energy to stabili3e the carbon dio>ide concentrations in the atmosphere at
between FLF to FVA ppm (parts per million) in @AFA to avoid catastrophic change o"
0'CC urges governments gathered in *onaco to intensi"y renewable energy development
*,NAC, -eb @L (%++)& The 0ntergovernmental 'anel on Climate Change (0'CC)
established by UN)' and the !orld *eteorological ,rganisation (!*,) advised the
governments to intensi"y their e""orts "or renewable energy to stabili3e the carbon dio>ide
concentrations in the atmosphere at between FLF to FVA ppm (parts per million) in @AFA
to avoid catastrophic change o" climate.
To achieve the target the governments need to improve more than double in energy
e""iciency a report o" the 0'CC submitted to the environment ministers attending the
UN)' Governing Council and Global *inisterial )nvironment -orum (GCPG*)-)
meeting here said.
,ver recent years growth and investments in the energy savings areas "rom transport and
power generation to industries and households has been increased enhancing the intensity
o" renewable energy use by one to one and&a&hal" per cent a year.
B0" the rate o" energy e""iciency improvement could be increased to @.F per cent world&
wide it would be possible to (eep carbon dio>ide concentrations in the atmosphere below
FFA parts per million (ppm) through the end o" the centuryD the 0'CC report said.
Growth o" investments in low carbon and renewable energies should be accelerated and
"ostered widely to assist meeting global climate change targets alongside helping to
achieve the *illennium $evelopment Goals the report said.
Currently about TA countries including KL developing countries have targets "or
renewables while around GA countries having mar(et mechanisms to encourage
renewable energy development are playing important role in driving national and global
energy mar(ets.
0n @AAQ "inancial transactions in the sustainable energy sector reached SKTA billion up
"rom just over SKAA billion in @AAT the report said adding a "undamental change is also
emerging in terms o" the range o" investors entering into the renewable energy mar(ets.
-our "inancial sectors& venture capitalists private equity investors public capital mar(ets
and investment ban(s& which showed little interest to invest in renewable energy
improvement projects are coming "orward "or quic(est and sustainable energy capital
mobili3ation it noted.
The rise in such investments is not only triggering new business opportunities in both
developed and developing countries but also contributing to countering the increase in
greenhouse gases.
The new report dra"ted to assist the ministerial discussions noted that& more than @.L
million people now have jobs in the renewable energy sector against around two million
in oil and gas and "our million in the global air transport industry.
The UN -ramewor( Convention on Climate Change (UN-CC) estimated that an
additional @AA to @KA billon U+ dollar will be needed to return green house gases
emissions to @AAO levels and nearly S@AA billion "or adaptation measures.
A number o" recent assessments by 0'CC and UN-CCC put the costs o" emission
stabili3ation at between A.L per cent up to "our per cent o" global G$'. !hile +ir
Nicholas +tern adviser to %ritish government on the economics o" climate change and
development estimated it at one per cent o" global G$' costing around SKLO billion in
@AKF rising to SVLA billion in @AFA.
The 0'CC report said renewable energy improvement should be supported by government
policies including stronger energy saving building codes penalties or disincentives "or
builders to choose the cheapest and least energy e""icient designs and promoting low
emission materials and gadgets "or industrial and household appliances and through
policies that promote mass transports.
,ther measures the 0'CC suggested the government "or supporting utility pricing that
"avours energy e""iciencyW promoting combined heat and power and improving energy
savings in e>isting power plants and electricity transmission in"rastructure.
%++PA;2PKKKQhrs local time
6urna# Nasiona# - 'rin"e )#ber$ II ures (or#d $o redu"e "arbon e/issions
+aturday @L -ebruary @AAG by ?eby *ega 0ndah & /urnal Nasional (0ndonesia)
0n @Ath "ebruary 'rince Albert 00 "rom *onaco opened the UN)' con"erence. 0n his
speech he as( the world to reduce carbon emition. BThe objective o" @AU less by @A@A
which seemed unthin(able a "ew years ago is now clearly esthablished in )uropeD said
'rince Albert 00.
This UN)' con"erence is a "ollow up o" implementing programs which discussed in %ali
1oad map last year. 0n Unep "orum the same day 'resident UN-CCC C,' KL 1achmat
!itolear said climate change solution now lays on @ issuesW "inancing and technology
trans"er. This issues didn#t "ind their ways on last C,' KL.
0ndonesia will bring 1)$$ and its C$* project in to this negotiations. +ome o" pilot
projects are already prepared by -orest $epartement bac( home which lay in %orneo
Celebes and 'apua.
0n the con"erence China made a big surprise by claiming emition target until KF U.
!hile in develop countires German and Norway more signi"icantlly tal( about
renewable energy. They both agree that their policies are solution "or handling climate
change issues.
According to +ecretary general UN-CCC =vo de %oer all delegates will try to "ind the
solution "rom their national programmes "or C,' KF in the ne>t @ years.
This con"erence is attended by KOO countries with K@F ministers.
'angeran Albert 00 'enerus $inasti Grimaldi *onaco menyata(an target redu(si emisi
(arbon negara maju sebanya( @A U pada @A@A sudah ta( bisa ditawar lagi. 'ernyataan ini
disampai(annya dalam pembu(aan ;on"erensi United Nation )nvironment 'rogram di
*onte Carlo *onaco.
$alam sesi pembu(aan @A -ebruari wa(tu setempat tersebut 'angeran Albert juga
menyata(an du(ungan negaranya merati"i(asi 'roto(ol ;yoto. B*onaco telah
merati"i(asi 'roto(ol ;yoto dan ber(omitmen meredu(si emisi gqas rumah (aca G U dari
KVVA hingga periode @AAG&@AK@D (atanya. 'utra mah(ota *onaco ini berharap target
tersebut dapat diimplementasi(an secara nyata dalam 1encana )nergi 'erubahan 0(lim
;on"erensi UN)' (ali ini merupa(an tinda( lanjut dari implementasi program&program
yang dibahas dalam %ali 1oad *ap tahun lalu. $alam "orum Unep di hari yang sama
'residen UN-CCC C,' KL 1achmat !itoelar menyata(an solusi perubahan i(lim dunia
terleta( pada pendanaan dan trans"er te(nologi. ;edua masalah ini masih belum dapat
terpecah(an dalam UN-CCC C,' KL di %ali tahun lalu. +aat itu terjadi (etida(coco(an
pendapat antara negara ber(embang dan maju.
B+e(arang tinggal bagaimana mencari (esepa(atan internasional yang (uat dalam @ tahun
(edepan dari target&target nasional yang banya( di(embang(an masing&masing negara
saat iniD (ata +e(retaris /enderal UN-CCC =vo de %oer. ;on"erensi UN)' (ali ini
(husus membahas implementasi program&program solusi perubahan i(lim yang telah
ditetap(an beberapa negara berdasar(an C,' KL UN-CCC lalu.
0ndonesia yang mengusung 1eduction )mition on $e"orestation and $egradation
(1)$$) telah menyiap(an beberapa proye( percontohan di ;alimantan 'apua dan
+ulawesi. $epartemen ;ehutanan bertinda( sebagai pela(sana membentu( $ewan
;ehutanan Nasional yang menggarap implementasi proye( contoh 1)$$. 'rogram ini
sendiri menjadi strategi 0ndonesia memasu(i pasar (arbon dunia dan mendesa(
internasional atas pendanaan solusi perubahan i(lim.
'rogram&program lainnya juga berasal dari China Ameri(a +elatan dan *e(si(o. China
secara mengejut(an menyata(an a(an menetap(an redu(si emisi KFU dari industri
mere(a. Target ini ditetap(an mengingat Ameri(a (erap menyorot per(embangan
industrial China yang dianggap berpotensi mengganti(an 'aman +am menjadi produsen
emisi (arbon terbesar dunia. +ementara Ameri(a +elatan dan *e(si(o mulai
memperhitung(an pengembangan energi terbaru(an.
$i piha( negara&negara maju /erman dan Norwegia lebih membahas implementasi
te(nologi terbaru(an yang a(an berjalan lewat du(ungan peraturan pemerintah dan
hu(um pasar. *enteri <ing(ungan /erman +igmar Gabriel menyontoh(an pada (asus
pembangunan pembang(it listri( batu bara yang ta( a(an e"e(ti" lagi di )ropa.
*engingat peraturan (etat Uni )ropa membuat sumber energi penghasil (arbon emisi
tersebut tida( a(an mampu bersaing harga dalam pasar. B'eraturan dan pasar )ropa a(an
menjadi (ontrol dengan sendirinyaD (ata Gabriel. *endu(ung /erman Norwegia
meminta dunia segera menetap(an peraturan serupa secara internasional dan tida(
ter(ota(&(ota( pada negara tertentu saja.
+aat ini target dan program perubahan i(lim di )ropa sendiri masih terbatas pada masing&
masing negara. *onaco misalnya secara nasional telah bergabung dengan United
Nations -oundation mendu(ung target redu(si global TAU pada @AFA.
BUntu( itu (ita ber(umpul disini mendengar strategi&strategi nasional guna mencari
solusi yang paling mung(in dila(sana(an di ;openhagen nantiD (ata de %oer. *enurut
rencana C,' KF di ;openhagen a(an menetap(an (elanjutan target emisi (arbon dunia
pasca bera(hirnya 'roto(ol ;yoto. ;on"erensi UN)' (ali ini dihadiri KOO negara dengan
K@F menteri ling(ungan.
'ublished in /urnal Nasional @Kth -eb @AAG
!#i/a$e !%ane Media 'ar$ners%i+- So#ar Fir/ (an$s !#ean 1eve#o+/en$
Me"%anis/ reu#a$ions eased $o bene2i$ rura# +oor7
+aturday @L -ebruary @AAG by *ichael !ambi (Uganda)
A success"ul solar energy company engaged in e>apanding solar energy in 0ndia says
;yoto 'rotocol#s Clean development mechanism (C$*) is not bene"iting the rural poor
because o" the sti"" regulations required.
%y !ambi *ichael (Climate Change *edia -ellow *onaco )
*assive distribution o" solar )nergy in rural 0ndian villages has proven as one o" the
cheapest means o" controlling Green Gas emissions but such initiatives are unli(ely to be
"unded by under the Clean $evelopment *echanism (C$*) provided "or under the
;yoto protocol.
'rivate ,rgani3ations li(e +elco +olar <ight in 0ndia have now resorted voluntary
emissions mar(et on reali3ing it is impossible to harness bene"its "rom Clean
$evelopment mechanisms.
2arish 2ande the *anaging $irector o" +elco +olar <ight <imited says the
documentation e>ercise required to accesses the C$* "unding is not easy "or small
enterprises which always have rural connections.
B!e have discovered that the documentation e>ercise under ;yoto protocol is quite
e>pensive and could only be a""orded by big companies li(e )rnest =oung. we "ound the
process "or selling savings on carbon emissions through the ;yoto 'rotocol#s C$* too
e>pensive and time&consuming "or us Bhe said
+elco deals in with selling lighting to poor households as a "orm o" controlling reliance
on (erosene and reduction h greenhouse gases (GhGs). The use o" solar energy according
*r. 2arish has non Green Gas )nvironmental bene"its too. B0n addition to C,@
displacement decentrali3ed solar energy o""ers many environmental advantages. They
replace in rural homes such as (erosene lamps dry cell batteries and car batteries
charged "rom a grid or generator RD he said +urveys conducted by 0ndia#s Tata )nergy
1esearch 0nstitute indicated that people reported eye irritation coughing and nasal
problems associated with the use o" (erosene lamps and that emitting pollutants with
(nown respiratory impacts (such as carbon mono>ide nitrogen o>ide and hydrocarbons).
*r. +olar could be one o" the projects "unded under Clean $evelopment *echanism i"
the procedure to accessing the "unding was eased.
Clean $evelopment *echanisms allow industrialised countries with GhG reduction
commitments to invest in projects that reduce emissions in developing countries as an
alternative to more e>pensive emission reductions in their own countries.
+elco under the voluntary emission mar(et has sold over OFAA tonnes o" carbon dio>ide
(C,@) to %ritain&based Carbon Neutral and saved about @GAAA tonnes o" C,@ equivalent
per year by helping poor "amilies to replace smo(e&emitting (erosene "or lighting.
+elco is now helping low&income rural individuals especially women earn a livelihood
through the company#s sale o" carbon emissions in the voluntary mar(et.
)mission savings are calculated on +elco#s sale o" GFAAA solar lighting units together
with the average consumption o" K@A litres o" (erosene per "amily per year. )nds
N,T) 2arish 2ande who "ounder o" +elco was at United Nations )nvironment
'rogramme KAth +pecial +ession o" the Governing Council P Global *inisterial
)nvironment -orum in *onaco where he was interviewed by Climate Change *edia
'artnership "ellow !ambi *ichael. *r. 2arish can be reached by email on
!#i/a$e !%ane Media 'ar$ners%i+- Hybrid !ars O22se$ !arbon E/ission )$
Mona"o Environ/en$ Minis$eria# Foru/
+aturday @L -ebruary @AAG by *ichael !ambi (Uganda)
0nvestment in new techonlogy is proving to be one o" the avenues to o""set carbon
emissions responsible "or global warming . +uch technology was e>hibited at *onaco at
Global *inisterial )nvironment -orum.
%y !ambi *ichael
The latest technology o" Toyota cars were used to drive the delegates attending the KAth
session o" United Nations )nvironment 'rogramme as another e""ort to cut greenhouse
gas emissions cause by the transportation industry. +tudies have indicated that emissions
"rom motor vehicles have a signi"icant contribution to global warming. ?ehicles using
"ossil "uels are a major source o" nitrogen o>ide (N,>) a central component o"
emissions. These emissions cause low&level o3one resulting in unhealthy air quality.
!orldwide carbon dio>ide (C,@) levels are increasing each year due to the combustion
o" petroleum. About K.T billion people depend on traditional petroleum only based
vehicles a very ine""icient "orm o" transportation that is detrimental to the global
environment. A 2ybrid car uses an electrical motor and with low noise emissions
compared to "uel&powered cars. At low speeds the noise emissions o" hybrid cars are
optimal "or the public. 2ybrid cars help reduce the amount o" smog that is in the air.
1esearch has indicated that substantial green gas emission can be reduced by @F percent
when using hybrid cars .2ybrid cars also reduce the potential removal o" Carbon
mono>ide by reducing the amount o" Greenhouse emissions tons "rom GT tons "or the
Conventional vehicle. Nic( Nuttel the +po(esperson o" United Nations )nvironment
'rogramme said B2ybrid )lectric ?ehicles have the potential to combat global warming
and lesson the dependence on "ossil "uels. B There is huge technology being developed
around the world and the hybrid car is one o" them. All these have been driven by the
;yoto 'rotocol. +o there is huge amount o" technology being unleashed around the world
as a result o" carbon mar(ets.D he said . 0nternational Association o" public Transport
Union 'resident 1oberto Cavalirei welcomed the hybrid technology and other cleaner
technology in the transport sector. 2e however e>pressed concern that such technology
has not been e>panded to huge transportation "acilities li(e buses and <orries. United
Nations )nvironment 'rogramme entrusted The *onaco carbon o""setting measure to
'rince Albert 00 who is actively engaged in environment conservation and anti&global
warming e""orts under his 'rince Albert -oundation.
4SS- &NE' es$ab#is%es !arbon Neu$ra# Ne$(or5 $o 1e"arboni8e E"ono/ies
+aturday @L -ebruary @AAG by Anup ;umar ;hastagir & %++ news (%angladesh)
An ambitious initiative is launched to address climate change issues and meet the urgent
need to de&carboni3e the global economy.
UN)' establishes CN Net to decorboni3e economies
*,NAC, -eb @K (%++)& United Nations )nvironment 'rogrammes (UN)') here today
launched a ambitious initiative to address climate change issues and meet the urgent need
to de&carboni3e the global economy.
Under the initiative the UN)' in cooperation with UN )nvironmental Group has
established RClimate Neutral Networ( (CN Net)# with an aim to "ederate the nations
cities local authorities communities and companies which would wor( to be Rcarbon
neutral# by bring their emission to 3ero level.
-our countries "our cities and "ive companies announced their joining with the initiative
as UN)' )>ecutive $irector Achim +teiner today "ormally launched the CN Net at a
simple "unction here today in the sideline o" the ongoing UN)'#s Governing Council
(GC)PGlobal *inisterial )nvironmental -orum (G*)-) meeting.
The "our countries to be partner o" the CN Net are Costa 1ica 0celand New 8ealand and
Norway while the "our cities are Arendal o" Norway 1i3hao o" China ?ancouver o"
Canada and ?a>jo o" +weden.
The "ive companies became the "irst to join the CN Net are Cooperative -inancial
+ervices largest solar installation company o" U; 0nter"ace 0nc. a commercial interiors
company o" U+A %ra3ilian multinational cosmetic company Natura Nedban( a leading
ban( o" +outh A"rica and +ingapore#s largest power company +eno(o 'ower.
Achim +teiner termed the initiative as a beginning o" establishing cooperation between
state and company level to address the challenges o" climate neutrality. *any countries
are not considering the option o" climate neutrality thin(ing it absurd or economically
incompatible he said.
CN Net would assist in building con"idence through demonstrable action at national and
local level "or transition to a low even 3ero carbon "uture he said adding the carbon
neutrality would be a reality i" inspiring and practical actions could be "ederated around
the world.
'resident o" G*)- and environment minister o" Costa 1ica 1oberto $obles
environment minister o" 0celand Thorun +veinbjarnardottir environment minister o" New
8ealand Todd ;rieble environment and development minister o" Norway )ri( +olheim
and mayor o" Arendal city Torill 1ollstad were present.
Costa 1ica#s environment minister 1oberto $obles announced his country#s unilateral
commitment to be a carbon neutral country by @A@K. BThe success"ul economies o" the
"uture will be those which are decarboni3ed and climate "riendlyD he said.
Norway#s environment minister )ri( +olheim said the CN Net would be an important
contribution to the development and promotion o" carbon neutral economies. 0t will
"acilitate the role o" mar(et&based solution and economic regulatory measures to combat
climate change he said.
UN)' o""icials said the networ( would be truly in"ormation e>change networ( and over
the coming months intergovernmental bodies organi3ations civil society groups and
individuals "rom all sectors o" society would be invited to join the networ(.
%++PA;2PKTAAhrs (local time)
4SS- &NE' G! /ee$in #aun"%ed (i$% "a## $o /obi#i8e inves$/en$ in "#ean enery
+aturday @L -ebruary @AAG by Anup ;umar ;hastagir & %++ news (%angladesh)
T UN)'#s Governing Council and Global *inisterial )nvironment -orum (G*)-)
meeting is launched in *onaco with a target to mobili3ing "und to address the impending
impacts o" the climate change.
UN)' GC meeting launched with call to mobili3e investment in clean energy
*,NAC, -eb @A (%++)& The KAth +pecial +ession o" the United Nations )nvironment
'rogramme (UN)')#s Governing Council and Global *inisterial )nvironment -orum
(G*)-) meeting launched here today with a target to mobili3ing "und to address the
impending impacts o" the climate change.
!ith a view to achieve the goal the UN)' main UN body to loo( at the global
environmental issues UN)' invited leading business leaders entrepreneurs civil society
members as well as scientists to the meeting.
Addressing the inaugural session o" the three&day meeting UN)' )>ecutive $irector
Achim +teiner called "or doubling the annual improvements in energy e""iciency to avert
catastrophic a""ects o" the climate changes and put together leading public "inance
agencies to invest in the clean energy sector development.
B0" the rate o" energy e""iciency improvement could be increased to @.F per cent world&
wide it would be possible to (eep carbon dio>ide concentrations in the atmosphere below
FFA parts per million (ppm) at the end o" the centuryD he said.
Achim +teiner said the UN)' in @AAG will launch a new +ustainable )nergy -inance
Alliance to put together the leading public "inance agencies across the world to invest in
clean energy development sector.
B,ne o" our (ey objectives o" the UN)' "or the ne>t two years is to address the economic
o" responding to global warming that why the UN)' and G*)- have concentrated their
"ocus on the issue o" "inanceD he said adding BUN)'#s role is to push the "rontiers o"
environmental "inance beyond the conventional orthodo> o" "inancial institutions and
'rince o" *onaco Albert 00 'resident o" the UN)' Governing Council and *inister o"
)nvironment and )nergy o" Costa 1ica 1oberto $obles $eputy )>ecutive $irector o"
UN 2abitat 0nga %jor&;levby addressed among others in the opening session o" the
*inisters and delegates "rom KFO countries civil society members leading personalities
o" scienti"ic and business communities top ran(ing o""icials o" the UN bodies are
attending the three&day meeting.
A two&member delegation led by +pecial Assistant to the Chie" Adviser o" %angladesh on
)nvironment and -orests 1aja $ebashish 1oy are ta(ing part in the meeting "rom
The UN)' )>ecutive $irector appreciated the mobili3ation o" grassroots people in some
countries greenery plans and %illion Tree Campaign to empower people to achieve the
global objectives to address the climate change issues. Under the %illion Tree Campaign
'rogramme two billion trees would be planted in about KFAcountries this year he said.
2e said the UN)' under a medium term plan have identi"ied si> areas to strengthen and
"ocusing it#s response to climate change issues. The areas he said are4 climate change
disasters and con"licts ecosystem management environmental governance harm"ul
substances and ha3ardous waste and resource e""iciency.
)>tending his support to the UN)' initiative "or "und mobili3ation to address the climate
change impacts 'rince Albert 00 said B0t became clear that public "inances and the
private "inancial sector have the (ey role to play in the promotion o" sustainable
BGlobal warming is a (ey "actor "or public and private policies o" the same magnitude
and importance as the globali3ation o" mar(et or demographic technologiesD he said
adding B0n order to limit the impact o" climate change it is essential "or our economies
to change carbon use and reduce emission as recommended by scientists.
,n the "irst day o" the governing council the UN)' =ear %oo(&@AAG has also been
released which showed an emergence o" RGreen )conomy# across the world as growing
numbers o" companies are embracing environmental policies and investors pumping
hundreds o" billions o" dollars into cleaner and renewable energies.
%++PA;2PKQAAhrs (local time)
6urna# Nasiona# - &NE' invi$es Indonesia $o neu$ra#ise i$s "arbon e/issions
+aturday @L -ebruary @AAG by ?eby *ega 0ndah & /urnal Nasional (0ndonesia)
UN)' has invited 0ndonesia to neutrali3e its carbon emissions. This invitation has come
"ollowing scepticism that the Climate Neutral Networ( is an initiative only "or developed
countries. Nic( NuttalUN)' spo(eperson said that the Networ( is conceived as a way
"or all members & including those "rom developing countries & to e>change in"ormation
and technologies.
The Networ( was launched on @Kst -ebruary in *onaco by a group o" countries which
willing to reduce their carbon emissions to 3ero within a "i>ed number o" years.
2owever the initiative has yet to tac(le issues such a lac( o" controls on members#
progress in achieving carbon neutrality and the absence o" agreements on Technology
Trans"er still under negotiation in the run up to C,' KF in Copenhagen.
Unep mengundang 0ndonesia i(ut bergabung dalam gera(an Climate Neutral Networ(
yang diresmi(an (emarin di *onte Carlo *onaco. Gera(an ini bertujuan meredu(si
produ(si emisi (arbon hingga ting(at nol pada tahun tertentu.
B;ami mengundang 0ndonesia untu( i(ut bergabung dalam gera(an iniD (ata Nic(
Nuttal/uru %icara UN)'. *enurutnya gera(an ini di masa depan a(an menjadi alat tu(ar
in"ormasi dan te(nologi antar negara&negara anggota.
Climate Neutral Networ( yang baru diresmi(an ini terdiri dari O negara O (ota dan F
perusahaan dunia. +ebagian besar negara anggota saat ini masih terdiri dari negara&negara
maju )ropa. Negara ber(embang baru diwa(ili Costa 1ica dan (ota 1i3hao China.
*enanggapi s(eptisme program ini hanya berla(u bagi negara&negara maju sajaW *enteri
<ing(ungan 2idup Norwegia )ri( +olheim menyata(an program ini a(an di(embang(an
bagi negara&negara ber(embang lainnya.
B;ami ingin suatu saat program ini dapat menjang(au negara ber(embang lainnya seperti
A"ri(a termasu( mewujud(an trans"er te(nologiD (ata +tolheim.
Nuttal menga(ui program Unep ini masih belum sempurna. ;e(urangan terleta( pada
tida( adanya standar (ontrol netralisasi (arbon para anggota serta rancangan trans"er
te(nologi masih dalam bentu( wacana masing&masing anggota.
BUntu( trans"er te(nologi (ami masih menunggu s(ema yang jelas dari C,' KF
(UN-CCC) di ;openhagen nanti. Climate Neutral Net ini lebih berbentu( inisiati"
(epemimpinan untu( mendesa( negara lain terutama Ameri(a lebih perhatian dalam isu
iniD (ata +olheim.
Target netralisasi (arbon beragam diantara para anggota. Norwegia menarget(an
netralisasi i(lim pada @ALA lewat e"esiensi energi. Negara ini juga berencana berinvestasi
dalam program 1)$$ dan C$*. +erupa dengan Norwegia +elandia baru mengurangi
emisinya se(itar VA persen dari listri( FA persen dari mobil dan emisi transportasi pada
+ementara Costa 1ica menarget(an netralisasi (arbon pada @A@K bertepatan dengan @AA
tahun (emerde(aan mere(a. Netralisasi ini dihitung lewat redu(si (arbon emisi
diimbangi penanaman F juta pohon tahun lalu.
Tantangan terbesar dila(u(an 0celand yang juga negara penghasil emisi (arbon per(apita
terbesar dunia. Negara ini menarget(an redu(si emisi hingga QF persen pada @AFA.
pengurangan produ(si (arbon dila(u(an dengan mengguna(an energi terbaru(an.
YYY 'ublished in /urnal Nasional @@th "eb @AAG
6urna# Nasiona# - Mona"o 9 a "oun$ry (i$% no environ/en$a# +rob#e/s:
+aturday @L -ebruary @AAG by ?eby *ega 0ndah & /urnal Nasional (0ndonesia)
*onaco is a country with "ew environment problems. 1eports "rom sources ranging "rom
the C0A to the UN ac(nlowedge that the Grimaldi +tate doesn#t have any bad record at all
when it comes to the environment. )ven the air remains relatively "ree "rom tra""ic
pollution. 'eople are as li(ely to wal( instead o" drives. The streets are narow and steep
requiring special s(ills o" driving.
Though their G$' per capita is S LAAAA wal(ing is the best choice.
The government also supports public transport well. -or only K )uro 0 can travel around
*onte Carlo. This policy increased public transport use increase @A U in @AAQ.
*onaco also has a policy o" 2igh 9uality %uilt )nvironment which requires every
building to save at least KA U o" energy and water consumption. This policy is evident in
the -orum Grimaldi where the con"erence is being held. 0t has been built using glass
which will captures heat and light more and all the toilets use automatic plumbing.
*onaco mung(in satu&satunya negara di dunia yang ta( memili(i masalah ling(ungan.
*ulai dari situs C0A hingga (e catatan '%% negara ini ta( terdo(umentasi(an
bermasalah dengan polusi apapun. %ah(an asap (nalpot pun ta( tercium disini. *es(i
dengan G$' per(apita U+ S LA ribu pendudu( negara Grimaldi tersebut dijamin mampu
memili(i (endaraan pribadi.
/alan&jalan di *onte Carlo *onaco memang mulus tanpa reta(an sedi(it pun. Namun
tetap saja jarang mobil terlihat di sana. %ah(an dalam jam&jam sibu( se(alipun
pendudu(nya terlihat lebih senang berjalan (a(i. *engi(is jeja( emisi (arbon yang
biasanya banya( dihasil(an dari (endaraan bermotor di (ota&(ota dunia. 'ara pejalan (a(i
memang dimanja disini.
;emewahan ini saya rasa(an sendiri saat a(an menyeberang dari tempat (on"erensi
UN)' di -orum Grimaldi menuju 2otel -airmont. +aya sengaja menunggu mobil sport
'eugeot co(lat muda yang a(an melintas. ;ebiasaan ini terbawa dari /a(arta (ota
dimana para pejalan (a(i harus memili(i mawas diri yang tinggi ji(a ingin selamat.
Alih&alih langsung melaju mobil itu justru i(ut berhenti. Ta( terasa se(itar L menit (ami
saling tunggu. A(hirnya saya tersadar dan buru&buru menyeberang. +ambil melewati
mobil itu saya lambai(an tangan berterima (asih.
0seng&iseng saya perhati(an jalan raya *onte Carlo selama perjalanan dari hotel tempat
menginap di Nice 'rancis. 'ada jam&jam sibu( mobil yang melintas tetap dapat dihitung
dengan jari. /alan baru ramai saat iring&iringan mobil ;epala Negara *onaco 'angeran
Albert 00 melintas.
*onaco telah lama di(enal sebagai negara )ropa yang pro ling(ungan. Tata (ota dengan
jalan sempit ber(elo( diimbuhi tata (ota yang api( membuat pendudu(nya lebih senang
berjalan (a(i. %erbanding terbali( dengan biaya hidup yang tinggi tari" transportasi
umum *onaco justru murah. 2anya dengan K )uro saya sudah dapat ber(eliling negara
ini bah(an menyeberang (e Nice 'rancis.
;enyamanan ini berasal dari (ebija(an 'emerintah *onaco memberi(an subsidi tinggi
pada tari" ang(utan umum. 2asilnya terlihat pada @AAQ saat jumlah pengguna transport
umum negara itu mening(at hingga @A U.
;ebija(an pro ling(ungan *onaco juga berla(u lewat peraturan 2aute 9ualite
)nvironnementale alias ;ualitas Tinggi <ing(ungan 2idup. ;ebija(an ini mengharus(an
setiap bangunan di *onaco menghemat KA persen dari energi yang diguna(an.
'enghematan ini dihitung terutama lewat pema(aian energi listri( dan (onsumsi air.
Contoh paling nyata terlihat lewat Gedung -orum Grimaldi tempat (on"erensi UN)'
diselenggara(an. +emua (eran air disini bersi"at otomatis yang langsung berhenti saat
tangan diang(at dari wasta"el. *anajemen antisipasi bencana juga terlihat lewat
in"rastru(tur yang menguat(an tembo(&tembo( batu (arang di seluruh *onaco.
+ecara sejarah *onaco yang di(uasai $inasti Grimaldi memang de(at dengan isu
penyelamatan ling(ungan. 'angeran Albert 0 ter(enal a(ti" dalam pencegahan
penang(apan i(an berlebih. +ementara 'angeran Albert 00 yang (ini ber(uasa (erap
mengunjungi ;utub Utara guna mengece( langsung dampa( pemanasan global.
;esadaran ling(ungan berpadu dengan (e(uatan dana telah membuat udara air dan
tanah *onaco hampir sebersih hutan perawan.
YYY'ublished in /urnal Nasional @@th -ebruary @AAG
!#i/a$e "%ane Media 'ar$ners%i+- !arbon Neu$ra# Ne$(or5 #aun"%ed as !#i/a$e
!%ane 1eba$e In$ensi2ies7
+aturday @L -ebruary @AAG by *ichael !ambi (Uganda)
The e""ort to reduce green house gas emissions is to be boosted by a new web&based
project see(ing to "ederate a small but growing wave o" nations local authorities and
companies commited to reducing net emissions to 3ero levels through carbon neutrality
%y !ambi *ichael(Uganda)
A United Nations )nvironment 'rogramme (UN)')&bac(ed networ( o" Countries and
corporations has been established as part o" the e""orts to decarboni3e the global economy
as the debate on global warming intensi"ies. The Climate Neutral Networ( launched at
the Global *inisterial -orum in *onaco is includes "our nations & Costa 1ica 0celand
Norway and New 8ealand & as "ounding members. The 'rincipality o" *onaco has also
indicated that it is joining the Networ(.
The Networ( is e>pected to evolve into a peer pressure mechanism towards carbon
neutrality and will "acilitate the role o" mar(et&based solutions and economic measures to
combat climate change. United Nations )nvironment 'rogramme )>ecutive $irector
Achim +teiner said the Carbon Neutral networ( will connect people around the world
committed to becoming climate neutral by reducing and o""setting their emissions o"
green gases responsible "or global warming.
*r. +teiner who is also UN Under&+ecretary also indicated that that the Carbon Neutral
Networ( is in line with the ;yoto 'rotocol.BThis new initiative supports the "ormal
negotiations under the UN -ramewor( convention on Climate Change .2ere governments
need to navigate the %ali roadmap to a success"ul conclusion o" in Copenhagen @AAV.D he
Norwegian )nvironment and 0nternational $evelopment *inister )ric( +olheim said
the Networ( could be e>panded to bring more countries and cities on board . 2e said
Norway aimed at becoming carbon neutral by @ALA. Norway has so "ar announced plans
to invest almost three billion dollars in reduced emissions "rom de"orestation and
degradation while 0celand plans to reduce its green gas emission by QF percent by @AFA.
6urna# Nasiona# *Indonesia,- Fana$i5 Mobi# Hybird
Thursday @K -ebruary @AAG by ?eby *ega 0ndah &
1eporting on climate change issues can change a journalist#s li"estyle. 0n *onaco at the
Global *inisterial -orum Climate Change *edia 'artnership "ellows almost cancelled
their ideas about public transport to borrow a lu>ury car. BThere#s no way that#s a
hybridD my colleague *ar( 2arvey said.
-inally we "ound out that it was indeed a hybrid card. Though we still can#t borrow it and
still have to return to our hotel in Nice by train.
%er(ecimpung dengan in"ormasi perubahan i(lim tanpa sadar mengubah gaya hidup para
wartawan. $alam liputan UN)' di *onte Carlo *onaco para wartawan peserta
-ellowship Climate Change *edia 'atnership ta( sengaja jadi "anati( terhadap mobil
$i pe(arangan -orum Grimaldi dimana (on"erensi berlangsung tersedia beberapa mobil
<e>us yang boleh diguna(an secara gratis. *obil bercat hitam ini hampir sama dengan
mobil (enegaraan yang (erap diguna(an 'angeran Albert 00 dari *onaco.
*ar( 2arvey $ire(tur Climate Change *edia 'atnership pun berusaha mencari tahu
cara meminjam (endaraan tersebut. Niat ini hampir gagal saat para "ellowship
mempertanya(an jumlah emisi (arbon yang mung(in dihasil(an.
B*obil ini sepertinya bu(an 2ybird jadi lebih bai( batal sajaD (ata 2arvey. 'ria yang
tinggal di <ondon ini menundu( mencoba mencari tanda 2ybird di badan mobil.
%ersamanya para peserta "ellowship i(ut latah mencari.
'ara "ellowship pun mengelilingi mobil sambil meraba&raba badan (endaraan itu.
+ampai&sampai seorang polisi mengerut(an (ening menya(si(an ting(ah (ami.
;eputusan sudah bulat mobil tersebut ta( masu( criteria ji(a bu(an dari jenis 2ybird.
*a(lum saja badan mobil dan buatan )ropa identi( dengan boros bahan ba(ar.
B,h mobil ini memang 2ybirdCD (ata 2arvey begitu menemu(an tulisan (ecil dibawah
pintu depan mobil.
+ayangnya 2arvey belum berhasil mencari cara meminjam gratis mobil resmi UN)'
tersebut. ;ami (embali pulang (e Nice 'rancis mengguna(an (ereta umum.
YYY 'ublished in /urnal Nasional @@th "eb AG
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!#i/a$e Media +ar$ners%i+- )r"$i" Reion War/in as Me$%ane #eve#s in"rease
'rince Albert 00 o" *onaco worried about the trends
Thursday @K -ebruary @AAG by *ichael !ambi (Uganda)
*ethane emissions "rom Arctic 1egion could double global warming with dire e""ects to
humans and global biodiversity says UN)' report.
%y !ambi *ichael.
The Arctic 1egion one o" the global Climate systems is warming at nearly twice the rate
o" rest o" the world a new United Nations report has warned.
The United Nations )nvironment 'rogramme (UN)') =earboo( @AAG says the warming
trend is already a""ecting arctic ecosystems and the people who depend on them.
The "indings o" the report released at the Global *inisterial )nvironment -orum in
*onaco indicate that Arctic snow cover will continue to decrease this century.
United Nations )nvironment 'rogramme $eputy $irector 0n Charge o" )arly !arming
and Assessment *arion Cheatle said that one trends identi"ied by the report relates to the
release o" methane "rom perma"rost soils and deposits o" methane hydrates
The 0ntergovernmental 'anel on Climate Change (0'CC) has in the past indicated that
*ethane is a power"ul greenhouse gas with twenty "ive times the warming potential o"
carbon dio>ide
The report warns o" the consequences o" signi"icant increases in methane releases
especially the additional warming that would be "elt around the world. BAny additional
warming will lead to additional ice melt&o" glaciers ice caps and ice sheets Nthat will
raise sea level around the globeD
*arion Cheatle said it is estimated that around QFA to VFA billion metric tones equal to or
larger than the nearly GAA billion metric tones o" carbon currently is in "orm o" carbon
The methane presence is according the report is a result o" increases in the area o"
wetlands created by the thawing and continued warming o" these wet organic soils. The
e>perts warn this will lead to increased global warming. The report calls "or increase in
research investments to understanding the processes o" climate change and to assessing
the impacts on people and habitats.
2is +erene 2ighness 'rince Albert 00 o" *onaco in a statement at the opening o" the
Global *inisterial )nvironment -orum said the "indings about the Arctic region needed
serious attention.
B 0 have noticed during my visits to the artcic the very dramatic regression in polar ice
in @AAQ satellite observations noted a loss o" twenty percent o" the sur"ace o" summer
ice "ield per year . +ome scientists ta(ing into account these new results envisage a total
disappearance o" summer ice by @AKL and no later than @ALAD he said.
'rince Albert 00 promised to hold more discussions with the leaders in the Arctic region in
e""ort to save the people who live there and its biodiversity.
The Arctic is the region around the North 'ole in the Arctic ,cean which has countries
li(e Greenland Canada 1ussia United +tates +weden Norway and -inland.
4SS- !ivi# So"ie$y Re+resen$a$ives "a## 2or "#i/a$e .us$i"e in Mona"o
Thursday @K -ebruary @AAG by Anup ;umar ;hastagir & %++ news (%angladesh)
Global civil society representatives urge the United Nations )nvironment 'rogramme
(UN)') to loo( at climate justice while meeting the challenges o" climate change
adopting mitigation goals and setting out a vision "or a transition to a renewable energy
*,NAC, -eb KV (%++)&Global civil society representatives today urged the United
Nations )nvironment 'rogramme (UN)') to loo( at climate justice while meeting the
challenges o" climate change adopting mitigation goals and setting out a vision "or a
transition to a renewable energy economy.
0n a dialogue with Achim +teiner UN)' )>ecutive $irector civil society representatives
said developed countries are providing "inancing to produce bio&"uels rather than "ood
crops in developing countries in order to supply "uel to help to perpertuate the Rponderous
li"estyles# o" the rich countries.
They said that "inancing "or nuclear energy is not bringing any direct bene"it to the poor
who are also have no access to "unds generated under the Clean $evelopment
*echanism (C$*) urging UN)' to evolve the pragmatic way to help the poor nations.
The dialogue was arranged to mar( the KAth +pecial +ession o" the UN )nvironment
'rogramme#s (UN)') Governing Council Global *inisterial )nvironment -orum
(G*)-) and Vth Global Civil +ociety -orum meetings in the 'rincipality o" *onaco the
second smallest independent state in the world.
1epresentatives "rom KAA organi3ations "rom LA countries and more than KAA ministers
"rom across the globe are attending the "our&day meeting at the con"erence room o" the
Grimaldi -orum.
1esponding to the demands o" civil society members )>ective $irector +teiner sought
the support o" the civil societies o" member countries to strengthen their role in
governmental decision& ma(ing and to "ocus on the environmental agenda in achieving
sustainable development goals.
The UN)' )>ecutive $irector also mentioned the low pro"ile o" the environment
ministers and ministry o" environment in the politics o" power and said Ryou the civil
society members o" the respective countries can play a greater role in pursuing the
governments to bring the environmental dimension in planning arenas at all levels.#
1e"erring to UN)'#s *edium Term +trategy "or @AKA N @AKL Achim +teiner said UN)'
as the principle body o" the UN system to address global environmental issues must
provide real and credible results and "or that reason it is loo(ing at many ideas and
(nowledge within the conte>t o" a limited budget.
B!e want to begin to trans"orm an institution that was "ounded in the @Ath century in the
midst o" many contradictory "orces and interests that determined space "or environmental
governance and environmental architecture that we have been using and developing in
recent yearsD he said.
%ernard -autrier $evelopment *inister o" *onaco <ucien 1oyer leader o"
0nternational Trade Union Con"ederation *ildred *(andla leader o" )arthcare A"rica
)>ecutive $irector o" !omen in )urope "or a Common -uture +ascha Gabi3on too(
part in the dialogue.
2ighlighting the theme o" the meeting B*obili3ing -inance "or the Climate ChallengeD
the UN)' )>ecutive $irector said a well&thought&out plan "or "inancing under a
multilateral system is indispensable as the whole world has been thrown bac( to the
"undamental question o" how it will be able to sustain and provide "or the growing
billions o" people against a bac(drop o" collapsing "isheries land degradation water
stress global warming loss o" bio&diversity and threatened eco&systems.
2e said that civil societies are part o" broader governance systems as they determine
policies in dialogue with their governments stressing that they should wor( together with
government to accelerate the sustainability dimension o" development and the
achievement o" UN)'# goals .
The )>ecutive $irector o" !omen in )urope "or a Common -uture +ascha Gabi3on
critici3ed the organi3ers "or their use o" helicopters "or delegates "rom airport to the
con"erence venue as(ing Rwho will loo( at the poor while they are producing bio&"uel in
their crop lands to supply "uel "or lu>ury transportation and li"estyle o" one percent
richest people in the world5#
+he said the demand "or alternative energy should be met by an intelligent diversi"ied
energy supply deriving "rom sustainably produced energy resources that would not
involve evacuating "armers "rom their land.
2owever *onaco#s $evelopment *inister %ernard -autrier justi"ied the use o"
helicopters in carrying people terming it as a more Rcost e""ective# transport mode than
travel by ta>i in *onaco & one o" the richest states in )urope.
%++PA;2PKGAA local time
T%e 'os$ *'a5is$an, 4#as$ $errorises $(in9"i$y residen$s
*uhammad ;abirPNa3ia 2ameedP*uhammad 0mran ;han
0+<A*A%A$4 'anic has gripped the twin cities o" 1awalpindi and 0slamabad "ollowing
a blast on The *all which claimed eight lives *onday.
*uhammad Adnan an eyewitness told The 'ost the blast occurred outside his o""ice
sha(ing the whole building.
J!e came out o" our o""ices and saw human "lesh and bodies strewn all over the place.
J+cared people were running here and there "or sa"etyJ he saidJ adding that the injured
were screaming "or help.
*eanwhile ambulances o" 1escue KK@@ reached the spot and shi"ted them to Combined
*ilitary 2ospitals he added.
Adnan -arooq another eyewitness said they were busy with their routine wor( when all
o" a sudden the blast occurred triggering panic among people.
*eh"oo3 Ahmed said police reached the scene a"ter @A minutes. 'arents o" -G +ir&+yed
College students said the current spate o" blasts especially this one had "orced them to
have second thoughts on sending their children to the college. The students were also
"rightened by the blast.
+adia Ahmeed said J0 thought that a"ter elections peace would prevail but un"ortunately it
-ollowing the blast scores o" people started closing their shops and o""ices. The security
"orces cordoned the area and restricted all movement. At least "ive commercial ban(s:
buildings are located in the area which is a business hub.
All commercial activity was "ro3en by the blast.
Traders called upon the authorities concerned to ta(e e>traordinary measures to thwart
such activities and demanded stepping up security especially in the cantonment area
where hundreds o" innocent civilians and military people had been (illed in the recent
suicide hits.
%etter governance (ey to managing global environment4 Careta(er -ederal *inister "or
)nvironment and <ocal Government !ajid 2ussain %u(hari has said that better global
governance is not only (ey to managing globalisation and the global environment in an
e""icient and e""ective manner but understanding the relationship between the two.
2e e>pressed these views while addressing the UN)' -orum and later tal(ing to the
environment ministers o" various countries.
The minister said during the last KF years many international summits ministerial
con"erences multilateral agreements conventions and protocols had ta(en place on the
global environment but only a "ew had been translated into action as a result o" which the
global environmental trends continued to be negative. JThere may be several reasons "or
such a lac( o" progress but governance is the master (ey. !e must realise that the
international system o" governance is comple> burdened with duplication and lac(s co&
ordinationJ the minister added.
+yed !ajid 2ussain %u(hari said 'a(istan had always supported global initiatives
towards international environmental governance. 'a(istan is a party to the major
conventions and protocols he added.
Fran52ur$er )##ee/eine ;ei$un- Gr<nes Mus$er#=nd#e an der Riviera
Albert 00. will als gr6ner -6rst in die Geschichte eingehen und l7sst *onaco umbauen.
$ennoch gibt es nach dem <iechtenstein&+(andal auch -ragen 6ber den -inan3plat3
?on *ichaela !iegel
*,NAC,&+TA$T @O. -ebruar. )in (Znigsblauer ;ran ragt 6ber dem $ach des
-6rstenpalastes in den wol(enlosen 2immel wie ein 8eichen das verhei[t4 *onaco ist
im Umbau. $as liegt am neuen 2errscher der mehr als QAA /ahre alten -elsenmonarchie
an der 1iviera an Albert 00. der in ein paar Tagen seinen FA. Geburtstag "eiert. Albert
der J)rbe ohne )igenscha"tenJ wie bZse -edern schrieben hat sich als 1egent der
1e"ormen entpuppt die behutsam und dis(ret ihren <au" nehmen. %ehutsam und dis(ret
tritt auch der -6rst au" was ihn nicht hindert entschlossen sein 8iel 3u ver"olgen4 Albert
00. will aus *onaco ein gr6nes *usterl7ndle machen einen *odellstaat mit modernem
-inan3plat3 und nachhaltiger )ntwic(lung.
$eshalb soll das 2ei[wasser in seinem @LF 8immer gro[en 'alast & nur die ;Znigin von
)ngland hat mehr ;ammern & aus +olar3ellen gewonnen werden die am 'alastdach
angebracht werden. $eshalb "7hrt Albert der gr6ne -6rst im dun(len 2ybrid(leinwagen
japanischer -ertigung den die Touristen 6bersehen wenn sie wie eh und je au" dem
'alastvorplat3 die bunt uni"ormierten Garden und die 'laymobil&%urgen
nachemp"undenen ;anonen(ugelstapel und 'alastmauer mit +chie[scharten bewundern.
$eshalb auch (ommt Albert am *ittwoch nach $eutschland wo er 3wei in der
+olartechni( und im Automobilbau spe3ialisierte Unternehmen besichtigen will.
Nat6rlich ist der %esuch bei %undes(an3lerin *er(el 2Zhepun(t der ersten o""i3iellen
?isite des monegassischen 1egenten in %erlin. -ragen 6ber den -inan3plat3 *onaco
nach dem <iechtenstein&+(andal5 Albert 00. (ennt viele Antworten hat er doch seit dem
/ahr @AAA noch als J/uniorpartnerJ -6rst 1ainiers die Au"nahme *onacos in den
)uroparat mit vorbereitet. -ragen 6ber den -inan3plat3 *onaco haben die ?erhandlungen
in die <7nge ge3ogen bis *onaco @AAO "eierlich in den )uroparat au"genommen wurde.
Albert ist seither nicht m6de geworden "6r Transparen3 und Tadellosig(eit des
-inan3plat3es 3u werben. J)thi( ist nicht teilbar. Geld und )hrenha"tig(eit m6ssen immer
im )in(lang stehen. $ie %edeutung des -inan3plat3es von *onaco verlangt eine e>treme
!achsam(eit um 3u verhindern dass sich -inan3a(tivit7ten entwic(eln die in unserem
<and nicht will(ommen sind. Um derartige -ehlentwic(lungen 3u verhindern muss
*onaco in 2armonie mit allen 0nstitutionen 3usammenarbeiten die das gleiche 8iel
teilenJ sagte -6rst Albert in seiner 1ede mit der er die Nach"olge seines im April @AAF
verstorbenen ?aters antrat.
$en ?orwur" dass *onaco nach dem %onmot des englischen +chri"tstellers +omerset
*augham ein Jsonniger 'lat3 "6r 3wielichtige <euteJ (Ja sunny place "or shady peopleJ)
sei hat Albert von ;indesbeinen an gehZrt. -6rst 1ainier hatte den !ohlstand des
*iniaturstaates der 3ehnmal im -ran("urter -lugha"en und 3weimal im )nglischen
Garten in *6nchen untergebracht werden (Znnte mit der richtigen *ischung aus
Glamour und Geld gemehrt. Noch bevor ein "ran3Zsischer Untersuchungsausschuss mit
dem ehrgei3igen /ungso3ialisten Arnaud *ontebourg an der +pit3e im -r6hjahr @AAA
schwere ?orw6r"e gegen *onaco als JGeldw7sche& und +teuerparadiesJ erhob hatte
1ainier den 8eitgeist er(annt und die ;ontrollmechanismen verst7r(t um unliebsame
*illionen aus *onaco "ern3uhalten.
KVVO wurde die Anti&Geldw7sche&)inheit +icc"in gegr6ndet. Unter Alberts -6hrung ist
die +icc"in 3u einer international (ooperierenden %ehZrde erstar(t die in um"angreichen
/ahresberichten die %ilan3 ihrer Arbeit der breiten \""entlich(eit (undtut. Albert erhZhte
die 8ahl der -ahnder der j6ngste /ahresbericht "6r @AAT 3eugt von LVF ?er"ahren die
wegen Jsuspe(ter Transa(tionenJ erZ""net wurden. +icc"in antwortet dabei au" An"ragen
aus dem Ausland @AAT stammten 3wei An"ragen wegen mutma[licher
Geldw7schegesch7"te aus $eutschland. $ie Anstrengungen *onacos im ;amp" gegen
Jschmut3iges GeldJ aus (riminellen oder terroristischen Gesch7"ten entsprechen
internationalen +tandards das haben der 0nternationale !7hrungs"onds -AT- (-inancial
Action Tas( -orce der ,)C$) und das ;omitee *oneyval dem -6rstentum bescheinigt.
Als *ar( Thatcher der +ohn der ehemaligen britischen 'remierministerin in *onaco
seinen +teuerwohnsit3 w7hlen wollte win(te Albert ab4 $ie Gesch7"te des in +6da"ri(a
t7tigen %riten waren ihm 3u undurchsichtig.
Au" der Jschwar3en <isteJ der ,)C$ "6r un(ooperatives ?erhalten steht *onaco
trot3dem. $as liegt vor allem am %an(geheimnis das *onaco bewahrt hat wenn es auch
die )U&8insrichtlinie umset3te. Au" die 8insein(6n"te von +teuerausl7ndern wird seit
@AAF 9uellensteuer erhoben. +trenger gehen die monegassischen %ehZrden mit den
-ran3osen um die in *onaco (eine +teuervorteile mehr genie[en. $ie 1eichen mit
"ran3Zsischem 'ass m6ssen sogar den J0mp]t sur la "ortuneJ (0+-) die +teuer au" das
?ermZgen entrichten. Auch mit anderen <7ndern hat *onaco bilaterale Ab(ommen
geschlossen um unter anderem den Austausch von steuerrelevanten $aten 3u verbessern.
$eutschland 37hlt nicht da3u.
*onacos )>isten3grundlage bildet das "reundscha"tliche ?erh7ltnis mit -ran(reich die
+chut3macht die %eamte vom <ehrer bis 3um +taatsminister genannten 1egierungsche"
stellt. *onaco spart sich die ;osten "6r eine Armee im ;riegs"alle verteidigen
"ran3Zsische +oldaten die 1iviera&*onarchie. Trot3dem hat *onaco vor (ur3em einen
gewaltigen +chritt in die Unabh7ngig(eit gewagt der im ,(tober @AAF von -ran(reich in
-orm eines Grundlagenvertrages gebilligt wurde. Albert dar" eigenst7ndig als
Au[enpoliti(er au" der !eltb6hne in )rscheinung treten. $as tat er so"ort mit einer
)>pedition 3um Nordpol wo er vor ;limawandel und )rderw7rmung warnte. Albert
gr6ndete eine Umweltsti"tung er holte sich aner(annte !issenscha"tler in den
+ti"tungsrat auch der "r6here Umweltminister ;laus TZp"er sit3t in dem Gremium. *it
Umweltproje(ten in der gan3en !elt aber auch in *onaco sch7r"t der -6rst sein 'ro"il
als *73en der nachhaltigen )ntwic(lung. ?ergangene !oche 3og die ;on"eren3 des
Umweltprogramms der ?ereinten Nationen ('NU)) alle die 1ang und Namen in der
internationalen ;limaschut3& und Umweltpoliti( haben nach *onaco.
Alberts vom Grundlagenvertrag gewonnene -reiheit ist noch grZ[er. )r muss (6n"tig
seinen 1egierungsche" nicht mehr unter drei "ran3Zsischen 'ersZnlich(eiten ausw7hlen
die ihm der )lysEe&'alast vorschl7gt. )r (Znnte sich "6r einen *onegassen entscheiden.
Aber noch "6hlt sich *onaco gan3 wohl mit einem -ran3osen an der +pit3e der3eit mit
dem "r6heren 'ariser 'oli3eipr7"e(ten /ean&-ran^ois 'roust.
!er sich in die T)1&%ahn im "ran3Zsischen Ni33a set3t und im unterirdischen mit
*armorplatten ver(leideten %ahnho" von *onte Carlo aussteigt muss weder die
!7hrung wechseln noch seinen 'ass vor3eigen. 0n *onaco wird mit )uro ge3ahlt und
das -6rstentum 37hlt 3um +chengenraum. $ie enge Anbindung an die )U entspricht
Alberts !unsch nach einem Jwelto""enen -6rstentumJ und er (Znnte sich sogar
vorstellen dass der %und mit der )U noch enger wird. Albert bewertet den +tatus als
J$rittlandJ als 3u unschar". -6r *onacos 0ndustrie die etwa 3ehn 'ro3ent des
%ruttoinlandsprodu(tes erwirtscha"tet ist der europ7ische %innenmar(t manchmal nur
schwer 3ug7nglich. 0n dem einstigen 'iratennest stellen die -irmen <ancaster und
%iotherm ;osmeti(a her auch 'harma3euti(a <u>usuhren %ademoden und 'or3ellan
stammen von dort. $er 2och& und Tie"bau ist ein weiteres +tandbein im J2ong(ong des
*ittelmeersJ. $er 0mmobilienpreis liegt im +chnitt bei @F AAA )uro pro 9uadratmeter.
;ein !under dass der -6rst sich verp"lichtet hat alle wohnungssuchenden Untertanen in
sogenannten +o3ialwohnungen unter3ubringen. $ies gilt nat6rlich nur "6r geb6rtige
*onegassen es sind nur (napp 6ber QAAA unter den insgesamt LQ AAA %ewohnern von
$er Anteil des ber6hmten +piel(asinos mit vier 'ro3ent am %ruttoinlandsprodu(t ist
r6c(l7u"ig. Am wichtigsten "6r die monegassische !irtscha"t bleibt der -inan3plat3. $as
-6rstentum 37hlt OQ ;reditinstitute die au" LFA AAA ;onten mehr als QA *illiarden )uro
verwalten. Albert hat sich vorgenommen so etwas wie einen Jvollwertigen -inan3plat3J
aus *onaco 3u machen4 Nicht mehr nur ?ermZgensverwaltung sondern 'rivate )quity
?enture Capital und 2edge&-onds hei[en die +chlagworte der 8u(un"t. Albert der als
junger *ann in New =or( City eine Art 'ra(ti(um in der Gro[ban( /. '. *organ _
Chase absolvierte spricht von Umwelt"onds und vom )missionshandel. )s ist ihm schon
gelungen -ilialen internationaler Gro[ban(en nach *onaco 3u 3iehen U%+ ist da auch
die $resdner %an( hat eine -iliale erZ""net.
$ie mit %iotreibsto"" betriebenen %usse im Z""entlichen Nahver(ehr die vor allem die
'endler aus -ran(reich und 0talien 3u ihren Arbeitspl7t3en in *onaco be"Zrdern stehen
"6r Alberts %egeisterung "6r umwelt"reundliche Transportmittel. )r will den 1espe(t von
stri(ten Umweltnormen auch im %auwesen durchset3en. $as set3t jene 'laner unter
$ruc( die der3eit an dem geplanten neuen schwimmenden +tadtteil arbeiten der in der
%ucht entstehen soll. Anders als -6rst 1ainier der in den sieb3iger /ahren au" L@ 2e(tar
im *eer das +tadtviertel -ontvieille au"sch6tten lie[ will Albert den *eeresgrund
Jrespe(tierenJ und -lora und -auna sch6t3en. )r nimmt in ;au" dass die
Umweltau"lagen das %auproje(t vielleicht scheitern lassen. Aber Albert will lieber als
gr6ner -6rst denn als %aumeister *onacos in die Geschichte eingehen.
O$%er &NE' "overae
T%e 'eninsu#a- >a$ar sins Mo& (i$% &NE' 2or +ro$e"$in e"osys$e/
!eb posted at4 @P@TP@AAG O4@Q4@T
+ource4 The 'eninsula
$,2A ` The +upreme Council "or )nvironment and Natural 1eserves (+C)N1) and the
United Nations )nvironment 'rogramme (UN)') signed a *emorandum o"
Understanding (*oU) to protect 9atar:s ecosystem.
A"ter the singing ceremony $r 2abib N )l 2abr director 1egional ,""ice !est Asia
and ;halid bin Ghanem Al Ali +ecretary&General +C)N1 told reporters that the *oU
was basically aimed at implementing the 9atar National )nvironment 'lan. The initiative
will also help 9atar achieve the UN:s *illennium Goals they said.
)l 2abr said 9atar:s initiatives in the environment protection are worth emulating "or
other countries in the region. 0t has some best practices in green movements in the GCC
countries he said.
,n the priorities o" 9atar National )nvironment 'lan Ghanem Al Ali said it covers a
wide range o" issues including the protection o" water resources waste management air
pollution and chemical management. The ne>t joint meeting o" UN)' and +C)N1 will
come out with a detailed action plan he said.
Gu#2 Ti/es- >a$ar, &NE' sin Mo&
'ublished4 Tuesday @T -ebruary @AAG AK4@K A* $oha Time
T2) +upreme Council "or the )nvironment and Natural 1eserves (+C)N1) yesterday
signed a memorandum o" understanding (*oU) with the United Nations )nvironment
'rogramme (UN)') abcto enhance understanding co&ordination and technical
assistanceab between the two bodies on the 9atar National )nvironment 'lan (9N)').
+igning on behal" o" the +C)N1 was its secretary general ;halid Ghanim al&Ali al&
*aadhed and 2abib )l&2abr director and regional representative o" UN)' "or !est Asia
(1,!A) "or UN)'.
The signing o" the agreement according to al&*aadhed signaled the o""icial launch o"
the 9N)' and the sealing o" a bilateral agreement on environment between 9atar and
abcThis *oU was planned in order to get the technical support "rom UN)' and begin
action on 9N)' with a lot o" issues ta(en "rom the %erlin +trategy and Arab initiatives
"or the environment to help us in monitoring our environmentab he said.
abc!e need the support o" the UN)' in implementing such a plan and once it is
implemented we can say it is the best practice in the region which others can "ollow.ab
2owever the *oU is subject to review annually "or updating and modi"ication o" its
programmes and priorities according to the time&"rame he said.
*ajor highlights o" the 9N)' include conservation o" natural resources (water and bio&
diversity) waste management and pollution energy health commerce and trade ecology
emergency eco&evaluation early warning signals and education and public awareness.
abcAll these issues would be addressed as related to the environment within our time&
"rame comprising middle&term (two years) and long&term ("ive years) plansab he stated.
2abib )l&2abr stressed that the agreement was signed in order to provide necessary
technical support and help in the implementation o" 9atarabds strategies "or the
protection o" its environment.
abc!e have identi"ied priorities with 9atar which are not di""erent "rom those set by the
heads o" Arab <eague +tates and by the Arab ministers "or environment. +o the idea is to
move "rom sector&wise activities to a more sustainable development activitiesab he
2e pointed out that 9atar has ta(en a lead role in balancing development and
environment with rapid development ta(ing place in the country.
abcThis plan is being used as a pilot project "or other GCC countries and Arab <eague
+tates so it is a pioneer wor( that 9atar is doing and we are proud to be part o" the idea
and help them provide necessary e>pertise. !e have wor(ed and identi"ied the priorities
together and now it has become o""icialab el&2abr said.
4runei1ire"$- Wor5s%o+ On O8one ?ayer 'ro$e"$ion 4eins
%y Nurul -itri ;iprawi
;uala %elait & A !or(shop on servicing procedures "or re"rigeration equipment in
reducing the emissions o" ,3one $epleting +ubstances have begun yesterday at the /e"ri
%ol(iah )ngineering College in ;uala %elait.
According to the college:s $eputy 'rincipal 2j A""andy $amit during the opening
ceremony the eNational Train The&Trainers !or(shop on Good 'ractices in the
1e"rigeration +ector: wor(shop is an e""ort by the United Nations )nvironment
'rogramme 1egional ,""ice "or Asia and the 'aci"ic (UN)' 1,A') in support o" the
*ontreal 'rotocol by @AKA and promotes an environment "riendly nation.
+ome KT technicians "rom the Nah(oda 1agam ?ocational +chool /e"ri %ol(iah
)ngineering College *inistry o" 2ealth and %runei +hell 'etroleum Company are
attending the "ive&day programme.
The wor(shop is organised in collaboration between the $epartment o" Technical
)ducation *inistry o" )ducation and the $epartment o" )nvironment *inistry o"
$evelopment and UN)'.
The training which is "acilitated by the re"rigeration management plan implementation
o""icer and a regional e>pert "rom UN)' 1,A' will be carried out in two phases. 0n the
"irst phase the "acilitators will train the selected trainersW while the second phase will
involve the trainers training a "urther LAA re"rigeration technicians and other important
sta(eholders "rom the public and the private sectors.
!ithin the ne>t "ive days the wor(shop will also be conducting an open "orum
presentations and hands&on practical on relating to good practices and sa"ety issues on
re"rigeration. Among issues to be covered are ,3one +cience environmental impact o"
chloro"luorocarbons (C-Cs) and their alternative retro"itting o" 2ydro"luorocarbons
(2-Cs) and C-Cs introduction to various equipments on re"rigeration and also
alternative re"rigerants to be implemented in re"rigeration.-- Courtesy of The Brunei
E"o (or#d#y- “ea with !ugar" #a$e hem %oth Green" Please&'
%y +am Aola ,o(o 'osted -ebruary @Fth @AAG
Chances are the ne>t time you are served tea with sugar it probably may interest you to
(now that both commodities passed through green and sustainable processes to reach
your brea("ast table.
And what#s more & small holder "armers in east A"rica who wor(ed hard to put a more
environmentally "riendly cup o" tea in "ront o" you not only reaped a bumper harvest
"rom their labor they also got to sell e>cess electricity generated to local grid operators.
The green "unding mechanism Global )nvironment -acility or G)- and the UN
)nvironment 'rogramme (UN)') are collaborating to implement small&scale
hydropower projects and cogeneration power projects in several )ast A"rican states in
two initiatives.
The projects are meant to reduce the tea industry#s energy costs enhance global
competitiveness o" the region#s tea industry. 0t hopes to increase the share o" global tea
revenues "lowing to the region#s tea "arming community as well as provide opportunities
"or e>tending clean electricity to rural communities.
An independent "inancial organi3ation the G)- provides grants to developing countries
"or projects that bene"it the global environment and promote sustainable livelihoods in
local communities. The projects worth around SKAA million are also being e>ecuted by
the )ast A"rican Tea Trade Association or )ATTA and the )nergy )nvironment and
$evelopment Networ( "or A"rica (A-1)'1)NP-!$).
0n the "irst initiative dubbed Greening the Tea industry in Eastern and Southern frica it
is e>pected that over G million people including tea "armers wor(ers and their
dependents will directly or indirectly bene"it in O years. The Cogeneration for frica will
build on the success o" cogeneration in *auritius which currently meets close to OAU o"
the country#s electricity needs.
Cogeneration for frica see(s to signi"icantly scale up the use o" e""icient cogeneration
systems initially in seven )astern and +outhern A"rican countries namely ;enya
)thiopia *alawi +udan Uganda Tan3ania and +wa3iland.
0nitially the two initiatives will deliver KA *! o" hydropower to the tea industry as well
as TA *! o" cogeneration power within si> years "rom burning sugar by&products.
UN)' "orecasts that the cogeneration projects could add @AA *! o" green electricity to
the participating countries# power grids.
%oth initiatives are e>pected to stimulate small hydro capacity in the region as well as set
the stage "or the development o" an indigenous and vibrant small hydro design
manu"acturing operation maintenance and investment industry in the )astern and
+outhern A"rican region.
BThese two new UN)'&led projects showcase the multiple bene"its sustainable
development can have "or rural areas o""ering social economic and environmental
bene"its that help locally and globally D G)- chairperson and C), *onique %arbut said.
The "irst initiative plans to provide support to small scale hydro power development and
investment promotion which will include appropriately targeted capacity&building
technology trans"er and "inancial incentives. The second initiative is designed to promote
wider use o" e""icient cogeneration options in A"rica and eventually stimulate over U+S
LAA million o" cogeneration investment in the region.
-or small holder "armers such as those growing sugar cane the sale o" electricity to the
national grid by the sugar "actory can also provide an additional source o" revenue. %y
adopting e""icient cogeneration technology agro&industries such as sugar "actories as well
as "orest industries can minimi3e the ris(s associated with declining commodity prices by
selling surplus electricity to the national grid thus reali3ing a lucrative and o"ten more
stable revenue stream.
=our tea pac(aging may not be labeled Green !rocessed li(e in Organic or "air Trade
products, but it surely will add to the sweet taste o" Btea with sugarD.
Achim +teiner UN Under&+ecretary General and UN)' )>ecutive $irector says4 BTea is
(nown to be good "or you now it is also getting better "or the environmentD.
1esources and "urther reading4 UN )nvironment 'rogramme Global )nvironment
-acility )ast A"rican Tea Trade Association UN)'P G)- Greening Tea 'roject UN)'P
Cogeneration "or A"rica 'roject
?a Tribune- ?@ON& dAnon"e #es subven$ions auB Aneries 2ossi#es
)ntre @@A et LKA milliards de dollars sont dEpensEs chaque annEe f travers le monde pour
subventionner les Energies "ossiles.
Un parado>e dEnoncE en "in de semaine dernigre par le 'rogramme des Nations unies
pour l:environnement ('nue). <:utilisation de ces Energies conventionnelles est
responsable de plus des deu> tiers des Emissions de C,@ et contribuent au rEchau""ement
de la plangte. J Ces subventions encouragent une consommation e>cessive d:Energies
"ossiles rEduisent arti"iciellement leur pri> et rendent les Energies renouvelables moins
compEtitives J s:insurge -ulai +heng Economiste au 'nue. Celui&ci a lancE une initiative
pour analyser le r]le de ces subventions et aider les pays surtout ceu> du +ud f les
reconsidErer sans pEnaliser les populations pauvres censEes en bEnE"icier.
+elon les cas les gouvernements subventionnent la production d:Energie sa
consommation ou les deu>. +elon l:Agence internationale de l:Energie (A0)) les pays
hors ,C$) totalisent entre @@A et @GA milliards de dollars de subventions 1ussie en thte
(OA milliards de dollars). )lle a calculE que dans huit de ces itats le pri> des carburants
pour l:utilisateur "inal est en moyenne de @A U in"Erieur f ce qu:il serait sur un marchE
libre. J <a suppression des subventions y permettrait de rEduire la demande (d:Energie) de
KL U d:abaisser les Emissions de C,@ de KT U et d:accrojtre le '0% de K U l:an J indique
l:A0). $ans les pays de l:,C$) les subventions reprEsentent entre @A et LA milliards de
dollars selon l:A0) plus pour d:autres e>perts. J )n )urope sur les LA milliards d:euros de
subventions publiques et dEpenses "iscales consacrEes f l:Energie GF U le sont pour les
Energies conventionnelles et seulement KF U pour les renouvelables et nouvelles J
e>plique f J <a TribuneJ Guillaume +ainteny directeur des Etudes Economiques au
ministgre de l:icologie.
Other Environment News
44!- &S $o se$ @bindin@ "#i/a$e oa#s
%y 1ichard %lac(
)nvironment correspondent %%C News website
The U+ is ready to accept Jbinding international obligationsJ on reducing greenhouse gas
emissions o""icials say i" other nations do the same.
The comments came in a news con"erence in 'aris given by /ames Connaughton and
$aniel 'rice environmental and economics advisers to 'resident %ush.
The U+ hopes the world:s major economies will conclude a Jleaders: declarationJ be"ore
the /uly GG summit.
There was no indication o" how much the U+ might be prepared to cut emissions.
%ut the %ush administration is clearly loo(ing "or some (ind o" binding commitment
"rom major developing countries such as China 0ndia and %ra3il.
JThe U+ is prepared to enter into binding international obligations to reduce greenhouse
gases as part o" a global agreement in which all major economies similarly underta(e
binding international obligationsJ said *r 'rice the president:s deputy national security
adviser "or international economic a""airs.
)urope and the U+ could turn out the lights today and come @ALA or @AFA we would not
have addressed the problem o" climate change
$aniel 'rice
The United Nations climate process emphasises that di""erent countries have Jcommon
but di""erentiated responsibilitiesJ "or climate change which in practice has meant
industrialised nations promising to cut emissions while developing countries do not.
%ut the U+ o""icials suggested the phrase should mean something di""erent & supporting
the poorest nations while e>pecting those that are developing success"ully to ta(e on
some (ind o" obligation to cut emissions.
JAn e""ective "ramewor( requires the participation o" all major economies developed and
developing ali(eJ said *r 'rice.
J)urope and the U+ could turn out the lights today and come @ALA or @AFA we would not
have addressed the problem o" climate change.J
+ome countries might commit to "irm emissions targets while others promised energy
e""iciency gains he suggested. Commitments could cover a country:s entire economy or
just certain sectors.
+hu""ling the dec(s
The notion that major developing countries might ta(e on binding targets might prove
politically di""icult suggested 'hilip Clapp deputy managing director o" the 'ew
)nvironment Group
JThe !hite 2ouse (nows that ta(ing a binding target o" comparable si3e Hto that ta(en by
the U+ or )UI is neither a negotiating option nor a physical possibility "or the Chinese
governmentJ he told %%C News.
2e also suggested that an acid test o" a leaders: declaration would be the timescale "or
ma(ing cuts.
At the last GG summit /apan proposed setting the goal o" reducing emissions globally by
FAU by @AFA a target which $aniel 'rice said could potentially "orm part o" the
J0t:s become increasingly apparent that the %ush administration is willing to agree to a
target that would ta(e e""ect OA years "rom now and wants to portray that as a major
accomplishmentJ said *r Clapp.
JA (ey question is whether the administration is willing to accept binding targets that ta(e
e""ect be"ore @A@A because a binding commitment that doesn:t ta(e e""ect "or OA years is
really just shu""ling the problem o"" one more time.J
Trading plans
The U+ comments stem largely "rom a process initiated by 'resident %ush last year a
series o" tal(s involving KQ nations that together account "or about GAU o" the world:s
greenhouse gas emissions.
The Jmajor economiesJ or Jbig emittersJ group had its second meeting in 2awaii last
month and the ne>t is scheduled "or 'aris in April.
)nvironmental groups have criticised the process as a distraction "rom the UN
negotiations and because the developing countries involved have much lower per capita
emissions than the U+.
%ut )uropean delegates involved in the 2awaii meeting described the mood as "ran( and
The )U and U+ are wor(ing together within the !orld Trade ,rgani3ation (!T,) on a
proposal that all countries should slash tarri""s on trade in clean energy equipment.
J+ome countries in particular the major developing countries have tarri"" schedules as
high as QAUJ said *r Connaughton head o" the !hite 2ouse Council on )nvironmental
J!e:re trying to get the world to eliminate tarri""s and that could increase global trade in
clean energy technologies and services by up to KOU per year.
JThis is the single largest step we could ta(e immediately to trans"er available
technologies to the developing world at very low cost.J
*r 'rice suggested the style o" dialogue between the )U and U+ which he categorised as
Jthe )U berating the U+ to do moreJ needed to change with both blocs wor(ing together
to ensure the participation o" major developing countries.
+tory "rom %%C N)!+4"rP&P@PhiPsciencePnaturePQ@TL@@F.stm
'ublished4 @AAGPA@P@F KT4KL4KV G*T
k %%C **?000
)F'- &S ready 2or @bindin@ redu"$ions o2 reen%ouse ases- o22i"ia#
KO hours ago
'A10+ (A-') l The United +tates is ready to accept Jbinding international obligationsJ
to reduce greenhouse gases which could be announced as soon as /uly a senior !hite
2ouse o""icial said here *onday.
$aniel 'rice assistant to 'resident George !. %ush "or 0nternational )conomic A""airs
said the underta(ing would have to be made as part o" a Jglobal agreementJ in which all
major economies would ma(e the same commitment.
The agreement could be announced Jin conjunctionJ with the GG summit o" the world:s
most industrialised nations in /apan in /uly 'rice told journalists without "i>ing a date.
J!e would li(e to reach an agreement on a long term global reduction goal && this is a
collective goalJ 'rice said.
'rice accompanied by /ames Connaughton chairman o" the !hite 2ouse:s Council on
)nvironmental 9uality was in 'aris to lay the groundwor( "or a meeting here o" Jmajor
economiesJ that account "or GA percent o" the greenhouse gases that drive climate
change e>pected "or mid&April.
The group o" KQ && including the GG nations the )U and major developing economies
such as China and 0ndia && met at %ush:s behest last +eptember in !ashington and then
again in /anuary in 2awaii.
The United +tates re"used to rati"y the ;yoto 'rotocol the UN agreement mandating
emissions reductions "or industrialised nations through @AK@ because it did not cover
developing nations.
JAn e""ective "ramewor( requires the participation o" all major economies developed and
developing ali(eJ 'rice said. J)urope and the U+ could turn out the lights today and
come @ALA come @AFA we would not have addressed the problem o" climate change.J
China is poised to surpass the United +tates as the world:s top emitter o" greenhouse
gases. 0t already uses twice as much coal && the most polluting o" all carbon&based "uels &&
and is projected to use "ive times as much by @A@A.
There are currently some @T million cars and truc(s in China and that number could
increase KA&"old within decades e>perts say.
%ut critics o" the U+ position say that trying to "orce China and 0ndia into accepting
binding commitments o" greenhouse gases is neither realistic or "air.
J0t isn:t going to happenJ said +tephan +inger a climate change e>pert at the !orld
!ildli"e -und.
2e points to the "act that China:s per capita output o" greenhouse gases is "ar below either
the United +tates which has the highest levels in the world or )urope.
J!hy should they (China and 0ndia) do something when the United +tates has done
nothing "or the last eight years5J he said.
UN&bro(ered negotiations in %ali in $ecember set a deadline "or a new post&@AK@ global
agreement on how to "ight climate change "or the end o" @AAV.
'rice said he was J"rustratedJ at repeated criticisms that the United +tates had launched
their initiative && which "ocuses on technology&driven solutions to climate change && to
compete with UN&sponsored negotiations.
JThe major economies process is intended to supplement compliment and support the
UN negotiations. 0t is not an alternative to those negotiationsJ he said.
2e said the United +tates has already shown its willingness to engage in binding
agreements pointing to a hand"ul o" national programmes implemented since @AAK to
reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve energy e""iciency.
A mandate to increase production o" renewable "uels by FAA percent be"ore @A@@ "or
e>ample would replace KF percent o" current oil "ossil "uel consumption with renewable
alternatives he said.
,ther national measures mandate a QA percent increase in lighting e""iciency more
stringent energy standards "or do3ens o" appliances and a LA percent improvement in
energy e""iciency "or the U+ government which accounts "or one&si>th o" the domestic
J0t is constantly suggested that the U+ "avours only aspirational goals non&binding goals
voluntary measuresJ he told journalists. JThat is simply not true.J
)4!, )us$ra#ia- Sou$% )2ri"a $o resu/e e#e+%an$ "u##in
%y Andrew Geoghegan
A"ter being hunted almost to e>tinction the a"rican elephant is thriving in +outh A"rica.
Than(s to a crac(down on the trade in ivory and a ban on culling in the mid&VAs an
estimated @AAAA o" the slow grace"ul moving animals now roam the country.
%ut the +outh A"rican Government thin(s there are too many elephants so it is li"ting its
ban on culling.
*ava +cott "rom +outh A"rica:s $epartment o" )nvironment says new government
regulations call "or elephant numbers to be controlled by various methods including
(illing them with a bullet to the head.
2e says culling is a management option.
J0t has come to be a last optionJ he said.
JAnybody who wants to cull must certi"y certain conditions that are prescribed in the
norms and standard and they must have e>plored all available options "or the
management o" population.J
$espite the government investing a lot o" time and resources to build up elephant
numbers *r +cott says they must be cut bac(.
J0t:s a biodiversity problemJ he said.
JThe impact o" elephants on biodiversity is quite huge and they need to conserve
!hile it is not open season on elephants animal wel"are groups are still appalled.
J!ell we:re very disappointed that culling has been listed as one o" the bouquet o"
options "or the control o" elephant populationsJ said Christine 'retorius "rom the
0nternational -und "or Animal !el"are.
J!e:re not surprised it must be said. %ut at the very least culling is listed as the very last
option in all o" this. !e hope it stays so and we hope we never actually run down the line
to get that "ar.
J!e:re entirely opposed to culling o" any sort what so ever.
J!e don:t believe it:s necessary HweI believe that Hthere areI many other options.J
Tags4 endangered&and&protected&species animals south&a"rica
Ne( Cor5- Sou$% )2ri"a- E#e+%an$ Di##s )re ?ea# )ain
%y T2) A++,C0AT)$ '1)++
'ublished4 -ebruary @T @AAG
The government said it would start (illing elephants beginning *ay K to reduce their
growing numbers ending a KL&year moratorium. )nvironment *inister *arthinus van
+chal(wy( said it was Ba last optionD to reduce environmental degradation and rising
con"licts with humans. There would be no Bwholesale slaughterD he added but did not
speci"y how many elephants might be (illed. The announcement "ollows months o"
impassioned debate with some conservationists including the !orld !ildli"e -und
cautiously arguing "or elephant culling to protect the ecosystem and other groups
outraged. +outh A"rica had just @AA elephants at the beginning o" the @Ath century and
now has KGAAA a number e>pected to double by @A@A. The new regulations say (illing
must be through Bquic( and humane methodsD pre"erably a single shot to the brain by a
mar(sman in a helicopter.
Inde+enden$- )ner over +#an $o a##o( e#e+%an$ "u##
%y /ames *acintyre
Tuesday @T -ebruary @AAG
+outh A"rica has announced it will reverse its KVVF decision to ban the (illing o"
Animal rights campaigners said that up to KAAAA elephants would be (illed a"ter the
country said it was ta(ing the action in order to control the animals: booming population.
The )nvironment *inister *arthinus van +chal(wy( said that "igure was Jhugely
in"latedJ adding4 JCulling will only be allowed as a last option and under very strict
conditions. ,ur simple reality is that elephant population density has risen so much in
some southern A"rican countries that there is concern about impacts on the landscape the
viability o" other species and the livelihoods and sa"ety o" people living within elephant
%ut the /ohannesburg&based group Animal 1ights A"rica threatened to call "or
international tourist boycotts and to ta(e legal action.
+outh A"rica:s elephant population has ballooned to @AAAA "rom GAAA at the time o" the
ban introduced a"ter international pressure.
0n conjunction with the announcement *r ?an +chal(wy( said the government is
prohibiting the capture o" wild elephants "or commercial purposes N something that will
be unpopular with the country:s elephant&bac( sa"ari industry.
A spo(esman "or The !orld !ildli"e -und 1ob <ittle said4 J!e are not pleased with the
thought o" culling elephant but we do recognise it as a management tool. 2istorically
they would have vast areas to migrate and move in whereas today we con"ine them by
arti"icial boundaries. !e call elephants Jhabitat engineersJ because they consume such
vast amounts o" vegetation they have the potential to change the landscape.J
2e added4 J!e all love our elephants they are the most charismatic icon o" A"rica.J
Guardian- Too %unry, $oo des$ru"$ive, $oo /any- Sou$% )2ri"a $o bein e#e+%an$
man 1ice
Tuesday -ebruary @T @AAG
This article appeared in the Guardian on Tuesday -ebruary @T @AAG on pL o" the Top
stories section. 0t was last updated at AA4LQ on -ebruary @T @AAG.
An elephant herd at ;ruger National 'ar(
An elephant herd at ;ruger National 'ar( which has K@FAA elephants FAAA more than is
sustainable according to par( o""icials. 'hotograph4 +teve %loomPGetty 0mages
0t is the issue that has bitterly divided game managers conservationists and animal rights
groups "or years. %ut yesterday the +outh A"rican government "inally concluded it would
have to li"t a moratorium on the culling o" the native elephant to cope with its booming
Amid words o" protest and e>pressions o" relie" environment minister *artinus van
+chal(wy( announced the elephant had been a victim o" its own success with numbers
growing "rom GAAA to nearly @AAAA in national par(s and private reserves in just over a
Unveiling a new conservation plan he stressed that the (illing o" e>cess animals would
only be allowed once all other available options & including translocation and
contraception & had been ruled out.
J,ur department has recognised the need to maintain culling as a management option
but has ta(en steps to ensure that this will be the option o" last resort that is acceptable
only under strict conditionsJ he said in a statement. JThe issue o" population
management has been devilishly comple> and we would li(e to thin( that we have come
up with a "ramewor( that is acceptable to the majority o" +outh A"ricans.J
The debate over culling is hugely emotive in +outh A"rica which is renowned "or its
wildli"e and yesterday:s announcement comes a"ter nearly three years o" widespread
consultation and acrimonious debate.
+upporters o" culling point to growing di""iculties in managing elephants in the country:s
biggest and most "amous game reserve ;ruger National 'ar(. 0t has more than K@FAA
elephants FAAA more than is sustainable according to par( o""icials. )cologists say the
animals: huge appetites and "ondness "or Jhabitat re&engineeringJ & reducing "orests to
"latland by uprooting trees and trampling plants as they "eed and roam & threaten the
par(:s biodiversity.
%ut some conservationists argue the environmental impact is less severe than is being
claimed while animal rights campaigners who have threatened to hold public protests i"
culling goes ahead say the elephants: intelligence and their close&(nit social structures
ma(e culling deeply inhumane.
0n @AAF the government recommended the cull o" FAAA elephants which would have
been the largest slaughter anywhere in the world causing a storm o" protest and a rethin(.
The new "ramewor( which will permit culling "rom *ay K is li(ely to see a "ar lower
number o" the animals destroyed. ?an +chal(wy( said yesterday that estimates o"
between @AAA and KAAAA deaths were Jhugely in"latedJ.
A national par( or private reserve will only be allowed to cull with the approval o" the
authorities and an elephant management specialist who must be satis"ied all other
options are not viable. These include contraception a tric(y process that can cause
"emales much distress and relocation o" entire elephant "amilies which can be stress"ul
"or the animals and is e>pensive. The removal o" "ences between the ;ruger and par(s in
neighbouring *o3ambique will eventually help with migration into less congested areas
but not soon enough according to some e>perts.
1ob <ittle conservation director at !!- in +outh A"rica welcomed the announcement.
2e said the country:s rapid elephant population growth o" TU & mainly due to the absence
o" natural predators o" mature animals & was unsustainable. 0" unchec(ed wildli"e
o""icials say the elephant count will top LOAAA by @A@A.
JAll available options must be available to control the elephant population here and
conserve the biodiversity o" the national par(sJ said <ittle. JThe new "ramewor( imposes
a hierarchy o" choices and culling is right at the bottom. !e are not going to see a mass
destruction o" elephants here.J
%ut other conservation groups were less enthusiastic. JThis does not give par( managers
carte blanche simply to go out and (ill i" they thin( they have too many elephantsJ said
Christina 'reto rius communications manager at the 0nternational -und "or Animal
!el"are. J0t is incumbent on the government to ma(e sure that this is policed properly.J
*ichele 'ic(over o" Animal 1ights A"rica which has threatened to urge a tourist boycott
i" culling goes ahead said there was no scienti"ic proo" that the (illing o" elephants was
necessary or even e""ective in controlling the population.
JThis is a sad day "or the country. )lephants are being treated as commodities by the
government and game managersJ she said.
IHT- S7 )2ri"a (i## 5i## e#e+%an$s $o "on$ro# +o+u#a$ion, ani/a# ri%$s a"$ivis$s
$%rea$en boy"o$$s
The Associated 'ress
Tuesday -ebruary @T @AAG
'1)T,10A +outh A"rica4 +outh A"rica will allow elephants to be (illed in an attempt to
control a burgeoning population the government said ending a KL&year ban and setting a
trend that could embolden other southern A"rican nations con"ronting the same dilemma.
As outraged animal rights activists threaten to promote tourist boycotts )nvironment
*inister *arthinus van +chal(wy( said *onday the government was le"t with no choice
but to reintroduce culling Jas a last option and under very strict conditions.J
There would be no Jwholesale slaughterJ he promised.
J,ur simple reality is that elephant population density has risen so much in some
southern A"rican countries that there is concern about impacts on the landscape the
viability o" other species and the livelihoods and sa"ety o" people living within elephant
rangesJ he said.
+outh A"rica has been hugely success"ul in managing its elephant population once on the
verge o" e>tinction in some parts o" the country. %ut it has now become a victim o" its
own success and herds are growing at a rate o" more than F percent a year and e>pected
to double by @A@A threatening the delicate balance o" nature.
+outh A"rica has about KGAAA elephants and southern A"rica is home to about LAAAAA l
hal" o" all the elephants on the continent l with the growing numbers ta(ing their toll on
the environment.
There is no consensus on the continent on how to manage elephant populations. +outhern
A"rican countries "avor culling while )ast A"rican nations such as ;enya are struggling
to (eep numbers up. Trade in ivory has been banned since KVGV to try to combat poaching
despite appeals by +outh A"rica to resume sales and invest the proceeds in its par(s.
J!e are the "irst country to come out and ta(e this decisionJ van +chal(wy( said adding
that +outh A"rica had consulted other countries in the region.
Namibia 8imbabwe and %otswana l which alone has the highest population o" KTFAAA
elephants l all used to cull be"ore international outrage "orced an end to the scenes o"
game rangers rounding up trumpeting "rightened herds and shooting the elephants.
The announcement "ollows months o" impassioned debate with some conservationists
arguing that overall biodiversity should ta(e priority and animal wel"are groups outraged
at the prospect o" slaughter.
)lephants which have no predators can turn woodlands to grass and stubs in a matter o"
years. They need to roam widely to get their daily diet o" about LAA (ilograms (TTA
pounds) o" grass leaves and twigs and up to @AA liters (F@ gallons) o" water. And they
increasingly clash with people.
The government is "ear"ul o" upsetting tourists who "loc( to see the Jbig "iveJ animals l
elephants lions rhinos leopards and bu""alo.
?an +chal(wy( said the debate was mar(ed by Jstrong emotions.J
JThere are "ew other creatures on earth that have the ability o" elephants to :connect: with
humans in a very special wayJ he said.
The new regulations on managing elephants e""ective *ay K say (illing must be through
Jquic( and humane methodsJ pre"erably by a single lethal shot to the brain delivered by
a s(illed mar(sman "rom a helicopter.
?an +chal(wy( did not speci"y how many elephants could be (illed or when e>cept to
say that "igures o" @AAA to KAAAA being bandied about by animal rights groups were
Jhugely in"lated.J
The !orld !ildli"e -und cautiously welcomed the government:s move.
JThey are doing the responsible thingJ said 1ob <ittle acting chie" e>ecutive o" !!-
+outh A"rica. J0t is the right choice to have culling as an option but with strong provisos.J
<ittle said neighboring countries were Jwatching us "or guidanceJ and that he did e>pect
others to "ollow +outh A"rica:s e>ample.
J!e all love elephants no one wants to (ill them but we don:t have the lu>ury "or one
species to dominateJ he said.
2owever Animal 1ights A"rica which is threatening to promote tourist boycotts said
(illing elephants was Jundeniably cruel and morally reprehensible.J
+po(eswoman *ichele 'ic(over said +outh A"rica does not have too many elephants and
that the decision by the government posed a threat to the elephant population in southern
J+outh A"rica has opened the door to en masse (illing o" elephantsJ she said.
+he argued that the decision was lin(ed to its push to have the ban on ivory trade li"ted.
+outh A"rica has huge stoc(piles o" ivory but i" it succeeded in getting the ban li"ted it
would Jhave to (eep loo(ing "or more ivoryJ 'ic(over said.
%ob +choles who headed the assessment report o" elephant management dismissed
'ic(over:s claims as JirrelevantJ.
2e said elephants earned about KG.T billion rands (U+S@.O@ billionW bK.T@ billion) a year
"rom tourists and only K.KO billion rands (U+SKOG millionW bVV million) in ivory hunting
and sales.
J)lephants are worth much more alive than deadJ he said.
+till +choles said it was Jquite li(elyJ that other countries would "ollow +outh A"rica:s
lead and using (illing to control elephant populations even eventually in )ast A"rica
once the numbers which have stabili3ed begin to increase.
J0 see little alternative to doing soJ he said.
44!- S )2ri"a $o a##o( e#e+%an$ "u##
T%e Sou$% )2ri"an overn/en$ %as said i$ (i## a##o( e#e+%an$s $o be "u##ed 2or $%e
2irs$ $i/e in EF years7
0n a statement given to journalists on *onday the government said a cull was needed to
control elephant numbers.
The elephant population is thought to have grown "rom GAAA to KGAAA since the
government banned culls in KVVF.
The statement ac(nowledged that the issue would rouse Jstrong emotionsJ and the news
will anger many animal rights campaigners.
They have already threatened to call tourist boycotts and ta(e legal action against the
measure which had been e>pected.
The capture o" wild elephants & to be used in elephant&bac( sa"aris "or e>ample & is also a
matter o" controversy in +outh A"rica. 0n the statement the government said this would
be banned e>cept "or purposes o" rehabilitation into the wild.
@?as$ resor$@
0n the statement *inister o" )nvironmental A""airs and Tourism *arthinus van
+chal(wy( said culling would be an option o" last resort that was acceptable only under
strict conditions.
Reu$ers- NeB$ +residen$ be$$er $%an 4us% on "#i/a$e- 4arroso
*on -eb @F @AAG K4KLpm )+T

%y Alister $oyle and !ojciech *os(wa
,+<, (1euters) & Any o" the top three U.+. presidential hope"uls would be better than
'resident George !. %ush at combating climate change )uropean Commission 'resident
/ose *anuel %arroso said on *onday.
JThe trend is on the right side but there is a lot o" wor( to doJ %arroso said o" the
outloo( "or U.+. policy on "ighting global warming during a seminar on climate change
and energy security in the Norwegian capital.
$emocratic presidential hope"uls %arac( ,bama and 2illary Clinton and 1epublican
/ohn *cCain all "avor setting caps on U.+. emissions o" greenhouse gases && something
%ush has so "ar rejected despite pressure "rom his allies.
JAny o" the candidates4 *r. ,bama *rs. Clinton or /ohn *cCain will be more
committed to combating climate change than the present administrationJ %arroso said in
answer to a question.
The United +tates is the only developed nation outside the U.N.:s ;yoto 'rotocol a"ter
Australia:s new <abor government signed up in $ecember.
-<,,$+ AN$ $1,UG2T+
;yoto see(s to cut greenhouse gas emissions by an average o" at least "ive percent below
KVVA levels by @AAG&K@ in a "irst step to stave o"" rising temperatures that the U.N.
Climate 'anel says will bring more "loods droughts and rising seas.
U.+. emissions were KT percent above KVVA levels in @AAF. )missions by many ;yoto
nations are also "ar over goal && %arroso:s homeland 'ortugal is OL percent above KVVA
levels even though the )U overall is on target.
%arroso said he e>pects )urope Jto again ta(e the leadJ at climate tal(s in Copenhagen in
late @AAV when a global agreement to curb emission o" greenhouse gases is e>pected.
%ush will step down in /anuary @AAV.
About KVA nations agreed at U.N. tal(s in %ali 0ndonesia in $ecember last year to
launch two years o" negotiations on a new climate treaty to widen ;yoto with
commitments "or all nations including developing countries such as China and 0ndia.
The )U has a goal o" cutting emissions by @A percent below KVVA levels by @A@A and will
increase the cuts to LA percent i" other nations are willing.
+en. ,bama o" 0llinois "or instance says he would introduce a cap and trade system that
would help cut carbon emissions by GA percent below KVVA levels by @AFA.
+en. *cCain o" Ari3ona is the sponsor o" one o" the "irst bills to curb climate warming
And New =or( +en. Clinton is a member o" the +enate:s )nvironment and 'ublic !or(s
Commission which approved a "irst carbon&capping bill in $ecember.
44!- )n$ar"$i" #a"iers sure $o o"ean
%y *artin 1ed"ern
1othera 1esearch +tation Antarctica
&D s"ien$is$s (or5in in )n$ar"$i"a %ave 2ound so/e o2 $%e "#eares$ eviden"e ye$ o2
ins$abi#i$ies in $%e i"e o2 +ar$ o2 Wes$ )n$ar"$i"a7
0" the trend continues they say it could lead to a signi"icant rise in global sea level.
The new evidence comes "rom a group o" glaciers covering an area the si3e o" Te>as in a
remote and seldom visited part o" !est Antarctica.
The Jrivers o" iceJ have surged sharply in speed towards the ocean.
$avid ?aughan o" the %ritish Antarctic +urvey e>plained4 J0t has been called the wea(
underbelly o" the !est Antarctic 0ce +heet and the reason "or that is that this is the area
where the bed beneath the ice sheet dips down steepest towards the interior.
J0" there is a "eedbac( mechanism to ma(e the ice sheet unstable it will be most unstable
in this region.J
There is good reason to be concerned.
+atellite measurements have shown that three huge glaciers here have been speeding up
"or more than a decade.
The biggest o" the glaciers the 'ine 0sland Glacier is causing the most concern.
In%os+i$ab#e "ondi$ions
/ulian +cott has just returned "rom there. 2e told the %%C4 JThis is a very important
glacierW it:s putting more ice into the sea than any other glacier in Antarctica.
J0t:s a couple o" (ilometres thic( its LA(m wide and it:s moving at L.F(m per year so it:s
putting a lot o" ice into the ocean.J
0t is a very remote and inhospitable region. 0t was visited brie"ly in KVTK by American
scientists but no one had returned until this season when /ulian +cott and 1ob %ingham
and colleagues "rom the %ritish Antarctic survey spent VQ days camping on the "lat white
At times the temperature got down to minus LAC and strong winds made wor(
At one point the scientists were con"ined to their tent continuously "or eight days.
JThe wind really ma(es the way you "eel incredibly colder so just motivating yoursel" to
go out in the wind is a really big dealJ 1ob %ingham told %%C News.
!hen the weather improved the researchers spent most o" their time driving s(idoos
across the "lat "eatureless ice.
J!e drove s(idoos over it "or something li(e @FAA(m each and we didn:t see a single
piece o" topography.J
?on dra
1ob %ingham was towing a radar on a KAAm&long line and detecting re"lections "rom
within the ice using a receiver another KAAm behind that.
The signals are revealing ancient "low lines in the ice. The hope is to reconstruct how it
moved in the past.
/ulian +cott was per"orming seismic studies using pressurised hot water to drill holes
@Am or so into the ice and place e>plosive charges in them. 2e used arrays o" geophones
strung out across the ice to detect re"lections loo(ing among other things "or signs o"
so"t sediments beneath the ice that might be lubricating its "low.
2e also placed recorders lin(ed to the global positioning system (G'+) satellites on the
ice to trac( the glacier:s motion recording its position every KA seconds.
Throughout the KVVAs according to satellite measurements the glacier was accelerating
by around KU a year. /ulian +cott:s sensational "inding this season is that it now seems to
have accelerated by QU in a single season sending more and more ice into the ocean.
JThe measurements "rom last season seem to show an incredible acceleration a rate o" up
to QU. That is "ar greater than the accelerations they were getting e>cited about in the
The reason does not seem to be warming in the surrounding air.
,ne possible culprit could be a deep ocean current that is channelled onto the continental
shel" close to the mouth o" the glacier. There is not much sea ice to protect it "rom the
warm water which seems to be undercutting the ice and lubricating its "low.
Onoin /oni$orin
/ulian +cott however thin(s there may be other "orces at wor( as well.
*uch higher up the course o" the glacier there is evidence o" a volcano that erupted
through the ice about @AAA years ago and the whole region could be volcanically active
releasing geothermal heat to melt the base o" the ice and help its slide towards the sea.
$avid ?aughan believes that the ris( o" a major collapse o" this section o" the !est
Antarctic ice sheet should be ta(en seriously.
JThere has been the e>pectation that this could be a vulnerable areaJ he said.
JNow we have the data to show that this is the area that is changing. +o the two things
coinciding are actually quite worrying.J
The big question now is whether what has been recorded is an e>ceptional surge or
whether it heralds a major collapse o" the ice. /ulian +cott hopes to "ind out.
J0t is e>traordinary and we:ve le"t a G'+ there over winter to see i" it is going to continue
this trend.J
0" the glacier does continue to surge and discharge most o" it ice into the sea say the
researchers the 'ine 0sland Glacier alone could raise global sea level by @Fcm.
That might ta(e decades or a century but neighbouring glaciers are accelerating too and
i" the entire region were to lose its ice the sea would rise by K.Fm worldwide.
)F'- @1oo/sday@ seed vau#$ "o/es $o #i2e in )r"$i"
L hours ago
<,NG=)A1%=)N Norway (A-') l A vault carved into the Arctic perma"rost and
"illed with samples o" the world:s most important seeds will be inaugurated Tuesday
providing a Noah:s Ar( o" "ood crops in the event o" a global catastrophe.
Aimed at sa"eguarding biodiversity in the "ace o" climate change wars and other natural
and man&made disasters the new seed ban( has the capacity to hold up to O.F million
batches or twice the number o" crop varieties believed to e>ist in the world today
according to the Global Crop $iversity Trust (GC$T) which spearheaded the project.
!ith )uropean Commission 'resident /ose *anuel %arroso loo(ing on ;enyan
environmentalist and Nobel 'eace 'ri3e winner !angari *aathai and Norwegian 'rime
*inister /ens +toltenberg will inaugurate the vault by symbolically depositing a "ew
grains o" rice in one o" its three spacious cold chambers.
Norway has assumed the entire si>&million&euro (G.V&million&dollar) charge "or building
the vault in its Arctic archipelago o" +valbard just some KAAA (ilometres (T@A miles)
"rom the North 'ole.
There are currently more than @AAAAA di""erent varieties o" rice and wheat in the world
but this diversity is rapidly disappearing due to pests and diseases climate change and
human activities.
%iodiversity is essential because it enables crops to adapt to new conditions resist
diseases increase their nutritional value and become less dependant on water according
to GC$T.
Under tight security duplicates o" seed samples "rom @K seed ban(s around the world
will be stored in the new vault at a constant temperature o" minus KG degrees Celsius
(minus A.O degrees -ahrenheit) and even i" the "ree3er system "ails the perma"rost will
ensure that temperatures never rise above minus L.F degrees Celsius.
Contributions "rom the other KLAA seed ban(s worldwide are e>pected at a later date.
The +valbard Global +eed ?ault will on Tuesday hold some @TGAAA samples. They will
remain the property o" their countries o" origin which can claim them bac( i" they should
disappear "rom their natural environment.
*easuring twice the si3e o" %elgium and counting just @LAA inhabitants the +valbard
archipelago where ironically no crops grow is considered the ideal location "or the new
vault due to its remote location "ar "rom civil stri"e.
Reu$ers- 4ra8i# +o#i"e 2or"e $o "o/ba$ )/a8on de2ores$a$ion
*on -eb @F @AAG Q4OOpm )+T

TA0<AN$0A %ra3il (1euters) & %ra3il:s "ederal police said it launched an operation on
*onday aimed at "ighting de"orestation in the Ama3on a wee( a"ter townspeople clashed
with local police over illegal sawmills.
About LAA "ederal police agents and troopers "rom the paramilitary national security "orce
arrived in northern 'ara state in helicopters and a caravan o" vehicles. The operation
dubbed Arch o" -ire should have a total o" KAAA agents on the ground when it is in "ull
"orce the agency said.
JThis operation will be permanent in natureJ a "ederal police spo(esman said.
?iolent protests bro(e out last wee( in Tailandia about KK@ miles south o" 'ara state
capital %elem when local police sei3ed KQAAA cubic yards o" timber "rom illegal
<ogging is a mainstay o" the local economy and Tailandia with KOA sawmills is at the
center o" a battle over land and resources within the Ama3on. 2ired gunmen are o"ten
involved and the town is one o" %ra3il:s most violent municipalities according to o""icial
statistics on homicides.
,""icial "igures released in /anuary showed that between August and $ecember o" last
year about @QAL square miles
were chopped down illegally in the Ama3on rain "orest. 0t was the "irst increase in
de"orestation a"ter three years o" declines.
(1eporting by Carmen *unari and 'aulo +antos !riting by )l3io %arreto)
Guardian- Feed $%e (or#d: We are 2i%$in a #osin ba$$#e, &N ad/i$s
2uge budget de"icit means millions more "ace starvation
The United Nations warned yesterday that it no longer has enough money to (eep global
malnutrition at bay this year in the "ace o" a dramatic upward surge in world commodity
prices which have created a Jnew "ace o" hungerJ.
J!e will have a problem in coming monthsJ said /osette +heeran the head o" the UN:s
!orld -ood 'rogramme (!-'). J!e will have a signi"icant gap i" commodity prices
remain this high and we will need an e>tra hal" billion dollars just to meet e>isting
assessed needs.J
!ith voluntary contributions "rom the world:s wealthy nations the !-' "eeds QL million
people in QG countries less than a KAth o" the total number o" the world:s undernourished.
0ts agreed budget "or @AAG was S@.Vbn (nK.Fbn). %ut with annual "ood price increases
around the world o" up to OAU and dramatic hi(es in "uel costs that budget is no longer
enough even to maintain current "ood deliveries.
The short"all is all the more worrying as it comes at a time when populations many in
urban areas who had thought themselves secure in their "ood supply are now unable to
a""ord basic "oodstu""s. A"ghanistan has recently added an e>tra @.F million people to the
number it says are at ris( o" malnutrition
JThis is the new "ace o" hungerJ +heeran said. JThere is "ood on shelves but people are
priced out o" the mar(et. There is vulnerability in urban areas we have not seen be"ore.
There are "ood riots in countries where we have not seen them be"ore.J
!-' o""icials say the e>traordinary increases in the global price o" basic "oods were
caused by a Jper"ect stormJ o" "actors4 a rise in demand "or animal "eed "rom increasingly
prosperous populations in 0ndia and China the use o" more land and agricultural produce
"or bio"uels and climate change.
The impact has been "elt around the world. -ood riots have bro(en out in *orocco
=emen *e>ico Guinea *auritania +enegal and U3be(istan. 'a(istan has reintroduced
rationing "or the "irst time in two decades. 1ussia has "ro3en the price o" mil( bread
eggs and coo(ing oil "or si> months. Thailand is also planning a "ree3e on "ood staples.
A"ter protests around 0ndonesia /a(arta has increased public "ood subsidies. 0ndia has
banned the e>port o" rice e>cept the high&quality basmati variety.
J-or us the main concern is "or the poorest countries and the net "ood buyersJ said
-rederic *ousseau a humanitarian policy adviser at ,>"am. J-or the poorest
populations FAU&GAU o" income goes on "ood purchases. !e are concerned now about
an immediate increase in malnutrition in these countries and the landless the
"armwor(ers there all those who are living on the edge.J
*uch o" the blame has been put on the trans"er o" land and grains to the production o"
bio"uel. %ut its impact has been outweighed by the sharp growth in demand "rom a new
middle class in China and 0ndia "or meat and other "oods which were previously viewed
as lu>uries.
JThe "undamental cause is high income growthJ said /oachim von %raun the head o" the
0nternational -ood 'olicy 1esearch 0nstitute. J0 estimate this is hal" the story. The
bio"uels is another LAU. Then there are weather&induced erratic changes which caused
irritation in world "ood mar(ets. These things have eaten into world levels o" grain
JThe lower the reserves the more nervous the mar(ets become and the increased
volatility is particularly detrimental to the poor who have small assets.J
The impact o" climate change will ampli"y that already dangerous volatility. 1ecord
"looding in west A"rica a prolonged drought in Australia and unusually severe
snowstorms in China have all had an impact on "ood production.
JThe climate change "actor is so "ar small but it is bound to get biggerJ ?on %raun said.
JThat is the long&term worry and the mar(ets are trying to internalise it.J
The !-' is holding an emergency meeting in 1ome on -riday at which its senior
managers will meet board members to brie" them on the scale o" the problem. There will
then be a case&by&case assessment o" the seriousness o" the situation in the a""ected
countries be"ore the !-' "ormally as(s "or an increased budget at its e>ecutive board
meeting in /une.
%ut the donor countries are also "acing higher "uel and transport costs. -or the biggest U+
"ood aid programme non&"ood costs now account "or TFU o" total programme
Global impact4 !here in"lation bites deepest
K United +tates The last time America:s grain silos were so empty was in the early
seventies when the +oviet Union bought much o" the harvest. !ashington is telling the
!orld -ood 'rogramme it is "acing a OAU increase in "ood commodity prices compared
with last year and higher "uel bills to transport it so the U+ the biggest single "ood aid
contributor will radically cut the amount it gives away.
@ *orocco LO people jailed this month "or ta(ing part in riots over "ood prices.
L )gypt The world:s largest importer o" wheat has been hard hit by the global price rises
and most o" the increase will be absorbed in increased subsidies. The government has
also had to rela> the rules on who is eligible "or "ood aid adding an e>tra KA.F million
O )ritrea 0t could be one o" the states hardest hit in A"rica because o" its reliance on
imports. The price rises will hit urban populations not previously thought vulnerable to a
lac( o" "ood.
F 8imbabwe !ith annual in"lation o" KAAAAAU and unemployment at GAU price
increases on staples can only worsen the severe "ood shortages.
T =emen 'rices o" bread and other staples have nearly doubled in the past "our months
spar(ing riots in which at least a do3en people were (illed.
Q 1ussia The government struc( a deal with producers last year to "ree3e the price o"
mil( eggs vegetable oil bread and (e"ir (a "ermented mil( drin(). The "ree3e was due to
last until the end o" /anuary but was e>tended "or another three months.
G A"ghanistan 'resident 2amid ;ar3ai has as(ed the !-' to "eed an e>tra @.F million
people who are now in danger o" malnutrition as a result o" a harsh winter and the e""ect
o" high world prices in a country that is heavily dependent on imports.
V 'a(istan 'resident 'erve3 *usharra" announced this month that 'a(istan would be
going bac( to ration cards "or the "irst time since the KVGAs a"ter the sharp increase in the
price o" staples. These will help the poor (nearly hal" the population) buy subsidised
"lour wheat sugar pulses and coo(ing "at "rom state&owned outlets.
KA 0ndia The government will spend @FAbn rupees on "ood security. 0ndia is the world:s
second biggest wheat producer but bought F.Fm tonnes in @AAT and K.Gm tonnes last
year driving up world prices. 0t has banned the e>port o" all "orms o" rice other than
lu>ury basmati.
KK China Unusually severe bli33ards have dramatically cut agricultural production and
sent prices "or "ood staples soaring. The overall "ood in"lation rate is KG.@U. The cost o"
por( has increased by more than hal". The cost o" "ood was rising "ast even be"ore the bad
weather moved in as an increasingly prosperous population began to demand as staples
agricultural products previously seen as lu>uries. The government has increased ta>es
and imposed quotas on "ood e>ports while removing duties on "ood imports.
K@ Thailand The government is planning to "ree3e prices o" rice coo(ing oil and noodles.
KL *alaysia and the 'hilippines *alaysia is planning strategic stoc(piles o" the country:s
staples. *eanwhile the 'hilippines has made an unusual plea to ?ietnam to guarantee its
rice supplies. 0mports were previously le"t to the global mar(et.
KO 0ndonesia -ood price rises have triggered protests and the government has had to
increase its "ood subsidies by over a third to contain public anger.
-A94 -ood prices
-ew winners and many losers
!hat is the problem5
0n the three decades to @AAF world "ood prices "ell by about three&quarters in in"lation&
adjusted terms according to the )conomist "ood prices inde>. +ince then they have risen
by QFU with much o" that coming in the past year. !heat prices have doubled while
mai3e soya and oilseeds are at record highs.
!hy are "ood prices rising5
The booming world economy has driven up prices "or all commodities. Changes in diets
have also played a big part. *eat consumption in many countries has soared pushing up
demand "or the grain needed by cattle. $emand "or bio"uels has also risen strongly. This
year "or e>ample one third o" the U+ mai3e crop will go to ma(e bio"uels. *oreover the
gradual re"orm and liberalisation o" agricultural subsidy programmes in the U+ and
)urope have reduced the butter and grain mountains o" yesteryear by eliminating
!ho are the winners and losers5
-armers are the obvious winners as are poor countries that rely e>tensively on "ood
e>ports. %ut consumers are having to pay more and the urban poor in many developing
states will be hardest hit as they o"ten spend more than a third o" their income on "ood.
2ow long are prices li(ely to be high5
The U+ department "or agriculture says the country:s wheat stoc(s are at their lowest "or
FA years and demand will continue to e>ceed supply this year. There is potential to bring
more land into production in countries such as U(raine but that could ta(e time. And as
all "oodstu""s have risen sharply in price there is little incentive "or "armers to switch
"rom one crop to another.
!hat about the )U:s common agricultural policy5
2igh "ood prices certainly remove the need to subsidise "armers and so there is a chance
say e>perts that badly needed reductions in CA' subsidies which cost )uropean
ta>payers dearly could now be within reach.
Are other commodity prices also rising5
,il metals and coal have seen their prices rise strongly as the global economy has
e>panded rapidly driving up demand "or almost everything
particularly "rom emerging economies such as China and 0ndia. +ome economists thin(
speculation may also play a part. $isappointed by the sub&prime collapse and "alling
property values in many countries investors have piled money into commodities.
Ashley +eager
)F'- 4ra8i# #aun"%es "a/+ain +ro/o$in bio2ue# 2ro/ suar"ane
KK hours ago
+A, 'AU<, (A-') l %ra3il is to launch a KA&million&dollar international campaign
promoting the use o" bio"uel "rom sugarcane as a way o" boosting its huge industry in the
sector o""icials said *onday.
The initiative which was signed *onday between the %ra3ilian trade promotion agency
Ape> and the sugar cane industry association Unica in "ront o" $evelopment *inister
*iguel /orge will run to the end o" @AAV.
JThe aim is to build an international bio"uels mar(et which currently practically does not
e>istJ Ape> president Alessando Tei>eira said.
0t will target the United +tates Canada )urope and Asia.
Unica boss *arcos /an( said world bio"uel production represents one percent o" the
production o" "ossil "uels.
%ut Tei>eira said demand "or ethanol "rom crops is growing Jand %ra3ilian ethanol
made "rom sugarcane has emerged as the most viable alternative with competitive
advantages over mai3e beetroot and other primary materials.J
The United +tates is the top world producer o" ethanol bio"uel ma(ing @G billion liters in
@AAQ mostly "rom mai3e.
%ra3il came second with @@ billion liters derived "rom sugarcane.
The bio"uel industry is rapidly e>panding as governments and companies try to wean
themselves o"" their dependence on oil which has hit record prices.
The )uropean Union in /anuary called "or bio"uels to be used in at least KA percent o"
"uels used in transport in the @Q&nation bloc by @A@A as a way o" combating climate
*ore than GA percent o" new cars in %ra3il are J"le>J models meaning they can operate
on ethanol gasoline or a mi> o" both.
Reu$ers- INTERVIEW 9 Ri"% na$ions s%ou#d aree 2020 "arbon $are$s 9 &7N7
Tue -eb @T @AAG F4@Lam 0+T
N)! =,1; (1euters) & The world:s rich countries should set a goal o" cutting planet&
warming gases by @A@A not by @AFA as some have suggested so businesses can get a
clearer signal on actions they need to ta(e to "ight global warming the U.N.:s top climate
change o""icial said on *onday.
0n U.N. climate tal(s in %ali late last year !ashington rejected sti"" @A@A targets "or
greenhouse gas cuts by rich nations as part o" a roadmap to wor( out a new global pact to
"ight climate change. The new pact would ta(e e""ect in @AAV replacing the ;yoto
Also last year then /apanese 'rime *inister +hin3o Abe proposed a global target to halve
greenhouse gases by @AFA. The target was shrugged o"" as too vague and lac(ing teeth
without binding targets.
%ut the @AFA date is still being discussed by some o" the world:s largest greenhouse gas
emitters as a target "or imposing reductions. +uch a target would be too "ar o"" "or
businesses to start ta(ing meaning"ul action to "ight climate change =vo de %oer the
head o" the U.N. Climate Change +ecretariat said in a telephone interview.
2e said @AFA targets would be an easy way "or politicians to push the hard wor( o"
cutting emissions into the "uture because most o" them would be dead by then. J@AFA is in
a way committing the unborn and 0 thin( that the signal that businesses are loo(ing "or is
where rich nations intend to be in @A@AJ he said.
/apan:s current 'rime *inister =asuo -u(uda is set to host the Group o" )ight summit in
/uly. 2e is under pressure on climate change and is li(ely to urge major emitters to each
set targets "or reducing carbon dio>ide to be achieved be"ore @AFA /apanese media has
$e %oer said a @AFA goal is among the things being discussed by a group o" major
emitters led by the United +tates. %ut he said this could complicate the setting o" a nearer
goal that would spur businesses to start ta(ing real steps on "ighting climate change.
J0" it:s hard to "i> the nature o" something "or @AFA when most politicians will be under
the ground how much more di""icult is it going to be to be clear on @A@A5J said de %oer.
J0 really hope that the /apanese GG presidency can provide a brea(through on that sense
o" direction.J he said.
Mo$or Trader- 1rivers are "#ue#ess over !O2 e/issions
@F -ebruary @AAG
*ajority o" motorists do not (now their car:s emissions
The vast majority o" %ritish drivers Bdo not have a clueD how much C,@ is produced by
their car according to a study conducted on behal" o" the )nvironmental Transport
The survey discovered that the least well in"ormed drivers are in the south particularly
<ondon with TQ and TG per cent respectively not aware o" how much C,@ their car
$rivers in the north o" %ritain were more aware.
$rivers unaware
0n +cotland OO per cent o" motorists (new about their vehicle#s carbon emissions and that
"igure rose to TO per cent in the north o" )ngland.
Another "inding was that LL per cent o" <ondon drivers do not thin( their car produces an
unreasonable amount o" pollution a "igure which drops to @F per cent in !ales the
midlands and the north.
The "igure "or the south o" )ngland was L@ per cent.
Andrew $avis director at the )nvironmental Transport Association said4 BThe debate
about emissions and climate change moves on but the results o" our survey show it may
be leaving people behind.D
0n an attempt to raise awareness among motorists the association has launched the "irst
car insurance policy which automatically o""sets the C,@ produced by a year#s driving.
To "ind out how much C,@ your car produces C<0C; 2)1)
Reu$ers- Hea$%ro( eB+ansion se$s business aains$ environ/en$
*on -eb @F @AAG V4KOam )+T

%y /eremy <ovell and 'ete 2arrison
<,N$,N (1euters) & -our environmental campaigners breached security at <ondon:s
2eathrow airport on *onday climbing aboard a par(ed aircra"t and un"urling a banner
protesting against runway e>pansion plans.
'olice later arrested the "our "rom Greenpeace who wal(ed through security at one o" the
world:s most policed airports.
JClimate emergency. No Lrd runwayJ read the banner they hung on the tail"in o" a
passenger plane that had just landed a"ter a domestic "light "rom the northern city o"
The protest with others to "ollow outside parliament later in the day came just two days
be"ore the end o" the government:s public consultation on the planned e>pansion which
has pitted business against environmentalists.
'lans to build a third runway "or what is already the world:s busiest international airport
have spar(ed protests and a virulent blogging campaign stressing a contradiction between
major aviation e>pansion and attempts to "ight global warming.
JThe arguments in "avor simply don:t stac( upJ said Nic -erriday o" the Aviation
)nvironment -ederation.
J=ou can:t have the massive e>pansion o" aviation in this country && led by 2eathrow &&
when the government is at the same time promising to cut carbon emissions to "ight
climate change.J
2eathrow already handles TQ.L million passengers and OQKAAA aircra"t movements a
year "igures which are "orecast to double over the ne>t LA years i" e>pansion goes ahead.
%usinesses say 2eathrow provides vital lin(s to the United +tates )urope and booming
Asian economies li(e 0ndia and China.
*ore than a third o" businessmen polled by <ondon:s 0nstitute o" $irectors too( a
business "light KA times or more last year and say wor( would su""er i" "lights were
2)AT21,! -<0G2T 'AT2
!ith about two million people under 2eathrow:s "light path i" e>pansion goes ahead and
hundreds o" homes due to be bulldo3ed many local residents want e>pansion stopped.
+cientists say global average temperatures will rise by between K.G and O.A degrees
Celsius this century due to carbon emissions "rom burning "ossil "uels "or transport and
power with emissions at altitude twice as harm"ul as at ground level.
JAviation accounts "or about KL percent o" %ritain:s climate impact. That percentage will
rise very sharply as the number o" "lights doubles and e""orts are made to cut emissions
elsewhereJ said !!- transport campaigner 'ete <oc(ley.
The government argues that aviation e>pansion is vital "or the economy an argument
<oc(ley said did not hold water i" a true climate cost was "actored into the equation.
Campaigners say only about one quarter o" "lights are "or business reasons.
JAt the predicted rate o" e>pansion aviation will account "or all o" %ritain:s emissions
target by the middle o" the centuryJ said 'atric( Gillett o" 'lane +tupid.
Aircra"t manu"acturers have improved planes: "uel e""iciency in recent years and trials
are under way to power them with bio"uels but most airlines are counting on emissions
trading and carbon o""setting to balance most o" their impact.
+uch schemes come at a cost but nearly two thirds o" those polled by the 0o$ said they
were willing to pay F&KA percent more "or a business "light on environmental grounds.
A bill going through parliament and e>pected to become law within three months
commits the government to cut emissions o" carbon dio>ide the main climate change
culprit by at least TA percent "rom KVVA by @AFA and by @T&L@ percent by @A@A.
)nvironment +ecretary 2ilary %enn has promised to loo( at raising the end target to GA
()diting by 'eter *illership)
)F'- Environ/en$a#is$s "#i/b on Hea$%ro( .e$ in air+or$ +ro$es$- o22i"ia#s
KF hours ago
<,N$,N (A-') l -our activists "rom environmental campaigners Greenpeace
breached security at <ondon 2eathrow to stage a protest on top o" a jet against the
airport:s planned e>pansion the group said *onday.
The activists climbed on top o" a %ritish Airways %oeing QQQ plane which had just landed
"rom *anchester at around AVOF G*T and un"urled a huge banner across the tail"in
reading4 JClimate )mergency && No Third 1unwayJ.
Their action came two days be"ore the end o" a government consultation on plans to
e>pand 2eathrow notably by building a third runway which have proved highly
controversial with green campaigners and some local people.
+upporters o" the scheme including airlines and business argue that it is vital to sustain
<ondon:s status as a world "inancial centre.
,ne o" those involved in the protest Anna /ones @Q said4 J0 am standing on this plane
because our planet and the people who live on it are in danger.
JClimate change can be beaten but not by doubling the si3e o" the world:s biggest
The demonstrators were arrested by police a"ter spending about an hour and a hal" on top
o" the jet. +ervices at 2eathrow were largely una""ected.
%AA which operates most o" %ritain:s airports said it would carry out a J"ull
investigationJ into the incident.
A spo(esman said4 JThere is an important debate to be had regarding airport e>pansion
and %AA respects people:s democratic right to protest law"ully.
J2owever direct action on the air"ield is unlaw"ul and irresponsible.J
!illie !alsh chie" e>ecutive o" %ritish Airways and a supporter o" the e>pansion plan
said that aviation only produced about two percent o" carbon emissions.
And he added that a third runway would not lead overall to an increase because by then
aviation emissions would be capped by the )uropean Union:s carbon trading scheme.
)## )2ri"a- &N1' 1ona$es $o Save Environ/en$
New ?ision (;ampala)
@O -ebruary @AAG
'osted to the web @F -ebruary @AAG
%y Arthur %aguma
T2) United Nations $evelopment 'rogramme (UN$') has given Uganda SLLVFm
(about shF.Gb) "or conservation. The "unds were channeled through the !orld !ide -und
"or Nature (!!-) and the *inistry o" !ater and )nvironment to implement a
biodiversity conservation project in the Albertine 1i"t -orests o" Uganda.
The project will promote better management o" "orests on private land by communities in
2oima *asindi and ;ibale disricts.
About S@TQLOQ was used to procure project equipment including the vehicles and
motorcycles which were handed over last *onday by the UN$' resident representative
in Uganda Theophane Ni(yema.
Ni(yema said UN$':s +trategic 'lan @AAG&@AKK puts priority on environment in general
and biodiversity conservation in particular. 2e added that the project "its within the
Government o" Uganda priorities "or biodiversity conservation.
The UN$' environment specialist /ustin )caat said the Albertine 1i"t )co&1egion is the
most important "orest system in A"rica in terms o" biodiversity e>tending across the
Great <a(es 1egion o" )ast and Central A"rica ($1C Uganda Tan3ania1wanda
)caat however noted that the "orests have been under increasing threat "rom the growing
commercial demands and "rom rural communities whose high levels o" poverty ma(e
them dependent on "orest resources "or their livelihood.
The project will be implemented by !!- with the support o" UN$'. 0t will be "unded
by the Global )nvironment -acility (G)-) in partnership with the environment ministry
through its directorate o" environmental a""airs.
The project activities will include support to collaborative "orest management capacity
strengthening "or the National -orestry Authority to improve management o" central
"orest reserves strengthening and maintaining lin(ages between the protected areas.
This will be done by o""ering incentives "or "orest conservation on private land and
promoting incentives "or alternative resource use strategies and conservation on private
The Albertine 1i"t )co&1egion is the most important "orest system in A"rica "or
biodiversity e>tending across the $emocratic 1epublic o" Congo Uganda Tan3ania
1wanda and %urundi.
The pressures on the "orest resources coupled with wea( conservation agencies at
decentralised levels and collaborative management strategies with local people have led
to considerable loss o" "orest cover on private and public land.
The three&year project will provide additional resources to the Government and its
partners to implement innovative conservation activities.
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*edia (allA"
)## )2ri"a- Minis$er Tas5s NGOs on G#oba# Environ/en$ Fa"i#i$y
$aily Trust (Abuja)
@@ -ebruary @AAG
'osted to the web @@ -ebruary @AAG
%y Nasidi Adamu =ahaya
Non&governmental organi3ations have a "ormidable role in the provision o" vital services
and they also possess well established and diverse e>pertise in the implementation and
monitoring o" environmentally sound and socially responsible sustainable development
*inister o" )nvironment 2ousing and Urban $evelopment has said.
*rs. 2alima Tayo Alao made the remar( yesterday in Abuja in an address at the national
sensiti3ation wor(shop on Global )nvironment -acility HG)-I small grants programme
"or environmental NG,:s.
+he said4 JThe global environment "acility is the "inancial mechanisms established to
assist developing countries meet the "inancial obligation o" implementing multilateral
environmental agreements in the relevant "ocal areasJ.
+he "urther said global environmental "acility is the largest single source o" "unding "or
promoting global environmental protection and sustainable development because its "ocal
areas include biological diversity climate change land degradation persistent organic
pollutants and international waters.
The minister said in order to improve G)- intervention in respective countries through
grassroots participation the G)- small grants programme was established noting that
"ollowing Nigeria:s application to the programmeit was recently admitted into the +G'
along with @A other countries.
*rs. Alao e>plained that the sensiti3ation wor(shop was one o" the pre&requisites "or
establishing the +G' in Nigeria to ensure that our NG,sPC%,s can start bene"iting "rom
the programme.
The main objective o" the programme is to develop communities through the application
o" relevant strategies including technologies that could reduce threats to the global
environment i" they are replicated over time the minister added.
+he mentioned that the programme will also ensure that conservation and sustainable
development strategies and projects that protect the global environment are understood
and practiced by communities and other sta(eholders.
)## )2ri"a- Re/a &nvei#s )n$i9'over$y, Environ/en$ Fi%$ S$ra$ey
The New Times (;igali)
@@ -ebruary @AAG
'osted to the web @@ -ebruary @AAG
%y 0nnocent Gahigana
The 1wanda )nvironment *anagement Authority (1ema) has unveiled new guidelines to
integrate environment conservation into the national anti&poverty campaign.
The guidelines detailed in two strategic guide manuals spell out the required approach to
lin( the ongoing national e""orts to reduce poverty with environmental conservation.
,ne o" the handboo(s titled :'overty and )nvironment 0ndicators: outlines strategies "or
monitoring the indicators within the national "ramewor( o" poverty "ight.
The other :Guidelines "or *ainstreaming )nvironment in the )conomic $evelopment
and 'overty 1eduction +trategy: stipulates necessary actions and approaches "or their
e""ective implementation.
0n their summary contents the handboo(s highlight attempts to inject "resh impetus into
"inding solutions "or poverty eradication directly lin(ed with environmental problems.
The handboo(s outline e""orts on how to improve environment protection nationwide are
thought "or within )conomic $evelopment and 'overty 1eduction +trategy ()$'1+) "or
"ive years.
The ')0 programme aimed at enhancing the contribution o" sound environmental
management to poverty reduction was launched in @AAF.
0t also aims at supporting sustainable growth and achievement o" the UN *illennium
$evelopment Goals (*$Gs) set to trans"orm the developing world "rom deprived
A technical o""icer with 1ema Cyrille Turatsin3e said that the most urgent indicator is to
convince government ministries and private organs to give that vital priority.
J!e would li(e to see harmonised e""orts in the poverty and environment campaign so
that we have clear indictorsJ he said on !ednesday.
T%e Sun Hera#d *Sydney, )us$ra#ia,- T%e ba$$#e o2 $%e ba
-ebruary @O @AAG +unday
Terry +myth
+ome hate them some hoard them the -ederal Government has threatened to ban them.
%ut as(s T)11= +*=T2 must we really live without the plastic bags5 :+o what am 0
supposed to do5 <ose a customer5:
,n one side o" the great plastic bag debate are those who say that o" some "our billion
plastic shopping bags Australians use each year about VO million end up blowing in the
wind & polluting our coasts bushland and waterwaysW (illing or injuring birds and
livestoc( on land and in the oceans (illing large numbers o" seabirds seals turtles and
Those o" the anti&bag persuasion say the plastic shopping bag is a dangerous eyesore we
can easily live without. Thirty years ago they say be"ore supermar(ets introduced plastic
chec(out bags we managed very nicely without them and with paper bags "abric bags
string bags and bas(ets we can do it again.
,n the other side are those who say the problems caused by plastic bags have been wildly
overestimated & particularly the threat to wildli"e & and that a ban would cost consumers
dearly "or little bene"it. *any people recycle the bags as bin liners storage bags dog
poop&scoopers and a variety o" other uses. $enied "ree chec(out bags they would have
no choice but to buy bags "or such purposes so no one would bene"it e>cept retailers.
%ringing your own bags is impractical because people these days shop more o"ten and on
impulse and it ta(es longer at the chec(out.
-ederal )nvironment *inister 'eter Garrett wants to phase out plastic shopping bags
"rom the nation:s supermar(ets by the end o" the year despite a 'roductivity Commission
suggestion that be"ore slapping on a ban the Government should consider alternatives
such as tougher anti&litter laws and greater community participation.
Garrett says phasing out bags is Jabsolutely critical because o" the impact that they are
having on wildli"e on our litter stream on our marine environmentJ. A levy rather than a
ban is an unli(ely option because the cost would "low on to consumers and
biodegradable bags are not the answer because they ta(e up to KAAA years to brea( down.
Clean Up Australia supports a total ban rather than a levy claiming that e>perience
elsewhere & namely 0reland & had proved ine""ective in the long term and di""icult to
manage. ,"ten cited as a model Australia should "ollow the 0rish levy o" a "ew cents on
each bag caused a signi"icant reduction in plastic litter. A side e""ect is that the 0rish have
become a nation o" bag hoarders. 'eople treasure bags as i" they were currency and many
an 0rish suitcase coming home "rom abroad is stu""ed with plastic shopping bags.
Across the 0rish +ea in +cotland where a similar scheme has been proposed +cots are
hoarding an estimated QA million bags in their homes.
*eanwhile bac( in Australia opponents o" a ban say the proposal is long on warm and
"u33y but short on "acts and "igures.
The National Association o" 1etail Grocers o" Australia estimates the cost o" a phase&out
to consumers could be up to SK.@V billion yet have little e""ect on litter reduction. The
'lastics and Chemical 0ndustries Association says plastic bag litter is a Jstatistically
insigni"icant problemJ because plastic supermar(et chec(out bags ma(e up less than K
per cent o" litter. They say claims that plastic bags (ill large numbers o" marine animals a
year are Junsubstantiated anecdotal and statistically irrelevantJ.
A @AAF United Nations )nvironment 'rogram report on marine litter "ound the problem
was increasing worldwide and that Jglobally more than one million birds and KAAAAA
marine mammals and sea turtles dies each year "rom entanglement in and ingestion o"
2owever neither this nor similar reports mention plastic shopping bags. The only plastic
debris speci"ically mentioned is lost or abandoned plastic "ishing gear. Notably a KVGQ
New"oundland study o"ten quoted as attributing the deaths o" up to KAAAAA marine
animals to plastic bags actually attributed those deaths to entanglement in plastic "ishing
+tatistics aside across the 'aci"ic in 'ort ?ila ?anuatu ,wen $rew has seen the damage
done. The e>pat Australian cruise operator who has a turtle "arm on his Tranquillity
0sland resort played a part in 'ort ?ila banning plastic bags "our years ago. J0 made a lot
o" noise when we started our turtle projectJ ,wen says Jand eventually the lord mayor
o" 'ort ?ila decreed no more plastic bags primarily because o" the pollution around the
streets and the e""ect on turtles as the plastic bags loo( li(e jelly"ish in the water and the
turtles eat them and end up either su""ocating or getting intestinal bloc(ages and die.J
+ince the ban there has been a dramatic reduction in litter.
JThere is a big thing "or local shoppers to use their customary woven bags "or shopping
and there are "ar less plastic bags blowing around with the wind.J
+o can a scheme that wor(s in 'ort ?ila wor( in +ydney5 The place to "ind out is ,yster
%ay. -our years ago at about the same time as 0reland imposed a levy and ?anuatu
banned the bag this southern +ydney suburb became Australia:s "irst plastic bag&"ree city
,yster %ay has a small shopping village opposite a sports "ield "ronting the bay shore. A
quic( survey o" the shore "inds a "ew empty cans and bottles but not a single plastic bag.
There are no oysters either by the way.
The only "eral plastic shopping bags discovered were two containing household rubbish
in a council litter bin and two more dumped at the sports oval containing soiled nappies.
A road sign boasting o" ,yster %ay:s bag ban is "aded symbolic & as it turns out & o" the
community:s "ading commitment.
!hen long&time residents George and Nicole Cecil patronise the local shops they ta(e
green bags with them. J!e also shop at the Aldi supermar(et at *enai where they don:t
give you plastic shopping bagsJ George says. J!hat we do is ta(e washing bas(ets and
an )s(y "or the cold and "ro3en stu"". 0 also leave a couple o" bags in the car in case we
need a bit e>tra.J
The Cecils had no trouble (ic(ing the plastic habit. J0t:s easily doableJ George says Jbut
0 don:t thin( people care that much these days. They did "our years ago when it started but
not any more. 0t:s a shame.J
0n the shopping village where signs as( customers to Jsay no to plastic bagsJ a retailer
says that although the ban got o"" to a good start in @AAO it "i33led out about a year later.
JA lot o" customers were getting upset when they:d as( "or a plastic bag and we:d o""er
them a paper bagJ he says. +ome customers bring green bags with them some bring
plastic bags "rom their private stash and he (eeps a supply o" plastic bags "or those who
insist on them.
Chris o" ,yster %ay Greengrocer has had the same e>perience.
J!e started using bo>es and paper bags but then people started demanding plastic bagsJ
he says. J0:ve got a customer who won:t shop here i" 0 don:t put things in a plastic bag. +o
what am 0 supposed to do5 <ose a customer5 0:m not going to do thatC
J*any o" my customers bring their own green bags and 0:ve got customers who collect
plastic bags "rom !oolworths or Coles supermar(ets and bring them to the shop. The big
stores still (ept plastic bags so how can you stop it5
J0t:s disappointingJ he says. J0t wor(ed well here but we got no support "rom any other
suburb so eventually it died out. 0t:s sad because it was something good.J
Chris has a two&"old perspective on the problem. 2e:s not only a greengrocer but a
pro"essional diver and he says that while the bay seems pristine on the sur"ace it:s a
di""erent story below.
JThere is a lot o" pollution down there and 0:d say about LA per cent o" it is plastic bags.J
The litter sits on the bottom out o" sight and out o" mind.
J%ut when the weather gets rough when it:s disturbed it comes up again and goes out
into the ocean.J
+o where does it go5
0n the middle o" the 'aci"ic ,cean is a "loating garbage dump the si3e o" A"rica. 0ts
scienti"ic name is the 'aci"ic central gyre but it:s better (nown as the 'aci"ic garbage
patch & @F million square (ilometres o" "lotsam pushed along by a spiralling current into
the centre o" the world:s largest ocean. Anything that "loats ends up there and most o" it
is plastic.
0t can ta(e up to a do3en years "or debris dumped or washed into the sea to reach the
gyre and during that time natural products brea( down. %ut plastic does not and the
result is a ra"t o" plastic waste the si3e o" a continent.
0n a recent voyage to the centre o" the patch the oceanographic research vessel Alguita
"ound sea creatures tangled in discarded plastic "ishing line and netting or with plastic
"ragments in their bellies.
J0 can no longer see pristine images when 0 thin( o" the briny deepJ the Alguita:s captain
Charles *oore told the United Nations )nvironment 'rogram. JNeither can 0 imagine
any :beach clean&up: type o" solution. ,nly elimination o" the source o" the problem can
result in an ocean nearly "ree "rom plastic and the desired result will only be seen by
citi3ens o" the third millennium A$.J
The quantity o" plastics in the 'aci"ic has tripled in the past decade and i" le"t unchec(ed
will li(ely increase ten"old in the ne>t decade.
0" we can live with that we can live with plastic shopping bags.
@A U+)+ -,1 '<A+T0C +2,''0NG %AG+
K. Garbage bin liner
@. +toring household items
L. 'oop&scooper
O. Cat litter disposal
F. )mergency shower cap
T. 1e&use as grocery carry bag
Q. +ha(er bag "or crumbing meat "or "rying
G. Collecting shells at the beach
V. Carrying wet swimwear
KA. +tu""ing cushions and pillows
KK. Cutting into strips to weave mats rugs and bags
K@. 'rotecting shoes when travelling
KL. Crumpling to line the bottom o" plant pots
KO. $rop sheet when painting small items
KF. 'arachute "or toy action "igures
KT. !aterproo"ing a plastered or bandaged limb when in the shower
KQ. +toring goods in the "ree3er
KG. Car litter bag
KV. <unch bag
@A. Collecting rubbish on Clean Up Australia $ay which will be held ne>t +unday
*arch @
RO)' ME1I) &'1)TE
Tuesday, 26 February, 2008
UN)' or UN in the news
• !arming warning "or oceans# treasures & $NA
General environment news
• Australia 4 Greenhouse report ma(es Canberra sweat N %ang(o( 'ost
• +ingapore 4 Annual "ire ha3e dri"ts over +ingapore N %ang(o( 'ost
UNEP or UN in the news
(arming warning for oceans) treasures
1ajesh +inha Tuesday -ebruary @T @AAG
+tudy says "ishing grounds in 0ndian ,cean among those at greatest ris( some varieties
o" "ish will disappear
N)! $)<204 +ea "ood will get dearer and some varieties may even disappear due to the
changes ta(ing place in the oceans under the impact o" global warming says a report
released by United Nations )nvironment 'rogramme (UN)') on -riday.
The report B0n $ead !aterD was launched at UN)'#s Governing CouncilPGlobal
*inisterial )nvironment -orum being held in *onaco. The report comes in the wa(e o"
"indings issued last wee( by a team led by the National Centre "or )cological Analysis
and +ynthesis which said that over OAU o" the world#s oceans have been heavily
impacted by humans and only OU remain relatively una""ected.
The UN)' report says at particular ris( are "ishing grounds in !estern 'aci"ic the 0ndian
,cean the 'ersian Gul" !est Asia and the Caribbean. ,ver VAU o" the world#s
temperate and tropical coasts will be heavily impacted by @AFA. *arine areas at particular
ris( o" increased pollution are +outheast and )ast Asia.
Calling climate change the latest threat to the world#s dwindling "ish stoc(s the report
says at least three quarters o" the globe#s (ey "ishing grounds may become seriously
impacted by changes in circulation o" ocean currents as a result o" the ocean#s natural
pumping systems "ading and "alling. These natural pumps dotted at sites across the world
including the Arctic and *editerranean bring nutrients to "isheries and (eep them
healthy by "lushing out wastes and pollution.
-urther rising emissions cause higher sea sur"ace temperatures and threaten to bleach and
(ill up to GAU o" the globe#s coral ree"s which serve as major tourist attractions natural
sea de"ences and also nurseries "or "ish.
Calling it Ba rapid response reportD the UN)' said B0n $ead !aterD has "or the "irst time
mapped the multiple impacts o" pollutionW alien in"estationsW over&e>ploitation and
climate change on the seas and oceans. BThe worst concentration o" cumulative impacts
o" climate change with e>isting pressures o" over&harvest bottom trawling invasive
species in"estations coastal development and pollution appear to be concentrated in KA&
KFU o" the oceansD says the report.
This KA&KFU o" the oceans is "ar higher than had previously been supposed and is
Bconcurrent with today#s most important "ishing groundsD including the estimated Q.FU
deemed to be the most economically valuable "ishing areas o" the world it adds.
Achim +teiner UN under&secretary general and UN)' e>ecutive director said BClimate
change threatens coastal in"rastructure "ood and water supplies and the health o" people
across the world. 0t is clear "rom this report and others that it will add signi"icantly to
pressures on "ish stoc(s. This is as much a development and economic issue as an
environmental one. *illions o" people including many in developing countries get their
livelihood "rom "ishing while @.T billion people get their protein "rom sea"oodD he said.
General environment news
Greenhouse re*ort ma$es Can+erra sweat
%y +0$ A+T%U1=

+ydney M The Australian government:s top climate change adviser said the ::aw"ul
arithmetic:: o" rising greenhouse gas emissions meant the @K million people living on the
world:s driest continent would be among the biggest losers "rom global warming. -armers
would want money to leave the land the tourism industry would lose the Great %arrier
1ee" and other (ey assets there would be e>pensive desalination plants in every major
city and the containers that once shipped "ood out would be bringing it in he predicted.
To head o"" calamity 'ro"essor 1oss Garnaut said 'rime *inister ;evin 1udd had to
improve on his pledge o" a TAU cut in emissions by @AFA and set a sti"" @A@A target to
ma(e sure wor( started quic(ly on decarbonising the economy. 0t was bad news "or *r
1udd who had commissioned the Garnaut report while in opposition as a ploy to get out
o" setting an interim target that might scare voters at the November election.
As it turned out the <abor 'arty:s *r 1udd romped home in the polling. 2is "irst act as
prime minister was to do what predecessor /ohn 2oward had re"used to do4 sign the KVVQ
;yoto 'rotocol which now commits all industrialised countries e>cept the U+ which has
not rati"ied the treaty to embrace binding targets "or reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
The most recent "igures "rom the Australian %ureau o" +tatistics showed Australians emit
more than KQ tonnes o" carbon per person compared with an average in the ,rganisation
o" )conomic Cooperation and $evelopment o" just more than KK tonnes.
*r Garnaut said Australia could easily overshoot its stated goal o" a TAU emissions cut
by @AFA. ::0t will be a manageable re"orm that won:t get in the way o" prosperity and
continued economic growth i" we do it right:: he said.
Climate Change *inister 'enny !ong immediately rejected anything higher than TAU
and relegated *r Garnaut to only one voice in the mi>. ::'enny !ong has reduced 1oss
Garnaut to input:: Greens leader %ob %rown observed. ::There are huge vested interests at
play here M the coal industry the aluminium industry the "orest logging industry M and it:s
up to the 1udd government to put this country ahead o" those vested interests.::
*r 1udd would be see(ing re&election in three years. 'romising savage cuts to
greenhouse gases would li(ely tip him out o" o""ice.
!ith the coal industry quarantined "rom any pain M *r 1udd has ruled out even a single
nuclear power station M <abor has a struggle ahead o" itsel" to bac( his words with action.
,nnual fire ha-e drifts over !inga*ore
+ingapore (dpa) & +mo(e "rom "ires raging in 0ndonesia:s 1iau province degraded air
quality in +ingapore where environmental o""icials warned *onday o" several days o"
The annual scourge "rom land&clearing "ires usually doesn:t spew smo(e over +ingapore
and other countries in the region until /uly.
The city&state:s 'ollutant +tandards 0nde> ('+0) hit FL e>ceeding the good range o" A to
FA. 1eadings o" FK to KAA are considered moderate and above KAA on the inde>
represents unhealthy conditions.
,""icials in 0ndonesia J(now that we are concerned about this and 0 hope they do
something about itJ The +traits Times quoted *inister "or the )nvironment and !ater
1esources =aacob 0brahim as saying.
+ingapore has sent satellite images to 0ndonesia pinpointing the hotspots.
-ire"ighters in the province are injecting water into peatland to help douse embers
smouldering several metres underground.
Cho(ing smo(e "rom the "lames has blan(eted parts o" neighbouring North +umatra and
/ambi province and also covered the coast o" +erdang %edagi "orcing "ishermen to stay
indoors the report said.
The city&state pledged K million +ingapore dollars (QAVAAA U+ dollars) in November to
help prevent the 0ndonesian "ires.
RON) ME1I) &'1)TE
Monday 2G February 2008
UNEP or UN in the News
&NE' or &N in $%e Ne(s
Genera# Environ/en$ Ne(s
 !ashington 'ost4 )>>on ,il +pill Case *ay Get Closure
 *+N%C4 ?irgin Atlantic "lies bio"uel&powered jumbo jet
 *+N%C4 Agriculture chie" bac(s cut&"irst timber policies
 The New =or( Times4 0n City !aters %eds (and a /ob) "or ,ysters
 The New =or( Times4 <.0. $uc( -arms +truggle !ith !ater 1egulation
 The New =or( Times4 %io"uel 'artly -rom Nuts 0s Tested on an Airline -light
 =ahoo4 Governors4 0nclude coal in energy debate
 The !ashington 'ost4 ,bama:s *issing 0deas
 The !ashington 'ost4 +aving the )arth 0nside the ,""ice
 The !ashington 'ost4 The -aith"ully Green Try a :Carbon -ast: "or <ent
 The New =or( Times4 )nergy )>ecs4 +ustainability 0s Critical
 The New =or( Times4 *ove ,ver ,il There#s *oney in Te>as !ind
 The <os Angeles Times4 'art o" +alton +ea:s desolate shore made into a lush
 The +an -rancisco Chronicle4 %ills see( to curb pesticide spray over cities
 The +an -rancisco Chronicle4 Coal states push :ne>t&generation: clean "uel
 The Globe and *ail4 The push "or wind"alls "rom wind power
 The Globe and *ail4 Climate change plan could trigger ta> cuts4 +u3u(i
 The Globe and *ail4 Green laws have auto sector crying poor
 The Globe and *ail4 ,il patch split over partial moratorium
 %altimore +un4 )nergy )>ecs4 +ustainability 0s Critical
 %altimore +un4 ,:*alley pushes "orward on the environment
 U+A Today4 +tudy debun(s :global cooling: concern o" :QAs
 ?ancouver +un4 Canada:s water crisis :escalating:
 The Globe and *ail4 2ow %eijing set o"" a 'remier:s smo(e alarm
General Environmental News
Exxon Oil Spill Case May Get Closure
Almost 20 Years After Valdez Wreck, Justices to Weigh In
%y 1obert %arnes
!ashington 'ost +ta"" !riter
+unday -ebruary @O @AAGW 'age AAK
!hen a "ederal jury in Alas(a in KVVO ordered )>>on to pay SF billion to thousands o"
people who had their lives disrupted by the massive )>>on ?alde3 oil spill an appeal o"
the nation:s largest punitive damages award was inevitable.
%ut almost no one could have predicted the incredible round o" legal ping&pong that only
this month lands at the +upreme Court.
0n the time span o" the battle && KO years a"ter the verdict nearly two decades since the
spill itsel" && claimants: lawyers say there is a new statistic to add to the grim legacy o" the
disaster in 'rince !illiam +ound4 Nearly @A percent o" the LLAAA "ishermen Native
Alas(ans cannery wor(ers and others who triumphed in court that day are dead.
JThat:s the most upsetting thing that more than TAAA people have passed and this still
isn:t "inishedJ said *i(e !ebber a Native Alas(an artistic carver and "ormer "isherman
in the 'rince !illiam +ound community o" Cordova. J,ur sound is not healthy and
neither are the people. )verything is still on the sur"ace just as it was.J
JThe bottom line:: said Tim /oyce the mayor o" Cordova where hal" o" the town:s @OAA
"ull&time residents are parties to the suit Jis that there is still oil on the beaches. And this
lawsuit still isn:t "inished.J
The high court is scheduled to hear arguments on !ednesday on whether punishment is
e>cessive or even permitted under maritime law. The case E##on Shipping v$ Baker, may
turn in the eyes o" the justices on a nearly @AA&year&old precedent set when privateer
ships sailed the oceans or on the more recent provisions o" the Clean !ater Act.
%ut in Alas(a the lawsuit is seen as a test o" justice and corporate responsibility and its
resolution is seen as critical to healing the scars le"t by an epic event that de"ines the
state:s modern history Gov. +arah 'alin (1) said in an interview.
J)very Alas(an li"e was a""ected by thisJ said 'alin elected in @AAT. J!hen 0 got in
here that was one o" the "irst orders o" business4 to "ind out how in the world can this
administration spea( on behal" o" all Alas(ans who have been so adversely a""ected by
this spill.J
)>>on o""icials contend that such sentiments ignore the "acts o" the case and note that the
company already has spent more than SL.O billion in compensation "or losses cleanup
and "ines.
JThis case is about whether "urther punishment is warrantedJ )>>on spo(esman Tony
Cudmore said. J!e:ve spent SL.F billion which is a signi"icant sum o" money we thin( is
adequate to deter anyoneJ "rom "uture wrongdoing.
%ut that "igure no longer impresses 'alin and others. !hen the jury awarded SF billion in
KVVO that represented a year o" )>>on pro"its. An appeals court subsequently reduced the
damages to S@.F billion && Jabout three wee(s o" )>>on:s current net pro"itsJ the
plainti""s told the +upreme Court in their brie".
J0:m a capitalist 0:m a conservative 1epublican 0 am pro&development and pro&industryJ
said 'alin who is hersel" a "ormer commercial "isherman once party to the suit. J%ut
consider what )>>on has made in terms o" pro"its in all these years. The American
judicial system came down with this judgment and they:ve appealed and they:ve
appealed and they:ve appealed.J
J0t:s a scandal how long it:s gone onJ said $avid <ebedo"" a *inneapolis lawyer and
author who wrote a boo( about the "ive&month trial that led to the punitive damages
award. 2e blames the Vth Circuit "or not moving "aster. J0t:s absolutely ine>cusable.J
The passage o" time is a worry "or claimants and they have responded with public
relations and legal tactics unusual "or +upreme Court cases. A newly created !eb site
details the continuing environmental damage to 'rince !illiam +ound and a commercial
"ishing industry that has not "ully recovered.
News con"erences and a vigil are planned be"ore the arguments. The Jridicule poleJ
!ebber carved "rom yellow cedar depicting an )>>on e>ecutive with oil "lowing "rom
his mouth is crated and on its way to !ashington.
/e""rey <. -isher a +tan"ord law pro"essor who will argue the case "or plainti""s has sent
the court a $?$ containing photos and "ootage ta(en at the time o" the spill video o"
)>>on e>ecutives ac(nowledging "ault and an audiotape o" the distress call made by what
plainti""s claim to be a clearly drun( Capt. /oseph 2a3elwood reporting that the )>>on
?alde3 had hit %ligh 1ee".
-isher said it is important to remind the justices o" the events o" KV years ago and that the
jury was punishing )>>on "or Jsocially outrageous behavior.J
J,ne o" the dangers "or us is that outrage dissipates over time and it is hard to get bac(
to the place where the country was at that timeJ he said.
/ustices have e>tended the allotted time "or oral arguments and the brie"s "iled on both
sides indicate that the events o" the grounding might be e>plored yet again.
+ome things are not in dispute. The )>>on ?alde3 le"t port late on the evening o" *arch
@L KVGV loaded with FL million gallons o" crude oil. 0t strayed out o" the shipping lane
to avoid ice. 2a3elwood instructed the third mate on when to ma(e the turn bac( into the
lane and then le"t the bridge o" the ship a violation o" regulations. /ust a"ter midnight
the crewman ran the nearly KAAA&"oot tan(er aground on the ree" and KK million gallons
o" oil oo3ed into 'rince !illiam +ound.
The oil eventually spread more than TAA miles an area plainti""s contend would stretch
"rom Cape Cod *ass. to Cape <oo(out N.C.
They also charge that 2a3elwood an alcoholic was drun(. They argue that he consumed
at least "ive double&vod(as in water"ront bars be"ore boarding the ship. They say )>>on
(new that 2a3elwood once treated "or his disease had resumed drin(ing.
Courts have agreed. J+pilling the oil was an accident but putting a relapsed alcoholic in
charge o" a supertan(er was notJ the appeals court ruled in upholding the punitive
)>>on:s lawyer in the case !alter $ellinger told the court in his brie" that it is Jhotly
disputedJ whether 2a3elwood was drun( at the time o" the accident and points out that
2a3elwood was acquitted by a state court jury o" operating a vessel under the in"luence.
!hatever misdeeds were committed by 2a3elwood $ellinger argues they were not the
misdeeds o" )>>on. J0mposing vicarious punitive liability on a ship owner without
requiring the jury to "ind that the ship owner directed countenanced or participated in the
conduct was in con"lict with almost @AA years o" unbro(en maritime lawJ the brie"
The re"erence is to the court:s KGKG decision in The mia%le &ancy in which it held that a
ship:s owner could not be held responsible "or the plundering o" its crew when it was
miles out at sea.
)>>on also argues that the punishment "or discharges o" oil and other ha3ardous
substances is governed by the Clean !ater Act and it does not provide "or private
punitive damages. Alternately the company says punitive damages should not be allowed
because o" what )>>on already has paid or they should at least be reduced.
Not surprisingly the claimants reject all o" those arguments. )>>on itsel" stipulated that
2a3elwood was a Jmanagerial agentJ o" the company they argue and that the jury "ound
that both 2a3elwood and the company had acted rec(lessly. They contend that the Clean
!ater Act claim is baseless and that the award is justi"ied.
/ustice +amuel A. Alito /r. owns )>>on stoc( and has recused himsel" "rom the case. That
leaves eight justices to hear it and an even split would mean that the award stands.
Around 'rince !illiam +ound residents wait "or a "inal judgment on the S@.F billion
award which plainti"" lawyers say now stands at about SO.G billion because o" the interest
earned while the suit proceeds.
J0 guess it would mean 0 can rela> a littleJ said 'atience Anderson -aul(ner a
subsistence Native Alas(an who became a Jlegal technicianJ to help people in Cordova
with their claims. 2er "ather and brother were claimants who have died.
J0t:s pain"ul "or people to tal( about thisJ said /enni"er Gibbons e>ecutive director o" the
environmental group 'rince !illiam +ound(eeper Jbut they want closure.J
Virgin Atlantic flies biofuel-powered jumbo jet
Flight brings ‘crucial knoledge,! "ranson sa#s$ critics smell %ublicit# stunt
+unday -ebruary @O @AAG
<,N$,N & ?irgin Atlantic carried out the world:s "irst "light o" a commercial aircra"t
powered with bio"uel on +unday in an e""ort to show it can produce less carbon dio>ide
than normal jet "uels.
+ome analysts praised the jumbo jet test "light "rom <ondon to Amsterdam as a
potentially use"ul e>periment. %ut others critici3ed it as a publicity stunt and noted
scientists are questioning the environmental bene"its o" bio"uels.
JThis brea(through will help ?irgin Atlantic to "ly its planes using clean "uel sooner than
e>pectedJ +ir 1ichard %ranson the airline:s president said be"ore the %oeing QOQ "lew
"rom <ondon:s 2eathrow Airport to Amsterdam:s +chiphol Airport.
2e said the "light would provide Jcrucial (nowledge that we can use to dramatically
reduce our carbon "ootprintJ he said.
+unday:s "light was partially "ueled with a bio"uel mi>ture o" coconut and babassu oil in
one o" its "our main "uel tan(s. The jet carried pilots and several technicians but no
?irgin Atlantic spo(esman 'aul Charles predicted this bio"uel would produce much less
C,@ than regular jet "uel but said it will ta(e wee(s to analy3e the data "rom +unday:s
J0t:s great that somebody li(e 1ichard is willing to put some o" his billions into an
e>periment aimed at reducing the climate change impact o" aviationJ said /ames
2alstead an airline analyst at the <ondon stoc(bro(er $awnay $ay <ochart.
J%ut there are a lot o" unanswered questions about the use"ulness o" bio"uels in the battle
against global warmingJ he said.
The "light is the latest e>ample o" how the world:s airlines are jumping on the
environmental bandwagon by trying to "ind ways o" reducing aviation:s carbon "ootprint.
These e""orts have included "inding alternative jet "uels developing engines that burn
e>isting "uels more slowly and changing the way planes land.
The e>periment by ?irgin Atlantic and its partners l %oeing General )lectric and
0mperium 1enewables l also comes at a time when high oil prices and the U.+.
economic slowdown are promoting consolidation in the airline industry.
Aircra"t engines cause noise pollution and emit gases and particulates that reduce air
quality and contribute to global warming and global dimming where dust and ash "rom
natural and industrial sources bloc( the sun to create a cooling e""ect.
About a year ago the )uropean Commission the e>ecutive o" the )uropean Union said
greenhouse gas emissions "rom aviation account "or about L percent o" the total in the )U
and have increased by GQ percent since KVVA as air travel cheapened.
Charles said ?irgin:s %oeing QOQ&OAA jet and its engines did not have to be redesigned to
use bio"uel on the test "light.
2e said C,@ emissions on a normal "light are generally three times the "uel burned and
that technical engineers on the test "light would ta(e readings and analy3e data to
estimate its greenhouse gas emissions.
Agriculture cief bac!s cut-first timber policies
Judge threatens man ith &ail time for skirting la to benefit Forest 'er(ice
+aturday -ebruary @L @AAG
!A+20NGT,N & 2e overhauled "ederal "orest policy to cut more trees l and became a
lightning rod "or environmentalists who say he is intent on logging every tree in his
A"ter nearly seven years in o""ice Agriculture Undersecretary *ar( 1ey still has a long
to&do list. Near the top4 'ersuade a "ederal judge to (eep him out o" jail.
1ey a "ormer timber industry lobbyist who has directed U.+. "orest policy since @AAK
also wants to set up state rules ma(ing it easier to build roads in remote national "orests
and restore overgrown unhealthy "orests by clearing them o" small trees and debris that
can sto(e wild"ires. And he wants to streamline cumbersome regulations that can
paraly3e actions on public lands.
A *ontana judge accusing 1ey o" deliberately s(irting the law so the -orest +ervice can
(eep "ighting wild"ires with a "lame retardant that (ills "ish has threatened to put him
behind bars.
-or 1ey who "aces a court date Tuesday the prospect o" jail time is daunting. %ut it:s just
one more obstacle as he attempts to rid "ederal policies o" pes(y paperwor( and endless
litigation that slows "orest managers "rom cutting down trees.
Hea#$%y ru#es or indus$ry "ode:
1ey:s signature accomplishment l passage o" the @AAL 2ealthy -orests 1estoration Act
l quic(ened approval o" projects to thin overgrown "orests so they can be completed
within months rather than years. The law the "irst major change in "orest management in
a quarter&century has helped restore healthy "orests a"ter decades o" neglect and
mismanagement supporters say.
J!e are now treating "our times as many acres as we did when this administration came
into o""iceJ 1ey said in an interview Jand those treatments are showing the desired
$evastating wild"ires in Cali"ornia last "all that charred about GAA square miles and (illed
KA people burned about @@AA homes l hal" the number o" homes destroyed in similar
"ires in @AAL 1ey said.
1ey:s critics say tal( o" JtreatmentJ and JthinningJ is code "or 1ey:s real goal4 cutting
more trees in service o" his "ormer timber industry cronies.
@Dar# Rove o2 $%e 2ores$@
)nvironmentalists routinely denounce 1ey as the J;arl 1ove o" the "orestJ4 a
*achiavellian "igure who serves as the brains behind the %ush administration:s
aggressive e""ort to reverse Clinton administration policies that sought to rope o"" broad
swaths o" "orest land "or preservation. ,ne group even declared 1ey J'ublic <ands
)nemy No. KJ a"ter he proposed a "ailed plan to sell surplus "orest land to private
J2e:s tried to oversee a radical dismantling o" the sa"eguards that the public really wants
"or its public landsJ said $oug 2ei(en conservation coordinator "or ,regon !ild an
environmental group.
The object o" such "ury is unli(ely. At FF the short bespectacled 1ey loo(s more li(e a
high&school math teacher than a ruthless tree (iller. !ith a salt&and&paper goatee the so"t&
spo(en 1ey has a dry wit that mas(s his determination to rema(e "orest policy.
J0:m not sure "orests need ;arl 1oveJ 1ey said laughing.
/osh ;ardon chie" o" sta"" to +en. 1on !yden $&,re. said 1ey revels in his notoriety.
J*ar( has always enjoyed a good joust and li(es reliving those battles while he sips wine
and stro(es that legendary goateeJ ;ardon said.
Ea#e S"ou$ seeds "areer
%orn in Canton ,hio 1ey became interested in "orests as an )agle +cout. 2e later
earned degrees at the University o" *ichigan in "orestry wildli"e biology and natural
resources policy.
A"ter a stint at the %ureau o" <and *anagement he began wor(ing "or the timber and
paper industry in KVQT and was vice president o" the American -orest and 'aper
Association be"ore joining the +enate )nergy and Natural 1esources Committee in KVVF.
As lead "orestry sta""er "or the panel:s two top 1epublicans 0daho:s <arry Craig and
Alas(a:s -ran( *ur(ows(i 1ey was a (ey "igure in a number o" controversial bills
including one to hasten so&called salvage logging a"ter "orest "ires.
Craig who pushed "or 1ey:s appointment said 1ey (nows more about "orest
management than anyone else in !ashington.
J2e will be viewed 0 thin( as one o" the more success"ul undersecretariesJ Craig said
citing the healthy "orests law and increased "ocus on the cause and suppression o"
Chris !est vice president o" American -orest 1esource Council a timber industry group
gives 1ey:s tenure a %&minus. J*ostly because they didn:t get as much done as they
could have and should haveJ with a 1epublican administration and G,' Congress "or si>
years !est said.
1ey ac(nowledges the point but he said budget constraints in a time o" war have limited
his options.
2is biggest regret5 J0 didn:t get to be undersecretary "or natural resources during a time o"
budget surpluses and above&average rain"allJ 1ey said. JThere:s nothing 0 can do about
"n City #aters$ %eds &and a 'ob( for Oysters
%y /,+2UA %1U+T)0N
The New =or( Times
+unday -ebruary @O @AAG
2endri> Cree( "lowing "or just over a mile in %roo(lyn through )ast New =or( passes
under the %elt 'ar(way and between two dormant land"ills be"ore it empties into /amaica
%ay. The cree( once "ed by a natural stream now starts at the output pipe o" a
wastewater treatment plant.
The shell o" a mollus(. ,yster beds will be introduced in 2endri> Cree( in %roo(lyn
which runs into /amaica %ay.
0t is the per"ect (ind o" place said /ohn ;. *c<aughlin an ecologist "or the New =or(
City $epartment o" )nvironmental 'rotection "or an e>perimental project that would
establish oyster beds not "or harvest but as living water "ilters.
Natural oyster beds once stretched "or LFA square miles in New =or(#s waterways. ,ver
time overharvesting and pollution too( their toll. +ewage "irst "orced the bay#s shell"ish
beds to close in the mid&KVth century with all harvests outlawed in the KV@As.
There probably has not been an oyster in /amaica %ay since the KVLAs *r. *c<aughlin
said. BThere may be a single individual or a "ew that seagulls droppedD he said. B%ut
there#s no population o" any signi"icance.D
The new project outlined in *ayor *ichael 1. %loomberg#s 'laN=C @ALA sustainability
policy is meant to change that.
+cientists in the last several decades have developed a better understanding o" the ability
o" oysters to "ilter water. As an adult oyster "eeds it can "ilter F to FA gallons o" water a
day depending on its si3e and the temperature o" the water.
$uring this process it absorbs nitrogen algae and bacteria depositing them in the
sediment at the water#s bottom. The oyster beds also serve as the "oundation "or an
ecosystem that can support other marine species li(e eelgrass which in turn absorb other
waste materials and provide habitats "or "ish.
$o3ens o" similar shell"ish restoration projects have been started in other states some
"inanced by the Nature Conservancy and the National ,ceanic and Atmospheric
B=ou can only improve water quality so much with hard engineeringD said *r.
*c<aughlin who is in charge o" the city#s e""ort. 2e added that Busing so"t engineering
approachesD can produce both bene"its to water quality as well as bene"its to the overall
wildli"e habitat in the bay.
2endri> Cree( was chosen because it is protected "rom the stronger currents "rom the
bay and because it is small enough "or a relatively modest number o" shell"ish l oysters
and ribbed mussels l to have a measurable e""ect. +ince the cree( is directly "ed by the
@Tth !ard wastewater treatment plant the e>periment will also provide a good indication
o" how well the shell"ish can "ilter water coming directly "rom the city#s own "iltration
The city plans to plant oysters near the cree(#s mouth where they will absorb nitrogen a
byproduct o" human waste. -urther up the cree( beds o" ribbed mussels which "eed on
smaller bacteria will be added.
The Gaia 0nstitute a consulting group that is wor(ing with the $epartment o"
)nvironmental 'rotection on the shell"ish project has estimated that @A cubic meters o"
mussels should be able to "ilter all the e""luent "rom the wastewater treatment plant. %ut
*r. *c<aughlin said it was unclear how e""ective the mussels would be in removing the
(inds o" bacteria that can end up in the bay.
The city plans to install water monitors to measure levels o" o>ygen and nitrogen this
year. The shell"ish will be introduced in the spring o" @AAV and will stay in place "or
three years. At least one other cree( "eeding the bay may also be included in the project
which will cost STAAAAA.
Although the bay#s condition is "ar "rom pristine water quality has improved
signi"icantly in recent years said 'aul *an(iewic3 e>ecutive director o" the Gaia
0nstitute. Already oysters have returned to several areas in the city without help
including City 0sland 'elham %ay and )astchester 'ar(.
BThe long&term modi"ications o" the estuaries because o" the Clean !ater Act have made
all the di""erenceD *r. *an(iewic3 said.
)ven so "our waste treatment plants empty into /amaica %ay discharging LAAAA to
OAAAA pounds o" nitrogen each day. That amount is "ar more than the bay can naturally
absorb and leads to algal blooms that starve other plants and animals o" o>ygen. +torms
also regularly over"low the city#s sewage system sending untreated wastewater into the
*r. *c<aughlin said that Bany reductionD in nitrogen levels in 2endri> Cree( would be
considered an accomplishment. The city has not established hard objective measures o"
success he said.
)ven i" the initial change in water quality is not signi"icant he said the creation o" a sel"&
sustaining habitat in /amaica %ay l where oysters and other species can survive and
spread l would be an achievement. That process *r. *c<aughlin said would be the
"irst step to restoring something close to the bay#s original ecosystem.
%ut i" the 2endri> Cree( oysters thrive the city may well "ace another challenge4 (eeping
away adventuresome gourmands who might be tempted to help themselves to the
BThere#s a worry that i" you have oysters that sell "or a dollar apiece people will steal
them and sell themD *r. *an(iewic3 said. B!e want them "or habitat not edibility.D
)*"* +uc! ,arms Struggle #it #ater -egulation
%y $,NNA $))$=
The New =or( Times
'ublished4 -ebruary @F @AAG
*,10C2)+ N.=. l <ong coops each housing duc(s o" a di""erent age hug the ground
and "orm a courtyard at the entrance to the /urgielewic3 "amily property l believed to be
the only major "ree&range duc( "arm in the United +tates.
,""icials say the -orge 1iver#s nitrogen levels are too high.
0nside on "resh straw bedding duc(s eat organic "eed and sip "resh water "rom automated
reservoirs. They breathe "resh air circulating through large windows and waddle outside
where they preen their "eathers sha(e their tails and splash in man&made puddles with a
chorus o" quac(s.
This OQ&acre swath o" land in the coastal pine barrens o" eastern <ong 0sland where the
/urgielewic3 "amily has been raising duc(s since KVKV is home to thousands o" white
'e(in duc(s that roam the ban(s o" a dammed mill pond. The plastic wrapper o" a white
'e(in duc( raised on the /urgielewic3 "arm boasts BGenuine <ong 0sland duc(ling +outh
+hore brand "ree range.D
0n the KVTAs this region wedged between the 'econic and *oriches %ays was home to
more than TA "arms that produced more than TA percent o" the nation#s duc(s. That
number has been whittled to two4 the /urgielewic3 "arm operated by brothers 'aul and
Tom and Crescent $uc( -arm operated by the Corwin "amily.
Together they employ about @AA people generating S@F million a year in revenue and
producing about KA percent o" the nation#s duc(s.
Now the two remaining duc( "arms say they are "acing hardship.
The +tate 2ealth $epartment says nitrogen levels downstream in the -orge 1iver a
tributary o" *oriches %ay e>ceed the agency#s standards a condition the state attributes
partially to the duc( "arming industry upstream.
0n spring an overgrowth o" seaweed cho(es the water. 0n summer blue crabs eels and
juvenile "lounder l all bottom "ish l rise to the sur"ace eventually su""ocating in
o>ygen&depleted waters.
B0t#s the worst case o" ano>ia 0 have seenD said <arry +wanson a coastal oceanographer
"rom the *arine +cience 1esearch Center at +tony %roo( University who has studied the
0n @AAT the /urgielewic3es put in a new wastewater clari"ication system a"ter the state#s
$epartment o" )nvironmental Conservation "orced them to remove decades o" bottom
residue "rom !est *ill 'ond which the duc(s use. %ut the "amily objected months later
when the agency dra"ted strict new wastewater regulations "or their "arm requiring the
installation o" another costly wastewater treatment system by this spring.
/onathan +innreich a lawyer "or the "arm raised objections to the new regulations and
requested a hearing. 0n a letter to the environmental agency *r. +innreich requested
proo" that the conditions in the heavily populated *astic 'eninsula o" the -orge 1iver are
caused by duc( "arm activities.
'aul and Tom /urgielewic3 declined several requests "or comment. %ut $oug Corwin the
other duc( "armer on <ong 0sland said B!e#re duc( "armers not wastewater
*r. Corwin who recently installed a SO million wastewater treatment system at his "arm
in Aquebogue KO miles "rom here said that rather than comply with costly wastewater
regulations Bmost duc( "armers over the last LA or OA years have "ound it easier and
more economical to sell o"" their "armland to real estate developers.D
0n the case o" the /urgielewic3 "arm the brothers sold development rights "or their "arm
to +u""ol( County and the town o" %roo(haven "or SF.T million last *ay. Under the terms
o" the agreement they still own the "arm and can raise their duc(s but can never sell or
subdivide the land "or real estate development.
Their product the <ong 0sland duc( is a delicacy "or che"s around the world.
B<ong 0sland 'e(in duc( is mild and tender meatW it#s just per"ectD says Guy 1euge the
owner o" the restaurant *irabelle in +t. /ames. B!e serve <ong 0sland duc(ling as a
specialty prepared with two recipes served over two courses. !e render the duc( "at to
prepare duc( con"it using only organic duc(s "rom /urgielewic3. 0 have personally visited
the "arm and the cleanliness is impeccable.D
Those who live downstream "rom the "arm are less impressed.
BThe $.).C. regulations are a step in the right direction but we need all problems
addressed l we need municipal sewersD said 1on <ups(i who "irst reported dead "ish
and rotten&egg smells on the river in @AAF. *r. <ups(i a carpenter is the head o" +ave
the -orge 1iver a campaign sponsored by more than @FA local businesses and residents.
As 2arry !allace chie" o" the Un(echaug 0ndian tribe whose land now a reservation
has been situated along the -orge 1iver since precolonial times put it B,ur livelihood
depends on the health o" this river.D
-or environmentalists and some residents o" the region there is another culprit4 leaching
residential cesspools.
BThe sheer volume o" groundwater that "eeds the -orge 1iver and its tributaries
especially in high&density areas delivers a tremendous nitrogen load li(ely "ar more
than say a concentrated amount "rom a point&source dischargeD said 1obert !aters
supervisor o" the +u""ol( County $epartment o" 2ealth +ervices# %ureau o" *arine
B0t#s not too complicated to understandD said Albert <anghorn who represents the tribe
"or the +ave the -orge 1iver campaign. B)very FA "eet is a home each with a cesspool.
+ewage has been leaching into the groundwater "rom these homes "or LA to OA years
%ut without "ederal "unding which is not available municipal sewage treatment projects
are not an option o""icials said.
<ong 0sland#s groundwater has been studied e>tensively since the KVOAs when wells in
densely populated areas o" Nassau County were abandoned because o" contamination
primarily "rom residential cesspools. A KVQ@ study by the "ederal )nvironmental
'rotection Agency stated that sewage treatment was vital to protect water quality on <ong
0sland but a"ter disclosures o" public corruption surrounding the building o" a plant at
%ergen 'oint in %abylon plans "or a "acility "or the *astic area were dropped.
BThey#re always blaming the duc(sD said %urt Culver a "i"th&generation duc( "armer
whose "amily helped to establish the industry on <ong 0sland in KGFG. BThey tried
blaming red tide on the duc(s. That wasn#t true. They tried blaming the shell"ish die&o""
on the duc(s and that problem got worse a"ter most o" the duc( "arms le"t.D
-aced with a growing number o" complaints and accusations in KVTA the Culver "amily
l along with truc(loads o" white 'e(in duc(s l moved "rom !esthampton to 0ndiana
where most o" the nation#s duc(s are produced today.
B<i(e my G@&year&old "ather always says4 R!hat are people going to eat a"ter they#ve run
all the "armers out o" business to"u5# -armers grow that too you (now.D
%iofuel$ .artly ,rom /uts$ "s 0ested on an Airline
%y %<,,*%)1G N)!+
The New =or( Times
*onday -ebruary @F @AAG
?irgin Atlantic Airways the %ritish carrier controlled by 1ichard %ranson tested a jumbo
jet on +unday that was partly powered by a bio"uel made "rom babassu nuts and coconut
oil a "irst "or a commercial aircra"t.
The %oeing QOQ&OAA which too( o"" "rom <ondon and landed in Amsterdam had one
unmodi"ied engine running on a mi> o" about @F percent bio"uel with the rest coming
"rom standard jet (erosene *r. %ranson said at a news con"erence at 2eathrow Airport.
BThis pioneering "light will enable those o" us who are serious about reducing our carbon
emissions to go on developing the "uels o" the "uture "uels which will power our aircra"t
in the years ahead through sustainable ne>t&generation oils such as algaeD he said.
The "light without passengers is part o" a joint project involving ?irgin Atlantic %oeing
and the engine ma(er General )lectric. Airlines and aircra"t ma(ers are racing to develop
a practical alternative to jet "uel as the price o" oil rises and aviation is increasingly
blamed "or contributing to global warming.
BTwo years ago people said that was impossible. They said it would "ree3e at LAAAA
"eetD *r. %ranson said in an interview. The aim o" the test on +unday was purely to
prove bio"uel would wor( on commercial aircra"t he said.
*r. %ranson said he viewed algae&derived "uel as the most promising because it could be
produced in large quantities without harming the environment. The "uel source used
+unday is not plenti"ul enough to be a major resource "or the airline industry he said.
?irgin and G.). tested a number o" bio"uels be"ore choosing coconut and babassu
because they were suitable in initial tests and would not compete with staple "ood
supplies or cause de"orestation the airline said. %abassu nuts are harvested "rom palms
by local wor(ers "rom the Ama3onian rain "orest.
Go1ernors2 "nclude coal in energy debate
%y AN$1)! !)<+2&2UGG0N+
+aturday -ebruary @L @AAG
!A+20NGT,N & Governors pushing alternative energy development are not shying
"rom coal a major culprit in global warming but also a homegrown energy source and an
economic li"eline "or many states.
<eaders o" coal&rich states say clean&coal technology is a must. Governors "rom states
without coal want more evidence the technology wor(s.
JThere:s no doubt there:s a tension and there:s no doubt there is very rapidly growing
public opposition to coalJ said Gov. /im $oyle $&!is. 2is state relies heavily on coal
"or power although !isconsin is not a coal producer.
)nergy tops the agenda at the governors: annual winter meeting. The group:s new clean
energy initiative see(s to promote renewable "uels such as ethanol and biodiesel and
reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
JNe>t&generation coal is going to need to continue to be part o" our energy "uture "or this
countryJ said G,' Gov. Tim 'awlenty o" *innesota chairman o" the National
Governors Association.
J0t is abundant it is available it is Americani3ed in the sense that we control the supplyJ
he said +aturday. J!e would be incomplete and doing a disservice to the debate and the
ultimate policy direction that we:re going to ta(e i" we don:t envision coal being part o"
Ne>t&generation coal typically re"ers to capturing and somehow sequestering or storing
the carbon that coal produces. 0t also envisions reducing or eliminating emissions as coal
is burned.
'awlenty has embraced renewable "uels such as corn&based ethanol and conservation but
he also promotes clean&coal technology.
+uch technology is a rallying cry "or many coal&producing states. They say it is possible
to continue relying on the "ossil "uel while minimi3ing its impact on the environment.
Gov. )d 1endell $&'a. envisions an economic turnaround i" clean&coal technology ta(es
JCoal states would be bac( in business big time and the economies would "lourishJ said
1endell the association:s vice chairman.
'residents o" two o" the country:s biggest power companies urged governors not to
dismiss coal calling it the country:s most abundant energy resource.
J!e cannot ignore coal we cannot demoni3e coalJ said Thomas -arrell chairman o"
1ichmond ?a.&based $ominion 1esources 0nc.
*ichael *orris chairman o" Columbus ,hio&based American )lectric 'ower Co. said
Jthe whole notion o" delegitimi3ing coal is something we should all be "rightened o".J
Gov. /ohn %aldacci $&*aine needs to hear more be"ore he would include clean&coal
technology among the promising energy ideas "or the country. 2is state promotes
renewable energy produced through wind solar and even tides.
J=ou have to deal with the coal states but 0 don:t thin( you want them doing more o"
what they:re doing until they change what they:re doing and ma(e it truly the ne>t
generationJ he said in an interview.
JNot just say clean&coal technology but really do clean&coal technology.J
'roponents say all energy sources have their problems. The (ey says Gov. %rian
+chweit3er $&*ont. is a national energy policy with many options and sources.
That is important because electricity demand will increase in the "uture. -or instance
+chweit3er predicted that KA years "rom now a signi"icant number o" cars will be plug&in
hybrid vehicles which will require more power plants not "ewer.
Coal Jhas a C,@ problem wind has a reliability problem solar has a price problem
nu(es have a price and radiation problemJ +chweit3er said. J+o all o" those technologies
have opportunities. but they all have problems l coal:s no di""erent.J
2e added J!hat 0 can say about coal is we have it. !e have it in a greater supply than
anyplace else on the planet.J
$oyle the !isconsin governor said the emerging consensus is a mi> o" approaches. 2e
said the state:s reliance on coal "or electricity will decline but de"initely not disappear.
Obama3s Missing "deas
%y +ebastian *allaby
The !ashington 'ost
*onday -ebruary @F @AAGW 'age AKF
JUnderstand that what:s lac(ing right now is not good ideasJ %arac( ,bama declared in
Thursday:s debate. JThe problem we have is that !ashington has become a place where
good ideas go to die.J The audience applauded heartily and ,bama:s lines boomed out o"
my radio at brea("ast the ne>t morning. %ut the truth is that on some o" the big issues
"acing the ne>t president good ideas are actually quite scarce. /ust ta(e a loo( at climate
A couple o" years bac( ethanol was touted as a good answer to global warming. ?enture
capitalists poured cash into the concept o" powering vehicles with crops "rom the
*idwest rather than oil "rom the *iddle )ast and "armers were delighted. %ut a new
article in the journal +cience demonstrates that the ethanol cra3e is premised on an
accounting error. 0" you grow crops to turn into bio"uel you are using landW somewhere in
the world "orest or grassland will probably be plowed to ma(e up "or the acreage ta(en
out o" "ood production. 0" you account "or the greenhouse gases released by that plowing
"ueling cars with corn&based ethanol almost doubles greenhouse gas emissions "or every
mile driven according to Timothy +earchinger the lead author o" the +cience article.
)thanol made "rom switch grass would boost emissions FA percent assuming the grass
was planted on good cropland.
Then there is carbon trading with developing countries. The system developed under the
;yoto 'rotocol allows companies in the rich world to pay companies in the poor world to
reduce emissions. This sounds li(e another smart idea4 )missions can be cut cheaply in
developing countries so we get to reach our climate goal without too steep a "inancial
penalty. %ut emissions trading with developing countries has been a bust. China has
deliberately designed "actories to release prodigious quantities o" greenhouse gases then
poc(eted billions "or redesigning them.
+o two apparently e>cellent climate&change ideas have been rudely pierced. %io"uels not
only "ail to reduce global warming but they also consume billions in ta>payer subsidies.
To the e>tent that they ta(e land "rom "arming rather than "orestry or pasture they push
up the cost o" "ood hurting the poor. *eanwhile emissions trading with poor countries
has poured billions into the co""ers o" the Chinese state which is already sitting on SK.F
trillion in "oreign e>change reserves and hardly needs the money.
0" these policies don:t wor( perhaps there are plenty o" other good ideas with which to
replace them5 <i(e /ohn *cCain and 2illary Clinton ,bama "avors a cap&and&trade
regime. This is indeed a good idea and the candidates are right to bac( it. %ut a cap&and&
trade system is not the silver bullet that advocates sometimes imply. The same is
un"ortunately true "or that other popular cure&all a carbon ta>.
Consider these policies: e""ects on the construction industry. <et:s say a green design
which minimi3es the use o" climate&warming materials such as steel and cement boosts
the cost o" building a home "rom SLAAAAA to SL@AAAA. A S@KAAA ta> on the e>tra
carbon released in ma(ing the standard home might induce people to build the green one.
The same goes "or a cap&and&trade regime in which the permit to release the e>tra carbon
costs S@KAAA. %ut this price mechanism doesn:t wor( i" you can import the cement and
steel "rom countries in which carbon isn:t ta>ed or capped.
-or the near "uture this import loophole will be large because there:s no way that most
countries will sign on to a uni"ied ta> or cap&and&trade regime. 0n the absence o"
international harmoni3ation cap&and&trade will wor( well in non&tradable sectors such as
transportation. %ut it won:t wor( so well with tradable goods and it will push what
remains o" carbon&intensive U.+. manu"acturing to other countries. Given ,bama:s
threats to withhold ta> brea(s "rom "irms that shi"t American jobs abroad he must admit
this is a quandary.
+o it just isn:t true that we have all the good ideas we need && at least not on climate
change. And it:s peculiar that ,bama the brainiac 2arvard grad should dismiss the
importance o" "resh thin(ing this way4 2e is an intellectual he is beloved by intellectuals
and yet he poses as an anti&intellectual. 0" he loc(s up the $emocratic nomination and
"aces o"" against a brave old airman with little interest in domestic policy he will want to
encourage a debate about ideas. 2e has the s(ills to win it.
As it happens a publication called $emocracy4 A /ournal o" 0deas has a neat climate
proposal in its ne>t issue. 0nstead o" charging drivers "or car insurance at a "i>ed rate
why not lin( the insurance cost to the number o" miles driven5 That would create a new
incentive to drive less cutting carbon dio>ide emissions by around KLA million tons per
year according to author /ason %ordo"". ,bama should be celebrating this sort o" creative
thought not pretending that we have enough o" it already.
Sa1ing te Eart "nside te Office
)isco(er# *urns Its '%otlight Inard
%y Alejandro <a3o
The !ashington 'ost
*onday -ebruary @F @AAGW 'age $AK
<arry <aque an e>ecutive with +ilver +pring&based $iscovery Communications "elt
something amiss last year as his company began gearing up to announce a @O&hour
television channel devoted to an all&green li"estyle.
$iscovery would be preaching environmental awareness around the cloc( on its 'lanet
Green networ( but <aque thought the company was not doing all it could do to recycle
conserve energy and pollute less.
+o when the company:s chie" e>ecutive $avid 8aslav requested ideas to help mar(et the
new channel <aque proposed an initiative to JgreenJ the two&building headquarters.
!al(ing through those two buildings last wee( <aque pointed to several changes the
company had made. Green&handled low&"lush toilets had been installed in every
restroom. Three OAA&gallon tan(s in the garage stored rainwater to irrigate the company:s
lawn. And numerous unnecessary light bulbs had been removed such as vending
machine lights.
J0 do believe it is a lot o" little things that add upJ <aque said last wee( standing in one
o" several sun&bathed con"erence rooms. J!e are a big part o" the problem but we are
also a big part o" the solution.J
$iscovery ultimately decided to see( the highest level o" certi"ication possible through
the $istrict&based U.+. Green %uilding Council:s <eadership in )nergy and
)nvironmental $esign (<))$) program && platinum status. ,nly T@ buildings in the
United +tates have won the designation. Two are in the !ashington area4 the +idwell
-riends +chool on !isconsin Avenue in Northwest $.C. and the Green %uilding
Council:s headquarters on *assachusetts Avenue N! just south o" $upont Circle.
The council:s rating system has become the commercial real estate industry:s benchmar(
"or the design construction and operation o" environmentally "riendly buildings.
%usinesses have rushed to embrace the system as "ears o" global climate change have
become more prevalent and green credentials more mar(etable. %uildings are considered
to be major energy consumers and big contributors o" carbon emissions.
%ut even those who praise the <))$ system say it is "ar "rom per"ect. $evelopers get the
same credit "or ta(ing steps that require relatively little e""ort as "or those that require
signi"icant e>penditures o" time and money.
Nevertheless the rapid acceptance o" the Green %uilding Council:s system has led to a
trans"ormation o" the commercial real estate industry. New buildings are being erected to
meet the new standards while real estate bro(ers see( accreditation "rom the council to
better mar(et e>isting o""ice space to prospective clients. Green investment "unds have
been created by major real estate companies to pay "or upgrades to e>isting buildings.
J0 don:t thin( any initiative that we have seen has been so quic(ly adopted and embraced
in this businessJ said *itchell N. +chear president o" ?ornadoPCharles ). +mith a
commercial real estate "irm with a large presence in the !ashington region.
The $istrict and *ontgomery County are among several local governments that have
passed ordinances requiring that new construction adhere to the green standards.
The <))$ system rates buildings by the number o" points achieved in sustainable site
development water savings energy e""iciency materials selection indoor environmental
quality and innovation.
The certi"ication process is typically conducted via the 0nternet. To certi"y a project a
developer or owner must "irst register the building with the council.
,nce the building is ready the owner wor(s through a chec(list and submits
documentation to bac( up the claims. A decision is typically rendered in one to three
months. The average cost o" certi"ication is about S@FAA.
Certain minimum requirements must be met to achieve certi"ication. -or e>ample
pollution "rom construction sites must be controlled certain minimum energy
requirements must be met recyclables must be properly collected and stored and
smo(ing must be prohibited.
To achieve <))$ certi"ication a builder or developer must earn at least @T points out o"
TV. Achieving higher designations such as silver gold or platinum requires more points.
!hile a builder or owner is "ree to choose which points are pursued reductions in both
energy and water usage are o"ten necessary to advance. $iscovery "or e>ample reduced
its water usage by @F percent and electricity consumption by @T percent as it strove
toward platinum certi"ication according to <aque.
Company representatives declined to disclose how much the green initiative cost because
$iscovery is in a quiet period be"ore an initial public o""ering e>pected this summer.
-or new construction the push to achieve top certi"ications can lead a developer to
embrace a collaborative design process in which architects engineers and contractors
discuss "rom the onset what is desired what is possible and what is economically
The early discussion is important analysts and builders said because one design change
can o"ten a""ect another. A building:s orientation "or e>ample may a""ect what (ind o"
windows are installed which may then in"luence the type o" lighting employed or what
heating or air conditioning system may be required.
+uch collaboration is intended to consider these trade&o""s to create a more e""icient
building developers and analysts said.
J1eally that line between architecture and construction has become blurredJ said *arnie
Abramson a principal with the Tower Cos. J=ou have to have a more comprehensive
%ut some see "laws in the way points are doled out. %ill ,atey owner o" the ,atey Co. a
Cleveland plumbing supplier and manu"acturer had one o" his company:s distribution
centers certi"ied under <))$. !hat perple>ed him was that he earned one point "or
building the plant on a cleaned&up industrial brown"ield site and one point "or installing a
bi(e rac( on the premises.
%ut i" the system is not per"ect "or $iscovery:s <aque it at least allowed his company to
set energy&saving goals "oster a team spirit and engage in ruthless sel"&evaluation. And as
the year drew to a close <aque:s ambitions grew.
J!e are going "or platinum we are going to do itJ <aque recalled telling his sta"". J!e
are going to do this or we are going to die trying.J
The Green %uilding Council awarded <aque and his team the platinum certi"ication this
0e ,aitfully Green 0ry a 3Carbon ,ast3 for )ent
The !ashington 'ost
+unday -ebruary @O @AAGW 'age NAO
'enance "or <ent traditionally has meant abstaining "rom meat or "orsa(ing chocolates. 0n
light o" climate change however two Church o" )ngland leaders are calling on
congregants to curb their energy consumption instead.
%ishops 1ichard Chartres o" <ondon and /ames /ones o" <iverpool recently partnered
with the U.;.&based nonpro"it organi3ation Tear"und (/ones is a vice president) to
promote a <enten Jcarbon "astJ a plan that prescribes a household energy&saving tip "or
each o" the period:s OA days. Carbon&cutting re"lects the Christian value o" caring "or the
poor the logic goes because coastal and drought&prone third&world regions are
disproportionately a""ected by global warming.
Though we (now o" no other denominations that have "ormally recommended going
green "or <ent the idea is catching on4 A blog ( is devoted
to the concept and locally Greater !ashington 0nter"aith 'ower and <ight a nonpro"it
organi3ation that wor(s with area congregations to spread the sustainability gospel is
promoting a <enten carbon "ast in the $.C. area o""ering pledges and tip sheets "or
distribution at worship services and church events.
J0t:s a biblical mandate that we ta(e care o" our planetJ says 1obin +impson pastor o"
$.C.:s <uther 'lace *emorial Church. J<ent is a great place to startW 0 would encourage
that the idea continue all year.J <uther 'lace a <utheran congregation and !ashington
0nter"aith Networ( member established an )co&+tewards program in @AAT that includes
alternative transportation and carpooling programs wee(ly newsletter tips "or
congregants and initiatives "or the church building itsel" such as phasing out paper
plates placing insulating "ilm over stained&glass windows see(ing out climate&
appropriate landscaping and purchasing "air&trade sustainably harvested palms "or 'alm
0ncreasingly religious leaders are coming around to the green way o" thin(ing4 The
'resbyterian Church as(ed its members to become carbon&neutral in @AATW the ?atican
hosted a climate change con"erence last yearW the Church o" )ngland initiated J+hrin(ing
the -ootprintJ a plan to reduce its carbon usage by TA percent. And Call to Action a
group "ounded last year see(s to ma(e global warming a top political issue "or
evangelicalsW its leaders include the 1ev. /oel C. 2unter president o" the Christian
Coalition o" America and the 1ev. 1ichard Ci3i( vice president "or government relations
o" the National Association o" )vangelicals. +ome political analysts speculate that Jeco&
evangelicalsJ could be a crucial voting bloc in this "all:s elections.
2ere are a "ew o" the carbon "ast:s <ent tips that are easy to implement no matter your
• Chec( tire pressureW cars with tires that aren:t properly in"lated burn more "uel.
• Cover coo(ing pans with lids to ma(e "ood heat "aster and boil water in a (ettle
rather than in an open pot.
• -it your hot&water heater with an insulating jac(et.
• 1euse an item you would have otherwise discarded such as a glass jar or ice&
cream container.
• 2ave a silent +unday4 no cellphones T? or cars.
-or more tips visit http4PPwww.tear" and http4PPwww.gwipl.orgPlent.asp.
Energy Execs2 Sustainability "s Critical
%y T2) A++,C0AT)$ '1)++
The New =or( Times
*onday -ebruary @F @AAG
2,U+T,N (A') && *any energy e>ecutives say sustainability is critical to the success o"
their operations but "ar "ewer believe that their companies have embraced the concept a
new survey shows.
+ustainability is an evolving business ethic in which companies set and achieve
objectives based on "inancial environmental and social per"ormance.
0t:s o"ten lin(ed with environmental issues but can include ethics wor( "orce diversity
and other non"inancial measures.
*ore than two&thirds o" GK energy industry e>ecutives surveyed by ;'*G <<' said they
regarded sustainability as an important element o" their businesses but only about one&
hal" said their organi3ations were currently sustainable. 1oughly one&third said they were
wor(ing toward sustainability according to the survey being released *onday.
;'*G an audit ta> and advisory "irm conducted the survey in November. ;'*G said
respondents included e>ecutives "rom e>ploration and production companies electric
utilities and independent power producers.
%ill ;imble who directs ;'*G:s Global )nergy 0nstitute said companies that invest in
sustainability are leaders and gain an advantage over competitors.
::The less&progressive companies are putting themselves at ris( as (ey sta(eholders will
hone in on this issue:: he said.
*ore than hal" the e>ecutives said they believed sustainability would ma(e them more
competitive in part by improving the image o" their company.
=et less than one&"i"th o" respondents said sustainability was a permanent agenda item at
board meetings and @V percent said it had never come up at such gatherings.
Analysts and others "amiliar with sustainability say the concept relates in part to
companies increasing e""orts to conserve energy produce less waste and other initiatives
&& in essence ta(ing more responsibility "or their impact on the environment.
+ome say acting on the ethic is easier "or small privately held companies than big
publicly traded out"its with stoc(holders "ocused on the bottom line. %ut as big
companies particularly manu"actures "ace the prospect o" ta>es on greenhouse gas
emissions and penalties "or not using renewable energy && issues on the table in Cali"ornia
&& they might be more inclined to embrace sustainable practices e>perts say.
!al&*art +tores 0nc. "or one has said it:s encouraging suppliers to become more
sustainable. The world:s largest retailer also has said it:s loo(ing "or ways to reduce the
amount o" nonrenewable "uels used to ma(e the products it sells.
To that end ;'*G said hal" the companies it surveyed increased spending on research
and development in the past three years.
Mo1e O1er$ Oil$ 0ere4s Money in 0exas #ind
The New York Times
Saturday 23 February 2008
+!))T!AT)1 Te>. l The wind turbines that recently went up on <ouis %roo(s#s
ranch are twice as high as the +tatue o" <iberty with blades that span as wide as the
wingspan o" a jumbo jet. *ore important "rom his point o" view he is paid SFAA a month
apiece to permit QG o" them on his land with QT more on the way.
BThat#s just money you#re hearingD he said as they hummed in a bris( bree3e recently.
Te>as once the oil capital o" North America is rapidly turning into the capital o" wind
power. A"ter brea(nec( growth the last three years Te>as has reached the point that more
than L percent o" its electricity enough to supply power to one million homes comes
"rom wind turbines.
Te>ans are even turning tapped&out oil "ields into wind "arms and no less an oilman than
%oone 'ic(ens is getting into alternative energy.
B0 have the same "eelings about windD *r. 'ic(ens said in an interview Bas 0 had about
the best oil "ield 0 ever "ound.D 2e is planning to build the biggest wind "arm in the
world a SKA billion behemoth that could power a small city by itsel".
!ind turbines were once a marginal "orm o" electrical generation. %ut amid rising
concern about greenhouse gases "rom coal&burning power plants wind power is
booming. 0nstalled wind capacity in the United +tates grew OF percent last year albeit
"rom a small base and a comparable increase is e>pected this year.
At growth rates li(e that e>perts said wind power could eventually ma(e an important
contribution to the nation#s electrical supply. 0t already supplies about K percent o"
American electricity powering the equivalent o" O.F million homes. )nvironmental
advocates contend it could eventually hit @A percent as has already happened in
$enmar(. )nergy consultants say that F to Q percent is a more realistic goal in this
The United +tates recently overtoo( +pain as the world#s second&largest wind power
mar(et a"ter Germany with SV billion invested last year. A recent study by )merging
)nergy 1esearch a consulting "irm in Cambridge *ass. projected STF billion in
investment "rom @AAQ to @AKF.
$espite the attraction o" wind as a nearly pollution&"ree power source it does have
limitations. Though the gap is closing electricity "rom wind remains costlier than that
generated "rom "ossil "uels. *oreover wind power is intermittent and unpredictable and
the hottest days when electricity is needed most are usually not windy.
The turbines are getting bigger and their blades can (ill birds and bats. Aesthetic and
wildli"e issues have led to opposition emerging around the country particularly in coastal
areas li(e Cape Cod. +ome opposition in Te>as has cropped up as well including
lawsuits to halt wind "arms that were thought to be eyesores or harm"ul to wetlands.
%ut the opposition has been limited and has done little to slow the rapid growth o" wind
power in Te>as. +ome Te>ans see the slee( new turbines as a welcome change in the
BTe>as has been loo(ing at oil and gas rigs "or KAA years and "ran(ly wind turbines loo(
a little nicerD said /erry 'atterson the Te>as land commissioner whose responsibilities
include leasing state lands "or wind energy development. B!e#re No. K in wind in the
United +tates and that will never change.D
Te>as surpassed Cali"ornia as the top wind "arm state in @AAT. 0n /anuary alone new
wind "arms representing SQAA million o" investment went into operation in Te>as
supplying power su""icient "or KAAAAA homes.
+upporters say Te>as is ideal "or wind&power development not just because it is windy. 0t
also has sparsely populated land "or wind "arms "ast&growing cities and a "riendly
regulatory environment "or developers.
BTe>as could be a model "or the entire nationD said 'atric( !oodson a senior
development e>ecutive with ).,n a German utility operating here.
The quaint windmills o" old have been replaced by turbines that stand as high as @A&story
buildings with blades longer than a "ootball "ield and each capable o" generating
electricity "or small communities. 'ower"ul turbines are able to capture power even when
the wind is relatively wea( and they help to lower the cost per (ilowatt hour.
*uch o" the boom in the United +tates is being driven by "oreign power companies with
e>perience developing wind projects including 0berdrola o" +pain )nergias de 'ortugal
and !ind(ra"t Nord o" Germany. -oreign companies own two&thirds o" the wind projects
under construction in Te>as.
A short&term threat to the growth o" wind power is the looming e>piration o" "ederal
clean&energy ta> credits which Congress has allowed to lapse several times over the
years. Advocates have called "or e>tending those credits and eventually enacting a
national renewable&power standard that would oblige states to e>pand their use o" clean
power sources.
Articles in this series will periodically e>amine the ways in which the world is and is not
moving toward a more energy e""icient environmentally benign "uture.
A longer&term problem is potential bottlenec(s in getting wind power "rom the places best
equipped to produce it to the populous areas that need electricity. The part o" the United
+tates with the highest wind potential is a corridor stretching north "rom Te>as through
the middle o" the country including sparsely populated states li(e *ontana and the
$a(otas. 'ower is needed most in the dense cities o" the coasts but building new
transmission lines over such long distances is certain to be e>pensive and controversial.
B!e need a national vision "or transmission li(e we have with the national highway
systemD said 1obert Gramlich policy director "or the American !ind )nergy
Association. B!e have to get over the hump o" having a patchwor( o" electric utility
Te>as is better equipped to deal with the transmission problems that snarl wind energy in
other states because a single agency operates the electrical grid and manages the
deregulated utility mar(et in most o" the state.
<ast /uly the Te>as 'ublic Utility Commission approved transmission lines across the
state capable o" delivering as much as @FAAA megawatts o" wind energy by @AK@
presuming the boom continues. That would be "ive times the wind power generated in the
state today and it would drive "uture national growth.
+hell and the TmU Corporation are planning to build a LAAA&megawatt wind "arm north
o" here in the Te>as 'anhandle leap"rogging two -'< )nergy Te>as wind "arms to
become the biggest in the world.
Not to be outdone *r. 'ic(ens is planning his own KFAAAA&acre 'anhandle wind "arm o"
OAAA megawatts that would be even larger and cost him SKA billion.
B0 li(e wind because it#s renewable and it#s clean and you (now you are not going to be
dealing with a production decline curveD *r. 'ic(ens said. B$ecline curves "inally wore
me out in the oil business.D
At the end o" @AAQ Te>as ran(ed No. K in the nation with installed wind power o" OLFT
megawatts (and K@LG under construction) "ar outdistancing Cali"ornia#s @OLV
megawatts (and KTF under construction). *innesota and 0owa came in third and "ourth
with almost KLAA megawatts each (and OT and KKT under construction respectively).
0owa *innesota Colorado and ,regon states with smaller populations than Te>as all
get F to G percent o" their power "rom wind "arms according to estimates by the
American !ind )nergy Association.
0t has dawned on many Te>ans in recent years that wind power whatever its other pros
and cons represents a potent new strategy "or rural economic development.
+ince the wind boom began a "ew years ago the total value o" property here in Nolan
County has doubled and the county judge Tim -ambrough estimated it would increase
an additional @F percent this year. County property ta>es are going down home values
are going up and the county has e>tra "unds to remodel the courthouse and improve road
B!ind reminds us o" the old oil and gas boomsD *r. -ambrough said.
Teenagers who used to "lee small towns li(e +weetwater a"ter high school are stic(ing
around to ta(e technical courses in local junior colleges and then wor( on wind "arms.
*arginal ranches and cotton "arms are worth more with wind turbines on them.
B0 mean even the worst days "or wind don#t compare to the busts in the oil businessD
said %obby Clar( a General )lectric wind technician who gave up hauling chemicals in
the oil "ields southwest o" here to live and wor( in +weetwater. B0 saw my daddy go "rom
rags to riches and bac( in the oil business and 0 sleep better.D
!ind companies are remodeling abandoned buildings and new stores hotels and
restaurants have opened around this old railroad town.
$andy#s !estern !ear the local cowboy attire shop cannot (eep enough python s(in and
cowhide boots in stoc( because o" all the $anes and Germans who have come to town to
invest and wor( in the wind "ields then ta(e home Te>as souvenirs.
B!ind has invigorated our business li(e you wouldn#t believeD said *arty -oust
$andy#s owner who recently put in new carpeting and air&conditioning. B!hen you
watch the news you can get depressed about the economy but we don#t get depressed.
!e#re now in our own bubble.D
.art of Salton Sea3s desolate sore made into a
lus oasis
,ne woman created a wetlands )den with more than KLF bird species. ,""icials hope it:s
a microcosm o" what will happen when state:s restoration plan gets o"" the drawing board.
%y $avid ;elly
The <os Angeles Times
+unday -ebruary @O @AAG
T2)1*A< && A "ew careless words the snap o" a branch and a scene o" bucolic splendor
became utter chaos. Clouds o" great blue herons e>ploded "rom trees and swaying
cattails. )grets erupted "rom watery redoubts. $uc(s quac(ed "uriously overhead.
$ebi <ivesay observed the "ren3y "rom a windy ban(.
J!ait a momentW they:ll settle downJ she said. J0t:s hard to snea( up on them.J
-inally the birds swung around in a tight circle and made splash landings in this
patchwor( o" wetlands stretching out to the +alton +ea.
<ivesay FV seemed pleased by the per"ormance as i" she:d choreographed the whole
And in a way she had && or at least helped set the stage. -or decades this GF&acre stretch o"
the Torres *artine3 0ndian 1eservation lay beneath the +alton +ea. As the la(e receded it
le"t behind a salt&encrusted wasteland worthy o" $eath ?alley. $ead trees jutted li(e
bleached s(eletons "rom petri"ied mud. )ven hardy creosote struggled to survive.
Now than(s to <ivesay:s seven&year e""ort to bring bac( water it:s a lush )den o"
wetlands plants "ish and more than KLF species o" birds.
And state o""icials && who have their own SG.V&billion QF&year plan to rescue the dying
sea and restore bird habitats && are eagerly watching what happens.
The +alton +ea Cali"ornia:s biggest la(e is saltier than the ocean and getting saltier all
the time. !ater agreements reached in @AAL mean 0mperial ?alley "armers will stop
sending their runo"" into the sea causing it to shrin( "urther and grow ever more saline.
+cientists predict that without drastic action by @AKF the last o" the sport "ish will have
died o"". The OAA species o" birds that nest there including endangered species such as
the 1eservation Cali"ornia least tern and =uma clapper rail will leave soon a"ter.
%ut while the state:s plan is still on the drawing board <ivesay:s is up and running.
JThis is the "irst microcosm o" what all o" the rest o" the plans call "or around the seaJ
said $an 'ar(s coordinator "or the +alton +ea Authority. J+cientists have an idea o" what
they need but there is a lot o" stu"" they can:t get out o" a te>tboo( so you need to get in
there and e>periment.J
<ivesay is no scientist. +he:s a "ormer journalist with a gi"t "or big ideas a talent "or
securing grants and total sel" con"idence.
As the +alton +ea dwindles pesticide&laced sediments have blown over the reservation
e>posing thousands o" tribal members and other nearby residents to to>ic chemicals. 0n
@AAK <ivesay the tribe:s head o" water resources was charged with "inding a solution.
J!e can:t a""ord to have the +alton +ea dry out or people couldn:t live here anymoreJ she
said. J0t would be @AA times bigger than ,wens <a(e. All you need is an inch o" water to
(eep the dust settled. +o 0 said :<et:s ma(e a wetland.: J
!or(ing mostly on her own out o" a converted trailer <ivesay won S@.L million "rom
state and "ederal agencies and began e>cavating seven ponds ranging "rom a "ew inches
to T "eet deep and up to @A acres wide.
Contractors built arti"icial islands and barriers between pools. Using a comple> system o"
pipes and valves they diverted water "rom the !hitewater 1iver "illing and emptying the
ponds each day "or two years to leach out salt.
Then in @AAF the valves opened wide and water gushed into the ponds "or good. <ivesay
released young tilapia mosquito "ish and mollies to control insects. +he planted native
Nature did the rest.
!illows and cottonwoods began to spring up. 2erons nested on the islands. A bald eagle
too( up residence alongside numerous ospreys. %iologists say they wouldn:t be surprised
to "ind a Cali"ornia condor soon. They spotted one in nearby An3a&%orrego $esert +tate
'ar( last year.
<ivesay e>pects to open her creation to the public in November under the name
JCali"ornia:s )verglades.J And she hopes to create KAAAA more acres o" wetlands across
vast swaths o" desiccated la(e bed.
Tribal Chairman 1ay Torres recently described the restored wetlands as a Jmagni"icent
sight.J The tribe is building a cultural center and an amphitheater near the project:s
entrance on +outh <incoln Avenue.
JThe state:s +alton +ea restoration plan is very ambitious but there is degradation going
on right nowJ said *onica +wart3 a biologist with the Coachella ?alley !ater $istrict
who advises <ivesay. JThe Torres *artine3 are the only group ta(ing responsibility "or it.
)veryone else is tal(ing about it but they are the only ones doing anything about it.J
+he called <ivesay a J"orce o" natureJ adding J$ebi is a remar(able person who doesn:t
understand what impossible is. +he saw what the tribe needed and she made it happen.J
<ivesay who is not Native American wor(ed at the !hittier $aily News and the North
County Times be"ore quitting journalism because she said it was too di""icult to be
married be a reporter and raise "our children at the same time.
+he pic(ed up part&time jobs wor(ing as a bartender running construction crews and
building houses.
J0 can do anything 0 want toJ she said matter&o"&"actly. J0 can teach mysel" anything.J
As her children got older <ivesay began loo(ing "or a "ull&time career something that
satis"ied her interest in science and the environment.
+he too( courses on water management wor(ed with wildli"e biologists and landed a job
with the Torres *artine3 tribe in Thermal.
JThis is where 0 am supposed to beJ she said.
+he o"ten spends seven days a wee( at the remote wetlands site and sometimes gets in
dangerous stando""s with hunters.
-riendly but tough <ivesay "iercely guards the place.
+he calls it Jmy babyJ or Jthis puppyJ and describes it as an egg she has Jhatched.J
At times she lapses into jargon about particulate matter and water chemistry that can
ba""le the uninitiated. =et her overall message never changes.
JThis is the "uture o" the +alton +eaJ she said loo(ing over the shimmering water. J1ight
here.J +till potential problems abound.
-or one thing selenium endemic in +alton +ea sediment could "ind its way into the
ponds. The mineral is thought to cause genetic mutations in birds.
0" the wetlands water gets too salty the "ish could die o"". And hunters are a constant
threat illegally shooting anything that "lies including on one occasion a blac( swan.
2unting is "orbidden on the reservation and <ivesay routinely con"ronts violators. +he
recently "ound si> hunting plat"orms on the edge o" the wetlands. Thousands o" pelicans
ibises herons duc(s and grebes "loated within easy range o" the plat"orms which were
camou"laged in palm "ronds.
J,ne day 0 came out here and the whole berm was covered in dead coots. The hunters
just wanted to (ill them and then le"t them thereJ <ivesay said clearly angry. JThese
guys show up in their cammies with their dogs and truc(s and thin( they can:t be
arrested on tribal land && but now they are learning otherwise. 0 got three arrested.J
1ichard Game3 who wor(s at the site has "ound KF birds at a time (illed by hunters. The
loc( on the gate has been bro(en "our times.
J!hen 0 stop them they tell me they have hunted here "or yearsJ he said. JThere are
signs up everywhere that say eNo 2unting.: They tell me the game warden said they could
hunt here.J
2arry *orse a spo(esman "or the state $epartment o" -ish and Game said en"orcing
hunting regulations on tribal land is a Jjurisdictional nightmare.J
J!e can:t go on the land and ma(e an arrest because we have no authorityJ he said. J%ut
when they step o"" the reservation we can do something.J
+o "ar <ivesay said they haven:t done much. +he depends on local sheri"":s deputies to
go a"ter violators.
J0 want to open this place up to ecotourism and you can:t do that with "irearms going o""
everywhereJ she said.
The creation o" the wetlands is signi"icant "or the Torres *artine3 a poor tribe whose
@FAAA&acre reservation includes KAAAA under the +alton +ea.
The reservation is one o" the most polluted in the !est largely because o" illegal
dumping. %ut recent e""orts by the tribe and the U.+. )nvironmental 'rotection Agency
have made a di""erence.
Twenty o" the @Q illegal dumps have been cleaned up and "ires at dump sites have been
reduced QFU in the last year said Clancy Tenley head o" tribal programs "or the )'A.
J!e have developed a strong partnership with the tribe on environmental issuesJ he said.
JNow they have the "irst wetlands reclamation program on the +alton +ea.J
The project stuns some tribal members.
JThe "irst day 0 wor(ed out here 0 was ama3edJ said /oe Tortes who helps regulate pond
levels. J0t really too( me by surprise. 0 had no idea this place was here.J
<ast wee( <ivesay boarded her JmuleJ an all&terrain vehicle and motored down a dirt
path along the water. 0t was cold and blustery. +now squalls enveloped the +an /acinto
*ountains behind her. As she entered an overgrown glade by the gurgling !hitewater
1iver do3ens o" blac( ibises shot up "rom the tall grass. ,spreys wheeled overhead.
+he cut the engine.
J!ait until you go around the cornerJ she said. J=ou have never seen anything li(e it.J
A "ew "eet away birds were thic( as mosquitoes. They "loated in dar( choppy water and
bu33ed about li(e "eathery missiles.
J=ou have birds here that shouldn:t be here birds "rom Canada all the way down to
Central AmericaJ she said. J'eople come "rom all over the world to see this sight. There
is no other place li(e it. And that:s why we have to preserve it.J
%ills see! to curb pesticide spray o1er cities
%y /ane ;ay
The +an -rancisco Chronicle
+aturday -ebruary @L @AAG
The governor would have to call a state o" emergency be"ore any pesticides could be
sprayed over Cali"ornia cities under one o" several bills introduced -riday amid growing
concern over a plan to eradicate a pest moth in the %ay Area.
The legislation i" passed wouldn:t ta(e e""ect until ne>t year & not soon enough to stop
the planned spraying this summer. %ut bac(ers say the "our bills will protect cities "rom
any "uture pesticide programs.
The bills also would require the state agriculture department to complete sa"ety testing
and conduct environmental reviews and public hearings be"ore aerial pesticide spraying
in urban areas.
The measures introduced by $emocratic Assembly members <oni 2ancoc( /ohn <aird
*ar( <eno and /ared 2u""man were inspired by the plan to spray a synthetic moth
pheromone to wipe out the light brown apple moth.
Agricultural o""icials "ear that the larvae o" the e>otic pest could cause hundreds o"
millions o" dollars in damage to "arms nurseries and gardens. They say the pheromone is
sa"e "or humans.
The pheromone already has been sprayed over +anta Cru3 and *onterey counties where
hundreds o" residents complained o" health e""ects. +praying over parts o" +an -rancisco
+an *ateo *arin Alameda and Contra Costa counties is e>pected to begin Aug. K.
Critics o" the spraying plan say that although the pesticide is billed as an innocuous way
to disrupt the moth:s mating the spray includes in addition to the pheromone at least KA
other ingredients. They want to ensure there is comprehensive testing o" any product
selected "or "uture aerial spraying.
*any Central Coast residents also want an e>amination o" the "ormulations o" a
compound called Chec(mate which was sprayed late last year over *onterey and +anta
Cru3 counties. 0t was the "irst time the products had been applied by plane over populated
urban areas in the United +tates.
0n *onterey and +anta Cru3 counties hundreds o" residents have reported symptoms
including shortness o" breath headaches and muscle aches. They say there was no
e""ective way to report the problems to authorities.
0n the Assembly the legislators also intend to introduce a resolution ne>t wee( that urges
the governor to push "or a moratorium on the scheduled summer spraying o" any moth
pesticide until there is adequate research showing that it is sa"e. They also want to hold
up the spraying until the completion o" the government:s environmental review which is
now in progress. The area o" the moratorium will include their districts in Alameda
Contra Costa +an -rancisco *arin +anta Cru3 and *onterey counties. They will as(
other legislators representing areas where the moth has been "ound to join.
+tate +en. Carole *igden $&+an -rancisco said she plans to introduce a similar
resolution in the +enate.
As it is now o""icials in the Cali"ornia $epartment o" -ood and Agriculture can declare a
state o" emergency "or a pest in"estation. The bill by 2ancoc( a %er(eley $emocrat
would shi"t that authority to the governor.
JAerial spraying is an invasive procedure. 1ight now it can be done by an o""icial in a
state department whose primary interest is the protection o" agriculture. Clearly there is
another interest & human healthJ 2ancoc( said.
0n the case o" the light brown apple moth the "ederal $epartment o" Agriculture & not the
state & obtained an Jemergency e>emption "rom registrationJ "rom the U.+.
)nvironmental 'rotection Agency that allows the agency to use the pesticide in aerial
sprays over Cali"ornia cities. %ecause o" that e>emption the spraying program isn:t
subject to state approval according to representatives o" the state $epartment o" 'esticide
Under the "ederal 'lant 'rotection Act the state doesn:t have the authority to stop a
"ederal action o""icials said. According to U+$A spo(esman <arry 2aw(ins his
department could as( the U.+. secretary o" agriculture "or a declaration o" e>traordinary
emergency in cases where the state cannot or will not eradicate a pest species. ,r i" the
state "ails to wipe out a pest the department could quarantine the whole state meaning it
could stop the state "rom shipping out crops and ornamental plants.
+teve <yle a spo(esman "or the state $epartment o" -ood and Agriculture said the
agency hasn:t seen the legislation and can:t comment on it.
J'ublic health is our priority too. 0n addition to our role to protect agriculture we also
protect the environment and the environmental threat "rom this pest is signi"icantJ he
The state agency has the authority to declare a pest in"estation <yle said and Jis usually
a partner with the U+$A in declaring the in"estation and developing a program to
eradicate a pest.J That is true in this case he said.
The light brown apple moth native to Australia was "irst discovered in %er(eley in
*arch @AAQ and then with "urther trapping in KA other counties. Adults are about a
quarter&inch long with varying amounts o" dar( brown. The pale green larvae rolled up in
leaves do the plant damage.
1epresentatives o" citi3en groups including some that "ormed a"ter the spraying praised
the legislation.
J0:m glad they:re doing it. Un"ortunately none o" these measures will help to stop the
immediate programJ said +oquel (+anta Cru3 County) resident 1oy Upton liaison on the
moth spraying "or Citi3ens "or 2ealth a national consumer advocacy group.
2e hopes the planned resolutions although they don:t have the "orce o" law Jwill lead to
actions by the governor to stop the spraying until sa"ety studies and environmental
reviews are in place.J
JThey just have to put on the bra(es.J
5ow to get in1ol1ed
&& 1ead documents on the proposed pesticide&spraying program at www$cdfa$ca$gov(l%am.
&& Comments on the environmental documents are being accepted until *arch @A. +end
written comments to4
/im 1ains sta"" environmental scientist Cali"ornia $epartment o" -ood and Agriculture
'lant 2ealth and 'est 'revention +ervices K@@A N +t. 1oom A&LKT +acramento CA
"nformational meetings
*eetings on the issue have been organi3ed by the state as well as activist groups opposed
to the spraying program.
Government&sponsored public meetings4
*onday T to G p.m.4 +an -rancisco County -air %uilding auditorium (2all o" -lowers)
Golden Gate 'ar( Ninth Avenue and <incoln !ay
Tuesday T4LA to G4LA p.m.4 ,a(land )lihu 2arris +tate %uilding auditorium KFKF Clay
Anti&spray meetings4
+unday %er(eley4 Cali"ornia Alliance to +top the +pray and other groups are meeting
"rom F to Q p.m. at the 2illside Club @@GT Cedar +t.
*arch L Corte *adera4 'esticide -ree 8one Campaign is sponsoring a meeting starting
at Q p.m. at the Corte *adera Town Center buildings suite @AK.
0e legislation
1ead the bills by logging on to www$leginfo$ca$gov.
A%@QTO by <oni 2ancoc( $&%er(eley would prohibit the Cali"ornia +ecretary o" -ood
and Agriculture "rom approving the application o" a pesticide in an urban area as part o"
an eradication project unless the governor has proclaimed a state o" emergency.
A%@QTL by /ohn <aird $&+anta Cru3 would require the state $epartment o" -ood and
Agriculture to prepare a list o" invasive species that might enter the state including which
chemicals might be used in eradication.
A%@QTF by /ared 2u""man $&*arin would require a public hearing and the e>amination
o" alternatives to aerial spraying be"ore any decision to do so. 0t also requires "ull
disclosure o" all substances in the products.
A%@QTA by *ar( <eno $&+an -rancisco would require that an environmental review be
completed be"ore the state agricultural department could apply pesticides in urban areas
"or the eradication o" the light brown apple moth.
E)mail *ane +ay at ,kay'sfchronicle$com$
This article appeared on page ) 9 E o" the +an -rancisco Chronicle
!oa# s$a$es +us% @neB$9enera$ion@ "#ean 2ue#
%ut others want evidence carbon can be captured
%y Andrew !elsh&2uggins
+unday -ebruary @O @AAG
Governors pushing alternative energy development are not shying "rom coal a major
culprit in global warming but also a homegrown energy source and an economic li"eline
"or many states.
<eaders o" coal&rich states say clean&coal technology is a must. Governors "rom states
without coal want more evidence the technology wor(s.
JThere:s no doubt there:s a tension and there:s no doubt there is very rapidly growing
public opposition to coalJ said Gov. /im $oyle $&!is. 2is state relies heavily on coal
"or power although !isconsin does not produce coal.
)nergy tops the agenda at the governors: annual winter meeting. The group:s new clean
energy initiative see(s to promote renewable "uels such as ethanol and biodiesel and to
reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
JNe>t&generation coal is going to need to continue to be part o" our energy "uture "or this
countryJ said G,' Gov. Tim 'awlenty o" *innesota chairman o" the National
Governors: Association on +aturday.
J0t is abundant it is available it is Americani3ed in the sense that we control the supply.
!e would be incomplete and doing a disservice to the debate and the ultimate policy
direction that we:re going to ta(e i" we don:t envision coal being part o" that.J
Ne>t&generation coal typically re"ers to capturing and somehow sequestering or storing
the carbon that coal produces. 0t also envisions reducing or eliminating emissions as coal
is burned.
'awlenty has embraced renewable "uels such as corn&based ethanol and conservation but
he also promotes clean&coal technology.
+uch technology is a rallying cry "or many coal&producing states. They say it is possible
to continue relying on the "ossil "uel while minimi3ing its impact on the environment.
Gov. )d 1endell $&'a. envisions an economic turnaround i" clean&coal technology ta(es
JCoal states would be bac( in business big time and the economies would "lourishJ said
1endell the association:s vice chairman.
Gov. /ohn %aldacci $&*aine needs to hear more be"ore he would include clean&coal
technology among the promising energy ideas "or the country. 2is state promotes
renewable energy produced through wind solar and even tides.
J=ou have to deal with the coal states but 0 don:t thin( you want them doing more o"
what they:re doing until they change what they:re doing and ma(e it truly the ne>t
generationJ he said. JNot just say clean&coal technology but really do clean&coal
'roponents say all energy sources have their problems. The (ey said Gov. %rian
+chweit3er $&*ont. is a national energy policy with many options and sources.
This article appeared on page ) 9 6 o" the +an -rancisco Chronicle
The push for windfalls from wind power
The challenge4 To generate renewable energy. The plan4 Get primary wind "arm sites up
and running. The payo""4 Cash in on the need "or renewable energy
%y /,N C,,;
The Globe and *ail
*onday -ebruary @F @AAG
!hen *i(e *agnus tal(s about the "uture you can almost see the windmills turning in
his mind. 2e has big plans "or +hear !ind 0nc. the %ed"ord N.+.&based renewable&
energy company he "ounded in @AAF.
According to the Canadian !ind )nergy Association (Can!)A) a not&"or&pro"it group
that represents more than LAA industry members wind energy generation is increasing by
an average o" @F to LA per cent each year. +ince KVVO it has jumped "rom OGAA
megawatts to more than VOAAA globally and "rom a little more than KAA *! to more
than KGAA in Canada.
J2ow many industries in Canada can tal( to those types o" growth rates5J as(s *r.
*agnus a "ormer Clearwater +ea"oods e>ecutive who conceived the idea "or +hear
!ind while ga3ing at the many windmills in )urope.
2is initial "oray was a partnership with a Nova +cotia startup named 1enewable )nergy
+ervices <td. which put up small windmills & or turbines & to test the viability o" potential
wind&"arm sites.
The venture proved too costly so *r. *agnus and his "riend *i(e !heatley tried
something di""erent. %e"ore spending a bundle to erect turbines they decided they should
eliminate the stumbling bloc(s to success. That meant selecting sites close to e>isting
power transmission lines testing to ma(e sure the wind regimes were good and loc(ing
down the land through @A& and FA&year leases.
0n @AAT +hear !ind completed a public o""ering to raise additional capital "or e>pansion
costs. 0nitially listed at KA cents +hear !ind stoc( currently hovers at about GF cents
with a total o" OF million shares outstanding.
<ast April *r. *agnus e>panded his company:s wind energy networ( to KFAA *! by
acquiring Alberta&based ?indt 1esourcesW +hear !ind now has KF wind energy sites in
"our provinces4 Alberta Nova +cotia New %runswic( and +as(atchewan. (A KAA&*!
"arm typically costs upward o" S@FA&million.) ,ver the ne>t year he wants to wrap up the
environmental assessments ()As) on his primary projects in Nova +cotia and Alberta and
get community permits to begin construction. Then there:s the request "or proposal (1-')
to supply the Nova +cotia government with as much as KLA *! o" renewable energy. To
raise capital "or development he:ll also need to complete a small public o""ering.
W%a$ $%e eB+er$s say
Tom 2eint3man co&"ounder and chie" e>ecutive o""icer o" %ull"rog 'ower cautions
"ellow wind&energy entrepreneurs about the potential pit"alls o" the business. The biggest
are4 )As community support grid connection and turbine cost and supply.
J'eople get complete )As all the time but 0 thin( they o"ten underestimate the
challengesJ says *r. 2eint3man whose company which has o""ices in Calgary and
Toronto supplies KAA&per&cent renewable energy to more than OAAA residential
customers in ,ntario and Alberta and to companies such as !al&*art Canada Corp. and
Cadbury +chweppes Canada 0nc. J,"ten it:s not the obvious environmental consequences
that are most di""icultW it:s the people and that:s where you get the biggest "ight.
JAs wind gets more and more common you get more and more homeowners that
complain about Hwind turbinesI "or visual or sound reasons. 'eople will try to go to the
local counties or townships and get 3oning that e""ectively restricts your ability to build.J
*r. 2eint3man is also wary about costs o" "inancing such a huge project predicting +hear
!ind will li(ely be "orced to partner with a major energy company to develop their entire
pipeline. JThese guys have to raise over SK&billion probably closer to S@&billion to get
these projects goingJ he says noting that just a single two&*! turbine can cost as much
as SL.F&million to install. J!hat you:ve seen in ,ntario is a lot o" consolidationW you see
people who have sta(ed ground and HdoneI environmental assessments then have been
acquired by large international players.J
Another major "actor is turbine supply which *r. 2eint3man says is scarce. J;nowing
whether they:ve got turbine supply loc(ed up is critical. A lot o" big players can:t develop
until @AKA to @AKK because there just aren:t enough turbines going around.J
+teve 2arris head o" research at *acquarie Capital *ar(ets Canada <td. says
Jmanaging an 1-' process "or wind power is a delicate balancing act. The provincial
power utility wants to get power "or the lowest possible price. %ut i" it:s too aggressive on
price the winners can:t ma(e a decent return and the projects don:t get built. This is
especially true in an environment o" rising construction costs and rising wind turbine
To (eep his options open *r. *agnus is considering e>porting his "uture power to the
U.+. Northeast where customers typically pay more per megawatt&hour.
$espite the signi"icant challenges many e>perts agree that wind&based power will
continue to grow as governments try to lessen their dependence on "ossil "uels. !ind&
based power represents less than K per cent o" all electrical output in Canada "ar below
world leaders $enmar( Germany and +pain. J)>perts debate what the ultimate limits "or
wind power might be but $enmar( is already near @A per cent o" total capacity and some
studies suggest that up to LA per cent might be achievableJ *r. 2arris says.
The greatest demand "or wind energy over the ne>t decade will come "rom provincial
governments says Can!)A president 1obert 2ornung. J,ur projection is that Canada
will be at about K@AAA *! by @AKT.J
," course +hear !ind could just sit on its land and wait until a bigger "ish swallows it
up but *r. *agnus insists he:s in it "or the long haul. J!ind is only starting now to
become se>y on %ay +treet. !e:re not going to sit still and rest on our pipeline laurels.
!e:re going to get our "arms up and we:re going to produce them. !e:re going to build
an energy reputation. Those people with strong pipelines just have to wait and the game
will come to them.J
In a nu$s%e##
I$@s no$ a#(ays (indy
!ind is a variable resource. +o ma(e sure you have a strong wind regime on site.
%e neighbourly $on:t underestimate the impact the public can have on torpedoing your
plan to build a wind "arm. Nobody wants to live near noisy and unattractive windmills.
1on@$ e$ side(inded
Currently the supply o" wind turbines in the world is limited creating up to a three&year
waiting list. 1emember to "actor in delays when you:re creating your business plan.
1o $%e /a$%
A single two&*! wind turbine can cost SL.F&million or more to install and a KAA&*!
wind "arm will run you S@FA&million
1o $%e /a$%, aain
Negotiating a selling price that wor(s "or you is crucial. 0t:s important to win the contract
but not i" the price "or power is so low it ma(es the project unsustainable.
Climate change plan could trigger tax cuts: Suzuki
%y %0<< CU11=
The Globe and *ail
*onday -ebruary @F @AAG
,TTA!A l $avid +u3u(i is trying to spea( +tephen 2arper:s language releasing a
report *onday that argues a strong climate change plan could produce deep income ta>
The well&(nown environmentalist and +imon -raser University economist *ar( /accard
released a report *onday morning on 'arliament 2ill that outlines various options "or
,ttawa to implement a carbon ta> or other ways o" "orcing polluters to pay "or their
environmental impacts.
The report argues that ma(ing polluters pay a "ee "or every tonne o" greenhouse gases
emitted into the atmosphere could raise between SFA&billion and SKAA&billion in revenue
annually by @A@A.
The report argues that most o" that revenue could be used to greatly reduce personal
income ta>es.
1ather than devoting all the revenue to ta> cuts the report suggests some o" the money be
put toward renewable energy projects such as wind and solar power.
B<et:s put the Reco: bac( into economics and ma(e sure that economics considers the
ecological implications o" the way we liveD said *r. +u3u(i.
The report comes on the heels o" this month:s budget in %ritish Columbia which
introduced a carbon ta> on the economy as a way o" reducing greenhouse gases.
B!e now (now that ta>ation is a very power"ul incentive to discourage things that we
don:t want and relie" o" ta>es can encourage the things we wantD said *r. +u3u(i.
B%ritish Columbia 0:m proud to say is leading the way in North America with a really
ground&brea(ing revenue&neutral carbon ta> and 0 thin( this is something we:ve got to
see sweep across the country.D
The report analy3es various options "or a "ederal carbon ta> or a carbon price through
trading. A carbon ta> imposes a "ee on industry "or every tonne o" greenhouse gases
emitted into the atmosphere. 0n carbon trading the government sets a "irm limit as to how
many tones o" greenhouse emissions can be emitted without cost. To emit above that
level a company would have to purchase credits "rom another company that is below its
own emissions cap.
Under a carbon pricing system the penalties on industry are normally passed on to the
consumer leading to higher prices "or a wide range o" items such as gasoline home
heating and transportation.
-ederal environment minister /ohn %aird has rejected carbon ta>es but said he agrees
with the concept o" Bpolluter pays.D Carbon trading will be an option "or companies that
comply with the government:s promised regulations "or heavy industry.
The +u3u(i -oundation argued yesterday that the government:s plan "alls short because
industrial targets are based on the BintensityD o" emissions rather than "irm caps.
0n an intensity&based system a company must reduce emissions associated with each unit
o" production such as a barrel o" oil. Critics point out that "ormula could allow overall
emissions to rise as more units are sold year over year.
The government de"ends the intensity&based approach arguing that it ensures companies
use technology to reduce the environmental impact and comply with "ederal rules rather
than simply moving production out o" the country.
Green laws have auto sector crying poor
Canadian Automotive 'artnership Council warns "ederal 9uebec and ,ntario
governments o" lost investments
%y G1)G ;))NAN
The Globe and *ail
*onday -ebruary @F @AAG
0t will cost auto ma(ers SKAA&billion (U.+.) over the ne>t K@ years to meet new
environmental standards imposed by the U.+. government and Canada could lose
automotive investment i" governments here don:t provide "inancial help to share in the
The industry warned the "ederal 9uebec and ,ntario governments o" the danger this
month in submissions by two wor(ing groups o" the Canadian Automotive 'artnership
Council (CA'C) which made a pitch "or assistance noting that !ashington will provide
SKA&billion to S@A&billion to help retool U.+. auto plants "or new green technologies.
J0" similar support measures are not made available to Canadian operations the business
case "or maintaining production mandates will become that much less attractive as U.+.
"acilities gain this additional competitive advantageJ CA'C:s innovation wor(ing group
said in one report.
Companies need direct "inancial assistance to innovate retool increase s(ill levels o"
employees and improve research and development the "iscal and investment wor(ing
group o" CA'C concluded in a recommendation to 0ndustry *inister /im 'rentice.
JThe "uel economy challenge o" the coming decade will require massive innovation and
investment in the Canadian automotive supply chainJ the "iscal and investment group
said in a presentation.
Auto ma(ers and parts companies have been lobbying the Conservative government
heavily to o""er "inancial assistance citing the ,ntario automotive investment strategy
and incentives provided by the "ormer "ederal <iberal government which helped land SQ&
billion (Canadian) worth o" new investment in assembly plants and parts operations.
JCanada lac(s the competitive "iscal and innovation policy "ramewor( needed to meet
short reinvestment challenges and the trans"ormative innovation changes that will be
required to address new environmental standards and ongoing competitive pressures "rom
within North America and beyondJ the "iscal and investment group said.
This latest lobbying e""ort through CA'C a joint industry&labour&government advisory
group came as Ford Mo$or !o7 o" Canada <td. sought SLA&million "rom ,ttawa to
match the amount put up by ,ntario to reopen a closed engine plant in !indsor. The
"ederal government has said ,ntario could tap its share o" a SK&billion "und ,ttawa is
creating to help one&industry towns devastated by the manu"acturing crisis.
,ttawa has re"used to provide the money directly with -inance *inister /im -laherty
saying the "ederal government does not want to pic( winners and losers.
<ast wee( however *r. 'rentice unveiled a SKV.T&million Jstrategic repayable
investmentJ to $iamond Aircra"t 0ndustries o" <ondon ,nt. under the government:s
+trategic Aerospace $e"ence 0nitiative which supports research in the aerospace and
de"ence sectors.
Auto ma(ers are hoping tomorrow:s "ederal budget will include support "or automotive
research and development.
Auto companies have applauded ,ntario:s STFA&million ne>t&generation jobs "und which
was set up last year but pointed to the lac( o" similar programs "rom 9uebec and the
"ederal government.
Canada:s auto assembly sector has held up relatively well in the "ace o" a structural shi"t
that has led to tens o" thousands o" job cuts and do3ens o" plant closings at the U.+.
operations o" -ord !%rys#er ??! and Genera# Mo$ors !or+7
%ut do3ens o" parts plants have closed in the auto ma(ing heartland o" southern ,ntario
wiping out thousands o" jobs and helping spur a request by the Automotive 'arts
*anu"acturers Association o" Canada that ,ttawa and ,ntario each provide S@AA&million
in emergency "inancial aid.
Oil patch split over partial moratorium
N,1?A< +C,TT
The Globe and *ail
-ebruary @F @AAG at @4@K A* )+T
CA<GA1= l A business&led lobbying e""ort to create a partial moratorium on oil sands
development in order to "ree up conservation land has divided Canada:s major energy
companies while a government decision on the issue will li(ely be delayed until a"ter
ne>t *onday:s provincial election.
*ajor oil producers N led by 'etro&Canada Corp. +uncor 0nc. 2us(y )nergy <td. +hell
Canada and 0mperial ,il N have "or the "irst time called on Alberta to slow development
in the Athabasca region.
The group which also includes $evon Canada and Conoco'hillips Canada signed a
private letter last month calling "or the province to suspend land lease sales until at least
@AKK in three areas around -ort *c*urray saying any additional sales Bwould continue
to reduce the available options "or the establishment o" new conservation areas.D
The letter was also signed by )nvironment Canada and the 'embina 0nstitute a Calgary&
based environmental group and presented on behal" o" the Cumulative )nvironmental
*anagement Association a group o" OT industry government and aboriginal members
wor(ing in the 1egional *unicipality o" !ood %u""alo.
B-urther granting o" new sur"ace and sub&sur"ace rights would continue to reduce the
available options "or the establishment o" new conservation areas that would serve to
accomplish a balanced suite o" regional outcomesD states the letter to the Alberta
departments o" )nergy )nvironment and +ustainable 1esources $evelopment a copy o"
which was obtained by The Globe.
The request "or a development "ree3e in some areas has been rejected by at least "our
major companies belonging to the group and operating in the oil sands. 0n a letter to
C)*A Canadian Natural 1esources <td. said the recommendation had been drawn up in
BhasteD and that the company opposes any suspension on lease sales. )nCana Corp. also
believes the proposals have a Blac( o" clarityD particularly over what lands would be
banned "rom development in the "uture spo(esman Alan %oras said.
0n its own letter to the association UT+ )nergy Corp. said that while it supports the
concept o" protecting some areas "rom development it is concerned that projects in
adjoining areas could be hampered. A "ourth group comprised o" ,'T0 Canada 0nc. and
Ne>en 0nc. also opposed the call "or a partial moratorium.
According to documents obtained by The Globe and *ail a clear majority o" C)*A:s
members support or conditionally support the letter.
The Alberta energy regulator and +yncrude Canada the largest oil sands producer
abstained "rom a vote on it.
The Alberta government is currently "ormulating its response Alberta )nergy spo(esman
%ob *c*anus said. 2e wouldn:t indicate what that response might be and denied
suggestions that the timing o" any response would be a""ected by the provincial election
saying the vote Bhas nothing to do with it.
BThe leasing and licensing system has wor(ed well "or many many years and is the
cornerstone to Alberta:s Hoil sandsI developmentD *r. *c*anus said.
2e added that while the lac( o" consensus behind the C)*A proposal is Ba bit outside the
normal course o" business it doesn:t mean it won:t be considered.D
The C)*A letter recommends the government immediately halt selling new oil sands
leases N licences that allow companies to "ind and produce crude N in three areas that
have so "ar seen little development. ,ne area is southeast near the +as(atchewan border
while the other two are south and east respectively o" !ood %u""alo National 'ar(.
0n total the regions cover appro>imately one&si>th o" the Athabasca reserves where the
bul( o" Alberta:s oil sands production and development occurs.
C)*A:s members have been wor(ing since @AAF to create a "ramewor( "or land
management that would de"ine what land should and should not be used "or oil sands
development and are to meet in /une to vote on the "inal recommendations to be
"orwarded to government. 2owever a letter had to be sent early to prevent any more
sales o" land that the group believes should be environmentally protected C)*A
president 1andall %arrett said.
BThe concern was that i" we didn:t get the letter in then land sales would continue to go
ahead and we needed to signal to the government that these areas should be set asideD
*r. %arrett said in an interview.
!hile C)*A has no position on the pace o" development the "ramewor( being created
represents a Bmore reasonable and orderly approach toward developmentD he added.
'remier )d +telmach has consistently re"used to Btouch the bra(eD on oil sands
+ince receiving the letter on /an. KG Alberta )nergy has accepted nearly SKG&million in
proceeds "rom a /an. @L land sale although it:s not clear i" any o" the leases sold were in
the areas designated by C)*A.
C)*A:s *r. %arrett said he had been in tal(s with government bodies over the letter. 2e
e>pects to receive an o""icial response within the ne>t three wee(s.
Gord <ambert vice&president o" sustainable development "or +uncor the second&largest
producer in the oil sands said the move Bis really to indicate and highlight to the
government that there are areas that are potential candidates "or conservation and that
they should be protected. ,il sands development can be done along with conserving
Energy Execs2 Sustainability "s Critical
%y /,2N ',11)TT,
%altimore +un
*onday -ebruary @F @AAG
2,U+T,N & *any energy e>ecutives say sustainability is critical to the success o" their
operations but "ar "ewer believe that their companies have embraced the concept a new
survey shows.
+ustainability is an evolving business ethic in which companies set and achieve
objectives based on "inancial environmental and social per"ormance.
0t:s o"ten lin(ed with environmental issues but can include ethics wor( "orce diversity
and other non"inancial measures.
*ore than two&thirds o" GK energy industry e>ecutives surveyed by ;'*G <<' said they
regarded sustainability as an important element o" their businesses but only about one&
hal" said their organi3ations were currently sustainable. 1oughly one&third said they were
wor(ing toward sustainability according to the survey being released *onday.
;'*G an audit ta> and advisory "irm conducted the survey in November. ;'*G said
respondents included e>ecutives "rom e>ploration and production companies electric
utilities and independent power producers.
%ill ;imble who directs ;'*G:s Global )nergy 0nstitute said companies that invest in
sustainability are leaders and gain an advantage over competitors.
JThe less&progressive companies are putting themselves at ris( as (ey sta(eholders will
hone in on this issueJ he said.
*ore than hal" the e>ecutives said they believed sustainability would ma(e them more
competitive in part by improving the image o" their company.
=et less than one&"i"th o" respondents said sustainability was a permanent agenda item at
board meetings and @V percent said it had never come up at such gatherings.
Analysts and others "amiliar with sustainability say the concept relates in part to
companies increasing e""orts to conserve energy produce less waste and other initiatives
&& in essence ta(ing more responsibility "or their impact on the environment.
+ome say acting on the ethic is easier "or small privately held companies than big
publicly traded out"its with stoc(holders "ocused on the bottom line. %ut as big
companies particularly manu"actures "ace the prospect o" ta>es on greenhouse gas
emissions and penalties "or not using renewable energy && issues on the table in Cali"ornia
&& they might be more inclined to embrace sustainable practices e>perts say.
!al&*art +tores 0nc. "or one has said it:s encouraging suppliers to become more
sustainable. The world:s largest retailer also has said it:s loo(ing "or ways to reduce the
amount o" nonrenewable "uels used to ma(e the products it sells.
To that end ;'*G said hal" the companies it surveyed increased spending on research
and development in the past three years.
O3Malley puses forward on te en1ironment
%y $avid Nit(in
%altimore +un
+unday -ebruary @O @AAG
!ashington & *aryland Gov. *artin ,:*alley plunged into the rising waters o" the
global warming debate last wee( endorsing strict regulations on greenhouse emissions
that could ma(e the state:s rules among the toughest in the nation.
JThe climate crisis is realJ said ,:*alley a $emocrat throwing the weight o" his o""ice
behind a plan that would cut pollutants "rom homes and businesses to @F percent below
@AAT levels by @A@A and VA percent by @AFA.
,:*alley and a growing number o" General Assembly members want to position
*aryland at the leading edge o" states that are ta(ing steps to ease global warming in the
"ace o" what they say is "oot&dragging by the %ush administration and Congress.
J!e all hope that there is "ederal actionJ said state +en. 'aul G. 'ins(y a 'rince
George:s County $emocrat and lead sponsor o" the global warming measure. JA number
o" presidential candidates have promised to go in that direction. %ut until it:s done we
have to (eep moving states in that direction.J
0t:s not unusual "or *aryland:s le"t&o"&center General Assembly to debate such a plan. 0n
recent years lawma(ers have "orged ahead on embryonic stem&cell research "unding
requirements to ma(e !al&*art provide health insurance to employees and limits on
tailpipe emissions "rom vehicles.
!hat:s more notable is that ,:*alley would get "irmly behind the proposal. 0t had not
been part o" his legislative agenda "or the VA&day Assembly session which ends in April.
'ins(y said he was Jpleasantly and e>tremely surprised at the strength o" the supportJ
that came "rom the governor:s o""ice last wee(.
Conventional wisdom holds that this should be a time o" wound&lic(ing "or ,:*alley. 2e
depleted much o" his political capital late last year on a long&term budget&balancing "i>
that included an unpopular sales ta> increase raising the ire o" residents and business
owners. A poll "or The +un released last month soon a"ter the ta>&raising special
legislative session ended showed him with a LF percent job approval rating.
That ,:*alley would ris( angering business interests "urther by endorsing an e>pansive
greenhouse gas reduction plan illustrates just how acceptable the environmental "ight has
J)ven coming "rom a "airly conservative district li(e mine 0 have yet to see how you can
be too liberal on the environmentJ said state +en. /im %rochin a Towson $emocrat who
o"ten sides with 1epublicans on "iscal and regulatory issues and who is a co&sponsor o"
the greenhouse plan.
The *aryland proposal ta(es a page "rom Cali"ornia which in @AAT adopted an initiative
to reduce the state:s greenhouse gas emissions @F percent by @A@A. New /ersey
!ashington and a "ew other states have "ollowed.
JThere is an immense amount o" momentum out there and it starts with the statesJ said
Tony ;reindler a spo(esman "or the )nvironmental $e"ense -und.
$emocrats aren:t the only ones getting behind such measures ;reindler said citing Gov.
Arnold +chwar3enegger in Cali"ornia and Gov. Charlie Crist in -lorida as state leaders in
the greenhouse gas control movement.
J!hat:s interesting about those two is they are "lying high in the pollsJ he said. J!hat
these guys have "igured out is that climate is not just good policyW it:s good politics. 0t:s a
very bipartisan push.J
*aryland voters and politicians across the political spectrum have long supported path&
brea(ing environmental initiatives stemming "rom the state:s reliance on and pride in the
Chesapea(e %ay whose ecosystem is threatened and whose "ringes are at ris( o"
disappearing under rising seas.
As a relatively small state *aryland alone doesn:t have the same in"luence as Cali"ornia
in the environmental debate. +till Jat the end o" the day every ton o" carbon avoided is a
ton o" carbon avoidedJ said ;reindler noting that the evolving state&by&state e""ort
builds pressure in !ashington because in"luential business interests Jdon:t want to "ace a
patchwor( o" state regulations.J
'atric( /. *ichaels a climatologist and scholar at the libertarian Cato 0nstitute ta(es a
dim view o" the *aryland plan calling a VA percent reduction target JimpossibleJ
because technology to achieve it doesn:t e>ist.
J'eople are waving legislative magic wands as i" it will create a resultJ *ichaels said.
JThe only way one could try to en"orce that would be by ma(ing the price o" carbon&
based energy outrageously e>pensiveJ he said. JThat ta(es money and capital away that
could actually be used to invest in cleaner technology. That:s the irony.J
Any regulatory scheme he said must be "le>ible enough to allow capital to "low to
sources o" non&"ossil&"uel energy that will inevitably develop over the ne>t century.
The !hite 2ouse rejects the notion that it has not been aggressive enough on climate
JThe president ta(es climate change seriously and is committed to a port"olio o" actions
that "oster economic growth achieve emissions reductions through technology
investments and include developed and developing economiesJ said ;risten A. 2ellmer
a spo(eswoman "or the president:s Council on )nvironmental 9uality. 'resident %ush
she added has Jdevoted more than SLQ billion to climate change related programs and
research and set the U.+. on a path to reduce greenhouse gas intensity KG percent by
JAs a "ormer governor he (nows the positive roles state leaders must play in this e""ortJ
2ellmer said.
,n the presidential campaign trail climate change has "igured solidly into messages by
the leading candidates.
1epublican +en. /ohn *cCain stresses the role o" "ree enterprise and carbon cap&and&
trade plans. $emocratic senators 2illary Clinton and %arac( ,bama both call "or an GA
percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions "rom KVVA levels by @AFA a level
Clinton:s campaign says is Jnecessary to avoid the worst impacts o" global warming.J
<i(e *cCain both $emocrats support cap&and&trade programs "or carbon emissions.
;reindler o" the )nvironmental $e"ense -und thin(s progress need not wait "or a
change in administrations. J!e:re not ruling it out in this CongressJ he said.
,thers ta(e a slightly longer view.
J!e are in the +tone Age right now and whether it:s %arac( ,bama or /ohn *cCain we
are going to come out o" the +tone AgeJ %rochin said. J=ou are not going to believe how
bright the "uture is in our e""orts to combat global warming.J
S$udy debun5s @#oba# "oo#in@ "on"ern o2 @H0s
U+A Today
+aturday @L -ebruary @AAG
The supposed Jglobal coolingJ consensus among scientists in the KVQAs l "requently
o""ered by global&warming s(eptics as proo" that climatologists can:t ma(e up their minds
l is a myth according to a survey o" the scienti"ic literature o" the era.
The :QAs was an unusually cold decade. &ewsweek Time The &ew -ork Times and
&ational Geographic published articles at the time speculating on the causes o" the
unusual cold and about the possibility o" a new ice age.
%ut Thomas 'eterson o" the National Climatic $ata Center surveyed do3ens o" peer&
reviewed scienti"ic articles "rom KVTF to KVQV and "ound that only seven supported global
cooling while OO predicted warming. 'eterson says @A others were neutral in their
assessments o" climate trends.
The study reports JThere was no scienti"ic consensus in the KVQAs that the )arth was
headed into an imminent ice age.
JA review o" the literature suggests that to the contrary greenhouse warming even then
dominated scientists: thin(ing about the most important "orces shaping )arth:s climate on
human time scales.J
J0 was surprised that global warming was so dominant in the peer&reviewed literature o"
the timeJ says 'eterson who was also a contributor to the United Nations:
0ntergovernmental 'anel on Climate Change @AAQ report.
+cienti"ic reports in the past decade most notably the U.N. panel:s Nobel 'ri3e&winning
e""orts have warned that human activities are warming the planet by increasing the
release o" heat&trapping JgreenhouseJ gases into the atmosphere.
+(eptics have argued that climate change is cyclical not "ueled by the burning o" "ossil
"uels l coal oil and natural gas. 'eterson notes in the study that concerns over the "rigid
KVQAs subsequently became representative o" scienti"ic division over global warming.
That was an unusually cold decade especially the later years across the Northern
2emisphere. 0n the U+A the winters o" KVQQ&QV were three o" the KK coldest since the
recording o" temperatures began in the KGVAs according to climate center data. The
winter o" KVQG&QV remains the coldest on record in the U+A.
/ust as it:s hard "or people today to thin( much about global warming in the dead o"
winter it was also hard "or the public N and the media N to "ocus on a warming world
while at the same time enduring some o" the coldest winters on record.
2owever as 'eterson notes in the paper Jeven cursory review o" the news media
coverage o" the issue reveals that just as there was no consensus at the time among
scientists so was there also no consensus among journalists.J
+ome have doubts about the new survey. JThe paper does not place the late :QAs in its
climatic conte>tJ says 'at *ichaels a senior "ellow in environmental studies at the Cato
0nstitute in !ashington $.C.
JThe temperature records we had at the time showed a very sharp cooling "rom the
mid&:OAs to the mid&:QAsJ *ichaels says. JAnd scientists attempted to e>plain that as a
consequence o" the pollution that was preventing solar radiation "rom reaching the
JAt the time scientists thought the cooling e""ect o" pollution was greater than the
warming e""ect o" carbon dio>ideJ *ichaels adds. JThey were attempting to e>plain the
dramatic cooling o" the :QAs.J
%ut 1obert 2enson a writer at the National Center "or Atmospheric 1esearch and author
o" The .ough Guide to Climate Change says4 JThis is an important part o" science
history and 'eterson and his co&authors have done a great job o" e>cavating it.
J'eople have long claimed that scientists in the KVQAs were convinced a new ice age was
imminent. %ut in "act many researchers at the time were already more concerned about
the long&term ris(s o" global warming.J
Along with 'eterson the study was also authored written by !illiam Connolly o" the
%ritish Antarctic +urvey and /ohn -lec( o" The l%u/uer/ue *ournal. The research will
be published in the Bulletin of the merican 0eteorological Society.
Canada's water crisis 'escalating'
)>perts e>pect climate change to present serious water challenges many o" which
already e>ist
%y Andy 1iga
?ancouver +un
+aturday -ebruary @L @AAG
Canada is crisscrossed by innumerable rivers some o" which "low into three oceans.
=et Canada:s "resh water isn:t as abundant as you may thin(. And it:s "acing serious
challenges and the looming menace o" climate change which is e>pected to e>acerbate
Canada:s water problems and leave more o" the world thirsting a"ter our precious liquid
JThey say you need a crisis be"ore people get jer(ed into ta(ing responsible actionJ says
Chandra *adramootoo a water researcher and "ounding director o" *cGill University:s
%race Centre "or !ater 1esources *anagement.
J!hen are we going to "inally say :/ee3 we:re not as water rich as we thought we were
and maybe we better start doing something5: 0s it going to be the day when we HmustI
ration water5J
+ome thin( the crisis is already here. They say it:s time to ta(e action && by "or e>ample
conserving water crac(ing down on polluters preparing "or the e""ects o" climate change
and coming to the aid o" waterless poor in the developing world.
The map o" Canada certainly has a lot o" blue on it.
-lan(ed by three oceans graced with the grand 2udson %ay up top and part o" the
sprawling Great <a(es %asin down below and pierced by the +t. <awrence "rom the east
Canada is a water titan.
!ith si> per cent o" the world:s JrenewableJ "resh water (water replenished by
precipitation runo"" or groundwater recharge) Canada has the third largest collection o"
"resh water a"ter %ra3il and 1ussia.
%ut the map doesn:t tell all.
=ou can:t drin( ocean water o" course. ($esalination is costly and energy&intensive.)
And TA per cent o" Canada:s "resh water drains northward away "rom where it is needed
most && along the band hugging the U.+. border where the vast majority o" Canadians
Also unseen on the map are Canada:s many water troubles.
JThe problem is there are new threats coming down the line and we have all these
ongoing issues that we haven:t dealt withJ said Tim *orris national water campaigner
"or the +ierra Club o" Canada an environmental organi3ation.
0n 9uebec blue&green algae plagues la(es. +t. <awrence water levels were so low this
"all that water had to be pumped in "rom <a(e ,ntario.
*ontreal:s crumbling pipes lea( OA per cent o" their valuable cargo en route to taps.
!ater that reaches some *ontreal homes has lead levels deemed potentially ha3ard to
children under si>.
Upstream the Great <a(es %asin the planet:s largest continuous body o" "resh water is
surrounded by a huge population4 OA million people && one in three Canadians one in KA
Americans. The la(es "ace growing demand "rom industry power plants "arms and urban
sprawl. !ater levels are at historic lows in some Great <a(es.
,n the 'rairies "armers have struggled with severe droughts over the past decade.
Alberta:s oilsands industry is a water glutton using two to "our barrels o" "resh water "or
every barrel o" oil e>tracted.
,ther Canadians don:t have to loo( to Alberta to see water hogs. A mirror will do.
'er capita Canadians are the planet:s second&biggest water consumers behind
Americans. The average Canadian uses LLF litres per day && more than double )uropeans:
usage. And Canadian water use is growing (by @F per cent over the past two decades)
while other developed countries including the U.+. have seen consumption drop.
Canada:s water gluttony is star(er still. *ost o" the K.K billion people worldwide who are
water poor must survive on "ive litres per day. That:s less than a Canadian uses to "lush a
toilet && even o" the low&"lush variety.
Canada is in the midst o" an Jescalating water crisisJ according to the Gordon !ater
Group an organi3ation o" environmentalists scientists policy e>perts and "ormer "ederal
policy advisors. 0n a recent report Changing the -low the group points to more water
-or e>ample some Canadians mostly in native reserves and rural and remote
communities don:t have access to clean drin(ing water. Across Canada in $ecember
KKQO boil&water advisories were in e""ect 2ealth Canada says.
1aw sewage is still dumped into la(es and rivers by towns and cities. Twenty Canadian
and U.+. cities "lush about VA billion litres o" untreated sewage into the Great <a(es each
year according to )cojustice a Canadian environmental law organi3ation.
-ish populations are being decimated by contaminated water e>cessive water
withdrawals and dams and diversions that also disrupt communities and a""ect
recreational water use.
Climate change is the most ominous threat on the hori3on.
Global warming caused by human activity && largely by the burning o" "ossil "uels && is
being blamed "or an alarming increase in the melting rate o" glaciers in !estern Canada
leaving less water "or drin(ing crop irrigation and other uses. Climate change may also
be causing the higher evaporation rates that are leading to low water levels in the Great
!arming "rom KVAA to @AAL led to a decrease in total precipitation as snow"all in the
!est and 'rairies says a recent report by the 0ntergovernmental 'anel on Climate
Change an international group o" scientists set up by the United Nations and the !orld
*eteorological ,rgani3ation to assess climate change.
Cold and cool&water "isheries especially salmonids (salmon trout and chars) have
declined as warmer drier conditions reduce habitats. ,ther cold&water "ish such as
walleyes and broo( trout are e>periencing reduced productivity the 0'CC noted.
Across Canada Jclimate change is e>pected to directly a""ect both the quantity o" water
available and its quality creating competing demands "or this resource "rom multiple
sectorsJ )nvironment Canada says. Changes will a""ect la(es rivers groundwater
glaciers perma"rost and wetlands says Threats to !ater Availability in Canada an
)nvironment Canada study to which about QA scientists contributed.
!etlands && which absorb and store greenhouse gases and naturally regulate the
atmosphere && ma(e up KO per cent o" Canada:s territory. Climate change may cause more
evaporation which might in turn dry up wetlands.
)>treme weather events li(e droughts storms "loods and ice jams are e>pected to be
more "requent and severe.
J+ome e>perts say a temperature increase o" two to "our per cent could lower the average
"low "rom <a(e ,ntario by @O per centJ because o" higher rates o" evaporation and drier
soils reducing runo"" )nvironment Canada says. A decrease o" that magnitude in <a(e
,ntario the major source "or the +t. <awrence Jcould result in a one&metre drop in water
levels in some areas o" theJ river.
Unusually low water levels && which can impair navigation stimulate growth o" no>ious
weeds and (ill "ish && would require more dredging o" waterways in turn harming
organisms and spread contaminants.
0n total "resh water is estimated to contribute up to S@L billion annually to the Canadian
economy )nvironment Canada says.
<arge swaths o" the Canadian economy rely on "resh water && "rom agriculture and energy
production to manu"acturing and shipping all o" which could be hurt by climate change
according to the Canadian Climate 0mpacts and Adaptation 1esearch Networ( a
government&university initiative.
Climate change isn:t the only emerging threat to Canadian "resh water. ,thers include4
& Growing pressure on Canada to e>port its "resh water in bul( (as opposed to via bottled
water) as populations balloon in increasingly arid areas such as the southern U.+. At least
LT American states could "ace water shortages by @AKL due to rising temperatures
increased evaporation droughts urban sprawl waste and overuse the U.+. government
& The growing presence in waterways o" pollutants such as pharmaceuticals and personal&
care products && antibiotics birth control pills soaps and sprays many o" which are not
removed by sewage treatment.
& The spread o" invasive species. 0n the Great <a(es they slip in as stowaways in ballasts
o" ships threatening indigenous species. The most notorious invaders are 3ebra mussels
and sea lampreys.
!ith Canadians installing more e""icient compact "luorescent light bulbs and turning
down "urnaces the spectre o" climate change is spurring people to cut energy use. %ut
e>perts say they should thin( about water too.
*cGill researchers hope to help cities collect rain "alling on roo"s and on highways then
pass it on "or light industrial use such as cooling buildings.
Another *cGill team has developed a system allowing "armers to cut water use by up to
OA per cent. +ensors in the earth transmit moisture levels to a computer which calculates
how much water is needed.
+ome cities are cutting waste.
JThere:s an opportunity to "ind new water supplies without piping it in "rom somewhere
&& "inding new water supplies "rom conservationJ said the +ierra Club:s *orris. J=ou
save money on in"rastructure you save on energy use "rom pumping and treating water.J
2e pointed to $urham 1egion just east o" Toronto. 0t:s investing SKQ.@ million over KA
years on water e""iciency and conservation. %uilding in"rastructure to provide the amount
o" water that will be saved would have cost SK@F million.
*ontreal is in year two o" a SO&billion @A&year plan to "i> water in"rastructure and install
water meters in non&residential buildings.
A @AA@ study "ound decaying pipes cost the city tens o" millions o" dollars a year.
Than(s to water&conservation e""orts Calgary uses the same amount o" water now as it
did @F years ago though its population has jumped by OAAAAA.
0ndividuals can do their part by installing "low reducers on taps ta(ing shorter showers
switching to low&"lush toilets and not dumping dangerous domestic waste and
prescription drugs down the drain.
!ater e>perts hope the "ocus on water brought on by climate change concerns will also
encourage governments to act.
They saw a ray o" hope in 'rime *inister +tephen 2arper:s Throne +peech last month.
2e promised a water strategy to clean up la(es and oceans and improve access to sa"e
water "or "irst nations.
2e said he would bolster protection o" water and land through tougher en"orcement that
will ma(e polluters accountable. The Conservative government has yet to provide details.
The Gordon !ater Group hopes its recent report will be a blueprint "or "ederal action. 0ts
@F recommendations "ocus among other things on securing sa"e drin(ing water "or all
Canadians responding to climate change and promoting a culture o" water conservation.
$ebun(ing the myth o" limitless water is a starting point.
J!e have this tendency to just turn on our taps and thin( :!ell there:s an endless supply
there:J said *orris o" the +ierra Club. J%ut it:s coming "rom somewhere and it:s having
an impact. ,ur water resources are not in"inite and they do have a point where they:re
going to end up in trouble unless we do a better job o" stewarding them.J
ow !ei"ing set off a #remier's smoke alarm
%y /U+T0N) 2UNT)1
The Globe and *ail
+aturday -ebruary @L @AAG
?0CT,10A l As %.C. 'remier Gordon Campbell toured %eijing:s ,lympic stadium in
November o" @AAT a thic( ha3e o" pollution le"t his eyes stinging and his throat raw.
0t proved to be a moment that helped shape the carbon ta> that his government imposed
on Tuesday N *r. Campbell:s personal tipping point on the environment.
B=ou saw the impact o" millions o" individual actions on the environment around youD
*r. Campbell recalled in an interview this wee(.
B0 don:t (now i" you have ever been in the middle o" a ha3ardous air day it is visible
mani"estation o" man:s impact on the environment around him.D
This wee( his government became the "irst in North America to put a price on
greenhouse&gas emissions ta(ing a political gamble that %.C. voters are ready to embrace
an e>perimental new ta> in a bid to battle global warming.
%ut will any other jurisdiction "ollow his e>ample5
*r. Campbell:s closest ally on climate change is Cali"ornia Governor Arnold
0n @AAT the 1epublican governor was warning that climate change Bthreatens every
person in the worldD a line that *r. Campbell would soon echo.
%ut *r. +chwar3enegger:s (ey adviser on climate change $avid Crane is happy to let
%ritish Columbia test&drive the carbon ta>.
B0t is very use"ul to us to see di""erent jurisdictions e>perimentingD he said in an
2e noted that it is impossible to measure how much the ta> will reduce emissions
because it will depend on how consumers choose to change their behaviours.
%ut he added4 B-rom a Cali"ornia standpoint %.C. is an incredibly interesting and
progressive province. !e are paying close attention to the way they are building their
in"rastructure. !e don:t discount anything they do and when they put on a carbon ta> you
can bet your bottom dollar that everybody will be paying close attention.D
The carbon&dio>ide emissions subject to the ta> are invisible. %ut the smog that
enveloped %eijing during *r. Campbell:s trip N a coc(tail o" no>ious emissions "rom
"actories power plants and vehicle e>hausts N le"t a searing impression on him helping to
trans"orm him into an unli(ely environmental champion.
Throughout @AAT lots o" people were tal(ing about global warming.
*r. Campbell initially gripped by Al Gore:s KVV@ boo( Earth in the Balance read
do3ens o" boo(s on climate change. Throughout the year he quietly grilled scientists and
economists on the subject. 2e read the UN:s 0ntergovernmental 'anel on Climate Change
report. (The report would earn its authors the Nobel 'eace 'ri3e "or e>posing human&
made climate change and laying out a plan to counteract the results.)
%ut he had given "ew public indications that he was about to launch a dramatic climate&
change action plan just KA wee(s a"ter his return "rom China.
B0t came "rom nowhereD University o" ?ictoria scientist Andrew !eaver one o" the
authors o" the UN report recalled. !ith little research on hand to e>plain how his plan
would wor( N there was so little time N *r. Campbell committed in -ebruary o" @AAQ to
cut one&third o" %.C.:s present greenhouse&gas emissions by the year @A@A.
$r. !eaver was one o" the government:s guests invited to sit on the "loor o" the
legislature when -inance *inister Carole Taylor stood up this wee( and introduced the
new %.C. carbon ta> on virtually all "ossil "uels a (ey tool the government has adopted to
meet that target.
BThe province has moved incredibly "ast it:s stunning to be per"ectly honestD $r.
!eaver said.
!hile *r. Campbell has ta(en a political ris( with his green campaign N "ew North
American politicians are willing to ris( the wrath o" ta>payers by putting a price on
carbon N it is not an entirely hapha3ard move.
0n the space between the @AAQ Throne +peech and this wee(:s budget government
agencies conducted polling and met with industry. *eanwhile *s. Taylor "loated trial
balloons about the carbon ta> and how its revenues might be spent.
%ut long be"ore that the stage was set "or this political shi"t "or *r. Campbell whose
party had long been at odds with the environmental movement.
,n election night in *ay o" @AAF while his party "aith"ul waited "or him at a downtown
?ancouver hotel ballroom *r. Campbell sat glued to a television set watching the polling
returns not even sure i" he would (eep his seat.
Although his majority was sa"e the <iberals lost signi"icant ground "rom the @AAK
election when they captured QQ o" QV seats in the legislature.
<oo(ing through the @AAF election results *r. Campbell saw that the challenge to his
party came "rom the le"t not the right. The right&o"&centre policies that mar(ed his "irst
term in o""ice had cost the <iberals at the polls.
+ince that day *r. Campbell:s government has been shi"ting to the political centre N at
times slipping into territory that has long been the domain o" the le"t.
The "irst sign o" change was a pact with %.C.:s aboriginal leadership to move to a Bnew
relationship.D 2armony with public&sector unions was now in vogue the <iberals:
"i>ation with reducing the debt dropped o"" the agenda.
*r. Campbell:s advisers also saw that the environment particularly in urban %ritish
Columbia o""ered the potential to (eep %.C.:s critical swing voters in the <iberal camp.
," course *r. Campbell disagrees that he is motivated by votes and indeed business
leaders who have tried to persuade him to slow his pace have come away with the
impression that he has embraced this subject with a religious "ervour.
B0 don:t see it as a le"t&right issue it:s a question o" right and wrongD *r. Campbell said.
B0 see it as an issue where every party should be saying how they are going to deal with
this issue "or the long term whether it:s "or %ritish Columbia the country or any other
1esource economist *ar( /accard *r. Campbell:s special adviser on climate change
wasn:t the "ormal architect o" the carbon ta> but his model is precisely what %.C. has
-or years $r. /accard has tried to persuade policy ma(ers in ,ttawa and elsewhere that
the only way to curb use o" "ossil "uels is to put a price on carbon.
2is arguments were largely ignored in "avour o" regulations that have so "ar "ailed to rein
in emissions.
*r. Campbell deserves credit "or a BcourageousD move $r. /accard said but he also
ac(nowledged that the %.C. electorate is more li(ely than most to accept it.
BGordon Campbell did a great job "olding the right wing into his party and then
somehow convincing them we could be aggressive on the environmentD he said.
0t helps that %ritish Columbians are generally hip to the environment N the province is the
birthplace o" Greenpeace home o" granola and epicentre "or the <ululemon Athletica
yoga scene.
!hile he thin(s some provinces notably +as(atchewan and 9uebec could "ollow %.C.:s
lead $r. /accard doesn:t e>pect to see a domino e""ect any time soon.
B0 don:t thin( the Americans will ever implement a ta>. And they don:t need to. They:ll
end up with the equivalent o" ta> when they put in all these regulations they are planning.
Gasoline ta>es will go up "or Cali"ornians just the same in as in %.C.D he said.
B%ut we:ll be more honest about it and we:ll be more economically e""icient.D
ROW) Media &+da$e
2I February 2008
Gu#2 E"o $o dis"uss ne( environ/en$a# "%a##enes
The "ourth edition o" Gul" )co @AAG organised by ,man 0nternational Trade and
)>hibitions (,0T)) will be held at +eeb 0nternational )>hibition Centre "rom *arch KK to
KL. Gul" )co is an event with the "ocus on the environment water municipal services and
technology enviro&energy and the agricultural sector. ,rganised under the patronage o"
the *inistry o" )nvironment and Climate A""airs the e>po will highlight and discuss new
challenges con"ronting ,man:s environment .
0ssues relating to monitoring and determining water well protection 3ones environmental
pollution underground water and coastal 3one pollution and steps to control pollution by
using the best technology will be e>plored. The latest technology in conservation o"
natural resources would be showcased at the e>po covering a range o" environmental
products and services targeted at architects designers contractors energy personnel
industrialists 2+) managers publications "leet managers water and desalination and
environmental e>perts and practitioners .
J !ith a wide variety o" companies participating Gul" )co would be an ideal plat"orm "or
business networ(ing brainstorming "orming liaisons and interaction with in"luential
o""icials and end users o" environment related services and productsJ *otasam al
+hibani +ales )>ecutive l )>hibitions at ,0T) said. JAn awareness event Gul" )co is
targeted at corporate organisations government employees environmental publications
media and the general public. 0t will provide an ideal opportunity to tap the immense
mar(et potential in the +ultanateJ Najib al *arhoon 2ead l *arcom at ,0T) said . P
Cree( marine li"e contaminated
$ubai4 )ating "ish caught "rom $ubai Cree( lagoon can lead to health ha3ards a senior
o""icial warned anglers and residents on *onday.
)ngineer ;halid Al 8ahed $irector o" the *arine 'rojects $epartment at the 1oads and
Transport Authority said that there is water quality deterioration especially in the upper
region o" the $ubai Cree(.
Al 8ahed said that in order to minimise the pollution level in the lagoon area there was a
need to carry out tertiary treatment along with dredging o" another FA cm "rom the
bottom o" the cree(.
JThis will bring us clean sand. At present it is 3ero o>ygen level at the bottom.
J-ormation o" new laws and legislation is very important that will stop people "rom
discharging sewage into the cree(. !ith so many activities and development projects
ta(ing place alongside the cree( the stringent laws has to be put in placeJ he said. Al
8ahed said the marine li"e is very poor and it is dangerous "or people to "ish in that area.
JConsumption o" "ish caught "rom the lagoon area could be "atal as they are contaminated
by dangerous type o" bacteria. *oreover inhaling the bad odour "rom the waters in that
area can give rise to health issues. 0n summer the colour o" the water turns green while
that in winter you will "ind it red at some places. These are indicators o" the di""erent
types o" bacteria nurturing in that area. The pollution in lagoon area is quite highJ he
Al 8ahed yesterday presented his paper on *arine )nvironmental 0ssues and their
*itigation along $ubai Cree( "or the *anagement o" *arine $evelopment 'rojects at
the seventh 0nternational Con"erence on Coastal and 'ort )ngineering in developing
2e said4 JThe water quality in the channel is much better than the lagoon. ,ne o" the
main reasons "or the poor quality o" water in this area is the discharge o" sewage "rom the
treatment plants and poor water "lushing due to natural topography. There are less
currents in this areaJ.
0n reply to a query whether abras operating in the cree( contribute to the pollution Al
8ahed said4 JNo abras do not add to the pollution "actor as they operate in the arteries o"
the channel area where there is "ree "low o" water.
J<et me clari"y that 0 am tal(ing on this particular subject based on the study carried out
"or my 'h.$. 0 am willing to tal( on this matter to the government along with my
recommendationsJ he said.
Dey ro#e in $rans+or$
!ater transport can carry more than @A per cent o" public transport patronage share in
@A@AJ said )ngineer ;halid Al 8ahed $irector o" the *arine 'rojects $epartment at the
1oads and Transport Authority.
2e said that water transport in $ubai is e>pected to claim a major share o" public
transport users in the city and a LA to OA per cent o" tra""ic congestion in the Central
%usiness $istricts (C%$) can be reduced i" an integrated public water transport system is
in place an international con"erence on coastal and port engineering was told.
Uni"ied environment system launched
Abu $habi4 An integrated )nvironment 2ealth and +a"ety *anagement +ystem "or the
emirate was launched on *onday at a two&day national symposium organised by the
)nvironment Agency&Abu $habi ()A$).
*ohammad Al %owardi +ecretary&General o" Abu $habi )>ecutive Council said it was
not only a prime component o" Abu $habi:s Government policy agenda but also one o"
the )A$:s priority areas
0t Jis considered an important tool... to develop our economy and to contribute to the
global e""orts in minimising the e""ects o" pollution and conserving our natural
resourcesJ he added.
Wea$%erin ne( "#i/a$e "%anes
<ast Tuesday when 0 got bac( a"ter a wal( e>ploring the village it "elt lovely and warm
inside although the thermometer only read KF.FC.
This was in comparison to the unusually chilly weather outdoors which wasn:t quite as
cold as 0 had been e>pecting and really quite lovely in the sunshine.
2owever with "orward thin(ing and planning 0 was well protected against the elements
wearing a raincoat gloves and a scar" over my various layers o" clothing including two
pairs o" trousers.
!e:ve had another blip in the weather probably the tail end o" the arctic conditions in the
U;. According to a te>t message 0 received on my mobile in the north o" )ngland they
were e>periencing &VC the coldest since KVQKC
Arriving in %ahrain in *arch KVQG it:s always stuc( my mind that it was @GC and had
risen to L@C by the end o" the month. 0t:s incredible to thin( that it was LA years ago on
*arch K@.
0 shall be chec(ing and monitoring the weather ne>t month as 0 always do to see how
much things have changed as indeed they have.
+adly due to global warming caused by the damage we humans do to the environment
drastically a""ecting our world changes in weather conditions and temperatures have
ta(en place.
Actually global warming doesn:t mean that all regions are getting warmer as my te>t
"rom the U; pointed out when it continued Ji" this is global warming & well where is it5J
There:s been a mar(ed increase in monsoons land erosion earthqua(es higher summer
temperatures in the Arabian Gul" storms with gale "orce winds and rain&causing "looding
in the U; and severe hurricanes mainly in the U+.
+omething very unusual and rare occurred in <arnaca on -ebruary KV. There was a
tornado that li"ted up some corrugated iron "rom a metal shed and then hurled it onto
three par(ed cars causing e>tensive damage.
This was just when 0 was thin(ing we may soon be getting some increased temperatures
as 0 had come across some pages 0 had printed out a couple o" years ago "or the "orecast
"or the second hal" o" -ebruary ranging "rom KQC to @AC. =es 0 (now 0 am the eternal
9uite possibly it has something to do with the pretty white almond blossom that is
appearing suddenly almost li(e magic and which "or me announces the approach o"
spring and warmer times.
The "ields around us are carpeted with yellow "lowers and although o" the wild variety 0
thin( they loo( delight"ul.
0t reminds me o" the time e>actly two years ago when 0 rented a house with a pretty
garden near Ayia Napa. 0n early *arch the olive apple and pear trees blossomed and
made a beauti"ul picture.
The yellow o>alis with its clover&li(e leaves which 0 could see "rom the (itchen windows
loo(ed per"ect growing around the base o" two o" the "ruit trees. 0 recall that the "ig tree
was the last to sprout new leaves.
0 can also remember quite clearly the shoc( 0 got when arriving bac( "rom shopping and
spotting the bare spaces where the much&admired "lowers had been.
,ur Cypriot landlord lived ne>t door and normally very busy with his diving business
had a day o"" and must have thought he:d be helping out and doing the right thing by
ripping out "lowers he hadn:t previously planted.
%eing a (een gardener within days o" moving in 0 had planted a mi>ed herb garden and
told him 0 enjoyed weeding.
+trange he hadn:t noticed that the nettles and tough weeds had disappeared "rom both
gardens and why couldn:t he see how pretty the wild "lowers loo(ed5
0 called it a violent uprooting when trying to tell his wi"e what he:d done. +he hardly
spea(s any )nglish and just shrugged and mumbled in Gree(. ," course 0 had "orgotten
that being originally "armers they all thin( they are e>pert gardeners. Y Aphrodite is
/anine 'aule a "ormer %ahrain and UA) resident now living in Cyprus.
Greens #as% ou$
)N?01,N*)NTA<0+T+ have slammed a Cabinet proposal to build a waste recycling
and incineration plant to cope with mounting re"use problems.
The SQFA million (%$@GL.Fm) project would include the latest technology needed to
trans"orm garbage into liquid gas "or industrial energy and possibly domestic use
according to the Cabinet.
0t would have a capacity to recycle @FAAAA tonnes o" garbage every day and convert it
into "ertiliser and non&potable water among other products.
The Cabinet instructed the *unicipalities and Agriculture *inistry at its wee(ly meeting
on +unday to conduct a survey on the incineration project.
The +outhern *unicipal Council is scheduled to meet tomorrow to discuss the project
and vote on the location o" the plant which is earmar(ed "or As(ar.
2owever )nvironmental -riends +ociety ()-+) president ;hawla Al *uhannadi said
environmentalists were completely against the idea o" incineration and had been telling
authorities about its problems "or years.
J0t:s a big shame "or %ahrain to go ahead with this especially when other governments o"
the world are moving away "rom thisJ she told the G$N. J!e are totally against the idea
o" incineration and we have re"used the idea ever since it was "irst mentioned.
J*ost incineration projects advertise they are environmentally "riendly but in "act they
have a huge impact on the environment.
J-irst it:s a burning process and produces very poisonous gases.J
*s Al *uhannadi called on authorities to loo( into alternative waste solutions such as
They also need to change the consumption behaviour o" the public through educational
campaigns and incentives she said.
J!e need to educate people about recycling and how to segregate waste material and then
things can be made out o" it and organic waste can be made into "ertiliserJ said the
J0nstead this is li(e building a consumer&based society it:s not educating people it:s
continuing the same li"estyle.J
The environmentalist urged authorities to give them and other non&governmental
organisations more details about the project so that they have the chance to loo( at the
proposal and o""er their comments.
J!e should be part o" a committee to loo( at thisJ said *s Al *uhannadi.
*eanwhile %ahrain University applied physics pro"essor $r !aheeb Alnaser said he was
in "avour o" the incineration plant.
2e said a 3ero emission alternative did not e>ist and a radical solution to waste was
J!e need an alternative to dumpingJ he said.
J!aste is produced everyday and carbon dio>ide and poisonous gases li(e methane might
lea( to the sur"ace.
J)ven i" 0 recycle 0 need energy to melt and reproduce and what will 0 do with the gas
that is produced5J
2e called "or e>perts to conduct a thorough )nvironmental 0mpact Assessment and "or
the company building the plant to brie" environmentalists and the public on the
advantages and disadvantages o" incineration.
J0ncineration is good. 0 read that GA mega watts o" electricity can be produced "rom
%ahrain:s waste dailyJ said the pro"essor.
J0 support incineration because based on my (nowledge it is better than land"ill and
recycling because 0 will have to ship the items to other countries and this will increase
the emission o" carbon dio>ide.
J0t:s also not as dangerous as land"ill lea(s that may lead to diseases.J
*eanwhile new research by the %ritish University o" $ubai claims that global warming
could displace millions o" people in the *iddle )ast because o" rising sea levels.
0t says more research is needed as well as e""orts to reduce carbon emissions especially
since %ahrain along with 9atar the UA) and ;uwait have some o" the highest carbon
"ootprints per capita tonne in the world.
Garden s%o( de"#ared a bi su""ess
*,1) than KAAAA regional and international visitors attended the 1i""a ?iews %ahrain
0nternational Garden +how (1?%0G+) @AAG.
0t culminated with 1i""a ?iews: award o" SKAAAA (%$LQGA) to the most outstanding
1?%0G+ stand.
0t was awarded to the 'ublic Commission "or the 'rotection o" *arine 1esources
)nvironment and !ildli"e in the presence o" 1?%0G+ organising committee head
+hai(ha *aram bint 0sa bin Ahmad Al ;hali"a 1i""a ?iews garden ambassador Chris
%eardshaw and 1i""a ?iews chie" e>ecutive o""icer 1ichard %rowning.
J!e selected the 'ublic Commission "or the 'rotection o" *arine 1esources
)nvironment and !ildli"e stand since we considered it portrayed the essence o" the show
and the natural environment o" %ahrainJ said *r %eardshaw.
+uch was the quality and creativity o" the stands that "our additional e>hibitors were
recognised as 2ighly Commendable4 1oyal Court *unicipalities and Agriculture
*inistry )ducation *inistry and 1i""a ?iews stands.
The three&day event ended at the %ahrain 0nternational )>hibition and Convention Centre
Now in its "i"th year it was held under the patronage o" 2is *ajesty ;ing 2amad and
with the support o" his wi"e 2er 2ighness +hai(ha +abee(a bint 0brahim Al ;hali"a.
Ninety local and international e>hibitors participated.
)>hibitors included retailers and manu"acturers o" "loriculture landscaping and
gardening equipment as well as agriculture horticulture aquaculture and environmental
research organisations embassies and regional "armers.
The event also "eatured the %ahrain Garden Club:s OLrd Annual Amateur -lower and
?egetable +how.
T%e Genera# Re/o$e Sensin )en"y )"%ieves S$a$ o2 $%e Environ/en$ and $%e
)$#as o2 So#ar Radia$ion in 1a/as"us and $%e Sou$% Reion7 J)rabi" K
German money will help Lebanon's environment
%)01UT4 <ebanon has received a O.F million euro (ST.Q million) grant "rom the German
government to "und environmental projects in response to the damage wrought on "lora
and "auna by the @AAT war with 0srael. The grant entitled the J'roject o" the
)nvironmental -und in <ebanonJ will "und projects proposed "or the environmental
reconstruction and rehabilitation o" the country while (eeping in mind the economic
revival o" its productive sectors.
The "und comes through the German Technical Cooperation and is open to public and
private establishments. 0t aims to help remedy the damage caused by the @AAT war and
encourage the adoption o" environmental measures "rom which institutions can bene"it
0n the private sector many initiatives are ta(ing place that aim to "acilitate the adoption o"
energy&e""icient measures to alleviate production costs such as using less water and
J!ith limited resources many in <ebanon have proven that environmental action is
"easible and e""ectiveJ said pro"essor <amia *ansour project team leader at the Council
"or $evelopment and 1econstruction (C$1) which is coordinating the project along with
the )nvironment *inistry. JThe "und comes to support this action and showcase the
magnitude o" the e""orts compared to the modesty o" the resources ... This is the snowball
The vision o" the )nvironment *inistry as stated in a statement released at the project:s
-ebruary Q launch is that Jwe should all wor( together to sa"eguard the environment "or
a better quality o" li"e and "or a better world.J
Attempts to alleviate environmental degradation in most advanced countries are revealed
through changes in policies plans and applications regarding the environment. J0n
<ebanon we have achieved an important step toward the integration o" the concept o"
environmental management and cleaner productionJ +amar *ale( a specialist in
international law at the )nvironment *inistry told he 1aily Star.
!ith the lasting impact o" the war still in view <ebanese institutions require resources
and immediate action to improve environmental conditions in war&a""ected areas.
The !orld %an( calculates that the overall cost o" environmental damage "rom the LO&
day war in @AAT & SQ@V million & e>ceeded the cost o" environmental degradation "or the
entire year o" @AAA.
0n addition to "inancial costs o" the war are the environmental costs which range "rom oil
spills "rom the 0sraeli air stri(e on the /iyyeh power plant to the destruction o" buildings
which resulted in up to L.F million cubic meters o" waste. Cleanup o" the oils spill has
resulted in waste that <ebanese "acilities are not equipped to dispose o" in an
environmentally acceptable manner.
+ome interventions have been under way since the war:s end most prominently those
which addressed the ecosystems a""ected by the oil spill and "orest areas a""ected by "ires.
-ishermen reliant on the 'alm 0slands Nature 1eserve were recruited to clean up oil with
"unding "rom the +wiss government and the !orld Conservation Union (0UCN).
JTa(ing into account ecosystem characteristics and their services in the disaster response
phase can assist people securing their livelihoods over the long termJ states the 0UCN on
its !eb site.
The project at the reserve provided "armers with an alternate source o" income and is re&
establishing their means o" livelihood through restoration. The reserve is undergoing
rehabilitation to regain its eco&tourism in"rastructure and measures are being set to avoid
similar "uture disasters "rom occurring.
J0nterventions are also ta(ing into account the concepts o" preventive action and
sustainability o" environmental resourcesJ *ale( said. +uch measures "ollow growing
interest in environmental sustainability particularly when considering <ebanon:s volatile
environmental and political "ramewor(.
A response "rom the )nvironment *inistry regarding environmental sustainability is Jto
establish plans and strategies "or supporting "easible environmental investments ta(ing
into account the concepts o" preventive action the J'olluter 'ays 'rincipleJ
sustainability o" environmental resources cooperation participation and economic
incentivesJ *ale( said. The J'roject "or the )nvironmental -und in <ebanonJ is
applicable to proposals "ollowing those incentives.
JThis vital project will provide the needed technical and "inancial support "or leading
developmental projects having environmental economic and social bene"it throughout
<ebanese regionsJ said Nabil /isr head o" the C$1.
The "und is open to all institutions "rom small and medium enterprises non&
governmental organi3ations to governmental agencies municipalities and academic
institutes established in <ebanon "or at least three years. Grants between @FAAA euros
and @AAAAA euros will "und no more than GA percent o" the total costs o" each
intervention. 'roposed areas o" intervention range "rom coastal pollution remediation
clearance o" environmentally sensitive sites "rom polluted media and demolition wastes
in war&a""ected areas rehabilitation o" degraded land to implementation o"
environmental measures at reconstruction sites o" war&a""ected areas.
The interventions are to "ollow a time"rame o" KG months.
The "und is equally concerned with environmental investments that economically bene"it
private enterprises. 'roposed project interventions address the implementation o" cleaner
production and energy&e""icient assessments and options.
J!e are aware o" the importance o" developing and promoting the productive sectors
especially those which were damaged during the war in <ebanon as this would also lead
to a national economic bene"itJ *ale( said. J-inding a middle ground between
development policies and environmental protection can ensure the attainment o"
sustainable development and will re"lect positively on environmental social and
economic situations.J
As coordinator the C$1 o""ers training services to help applicants in writing proposals.
J!e wish "or this project to attain its goal and be the start o" a series o" projects wor(ing
on developing the productive sector in <ebanon and achieving the participation o" all
concerned parties to reach a better environmentJ *ale( said.
JThis project ... should be able to bring about a good momentum "or supporting much
needed answers "or the environmental problems in <ebanonJ *ale( added.
The ministry plans to establish a national "und "or environmental initiatives and JThe
'roject "or the )nvironment -undJ intends to support them inreaching this goal.
Applications are available through the C$1 at its !eb site4 www.e"
Sidon's dump debacle: movement at last?
+0$,N4 The +idon municipality is to launch a new mechanism to resolve the problem
imposed by the town:s notorious seaside dump soon an environmental source said on
JThe new mechanism consists o" transporting soil "rom the dump to an area located LF
(ilometers south o" +idonJ said the source spea(ing on condition o" anonymity without
naming the area. According to the source +idon:s municipality has recently charged a
private company with handling the dump.
JThe company is e>pected to bring in equipment ... and place it near the dump:s southern
side be"ore declaring the plan it intends to adopt to get rid o" the giant trash heapJ the
source told The $aily +tar. JThe plan is li(ely to start by a separation process that
consists o" detaching waste "rom soil that is to be transported to the a"orementioned
)arlier this month a severe storm caused a landslide at the huge dump which sent KFA
tons o" garbage into the sea.
The +idon municipality has announced a state o" environmental emergency at the time
and said it is ta(ing necessary measures to limit sea pollution.
JThe municipality has decided to put its decision into e""ect as soon as possible a"ter the
Alwaleed %in Talal -oundation threatened to withdraw its donation dedicated to treat the
dumpJ the source said.
The "oundation gave +idon:s municipality a SF million donation to remove the dump
more than three years ago.
The source stressed the need to Jtranslate words into actsJ as the municipality Jhas
already tal(ed about a radical solution to the dump but words remained words.J
*eanwhile the +idon municipality re"rained "rom declaring the new steps it would ma(e
saying4 J+omething positive might happen soon.J
@F -ebruary @AAG
>/ /ews Centre2 Green in1estment re?uires predictable carbon price$
ministers agree at >/ meeting
@F -ebruary @AAG N 'redictable carbon pricing is needed to direct world investment "lows
toward an economy that could minimi3e climate change close to KOA governments
agreed today as they concluded a major meeting on the subject in *onaco the United
Nations )nvironmental 'rogramme (UN)') says.
B+u""iciently high and long&term predictable price "or carbon will be central "or
mobili3ing capital "or the new economyD according to the summary by 1oberto $obles
Costa 1ican )nvironment and )nergy *inister and 'resident o" UN)'#s Governing
CouncilPGlobal *inisterial )nvironment -orum which ended -riday and discussed the
theme o" B*obili3ing -inance "or the Climate Challenge.D
The "ive&day -orum set new priorities "or UN)' and was the largest gathering o"
environment ministers since last $ecember#s landmar( UN Climate Change Con"erence
in %ali 0ndonesia which ended with KGQ countries agreeing to launch a two&year process
o" "ormal negotiations on a successor pact to the ;yoto 'rotocol.
0n adopting a medium&term programme o" wor( at the meeting participants decided on a
new strategy to strengthen and re"ocus UN)':s response to climate change as well as its
handling o" disasters con"licts ecosystem management environmental governance
harm"ul substances ha3ardous waste and resource e""iciency UN)' said.
BThis decision is a major milestone in achieving a consensus among the international
community as well as civil society and the private sector to set new and trans"ormational
directions "or this environment programme o" the UND Achim +teiner UN Under&
+ecretary General and UN)' )>ecutive $irector said at the meeting#s close.
0n regard to "inancing to meet the challenges o" global warming many participants urged
that the Adaptation -und o" the ;yoto 'rotocol become quic(ly operational to Rclimate
proo"# vulnerable economies according to the 'resident#s summary.
0n addition many maintained that the Clean $evelopment *echanism o" the 'rotocol
which may eventually generate up to SKAA billion o" investment "lowing "rom North to
+outh into clean and green energy projects needed to be Jsupplemented by signi"icant
contributions "rom industriali3ed countries.D
J$eveloping countries no longer need to be convinced o" the advantages o" green growth
but they do need "inancial and technical assistance in order to ma(e the transition to
lower carbon economiesD the summary noted.
A trans"ormation in the mar(etplace was noted by private sector participants at the
meeting who said that renewable energy had :shed its "ringe image: and was now a
mainstream business although there remained a :lac( o" activity: in poorer developing